We Bought 6 Dead GPUs. Can We Fix Them?

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We bought 6 very dead and very expensive GPUs from eBay. Can we fix them?

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iFixit Article on Temporarily Fixing a GPU Using The Oven Trick: geni.us/3JIus

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0:00 - 1:23 - Intro
1:23 - 3:23 - Our Test Bench: The ORIGIN PC Millennium
3:23 - 5:38 - Jono’s ASUS RTX 2080
5:38 - 6:40 - Testing our cards for shorts
6:40 - 8:22 - AMD RX 580 4GB
8:22 - 14:04 - EVGA GTX 1080 FTW
14:04 - 15:19 - Return of the AMD RX 580 4GB
15:19 - 18:00 - Dell OEM Radeon RX 5700XT
18:00 - 21:10 - EVGA GTX 980Ti
21:10 - 24:16 - EVGA GTX 1080Ti
24:16 - 25:31 - Some other methods to fix your GPU
25:31 - 27:00 - Conclusion

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24 Mar 2023




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polky Yıl önce
The fact that a broken rx 580 in these days is more expensive than the one i bought used 3 years ago is nuts
sesh 11 gün önce
@Karol Tofik 11 months later and 330 dollars can buy you a 6650 XT
Mauricio Corral
Mauricio Corral 7 aylar önce
@Glitter Fart me
hsko 7 aylar önce
got a 570 8 GB sapphire from a retail store (brand new) for $100 back in 2019 lmao. Upgraded to an used 1070Ti for $165 just now
James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr 7 aylar önce
SushiInYourFace Yıl önce
It’s still mind-boggling to me what has happened to the GPU market. Their broken RX580 cost them $150, meanwhile I spent $120 for my (perfectly fine) one a couple years ago
Ghola Tleilaxu
Ghola Tleilaxu 22 gün önce
It's the tulip mania all over again. All kind of noobs buying video cards like crazy because they've been told that the GPUs inside them will "mine" them money.
Melanodis 3 aylar önce
I bought a reference 470 in 2020 for $140 💀
SesamstraatHooligan 3 aylar önce
And meanwhile I spent 60 Euro on one a few days ago
JeuxGoogle JeuxGoogle
JeuxGoogle JeuxGoogle 3 aylar önce
I can relate, I bought a 580 8gb for 100 euros just before the mining madness started (around february or march 2020). Sold it 350 euros to a miner later... ANd i though I had bought it at its lowest price so no loss when resselling...
squidwardo 3 aylar önce
And a working one costs $300, the same price as a 3060 which is like 4x as powerful
mrz80 8 aylar önce
"It's working but we've got no idea what we did..." Years ago, AT&T had an official resolution code for their techs, when we'd call in a line problem that just started working while they were troubleshooting: FWT = Foxtrot Whiskey Tango = Fixed While Testing :D
Jackson Lawson
Jackson Lawson 5 aylar önce
What’s funny about the sticker thing is they did a whole video about how to take those kind of stickers off and put them back on without the manufacturers being able to notice and deny a warranty
Cam 11 aylar önce
7:34 you gotta be careful of this... don't clean a card right away. Take note of all the spots with corrosion and look at them in depth before cleaning. they can be a good hint as to where the issue may be.
Thompson Schwabbel
Thompson Schwabbel 10 aylar önce
Turn off the Multimeter when putting it away after measuring. Not only will it preserve the battery but you won't use it in the wrong mode by accident (and possibly damage it)!
JoOngleGamer Yıl önce
Old repair technician chiming in, he said "make sure no one else have attempted to repair it". Those words right there - spot on! The worst repair cases I ever had is from incompetent repair attempts and you will NOT believe the stuff I've seen. I've seen attempts where people have literally FORCED their soldering iron right through a 7 layer PCB board (that's unrepairable right there) and the unit is destroyed forever. It almost always pays to purchase units that no one has attempted to repair before, but sadly - so many dishonest people just sell their failed repair attempts.
420Hezzi 19 gün önce
I'm studying engineering and the amount of times I've heard technicians talk about the messed up shit they see fixing other stuff is scaring me.
JoOngleGamer 2 aylar önce
@Tim Ward Hi random internet person. Role play, I shouldn't respond to troll messages, but it's new year so I'll bite. I used to Repair Commodore 64 and Amiga back in the late 80's. That was just 2 layer PCB's far easier. I'm an Radio Amateur, the particular PCB I was refering to was the CPU board for the Kenwood TR-830s.
Tim Ward
Tim Ward 2 aylar önce
@This_Is_Japes Yeah honestly I feel the same way this guy is roleplaying and got a reaction out of everyone lol
Tim Ward
Tim Ward 2 aylar önce
@Ken Shaw It wouldn't matter what time frame he did it in, it's still meta to use even numbered layers, please just watch a video on how PCB are made stop trying to google shit and prove someone wrong and actually do the research.
Tim Ward
Tim Ward 2 aylar önce
@Matthew Jenkinson He didn't say they didn't exist, they're just not really the "meta" style of doing them, it's pretty uncommon to do it that way and if you look up how PCBs are made in full detail it'll explain better why, I'm not here to educate you for free.
abcdef 3 aylar önce
My job involves testing very sensitive electronics. When using a DMM in auto-range mode (for resistance or continuity mode), the DMM can actually put out quite a lot of voltage that can easily damage parts not rated for that voltage. When the DMM is set to a low resistance range, the output voltage could be sometimes as high as 9V. With modern chips using core voltages as low as 1.2V, 9V is way too high and can easily kill the chip. When the DMM is set to a high resistance range, the voltage will be much lower and will be at a safer level. When set to auto-range, which is the default setting, you really don't know what you'll be getting as the output voltage. If you don't know how much open circuit voltage your DMM has and you need to check for a short, it's recommended to set the DMM to the highest resistance range and use resistance mode. When in a high resistance range (like 1M or 3M), a short will read 0 and a non-short will read at the low end of that range like 1M. The beeping continuity mode on a DMM will likely put out max voltage so its not recommended to use. On many DMMs, the diode mode and beeping continuity mode are the same so only use it if you are checking for whether a diode is in series has the right voltage drop or if you are checking continuity on some passive wire. One thing you can do is check the open circuit voltage of your DMM to see if it's safe enough for general use without having to set the range first. We use really old Fluke 77 DMMs because they haven't low voltage.
