WATER TESTING 64 Person Enclosed Lifeboat For The FIRST Time!!

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28 Kas 2022




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Kozak Outdoors
Kozak Outdoors 2 aylar önce
I ran the serial number and the manufacturer actually created this vessel with the intention of it being launched into LoJo’s pond
LeQuietKid 7 gün önce
@J As the boat, I can also confirm
Barry Sarver
Barry Sarver 19 gün önce
He will kill you guys. Lol 😀
Vannessa Silva
Vannessa Silva Aylar önce
Should have offered all of them a tour
يحيى سلامي
Mike Strongerton
Mike Strongerton Aylar önce
yes , i just watched that video its the same lifeboat video ftom over a year ago 😚
Graeme Hay
Graeme Hay 2 aylar önce
It’s called a TEMPSC (Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Safety Craft). This one is from the Safe Brittania semi-submersible rig (a rig I personally spent some time on in the UK North Sea many years ago) which was generally used for floating accommodation. Judging by the serial number the manufacturer is Schat-Harding, a Norwegian company who specialises in this type of craft. As it was used on a rig it will have been very well maintained as there are strict SOLAS standards that apply. The unit has a lot of features that you won’t know about such as external water spray to allow it to motor through sea surface fires plus it would be pressurised in use to prevent gas ingress. Also, if I recall correctly they are also designed to be self-righting so can’t capsize (I guess that would require all the seals to be intact and the doors closed!). The exhaust fumes inside are a bit worrying as you either have the hull exhaust plugged (this would likely be under the water line) or a manifold leak, either way it should be easy enough to figure out. If you were to contact Schat-Harding with the serial number there’s a good chance that they would still have all the documentation for the vessel, worth a try.
What In The World Is That!?
Too bad nobody in the comment section knew anything about this craft....lol
Ojb 1959
Ojb 1959 21 gün önce
I didn’t work on the Britannia oil rig however I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once. Great channel 👍🏼👍🏼
Jormungand13324 22 gün önce
you think the hull exhaust is that round hole at the bottom of the craft that was plugged at the start of the video?
Oliver Dorado
Oliver Dorado 23 gün önce
To have
Paul Aylar önce
@Derek Sleight Right, was thinking same thing ..
steven allen
steven allen 2 aylar önce
Sweet boat, A tip for fiberglass repair especially the one on the bottom. Use a small 1-2 inch medium coarse disc sander and remove material around the hole down 3-4 layers, the next step is to go 3/4 of an inch larger and sand to one layer above the last . do this until you reach the last layer at the surface. Cut each patch to fit each layer. Its kind of like a step drill in reverse as you look at it. Then mix your resin and install the fiberglass one layer at a time make sure to remove the air bubbles if you see any. Also types of glass maybe use some thicker matt for the first two layers the cloth for the remainder. I think you could use a plastic flexible cutting board to hold the repair in place using a 2x4 holding slight pressure behind the plastic cutting board. Once it sets up the plastic should peal off. Sand and paint repair or gel coat.
Jason Witt
Jason Witt 19 gün önce
i think he patched over the water intake for the motor cooling line
Guinness Aylar önce
Good advice
Adrea Brooks
Adrea Brooks 2 aylar önce
Great tips! I'll be keeping these in mind! (Hope AYO sees em. XD )
Webster Forrest
Webster Forrest 2 aylar önce
This boat looks so cool. I love how the engine is just ready for action every time. This could be such an awesome houseboat. Thanks for posting.
David and Kelly Inancsi
MAN! THAT WAS AWESOME! Seeing these boats on other ships when I was in the Navy, I always wanted to take one for a spin. GREAT purchase! Fair winds and following seas…go to your instagram page. I sent you some photos.
Dasquadwith6 2 aylar önce
It was actually pretty cool to see one of those that wasn't hanging off a larger vessel "for emergency only". When the CO alarm sounded, you did the best thing you could have...headed outside to fresh air. Good video.
Preston Thomas
Preston Thomas 2 aylar önce
I worked offshore for several years and I can tell you those safety boats have been known to have made some people so sea-sick they actually died from aneurisms. You get on one of those in an an off-shore emergency it was truly a last resort. I myself use to hide whenever they had rig drills where they actually dropped them in the water with people on board. Nope, nope, not doing it. Their cool looking though. Good luck with the restoration.
