We Broke Up

Alexa Rivera
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We felt it was time to clear this up for you guys. Thank you all for the endless support! We cannot wait to continue making videos for you guys! See you next Saturday :)
@Ben Azelart

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21 Nov 2020




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Rachael Rota
Rachael Rota 12 dakika önce
ohhhh this made me blush...... so sad
Ashley Kwok
Ashley Kwok 47 dakika önce
RoRo Alshayeb
RoRo Alshayeb Saatler önce
Bexi 🥺😭😭😭😭🥺😢
Elizabeth Maddox
Elizabeth Maddox 3 saatler önce
Why are y'all breaking up
Elizabeth Maddox
Elizabeth Maddox 3 saatler önce
I cried
Yakira Chainere
Yakira Chainere 4 saatler önce
At the begining I thought It was a "BIG FAT PRANK" but Im sad that its not... 🥺😭😢 but its good for lexi to get rid of his farts lol🤣 Im like counting the months already that past from the brake up...
Chad Allman
Chad Allman 4 saatler önce
Good for you
diya dishareddy
diya dishareddy 6 saatler önce
And i have a feeling that the "independence" is not the main reason for their break up
diya dishareddy
diya dishareddy 6 saatler önce
Littraly their eyes were wattering the whole time
Keyri Vargas Estevez
Keyri Vargas Estevez 11 saatler önce
i know they still love eachother
Aaron Marr
Aaron Marr 15 saatler önce
why u break up with him if u were going to keep talking about u breaking up because u are made for each other and it just a argument u cant break up everyone u get in
Having Fun With Carter
Having Fun With Carter 19 saatler önce
Look at my profile picture thats my face when I watched this
Felicity Storm
Felicity Storm 21 saatler önce
oh no
Rany Ibrahim
Rany Ibrahim 23 saatler önce
I will miss being and Brent and his broom 😔😭😭
Midnight_Dragons 23 saatler önce
My ship sunk and I will miss Brent and his broom too
Taylor Mcgougan
Taylor Mcgougan Gün önce
i know that this has been up for a while and I'm just watching it now but this must have taken a lot of guts. Lexi u are 1 of the nicest people ever I hope I can meet u 1 day
Ariana Spinella
Ariana Spinella Gün önce
Omg 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Umhanan Mohammed
Umhanan Mohammed Gün önce
Alexa is very sad about the break up but ben seems serious
Raegan Antosh
Raegan Antosh Gün önce
Me :noooooooo Andrew: yes yes yes whooo
London Jackson
London Jackson Gün önce
No you
Huber Romero
Huber Romero Gün önce
Bexi 🥺🥺🥺🥺😣😣😖😖☹️
Dancing Through Quarantine
Wow, this was so sad. 😣 love you guys no matter what.
Frederic Armand
Frederic Armand Gün önce
I'm so sad I'm craying I'm dosososososo sad
Charmine George
Charmine George Gün önce
Plzzzz get back together plzzzz i love yall when yall together
Sanvi Thapan
Sanvi Thapan Gün önce
I just really really wish they could come back cause I miss them like it’s ok let they take time cause no one can force them to be together
An 0123
An 0123 Gün önce
Its looks like they are coping Lisa K. and David D. Tbh
lianerossetti nunes
Yes I still miss bexi but the fact that after breaking up they still the best of frds makes me cry even more best frds forever never leave 🙃
Helery Virroja
Helery Virroja Gün önce
Nooooo, please noooo
Purple Panda
Purple Panda Gün önce
It’s two months and I am still waiting for it to be a prank
Themneihat Singsit
This make me cry 😭
Adam_ AlphaYT
Adam_ AlphaYT Gün önce
Its been 2 months and im still waiting for the phrase “its a prank”.
Yummycheap 711
Yummycheap 711 Gün önce
lexi can't stop laughing in alll seriousness
Despina Gün önce
Ben also cried in the end
Sara Saber
Sara Saber Gün önce
So gauze I wish you the best in life and umm.. I was so sad but if this will make you happier than you know what's best for you . I love you guys so much
Rangiatea Tito
Rangiatea Tito 2 gün önce
Why did Jeremy comment I watch all your vids Jeremy😁
Angie L
Angie L 2 gün önce
This is so sad 😔😔 but as long as your happy
Ems World
Ems World 2 gün önce
Nooo I love bexi im crying
Kashvi Plays
Kashvi Plays 2 gün önce
Arlene Sharkey
Arlene Sharkey 2 gün önce
i will always love u both no matter what
James Hall
James Hall 2 gün önce
Rip Bexi
James Hall
James Hall 2 gün önce
Nooby Gaming
Nooby Gaming 2 gün önce
Let’s hope they get back together
Anna Rouille
Anna Rouille 2 gün önce
We screen shoted you crying 😭 and sent it to insta and face book
Lila Ali
Lila Ali 2 gün önce
Me watching every video Lexi makes : *laughing and smiling* Me watching this video : *crying*
