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Today we're watching only the First and Last episode of The Originals! This is also my reaction and commentary for The Originals!

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25 Haz 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Char Yıl önce
this show is incredible. the only spinoff that actually outdid the original show 🙌
corpshu 8 aylar önce
@Lizziee M yes omg same. I watched TO to then figure out it was a spinoff and then decided to watch tvd
Mechelle M
Mechelle M 10 aylar önce
100% agreed
bookworm_MJ 11 aylar önce
@funquasimodo it’s really not.
caleb Yıl önce
LOL but which show got the awards, better acclaim and more viewer ratings???you can't praise the originals without comparing it to tvd. Vampire Diaries is the standard
tori nicole shorts
aiimen Yıl önce
"these shows have a problem of not being able to kill off main characters" *Josh, Aiden, Haley, Jackson, Camille and Finn*: 👁️👄👁️
HDuffLover2011 2 aylar önce
Davina died for a long time
Originally Viv
Originally Viv 3 aylar önce
you’re forgetting the actual main characters😭 klaus and elijah
Jadira Grootfaam
Jadira Grootfaam 3 aylar önce
Finn really got done dirty man how u come back a billion times and you keep dying within the day with is wrong with you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Valentina 4 aylar önce
@Ana Helen Aragão lol I know but I was talking throughout the Show ofc they can’t come back when they die in the last episode
Ana Helen Aragão
Ana Helen Aragão 4 aylar önce
@Valentina SPOILER ALERT ⚠️ Klaus n Elijah die on the last ep of TO.
Julia Soares
Julia Soares Yıl önce
Nooo way, he called Klaus’s father papa original, just like Damon did in TVd 🤣🤣
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan 2 aylar önce
@itJourney Haris 😊
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan 2 aylar önce
itJourney Haris
itJourney Haris 9 aylar önce
Laura Isaza
Laura Isaza Yıl önce
The originals is so much better than TVD, it didn’t deal with petty teenage drama; at the center it was about the unbreakable bond of family especially between siblings, and how family is not simply whom who share blood with ❤️
Thierrry_Rat 3 aylar önce
@Gaming with Sushioh yeah sure . Lol not Hayley having a baby with a dude falling in love with his brother then marrying a mother guy. That’s not crazy love triangles at all /j
Tariizm1 4 aylar önce
@Harley Queen 👑 Aurora, Lucien, Dahlia, Inadu, Mikael and many others left the cheat
DI D 6 aylar önce
@Harley Queen 👑 sorry but just the originals alone are way more iconic than those two lmao
Leia Armer
Leia Armer Yıl önce
And that is why I couldn't get into TVD
moo Yıl önce
@Harley Queen 👑 dahlia and Aurora were more interesting and more scary compared to them.
Rosie’s Edits
Rosie’s Edits Yıl önce
Sired2hope Yıl önce
Diana Lacanaria
Diana Lacanaria Yıl önce
"these shows have a problem with not being able to kill off their original characters" klaus and elijah after a few minutes: 💀💀
Esmeray Nighthallow
Hayley and Finn (he IS an original) already in their grave-
Mia77 Yıl önce
mm mm Oh your saying dead and daggered are the same thing. Ok then
Mia77 Yıl önce
mm mm So then how is he like Finn? Finn was alive for most of the story (minus the maybe 5 years after Donovan killed him, complete guess here) whereas Henrik was dead since he was young and was never resurrected
Mia77 Yıl önce
mm mm Henrik wasn’t resurrected tho
Kallai Elle
Kallai Elle Yıl önce
@Jacob Keiser yea
katherine Yıl önce
fun fact: the blonde girl that Klaus was with at the end is Caroline from the vampire diaries. they had kinda interesting relationship between them. and Caroline was also the one who married Stefan Salvatore!
Nel Diamond
Nel Diamond Yıl önce
@sarah kolakowski talk about being “sensitive over comments nowadays” 🙄
Nel Diamond
Nel Diamond Yıl önce
@sarah kolakowski he mentioned Caroline multiple times in his TVD video. He even said he wanted her to die lol. It is sad that he didn’t recognize her. I would love to have seen his reaction when he realized that not only did she make it to the end of TVD but also to the end of TO when he originally wanted her to be killed in S1 of TVD 😂
Ambush Yıl önce
Yeah i feel sad for her 😢 her husband died on the day they got married
Γιώργος Παχουλάκης
Elijah chose to die because he feels responsible for the death of hopes mother who also was the love of his life. He doesn’t feel like he has anything to do or to achieve in his life without klaus, trying to make him come to redemption, or Hayley (hopes mum), to build a life with.
Wrdll_EFM Yıl önce
"They seem to have a lot of family issues." Bit of an understatement
Kate Yıl önce
This series is actually worth the full watch. There isn't a bad season. It's one of those rare spinoffs that really outshines the original. By miles, to me. It's better written, better acted, and just more interesting.
kayisire Yıl önce
definitely! i haven't seen any other show that tops it , it is a 10/10 in acting, storyline and everything. i never reached a point where i was tired of watching unlike other shows
Sol Yıl önce
Gabrielle Griffis
Elijah fell in love with Hayley throughout the show but then had his memories erased when he and his siblings got the dark magic put in them and had to run to the 4 corners of the earth forever because couldn't stay away from his family and so he didn't remember Hayley when she was in danger and she ended up dying to save her daughter cause Elijah didn't save her and that's why he was down to kill himself because he lost the love of his life
Queen Erica
Queen Erica Yıl önce
Klaus daughter hope is a tribrid a vampire a werewolf and a witch the most powerful creature
Freiya's Wand
Freiya's Wand Yıl önce
@David Mayo and I'm so glad they got rid of Malivore.. That tired ass storyline was way outta line 😂 they done drag this thing around for 4 seasons. It should have ended in season 2. I totally agree with you on everything you've said, That Doppelganger Bih is really something 😂 I hope they'll give us what we need now that there's no monsters.