You know me
You know me 2 aylar önce
As a young man, I learned to captain a boat on the black sea, 1980 while stationed in remote Turkey. That looked so damn fun to run, congratulations on your purchase.
Bamcorp Gaming
Bamcorp Gaming 2 aylar önce
happy it all worked out. looking forward to the adventures you have with it. hoping you fix it up real nice and take it on some long adventures. ive seen tons of vids and articles about people converting these into homes and living in them full time out on the ocean. its pretty damn cool I hope you take care of it and look forward to your future vids with it.
John Doe
John Doe 2 aylar önce
Hey Ayo, congrats on getting that awesome boat, dude! I can imagine some haters saying you're nuts or whatever, but what the hell, hater's always gonna hate, and most of that nonsense is just pure jealousy. Personally I think if you're crazy, then it's a cool kind of crazy, and I wouldn't mind being crazy myself with a bad ass lifeboat of my own! I never saw any lifeboats that weren't attached to either a cruiseship or an oil right, and that was mainly in movies or documentaries, so I had no idea those boats could be put on a trailer, let alone owned by a private person. I have always been attracted to the idea of owning a boat, but the tought of getting caught in a storm in the middle of nowhere and having my boat or yacht capsize always scared the hell out of me, so I pretty much just gave up thinking about owning any boats. Then I ran into your video of when you were going to check out the boat and buy it, and I saw the footage of the lifeboat getting jettisoned from the oil rig, plunging into the sea, then bouncing right back to the surface, and I realized this is the type of boat I've always wanted and I didn't even know it, so congrats again on buying your boat, and thank you for making these videos, man! Thanks to your videos, I know now which direction I wanna go about owning a boat. I also realize now that if and when I buy my own lifeboat, I won't be as afraid of getting caught in a storm as I've always been since lifeboats are designed to be pretty much uncapsizable. Of course, weather reports and storm warnings must always be taken heed of, though, even in a lifeboat. I also understand I have a ton of research ahead of me, before I even try to find a boat for myself, but it's something cool to look forward to. Anyways, watching your video of the first time you put the boat in the water and how the engine makes so much damn noise and creates a health hazzard inside the boat by the fumes it makes, reminded me of another video about a lifeboat, which I saw shortly after your video about when you first checked out the boat with the nice old cowboy guy. It's a video about two european guys who got a lifeboat and turned it into a house boat, making it all electric and solar in the process. Here's the link to that video, I hope you like it and find it useful to your own experience: m.trvid.com/video/video-JjpCFP0jJIY.html Please keep us posted about your progress with your awesome lifeboat. Goood luck, dude, and Happy Hollidays!!
Sturvin Murvin
Sturvin Murvin 2 aylar önce
Seriously this is cool. I really enjoy these older machines and there are a ton of uses for this boat! Love it!!
Abdiel Carvajal
Abdiel Carvajal 2 aylar önce
I’m not an expert filling holes in boats, but back in the time when I was surfing, I was able to fix quite a lot of holes in my surf board. We used Fiberglas and covered with resin. I would sand the area around the hole first, the apply an even amount of resin around the hole, covered with a thick layer of fiberglass and even more resin, place some paper wax and a piece of wood, from the bottom to keep the fiberglass in place and pressure using a jack and a rod. The paper wax its to avoid the wood sticking to the resin.
MegaEverythingElse 2 aylar önce
Have you ever considered that the hole you guys plugged in the bottom of the boat would be the exhaust? with that plugged maybe it pressurised the motor box and the only way out was through tiny cracks into the interior of the boat. That hole looked a little too perfect to be just a random hole into the inside......
TDSG34 2 aylar önce
haha! That was one of the best videos I've seen in a long time - from watching your fiberglass skills to actually running the boat! Never seen anything as unique as this. Loved it!
Tertamsta 2 aylar önce
I would recommend to grease up the seals. That way they don't stick together every time you leave the hatches closed for a while. Super interesting video, love to see more!
Anders Larsson
Anders Larsson Aylar önce
Great video! This lifeboat was built in my hometown of Gothenburg in Sweden in the early 1980. The offshore-industry were blooming in thoose days, and we had oilrigs al over the world. Looking foreward to follow you around the world 😂. Regards from Sweden
Perry McClusky
Perry McClusky 2 aylar önce
Congratulations on a successful first time out on the water! Looking forward to your next video on this craft.