Lottie Drinkall
Lottie Drinkall 2 gün önce
Emma Jasso
Emma Jasso 2 gün önce
Nemchamkim Singsit
Nemchamkim Singsit 2 gün önce
Why do you to broke up
mlp glmm
mlp glmm 2 gün önce
Noooo plz dont break up :( Ima cry for 2 years get back together
Vineetha Shinu
Vineetha Shinu 2 gün önce
I gone un subscribing the channel because they brokeup. i love these couple so much😭😭😭😭. dont broke up 😩😩😭
Hailey Hambrick
Hailey Hambrick 2 gün önce
when lexi started to cry i teared up
Zara-Jayde Cardamone
im crying
Elizabeth Bunyard
Elizabeth Bunyard 2 gün önce
Anyone else hate both of them👉
Monique Valencia
Monique Valencia 2 gün önce
aww ben is so nice to lexi
emily smith
emily smith 2 gün önce
1:47 lexi has a shaky voice for a second, im happy they are still there for each other🥺🥺
Rih Samuels
Rih Samuels 2 gün önce
ben fart problem is get worse
Kayla Marshall
Kayla Marshall 3 gün önce
this is soo sad
IM A BEAST 3 gün önce
My phone battery lasts longer than all of your relationships
Fl ynn
Fl ynn 2 gün önce
Papi and Claudia’s recipes
😢😢😭I am so sad
sandy Vira
sandy Vira 3 gün önce
Twyla Skouge
Twyla Skouge 3 gün önce
I'm sad too hear that but hopefully something great will happen to you guys!!!
U moyo
U moyo 3 gün önce
Dude it's so sad...
Tech Gamers
Tech Gamers 3 gün önce
This is how many people wan BEXI BACK!!!!!! 😤😫😫😫
Piya Jain
Piya Jain 3 gün önce
Ben is so cute!!!! 💜🤪🌈💙💚
Saanvi's World
Saanvi's World 3 gün önce
PFFT....I SAID all of you I SHIPPPPP DeXiIiiI Dude its kk but dexi better
Eric Kim
Eric Kim 3 gün önce
Uh... I just wanna know why u guys broke up...? I think u guys still love each other...Idk
Daphne Pollatou
Daphne Pollatou 3 gün önce
im crying RN😢
Ariana afton
Ariana afton 3 gün önce
I'm gonna unsubscribe
Ariana afton
Ariana afton 3 gün önce
I just fricking cry and didnt believe Brent that you guys broke up 😭 and I just commented I HATE YOU BRENT
Ariana afton
Ariana afton 3 gün önce
Richard Marfil
Richard Marfil 3 gün önce
Oh gosh thats so sad
J.m. Sanchez
J.m. Sanchez 3 gün önce
I am not gonna subscribe now
J.m. Sanchez
J.m. Sanchez 3 gün önce
Why did they broke up why why why tell me plz
Nasima Hamid
Nasima Hamid 3 gün önce
At first I thought it was a prank
Random Someone
Random Someone 3 gün önce
Every one: I didn’t know they dated it wasen’t Nobody: Me: watched the next recommended vid “is Bexi official” from three years ago and found SOOOOO much proof they were before the break up
Muriel Scholsberg
Muriel Scholsberg 3 gün önce
Noah Duminy
Noah Duminy 3 gün önce
Playboy Jaden
Playboy Jaden 4 gün önce
Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anderson 4 gün önce
Awww I wish they were together!!! 😔😔😔
welfare mhlongo
welfare mhlongo 4 gün önce
So emotinal😓
Hana k
Hana k 4 gün önce
No but for real ngl I was already crying but when Brent said we don't need this broom any more I cried even more 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 rip rivera broom
Taiba Hussain
Taiba Hussain 4 gün önce
I’m so sad
Nirosha Salwatura
Nirosha Salwatura 4 gün önce
@$#k both of you that you broke up with each other 👎👎👎
EthS 50
EthS 50 4 gün önce
Now I can’t call you guys a couple:(
service dog wags
service dog wags 4 gün önce
The Broom
Kaushik Khare
Kaushik Khare 4 gün önce
I'm still waiting for them to say that it's a prank
Samantha Nicole L. Cabal
Them: We're just friends Also them: We're breaking up and she/he is now my ex bf/gf Bruh
Ketaki Purandare
Ketaki Purandare 3 gün önce
They just didn't want to disclose their relationship on camera
wildwolf 1006
wildwolf 1006 4 gün önce
Omg lol so srry
Mohammed Shaheer Ali
You both look cute don't ever break up
Jessie Baines
Jessie Baines 4 gün önce
NO I loved you guys being together nooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sharon Nyasha Chitambu
Lexi wants to cry
Sharon Nyasha Chitambu
I cried
Swathi G
Swathi G 4 gün önce
Bexi might be dead in between u too but they are Still ALIVE in our hearts ❤️
Sanah nadeem
Sanah nadeem 4 gün önce
Let Andrew come lexi is already In love
•Ramen Soda•
•Ramen Soda• 5 gün önce
TheChito408 5 gün önce
Ily to guys
Thabiso and Emily Sehloho
My heart broke
Eleni Neri
Eleni Neri 5 gün önce
I am crying why bexi forever😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️❤️
Devon Mitchell
Devon Mitchell 5 gün önce
C.TANISH. 7 5 gün önce
Why did u breakup 😢😢😢😱😱😱😵😵😵😭😭😭😭
Bhai Pawar
Bhai Pawar 5 gün önce
Guys don't do that I am literally crying guys
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