David Mayo
David Mayo Yıl önce
@Freiya's Wand no no I understand I love the originals and vampire diaries I need them to go dark. Like Stefan without his humanity dark.. I need some like dark witches coming through... There are a lot of vampires that klaus turned I need so see them come thru.... And just for the views alone I bring back katherine... You know how much damage she would do to that school how many people she would kill... To the vampires in the originals and vampire diaries always had a plan b even the witches were powerful... The witches in season 1 of originals were super strong they literally brought back dead witches to create a weapon to like paralyze Klaus.. like I'm tired of the teen drama let's bring some adults in the show
Freiya's Wand
Freiya's Wand Yıl önce
@David Mayo for sure there is but with good training she can be the most powerful supernatural out there and I'd be a thing to see 😍. I'm currently re-watching The Originals and if they keep the darker tone we've been getting since season 4 of legacies Hope will do marvels. Josie & Lizzie have huge potential too & I don't understand why they didn't make one of her an heretic or at least try to go in that direction.. Sorry I went way overboard I got carried away, I love this universe so much.
David Mayo
David Mayo Yıl önce
@Freiya's Wand yes now's she tribrid... I wouldn't necessarily say she is the strongest because they are witches and other vampires that are very smart...
Freiya's Wand
Freiya's Wand Yıl önce
@David Mayo well it just happened in season 4 episode 4 😁
Bella Yıl önce
Hayley (the mother) died in the last season, it’s kind of a long story but she basically killed herself and a villain at the time to save them by throwing them both in the sun where they burnt alive 👍🏻
mr.magicw Yıl önce
I screamed when she died, MY QUEEN HAYLEY died and that broke me.
laperkin Yıl önce
Saddest episode ever
Mia77 Yıl önce
@Salma Gehad To him Hayley wasn’t innocent, she was harming his soon to be nephew. Also just being told you were in love with someone doesn’t make you in love with them. They met eachother once and had a connection, it’s not like they spent 7 years together that he could remember (unlike he and Antionette)
Salma Gehad
Salma Gehad Yıl önce
@Mia77 well i obviously don't like either greta , roman or Antoinette they ARE the villians but im just saying if Elijah did something hayley would still be alive ,whether he had his memories or not he saw an innocent woman whom he was told was the love of his life being killed and did nothing to stop it
Mia77 Yıl önce
@Salma Gehad It was also Hopes, Romans, Greta’s and Antionettes
Maria Clara
Maria Clara Yıl önce
What do you mean you didn't watch this series? Best series in the world😍. I love watching and seeing everyone's evolution. Hayley (Hope's mother) sacrificed herself for hope a few episodes ago, and in this episode her father and uncle sacrificed themselves catching the ´´sickness´´ that hope had. Anyway, hope was practically alone, unfortunately🤧
Vanessa Pattemore
Vanessa Pattemore 3 aylar önce
It’s hilarious to watch you be so confident in your answer and be either perfectly on point or completely and utterly wrong! 😂 You should watch this whole series to see how your predictions lay out
Ilona Coene
Ilona Coene Yıl önce
“their parents must’ve hated them” well that’s an understatement
Peter Fedorchuk
Peter Fedorchuk Yıl önce
Your question on their youngest brother Kol: no, he was introduced in Vampire Diaries but he was also killed in TVD as well. That young witch you saw from the first episode in this video actually helped bring him back from the dead and they end up together. (He played a different character for a little while as a witch in this show as well). Question on Haley’s death: yea that’s a complex answer. Elijah was sort of unfortunately part of her cause of death. He had his memory erased at one point and when she was being attacked, he didn’t recognize her and she ran into the sun and was burned to death. (Someone extracted the werewolf gene out of her, so without it, the sun burned her to death since she was no longer a hybrid but just a vampire with no daylight ring).
Alliana Kelley
Alliana Kelley Yıl önce
The thing about Marcel is that technically, he was never the villain. Klaus raised Marcel from when Marcel was a child, turned him into a vampire but then left him thinking his father had killed him. Through out the show, they had betrayed Marcel countless of times. Also Kol (the guy you were questioning) was revealed in The Vampire Diaries and Freya was revealed as a secret sister they didn't know about in season 2 of the Originals. Also, yes there was a time jump in season 4.
Allie Barnett
Allie Barnett Yıl önce
@kadi never any fun always the mamas boy
Nel Diamond
Nel Diamond Yıl önce
@Mia77 yeah S4 had a 5 yr time jump and S5 had a 7 yr time jump
ayeeethatsdeee !!
