Watching ONLY The FIRST And LAST Episodes Of *GLEE* 

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Watching ONLY The FIRST And LAST Episodes Of GLEE
Glee Pilot Reaction, Glee Finale Reaction
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28 Haz 2022




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@lacp1975 Yıl önce
They didn't do don't stop believing because the previous episode, titled "2009" was like a flashback episode into the lives of each of the first members of the club and a mini homage to Finn, they ended up that episode with the original performance they did of the song. Also, on the 100th episode in season 5, they did the song too. That episode was also like an ending.
@sarahlelys9268 10 aylar önce
And also in Rachel's audition for Funny Girl!
as a native spanish speaker, william schuester was absolutely NOT qualified to be anywhere NEAR a spanish class unless it was as a student
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
This is all I needed to enjoy this show 50 times more now lmao
@@MoviesinDepth there is an episode where Santana calls will out as a horrible Spanish teacher. Guest starring Ricky Martin as the new/sub Spanish teacher.
@thevoidbender Yıl önce
As someone who went to a public high school in the Midwest. He’s realistic unfortunately. I’ve seen lots of very bad foreign language teachers at the high school level especially in poor or small districts.
@@tomuchcamoflauge yes, but Naya’s Spanish (bless her heart) was equally as terrible. I know she calls him out for being offensive too, so that’s deserved.
@rbcbcs 11 aylar önce
@@moramorandobianchi7093 yeah, but Santana never learned anything cause of her terrible teacher lol
@Kata-lt6kx Yıl önce
Answers to some of your questions: -the warblers are there because their school burnt down -the kid is the nephew of some politican, that’s how he got permission to go to high school -turns out sue is a huge klaine (kurt x blaine) fangirl and she trapped them in an elevator until they made up Also some interesting facts: -there was a muppet episode and a cover of ‘what does the fox say’ -at one point a character made another develop an eating disorder -blaine briefly dated karofsky (kurt’s bully from the start of the show) and sue attempfs to break them up (actual bear in their bed, revealing that they are realted) -brittany is a genuis and her dad is stephen hawking -one of rachel’s dads is played by jeff goldblum -there is twerking -sue married herself
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
The warbler school burned down… oh god
@LostGirl2112 Yıl önce
and that's what you missed on glee
@@MoviesinDepth and there was a Kurt and Blaine and Santana and Britney double wedding...
@erikperhs_ Yıl önce
​@@LostGirl2112 Reading this made me emotional
@StarDustwolf77 Yıl önce
Adam lambert also showed up, then disappeared
@jadenkochan7424 Yıl önce
Fun fact: after season 3 they wanted to split the show into two shows, one focusing on the school and the other on the students in NYC, but the network didn’t give them approval so they had to combine it into one show
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
That would be a greeeeat idea
@DiannaAForever Yıl önce
I was the biggest Gleek back in the day! I loved this show so much. I watched it live on TV from the first episode up until like halfway through season 5, so I never finished the show. When Naya passed away a couple years ago I was heartbroken and went back to Glee to do a full binge and actually finish the show. The 5 year time jump on the last episode just so happened to line up with exactly when I was watching it, 2020. When I saw Santana descending down the stairs like an angel dressed in white singing "I Lived" I lost it because I realized that Santana had made it to our present time but Naya did not.
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
The series finale really pissed me off. They didn't do a 5 years in the future for Santana and Britt or for Quinn and Puck. I feel like they screwed them over. He'll characters that we're only in season 1 were up on the stage before Santana and Brittany not cool.
Even with all the weird, out of touch, controversial and cringy moments of this show, I still hold it so close to my heart. It was the reason how I discovered and finally understood my own bisexuality, and I still listen to the songs. Not just that, the songs were always a "bonding moment" between me and my parents, since all of the songs they sang are songs my parents used to listen. And, despite the story falling off a lot after Season 3 and 4, they still sang so many bangers.
