We Added Jetpacks To Modded Rounds

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We add new Jetpacks to Modded Rounds!
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19 Haz 2022




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Joseph Ludvik
Joseph Ludvik Aylar önce
like how Henwy could have made a comeback with implode but thought that it was all over for him, so he chose huge instead of it. P.S: implode is when you block it pulls enemies toward you.
Katie Rose
Katie Rose 9 gün önce
Lol your right
Dudiiii 17 gün önce
Henwy could Just take the mosquito and the toxic cloud
Mr. cringe
Mr. cringe 22 gün önce
@Xylina King then maybe 2 echoes
Mr. cringe
Mr. cringe 22 gün önce
@MsChubby2012 dang, that’s real true The mulligan will tank one shot, but it wouldn’t be able to tank the next
🅱️eter Da Pumpkin
@Fun Time Freedy Xd then why watch it?
Grannies squishy jam
SSundee you should make a deck that includes the glass cannon and a card that makes you super fast and parasite so you have life steal and also poison so they die over time its a pretty good deck on large maps. Edit: You will basically BEAM your enemies that are far away and you can chose piercing bullets to shoot through walls.
Kyrollos0 Aylar önce
Modded card idea: Shoot a black hole as often as SSundee could shoot the laser in this video. The black hole drags ALL players to its centre and does big damage over time for one second, then disappears.
JustALuke Aylar önce
If henwy had gotten a couple more beetle cards (auto regen not matter what), it would've been over. If only he had checked his cards...
Evan Hofmann
Evan Hofmann Aylar önce
This was the most insane rounds match I've ever seen. Also Henwy smells weird
Ethan Wei
Ethan Wei Aylar önce
Combine gives more damage than careful planning and you can’t go below 1 bullet so if you picked combine instead of careful planning you could have spammed your bullet thanks to scavenger.
Josef McFadden
Josef McFadden Aylar önce
I really love your vids and its just amazing that you take the time to post daily.
Home Depot lover537
Home Depot lover537 10 gün önce
Brown make a modded card where the longer it’s in the air The more damage it does and you could pair that up with the bullets that follow your Cursor
Drakon Lykos
Drakon Lykos Aylar önce
Dang the video was fun, but it was frustrating for me who thought about using other cards/abilities and make a comeback if I was in henwy's place. I also thought that using the "block" to actually block the bullets because the original intention of using "block" is to... You know block for defense and not offense it's seems henwy forgot about that and only using "block for offense after obtaining the skill to kill sunddee using "block".
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Aylar önce
Henwy could've won so many times if he just blocked! Also small tip blocking can block floor damage & throws you up higher.
Swapa Aylar önce
I’ve watched you for so many years and you’re still such a good youtuber, keep it up
Ur friendly neighborhood viewer
I used to watch his clash of clans vids way back when and followed him ever since
Dinogamer1034 Aylar önce
So true
Knud Jerraide Alano
@Don’t click the stickman hi stick man hope u become some one big on TRvid one day
@Don’t click the stickman ح
Ilaria Donati
Ilaria Donati Aylar önce
Me too!
Logan Guntharp
Logan Guntharp Aylar önce
i love seeing new and different games again It is great
Mr.Blocky Aylar önce
"I'm at full ammo, I'm at full ammo, I'm at full ammo." A house called fullamo: I don't see you though.
Nicholas Van Vuuren
This is why his content is the best: laughs, weird funny explanation, we hit those, COMBOS
yugios Aylar önce
This is what a kid would like
Prince Carlo Sintos-7
Too true and thats facts!
Mr. cringe
Mr. cringe 22 gün önce
Henwy got so big, he couldnt even walk through air molecules
Panzer 999
Panzer 999 Aylar önce
Henwy could've won so many times if he just blocked! Also small tip blocking can block floor damage & throws you up higher.
Panzer 999
Panzer 999 17 gün önce
@Dragonathan I have cleared that up a bit, further up, but also he is only silenced as long as there's a red X across him. Giving him a couple of chances where he could've blocked with Ssundee in range.
Dragonathan 17 gün önce
Wait no he couldn’t because even though the circle was white, ssundee silenced him so the block didn’t respond to the computer!!!
