Watching the FIRST Middle and LAST episode of *GREY'S ANATOMY* - Reaction

Tyler Alexander
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So it turns out Disney+ lied to me and Grey's Anatomy hasn't ended but we watch the last ep of Season 18! This is my first time watching ep 1, Season 8 ep 12, and the 'last' ep. Want more Grey's Anatomy content? Let me know in the comments.

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9 Ağu 2022




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Amanda 7 aylar önce
The intro was taken out because it was "too sexual" I think it was a good intro too. Also, Meredith has 3 kids one adopted , 2 gave birth to
gigga143 7 aylar önce
is that why they took it out? i never heard that, it was like it just disappeared. i still miss the song.
emma mel
emma mel 7 aylar önce
ahhhh i loved this!! i’d love to see you react to more Greys episodes, the better ones! if you do, my suggestions are: S2 E17, S3 E15&E16, S6 E1, S6 E23&E24, S8 E24, S11 E21 and S12 E9 😁😁
sarah mckee
sarah mckee 2 aylar önce
I'd add 14x20 as well. Hilarious episode!
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 2 aylar önce
@Caitlyn Conboy I mean sensitive guys can't take emotional drama women are stronger
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 2 aylar önce
@Caitlyn Conboy pardon I did apologize for any spoilers but he asked in the clip when did Derek die
Caitlyn Conboy
Caitlyn Conboy 2 aylar önce
@Stuart O'Mahony Uhhh...what?
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
@emma mel he's a man he won't watch 17 seasons of that emotional crap we're not built for it ha woman are to be fair
lexu 4 aylar önce
You were kinda right, season 18 was the last season, thats why the last episode is full of flashbacks! In season 19 there is a new set of interns that they focus on and Meredith Grey doesn't have much screentime, so yeah, season 18 was the end for her, for the hospital that we used to know since season 1.
Tyler Alexander
Tyler Alexander 4 aylar önce
Ohhh epic, good to know. Thanks 😊
Angie Ray Smith
Angie Ray Smith 4 aylar önce
Anybody else here after watching all 18 seasons and have moved on to 19, not missing a single episode? I LOVE watching other people react to this iconic, timeless, legendary work of art. Well done to Shonda Rimes. Such a gift to the world. Especially to us stay at home moms, who need something of their own.... Something that excites us, allows us to escape, and something to inspire us. This pertains to other shows like Station 19, HTGAWM and Scandal. I didn't jump on the Grey's bandwagon when it first aired. I would see an episode or excerpt from the show, but I didn't watch it until about a year ago. Binged it in just a few weeks, because I couldn't stop. Love your vibe. First video of yours I've ever seen. Will be back for more.
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
There's a new season they're giving it the scrubs season nine treatment new interns and minor appearances from the old cast
i just crushed chip baby karev
you’re very right. they all die😍 george (the creepy one from episode 1), derek (the red shirt guy), lexie (meredith’s sister), mark (they guy who won’t say i love you), ellis (meredith’s mother) and many more all died and then pretty much everyone else except meredith, bailey (nazi), and richard (10,000th surgery guy) are the only ones who stay
Mxame 7 aylar önce
Loved this reaction. You should do the big episodes the other user listed here.
Tyler Alexander
Tyler Alexander 7 aylar önce
Thank you! 😊🙏
Luuu21 3 aylar önce
I loved your reaction! Finally someone who comments honestly without trying to joke about everything but still gives entertaining commentary!
Eveliina Asuinmaa
Eveliina Asuinmaa 4 aylar önce
This is truly the most painful series but the fans of it LOVE it sooo much!
Julie Skousen
Julie Skousen 6 aylar önce
I am watching Grey's Anatomy for the second time this half year :) Love it
emma mel
emma mel 7 aylar önce
Tyler Alexander
Tyler Alexander 7 aylar önce
Ooooohhhhhh 👀
Systems Science & Maths
I personally gave up after season 10, when one too many of the original cast had left, and too many of the newer characters were extremely annoying. But the show has a way of sucking you in with melodrama contrasted with dark, often-inappropriate humor; the actors are mostly quite good, aesthetically pleasing, and there's a lot of sex.
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw 6 aylar önce
@Tyler Alexander Yup, I totally agree, it’s like a different show after s10. I really enjoyed this and I hope I see more Greys reactions from you!
Tyler Alexander
Tyler Alexander 7 aylar önce
Sex, you say? 👀😂 fr though even after just 3 eps I got this impression. I kinda felt bonded with the ogs in ep 1 and was sad when they weren't all in the 'last'. Not that they'd ever have kept the same cast all 18 seasons ofc 😂
Lylelaine Aylar önce
This is my first time in your channel and I really love the reaction and review! I would like to suggest 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy (season 2 ep 16 & 17) and see if you get hooked! Looking forward to watching more grey's reaction from you!
A Day in My Life
A Day in My Life 2 aylar önce
So I've watched you do a couple of these now and I would like to suggest doing True Blood. And as fun as this was to watch it's almost impossible to figure anything out from only 3 episodes from 18 seasons there is so so much story in history that you miss out on.
Oliver Harris
Oliver Harris 4 aylar önce
Lmao I want you to react to all the major eps. And Station 19 too. I love your reactions 😂
Charissa Kay
Charissa Kay Aylar önce