Marcel got mad at Klaus and ended up telling their father where they where and they assumed he died in the fire so marcel took over New Orleans the place they started
Priel ThePrune
Priel ThePrune Yıl önce
@Sana I don’t agree
Sana Yıl önce
@Priel ThePrune. On the individual level, he was just as bad of a friend to Klaus as Klaus was to him, if not worse in my opinion. However, Klaus excepted responsibility for his actions and apologized, that shows grows. Marcel felt justified in his actions till the end, blaming everyone but himself. That’s why I liked him a little less by the later seasons, not because he made mistakes, but because he acted self righteous, as if he never done anything wrong. I do agree that he had a right to blame Kol, Fraya and Elijah for Davina. Other than that, he doesn’t have much moral ground in my opinion.
alex :]
alex :] Yıl önce
The originals are so powerfull because of their strenght. The older you get, the stronger you are, and they are the oldest vampires existing, so they are very strong. They can also compell other vampires, which normal vampires cant do. And they also cant be killed, because they have to be staked through the heart with the white oak (wood) steak, but they burned down the tree so its very complicated to kill them now. So they are super strong, can do things normal vampires cant do and they cant die. No wonder everyone fears them, i would too.
s Yıl önce
@Wgnd1 Marcel is not the same as an original (as alaric was), he is like a heightened version of klaus specifically because he has the werewolf venom.
Wgnd1 Yıl önce
@Stantwice he is now a orginal too (in the wikia is called enhanced original vampire)
Stantwice Yıl önce
But Marcel(I forgot how to spell his name) is also very powerful
ani Yıl önce
I love themmmmmm
Psychic Yıl önce
Don’t forget the sire bond
Acadia Clements
Acadia Clements Yıl önce
I love that Kol was technically in the first episode (in the coffin.) and he didn't notice lol
Mika Rosen
Mika Rosen Yıl önce
Never seen this show Started sobbing to the end
Movies in Depth
Movies in Depth Yıl önce
Jean Nguyen
Jean Nguyen Yıl önce
You’re a monster for ruining The Originals for yourself like this! It’s one of the best shows ever!
caleb Yıl önce
@moo I literally like more mature content I just think if we compare both shows (tvd and to) when they were at their peak (season 1-3) vampire diaries is better
moo Yıl önce
@caleb it is good overall, depends on your taste actually if you want cheesy high school love and drama then originals isn't for you
caleb Yıl önce
@Jean Nguyen season 3 wasn't consistent at all please
Jean Nguyen
Jean Nguyen Yıl önce
@caleb Really? Season 3 was my favourite.
caleb Yıl önce
you give the originals a little too much. It wasn't good after season 2
Sol Yıl önce
Thank you for this, this is one of my favorite shows. This gave me several goods laughs and i love your lighting!! 💗 :))
Tia Bronder
Tia Bronder Yıl önce
A hybrid is in simple terms a werewolf and a vampire but it’s a lot more complicated. The originals are the very first vampires to ever be created and they were created by their witch mother because of a werewolf problem. It’s all very long and sometimes confusing.
Meyah Patterson
Meyah Patterson Yıl önce
klaus’ blood cures EVERY werewolf bite not only his own bites
Charity Gaba
Charity Gaba Yıl önce
And hope
Mia77 Yıl önce
@Veronica Steblynska They said werewolf bites, the serum doesn’t make you a werewolf
Veronica Steblynska
Except the serums bite
ni ki
ni ki Yıl önce
even the bits of the finale got me teared up
Teresa Anya
Teresa Anya Yıl önce
The fact that I teared up during this video. The ending really was so heartbreakingly beautiful.
Abbie Davis
Abbie Davis Yıl önce
I dont understand why nobody's talking about hayley and Elijah's relationship. They fell in love through out the show and she died and that why Elijah wants to die because he see no future without her I'm just mad because we didn't get to see their happy ending because that was a big storyline carried out all the season in the show
Ashlynn Villegas
Ashlynn Villegas Yıl önce
I wish he would’ve watched the episode of where Elijah gets him memories back of hayley and Hayley’s death so he can understand how she died and how much he loved her
dhara Yıl önce
exactly! the writers really stressed the whole "dance in the next life" thing, and we didn't even get to see it.
Tahys Yıl önce
@ツ_iTzRiazPvP He always did this in the hope of future redemption for klaus. In addition the mikaelson family betrays itself 1000 times yet at the end of the day it is a trademark, Klaus does not make things easy even if his paranoia is sometimes legitimate. Whatever Elijah says he's dragged to klaus and he loved him more than anything he even said that he loved him the way klaus loved hope and that the redemption of klaus is his reason of life.
Abbie Davis
Abbie Davis Yıl önce
@Tahys You are not wrong I wasnt saying that he would pick hayley over klaus I was just saying there was nothing left for him to live because like you said he lived to make klaus be a better person
Tahys Yıl önce
Elijah loved Hayley with all his heart, but Klaus was HIS life, his reason of living. He never loved anyone more than Klaus, he loved him the same way Klaus loved hope. If you think Elijah would chose Hayley over Klaus you are wrong. Even with Hayley alive he would died with Klaus, a Elijah surviving his brother would break his character ans would be a tragedy. Sorry for mistakes I'm French.
HDuffLover2011 2 aylar önce
Caroline was the girl Klaus fell in love with on Vampire Diaries the Original show but he was a villain so she couldn't be with him. She had to stick with her friends. She was the character he cared about on the Original show. The entire Mikaelson Family except Freya was on TVD first
Kristen Waskie
Kristen Waskie Yıl önce
The Originals is so superior to the Vampire Diaries, it's like Game of Thrones with Witches, Vampires & Werewolves. You barely scratched the surface. But let it in and it WILL destroy you.
Harley Queen 👑
hey I like TVD! 😭
Mia77 Yıl önce
It’s soo much better and so much sadder. It did destroy me 😭
Kristen Waskie
Kristen Waskie Yıl önce
@Debating Diva I literally cannot stop watching it. Finish season 5 again? Start it over!