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Soooo many bangers from glee
@@MoviesinDepth, from Season 5 , I think my favorite songs are Marry The Night (Adam Lambert was in the show and sang it), Nasty/Rhythm Nation (amazing choreography), Every Breath You Take (Santana and Rachel are always amazing singing together), Toxic (sang by Quinn, Santana and Brittany to celebrate the 100th episode), Doo Wop (That Thing) (again, Mercedes and Santana are amazing) and All Of Me (sang by Blaine)
@@MoviesinDepth, as for Season 6, I'd say the really good ones are Uninvited (by Rachel), Suddenly Seymour (by Rachel and Blaine), Take On Me (group number), Tightrope (by a new cast member, Samantha Ware), Home (group number, the biggest one on the show, I think), You Learn/You've Got A Friend (group number as well, I love their group numbers), All Out Of Love (group number), Hey Ya! (sang by Artie, I love the song and always wanted on the show), I Want To Break Free (by a new member as well) and Listen To Your Heart (by Rachel and Jesse)
@crystalrose_pa Yıl önce
I'm guessing they didn't do Don't Stop Believing in the finale because they already performed that again for one of the competitions AND Rachel used it as her audition song to get her role in Funny Girl so they kind of overused it already. Also, in the show, she left her role as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl to be the lead in a TV show that never got picked up, so we'll see if life ends up imitating art 😂
I’m not sure if you’ve been told this but Darren Criss (Blaine) actually wrote the song “this time” that Rachel sings in the final episode. He also wrote another song for s6 called rise
@NZArchie Yıl önce
The Finale opened with a flash back to when will was a student (Did we not notice the extremely dated clothes?) Rachels adopted fathers were played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell. Her biological mother was played by the one and only Idina Menzel and the two ladies and sang together. Amazing. Idina Menzel has a story line for one season Not sure which one.
And how about the fact that they look alike. Like, to the point I legit thought that Lea really was Idina`s daughter for 3 years when watching the show.
@andream1636 Yıl önce
@@disneyprincess6138 oh my god yeah like the casting director really struck gold, gotta be one of the best mother daughter castings I’ve ever seen
@ClaireIsMyAngel Yıl önce
Blaine was my favorite character, and I'm an avid Warbler cover song listener so it pains me to say my favorite song from Glee is Smooth Criminal. Out of every song Blaine performed, Cough Syrup is by far the best
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
I know I’m in the minority on this but damn Rachel is my favorite character she’s messy as hell and I love her. Also whenever she sings I get chills. I love a messy annoying female character 🤷🏻‍♀️
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@juancoronap Yıl önce
When I was young I related with Kurt’s story so much. But when I was older my passion for singing and performing grew and watched all seasons so Rachel became my favorite character! She made me love and feel music more than I already did!
@samanthalopez457 4 aylar önce
Factssssss🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 I LOVEEE RACHEL❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰
To answer some of your questions; we did get to see Rachel Berry’s Dads in season 3. They were played by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell (who are completely different people than she had the pictures with in the pilot) Also, 4 or 5 different iterations of Don’t Stop Believing had been performed by the time the last season rolled around so I’m sure they figured…that’s enough😂😂 The small kid in the last episode GLEE club was the son of a senator that was somewhat forced on Will within the final season. He was played by now transgender female actor Josie Totah.
Will and Emma's son's full name is "Daniel Finn Pillsbury Schuester". So yeah, technically, he is named after Finn.
@aleeh2109 Yıl önce
Santana and Quinn are forever the best characters.. I truly hated how they were just in the very end, treated like their plots didn’t carry the show at various points.
@kated2147 Yıl önce
I was a huge Glee fan back in the day and since I started watching for Darren, the warblers have always had a special place in my heart. I have a gender swapped Dalton Academy cosplay and have met 4 of the original warblers (Curt Mega/Nick, Riker Lynch/Jeff, Dom Barnes/Trent, and Jon Hall/beatboxer).
@lovepanic2738 Yıl önce
Just for information, because I do not know if anyone has posted this already, the song that Lea Michele sang in the final episode is called This Time and it was written by Darren Criss and it was nominated for an Emmy. He also wrote another song called Rise that was in a different episode. Chris Colfer also wrote an episode that was in the 5th season.