Rr Dos
Rr Dos 19 gün önce
My job is also a software engineer and I test sensitive electronics, oh also I work in space.
Rodrigo Acosta
Rodrigo Acosta Aylar önce
@Jecc Dog 😨
Jecc Dog
Jecc Dog Aylar önce
@Rodrigo Acosta this isn't about you rodrigo, why do you have to make everything about yourself?
Man-Eating Monkey
Man-Eating Monkey 2 aylar önce
The DMM acts as a constant current source (typically around 1 mA) in resistance and continuity/diode modes. If you are measuring something low resistance then the voltage across your test points will be of proportionally low value, as V = IR. E.g. if your CPU resistance is 1 ohm then the voltage across it will only be 1 mV. If you don't have a load connected and try to use a second multimeter to measure the voltage across the probes of your DMM, then you effectively have an infinite resistance that your DMM is trying to drive at 1 mA. However, your DMM is only powered by a 9V battery, so that is the maximum it is able to supply. This reading is thus irrelevant. What you should be doing is setting your second multimeter to current mode, and you will see how much power (as a fixed current) your DMM is really outputting.
abcdef 2 aylar önce
@J.Yossarian use a second DMM to measure voltage between the positive and negative probes while in continuity mode and in the various resistance ranges and for autorange as well.
m9 Yıl önce
With the watercooled card, sometimes there is anti-corrosion chemicals in the water (to prevent the corrosion from 2 metals touching in water, eg copper and aluminum). That chemical might have leaked onto the board if the water-cooler had a break and leaked.
bendtrucker 3 aylar önce
I remember the old days when you could actually get bargains on ebay.
The XXL Gamer
The XXL Gamer 2 aylar önce
on the plus side, working 580s go for 50$ now instead of hardly working 580s for 150$
hmoham Yıl önce
Bloody hell, we live in a time when a 4GB RX 580 sold as not working can be sold for $150 and considered a good deal if you can fix it, when just 3-4 years ago I bought a 8GB model for just £100.
AllAloneAgain 13 gün önce
what do you think a second hand rx580 would cost? prolly around 80 dollars right now..
Tant Roe-Biff
Tant Roe-Biff 7 aylar önce
This was really interesting. I wonder how far you can go tho, I mean that card with the melted IC on it looked like it was screwed for sure but it would be interesting to see just how much you can salvage if you really go all in for it
SirUncleDolan Yıl önce
"I just bought 7 dead gpus for _only_ $1700" Sir you and i are still on very different playing fields
Chill Hour
Chill Hour 11 aylar önce
I almost forgot the English language when he said that
Amd Ulkoinen
Amd Ulkoinen Yıl önce
@FinalplayerRyu the only way to get decent prices on dead electronics is either if you are lucky and have someone that works at a recycling place that allows you to buy stuff, or buy them from persons who would just bring them to the electronics recycling because they think the stuff is worthless and no one wants it. If you go to ebay you are just getting robbed blind (400 dollars for a dead 5700XT WTF???)
Ryan Wallace
Ryan Wallace Yıl önce
@Flodgey believe what you like, matters not a whit to me but I don’t really see how it could be unethical so long as it is advertised truthfully, the price is essentially irrelevant to the discussion
Flodgey Yıl önce
@Tetsuron ikr haha
Flodgey Yıl önce
@Ryan Wallace wow, just... wow. This is just eristical at this point, you are arguing for the sake of arguing.
Jason Hill
Jason Hill Yıl önce
Great segment! I really enjoyed learning more about the digital side of circuitry. I have a basic background in electronics. And what I like the most, was how you got right to the bones of the caus/ problem. You addressed when you should give up and why. I was very intrigued to learn caps, had to be equal distance away from the terminal. & probably best to leave that kind of fix to a machine or a professional perfectionist. I would very much like to see more segments about fixing computers, boards, & electronics in general. Perhaps you could add it to your upcoming test channe or do more of them on this channel. I could probably find a channel like that, but I usually tune out when it gets too technical & drawn out.
Winsom 8 aylar önce
More of these videos please! They are incredibly entertaining while still being educational:)
Fusseldieb 4 aylar önce
I agree! This was super interesting!
mr_zappa 5 aylar önce
This is one of the cooler episodes from this channel. Would seriously love to see some more of these.
Stewart Anderson
Stewart Anderson 10 aylar önce
I love that these videos just feel like we’re secondary to him and David’s conversation. Like we’re the youngest sibling in-between a conversation of the older siblings, occasionally recognized.
Tyr 10 aylar önce
@Name Brand Ketchup Sure, how about you? Been out of the bottle lately?
FLAM 10 aylar önce
@Tyr you seem sad
Tyr 10 aylar önce
And with 'we' you mean you and your brother? Because to me these are just kids who are learning things I knew for decades.
Hein Beukes
Hein Beukes 11 aylar önce
On the topic of sticking a GPU in an oven - I've actually had success with that myself. Had a GTX 460 that upped and died on me and I didn't have money for a replacement at the time; sticking it in the oven resurrected it for long enough so I could get a new card.
