We Discovered A Hidden Mountaintop Compound In Our Own Backyard 

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17 Ara 2021




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Tunes Kramer
Tunes Kramer Yıl önce
If Alan had a TRvid channel, i totally watch it. I hope het gets some help from viewers and stuff. Cause this is truely amazing! Thanks diesel brothers
V P Yıl önce
Just like Bret did.
SpencerOMG Yıl önce
This is his channel
Jim Moore
Jim Moore Yıl önce
Smart man , very hard worker
Spencer Elsbury
Spencer Elsbury Yıl önce
Me to
Jordaan Vanveldhuizen
I thought the same thing he’s a boss ... people like this guy are true legends
KDad514 10 aylar önce
Rewatching this after seeing the fire has me feeling some type of way. Here's to Allen's pioneer spirit and I'm so happy that Dave and the boys have his back. Never give up Allen.
Aaron Nicoli
Aaron Nicoli 10 aylar önce
Yeah dude, I'm tuning into Dave to watch Allen, gotta watch Allens channel
bobbie chavez
bobbie chavez 10 aylar önce
@Aaron Nicoli What channel?
David M
David M 10 aylar önce
@bobbie chavez MtnFortressLabs
Sue Mick
Sue Mick 11 aylar önce
Alan is on another level. I forget why I entered a room and he's storing and accessing an insane amount of information non-stop. I don't know if I'm more impressed by the man or his projects. Alan you are one special person.
tblackj 10 aylar önce
When I started watching this I couldn't help but think how crazy Alan is. The way he describes things in the video and all the work he has done makes him look like he is a little off center. But, in the last 2 minutes of video, what he said is the most sane thing I've heard in a long time. What a great person and a good addition to your team of friends.
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KermitTheFrag 4 aylar önce
Yeah the magic sky daddy part was definitely super sane.
Cody Neptune
Cody Neptune 11 aylar önce
This needs to be a periodically updated series. "HeavyDSparks Presents: Adventures with Allen"
Goodbye Mr. Anderson
Goodbye Mr. Anderson 6 aylar önce
he has his owwn channel you can support if you wish.
Metalenium 10 aylar önce
Watching this after seeing Alan's 3rd brutal fire. What an amazing soul. Truly inspired. Thank you Heavy D and your team for helping such a cool person. Money to Allen was investing in the fruit of labor. Not for fun. Very inspiring soul. Hope Allen gets that compound finished.
Dallas Arnold
Dallas Arnold 6 aylar önce
I would imagine the compound will never be finished because I think Allen would decide to add something else to it, and then another, and so on till he can no longer do it or he dies.
Tom B
Tom B Yıl önce
Honestly, initially, I thought Alan was a nut. As I watch, I realized this man is a genius. No normal human being can do what Alan did.
Brandon Felts
Brandon Felts Yıl önce
It's a truly fine line between crazy and genius and Alan rides it like a pro
jason cessna
jason cessna Yıl önce
No normal human being would want too!🤣😂🤣😂
Red Leader
Red Leader Yıl önce
@jason cessna normality is nothing to aspire to.
Timothy Jones
Timothy Jones Yıl önce
Had the same thoughts.
bbotelhoHI Yıl önce
Over the course of this video, you see D's crew have that same epiphany. When Alan is explaining whats what down at the bottom, the guys were fucking off, kind've like an "ooookay bud" vibe. I think it clicked when Alan said he was working on that since 2001...and again with the tunnels...and again with using geothermal heating and cooling. Dude is a hippy mad scientist, a not-so-evil genius, and I'm stoked to see him a part of the crew.
S.A.J.9691 uk
S.A.J.9691 uk 9 aylar önce
This is absolutely mind blowing !! What an amazing episode . First time I've seen it , I've watched loads of other videos with Alan in . NOW IT MAKES SENSE WHY DAVE BROUGHT HIM ON BOARD . Not only is Alan a jack of all trades , he is incredibly smart and a work ethic that is second to none. I TRULY HOPE ALL IS GOING WELL AFTER HIS LATEST FIRE 🤞 . GOOD LUCK ALAN 👍
AngryDINGUS 10 aylar önce
It's depressing watching this after seeing the shop burn down. But so grateful for you guys stepping up and bringing him new materials to keep pushing ahead instead of focusing on his most recent losses.
Vim Zim
Vim Zim 11 aylar önce
Man, I don't think I could even get to the top of that mountain on foot, what he has done is unbelievable. He has more stuff than I could accumulate in a hundred lifetimes. Thank you for sharing this.