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
What??? That’s amazing
@lenusniq_9746 Yıl önce
As somebody who is not a fan of Glee, the biggest gift the Glee gave me was a numerous jokes on Community about Glee culminating in their S3 Christmas episode. In the eternal words of Pierce Hawthorne: What the hell are Regionals...
@vellynis Yıl önce
Listen to how that sounds. Glee literally means...glee.
@anxietina_ Yıl önce
i love both community and glee so it was very fun for me hahah
@Seward22Emily Yıl önce
to answer a weird question: yes, we actually do see a decent amount of the character’s parents in the show. you’re right: we mostly see kurt and finn’s parents, but we do see at least some small clips from rachel, kurt, finn, santana, brittany, artie, mike, quinn, puck, blaine and sam, as well as other future characters like marley and jake. but rachel’s dads do become minor characters for a few episodes in season 3 but instead of the men in the photos in her locker in season one, her dads are played by brian stokes mitchell and jeff goldblum.
You do see Rachel’s dads they’re just played by different actors one of which is Jeff Goldblum lol you also you see her mom who is played by Idina Menzel and she is important to Quinn’s plot line
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
My brain has somehow repressed that lmao
@kunst7958 Yıl önce
I don’t care what anyone else thinks: I love Lea Michele. My favorite songs from glee is her singing “It’s all coming back to me now”, “To Love you more” and “My man”
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Don’t worry about other people, do you ♥️♥️♥️
@karabelle221 7 aylar önce
My favourite character was Mike bc he was the least problematic, but my favourite song was ironically smooth criminal, arguably the song with the most drama attached.
As a cheerleader growing nd being in love with cheer , watching this show made me realize if I had Sue as coach id never wanna do cheer for the rest of my life .
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Fair. Very fair thought process
@thisismaria27 Yıl önce
to answer your question about don't stop believing not being the end song: they did soooooo many renditions of that song over the years ppl were truly sick of it. the last time it was sung when rachel auditioned for broadway after finn died.
@martaesexy Yıl önce
my gosh seeing naya I immediately starting crying rip babygirl and to all the other actors who passed
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@jlerrickson 11 aylar önce
Watching you like the ending against your will was very satisfying, especially since I felt that my own perspective on it was spoiled by roughly the previous two seasons. Maybe I should have done it like you did.
Hands down best character from glee was Santana and the best song was either Valerie or Mine. It is so sad what happened to Naya Rivera. May she rest in peace.
@nikitak9219 Yıl önce
My favourite characters are Blaine and Kurt by far. I think they have a great voice and good acting skills, wich i enjoyed. I wachted glee several times over and over again. Thank you for this video it gave me so much joy
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
THANK YOU for what you said about Matthew Morrison. People are so awful about him just because they don't like his character :(
Update as I finish watching: you know I love your commentary. It's so fair! To fill you in on a couple things: they didn't use Don't Stop Believing to finish off because they used it a couple of other times in the show. I do wish they'd waited and kept it for the end. As for the old Glee coach in the picture - that was a flashback lol, you can see young Will.
@lalaffion Yıl önce
I binged the first three seasons last year because I somehow got into starkid, so basically only watched it for darren criss and surprise surprise, Blaine was my favourite character. As I stopped watching after the end of season three I guess I don’t have that many songs to go off, but my fave is kind of niche I guess. It would have to the the warblers’ uptown girl but again I think that’s because I started glee because of starkid (who’s musicals I deffo recommend, they’re free on TRvid), and the lead singer in that song is another actor from starkid, curt mega :)
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Blaine is an icon
I absolutely love the show and Blaines my favorite thruout the whole show and Uptown Girl is one of my favorites too haha
@WynnK_ 4 aylar önce
There’s a horrible (on purpose) rendition of Baby Got Back from one of the later seasons and Joey Richter and Tessa Netting are two of the backup performers in that song
@243esther Yıl önce
I love Glee and I love this reaction. Yes there were some good plot points and the way they handled them but there were also some bad not to mention some insane ones. Season 4 and 5 had a new cast aswell as season 6. Like the plot there were good songs and some bad. The top 3 worst in no specific order would have to be "What Does the Fox Say" "Gangnam Style" and "Blurred Lines". There is so much to say about Glee we could be here all day but I'll leave it at that. I think you should definitely watch the whole series but that's your choice. I love work and keep it up. Also ZOMBIES 3 comes out in just over 2 weeks so I CAN NOT wait for that so I've been rewatching your reactions to the first 2 which I just did before watching this.