it wouldn't take you 20 years. S1-3 would take you a day to binge lol (and you would). The mood ebbs and flows, but it's a heavy ride. I am actually not ready to let go of my journey with grey's, so I haven't completed s18. I don't plan to start 19, I am done keeping up with the show, but I am not done savoring the rest of it's run on rewatches lol. I hadn't seen s18 finale and with all those flashbacks I'd be bawling from the nostalgia of the journey lol.
Jeune tan
Jeune tan 5 aylar önce
I love your reaction! More please from Grey's!!!
Sniper_Bird 5 aylar önce
Doctors/all these workers in this do get a room that they can sleep in when they have a break. Edit: the room I think is called a Call Room, and yes they are always up Edit: Yes we all have enough trauma, and thx for making me laugh
Sophie😻 7 aylar önce
Sophie😻 7 aylar önce
@Tyler Alexander aaa yay! Ofc!
Tyler Alexander
Tyler Alexander 7 aylar önce
Thank you! Thanks for the recommendation, definitely will be looking to watch more eps in future 😊
Sheylin Madrigal
Sheylin Madrigal 5 aylar önce
I remember watching this during lockdown I got through all 16 seasons and then when the 17th came out I started watching but sadly never got around to finishing it but I’ll definitely get to that also great video
Anna.Drozdz 5 aylar önce
The first 3 seasons had theme song, I love this show for all the drama and trauma that it gave me
Caitlyn Conboy
Caitlyn Conboy 2 aylar önce
"If it didn't take 20 years of my life I may actually watch it" 😆 Same.
Katie White
Katie White 20 gün önce
Cristina has her own state of the art research lab in Europe (forget which country). She left in season 10.
Amanda 7 aylar önce
The whole " now you think I'm gay" is a joke because the guy who plays George is actually gay
Allison Castle
Allison Castle 3 aylar önce
@Mags I’m pretty sure he was out to his costars considering the reason Isaiah Washington was fired was for calling him a f*ggot when he was angry about him being late… it was an intentional insult
Mags 5 aylar önce
no it’s not, the actors wasn’t out to the public at the time and since it’s the first episode maybe also not to his costars
Darth Severus
Darth Severus 6 aylar önce
He is? Huh, didn't know that
Cullen Bloodstone
Cullen Bloodstone 6 aylar önce
oh this was great, I'd watch more of this
Bugaloo 7 aylar önce
The show is still ongoing and S19 is to premiere on Oct 6th
Cuttin-Edge Video
Cuttin-Edge Video 14 gün önce
"Where's the douche from the 1st episode?" Aw, RIP George Also... "Where's Christina?" 😢 my favorite character
This was a blast. You should try Gilmore Girls or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 💕
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
I didn't know it finished for good I thought there was more episodes left
Season 2 had so many episodes because the first few episodes that season were technically the last episodes of season 1
Meg Watrin
Meg Watrin 4 aylar önce
First video of your channel that I watched and loveeeed it! I'm already searching for more
jlerrickson 4 aylar önce
What an odd combination of episodes. FYI if you had stuck with the season 17 finale there wouldn't have been any alzheimers 😆
Jamal Wills
Jamal Wills 3 aylar önce
I don’t usually watch reactions to shows I haven’t seen before. I can’t say whether or not I have seen an episode. I’m pretty lost on just the pilot. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Probably why I mostly just watch Buffy/Angel reactions. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen those series and how many reactions to the entire series I’ve seen. I think I know those shows better than the back of my hand. Little chance of getting lost there.
Alison M
Alison M Aylar önce
There’s a running joke in the healthcare community to avoid hospitals during July bc the new doctors start July 1 every year 😹 (obvs go to the hospital if you need it ppl) 4:05
sarah mckee
sarah mckee 2 aylar önce
Season 14 episode 20. Hilarious 😂
TechChick Aylar önce
I highly recommend the musical episode Season 7, Episode 18.
Cat Monin
Cat Monin 6 aylar önce
I know it’s long, but I would still definitely recommend the watch, at least up until Derek dies
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
Loretta devine was the singing lady she was in urban legend funny actress
Karen McQueeney
Karen McQueeney 4 aylar önce
I’m new to your channel and I love your videos! I did subscribe and liked. Also I love your accent!
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
Quiff guy was Luke in the OC
Darth Severus
Darth Severus 6 aylar önce
God I miss this show, the next season can't get here soon enough 13:35 ok I _need_ you to understand that they absolutely are *not* 26:31 I wanna say.. Sweden. I think that's right
Mags 5 aylar önce
more like switzerland but yeah
{urav1ty714} 7 aylar önce
I watched greys all 18 season 2 times
TheoRohan 7 aylar önce
why would you tell me about a sandwich and then ask me to forget it?
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
Dr mcdreamy was the nickname Derek shepherd was the name
{urav1ty714} 7 aylar önce
But u missed the deaths so that why u think that of the last ep
{urav1ty714} 7 aylar önce
Watch the whole show every one dies
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
Christina took a job in another hospital
Mal Carlos
Mal Carlos 2 gün önce
Can you react to pretty little liars and Chicago med please
TheoRohan 7 aylar önce
Stuart O'Mahony
Stuart O'Mahony 3 aylar önce
Car crash Derek shepherd died no Christina didn't die
Emma 2 aylar önce
this show is a mix of depression, heavy over the top dramatism, and serious real world subjects being told in a super preachy way. stopped watching after a while.
nina had.
nina had. 3 aylar önce
If you don’t react to more, I will check myself into the hospital. Take this responsibility as you please. I NEED it. 🫠😍
everything wrong with grey's anatomy...
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