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Charles Newton
Charles Newton 6 aylar önce
I was always wondering where and how Alan got involved with you guys. The amount of respect I gained for this man through this video is incredible. Seemed like a weird back woods dude (and might still be), but man oh man has he got some knowledge and a hell of a work ethic. Big props to this man and his vision.
42LUNCHBOX 11 aylar önce
This guy is seriously inspirational as to what human determination can achieve. Imagine what we could do together. I'm taking away personal motivation to push myself further and harder on my own projects. This guy is a Man's MAN. Someone to look to for motivation just through his accomplishments.
CJ Matthews
CJ Matthews Yıl önce
Alan is a legend. I would love to see a series of y’all helping him build his dream.Keep doing great things!
Prax Ytbe
Prax Ytbe Yıl önce
nice try bot ^
CJ Matthews
CJ Matthews Yıl önce
@Agent 47 yeah you’re right
Kohei Yıl önce
@Agent 47 it took him 20 years to do just that. He won’t be able to finish it if he continues to do it by himself. That’s probably why he reached out to D
W. Buj
W. Buj Yıl önce
@Kohei sometimes life is not about finishing stuff, but about just doing it.
Marie Cameau
Marie Cameau Yıl önce
I hope no volcanoes close by
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson Aylar önce
Spend one week with Alan and I'd learn more than my 16 years of schooling. This man is astounding and now I know why Dave has him on his crew.
Pieter Holwerda
Pieter Holwerda Aylar önce
This man is amazing! I have so much respect for someone who can visualise this project in his head and make it happen. Not only his creative genius, his philosophical and intuitive insight sets him apart as a man of great wisdom yet he comes across as humble......what a man!
Thunderbolt Wisdom
Thunderbolt Wisdom 11 aylar önce
Allen is an inspirational dude. I'll never again say I can't do something myself.
Cherylene Seckold
Cherylene Seckold 11 aylar önce
What an amazing place, he needs to look into getting travelers with skills to come visit for long periods to help him out and complete it quicker. I hope you do many updates on his progress because his vision and insight is addictive
Sue 10 aylar önce
So happy The team met Alan and he's part of the family. It was meant to be. His knowledge is so far reaching. God bless the team and all the family members 🙏
Burke Sinclair
Burke Sinclair Yıl önce
My pile of projects and my "to-do" list just went from seemingly impossible to incredibly insignificant in 42 minutes and 11 seconds. What a truly awe-inspiring video. HONESTLY, It's ONLY been 20 years.......if he had said 50 years I'd STILL be flabbergasted. You did an amazing job with this one, and the best writers on the planet couldn't have created Alan as a fictional character. Such an inspiration refresher. Just "Wow".
MtnFortressLabs Yıl önce
@If u are single text👉momlena164gmailcom No, I am flattered though...
WhatTheHeck Yıl önce
@If u are single text👉momlena164gmailcom Kraft Cheese singles all day
AnnWith APlan
AnnWith APlan Yıl önce
@MtnFortressLabs - Very cool place you are building there.
MtnFortressLabs Yıl önce
@AnnWith APlan Thank you!
Michelle Dominguez
Michelle Dominguez 11 aylar önce
Alan is truly a jack-of-all-trades!!! Going forward I'd definitely would enjoy watching more of Alan, he's Truly Amazing!!!
Azz Donnelly
Azz Donnelly 11 aylar önce
What a legend this man is... his work is so impressive the things he had to do to get to where he is im sure uve found a gd friend and im sure he will get all the help he needs from u guys if possible thus making this maybe get finished on this epic build
zombielover317able 11 aylar önce
Alan is just one of those special men on the planet that has amazing visions great ideas but also can make those ideas come to fruition love the video my brothers and we definitely got fingers crossed big hugs for Allen and all his future this is one of the best videos I've definitely seen on TRvid in a long time.
James Kleeinegger
James Kleeinegger 5 aylar önce
Alan is a genius in what he has built on top of the mountain where he is planning on staying the rest of his life!!!
Carol McCorry
Carol McCorry 10 aylar önce
Alan is one smart dude. His depth of knowledge is astounding. I am so glad you found him Dave
Masen Lynn
Masen Lynn Yıl önce
Would absolutely love to see a series of you guys helping him build/haul/scrap some of his stuff that’s cluttered, helping him build his dream is just amazing, this man is so happy to show people that actually care
MtnFortressLabs Yıl önce
A lot of the clutter that you see are parts and equipment that are very hard to come by. Once all usable parts are taking off for the various projects the junk left over will be recycled. Once the main building is finished and the 2 parts/shop buildings are finished about half of the clutter will be sorted and gone. Thanks!