Phosphor Yıl önce
I like how Linus warned nearly every intel tech upgrade recipient that their PSU was a little underspecced, yet origin here is casually throwing in 850W for a 3080Ti and 12900K
Adapter Crash
Adapter Crash 3 aylar önce
@HotdogNoire you touch that thing the whole motherboard will fry, the cpu will get stuck and I just wanted to do some ndt testing
Goldie 3 aylar önce
@jake20479 yeah, enough is a perfect way to describe it
GenesisRhapsodos 4 aylar önce
Lol me in 2015 buying a evga g2 1300w psu for a fx 9590 and fury x 🤣
Xander Wusky
Xander Wusky 5 aylar önce
@CotyRC plenty is a bit of an overstatement at the very least. The 3080 ti will use upto 400 watts or so and can have even higher spikes then that. A cpu will probably use around 150 watts depending on what you have but could be upto 300 watts. Then you still have to factor in everything else from ram to motherboard to harddrives and attached devices like keyboards. Then all together you'd preferably end up no more then 70% of the capacity of the psu or you'd start to lose efficiency quickly
CotyRC 5 aylar önce
I mean 850 is plenty for a 3080 TI... mines corsair but still
mofoq Yıl önce
the evga 1080 issue wasn't with caps, it was with the voltage regs getting too hot evga "fixed" it with a vbios update which mitigated it a bit but ultimately, it required thermal pads on the regs (I remember getting it free from evga and installing it on mine)
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 11 aylar önce
You guys should get a handheld LCR meter. It will allow you to measure all the caps while in circuit.
The_Catman 6 aylar önce
22:47 my guess would be there was a slow leak somewhere else in the water loop that dripped onto the GPU over time, probably in the CPU block
benny andersson
benny andersson 11 aylar önce
About the oven trick: It's definitely worth a try. I've had 2x 780 ti for years where one of them stopped working, I fixed it with the oven method which made it last 3 months, fixed again and it worked 2 months more then it wouldnt work again. My second card stopped working later and after I ran it in the oven it has been working for 8 months right now, hope it will last more :)
augustoof 4 aylar önce
Is your card still running? -if so, you better go catch it-
Michele Jurak
Michele Jurak 3 aylar önce
Back in the day I bought a "dead" Geforce 9800gt for 10 bucks, (at the time was 300) and I went home, cleaned it and it bloody worked. So that was my kids gpu for a while XD
kenneth mikkelsen
Love this calm competent approach. Doing some "can we fix" themed episodes would be great. Aware hardware gets harder and harder to fix but what is worth giving a go instead of default to throw out out and replace.
James Bond Jr
James Bond Jr 7 aylar önce
Paddock Radio
Paddock Radio 7 aylar önce
@cheeseburgerbeefcake that's kinda why I prefer watching here. I'm not a pro, neither are these guys. I feel like I could actually do it if they can.
Kastigador19 9 aylar önce
@Tony Why do you say that? Who does on TRvid? Would like to learn just out of sheer curiosity of learning how these things die(it's not worth my limited free time to spend repairing these cards).
Tony 11 aylar önce
@cheeseburgerbeefcake I'd recommend not. Northridge fix is good to do 5 minute repairs. Video cards usually take an hour at least even if repair is small. Most of the time you spend hours.
Tony 11 aylar önce
Competence does not mean a thing. He has no clue how to fix a video card.
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer 5 aylar önce
I feel for Johnno, I've had similar undiagnosable GPU problems before and it's infuriating
FileNotFound__ Yıl önce
In my expirience, a shorteg GPUs are the easiest to fix, find a shorted mosfet by removing the inductors or perform a voltage injection and just replace it, sometimes you can just leave it out and as long as you are not overclocking, you will be fine.
Zolly Pop
Zolly Pop 3 aylar önce
$400 for a damaged 1080ti is WILD 😅 I know the videos 8 months old but sheesh
Volvo 2 aylar önce
I bought a Strix 1080ti for $300
JumpVelocity 2 aylar önce
@Kyomaraonly thing is power consumption isn’t on par so the bill stacks up
Kyomara 2 aylar önce
@DankoMemos DotCom so many people picking up cheap 1080 tis, pretty awesome to hear
DankoMemos DotCom
DankoMemos DotCom 2 aylar önce
@Kyomara yeah, i got a Asus Rog Strix 1080 Ti for 200$ here in Norway for about a month ago
IcePube 2 aylar önce
Just bought one myself for £165, its perfect!
DarkACB Yıl önce
while you can't buy gpu chips and memory, you can buy another "for parts card" (of the same model for vram) and use it as a donor card. there are youtube tutorials out there for diy replacing the die and i would assume there would be for memory chips as well.
What surprised me the most, is how expensive these being sold on ebay
Ted McFadden
Ted McFadden Yıl önce
Would love to see more "Can We Fix...?"-type videos. With component prices all over the map, logistics shutting down every other month, and other... uh... geopolitical issues, this could really save someone's bacon. Odds aren't great -- it is eBay, and the parts are explicitly listed as broken. Still, you'll miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Also, even a bad board might be worth something to the would-be repairer, for practicing more advanced soldering techniques (like hot air reflow). It's not like you'll break it _more,_ right? 👍️
Tamás Gulyás
Tamás Gulyás Yıl önce
bad news that in order to fix such a GPU fault you need to know electrical engineering and how those components work (2-3 years in the learning?). then assess the fault and likelihood of being able to fix before you buy one (5-10years of experience?) to not invest into a dead end. so fixing it yourself such a card will cost you at least a brand new card of investment in the go (not including tools, just the failures). along these fails you would learn how they are assembled and what to look for but by the time you fix your first one all the old ones are electrical trash as they get outdated (mosfet, controllers, vrams) so you cant even repurpose those investments. better just find a repair shop selling those GPUs they buy themselves. but dont be surprised that a fixed GPU will cost also a fortune as it is as functional as the original one, and if you don't/cant' pay someone else will.
An English Language Learner
Please make a video to teach how to fix XBOX controller! I've so many died.
ThatKerimGuy Yıl önce
@Jay Maverick i have a bad habit of creating problems out of nowhere and then creating problems out of the problems i created
Pierre Perez
Pierre Perez Yıl önce
@Dédé LABINOUZE Not everyone is brave enough to solder on their own or own one if it's their first time but I do see what you mean!