Alex Russell
Alex Russell 2 aylar önce
Wish I had a skill I could market to you, but I don't think my amateur photography and editing skills would make the cut. You're living a dream of a life I'll never have. And you deserve every bit of it, man. Great attitude, even-tempered (or should I say even-keeled?), no BS. You make a lot of folks' days, mine included. Thank you for that.
darkerthandark69 2 aylar önce
Couldn't of said it better myself my friend I agree your not alone
Alex Russell
Alex Russell 2 aylar önce
@Tombomb1816 I'm a details guy. Not terribly creative, or at least not *efficiently* creative. I can spend an hour scrutinizing and rewriting a single paragraph. I'd be a great copyeditor, but not a copywriter. Regardless, you give good advice. Hard work often pays off. I'm in my 30s though. No kids, doesn't look like there will be any. I quit college to start my own business and it failed during COVID. Being the type to work 18-hour days given the chance, seeing that effort go nowhere but downhill is humbling at the very least. Just a reminder though: sometimes, things don't work out. The key is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. I did. Big mistake.
Tombomb1816 2 aylar önce
Respectfully if you were motivated to be the best videographer you possibly could and worked hard you would be good enough to make the cut. If it was a real dream and you truly wanted it you would do it. Some people want things but not bad enough to make it happen.
onedwn1613 2 aylar önce
love the joy in this one! congrats on the win. the partners yoga simply killed! i do love me some Mr Gravy
koreanjeep Aylar önce
Awesome video! I really like your content! I don't know anything about this specific boat, but I saw some Norwegian instructions and components in there! I'm from Norway and have been working offshore on oilrigs a few times 🙂
halfwaymo 2 aylar önce
Omg what a deal--I’d love to own one-solar panels on top, gas gauge, beds, kitchen man you got a dream boat...congratulations......Missouri 💙
Drop Anchor
Drop Anchor 2 aylar önce
This is awesome! Looks like the perfect vessel for an overnighter!😂
Christopher Hofheins
Christopher Hofheins 2 aylar önce
Now that has to be featured for an “over night” fishing trip!!! Or weekend excursion, just needs an a/c with generator to stay cool with the hatches closed
Rod Croskery
Rod Croskery 2 aylar önce
It must have been interesting running it onto its trailer with that steering gear.
JFinnerud 2 aylar önce
Backing is basically a "joke" on those types of vessels. I've always practiced backing only when needed and using the revers/forward when turning and they will basically turn on a dime. I spot a few technical solutions as well as hull design which are similar to the Norwegian Viksund fishing vessels. Anyways it's cool to see it afloat. You'll get the hang of the controls in a breeze. 👍👍
Dean Woods
Dean Woods 2 aylar önce
Your genuine excitement definitely transfers through the video! 👍👍👍
S. E. C-R
S. E. C-R 2 aylar önce
I think I would have been terrified the whole time, but it ended up being pretty cool! I would have liked to see some of you loading it back on the trailer and pulling it out though.
Danny Donovan
Danny Donovan 2 aylar önce
Love your videos. You could have used magnets to hold up the sheets of fiber glass
Murray Ball
Murray Ball 2 aylar önce
Being built as a safety and life saving device, it should be built reliably and tough as nails. Carbon Monoxide alarm is legit and the alarm is another level of safety. Easy fix for you to ensure the gas doesn't get into the boat again. That engine is reliable AF unlike a domestic outboard can be. This thing was built to sit in place for years unused - although I do believe that they have to be tested periodically to ensure they are ready to go in an emergency. Great score man, and great vid - glad it all went well. Cheers.
Lazurkri 2 aylar önce
I've seen people turn the smaller versions of these into like houseboats and it works pretty well for them; the sea keeping on them is a little bit of a pain in the ass because these really aren't meant to be used long term in the water, they're meant for short term survival stuff but because they're so reinforced and overbuilt because, you never know if the sea is going to be calm rough or on fire if it's a oil rig escape craft, you can do a LOT with them, and because 64 men is a LOT of weight, if you only expect to have at most a dozen people inside, that gives you a LOT of reserve buoyancy to use for gear and other amenitie. That top rail for example is PERFECT for strapping solar panels to, either on top or angled down to the deck to fit more panels too; I've seen pictures of one of these style life boats that someone stuck batteries and solar panels in with a backup diesel motor in and they were able to sail at a decent 10-15 knots for a few hours without even getting close to emptying the batteries.