Dragonathan 26 gün önce
@MorgsPlays :O
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 27 gün önce
Dragonathan Aylar önce
@Panzer 999 omg so true!
When Ssundee said The Deck Builder it reminded me of the New Zealand Accent guy explaining about his deck
Nickey Leon
Nickey Leon Aylar önce
Can we say thanks to ssundee he puts alot of effort in his videos
Elie Girgis
Elie Girgis Aylar önce
Amazing, NEver fails to entertain, deserves more than 20M subs
Liam Woods
Liam Woods Aylar önce
Nico “Stop getting more hp” Henwy “ ABUNCH MORE HP”
Raphael Mort
Raphael Mort Aylar önce
I think the most painful bit is that if Henwy had a SINGLE mobility card, he would have wrecked ssundee. If he had the "dash forward when you block and block again", for example, it would have been over
seddyplayswow !
seddyplayswow ! Aylar önce
If you want to type before the @ sign you can tap on the name then move the cursor so you are typing before it@GhastBoyVlogs
seddyplayswow !
seddyplayswow ! Aylar önce
@GhastBoyVlogs its because of the language the other username is in
DBS_Destroyer Aylar önce
@GhastBoyVlogs I have no idea it just happened.
Zephyr Aylar önce
Henwy missed like 3 phoenixes that was the sad thing
GhastBoyVlogs Aylar önce
@DBS_Destroyer how do you put the @ at the end of the username and have text before it
Luna_835 Aylar önce
"Henwy smells weird" Wise words
James Sablan
James Sablan Aylar önce
Henry would have won if he timed that perfectly but I like his build as well
Reaper Wolf
Reaper Wolf Aylar önce
Ssundee: i can fly, heal, come back to life, and deal loads of damage Henwy: I NEED MORE HP Lol
ChRiSsY wAkE uP
ChRiSsY wAkE uP 20 gün önce
Hey sundee I love this type of content and so do many others I would love if you upload this more! P.S in a month you got 3m subs keep up the good work
KNowledge MAfia
KNowledge MAfia Aylar önce
The videos just keep getting more and more insane
alium hoomens
alium hoomens Aylar önce
TannersTurtle Gaming
"I'm at full ammo!" Sundee-2022
Πέτρος Χατζηκωνσταντίνου
"It was a lot closer than I expected" What I imagine: SSundee wins half a round before Henry What SSundee means: Henry got hslf s round
John Wick
John Wick Aylar önce
I love how SSundee is literally god and gaming chad in all his videos, so cool.
Joe Aylar önce
I think he takes his youtube job intensely seriously. He has great knowledge over most the games he plays he knows what most of his subscribers want. How I know? He’s been playing a lot more different games which we have been requesting for a bit of time so yeah he deserves this
Tito glavin
Tito glavin Aylar önce
New ability: unstoppable bullets can’t be blocked, slower reload speed
Mira_Stylez Aylar önce
Dang... Henry's villain arc is showing- Not only that, his obsession with HP kept growing, and I'll admit it makes the video even more enjoyable.
RedWolf. Gaming
RedWolf. Gaming Aylar önce
@E S-M exactly, that grinds my gears, he could've picked anything long ranged + area damage bullets.
Desmond Ho
Desmond Ho Aylar önce
Anime nerd
Anime nerd Aylar önce
i agree
Leanne Middleton
Leanne Middleton Aylar önce
I agree strongly💯
Gamer girl
Gamer girl Aylar önce
Internet Aylar önce
i love this game you should play it more! :)
Scott Keller
Scott Keller Aylar önce
I’ve watched your channel for 6 years now and so far your in my favourites still
ϟඞ ꧁༺мє иσω ρℓѕ༻꧂ඞϟ☯🅥
25:29 Henwy: How did you come back Ssundee: Ever heard of Izanagi?
Jonathan Kang
Jonathan Kang Aylar önce
so as you can see here this is what i meant by "You can be a living tank but shoot marshmallows or you can be a twig but you hit like a truck" well henwy has a massive AOE attack but whatever you'll get it
ThxnderXD Aylar önce
please tell me im not the only one who realized that Ian is using the same mouth sprite as sans. I feel like pixel art from undertale (and just pixel art in general) shouldn't work in rounds (not a pixelated game), but it totally does and I'm happy
Bebashi Aylar önce
A 30 minute sundee video? What a blessing
NightMare2.0 Aylar önce
Ssundee I've been watching since you had 14 million subs and I love your content, also I find rounds is AMAZING
R6D Aylar önce
I swear every video on this the person going against ssundee either becomes a raid boss or just becomes a Giant Ball that cant move from spawn ever.