Ted McFadden
Ted McFadden Yıl önce
@UFVA Decades ago my Granddad lamented over this. Only now am I starting to understand why.
DKKatano Yıl önce
I used the oven trick on a dead GTX970 maybe 4 years ago. It fixed the card, and it's still running on a daily basic today without any issues.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Yıl önce
I love how some of us relate to "wait how did this work?, why is it working" and "why is it not working"
RabidChasebot 8 aylar önce
I never knew about not letting your fans spin with compressed air....that's the most fun part lol
summerkaymike Yıl önce
The oven trick 🤣, reminds me of the Xbox 360 boil in a bag trick to fix the RROD, where you would put the Xbox in a plastic bag and leave it on until it switched itself off from over heating. It would bring them back to life not permanently usually lasted a week or so.
PhazonXL Productions
PhazonXL Productions 10 aylar önce
Returning to this channel again. Hello. This host is super cool and entertaining to watch. Love the variety of personality on LTT. You're awesome.
Garage Man
Garage Man Yıl önce
I’d love to see this as a series, vocational engineers make things just work
Wasatch Electronics
​@Stacey Funk Not a single one of them knows how to repair graphics cards, is my point. There are many things wrong in this video, and there are many things wrong in just about every video TYC has posted about graphics cards. The only thing these videos result in is people wasting money thinking they can repair cards
Stacey Funk
Stacey Funk Yıl önce
@Wasatch Electronics I would gladly follow any advice Brian would give before I listened to Linus or anyone else he employs. I’ve been using the same techniques for 30 years and the track record that Brian has makes me trust him a hell of a lot more than you.
BustDaNinja Yıl önce
Me too, if only because I love watching the childlike wonder on an engineer's face when they do something a tradesman has been doing forever.
Wasatch Electronics
@Stacey Funk Just please don't follow anything they do, just about everything they recommend won't actually fix cards, and often times it will damage them further - if not completely kill them
Stacey Funk
Stacey Funk Yıl önce
Watch TechYesCity, all of the old hardware revivals your heart desires.
Csf91 Yıl önce
This is how i got my 980ti, and my PC's motherboard, too! xD And no, i would not recommend doing this "gamble for parts", 99% of the time won't work. I've just been looking at the most promising ones and asking the questions that i felt right. Stay away specially from corroded or water damaged PCBs, not even board-level repair could fix that most of the time. For the motherboard i forgot to take pictures, but for the GPU you could find the photo of it disassembled after the cleanup in my twitter images. I will not post links since youtube hates me, and randomly deletes my comments even if they don't have any bad language or link. ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ
Eric Keith
Eric Keith Yıl önce
As an FYI, older cards are easier to fix than the new ones. The latest ones are on the bleeding edge of hardware performance so one bad component or under spec component and "poof"...expensive door stop. Usually what you get is bad memory models or controllers from thermal runaway or bad power phases from mosfets that can't keep up. In the worst case, mosfets fail closed and fry the core (12V directly on the GPU core). Or they fail to closed to ground and burn a hole in the PCB taking out entire phase, usually a couple from an avalanche of component failure. There are also time consuming mystery failures where the issue is something that looks visibly fine but isn't. Like a bad transistor gate/switch or power phase controller that doesn't fully fail but just enough to crash a card when stress testing. I have one of those. The best GPUs have power phase mosfets that fail open and simply replacing is all you need to fix the entire card. Good luck finding those these days.
frimdaddy 11 aylar önce
One reason that taking it apart and reassembling fixes stuff is that oxidation on connectors is scraped off when you unplug and plug again. For extra cleaning, remove and insert several times. You can also use a pencil eraser on edge connector fingers to remove oxidation.
Sunbucks Yıl önce
That trick mentioned at the end with the oven definitely works... albeit only temporarily, about 6-7 years ago I did it several times with an old GTX 560 to extend its life just a few months to tide me over until I caved in and got a full system upgrade, ended up getting a GTX 1080 to replace it! I haven't been in a situation where I've had to do the oven trick with the 1080 yet as it's still going strong in a 2nd system as I built a new system at the end of 2020 when the RTX 3080 was launched (had to wait 9 months for my 3080 to arrive though, so the 1080 spent 9 months in my new build while the old build was accessed using remote desktop as the mobo for it has no on-board graphics output)... I wouldn't dare do the oven trick on the 3080 though!
Dominik J
Dominik J 11 aylar önce
The "reflowing" is usually for messed up chips, and you use a heatgun for that. I had an old card that constantly kept dying, and the only way to fix it was to heatgun one of the chips. Did this a few times over ~half a year, until it completely died.
Hacki Yıl önce
My theory for the card with the excessive water damage: The CPU in the original system was probably water cooled aswell and may have leaked onto the GPU.
bmxscape 11 aylar önce
@killerbee13 keyboards? you can wash any electronic as long as no electricity is going to it and its properly grounded
killerbee13 Yıl önce
@Tom Smith With clean water, the only thing it will do is short some contacts. If there's nothing dissolved in it, and it doesn't pick up any conductive dust or something, and the shorts caused don't catastrophically overload any components, it won't permanently affect anything, but that's an ideal scenario and if any of those conditions aren't true then it is a whole different story. This is why you can wash many laptop keyboards in the dishwasher, even if they weren't specifically designed with that in mind (though in that case no power is being supplied).
Tom Smith
Tom Smith Yıl önce
It's surprising how *little* damage water will do sometimes. I had a leak from my CPU block which I didn't notice until after I'd powered the system on. Despite having water all the way from the edge of the CPU socket, down the mobo, it still posted. After I dried all that up it was working, but one drive wasn't detected. Turns out one of the SATA ports was still full of water. Dried that out, and that mother board is still going strong five years later.
