We Dropped The WORLD’S LARGEST WATER BALLOON From A 200ft Crane!

How Ridiculous
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Watch us drop the worlds largest water balloon from a crane!
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10 Ara 2020




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The Slow Mo Guys Yıl önce
2021, lads!!!
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One Roblox Guy 6 gün önce
2022, Lads!
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2022 lads:(
Jon-Paul Uriarte
Jon-Paul Uriarte 12 gün önce
Its 2022 when is this Collab between the Brits of the Slow Mo Guys and the Aussies of How Ridiculous going to happen? Two groups of my favorite youtubers.
brendan berry
brendan berry Yıl önce
Rexy having to relive the day the meteor hit the earth.
Nathan Sooy
Nathan Sooy 4 gün önce
As a Christian myself I feel like that could of happened. Idk for sure
Yessenia Figueroa
Yessenia Figueroa Aylar önce
Nobody. Rexy IM FLYING
the wolf pack
the wolf pack Aylar önce
Technically yeah. Rexy is made of plastic and plastic is technically made of dinosaur
FxMono Aylar önce
This basically turned into rcmore vs everyone willing to oppose him. I’m not going to take sides 😐
JeffyIsAIdiot Aylar önce
@Rcmore also dont be discouraged by all the insults, they are just rude!
Chris Stockton
Chris Stockton Yıl önce
I still think the wood barrels with metal rings around them filled with water was top 5 the most satisfying slomo yet. Wish you guys could do 5 barrels with Bruce slamming down through them. Would be sooooo good
Sal Jenkins
Sal Jenkins Yıl önce
it would be nice to see water balloons vs. a car at 200ft . love to see how much water to flatten a car.
Claude Thibaudeau
Lol I'm willing to bet that when that crane operator took his crane course, he never would've imagined that he'd be dropping water balloons lol 😆 😂
Maddison Life
Maddison Life Yıl önce
mate that was awesome I hope to see more of this sort of stuff plus I know how annoying when someone from Australia doesn't know what a snag is!
RandomMinds Yıl önce
Best quote ever: "Well that's not in one piece anymore"
Gidozik Yıl önce
Powers Yıl önce
I remember that from the dam and the bowling ball
Brody M
Brody M Yıl önce
444 likes nice
RandomMinds Yıl önce
@Natah Takaizumi yup
Natah Takaizumi
Natah Takaizumi Yıl önce
bowling ball Dam drop?
BAM 'EM tv
BAM 'EM tv Yıl önce
This is so much fun! :D Soooo nice
Mangle Sunny Fox
Mangle Sunny Fox Yıl önce
Just watching stuff blow up is so amazing and satisfying
Anh Anderson
Anh Anderson Yıl önce
That's dangerous 😳 but looks fun 😄
Luke Yıl önce
11:03 love how the “we’re gonna get wet i reckon” would have been accurate if they’d been standing 5 meters to the right. dudes got really lucky 😂
Trendy TicTacs
Trendy TicTacs Yıl önce
What I love about these guys is they do all the boring and hard work they put the work in
maisja sentjens
maisja sentjens Yıl önce
incredible how how capture the water drops caught up to each other
sneaks01 Yıl önce
God.. I wish I had been there for that! Love your vids guys!!
Benjamin Frost
Benjamin Frost Yıl önce
What a blast! Epic video.
Matthew Saulsbury
Wow! This is amazing and impressive! 👍🏼😀
Mr Ragdoll
Mr Ragdoll Yıl önce
Imagine being called by someone to borrow the crane and its just three guys wanting to drop water balloons from it
Doug Mertz
Doug Mertz Yıl önce
@Michael Meis I'm sure she/he had plenty of water.. 🥤😜
Michael Meis
Michael Meis Yıl önce
@Doug Mertz outside of how hot it was, but that's Australia
Doug Mertz
Doug Mertz Yıl önce
That crane operator had the easiest job that day
southaussiegarbo 2054
Kat Shadow crafts
Kat Shadow crafts 9 aylar önce
this was one of the best videos i've seen from them yet! it was super kool to watch the colored waters spray everywhere! i just loved it. thanks guys!