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Zombies 3 is on the way 👀👀👀
@BeccaXox28 Yıl önce
Thank you posting this video! You cracked me up so many times, I was agreeing and occasionally disagreeing with you! In the last episode, when you saw the teacher in the photo, that was a flashback to Will’s high school days. Also, when Britney and Santana bounced down the stairs, they were also married (R.I.P Naya) but yeah, I loved this video a lot! Thank you for making it. I had a lot of fun and yes, sometimes it does pay off to watch the full thing. I’ve done it a few times over the past 5 years… I have loved doing it but at the same time regretted it too because of the emotional rollercoaster you get taken on.
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@corvus1374 Yıl önce
Idina Menzel came on as Rachel's biological mother. And Kurt's father and Finn's mother got married. Didn't Kurt's father run against Sue for Congress? I just saw Finneas O'Connell's name in the credits. He would have been a teenager then, wouldn't he? Was he the guy with long hair? Amber Riley won an Olivier Award (The British version of the Tony) for her performance in Dream Girls. Jane Lynch is hosting The Weakest Link, where she can use her mean girl persona.
You and I had the exact same reaction! I didn't quite consider myself a "Gleek" but I did watch the first three seasons and then the NY move really took me out of it. The characters never interacted with each other now that they were split up so it just felt weird and wrong.
@69gabygirl Yıl önce
rewatching it currently and i don’t see glee as problematic really, just the typical ryan murphy satire to me, it’s so damn funny. i personally miss when shows could be this ridiculous and audiences were able to recognize the show’s intent.
@lanaholic3015 Yıl önce
Its not as problematic as everyone says Pretty little liars and gossip girl are way worse than glee
@Daytondaily Yıl önce
DUDE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT DO THIS! Watch this ENTIRE SHOW! You are one of my favorite reactors and I haven’t seen this vid yet, I’m about to start it. I’ve been loving watching everyone’s reactions to this amazing show. I was so happy when I open TRvid and saw you had uploaded this. You’re missing out on so much important storyline if you don’t watch the whole thing. PLEASE! 💕
@Julia-qv5ls Yıl önce
If you’re doing first/last you need to do “Never Been Kissed” in Season 2 because it is Blaine’s first episode and Blaine became central to the show
@kameahdorsey Yıl önce
I only got through like 3 or 4 seasons of Glee…and then I stopped bc it didn’t really interest me anymore. I’ve watched Dylan do the first and last and it made me not wanna watch the rest. Excited to watch you do this. I think my favorite Glee song is the Smooth Criminal cover with Santana and Sebastian…it is just 💋🤌🏾 *chef’s kiss*
@sabahk Yıl önce
as someone who's watched the show several times this is the best move. After season 3 it loses it's charm (they introduce a bunch of random characters) and the only things worth watching are a couple of the music numbers. Also the episode dedicated to cory monteith in season 5 is really well done and absolutely heartbreaking
Loved the show , just finished watching it again for second time as it is leaving Netflix tonight .so many songs to pick from a few fav 's Mercedes singing " your going to love me , Blaine and Kurt singing " come what may " Santana singing " songbird"
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Oh I need to look up come what may
@@MoviesinDepth it is a truly beautiful version of the famous Moulin Rouge ballad 😊💕🎼
Also any songs by Unique , Jake , Rodrick . Finally the eerily predictive song " holding out for a hero " performed largely by Marley Rose ( Melissa Benoist who after leaving glee became Supergirl !
@ReeniEspino 6 aylar önce
@@MoviesinDepth yes!! Chris Colfer and Darren had said they wanted to do it; Ryan Murphy was going to give it to Finchel but he was convinced to have it be a Klaine duet by Twitter's reaction. It's beautifully done as a dream sequence on a rooftop.