James Wright
James Wright Yıl önce
I took my cpu water cooler out about a year ago and went back to fan. I am not really pushing my hardware to the limit and had never serviced the cooler so I figured I would just take it out before something went wrong lol. I haven't noticed any change in the way the pc has ran since then.
DJAndy Yıl önce
You probobly have right. For example ASUS Poseidon 780Ti from my private collection had corroded water cooled plugs. Some chemistry did some unrepairable damage to this inlet-outlet tubes. Fluid leaked out directly to GPU DIE (veritical mount so...) and literally exploded silicon beneth copper cooling plate. I spoke with local electronics doctor and he said buying questionable working processor from china will cost 2 or 3 times more than used and working 780Ti. I do not have microscope so I can not even confirm that. By the way it is in my opinion most beautiful lookig GPU series is 970 STRIX "Owl theme" edition ^_^
Brian McKee
Brian McKee Yıl önce
Fun video! I'm glad you made this because I always wanted to do something like this and clearly it's not worth it. I also thought about buying damaged CPUs (AM5) with missing pins and having a jeweller solder on new pins. I wondered how cost effective that would be. You should do that next! I used to design video cards. I have one comment about the dead MOSFET. The MOSFET of a switching power supply cannot be shorted to test because these Switchers usually swtich from a higher voltage to a lower voltage (buck converter). If you short the high pulling MOSFET, it will tie the higher voltage input to the lower voltage output and kill what ever is attached to it. For example if you had 12VDC from the GPU power input, switching down to 1.5V for Memory, then 12V would short directly to the memory and they would all go pop! Please do not short across MOSFETS. If you find a board with a shorted MOSFET to the high input voltage, chances are other chips are dead. However, if you find one that shorts to ground (the low side MOSFET), you can often replace those and get things working again. Soldering them is tricky because they have large metal slugs underneath that have to be reflowed to remove and install the new one. They are really tricky and you need a professional rework technician with specialized tools to have a chance of doing the job right.
Andrew Neal
Andrew Neal 8 aylar önce
A hot air rework station ought to do it. But of course, you don't want to dwell too long or use too high a temperature. It's like a localized reflow oven; just make sure to check the datasheet, if available, for the max dwell times at given temperatures.
Duska 2 aylar önce
This is basically what happened with my GTX 1060 6gb EVGA graphics card. I got it for $70 on ebay, literally all I did was put in new thermal paste and it works like new! Been serving me for a year and half now!
DJ Joel
DJ Joel 11 aylar önce
I liked the episode, good stuff. There will be plenty of used mining GPUs on the market after the Ethereum merge I would imagine.
CitricRug Yıl önce
Please more of this, super entertaining and educational!
Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn 3 aylar önce
I am a total rando with zero tech background but I love fixing old broken things around the house that would just get thrown away, I enjoy doing that and after I am done I take it to the nearby shop that buys second hand stuff and sell it hella cheap and get some cash for my troubles. I find videos like this very fun to watch for the same reason. I have learnt a lot over the years watching videos and just meddling with broken stuff.
you wot
you wot 3 aylar önce
u want a gtx 770 that says its got no vram?
Mike D
Mike D Yıl önce
I worked at a computer repair store for awhile, and it seems that the "dead" electronics people brought in were almost always split into two categories: Not really dead and power-cycling brought it back, and so dead that we didn't have the time, budget, or equipment to fix it. I didn't really get any satisfaction out of either category.
Patrick Chapman
Patrick Chapman 6 aylar önce
@Zagisa Agreed. Technically, everything is repairable. You could hold a lighter under the board and burn through multiple layers and components - and, yet, still repair it. The issue, though, is feasibility. Cost to repair, including labor vs benefit of repair. If you're doing work on very expensive equipment, with someone that's willing to pay large sums, it makes sense. For anything off-the-shelf, especially in home PC users budgets, it's most likely not worth investing that much time and effort.
Eric Church
Eric Church 9 aylar önce
@Mike D I worked on Two way radios. We would actaully fix things, but a lot of times we would quote replacment. We did fix a lot though. There wasn't that many models so even if you spent a lot of extra time fixing one. you got all the time back when the same problem comes in next time. Plus they were like $400-$2000 to buy so it was worth fixing if you could do it in less than an hour.
Magnulus76 9 aylar önce
@EVOLICIOUS You ever try soldering surface mount components? It's not quite brain surgery, but it sure isn't like putting together a breadboard. The labor alone would cost more than the card is worth.
Yves Heinrich
Yves Heinrich 10 aylar önce
The former has Murphy's Law applied all over it.
hangman4011 11 aylar önce
I don't know a lot about GPUs, but when you mentioned it being time based on PCI-E, sounds like it's impedance controlled. That means any change to length, type of connection, or even the soldermask on top of it will affect the response times. If it's really like that, then it's most likely a goner unless you have some sort of copper welder for traces (which are half a million or more for the super special ones we'd use for my line of work).
Jonah's Epic YouTube Channel!
The same GPU crash issue actually happened to my old pc's GTX 750 TI, but once we repurposed it as a file server for my house, there have been no issues.
Ice Media
Ice Media 10 aylar önce
I used the oven trick 6 times on a 2011 MacBook Pro with the AMD 1GB GPU that had issues with overheating and bad solder joints. I retired it because I got sick of taking apart and then baking my laptop every week 😂
Toni Meier
Toni Meier 11 aylar önce
Great to see that Alex has become much more comfortable to be on camera, great presentation! You rock!
Claus Bohm
Claus Bohm 8 aylar önce
Updating monitor's firmware ... damn never thought you can do that! None of those cards should have been bought though, it should have been a throw away pile sent only for shipping costs or at best a few bucks for the hardware value. Great video.