Deleted Comment #2
Deleted Comment #2 2 aylar önce
How far can the vessel travel when fully loaded with fuel?
the squatch m249
the squatch m249 2 aylar önce
I think once it's past testing, a 7 day catch and cook on this must happen.
BP23 2 aylar önce
Happy for ya brother! Been watching since the house boat purchase! Keep up the great content!
Luiz Nunes
Luiz Nunes 2 aylar önce
This is fantastic! I wish I could, then I'd go work for you for free because I love laughing. 😆
PopTart Aylar önce
It would be cool to see it built out on the inside to make it a nice weekend boat to hang out in.
P Stoneking
P Stoneking 2 aylar önce
It seems weird that hole was perfectly round. I probably would've used a rubber expanding plug instead of fiberglass it closed.
Jason Dunbar
Jason Dunbar 2 aylar önce
Dang it I was really wanting to see you guys loaded onto the trailer. I have a feeling that was probably interesting to see
Red Shed Acres 6625
Red Shed Acres 6625 2 aylar önce
My grandson has your eyes when he is loving whatever he is doing. I sure hope he can direct his enthusiasm in the same positive ways that you are doing. You have a gift. Don't let others throw anything negative your way. Keep it up.
Brian "Six" String Lee Mayes
Before you get too far on this project, I hope you checked out the videos from others who have refurbished these things. Pretty awesome things they've done to them.
kls2020 2 aylar önce
You could replace the hand crank steering wheel with a DC motor drive with a Left /Right switch to turn the rudder so you don't have to do all of that cranking . Adding an indicating gauge to show rudder angle position would keep you straight on direction .
braggarmybrat Aylar önce
@Riordan Henry Better yet, have a compliment of slaves to oar the thing around. I think Augustus, Nero, and Caligula had the right idea. 😝
kls2020 2 aylar önce
A 24 volt electric valve actuator might work best for converting the steering system instead for a few reasons . Drives electrically in both directions , has a handwheel you can still use for manual operation if desired (that declutches when electrically operated) . already has analog circuitry for indication for showing valve (rudder) position .
John Doe
John Doe 2 aylar önce
Genius ideas, sir.
Riordan Henry
Riordan Henry 2 aylar önce
Too much complexity! Replace all steering and propulsion with giant (and I mean GIANT) oars....like trireme sytle. Simple = better
rmp5s 2 aylar önce
Then you could grab a GPS receiver a Raspberry Pi running ArduPilot and BOOM! Programmable, fully automatic navigation. 👍
markthomasbuilder 2 aylar önce
That diesel sounds great! Looking forward to see what you do next.
jack sampson
jack sampson 2 aylar önce
I'm so excited to see you get this and make videos I have wanted one for years You should get it sealed up good and tight and do a video Where you put some beds in it and do a video Staying the night inside it during a bad storm that would be so awesome
Matt Bobo
Matt Bobo 2 aylar önce
When patching a hole in fiberglass always start with a piece of the mat and form it to the inside of the hole.
Dettweiler / DJ Dett
Dettweiler / DJ Dett 2 aylar önce
Definitely needs a starter/cutout switch at the helm!
Loaves & Fishes
Loaves & Fishes 2 aylar önce
All I can think each time I look at this boat is what an amazing “houseboat” it would make! So much fun to watch your videos! I’m a 63 year old Grandma, but I love your videos, you guys make me laugh and giggle like a girl again.
Sunny Scott
Sunny Scott 18 gün önce
LOL>>I am a 75 year old grandma and that was actually my very first thought. I thought he was buying it to make it into a tiny house!!
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 22 gün önce
These guys did it, and then took the boat to the Arctic: trvid.com/video/video-Z4v0ask1Zus.html
Joe Lex
Joe Lex Aylar önce
I thought the same thing. Houseboat build just waiting to happen.
Guinness Aylar önce
@Tina Stormcaller they won’t fit in any locks so you won’t be going very far on the canals in them. Be ok on the Thames though
Tina Stormcaller
Tina Stormcaller 2 aylar önce
There’s a bunch of people who use these as houseboats in London, as a less canal-capable but more sea-capable alternative to the narrowboat
Colrie Gardener
Colrie Gardener 2 aylar önce
Wow! i used to operate one like this when working on a cruise ship, it should be a double hull insulated boat even if its full of water it shoud not sink, a 3 sylinder engine, steering is water jet turn slowly not strong handeling in ruff sea, the engine is verry reliable it steering is small and you has to turn it a lot it is 3 man operated a bow man a stern man and the captain, 2 switch battery system cold start warmer for engine. i love it i would put a more powerful engine in it and blade rudder then you good to go.