Debating Diva
Debating Diva Yıl önce
It's the best.. there's no other series that made me emotional
Ekamdeep Kaur
Ekamdeep Kaur Yıl önce
"Their parents must've hated them." Understatement of the century.
Nola Fully
Nola Fully Yıl önce
We’ve always known about Kol but Freya was there oldest long lost sister who we thought was dead.
Jaylynn Angelin
Jaylynn Angelin Yıl önce
The brother, Kol, was introduced in The Vampire Diaries and killed off in that show. Davina, the teenage witch in the first episodes brings him back to life. He has a small arc in both shows. He comes back as a human/witch tho. Their mother was a witch so their family is a line of witches. So that why Hope and Freya are witches too.
wdw limelight
wdw limelight Yıl önce
hayley(the mother) died bc she lost her werewolf side and became just a vampire. hayley didnt have a daylight ring. she sacrificed herself by throwing herself and the villain in the sun so yeah. also hope rly doesnt like elijah, since it was also kinda his fault that hayley died since he didnt have any memories of hayley or his family, he stopped klaus when he was trying to save hayley.
Mia77 Yıl önce
@Cassie She doesn’t catch fire because of Greta, she catches fire because they bound her werewolf side and she became full vampire, meaning she would catch fire in the sun without a daylight ring
sarah kolakowski
sarah kolakowski Yıl önce
@Harmony Thompson they are still technically hybrids. They never stop just because a part of them is binded. They do need the daylight ring. Once they are a hybrid though they never stop being one. That's why when they were going against klaus in the beginning they called him the immortal hybrid, not the immortal vampire. They did say he would become a true hybrid with the sacrifice but even then klaus was always referred to as a hybrid even when he had his werewolf side bound. Same thing goes for hayley
sarah kolakowski
sarah kolakowski Yıl önce
@Harmony Thompson She still wanted to see her dad afterwards. She told him later that she was confused and he called her broken. Klaus was a very bad father. Reminded me alot like my biological mother a lot. Difference was that at least Klaus had a reason for leaving and he did love and care for his daughter.
Harmony Thompson
Harmony Thompson Yıl önce
@sarah kolakowski I know about the daylight ring part. They’re temporarily vampires but they still need a ring.
Alpaca Tales
Alpaca Tales Yıl önce
The kid is so much alive that she has their own spinn off and it's 3 season long so far
zaynah Yıl önce
"their parents must have HATED them" well u see...
Esmeray Nighthallow
laperkin Yıl önce
LMAO true
Mia77 Yıl önce
mm mm Dahlia was their aunt not their parents though
jess jasmin
jess jasmin Yıl önce
I literally screamed OH MY GOD when I read the title of this episode…. I don’t think I can rewatch the last episode it’s too painful.
jess jasmin
jess jasmin Yıl önce
@Parise Wellington nah I still would have cried but probably not nearly as much lmao. I cried the ENTIRE episode because I knew they were gonna die
Parise Wellington
It's them both killing each other🥺🥺 if only elijah died I would've been ok🙃
jess jasmin
jess jasmin Yıl önce
@Melisa because it was sad
Melisa Yıl önce
@Maria why
Wrdll_EFM Yıl önce
Hope still had Uncle Kol, Aunt Rebekah, Aunt Freya, Brother Marcel, Aunt Keelin, Aunt Davina. But Elijah definitely had some amazing memories with that little girl
Beth Yıl önce
Kol is actually the vampire in the casket with the dagger in his heart we see in the first episode. He was put into "a magical slumber" ( as Rebecca puts it ) for daring to refuse to board the ship to America from Europe as Klaus demanded every member of his family stayed with him at all times, until his father was killed, except for Elijah, who he trusted and also could never get daggered unless by surprise, like he did in this episode. Also I am of a mind he couldn't get Kol daggared without Elijah's help, either. Kol and Finn, the brother in the other casket, were actually killed in vampire diaries and were brought back to life in witches bodies the last episode of the fist season by their mother. Finn was pissed at his family for being left daggered for 900 years after their were all undaggered by Klaus who woke up being stabbed at the heart (the daggers don't work on him, because his a hybrid) and found all his family daggered! The funny thing is they just looked at Finn, who was a momma's boy, a buzzkill and a bore and would definetely have joined forces with their dad if he found ot Klaus was actually the one who murdered their mother, and thought what if we just left him like that? And so they did! Then when he comes back to life, Kol is killed again by Finn who is mad at him for turning on their mother and helping his brothes and sister! He was brought back to life in season 3 (in his original vampire body) again by Davina, who fell in love with him in season two when he was in the witch's body! Here's more information on Kol: trvid.com/video/video-PgbOrZHLkzI.html Here's some funny things on Finn: trvid.com/video/video-IYOlFYs5avkh.html
Ellio Coleman
Ellio Coleman Yıl önce
Also Hayley and Elijah were in love during most of the show, even if Hayley married and another werewolf at some point for the benefices of her werewolves pack. She was the love of his life and when she died (partially because of him) a part of died too and he never forgave himself. I think that's why he wanted to die with Klaus as he no longer had any purpose in life. I also think he would stayed for Hope he she had asks him to but they were not in the bests of terms after Hayley's death, she literally had a better relationship with everyone else.