Mickaël Garabello
PSA : When trying to find shorts on either Vcore or Vmem, never ever use continuity tests ! You'll get beeps even on a 100% working card because the loads are so small (a couple ohms maximum). You should use normal resistance measurement and make sure that you get a "true" ~0 ohm reading
Siana Gearz
Siana Gearz Yıl önce
@penguinswithdynamite Input 12V+ to GND is pretty open, indeed. But when you probe VRM output rails, into the GPU or CPU, into the power rails like Vcore, Vmem, you'll see something RIDICULOUS, like maybe 2 Ohm, maybe a fraction of an Ohm. Basically the chip is taking all that probe current your multimeter might deliver, and it's trying its darndest to run off it. It won't get far at all, but it'll still harvest as much current as it can!
Cerulity Yıl önce
@England Rasmussen wire
Myriad Tech Repair
@penguinswithdynamite The only way to accurately measure a short is with no power to the device. Besides, you shouldn't be plugging in a device you think has a short until you check. Just good practice.
Myriad Tech Repair
Yes, especially on the newer cards.
uiop uiop
uiop uiop Yıl önce
Ananda Ramlochan
Ananda Ramlochan Yıl önce
Nice content. Though I am wondering if this video was done a few months back and only now scheduled for release. Gpu prices are pretty decent currently.
Tael 9 aylar önce
I've seen the same issues with video cards cutting out when over loading the power supply. Either the power supply itself is not strong enough for everything in the system. The other big issue is over drawing one rail. Most of the newer graphics cards need to have power supplied from two different rails/outputs from the power supply.
evifnoskcaj 10 aylar önce
So much of this video is so incredibly satisfying. ❤️ Solid content!
SlimJimMiata Yıl önce
I'd really like to see this attempted with an ultrasonic cleaner and some real gear. I know it's not a main staple of the channel so I get why that wasn't attempted here, but this is a really interesting concept and with the right equipment, might have saved a couple more of those cards. Great effort though!
Matthew Kodatt
Matthew Kodatt 2 aylar önce
I wish there was a channel dedicated to this. Awesome video
wmopp Yıl önce
can we briefly talk about how crazy expensive these broken cards are? it should not be more than 10% of the new card price
LOMA 5 aylar önce
Just sold my dead 2070 for $75. Hurt a little but maybe on to a better home
ziwuri13 5 aylar önce
@Hr1s7i Exactly. If it weren't for capitalism, every gamer would have a decent setup. Everyone would have whatever they wanted to spend time with.
ziwuri13 5 aylar önce
People sell them for whatever others will buy them for. Not their fault that people apparently keep buying them.
Hr1s7i 7 aylar önce
@jason p People are not prepared to pay. Some people are desperate enough to reason themselves into an unreasonable purchase. Two completely different things.
atw9913 Yıl önce
I bricked an RX 580 4 GB GPU with a bad Bios and was able to get it back. I plugged it into an old Dell Server with Integrated GPU, booted into Windows and the Bios Editor was able to see the card and re-flash the card back with a stock BIOS. Like you said at the end, no way I would spend any serious money on a parts only GPU.
Doug Giles
Doug Giles 2 aylar önce
I like your attitude Alex, I think we'd get along lmao, I've always said the same thing about disassembling and reassembling stuff, it's crazy how many times you can fix something and not even realize how it happened
NJB aquatics
NJB aquatics 3 aylar önce
I’ve done the oven GPU fix on a number of occasions, especially on 2010 IMac and I can vouch it works. I don’t think it reflows this old. Are your correct on that one. But but it does definitely affect the soldier in someway. It’s the only possible thing they can be. I know dry shoulder joints or something people talk about so possibly something to do with that
Kyle Klatt
Kyle Klatt 11 aylar önce
Honestly I'd really love to see more of this repairing random tech shit or trying to at least
Totalx 7 aylar önce
I still got that same Rx580. Gorgeous card. I got mine for $140 USD about 3 years ago
420inPortland Yıl önce
I'd be willing to bet the one with severe water damage was in a system that had a custom loop on the CPU and THAT leaked at some point into the GPU, killing the card. All that white crusty shit is likely the algicide/minerals in the open-loop coolant.
420inPortland Yıl önce
@killershark90 , i got a mid tier 1800X in the lotto, 4g all core @ 1.35V, but my power delivery being cooled I KNOW stopped me from going over 3.8g before, cuz I was scared to throw more voltage with VRM hitting 95C under sustained load 1.14V.
420inPortland Yıl önce
@Elu Things are much more robust than the old days, go watch these guys on this channel slathering Di-Electric grease all over thier rig, then getting frost all over the whole thing with liquid Nitrogen XOC overclocking. Between them and Jayz two Cents, I don't worry about springing a leak. Anything big enough to be a problem should show up in testing the loop with no power, and slow drip prob won't kill anything, unless it goes on unnoticed for a long time. So if your gonna have H2O cooling, just pop the case and inspect every 6mo, and dust it while your there, and should be good to go.
420inPortland Yıl önce
@Nishant Kumar Water cooling is mostly for ppl looking to overclock, not for just an "adequate" solution for everyday gaming use. Arguably, it was looking like it might have become a relic due to how well modern CPU's handle both raw heat, and the throttling software included on die, that stops heat just flat out KILLing your CPU like the old days. Then we got Alder Lake, lols ! The point is I think a lot of folk just have a visceral gut reaction to the thought of water anywhere near the guts of their expensive PC. I used to be one, but with all the modern purpose made gear we have now, I overcame my fear so I could CRANK the clocks to near the theorital limit on 1st gen Ryzen. Not a necessity for all, but I thought I would try to reassure that other guy above since his comment sounded of a kin to my old thinking. When you find a good thing, you wanna make the world better by spreading the word, right? :)
420inPortland Yıl önce
@TRvid User Perhaps the old school pads just "liquified?" I have never seen/heard of that in 20yrs of technician work, but I don't discount its possible either.
LiveType Yıl önce
@TRvid User Damn, EVGA messed up hard with their thermal pad supplier if that's true.
Gage Hall
Gage Hall Aylar önce
I had a similar issue like john turned out to be bios update issue even though I thought at first it was my GPU. Also seems to happen every now and then when a new update driver update from nvidia come out, but usually always is either the driver is a issue or for some reason my graphics card just stops being detected, reseating and/or bios update usually always works for me.