@stine9974 Yıl önce
You should definitely check out Don't Stop Believin from the 100th ep, it showcases more voices and was both fun and emotional! My favorite song from the show would have to be the Homeward Bound/Home mashup, I get literal chills with every listen.
Finn was always my favorite. He just seemed like such a good guy. Artie was a close 2nd. Best song was Paradise by the Dashboard Light. True Colors with Tina singing lead was one I feel doesn’t get enough love.
@moonliiime Yıl önce
I love Blaine so very much! my favorite song/performance is wishin and hopin
I remember absolutely loving glee for the first few seasons but just getting bored as it went a long and espically once the actor playing Finn had died . R.I.P to him nd Niya Rivera 🥺❣️ they carried
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Yes. Yes they did
@KatGunther Yıl önce
Glee is one of my favorite tv shows I’m surprised someone makes videos about it anymore
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
We need our yearly updates
@Thebellsfr Yıl önce
Santana is my favorite character, and I love when they perform the Cell block tango. It was completely inappropriate for the occasion but they did it so well. also RIP Naya Rivera
@leilanyx Yıl önce
fun fact: that last song that rachel sung was written by darren criss!
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Loooooove that
@blamgleek Yıl önce
Btw, Chris Colfers audition song was Mr. Cellophane that's why Kurt did it too. So really, it wasn't the writers fault😂
@TheRatsCast 3 aylar önce
One of the plot lines you missed involves a football player, and the guy he falls in love with. The actor with the long hair is Finneas Baird O'Connell, best known as just FINNEAS, or Billie Eillie's brother and co- song writer. He Also produced her albums. He started off as an actor; then transitionedinto music. Helping his sister teach the highest she has.
@dfiregirl4 Yıl önce
To answer your question about her dads, we do see her dads in Season 3. Brian Mitchell Stokes and Jeff Goldblum play her dads.
My favorite characters honestly: Kurt, Mercedes, Sam, Artie and Santana :3 Also River Deep, Mountain High is one of my ultimate favorite duets!
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
River deeeeeep yes
@imnicheroo Yıl önce
Besides Don’t Stop Believing (no particular order and off the top) I loved their mashup of Umbrella/singing in the rain, smooth criminal, poker face, and any of the songs from the Brittany S Pierce episodes because Heather Morris is a legend😍😍
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Yessss umbrella/singing in the rain is iconic
@cajah88 Yıl önce
By the time the finale came around, they had done like 5 different versions of "Don't Stop Believin'," lol. They could no longer milk it for a moment.
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Where’s the representation for the first and last watchers 😂
@kameahdorsey Yıl önce
You’re singing is actually so soothing!!! You dropped this sir…👑
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Thank you so much!!
@kitanaclaes2104 Yıl önce
Also Dream on is so good I almost cried when they hit those high notes 😍😍
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Yessss Neil Patrick Harris for the win!
@ashpindi Yıl önce
this video has cured me of my disease of rewatching glee episodes over and over again cause I just keep watching this instead
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@dfiregirl4 Yıl önce
My favorite character is Marley, lol. She was the closest thing to an actual teenager on the show and her voice was so good. My favorite song is Paradise By The Dashboard Light. Finn BODIED that song (he’s also my second favorite character lol).
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
One of the best moments of the later seasons was when Blaine dated Karofsky and Brittany described them having sex as a U-Haul mounting a moped.
Legit! Sue Sylvester is my fave glee character. I loved how she would roast Will all the time…🤣🤣This show was so dark😅😅. But helped me feel seen as a Glee and Theater Club nerd. 🤦🏾‍♀️😅😅🤣🤣Definitely Don’t Stop believing my fave song! We love to see it!