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 2 aylar önce
Please watch the rest of this!!! i feel like you'd have some great input
jess jasmin
jess jasmin Yıl önce
19:16 he was introduced in the vampire diaries. He was one of the siblings that was daggered in a box at the beginning of the first episode
icekekiri Yıl önce
The Originals has changed the entire Vampire Diaries landscape when they were first introduced in Season 2. IMHO, after they left for the spinoff in Season 4, TVD just became less interesting. Also, their brother Kol was introduced during TVD. Only their sister Freya was introduced in The Originals.
Eren Gaby Reigns
Eren Gaby Reigns Yıl önce
You need to watch it out to the end to really get into it... Very solid spinoff 🙌🏾🙌🏾
genevieve mcknight
in 7:34, the reason why jane anne “gave up” her life to confirm hayley’s pregnancy was because witches weren’t allowed to do magic in the french quarter. marcel feared that it was a threat to all vampires in new orleans.
ganna zaalouk
ganna zaalouk Yıl önce
Freya was the long lost sister, Kol however was their brother that died in the vampire diaries and came back in season 2 of the originals
Megan Swistak
Megan Swistak Yıl önce
@Marcia Estrella We don’t talk about him.
ᴇᴍɪʟʏ ᴡᴀᴅsᴡᴏʀᴛʜ
@Marcia Estrella because nobody liked finn
Kimberly Olson
Kimberly Olson Yıl önce
then Kol died in the originals.
Marcia Estrella
Marcia Estrella Yıl önce
@madison kowardy i can't find your comment tho
madison kowardy
madison kowardy Yıl önce
@Marcia Estrella i did in my comment lol
Flare The Fox
Flare The Fox Yıl önce
Hayley had her werewolf side gone like klaus, and then sacrificed herself to carry down a villian by cutting off the villian’s finger (had the daylight ring, so now without this ring she would burn in the sun) and then grab her and go in the sun, where they both burned in the sun
All Review's
All Review's Yıl önce
The originals is not just a show, it's our emotion.
Alana A.
Alana A. Yıl önce
The originals are the first vampires in the world created by their mother the original witch. Niklaus was born a and werewolf and once turned a vampire he killed for the first time and finally got his werewolf powers making him a hybrid that can kill vampires with his bit and heal them from werewolf bites as well. The originals are 1,000 years and when the older they are the stronger they become. The originals can only be killed by white oak that made them vampires. There are 7 siblings Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, and henrik. Freya is not a vampire but is a witch. She was taken by their aunt to control her power. If I witch is turned into a vampire they loose the power to do magic. Henrik and Finn are dead. Hope is a tribrid so she is part witch, wolf and vampire. Kol was in one of the coffins in the beginning with one of the daggers that he stabbed Elijah with. The mom Hayley killed her self to save Hope. The originals dad was abusive to klaus when he grew up for some reason but when he found outlet he wasn’t his kid he killed his real dad.
Ryan Fox
Ryan Fox Yıl önce
Kol (the one who drove the car) he is the second youngest brother and he was daggered for a long time because he always used to obey the rules Klaus had set him and he brings bad boy energy
J H Yıl önce
Since I haven’t seen a comment mention this yet, but Klaus actually did have a therapist during the series that really helped him grow.
Kale Yıl önce
Time to explain what happened to Hope's mother! bear with me. So I don't remember exactly what happened but when Hope was a young child she got some kind of dark spirit stuck in her and was basically tearing her apart. so Rebekah, Klaus, Elijah and Kol (the youngest brother) all took a part of the dark spirit into themselves and they couldn't be near each other because it would just make spirit worse and possibly kill them, cause havoc or harm Hope. To avoid this, because Elijah's family means so much to him, he had his memories erased of basically all his family and things like that because he knew he would want to check up on his family, especially Klaus or Hope. He ends up moving to Paris, finding a girl and all of that. This girl happens to be the daughter of a somewhat evil person who tries to hurt or kill Hope and her mother or yadda yadda i dont exactly remember but it was rough. She also successfully kidnapped them by having her son take them to a house and her mother got worried so she was captured too. Klaus comes to help his family. Elijah and the girl he loves came to help her family. Klaus goes through the door to help Hayley (hopes mom), Elijah stabs him with a wooden stake, Hayley thought he was there for her, he wasnt. she realizes that. Forgot to mention that the lady that was trying to kill her was vampire, she was a hybrid at this time as well. they both had their rings off and the door was open so to save her child she rolled them both out of the door and they burnt in the sunlight. Later on, Elijah gets his memory back, this absolutely tears him apart, to the point where I don't think he was ever the same again until this last episode. Hayley and Elijah actually ended up loving each other a lot so him knowing he was somewhat responsible for the death of the one he loved was difficult for him. He said something in I think a fight about how over thousands (or hundreds) of years he always only gotten love 3 times. Once being before they were turned to vampires, the other being when they were helping make New Orleans and the third being Hayley.
shaima Yamine
shaima Yamine Yıl önce
Wow, u took ur time to write this, thank u♡
Nel Diamond
Nel Diamond Yıl önce
Aw it’s sad he missed aaallll the TVD and TO crossover stuff with Haley causing the expression triangle massacre, the Other Side imploding, Tyler kidnapping Haley, Katherine’s death, Stefan running from Reina, Hope going to the Salvatore school, the siphon twins putting the Hollow in Klaus, and then Caroline showing up at the end 😔
Fiona R
Fiona R Yıl önce
"Was he introduced in the end of the first season?" No he was introduced in the vampire diaries😂
Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez Yıl önce
Now, you NEED to watch all the show. This and the vampire diaries. The originals has introduced in TVD and it’s amazing!