Lieutenant Lymer
Lieutenant Lymer Yıl önce
Yes please make a series about helping Alen
Masen Lynn
Masen Lynn Yıl önce
That’s even better! It’s truly awesome to see someone so happy, and just down to earth. Look forward to seeing more of you in the future!!!
SpencerOMG Yıl önce
@MtnFortressLabs I'm your 45th sub your going places
Josh A
Josh A Yıl önce
I doubt he wants help, he seems quite content doing what he's doing. Most of the stuff people see as scrap has a ton of value, and not just to him, but I bet many people watching this would love to have a fraction of his stuff.
Question Everything
Question Everything 11 aylar önce
What an astonishing project and what a true free spirit this man has is just beautiful. I really really hope he can complete everything he wants to and maybe one day we can all see that, because it's just an incredible thing to see. To be right up there on top if a mountain in the middle of no where is just so spiritually cleansing and I just picture that day him sitting back and just enjoying this house and work space after completion. Finally being able to Relax and take it all in. Truly amazing and nothing but admiration for this guy. Fantastic
Rob Noble
Rob Noble 9 aylar önce
That compound is insane. Man I would love to go and help this guy. How the hell did he do all that on his own. Alan is simply the G.O.A.T.
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Simón M.
Simón M. 5 aylar önce
I love to see how you keep the eye on the things we all dreamed to do as little boys. I mean of course you have a life to run. But When a grown up man, in between business, media and a family with 3 kids keeps the fascination for old mines, compounds and lost vehicles with the eye of a little boy, he saved something very valuable and went an honorable way. This is a channel I would watch with my son. Thank you for all the work. Great content.
Gregory Worth
Gregory Worth 11 aylar önce
This was so cool and reminds me of Masada, the fortress in Israel that was eventually breeched by the Romans using a long steep dirt ramp. Alan (not sure how to spell it) is one cool guy extraordinaire, engineer, mad man, inventor, environmentalist, mechanic, builder, gadget king and the list goes on and on. He's the type of guy it would be a privilege to hang with for a day and soak up all the knowledge one possibly could. I truly hope he sees his dream come true sooner rather than later and glad to know there is family to leave it to at some point. I would say that compound will be set up to where no one uninvited will be able to access it.
Norma Lee
Norma Lee 11 aylar önce
Masada is fascinating
Kerry Lewis
Kerry Lewis Yıl önce
I'm back after roughly six months to rewatch the introduction of Allan. I think I'm more blown away the second time. I'm so glad he is part of Dave's team.
I'm voting this vid #1 , nothing compares to Allen's achievements on top of his mountain. I am in awe as to what he has done. God Bless you Allen and thanks Dave for sharing such an inspiring story! I also liked the end where he said that reality is slipping away from us, he is also a very wise man.
Corey21 Yıl önce
I wonder how many vehicles actually run. And this guy has more money than brains. There is absolutely no reason to have all that. All it’s going to do is rot away. Such a shame.
Earl Elkins
Earl Elkins Yıl önce
@Corey21 your opinion is not his opinion. If you believe your own opinions, then your life is on track, to be what you want it to be, and nobody elses.
True Nature Stormers
All I can say is WOW amazing that he did all of that his self.
shaunmilor Yıl önce
my (common law) -brother inlaw is a pack rat like this and starts 100 different projects and never finishes 1.
Deb Geene
Deb Geene 9 aylar önce
I really believe God brought you and Alan together. Alan has amazing support now. As devastating as the fire was, the blessings Alan has received are priceless.
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AngryDINGUS 10 aylar önce
Everyone is laughing at Alan and his dream and the sheer effort he's putting into this place. But lets be honest, a place like this is every little boy's dream! Also... this is the first time Hands shakes his head at Alan lol
JD Brown
JD Brown 10 aylar önce
Wow. It's hard to believe what Alan has accomplished by himself. Thanks for sharing this. Awesome!
Ralph Buschman
Ralph Buschman 2 aylar önce
What Alan has built by himself is amazing.
brett morton
brett morton Yıl önce
Alan is definitely a mountain goat... Perfectly adapted to his surroundings, well balanced and very clever. Hopefully you guys can help make his dream a reality. Nice cliffhanger at the end too .. that was never going to end well 😂😂
Dominoefx Yıl önce
His man needs his own series. I can’t believe how amazing this compound is and Alan is truly a one in a million type of spirit. Please continue to stay in contact with him and lend any type of resources you could to further this mans dream. I want to see this compound being built step by step as a mini series through your channel or Alan’s own
Thanks for being a fan 🎅 Write the number above/cliam your reward
MtnFortressLabs Yıl önce
I started MtnFortressLabs channel for this. If I get enough interest and support I will do just that! Thanks -Alan
Dominoefx Yıl önce
@MtnFortressLabs thanks for the reply! I’m amazed by your passion and I’ll gladly follow along with your new channel! Liked commented and subscribed already my friend!