FemmyVR32 3 aylar önce
Update: Had got an RTX 3060, after 5 months started having tell tale signs of GPU Death "Certain lines would appear random colors" so i tried heating up the RAM Chips with a soldering heat gun, made it worse, had my friend put it in his GPU oven and now it works like a charm again ^^
Contemptor Dreadnought
This is only a temporary fix i advise looking into a new card
JeSuisNerd Yıl önce
Always cool to see you guys repping the GN modmat, it's actually incredible
LinkinPhoenix1 5 aylar önce
Can we have some more of these videos? This was very entertaining.
Spicy Spleen
Spicy Spleen 10 aylar önce
So much fun watching this! what a great Idea for a show!
BuraBuré ቡራቡሬ
2:38 The hardest failure to diagnose is 'intermittent' failure! If you fail to pinpoint the problem and decide to 'look around' and test components, you may end up bricking the whole thing. Most intermittent failures are faulty boards: cracked or semi fried... I always avoid touching those
Jericho gragasin
Jericho gragasin Yıl önce
Not really Intermittent failure, just Cascading failure. That's when you replace something that is shorted and failing to check another that is also shorted and just powering the whole thing up causing other parts and *adding more shorted ICs . Just pray those ICs and MOSFETs could hold more than the voltage that was incorrectly injected into the board. What a mess
The only thing worse than an intermittent repair is an intermittent intermittent repair. Quote from President of Lear Jet.
TGD Yıl önce
More videos of this kind would be great!
Jokerted Yıl önce
You should try to put the 1080ti liquid cooler on the 980ti. Maybe try to scalp any other parts you could use too
PETIZ Etienne
PETIZ Etienne 11 aylar önce
The reflow solution is working pretty well I've saved a lot of card with this technic. But I use a Hot air station that make you can aime where the hot air goes not like the furnace technic that reflow all the card but can kill some component. A french youtuber named GOODWIN did a really god job to explain how repair the cards spêcially on the reflow technic.
Richard Garrett
Richard Garrett Yıl önce
Alex = sketchy, every time. Love it. BTW the BIOS switch on the 580 is a feature of the series. It switches between Compute and normal desktop operation. Correct about no output on compute.
Gazorpa Zorp
Gazorpa Zorp 6 aylar önce
17:50 I had an 8x card that needed to go into a board that only had a 4x slot. Just took pliers and broke off 4 of the lanes and it worked a charm
BenWade Yıl önce
I had an old dead 770 about 5 years ago and saw the video Linus made about putting it in the oven, I figured its a card I don't care about and had nothing to lose at this point so I gave it a shot. To my complete surprise the card worked fine and still works to this day.
Revan5678 Yıl önce
Similar story here. Six years ago the thermal paste on my 770 got bad. Replacing it fixed the card until 2020. Then the card started artifacting and died soon after. I've been using a heat gun to reflow the solder between the prcessor and the PCB. This fixed it for six months. Then the same happened again. The next two repairs were not as successful as the card only worked for three and then one month. After that disappointment, I decided to heat up the processor way longer than recommended as I felt I had nothing to loose anymore. The card came back again and has been in use for over six months now. My current plan is to wait for the 4070 to come out and if needed pay a scalper rather than buying of the still overpriced 30 series right now, when I might get a stronger card for the same money in october.
Harjyot Sohal
Harjyot Sohal Yıl önce
@Dániel Bulyovcsity I can imagine someone putting their computer in an oven for their daily baking lmfao
Dániel Bulyovcsity
During Uni I had a laptop that had a removable GPU. I put it in the oven regularly as it break all the time. I have baked it at least 20 times, it came back to life every single time then I saved up for a new laptop. The bakes were more and more frequent, at the end I have baked it every week.
Harjyot Sohal
Harjyot Sohal Yıl önce
I heard it does something with soldering connection, repairs it with heat or something. It's a clutch move and when my GPU dies- I may try this before buying a new one lol
Night Motorcyclist
RandomGamingInHD and even Tech Yes City have been showing users at the (usually short term) success of such repairs, though Random has cards that sill work long after the oven fix despite it only being recommended as a temporary fix.
Lax Yıl önce
I spent a few years as a computer repair tech and this is on brand with how things go. I would see some gnarly boards just for them to show signs of life after cleaning them. It is almost kind of like roulette really when fixing any computer parts.
Red 10 aylar önce
I'm the only somewhat competent person with tech in my family and the only repair store in our area charges extreme prices and take so long it's better to just buy a new device, so I usually end up fixing devices for my family, 95% of the time it's either just a clean up job or just disassemble and reassemble the device because something was loose inside. Dumbest experience i've had was my aunt waited 3 months for her tablet from the repair shop, they couldn't figure it out, she then asked if i could take a look and it was just a single ribbon that had come loose from the display. At least I get free meals out of it
Xovius 11 aylar önce
I have my old 1080 that exploded on me a couple of years ago. Took it apart to check the damage and some sort of capacitor blew up and the damage clearly goes a few layers into the board so it's probably not fixable. Are they actually still worth something as part cards? I've just been using mine as a painfully expensive paperweight :D
Jon Kirby
Jon Kirby 2 aylar önce
I got a used vega 64 for about 300 in between crypto spikes, and was having a lot of stability problems. All it took was some new thermal pads, a dozen screws, and half an hour to get it rock solid and oc/uv'ed to this day
rollerboogie 11 aylar önce
The transistor on that 1080 is meant to switch on/off. Not just stay on. I do competitive analysis on hw. Bet I could figure out what that transistor does and how to fix it. The chip/memory are honestly still probably fine. That transistor might be for a voltage regulator so you're probably getting a screwed up voltage I'd imagine.