NightMarishIdea Aylar önce
Dude this new every day post thing is amazing.The fact that you use any free time that you have to post,is awesome. Thank you for your entertainment.
Joy Ann Amboy
Joy Ann Amboy Aylar önce
Henwy: using more hp Ssundee: using more damage
The ultimate slothy
One of the sickest boss fights I’ve ever seen
SapSup 13 gün önce
Lmao keep up the content I love it 🌟✨
Kaiju genesis
Kaiju genesis 12 gün önce
if you do another rounds video can you do a full damage build you’ve done a fly build 2 shield builds and a heal/damage build
WillliamUfton Aylar önce
i love it when you play rounds its nice to see more of this game on the channel
M k Low
M k Low Aylar önce
@Kaily Johnson boo
Kaily Johnson
Kaily Johnson Aylar önce
Same here
seriously game
seriously game Aylar önce
the reson henery's block thing had so much range is cause he got it twice witch doubles the range and damege
"I am an airplane laser shooter!" --Ssundee
OPcreator1422 Aylar önce
Henwy was basically Zhong Li but the shield does OMEGA DMG
Obaloluwa Adejumo
Obaloluwa Adejumo Aylar önce
I swear SSundee always has to remind me to hit the like button so for me it's a good thing that he says that in every video
Bamo 1
Bamo 1 Aylar önce
Man, when you post the Rounds videos there so good cause its like the person could have one if they did something differently, Like after Ssundee got bigger Toxic cloud Henwy got rekted with the Dazzle but before Henwy destroyed Ssundee before he got thouse items. And it was close, Nice video keep it up.
Parallel gaming
Parallel gaming Aylar önce
@LayLowJose and so?
LayLowJose Aylar önce
Bro yur like 7
Parallel gaming
Parallel gaming Aylar önce
Yes, but please fix the spelling.
Xxmb1xX Aylar önce
Greentingo Aylar önce
The reason Henwy kept getting hp was 😂
Jonna 🔞 T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE
Henwy could've won so many times if he just blocked! Also small tip blocking can block floor damage & throws you up higher.
boujeegoosee Aylar önce
did anybody else realize that all the maps are from stickfight, that’s soo cool that 2 different games are soooo similar
Curly studios
Curly studios Aylar önce
Congratulations on 20 mil subs ssundee! :)
Luke Hays
Luke Hays Aylar önce
Henwy had no chance, as always.
TheLittleDoge 15 gün önce
in the last round there was a card that would pull you towards him and if he got that he might of won
YourFaceJEC 333
YourFaceJEC 333 Aylar önce
Henwy shot himself in the foot by getting more and more HP. UGH!!!
SillyHead 125
SillyHead 125 Aylar önce
Henwy: I need more HP. SSundee: HENWY YOUR SO BIG.
HLC C Aylar önce
henwy didnt need all the hp he needed strength
David Correa
David Correa Aylar önce
I’ve been a fan from 2017 and ur channel is still not getting old
Nick Psihomanis
Nick Psihomanis Aylar önce
You should make another hardcover series
Raptorrr Aylar önce
When Ssundee and Henwy play Rounds. Ssundee "the strategy is the key to victory" Henwy "A bunch more HP
darkmoon2646 Aylar önce
Sundees simile makes my day!
Koolesf Aylar önce
23:38 anybody else catch Nico's pun😂
ZA WARUDO! Aylar önce
sunde:glass cannon henhy: really tank
Jeremiah Njoroge
Jeremiah Njoroge Aylar önce
"henwy smells weird" he actully made us say that at the near end(lol)
Isaac Clarke
Isaac Clarke Aylar önce
Ian said he wants to get to 18M subs when he's on 20M which either means this was pre recorded or he blew up in a day. Timestamp is 4:20 (for those who probably not see my comment)
Gregorio certeza
Gregorio certeza Aylar önce
Hey SSundee! Keep up the good work and thanks for posting pretty frequently!