Griffin Yıl önce
I agree. Imagine what he would build if he had more resources. It would be so cool to see it finished with windows and doors. But that would be tens of thousands of dollars.
Tom Are Ødelien
Tom Are Ødelien 8 aylar önce
Sad looking back at this video and see Alan`s loss from the fire =( Keep your head up Alan, what you have done alone up there is just insanly cool and impressive =)
Tim Anderson
Tim Anderson 8 aylar önce
Alan is a treasure. The knowledge and ability he has is a rare thing. Amazing video.
R4L ZMAX 11 aylar önce
Alan is definitely spot on with his goals and outlook about life. I live in a major city and now I'm going to sell my house to move out in a rural area to live in peace. Alan has come a long way in 20 years but I don't see him finishing that compound within the next 5-10 years without some serious help. To be that far along, I would just hire people to pull my wires and finish capping the building off. Then he can finish the inside day by day to enjoy all of the decades he put into this. I would love to see the finish product of this compound. Great video and inspiration that's for sure!!!
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Robin 9 aylar önce
Alan is truly brilliant. I hope he gets help to finish it all. He is inspiring.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 4 aylar önce
hey guys, been a huge fan and follower of you guys for years, but lost interest after the discovery channel ended, just rediscovering your amazing recovery stuff! so sorry, you guys are doing some amazing stuff, so touched and very proud of what you're doing now! keep up the great content! resubcribed and recommending to everyone!
RamblinAround Yıl önce
Man, I love people like Alan. Thanks for showing us this. Maybe you guys can help him speed things along a bit, like you did at Cerro Gordo.
DC92309 Yıl önce
I hope so!
Zebra Talk
Zebra Talk Yıl önce
I think what he really needs is a road, not a path. I'm sure that would move him along much faster and make things much easier. He is good at talking. Maybe Heavy D can talk him into creating his own TRvid channel.
Jack Byrne
Jack Byrne Yıl önce
Hell yeahhh!!!
Josh Rowe
Josh Rowe Yıl önce
Agreed!!! Alan is the man
Gary Miller
Gary Miller Yıl önce
@Zebra Talk Definitely should have a youtube channel for his stuff.
Coltin 3 aylar önce
It's truly amazing what 1 man can do with a vision. I can see how people can say he's crazy for it but every person on earth has a passion for something or another this is clearly this man's passion. I'm having a hard time comprehending just how much work has gone into his home. 🤯
Tricia Balder
Tricia Balder 11 aylar önce
Alan’s work ethic surpasses any American from this century. He is more motivated and excited about his compound and his projects than anyone I’ve ever met. He is full of inspiration. I’d love to see you guys help him more. Alan is a great addition to the team. Extremely impressive individual with amazing dreams. It would be awesome to see some of his near impossible dreams come true with some help. This is hard work for one person alone. He definitely deserves a hand. He would make an amazing friend. He ability to find solutions and fix/build is relentless. We all want to see more of Alan’s achievements. You found an old soul inside Alan, something wonderful. He has so much to offer once his work is done. Pure genius.
Atticus 11 aylar önce
I’m sure he’s a good enough dude BUT praising him on his work ethic when all I saw were a bunch of started yet nowhere near finished projects……seems more like a scatterbrained Meth-Mindset or severe ADD to me. (I don’t assume or even imply that he’s on any illicit substances-but apparently starting something and losing interest before in it then starting another project is a common occurrence in certain individuals)
APunishedManNamed2 6 aylar önce
@Atticus as he stated, he swaps projects due to running out of money & then hops on projects that don't require money but rather materials he already has That house is getting closer by the week now with the help he's been getting since this aired
Warrior rage
Warrior rage 6 aylar önce
Without minds like his in the world , humans are still Neanderthals. We need people like him
Lou Gibbon
Lou Gibbon 11 aylar önce
I just found Alan’s channel - please give the man more support - he’s one of the very special people on this planet with a beautiful soul ❣️ He deserves to have his dream realised 👏🏻 🇬🇧
earl Wright
earl Wright 11 aylar önce
What is it called
Louise Gibbon
Louise Gibbon 11 aylar önce
@earl Wright Alan’s channel is MtnFortressLabs
earl Wright
earl Wright 11 aylar önce
@Louise Gibbon thank you
DirectCurrent 11 aylar önce
This is one of the best videos I've ever watched on TRvid! Alan is an engineering genius. Not to mention the physical endurance that he has to do the work that he's done and been able to accomplish. There's very few people out there that can do what Alan has been able to do. I truly hope that he is able to complete this project and get it closed in and for the most part finished so he will be able to enjoy it and share it with his family. My thoughts respect and prayers are with you Alan. It would be really awesome if he could get someone to help or sponsor him at least with the labor part of this project just so that he doesn't have to put so much wear and tear on his body doing this amazing work. Would love to see a follow up video of his project in another year or two. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work. Please stay safe and healthy and God bless.🙏🏻👍
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I think the best part about Alan is that he doesn’t feel like he really did all that much when you talk to him, he is a very real and down to earth guy! Awesome video!