Richard Stout
Richard Stout 9 aylar önce
The card with the fried Mosfett would still be a relatively easy fix. With the Mosfett removed check the capacitors around it for a direct short. Any that short replace and then new Mosfett should be fixed.
Lee-ON Yıl önce
A short on the 12V input is actually one of the most fixable faults, most of the time a dead mosfet and a good chance the gpu itself survived.
fire surfer
fire surfer Yıl önce
@Foobar Whoever is controlling the bot, killed it when my comments called them out.
Foobar Yıl önce
@fire surfer But you can just not @ them.
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@Scott Hoffman Bot is dead.
Scott Hoffman
Scott Hoffman Yıl önce
@fire surfer But the bot is right....
fire surfer
fire surfer Yıl önce
@itsTyrion The good that is done by warning people this was a bot overrides any minor boost.
Bong Jovi
Bong Jovi Yıl önce
25:00 I had a GTX 980 a little while ago that had a bunch of artifacting and I bought some of the no-clean flux and covered the entire pcb with a few layers of tinfoil but kept the core exposed and heated it up with a heat gun and used one of those cheap $10 laser thermometers from Canadian Tire to watch the temperature and it saved the GPU. Never had a problem with it after that. I assume one of the solder balls connecting the core was cracked because the person (Timmy Joe, yes THAT Timmy Joe) who put the Accelero III on the card cranked the thing down so tight that the card itself was bent. Also didn't help that the paste didn't cover the die completely and didn't touch the edges of the die at all, and there were no heatsinks on the memory.
Zola Ivkov
Zola Ivkov 7 aylar önce
I recently bought that exact model of the RX 580 for ~$90, it was advertised as broken, but the solution was the same, just switch the bios, and its working fine.
Jeffrey Kretzler
Jeffrey Kretzler Yıl önce
The problem with the first one is probably the HDMI cable
Game Arts Cafe
Game Arts Cafe 10 aylar önce
so what would you check for if you plug a RTX 2080 Ti in, starts into windows fine, has updated driver but all testing progs and 3D apps say there is no GPU?
平和 Yıl önce
Love videos where u fix stuff!
Aythrea Yıl önce
RE: Jono's issue. Had the same problem with a monitor falling off. Replacing the HDMI cables addressed it.
¿LiGHTÂ 4 aylar önce
I have this problem and it’s not the monitors or the cables, swapped from ousting to a 980 and never had the problem ever again…. Still don’t know how to fix it or the cause..
Curtis B
Curtis B Yıl önce
He might be using the Samsung included Displayport cable and didn't watch Linus' cable testing video.. (replacing mine fixed my issues)
nemesis158 Yıl önce
@Codeidem it could be one of them causing the issue try them one at a time.
Codeidem Yıl önce
@Nuvcore™ I have before and it didn't work. A good thing though is that the flickering looked like it was about to happen (the screen zooms out before flickering), and after it zoomed out it returned to normal. As I said before, I split the plugs I had in my power bar, power fluctuation seems to be part of the issue.
Nuvcore™ Yıl önce
@Codeidem Try with one display at a time and see from there.
pkalle 11 aylar önce
The EVGA card at 9.00 could be the thermal pads oozing. I had a Asus Strix 5700xt that oozed that much from the thermal pads so much i got it RMAed from Asus. It leaked all the way into my PCI-E port (was mounted vertically) and Asus initially did not cover it. After some battle with the retailer and them with Asus they finally gave me my money back...
Scott Nunnemaker
Scott Nunnemaker 4 aylar önce
My favorite memory of a fix was when I got a rental dvd stuck in the player. Basically the door didn’t want to open when I pushed the eject button. Opened it up, didn’t unplug it, got shocked real good, and the door just glides open. Worked fine for another 8 years.
aserta 11 aylar önce
You can deal with differential traces by re-routing the whole path (where possible) from A to B for paired matches on a daughter board. Have a friend who did this several times and it works. Best part is, the daughter board can be a discard flex cable of the same value route this also matters). If this path is obstructed through the board, not a surface path, your chances for making it work go from "possible" to "mission impossible". In short terms you have to have a good microscope, measuring means, and lots of soldering skill, because even that counts.
Felipe Rodriguez
Felipe Rodriguez Yıl önce
I actually bought a GTX 980ti evga with the same defect as the one shown in the video(broken pin and no plastic holder) also no fans, and it works pretty decent. I bought it for 50usd
Fiirecrash 11 aylar önce
Cool video! :) love these real techy ones
lol Yıl önce
Gotta love this 20 minute demonstration of how fixing broken tech is basically a D&D "skill check" where you roll a d20 and you can succeed or fail purely based on chance because at some point logic no longer seems to factor into the problem solving equation lol
yui konnu
yui konnu Yıl önce
@Phyro I watched a lot of GPU repair from real technicians and and expecting till in the middle of the video "Where's the tools for soldering ? Are they gonna just check and see whether it's turning on or not or what?"
Phyro Yıl önce
​@Alex Brook Yes, as someone who repairs graphics cards for a living this video was painful to watch.
Alex Brook
Alex Brook Yıl önce
If you watch actual repair technicians it's an entirely different world because they actually know what they're doing unlike Alex.
Gift0r Yıl önce
From Analysis I logics chart: "you cannot deduct anything from a false statmement" In the same way, you cannot expect consistent behavior from broken hardware.
Travis Doyle
Travis Doyle Yıl önce
I had a RTX 2070 for about a week a few years ago and I ended up having to return it because the VRAM had burnt out. Got a new one has been perfect ever since :)
danosdotnl 2 aylar önce
'reflowing' macbooks worked for me, i did it many times! Since, indeed, it only lasts about a month or two =D Also, dont use compressed air on laptops where you cant hold down the fans, they can very easily die.
Danky Dank Doc the MurMeow
its kind of painful to know that i have bought my own RX 580 4 gig, actually the same saphire one thats in the video, 2 years used for a bit less than 300 dollars but im satisfied with its performance so its aight
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