We Followed A Vintage Chicken Jello Recipe

Tyler Williams
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14 Eki 2022




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HELLO!! The concept of this is much worse than the taste itself, but that being said, would you ever try this savory ~chicken jello~? 😛I stand by my choice to grab the second slice but I’m not sure we're ever gonna spend the whole day to make it again...
Okay, theory. What if these jello mold dinners were not to impress your guests, but to horrify and disgust them so they would never want to come over for a dinner party again?
I really want to see Tyler and Safiya make Rachel’s truffle dessert from Friends
What I hate about this is that the complete lack of seasoning is probably very accurate lol
Vintage recipes was our theme for Christmas dinner one year. I made a deviled egg gelatin mold from a 1957 cookbook.... I couldn't get anyone to even try it!!! It looked odd,.,.. & it smelled right. But my son that loves eggs. He was 25 or so looked at me and said "mom, that is just wrong in every way." The dogs wouldn't eat it!!!!
Saf's literally crying from this and Tyler's sat there like Joey with the trifle
As a Post-Soviet child, this is all too familiar… This is similar to a dish my dad makes every year for Christmas Breakfast. Without veggies, less gelatin and more meat. Usually eaten with spicy mustard and horseradish. Not my fave but it’s funny how this seems so normal to me 😂
My chicken don't jiggle, jiggle, it folds - wait a second, it DOES jiggle.... 🤯
Idea for when family tells you to bring a dish to holiday dinner and you want to make sure they never ask again.
i make chicken stock from scratch all the time and i am genuinely concerned by that chicken stock recipe
One thing I love about Tyler and Safiya is that they're not picky eaters AT ALL. They try the weirdest stuff but always trying to be open minded and avoiding the pre-judgement. They're also very good at describing what they feel/ taste, I really appreciate it
The Victorians were super into savory aspic dishes, they were popular travel and picnic food. Supersizers Go (the show hosted by Sue Perkins of Bakeoff fame and Giles Coren) did an episode where they ate a lot of those dishes. And I'm pretty sure Mrs. Crocombe has made Victorian aspic dishes on The Victorian Way (the TRvid series). I know you guys are more TikTok than Victorian recreation, but given Safiya's love of historical recreation and whatnot, it could be super fun to do an episode on the most ridiculous Victorian or Edwardian aspic recipes you can find, using actual antique recipes. Some of those old recipes are hilarious.
As someone who j o grew up helping my mom with these "wonderful" dishes, we had to set the jelli in tiny steps so nothing floated and we retained the designs. It took DAYS!
The nice thing about this is that if you can't stomach it in its jelled state, put it all in a pot and heat it up and you've got chicken soup.
I love that Crusty is still in your intro. It makes me tear up a little each time. So sweet.
The fact that Carly tries all of these things beforehand is beyond me.
Saf's taste-test faces omg
We have something similar in Poland. It's called galareta, galareta drobiowa (when made with poultry), galert (that's regional name) or zimne nóżki (translates as cold feets, because it's made with pork legs). We also cook the meat but with vegetables (carrot, leek, celery root, parsley root), so the broth is more rich in flavour. We make it in normal serving bowls and it usually contains parsley, hard boiled eggs, carrots (from the broth), peas, corn and meat. When ready, we serve it with a few drops of vinegar and bread. Some people love it, some people hate it. I think it's not that disgusting as it sounds 😅
Okay! So in Ukraine we have a very similar dish to this. The first thing that I would say was not good, to use chicken breast. We are usually using the whole chicken because actual bones giving you a lot of flavor. It takes about 8 hours for gelatin to fully release and then you pulling out the chicken and start getting all those bones and skin out so you are left with clean meat only) if you put that chicken broth in the fridge it’s going to get hard in couple of hours without using anything extra! But definitely you guys did great on your dish and reminded me of my home!
I'd be so curious to see a second try of this where you shredded the chicken and did even more layers, but thinner, so that you could get more olives and peppers in there and have them stay where you put them. Maybe also throw in some short noodles to complete the chicken soup vibe!
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