Mema Jehad
Mema Jehad 2 aylar önce
[Flo] Floridaboy
[Flo] Floridaboy 5 aylar önce
Yea sure
Cloud 7 aylar önce
Muzakman37 Aylar önce
You guys are just awesome, one of the best things on TRvid, period!
Arfa Khan
Arfa Khan Yıl önce
The last one is gorgeous I literally love to watch it ❤
Tyler Andera
Tyler Andera Yıl önce
Who would like to see Brucie vs several water beds stacked on top of each other!?!? Each one different colored water!
fuhrank Yıl önce
I’d like to see 2 or 3 wooden barrels full of oobleck stacked up and pummeled by Brucie.
Richard Scott
Richard Scott Yıl önce
Jack is just so chill. He sits there, and just says, "Yeah"
guardian TKO
guardian TKO 5 gün önce
wish all the others were like that. i want to HEAR the thing land on the ground, not constant screaming
9:58 - "It's missing a part that looks like it goes to the good things." Might be my favorite quote ever.
Tess L
Tess L 6 aylar önce
The sound all the balance balls made when they hit was super cool 😎 😃
Nate Mosley
Nate Mosley Yıl önce
Now the question is... how more ridiculous can you get?
cj van
cj van Yıl önce
Crane operator - "I can't believe I'm getting paid for this."
Violet Yıl önce
T Simmons
T Simmons Yıl önce
The only time a crane operator will get paid to actually drop something on purpose
Naj Renchelf
Naj Renchelf Yıl önce
Oh, I bet he had a blast! 😂
A Bit of Thought
A Bit of Thought Yıl önce
It would have been fun to hear the crane operator's comments.
Currently Pooping
Genuinely curious about the crane operators thoughts when coming to do these
christopher mann
christopher mann Yıl önce
Jack is a wise man, that was a worthwhile bet!
Omar Mohamed
Omar Mohamed Yıl önce
Big balloon: *going down and ready to explode* The go pro: oh no
Stop Motion Child
Mice Elf, the lamb
Mice Elf, the lamb 2 aylar önce
HR is the best
Thomas Craig
Thomas Craig Yıl önce
That bigest one would have imparted about 2721.55 Newtons on the ground 😳
Paul Miner
Paul Miner Yıl önce
Crane operator: "this is an interesting change of pace from moving materials around on a worksite"
Nohblee Gottani
Nohblee Gottani Yıl önce
Oh I'm first to reply
Nohblee Gottani
Nohblee Gottani Yıl önce
Maame Darkowah Kwarteng Mensah
5:27 look at rexy being brave
Chris Darbes
Chris Darbes Yıl önce
How cool would it be to drop all of the sports balls with colored water onto a trampoline 😎
GeopioneerGSXR Yıl önce
You SHOULD drop one of those with a test dummy on it, to see if a human would survive the drop!
Derianmon 10 aylar önce
I was worried about the big balloon with 4 having increased friction, and popping, like how two rubbers gives you a less safe situation
MrPurple Yıl önce
Slow Mo Guys Collab, Hell Yes!
Jrskeetpro Yıl önce
Limbo yeah!
Jason Yıl önce
Heaven yeah
quinzy lol
quinzy lol Yıl önce
Hell yea
Jeremy Kurtz
Jeremy Kurtz Yıl önce
14:03 Imagine if they had filled the pool with water instead of air, then filled it with water as normal, and then dropped the giant water balloon into it!!!!! I'm a genius. I should be on this team.
Jacob Yıl önce
"Well, I was out in the sun for about 12 minutes and now I've got third-degree burns, so that's good." Thank you for that amazing quote. So now when I'm out in P.E I will say that near the coach 😇 (I just subscribed because of that)
Jonathan Duke
Jonathan Duke Yıl önce
Derick doesn’t wear a g string on his foot. Lord I was working and whipped my neck to the screen just to make sure I didn’t miss something Ridiculous. Lol Go get em boys. Love the stuff.
ARIES Yıl önce
These guys never get old for me
Ted Powles
Ted Powles Yıl önce
Seeing how far the water sprayed, and with such force, was a thing of beauty.