Ben Jocham
Ben Jocham 2 aylar önce
I'd be kitting it right out for a house boat.....I look forward to see what you do with it.....all the best 😉
BDiaz1000 2 aylar önce
An interesting tip. Life boats are designed to hold enough fuel to be able to go at least 6kts for 24 hours.
Esteban Urbina
Esteban Urbina 2 aylar önce
This boat is epic and watching you try it out was fun
threefiftyzzz 2 aylar önce
An overnight fishing trip in the lifeboat with Ayo, Norm, Lojo and Davey Gravy.. This has gotta happen!
Jeff Burnham
Jeff Burnham 2 aylar önce
@Heather Howard I think it's a law in most states that vessels of that size must have navigation lights, and other items as well.
Jeff Burnham
Jeff Burnham 2 aylar önce
He just got it floated, do you really think its wise to have Norm and Lojo also onboard?
Michael G.
Michael G. 2 aylar önce
But then there's still room for 60 more people- 59 if Darrell can make it. Let's fill that suckah up!
jammin2070 2 aylar önce
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 2 aylar önce
@Heather Howard not with modern LED lights...
Karl - Udo Becher
Karl - Udo Becher Aylar önce
I would love to have one , totally cool. Out of interest how big is the diesel tank? Those motors do not use a great deal of fuel.
SY Delina
SY Delina 2 aylar önce
I am a little concerned about the cooling of the engine. Most inboard engines are cooled by seawater which is - after used for engine cooling - lead into the exhaust to cool down the exhaust gases before the exhaust is led through the hull. I didn't see any water coming out of the exhaust ! Probably the seawater valve is closed, the water pump impeller is broken or ... you sealed the hole for the cooling water ;) . Also, the anodes ( hull, motor, perhaps gear, shaft ...) should be checked! Because the boat was build for Saltwater they are made from zinc, but for permanent use in Sweetwater they should be replaced by aluminum or magnesium.
Adam Martin
Adam Martin 2 aylar önce
that thing is sooo cool and has massive potential to become a very nice boat
Ray Cecil
Ray Cecil 2 aylar önce
"Its like a human microwave for flatulence..." My man....I just tooted a little because I laughed so hard.
Ace Smith
Ace Smith 2 aylar önce
I'm not a boater and I don't do too much fishing but I watch your videos and can appreciate your tenacity and optimism. You got to love when you bust your a** on a project and IT WORKS! Seeing this lifeboat move made my day. To be honest this is one of the only channels I watch from start to finish that are videos longer than 5 minutes because you never know what's going to happen next.... Keep em coming bro! Can't wait on the itty-bitty update fam.
Wolfy100 2 aylar önce
I lol'd at "burst your a**"
gjerdeanders 2 aylar önce
A tip for you. Lube the seals around the hatches with petrolium gel, and they will never get stuck again :)
Gryphon Arms USA
Gryphon Arms USA 2 aylar önce
Definitely fix that exhaust leak and put a starter/kill switch at the pilot station. I would put in a few more portholes and turn it into a houseboat. Put teak deck topside on either side of the center walkway that has sections that lift with the hatches. I’d like to have one, but what I’d really love to have is a 26’ jet drive, shallow draft, double hull landing craft with a sleeper cabin. I would use it for fun and flood rescue. Only problem is I’d need to get a truck to pull it and it’s really just a dream/wish, because a disabled vet without any benefits, and not able to work, ain’t buying anything sooner or later. 😥
Kyle Trescott
Kyle Trescott 2 aylar önce
Try using slimy grimy to clean the rest of the hull! Stuff works great!
Carlos Tavares Jr
Carlos Tavares Jr 2 aylar önce
Pretty cool! First mod would be to relocated starting to controls to the console then lights, lights everywhere!
SargeantSquatch 2 aylar önce
It's probably pretty safe to say you have a one of a kind boat. Not many people have an off the oil rig escape boat, much less one on a custom made trailer. This is rad lol, been a subscriber for awhile and you're type of content isn't usually my jam. But something about your personality and way of presenting the content I'm all about. Keep on keeping on man!
B 2 aylar önce
Put in a few bunks and more of a kitchen and you'd have an unique air BNB
bill richardson
bill richardson 2 aylar önce
I wonder if its the resemblance to Bam Margera?