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@BeeJayDeeEff Yıl önce
I’ve always wanted to watch Glee but all I’ve done are look at Wikipedia plot summaries and watched Dylan’s first and last video for the most part. I guess I’m kind of scared of the cringe I know I have to endure 😂
It gets bad after the 4th season
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
I don’t blame you lmao
@taylorelissaa Yıl önce
that’s the beauty of glee though we all know it’s weird but it makes it good and does have some great moments
@itsmith14 Yıl önce
Even you have the best sense of humor, You make me laugh out loud with every video you do. ❤❤❤❤
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@rayanna7188 11 aylar önce
Ikr I love this guy!
Haha, the little kid in New Directions is actually Josie Totah! She came out as trans a few years later, she is really talented too!
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
That’s amazing!
@thaina4388 Yıl önce
the way the spotted andrew rannells' name and immediately cut to "I BELIEVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" speaks to me on a soul level
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@sournote123 Yıl önce
Favourite charecters are Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes and Santana. Jesse isn't bad either. I have too many favourite performances but off the top of my head Smooth Criminal, Piano Man (s5), Teenage Dream (s4), Paradise By The Dashboard Light, Valerie (s2),
I will add it was VERY hard for me to continue with the series after the episode Quarterback aired. Cory Monteiths death was extremely hard.
I stopped watching after Cory passed away and they did Finn's death in show. I loved him (and he and Lea Michele's RL relationship) and it hurt too much to watch. I can't imagine what she was/is going through, but I am glad good things are still happening for most of them. Also RIP Naya Rivera.
@kristijones4700 Yıl önce
Thank you for reacting! Will's baby's middle name is Finn
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Dude, they played Dont Stop Believing at least 6 times before that pilot episode 😂 the show needed another song to end everything.
@chelsea9483 Yıl önce
I love Blaine!
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Blaine is a moment
@kameahdorsey Yıl önce
14:15 idk why….but you being extremely confused about whether or not chicks have a prostate took me out🤣🤣🤣
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@kameahdorsey Yıl önce
@@MoviesinDepth 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m done, deceased. You killed me 🤣
@corridawn3851 Yıl önce
favorite character is santana and favorite song is either bust your windows or any time they did britney except that one time will did it with them for some reason. also, we did meet rachel's dads but it was a continuity error. they used that pic for a joke in the first episode about her not knowing which one was her bio dad because one was white and one was black, but later on they're both white
@ReeniEspino 6 aylar önce
Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell -- white (Jewish with a ridiculously dark tan even for TV) and black.
You should react Santana-Brittany and Blaine-Kurt wedding episode 💗💗
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
WHAAAAT that’s everything
Ok but you need to be a guest on Gleek of the Week podcast PLEASE! You would really vibe with the hosts!
@parkerprince Aylar önce
My favorite character in Glee is 💯 KURT HUMMEL like he has an amazing voice and honestly they should of given him more high notes like they always gave them to Racheal and everytime I was always like, “ ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? 😤😡 “ “ They should of gave it to Kurt… 😤😡😩😭❤️🙏🤣🥺😂😤😡 “ Like lol 😂🤣
I want to genuinely know how many people you have only watch half of these reactions from you XD I'm not done with the series so I only watch the reaction to the first episode, then I go back later and finish it after I've seen the whole show XD I just want to see if I'm not the only one XD
@dalilamunoz8980 Yıl önce
You should react to all the glee songs and rate them Im curious on which you enjoy and which you can live without
Santana Lopez is my favorite character and Rumor has it/Someone Like You is my favorite song!
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@@MoviesinDepth her whole arc in season 3 is just so amazing I love it 😍
@rachamanda13 Yıl önce
the drunk episode of glee is the BEST episode ever omfg
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
BlAmE It oN tHe AlCoHol
@Icanfly0213 Yıl önce
Would love to see you react to Glee predicting real life
@lizzieallen9661 Yıl önce
1- my favorite glee character is New York Rachel and then Finn :) 2- favorite glee song is You Get What You Give. Season 3, the graduation episode 😁love that song sooo much
@maudradcliffe3721 Aylar önce
My favourite song is too love you more by Rachel when auditions for broadway show. Towards end she held her breath for a long time
Best characters hands down were Finn Hudson and Santana Lopez. Best songs… Losing My Religion and Landslide.