HamsterGaming 7 aylar önce
The sound of the gym ball being kicked made me feel like I could make an entire opera w/ water gym balls.
Lee Mills
Lee Mills 9 aylar önce
Give them respect look how much they have to clean
Junelle & Michael Gallon
9:45 looks like a ground explosion from a movie!
Jeeva R
Jeeva R 8 aylar önce
advance congratulations for 7m😍😍
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger Yıl önce
I wonder how much a video like this cost them. Paying the people, the crane, the materials, etc.
Puder McGavin
Puder McGavin Yıl önce
Ok seems to me this would be a good replacement for actual bombs. They miss oops, they hit they suck but could still do damage
RG4 Ghost
RG4 Ghost Yıl önce
6:22 "I'm gonna get Jack's lunch!" 6:51 "Jack's lunch, Jack's lunch!" Best quotes of end of 2020 ever.
Georgia Emerson
Georgia Emerson Yıl önce
the energy between gaunson, herren and stanford is the exact opposite of my energy in general xD
Phoenix Yıl önce
I can’t express how much I love these guys
pnjsgm Yıl önce
Than marry them
Phoenix Yıl önce
King Kong
King Kong Yıl önce
Slow mo guys would have love to capture this.
jpawhees Yıl önce
Fill some of those large balloons with propane then light it up. I highly recommend take notable caution if this is going to be done.
Jazzy930 Aylar önce
Good old Aussie content it amazing to see/finally find a WA Perth TRvidr :D
Daniel Farrar
Daniel Farrar Yıl önce
dang, jack knows what's up, that lunch looked gooooood lol
MasterSword 44
MasterSword 44 Yıl önce
They need to put a camera in Rexy's eye WE MUST SEE WHAT HE SEES
the wolf pack
the wolf pack Aylar önce
I agree
Easton Massey
Easton Massey 5 aylar önce
@Vincent Cocchio I like a guy like that
Amanda Dunstan
Amanda Dunstan 5 aylar önce
MasterSword 44
MasterSword 44 6 aylar önce
@Vincent Cocchio I didn't even know it got to that many 😂
Maryellen Larkin
Maryellen Larkin Yıl önce
Imagine having a water balloon fight with that red balloon
Caden the Cadbury Engine
Let’s take a minute to appreciate the other people that helped to make this video, like the water truck people and the crane people
Caden the Cadbury Engine
@D Cul does it matter if they were paid or not?
D Cul
D Cul 9 aylar önce
Why? they were paid
balloonguyinva 6 aylar önce
Great video, what was the water baiil cost? In the U.S. it could be alot :)
xSam Waynex
xSam Waynex 9 aylar önce
Imagine filling balloons with different colored paints and dropping them from a tower or crane onto a large canvas. World's largest "Polack" painting.
Zac Brown
Zac Brown Yıl önce
As others have said, a Rex Cam would be fun, and this video just needed a cam on the crane/drone for the top-down shot. Would’ve looked great.
Jordan Gray
Jordan Gray Yıl önce
Watching from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. U.S.A. This was awesome and satisfying.
J D Yıl önce
Good thing that grass was in desperate need of some hydration
Steel 7 aylar önce
The hose part made me laugh! 13:00
Daniyal Ahmed Khan
Daniyal Ahmed Khan 8 aylar önce
Well that's a good way of watering your lawn🤣
supermansflu Yıl önce
It's like for 10 to 15 minutes a week I am a True Australian.
Cooper Richards
Cooper Richards Yıl önce
@Fuhgeddaboudit ayy P City
Fuhgeddaboudit Yıl önce
@Nohblee Gottani Being the National Capital means little, plus it's chock-a-block full of Polititians!