NoSpoon 2 aylar önce
There are a few about on youtube. A nice liveaboard and even a submarine.
Trace Dirks
Trace Dirks 2 aylar önce
@J same here. Haven't fished ever but I watch most of the Googan gang. Personality and genuine excitement is why I tune in.
J 2 aylar önce
Same. Never fished in my life but Ayo's nautical adventures have kept me coming back over and over, lol.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 2 aylar önce
I can't wait to see the future of your boat with seeing other owners of similar types. Look up "yachting world" on TRvid there is a similar boat converted into a cool living space.
Djendo 2 aylar önce
Would be awesome to convert this to a little home on the water!
ttnyny 2 aylar önce
With those fiberglass skills, a big budget and lots of time, you could mock up the lifeboat as a surface-navigating replica of The Yellow Submarine.
Ink le nation 1972
Ink le nation 1972 2 aylar önce
That was awesome!!.. I could live on that quite happily with only a few minor adjustments….
Torhs11 Nettie
Torhs11 Nettie 2 aylar önce
So happy to see things work out for you regarding a boat purchase finally! Seeing the genuine appreciation is awesome
jawsjulie 2 aylar önce
But did it?
Cølin 2 aylar önce
Are you gonna build it into a houseboat? That would be AWESOME.
Edith Gomez
Edith Gomez 2 aylar önce
You both made my day better!!!! Thank you!!!!
youlooze2me 2 aylar önce
you probably should have started it when it was on the trailer and felt if exhaust was coming out that hole in the bottom. Or put a borescope up through it to make sure it didn’t go to the engine area.
Barbarian Leather and Blades
Any time your sealing up a boat you should use 5200. It is for marine use. Regular sylicone won't last.
Miles Welch
Miles Welch 2 aylar önce
I would really recommend getting this boat seen by a marine surveyor if only to identify the unknown electronics and fuel capacity/gauge, as well as overall health of the fiberglass and hull overall.
Leatheryman 2 aylar önce
Great to see that thing in the water. So many possibilities. Happy for ye
Preston Russell
Preston Russell 2 aylar önce
Awesome video,a great success. Congratulations!
ChasinKansasBass 2 aylar önce
I would love to work for you man I’m in Kansas but love the energy and this is the space I want to be in
ChasinKansasBass 2 aylar önce
I would literally eat saltines and sleep in a tent for a chance lol
Jonathanislas 2 aylar önce
Cant wait for part 2 man!
Martin Betzner
Martin Betzner 2 aylar önce
That hole in the bottom may have been the exhaust port or water intake. You may want to check before next time out.
Ali G
Ali G 2 aylar önce
@Derek Madden Its a simple plug hole. (screwed fitting)
Ali G
Ali G 2 aylar önce
@Chris clark (Mercury207)They aren't self bailing. The drain plug has to be removed or replaced manually from inside the boat. it's kept on a lanyard by the drain hole.
TheMcspreader 2 aylar önce
It might also have been a moon pool for mice but the likelihood is similar.
Landrum 2 aylar önce
I agree, very likely that hole is a subsurface exhaust or intake for sea water engine cooling.
Derek Madden
Derek Madden 2 aylar önce
@J did you even read the original comment you’re replying to? There are more possibilities for the hole rather than simply a plug hole. Regardless, I didn’t speculate one way or the other. I just corrected your original comment. If you’ve ever been around big boats you would know there are many reasons why a hole could be found on the hull of a boat.
TVill29 2 aylar önce
So hyped for you that’s so damn cool!!!!
Walter Steenvoorden
Walter Steenvoorden 2 aylar önce
Seen these on cruiseships as lifeboats. Modern types can even provide entrance for people with physical disabilities.
lucian warren
lucian warren 2 aylar önce
I thought it was the same life boat in southern harbor. Cool to know it actually is 😂 if you ever need help with working on it or any help with any projects let me know. I live on county road 222. When I seen it I was like wait a minute is that the same one? Or did someone else buy one too😂
Making Waves Presents
Making Waves Presents 2 aylar önce
it`s possable its the raw water inlet you blocked up from the position under the boat, most marine engins are cooled by a heat exchanger and pass raw water out of the exhaust, as no water was comming out of the exhaust it was possably the engine overheating that set off the alarms.
big d
big d 2 aylar önce
"Ive never bought a boat that actually works" spoken like a true face book marketplace professional.
ben helie
ben helie Aylar önce
I subscribed because this interests me. Fishing is in your name, I want to see some people fishing out this bad boy
Noah Gossett
Noah Gossett 2 aylar önce
A nice rough sanding on the fiberglass will help adhesives for your patch work
Quinnebaug 2 aylar önce
Do you think it'd be wroth moving the ignition/kill switch to the drivers cab?