Unknown NH
Unknown NH Aylar önce
@Don’t click the stickman ok
Don’t click the stickman
Don't read my name .
funny moments203
funny moments203 Aylar önce
nobody: henwy:hmm a bunch more hp
Bro skillz
Bro skillz Aylar önce
I beg you to do more rounds it’s my fav thing to watch on TRvid especially when it’s on you TRvid channel
orangenal name
orangenal name 11 gün önce
you should try out the rounds mod called "Cool Rounds Mod Lol"
style boy
style boy Aylar önce
28:26 he should've sent a lazer at the the bottom while he shoots the toxic bullets that be a lot damage but i ain't jugging him
Luigi2262 Aylar önce
I feel like most of Ssundee’s troubles could’ve been solved if he included even 1 extra hp card in his deck
Prince jush subiate
Fact: the bullets that hit the ground does splash damage
Riley Thwaites
Riley Thwaites Aylar önce
Thank @TimeToGrind for this content
Phiermaner234 Aylar önce
it felt like 1 year watching that, Henwy smells weird
Unknown Boy
Unknown Boy Aylar önce
This is like watching Saitama trying to catch a fly/mosquito
Ruti Aylar önce
I like how they don’t know they can use block to boost off the edges without taking damage
Emperor Aylar önce
that phoenix saved ians life (literally)
ThatDudePro 6 gün önce
If henwy used implode on the last round he would have won the second you got too close
Jaleel Brown
Jaleel Brown Aylar önce
henry will never be bigger that his mom no matter how much hp he gets
JoJo Aylar önce
SSundee remember that aim helper from the tank game if you use it will op
marios benetopoylos
when henwy tried to become the biggest person to take no damage min while ssunde has the damage of the gods
Kommanapalli Soman satvik
Henwy : a bunch more hp, a bunch more hp, a bunch more hp, a bunch more hp……… Nico: stop getting more hp Ian at the end: that was fun for me but pain full for henwy
Oof Laf
Oof Laf Aylar önce
Imagine if you used the thanos stones and gauntlet it would be even more op and mean
Lance Ver Indab
Lance Ver Indab 6 gün önce
I've never heard/seen a mosquito that can bite a person without even getting close
Master Mettalix
Master Mettalix Aylar önce
That battle reminded me of an old bible tale of David and Goliath. David being Ssundee and Goliath being Henwy. Size does matter in this fight….and even though being big to some is an advantage…..your also slow while doing so.
Logan Kuhnwald
Logan Kuhnwald Aylar önce
Team builder: the team leader chooses a card for members on the team
SeleverPlayz Aylar önce
This felt like an anime comeback
Veronica Aylar önce
You should do a prank among us. Where everyone but 1 person knows who the imposter is. The imposter during the game is being very obvious he/she is the imposter, but when the 1 person out of the loop calls a meeting to report them. Everyone denies it and pretends they saw nothing. It will drive the pranked crazy as they try to figure out what is going on. :)
Angelina Lee
Angelina Lee 3 gün önce
If I had a penny for every bad play Henwy did, I’d have like a dollar
MontaePK Aylar önce
The fact that Henwy kept going for HP makes the video funnier
Coff33 Aylar önce
henwy: *goes to heck* satan: you must play rounds for eternity. henwy: ok. satan: against SSundee. henwy: NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Audra Simpson
Audra Simpson Aylar önce
7:01 turn on closed captions and SSundee will say "oh hell"
Mr. 佐藤【ミスターさとう】
Wow, it's David Ian VS Goliath Henwy.
phu tranchi
phu tranchi Aylar önce
THIS MAP CAN’T FIT MY SIZE!!! -Henwy, 2022
LowKeyDan Aylar önce
This guy is inspiring, thanks for encouraging me to start my own gaming channel!
Niethia id
Niethia id Aylar önce
Henwy here's a lesson,do not get the huge before planning for getting it cause ssundee is the best at planning to get upgrade
TXC_Heno 1
TXC_Heno 1 10 gün önce
am i the only one who thinks henwys irl character fits with his character in game or what?
Sliver Aylar önce
small but mighty,giant but idk heavy? he literally cant jump😂
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