MtnFortressLabs Yıl önce
With all the amazing comments I have to make sure I don't get a big head!!! Thanks! -Alan
Aj Yıl önce
@MtnFortressLabs turn your comments on your channel Alan. I’m sure it would help with the algorithm to get your channel going. I’m currently the 40th subscriber. God bless! - AJ
Paul Verellen
Paul Verellen 11 aylar önce
Wow.. that place is jaw droppingly awesome. Alan is one of those rare geniuses that the world needs. Such an amazing guy and seems so kind.
Donna Vance
Donna Vance 4 aylar önce
OMGosh, this is so amazing! I fell in love with the place and his attitude. Cities were never meant for "normal" people and he is so blessed to have found his oasis away from it all.
Jacky Doualan
Jacky Doualan 10 aylar önce
Oh my god this guy is amazing how many people can plan something in their head and then build it totally mine blowing he is very intelligent and very focussed on what he’s doing wish he had a TRvid channel because I would most definitely watch him this is amazing thanks for sharing this with us you guys are awesome Jacky from Montreal
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Chamise Johnson
Chamise Johnson 6 aylar önce
Dude! Alan shares a Birthday with my dad and I! Dude is a legit genius! So impressive. As a chick living in a city who is not at all mechanically inclined this still blows me away. Coolest vids you guys. Thanks Heavy D and crew!
MARK Bright
MARK Bright 10 aylar önce
I just started watching you guys within a month or so, and this is one of your coolest true life videos to where we now know how you met Alan! And then his buildings all burned and he lost so much. Now all you guys are pulling together to get his place finished, Kudos to everyone involved and it will be great to see his place finished!
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Mwirish76 Yıl önce
This guy needs to be on Discovery. Unbelievable! I am as blown away as I have ever been in 45 years!! Un-freakin-believable!!
Tristan Corney
Tristan Corney Yıl önce
He Is On Discovery! On a Show Called Diesel Brothers Go check it Out🤟!
singah sung
singah sung Yıl önce
@Tristan Corney i think he is referring to the guy who owns the land up there not Heavy D
Mwirish76 Yıl önce
@Tristan Corney not Diesel Brothers, the guy building the compound.
Tristan Corney
Tristan Corney Yıl önce
@Mwirish76 Ah Ok Yes That would be cool
Mwirish76 Yıl önce
@Tristan Corney entertaining to say the least!
The Browns
The Browns 11 aylar önce
This is epic. It's the kind of thing I'd do if I lived somewhere where land is affordable. Respect to Allen. Interested, talented guy.
Raven Mc Kinnon
Raven Mc Kinnon 11 aylar önce
It’s a cool place. It seems to me Alan is a hoarder who has lots of ideas and starts many projects but unfortunately, without a WHOLE LOT of help won’t live to see it finished
Seth Waggoner
Seth Waggoner Yıl önce
The gigantic, spontaneous grin on Heavy D's face as he toured this compound is indicative of his brain overloading with ideas! LOL
Jenny Romero
Jenny Romero 6 aylar önce
Alan is an absolute genius! It's fascinating to see all that he has created in this fortress. And the wealth of knowledge that he has, it's so impressive!
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 11 aylar önce
This is incredible, and inspiring. Eventually I’ll have my own mountaintop bunker too.
TRapz Yıl önce
What legends are made of. Alan is not human, he is a beast. Love to be able to stay connected to his continuing story. It is uncanny that you viewed this compound and the a year later Alan invites you to share his work. Beyond incredible.
Carol Broome
Carol Broome Yıl önce
@Justin Wood That is so sad 😭 I really enjoy watching Big D!!💞
Justin Wood
Justin Wood Yıl önce
@Carol Broome I did as well. So did my 7 year old autistic son who the box was for. When one of the original founders of this company gave me the low down I was so saddened. People can change and I’m all for it but my experience so far has done nothing but prove those things to be accurate.