Nohblee Gottani
Nohblee Gottani Yıl önce
@Fuhgeddaboudit capital city Aussie mate
Nohblee Gottani
Nohblee Gottani Yıl önce
@Fuhgeddaboudit it's canberra
Max Henry
Max Henry Yıl önce
This stuff never gets old
JackRackEverything 6 aylar önce
Imagine having that fall on your head😂 it’s a giants water balloon fight😂😂😂
Lillz Ster
Lillz Ster Yıl önce
It's like dropping a tactical nuke with like the water explosion
lil Ry Ry
lil Ry Ry 5 aylar önce
The fact that they were respecting inside of an inflatable pool 🤣🤣🤣
Stigstigster Yıl önce
I've got to give it to you fellas, you really create some spectacular slow motion imagery. It would be even more amazing (if that's even possible) if you could get that collaboration going with the Slow Mo Guys.
Chandler B
Chandler B Yıl önce
13:30 That was EPIC!
Matsemela Matsemela
Matsemela Matsemela 16 gün önce
When he says Derrick doesn’t were a g-string on his feet got me dying 😂😂😂😂
NeRethil Wolfsson
Pool: I am 3D! 3 tons of water: No you're not.
Jeremy Kurtz
Jeremy Kurtz Yıl önce
Now I want some water balloons.
Kirsten Yıl önce
"This is the best thing we've done in 2020." Derek, you guys dropped a FREAKING PLANE! And it BOUNCED!
Nohblee Gottani
Nohblee Gottani Yıl önce
Hey new chanel hmm what about that =)
Bartolomeo Aylar önce
The real question is where did they get all those balls😳
Kernel Everett
Kernel Everett Yıl önce
I’m curious if that air mattress filled with water would be comfortable to sleep on
Dustin Mitchell
Dustin Mitchell Yıl önce
Why have y'all not tested the "cubal integrity" of dropping slick/sparky from an airplane thousands of feet high?
They Arehere
They Arehere Yıl önce
Please drop a huge innertube for a truck tire. That is filled with water. Thank you guys. Great videos.
Aaron Reichert
Aaron Reichert Yıl önce
The amount of dirt thrown by the air(water)mattress was truly surprising. Sure the rest did it also but was less surprised after seeing what the mattress did.
Ray Grant
Ray Grant Yıl önce
"Best vid of 2020"? Sorry, mates... Best, hands down was the giant rubber band ball disintegrating after hitting the giant axe! S'truth, that was EPIC!
Home of cricket
Home of cricket Yıl önce
anyone else wondering how expensive there water bill will be after this :) :)
VenusCrazy Yıl önce
My favorite part is when they drop the big balloons and it makes a crater
Dallas Borntrager
5:40 it's like one of the games where you try to catch things in a basket
John V
John V Yıl önce
How good!? You guys make 2020 fun! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face! Cheers from Canada
gawnfishin2day Yıl önce
Love how they gave a shoutout to Gav and Dan.
Mikayla V.
Mikayla V. Yıl önce
I would’ve stood just close enough for it not to cause damage
Max PlayzRB1
Max PlayzRB1 Yıl önce
nice vid mate love it new fan
StellaRose 7 aylar önce
Rexy has such an exhilarating and exciting life.
Cris J
Cris J Yıl önce
These vids are always so silly, but I'm smiling the entire time. Keep up the good work!
Alex S.
Alex S. Yıl önce
Someone has an inflatable fetish on this most def 😂
BigKat96 9 aylar önce
Imagine working for a construction company and you show up for work and your boss gives you this assignment but doesn't tell you what it is until you get there that you'll be dropping giant water balloons all day
kris gallagher
kris gallagher Yıl önce
Any chance the biggest air ball you made in that stadium ... could ask the military to let record the longest magnus effect start from your west coast and track how far it goes east..?
Team Crupt
Team Crupt 4 aylar önce
Next thing you know the weather channel is going to be talking about a tidal waves caused by these dudes lol
TheJStale Yıl önce
I love how that red canvas balloon at the end split completely in half on impact.
MrIzaiah2007 Yıl önce
Every time the camera shakes in slow motion it is like moving like a california earthquake 😂
TobiTechBoy 7 aylar önce
That small camera on the grass was like: I saw the big water balloon coming end then it was water EVERYWHERE
froggy fizzy418
froggy fizzy418 4 gün önce
It's like watching 3-5 guys drop nukes on a testing site
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This was amazing mate
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