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on today's episode, we journey back to my hometown of milford, connecticut to visit some of the people and places that made me who i am and acted as the backstory for "the fifth vital", plus we check in with my eccentric yet incredibly based granny, taste-test a local burger shop, and get the opportunity to change the life of a fellow person in recovery.

so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.

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10 Eki 2021




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Jeff Wittek
Very nice vid mike. Love the direction you’re taking with your channel.
FLW Videos
Proud of you Mike :) That is an extremely impactful set of actions!
What a great, inspiring video
and now im crying in the morning
Pack A Puncher
This was amazing.. can’t even lie, I got a bit emotional on this one 🥲
christine coughdrop
This hits home for me so much, I was a homeless heroin addict for about 8 years in Arizona. I'm over 3 years sober now and counting. It's very refreshing to see this kind of content and to be reminded that I am one of so many people who have lived that life! Thank you for giving back and ultimately proving that though it's incredibly hard, you can get off of that road and completely start over. It's a long and slow process but it's pretty amazing to see what were made of through it. Pretty cool stuff,
The Guvnor
The humility and humbleness Mike shows here when he returns to his roots is the best Mike possible in my opinion. Really fantastic video and bless his granny and mum they seem amazing.
Kyle Reidy
Lost my mom back in 2019 to an overdose on heroin cut w fentanyl. Wish I could be in the position you’re in to help people. Keep it up Mike
Noah Cheeks
I needed this video. Iv been sober close to a year now. Your story and book helped beyond what this comment can express.
Justin Sumstine
"A measure of a mans success is not in how much he has, but in how much he gives". You are a prime example of a humble legend Mike. much love
This here is the kind of shit people with money and influence NEED to and SHOULD be doing!! Great fucking job Mike. Much respect mate 👍
Josh Nadboralski
Having Lost two of my best friends in the past 4 years to heroine over doses. This was something that really hit home to me man. Really appreciate you. and your videos.
The fact that he’s willing to depart from the content that’s brought him success in order to do what he feels will contribute to humanity is awesome
Dylan James
This is 1000% the type of content you should be making. Keep this up Mike!
Mike this is amazing i can see you saving even more life’s and recovering addicts , find more save more , get this community together and keep that light BRIGHT !!
Get that hug
Point blank…this is awesome. As someone from the Northeast, MA, I know how the addiction community struggles in this area and appreciate what you’re doing. Thank you!
Caroline L.
I loved this video, Mike. You getting through your drug addiction encourages me to continue pushing through mental illness. Thank you 🙏🏼
Debo Gaming
You know its a good day when Mike uploads some heartfelt shit
Politics Huh
Genuinely just cried. Mike your doing amazing things it’s so good to see how far you’ve came and the fact your giving back to others that are in the same position you used to be! Keep being a light for people ❤️
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