Lisa M
Lisa M 10 aylar önce
What an amazing person Alan is!!! WOW 🤩
Rob S
Rob S 5 aylar önce
WOW that place is awesome. Alan building the place by himself and the collection of stuff is unbelievable. You would need days to explore everything he has there. Thanks for sharing
Carlos A.
Carlos A. 11 aylar önce
Who is Alan? What does he do for work? How did he fund all this? What skillset has he acquired to get him the knowledge to be able to do all this? That's an episode I'd like to watch!
Abdon Ramirez
Abdon Ramirez 10 aylar önce
Well he’s been doing this for 20 years, Maybe he’s cooking meth or mari-Juana grower.
alexlabs4858 10 aylar önce
He’s Alan. Alan does stuff. Alan has started many interesting projects. Finishing them is a different story.
pear7777 10 aylar önce
@alexlabs4858 i do get the same feeling, btw so sad to see all his plans grind to a halt with the fire. At least the fortress is still there.
alexlabs4858 10 aylar önce
@pear7777 Just found out about the fire too. I’m so glad OP randomly found Alan one day in his helicopter and now is able to help out when stuff like that happens. I would love to see a fundraiser for Alan but maybe OP has other means of raising funds or helping him out with labor and stuff.
pear7777 10 aylar önce
@alexlabs4858 Alan has a patreon.
Susan XYZ
Susan XYZ 11 aylar önce
This is every man’s castle, how awesome you guys met him!! I love this and this man is awesome! Thanks so much for letting us in his world for a moment!! ❤
Tech Gorilla
Tech Gorilla 11 aylar önce
Check out Andrew Camarata if you like this guy. He has actually built a steel castle on the side of a New York mountain. He's something of a character. Especially if you like nature and puppies.
Justin McKee
Justin McKee 2 aylar önce
I wish I could live a life like alan. Must be nice to have a mountaintop compound. That view is beautiful too
TotallyCrimson Yıl önce
Possibly one of the greatest videos I've seen. Alan is an amazing dude, he's built himself a real world Minecraft. Please stay in touch with him, it would be great to see a future video of you guys helping him out with something.
John Colling
John Colling Yıl önce
He needs to add some mods...
MtnFortressLabs Yıl önce
With everyone's comments I just created my own TRvid channel MtnFortressLabs. If there is enough interest and support, It will become a full blown channel with lots of Info, Adventure, etc... Thanks!
King Flippy Nips
King Flippy Nips Yıl önce
@MtnFortressLabs Alan you are amazing, if i was a little younger i would offer to come help you as free labour just so i could take part in building something so cool and watch it grow, i am also interested in energy systems and storage and just the sciences in general and would love to see what you can build
Chris Canterbury
Chris Canterbury Yıl önce
I agree
smokinvalves Yıl önce
@MtnFortressLabs subscribed.
Phil Platt
Phil Platt 9 aylar önce
Genius and insanity joined together right here. :-o I watched upside down really Dave, I watched the fire videos first and could not understand why you and your team went to so much effort and expense to put Al back on track, watching this I now know why you all did what you did. respect to all.
Kurokitsune Yuuki
Kurokitsune Yuuki 8 aylar önce
Alan is an absolute madman and I am here for it. If I was able bodied enough to build something like this I would love to try. But I know this kind of a project would put me in a wheelchair by the time I am Alan's age. It's crazy to see the work this man has done and the stuff he has acquired. I'm glad Dave hired him on and has been helping to keep him going, because projects like this deserve to be documented so they can go down in history.
Debbie Lieber
Debbie Lieber 10 aylar önce
We love Alan and so glad to support him! Glad to see him with Heavy D and Diesel Brothers !!!
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Sherry Irbvin
Sherry Irbvin 5 aylar önce
Wow so much stuff. This compound is awesome. The fact that alan built this by hand is amazing.
SOLDIR3L1TE 90 Yıl önce
Mad respect for Alan that is truly amazing 👏 I wish I could do that stuff, great work 👍
Teresa Wright
Teresa Wright Yıl önce
I feel incredibly lazy and amazingly motivated after watching the sheer amount of work he has done by himself😱 He is so gifted with so many ideas it must be hard to wrangle them all! People in their twenties and down need to see this for motivation purposes in my opinion 😊
TimOthinking Yıl önce
Unless they can do it on a video game , they aren't interested. It's sad... Really sad.