Reality Reacts
Reality Reacts Aylar önce
I cried so hard at the end of that last episode
Wrdll_EFM Yıl önce
Basically Hope and her family where separated when she was 7. Her mom was the only one she could see. So she missed her dad. Emijah erased all his memories. Hope kidnapped Hayley (her mom), and accidently got her into trouble and the mom ended up dying when Hope was 15
Chocolate Queen
Chocolate Queen Yıl önce
Elijah actually fell in love with Hope's mother. He was also sort of the reason she was killed so it hits a lot harder because he decided to die because he felt too guilty and he had nothing to live for anymore.
Anurag Rai
Anurag Rai Yıl önce
First of all, the original vampires could only be killed by a 1000-year-old white oak stake and not by cutting their head off. Second, Hayley stepped into the sun without a daylight ring and burned to death.
Emily MacKay
Emily MacKay Yıl önce
ItzChloeAnn Yıl önce
Felicity Davies
Felicity Davies Yıl önce
The originals are literally the original vampires (hybrid in Klaus's case, and immortal witch in Freya's case). There are 7 siblings, 6 of them are introduced in the Vampire Diaries tv show those are Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik. Henrik dies to a werewolf, and so their father makes the mother turn all of the remaining children and himself into vampires. Klaus kills his mother after he finds out that Mikael isn't his father like his other siblings and his father is actually a werewolf and after his mother suppressed his werewolf side. Skip 1000 years to modern day and Klaus gets rids of his curse and becomes half vampire half werewolf again, kills his stepfather Mikael, and his mother after she returns from the dead; and people who hate the originals kills two of the other brother Finn and Kol (this isn't the last time they die, all of this happened in vampire diaries and they do return in originals but it's to long to talk about). In the last we see of the family altogether in vampire diaries is that Klaus and Haley slept together and she went to New Orleans. Obviously you seen the pilot of originals. Marcel and rebekah was together 200 years ago but Mikael found them and killed most of new Orleans people and got the originals running away, leaving Marcel behind. Marcel and rebekah become a will they won't they couple throughout originals. Pretty much Finn, Kol, the originals mother Ester and their father Mikael come back from the dead end of season 1/beginning of season 2 to deal with the original family. This is the season that Freya the oldest siblings of the originals gets introduced, as she was taken away by the originals aunt as payment to allow their mother to be fertile again, which led to Freya becoming an immortal witch trapped by her aunts will until she's free of her completely by end of season 2. There's a 5 year time jump between season 3 and 4, and then another like 6 year time jump between season 4 and 5 which makes hope the age she is qt the end of the show. Klaus in a way gets possessed by this old witch begin that wants to kill hope because she's so powerful, and so in the end he sacrifices himself to keep his daughter safe. Haley the mother dies earlier in the final season also saving her daughter from a vampire by throwing herself and that said vampire into the sunlight and burning them both to death. This made elijah upset as Haley was the love of his life and he believes that it was his fault that she died and that's why he killed himself with his brother at the end.
Mia77 Yıl önce
@natalia Yeah for sure
natalia Yıl önce
elijah didn’t kill himself because of hayley. he did it for klaus
Mia77 Yıl önce
@Felicity Davies Yeah lol. IMO he should’ve watched that episode of TVD and the first episode of TO
Felicity Davies
Felicity Davies Yıl önce
@Rafidah Rafique well he was asking questions about characters that were part of the family that he didn't know about because he hadn't watched TVD or the other episodes of originals. And I think people forget that the true pilot of the originals is actually an episode of TVD that had a lot more scenes to explain some things than the newer version released just for the originals tv series DVD
Rafidah Rafique
Rafidah Rafique Yıl önce
Damnnnn girlll!!! I really really like the way you summarized the whole Of The originals story that also started in TVD. *Hats off*
Aastha Sharma
Aastha Sharma Yıl önce
I just Love The originals ❤️thanks man for doing it.
Sophia Riley
Sophia Riley Yıl önce
Marcel is Klaus’s kid, adopted. Back in like 1407 or something but he was abused as a kid so klaus took him in and he was always an off and on enemy..
Ella Tomlinson
Ella Tomlinson Yıl önce
the fact he didn’t comment on caroline being there😫😫😫
barbzbitch Yıl önce
@Tori Bubu SHEEE ISSS thoooo
barbzbitch Yıl önce
BellaCatherine Yıl önce
Amir Mahadeo
Amir Mahadeo Yıl önce
Hayley, mama puppy, who is a pack alpha, and died in child birth but came back to life because she had the blood of a vampire (Her daughter, Hope, the abrakadabra puppy bat) still in her system and thus was in transition. She had to drink her child's blood to turn into a hybrid (Vampire Werewolf). She actually died in the last season. Basically Klaus (Papa puppy bat) had to leave New Orleans because he had 1/4 of a powerful spirit in him (the other siblings had the other 3 parts) and if 2 or more pieces were near each other, or near Hope, a bunch of shit would happen to ultimately end in the death of all first born persons. So papa puppy bat cut communications with baby abrakadabra puppy bat after she saw him mascara a family because he was loosing his mind. Baby abrakadabra puppy bat wanted to get his attention so she knocked out and kidnapped mama puppy bat and stuck her in a coffin. Later, baby abrakadabra puppy bat's love interest helped his mother attempt to kill baby abrakadabra puppy bat and mama puppy bat as revenge for papa puppy bat killing her husband. At that point, uncle bat (Elijah) had "amnesia" (He willingly had his mind wiped of "always and forever") and he was dating the sister of baby abrakadabra puppy bat's love interest. He had no memory of mama puppy bat, or his feelings for her, and ultimately played a hand in murdering her. In case u weren't following: abrakadabra - witch puppy - werewolf bat - vampire abrakadabra puppy bat - Hope (Tribrid) mama puppy bat - Hayley (unsired Hybrid) papa puppy bat - Klaus (Original Hybrid)
Champagne Mami
Champagne Mami Yıl önce
“He seems like a lovely choice to be a father” Me: He is🥰
M Thomas
M Thomas Yıl önce
Spoiler: Hope’s mom was kidnapped after Hope put her to sleep in a coffin to lure her father (Klaus) back to town. While in the coffin she was kidnapped. When Hope eventually found her Hayley (Hope’s mom) had a spell done to take her wolf side away to save Hope. The villain lady (who hates any creature that is not pure vampire) showed up. Hayley and Hope try to escape but it was daytime Hayley now being only a vampire with no daylight ring couldn’t leave and also couldn’t over power the lady. Klaus tried to save them. But Elijah had his memory wiped and didn’t know who his family was. He stopped Klaus. So Hayley sacrificed herself to kill the villain lady and save Hope.