CRUecke 2 aylar önce
I would check if the hole you patched was actually the exhaust port for the motor. It looked almost perfectly round.
TimmyNoShoe 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure on the first video they said it was cut in to drain water from the inside while it was sat on dry land
rickss69 2 aylar önce
That was the first clue for sure...
Errol Pippin
Errol Pippin 2 aylar önce
You need to use a brush and coat the surface first then put your cloth on and stipple it with more resin and you should have removed paint to access the raw fiberglass so as to achieve adhesion and then add multiple layers
Alienated To The World
Well at least with the fumes the boat also passed the flatulence test lol
Liamlaoch 2 aylar önce
Bro this would make a kick ass weekend boat for a couple. Pretty much do a van life build but on a life boat.
The Representative
The Representative 2 aylar önce
Congratulations Brother 🎉🎉❤
Elam Fisher
Elam Fisher 2 aylar önce
Yes!!! Freaking love your content!! Thanks so much for the many hours of amazing content. Nothing makes me forget a stressful day like a new Ayo video!!!
Riordan Henry
Riordan Henry 2 aylar önce
An actual launch is probably out of the question. Next best thing: you + 63 more people. The Party Bouy Also, when you finally fish on this thing, you're a lot less likely to drop your bass back into the lake hehehe
Lobot Aylar önce
That's the doomsday boat for sure. lol Pretty awesome!
Simple Ranch
Simple Ranch Aylar önce
Great video! Had my attention the whole time.
Schalk Burger
Schalk Burger 2 aylar önce
I think the hole you plugged might have been the fume outlet?
Zwifting With Granny
Zwifting With Granny 2 aylar önce
Please, please, please give us videos of yours more often. It's the highlight of my day when I see you have a new video out. I don't care what it's about. The chemistry you have with Davey and also with Norm are the best. You can handle it yourself or you can do collabs with them, you can do it all. Your comedic timing is impeccable, your delivery is perfect and the facial expressions and camera stares just are right on target. Thank you for putting this video out today. My dog died last night and your video is the first time I've cracked a smile all day.
Zwifting With Granny
@Becca Thib Thank you so much.
Becca Thib
Becca Thib Aylar önce
I'm sorry about your dog dying. It's the saddest thing in the world...🙏
Zwifting With Granny
Zwifting With Granny 2 aylar önce
@Tyler Woody agreed, but he did also say he was looking for a new camera/editing guy. Whoever the current person is does a great job. An excellent job. But possible someone in the future might be able to provide us with more content. That's my hope anyway. If not, I will just look forward to the videos as they come out.
Tyler Woody
Tyler Woody 2 aylar önce
Quality over quantity
Zwifting With Granny
Zwifting With Granny 2 aylar önce
@Loaves & Fishes isn't that the truth.
warren thomas
warren thomas 2 aylar önce
Did he ever mention what he paid for it?? I can see this being used for overnight stays or even a lakeside bar & grill. Cutting away most of the side walls and putting windows in and you got something that no one will forget
Chicken_dude1 2 aylar önce
they use acid to get the bottoms of boats back to condition again, no need to repaint, use muriatic acid diluted with a little water and a crap broom (it will melt a little) and if your getting carbon monoxide into the engine compartment it will kill your engine power aswell, MUST be an exhuast leak, fiberglass repair is like welding (prep wise) you just have to grind away alot more material to have enough surface area to hold on to when you lay up the glass and make sure to follow up with a good amount of gelcoat for durability
Lee Gliddon
Lee Gliddon 2 aylar önce
You rock dude! That was cool.
live lurked
live lurked 2 aylar önce
Dude that engine looks CLEAN
ML Pencola
ML Pencola 2 aylar önce
I wondered what happened to this vessel!?! Ayo, you should be soooo proud of how far you have coming doing these amazing repairs on your own! Very impressed!
Kinsey Cushman
Kinsey Cushman 2 aylar önce
I work on these for a living! They're decommissioning a lot of usns ships
Larry Anderson
Larry Anderson 2 aylar önce
Make it into a weekend fishing lodge. Like a man cave tiny home for fishing
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