AMI Yıl önce
Ain't gonna lie but I don't think I want to spend my entire life building mansion, I rather have smaller house or paid somebody else to do it if I got money like this guy
T Turtle
T Turtle Yıl önce
@AMI I hear you. The guy has the gumption and you got to respect that but it seems to me he has a too ambitious project. He said he started in 2001 and is halfway through the project but he's, what? 45-50 years old, so... Had I been in his position I, like you, would have set my targets a bit lower. The location is great, the concept is great but half the size house would be more than enough for most persons.
Crafting with CATS Tammie
While watching this, I had flashbacks to being a child around 12 years old and spending time at my Uncles home. He would take me around and show me all the new things he had designed and was building. I remember him showing us this cool stuff and telling us ideas of what could be done with the new material 'plexiglass'! This is what it feels like to be in the presence of a true genius. It is exhilarating and awesome!
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joleene Hutchens
joleene Hutchens 6 aylar önce
This dude is a genius. It's amazing how much work he's done by himself.
toxenzz 11 aylar önce
Gotta give Home Depot props for bringing Alan all the concrete to the base of his mountain
OG- Nesley
OG- Nesley Aylar önce
I’ve met maybe two people like Alan in my life and they are a different breed. Amazing people. This was one hell of a job interview by the way lol.
Andreas 10 aylar önce
After seeing many of your other videos with Alan, this is cool to see. I'm excited to see the next video with the compound structurally finished. Alana said, this is minecraft but in reality. This is so cool. Love the commercial.
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Jason Arseneault
Jason Arseneault Yıl önce
This guy doesn’t have enough years of life for projects he has left haha definitely a unique cool dude
jason cessna
jason cessna Yıl önce
I was thinking the same thing!😂🤣😂🤣
Jennifer Runnestrand
That's what I was thinking.
Ms.NoPixel Yıl önce
He reminds me of my dad… my dad used to always have multiple projects going at once, he was a Jack of all trades, loved by all, etc. I miss him 😞 I think my dad would’ve loved this channel.
bobscratchit Yıl önce
I guess we will never see this finished, but good luck to him, i would love to have his opportunity for a hilltop fort!!
James Adams
James Adams Yıl önce
All he has is a huge pile of junk equipment that is really an eyesore and none of it will ever get completed cause he has more projects going than he has time to get e ven one of them finished.
Kanale Tumlinson
Kanale Tumlinson 5 aylar önce
Great video boyz! Alan’s philosophy on life and nature is amazing! Subscribed to his channel to help support his journey.. thanks Heavy D for introducing us brother 41:17
Paulius Tamosiunas
Paulius Tamosiunas 11 aylar önce
After this “man cave” has a different meaning to me 😳 …. I am speechless, it’s just amazing how much work one man can do
Dc Official
Dc Official 11 aylar önce
Sean Foto
Sean Foto 11 aylar önce
This is so fascinating the work he has done is unbelievable this guys got incredible drive😳
FyerFyter33 11 aylar önce
He’ll probably come up with a 25 year time lapse video of that. Our loss if not. First saw Allen on the houseboat rescue. Nicknamed Wizard (didn’t know why at the time) I instantly connected with him. I have similar abilities, (my nickname is McGyver), I’ve motorcycled throughout Utah (probably passed through his neighborhood a few times) AND on a modified Honda XL250R somewhat like his. A great addition to the HeavyD crew! Much happiness and success to you Allen. You’re a talented man.
Dave In LAS
Dave In LAS Aylar önce
Absolutely love your channel! I’m recovering from neck surgery from spinal stenosis and all your adventures give me hope to getting my life back, thanks so much 🙏🏻😎🤙🏼
Tim datoolman
Tim datoolman Yıl önce
This guy is the perfect example of the phrase, "if there's a will there's a way"
Eric Masters
Eric Masters Yıl önce
So true
Janet C
Janet C Yıl önce
Lol I think he has OCD.
davidjodi143 2 aylar önce
That is so awesome Allen!!!Just wow!! Thanks for letting the crew see & share it with us.
Emilee Oldham
Emilee Oldham 5 aylar önce
So cool to see where Alan is now. He definitely fits in
Magdo Guimaraes
Magdo Guimaraes Aylar önce
This is crazy of how many hours he already put on this project 😮 This guy is very smart. One question… What he does for living? Thanks guys.
DLoad This1
DLoad This1 11 aylar önce
WOW! WOW! WOW! It's almost unbelievable how much work has gone into this project! MUCH RESPECT TO ALAN FOR HIS ABILITY TO DREAM THIS IDEA UP! 💯💯💯💯💯💯
S D Yıl önce
He’s definitely one of a kind. Does he ever sleep? With all the stuff he’s done he’s either insanely young looking for his age or he’s never stopping lol. He’s also impressively smart.