HDuffLover2011 2 aylar önce
Hope got the talent from her father they are both incredible artists. Klaus never liked the modern ways. He prefers the old fashined ways of doing things. He is from a viking family in a viking time period with a father who was feared by all the villagers
Rutvi Patel🦋
Rutvi Patel🦋 Yıl önce
vampires' senses are higher as their emotions too... And klaus' mom(a witch) binded his warewolf side but he found a way to unbind it in the vampire diaries season 2 where aunt Jenna died too.. The second their head is back with their body it will heal... And that's also happened with Enzo in season 7 of TVD... And yeah if you try to rip their heart off it will grow back too... That's why originals are immortal... Their mom made them to protect them from warewolf after their one brother died by a warewolf bite... Originals can only die by a white oak stake in which is in mystic falls.. But Klaus buried all of them in season 3... So yeah but the last white oak is from the wickery bridge which is made by the Damon and he hand that to him...
Iliana Lipinski
Iliana Lipinski Yıl önce
Kol was actually introduced in Vampire Diaries! Freya was the long lost sister big reveal !
Rutvi Patel🦋
Rutvi Patel🦋 Yıl önce
The witches had an old voojoo that if they kill 16 year old four witches than they can have the power of their strong ancestors... Davina was one of them... Marcel saved her the other 3 witches died in that voojoo... And as Davina has powers of their ancestors she can see if anyone is doing magic in the quarter...
Triskel xx
Triskel xx Yıl önce
"I died for no f*cking reason" the words of Daniel (Elijah) himself😅😅 I like this scene/moment but it's true if you look at the whole picture it doesn't really make sense that he dies
Nel Diamond
Nel Diamond Yıl önce
I agree he definitely didn’t need to die. I think one of the reasons why they killed both Klaus and Elijah was because so many complained at the end of TVD saying that both Damon and Stefan should have died. It’s kind of sad that Elijah‘s storyline was always based on another character he never had his own life to live. Seems like terrible character development/ character arc. If I was Hope I would be pissed like “damn I guess even though I am your niece I guess I’m not worth living for” lol
Elena Căpităneanu
I think that he die because he didn t have anything for him alive his brother was about to die and his love of his life also die kind of by his hand, also hope didn t like him any more so his life was empathy.
Ella Mikaelson
Ella Mikaelson Yıl önce
I think they killed Elijah because if Klaus died than Elijah wouldn’t be able to clean Klaus’s mess up anymore. Elijah died because he couldn’t live without his half brother
bhliss Yıl önce
@jinminrolls Exactly. There was no way Elijah was going to be okay without BOTH Klaus and Hayley.
bhliss Yıl önce
@Triskel xx If you really look at it, there was a “life or death” reason behind it. Trust me, when the finale first aired, I didn't like the decision to kill them both at all. I thought it should've been Elijah that made the sacrifice because Hope needed her father. Looking back, it not only makes sense because they seem to want Hope to have a similar story to Elena, but the two of them have been by each other's side forever. In season 5, Klaus was distraught because he felt like he lost his best friend; his “lodestar” is what he said. There have been times when they've expressed that they can't do this without the other (season 3 finale comes to mind). Also, Elijah lost Hayley. It makes sense that he would want to die by his brother's side - his last reason for living. I can't imagine what he would be like without the two closest people in his life.
Lydia Brown
Lydia Brown Yıl önce
The fact that you said “papa original” 😂
Ximena Perez
Ximena Perez Yıl önce
yes just like Damon did lmao
gabby ruiz
gabby ruiz Yıl önce
the ending will make me sob every time i watch it
Monica Suyo
Monica Suyo Yıl önce
Elijah can DEFINITELY take care of all of them! And the HOTTEST VAMPIRE EVER! Daniel Gillies who plays Elijah is an incredible actor!!
Khira Kruspe
Khira Kruspe Yıl önce
Actually, the concept of "vampirates" is a thing, because there is a book series called like that ;) And in my opinion it's absolutely amazing ❤
Krish Agarwal
Krish Agarwal Yıl önce
you just missed a hell lot of thriller and fun this show is worth watching
mLouied Yıl önce
The younger brother was actually the one in the coffin on the first episode hahaha and in The Vampire Diaries he died, but with some magic, he, his mom, and their older brother hi-jacked witch bodies and be resurrected. Then he died again and was resurrected back with his original body by his girlfriend LOL
BeeLee Yıl önce
Marcel was never a villain. Klaus turned him when he was young and raised him (with Elijah kind of). In a way, making Marcel his first child? ... and brother-in-law...