I love seeing Finneas dancing around in the background. Lol
@fasjacobsen6569 Yıl önce
Me encanta.
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
If you wanna watch another movie that's all about ABBA I recommend Muriel's Wedding.
It stars Toni Collette and it’s free on TRvid right now!!!!
@Ezra4224 Yıl önce
Artie is in my top 3 if not my number 1 fave for characters honestly
5:01 “She may be difficult, but boy can she sing.”
@michaszone Yıl önce
This show is iconic i can't believe lea michele is fanny bride just like Rachel berry !
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
It’s a full circle moment
@michaszone Yıl önce
Yes it is
@hleebeg Yıl önce
every single time I click on one of his videos I expect an Irish accent. I live in Ireland but I'm mixed Thai so I don't look Irish. we are opposites 😂
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
@rayanna7188 11 aylar önce
I always expect an Irish accent too! Idk if it's the red hair or what lol
when glee predicts the future for Lea lmao honestly, I should have stopped watching after season 3 because it was spiraling down the show, but I will say I got to discover a lot more songs from this show that I didn't already know I guess that's a positive lol
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Finding that silver lining lol
@DarleneLesmana 5 aylar önce
idk if extreme school bullying is just worse in the US or if just doesn't happen as much anymore but i have been posting covers on youtube and instagram since i was 13 and i never had any schoolmate roast me for it. thank god. i'm sensitive i would've cried
@CTRexistential Yıl önce
whats really sad is the fact that the ending was in 2020, but Naya sadly passed in 2020
@amelisonger Yıl önce
Unpopular opinion: I really love Rachel Berry, she is one of my favourite characters. Yeah, she may be problematic, annoying and etc., but I think that this is good. In real world we don’t see strictly good or strictly bad people, all people have positive and negative sides. I love Rachel because of her wanting to achieve her goals and this is one of her amazing characteristics. Also I love Finn. He also made some bad things, but he every time was sweet and kind person. One of my favourite Glee songs - Paradise by the Dashboard light. Song and performance where Finn, Rachel, Puck, Santana, Mercedes, Kurt and Blaine shines a lot.
@amelisonger Yıl önce
And also I love “This time” by Rachel Berry. This is so powerful and emotional. And moment with Finn’s photo in this song…heartbreaking
@mvargas445 Yıl önce
OMG YES! I loved glee sm when I was like 12. I EVEN WATCHED IT PREMIERE and now all I think about is: SHUE IS QUESTIONABLE. My favorite song from the show is "If I die young" and "Make you feel my love", actually, every song in the Finn episode. And my least favorite has to be push it still makes me cringe! PS: Thank you for making my latin american butt hate the fact that I can't go to NY to see funny girl on broadway, always loved her performance of "don't rain on my parade", also "You are woman, I am man" IS A BOP
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Don’t rain on my parade is a MOMENT
@mvargas445 Yıl önce
@@MoviesinDepth YAS
@tikilocklin Yıl önce
favorite character: Kurt (2nd: Blaine) favorite song: Come What May I don't even have a Glee obsession anymore but I will fight y'all 🤪
@lolafiiona7014 Yıl önce
Blane is my favourite character I think. My favourite song is No Surrender sung by Puck
@lek4422 Yıl önce
i was (unfortunately) a gleek in middle school/ high school. i think my favorites were kurt and santana? im a lesbian and when i was a closeted kid i picked kurt as my cover up crush LMFAOO
@devonbennett33 Yıl önce
Magic Mike had me dead 🤣
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Got the vid pulled up now😂
@katlathekat9092 Yıl önce
I loved Sam, he was my favourite character
@torreyskidd Yıl önce
my favourite character is Santana and my favourite song is Someone like you/Rumour has it (but theres sooooo many good ones)
@iralsmith Yıl önce
Please do this "First and Last" series for the TV show "Lost" from ABC (2004-2010)
@sarahwatke2837 Yıl önce
Favourite character: Finn and the unproblematic Mike Chang and favourite song: up there on the list is listen to your heart
@MoviesinDepth Yıl önce
Love both of these picks
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