All respect, if hes really completing some projects, but the other side could be, that he's a man of big words, collecting many projects and never finishes one. All presented Material is aging. Sorry to say that, but most of the presented stuff, will be rusted away till Allen has time to fix it. He needs 20 People-Restoration Company to be faster than the rust.
mike d
mike d Yıl önce
I'm very similar to Allen. I have a bunch of projects in the works, and all inching forward slowly as time, health, weather, finances, and priorities allow. Every few years, I finish something people said was impossible. In the meantime, my 6x6 waste oil burning home/workshop looks like a hardware store crashed into a scrap yard. I have my own mountain top mine to play with too. On top of the projects and the compound, I very frequently use my skills and tools to help my friends and Nature, develop and teach wild permaculture techniques, and play music. If more young people wanted to learn how to build things, and realized that apprenticeship in a combination of trades that lead to self suffuciency is more valuable than formal education, or work experience in a non skilled field, people like Allan and myself could bring our ideas into the world at an exponentially increased pace. Sadly, everyone would rather look at their screens, or complain about the "messes" on someone's desolate remote property.
Josh Buxton
Josh Buxton Yıl önce
Have to say.. I'm proud of him for being self reliant and self sufficient.. Yes things take time and money.. Here's the thing, "You can't put a price on happiness, passion, and joy of anything built, constructed, or done by your own hands" THE ONLY WAY TO BE HUMBLE IS FINDING HUMBLENESS .. God bless and Happy holidays..
TheYammerHammer Yıl önce
He is very narcissistic
VAPORWARE 11 aylar önce
What a real man, not afraid of isolation but still very engaging and actually LIVING - Good for you bro. Excellent presence, shows you can do anything with determination and a clear mind to be creative....
Quentin Schreiner
Quentin Schreiner 11 aylar önce
Just started watching some of the stuff you guys do, but ive only watched newer episodes. So seeing this and knowing you guys are working together with allen is awesome!
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liz O Reilly
liz O Reilly 11 aylar önce
Alan what a legend of a man , amazing place and I wish you all the very best 🍀🍀🍀
Nick Yıl önce
I bet Alan has some of the coolest stories that start with,” but what happen was." 😂
Buxom Goddess
Buxom Goddess 10 aylar önce
Alan has an amazing mind and is so talented. These kinds of mindsets are so hard to find.
P7 Edits
P7 Edits Yıl önce
All the guy needs is wind turbines and he is set for electric forever. This effort is amazingly impressive, one guy with a dream
Dubious Yıl önce
@David Reed Sure they can.
Drain Cleaning AUSTRALIA
Thanks man :) If I ever won this sort of money I'd still be clearing blocked drains and trying to grow my little TRvid channel. Just may be in a flashy truck :)
Josh D
Josh D Yıl önce
Solar panels would be the way to go imo
bish bosh
bish bosh Yıl önce
@Dubious Most cannot run in the kind of wind he has on the top of his place but he can put them lower and behind a windbreaker and they would work fine. I have a cousin who has wind power and has to block the wind a bit or his turbine doesn't produce power .
Lorraine Stuart
Lorraine Stuart 11 aylar önce
Thanks guys for sharing amazing video Alan is amazing guy what he has achieved and done on top of that mountain is mind blowing i love all his trucks ect very interesting what he has collected over the years i hope you go back in a few years to see how he's doing with his project much love to you guys from the UK 😁😁❤❤
Tina Ristau
Tina Ristau 11 aylar önce
This is one of my favorites. I fell in love with Allen's Madness. That man believes in himself.
Michael Whitaker
Michael Whitaker 10 aylar önce
Wow!!! That’s Amazing. This man has invested serious Bookoo hours into this place. It reminds me of my old boss, who had seven different businesses. What a guy! He was hard to keep up with at 60 when I was thirty. Same as my Dad always busy. From our older men comes lots of people who grew up working hard from their childhood. People teach your Kids how to work early in life it will serve them well in later years.
Jay soberanes
Jay soberanes 9 aylar önce
Wow that was Amazing. Much respect for Alan. Can't wait to see the finished project!!!
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Coolthings989 Yıl önce
I can really appreciate the genuine smile you guys put on this mans face. By the end he was so confident in showing off his passion project! May Alan live forever up there :)
1nvisible1 Yıl önce
*The shear number of trade skills Alan has is staggering. Concrete buildings, engine overhauls, tunneling, road grading, energy production, shaft mining, I'm sure I missed another fourteen!*
theMIKA RENOLDS Yıl önce
Mtn Fortress Labs = check out his channel
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