Mia77 Yıl önce
He was kinda a villain in the first season
Nekolobe 6 aylar önce
Vampirates!!! Didn’t Dean try to bring that concept to life in Spn? 😂
Elijah Cox
Elijah Cox Yıl önce
Her mom became a hybrid, she was a werewolf and when hope was born she died, but she had hopes hybrid blood in her body. So she became a hybrid. Well in season 5 they removed her werewolf side so she became a regular vampire, and she was burned in the sun trying to kill the enemy (hybrids don’t burn in the sun)
Ever Swan
Ever Swan Yıl önce
Thank you so much for reacting to this show ! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it even for this two episodes ! Klaus and the originals was the best arc of the Vampire Diaries series so they deserved a show of their own 😁
arg Yıl önce
the originals actually a spin off which then shows hope (klaus’s daughter) after the events of this show. it’s called legacies and i believe they are actually shooting season 4 now, it’s nowhere near as good as the originals but the reason they had to kill of elijah and klaus is because the actors ended their contract with cw i assume therefore they needed an explanation for why they wouldn’t appear in legacies.
Emily Sowell
Emily Sowell Yıl önce
as someone who’s watched this show over and over a million times this is the funniest thing i’ve ever seen
virline honore
virline honore Yıl önce
6:00-6:03 she really is. hayley's a badass. honestly all the women in the show are and gorgeous
pinkbarbie Yıl önce
the characters staying alive makes sense if u watch the whole show uwu
Beakkkx 9 aylar önce
I understand why klaus had to die for the series and legacies to work since the actor didn’t want to continue but I will always wish klaus had lived for hope. Death and sacrifice isn’t the only way to redeem someone
Zoe Lundy
Zoe Lundy Yıl önce
I was not ready to watch this last episode with you. I cried for the last 15 minutes of this video. Also hope has her own show now
HDuffLover2011 2 aylar önce
a Tribrid is a Vampire, Witch and a Werewolf but Hope hasn't activated her Vampire side yet
lavander Yıl önce
The irony when he said about Kol that he's long lost brother that the thought was dead, and the it cut to Freya😂 Kol is the youngest brother and he already apppeared in the vampire diaries but he died and then in The Originals was brought back to life. Freya is the oldest sibling and every one thought she was dead so there was big reveal about her
Yusur Kassem
Yusur Kassem Yıl önce
Honestly I recommend you watch the entire thing even if you know the ending, it’s still worth it
Alpaca Tales
Alpaca Tales Yıl önce
Hailey, the super hot BEAUTIFUL little wolf who get turned into a vampire so she is a hibrid, die like 6 episodes ago but keep on showing as a ghost or in their mind/flashbacks when Elijah, who loves her, had being compelled by Marcel to forget their family and her (because the big plot of a dark force that they divide and put one piece in every original, so they have to remain far from each other to prevent it to raise again). Basically Hope was having a teenager bad day so she put her mother to magical sleep and kind of kidnapped her, but while she was kidnapped by their own daughter she get kidnapped by THE NAZIS, literally, a vampire supremacists who were Nazi back in the days and now want to end every hibrid. Elijah forgot about Hailey and his brothers and fell in love with the daughter of the Nazi leader, the woman who kidnapped Hailey. And Hope had a crush with the vampire son of the Nazi Leader. It's all a chaos with Elijah fighting for the Nazis, just because he loves that woman and doesn't really care about what's going on, and somehow Hailey when the Nazi break her chest and grab her hearth, rip off the Nazi "daylight ring" (a magical ring EVERYONE has to be able to be in sunlight without burning in flames) and jump with her to the sun, they both burn into flames. Elijah remember everything a few episodes after so he can be absolutely unhappy. And Hope will always blame herself for that. Although she keep being friend with the son of the Nazi woman.
Wrdll_EFM Yıl önce
Alright so Hope was born in s1. In s2 and 3 she was a baby/toddler. In s4 she was a 7 because there was a time jump. In s5 she's 15
Giuseppina Yıl önce
you really should've watched the whole series. This show is just breathtaking and beautiful to watch.
Jaylynn Angelin
Jaylynn Angelin Yıl önce
Hope goes on to her own spinoff show, which is why I feel like the writers killed off Klaus and Elijah. They literally go for all the seasons of Vampire Diaries and The Originals killing and bring back people from the dead but have no “this is how we save the day” Moment. Just kill them all off so we can start fresh with just the characters that we are writing into the next spinoff.
Cruella Yıl önce
I’ve watched the original so many time but your reaction and predicted are so funny 😂
Saphire Kin
Saphire Kin Yıl önce
The older they are usually means the stronger they are. Them being the original vampires is kind of a one up.
Wrdll_EFM Yıl önce
There is a girl called Hope she is the baby that is spoken about. She is a witch, Werewolf and Vampire because her family where originally witches. She's the most powerful of them all
Mozhan Ghadiry
Mozhan Ghadiry Yıl önce
My fav series 😍👌
Yusur Kassem
Yusur Kassem Yıl önce
10:35 the fact there was a scene with them sitting casually in their house after fighting with each other with everything around them broken and covered in blood just makes this more hilarious 😂
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