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24 Ağu 2021




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Rico Presents
Rico Presents Yıl önce
Did you miss us?? Because we missed you guys, for those who have been wondering where we have been, Disney seem to find ways of not letting me post my reactions. I’ve broken them down into parts tried to edit them differently, reached out to other reactors for advice, everything under the sun you name it, it seems like all I can do is what I’ve been doing, “keep uploading the reactions and waiting for them to be accepted” Thankfully “Avengers age of ultron” has been approved, so the next reaction will drop time time/day next week 6pm GMT. Alsssooo Im going to be streaming on twitch at 7pm GMT sooo come join me, it would be nice to see/speak to you guys, in real time where we can chill and vibe out, the link is in the bio!!!! & as always if you want to see the full unedited reactions the link to the Patreon is there too!!
smdownh9 Yıl önce
there are Howard the duck movies
Melanie M
Melanie M Yıl önce
My dude, just put you guys in the middle of the screen from time to time without showing the movie so it is less than the 10 minutes allowed for fair use and distort the audio so you don't get claimed because you put the song on it.
leonardo longhi
leonardo longhi Yıl önce
@The Definition Of Overpowered keep calm pal, there is a release order to be followed😅
The Definition Of Overpowered
Guardian of the Galaxy vol. 2 please
Thea Bruun
Thea Bruun Yıl önce
“We are groot” never fails to make me tear up. I don’t know exactly why it’s so powerful, but it is. The sacrifice, the new word, the “I” turning into “We”, making them a team, a unit, rather than individuals all fighting for themselves. It’s just so touching.
By adexx
By adexx Yıl önce
@Ryan Hadley dom be like hell yeah plus vin disel is groot lol
Ryan Hadley
Ryan Hadley Yıl önce
I think it's translated to (WE ARE FAMILY)
MacTechG4 Yıl önce
@tayne.02 and the IG also had a limited, but meaningful vocabulary… “souls don’t die” “I am NOT a gun” “I fix!” “Hogarth, you stay, I go, no following” and of course… “Superman!”
tayne.02 Yıl önce
@MWSin1 yes imagine being paid multiple millions for those lines, totally worth it🤣
MWSin1 Yıl önce
There are two film lines that just make me ugly cry, and both are Vin Diesel. "We are Groot" and "Superman"
Yung Cain
Yung Cain Yıl önce
I doubt I'm the only person who thinks this, y'all give off some real genuine nice people vibes. It makes your videos better than most, keep up the good work✌️
s.211 Yıl önce
@Nicholas Ste. Marie yhh same
Nicholas Ste. Marie
@Zwano Zwane yeah there the third reaction channel I’ve seen I actually enjoy. The others just seem fake
Zwano Zwane
Zwano Zwane Yıl önce
Yeah... For some reason their reactions feel real, if that makes sense
Kasino80 Yıl önce
They do some like good people
Alex Yıl önce
Yeah they do, they look like really chill people :)
Titus Hunt
Titus Hunt Yıl önce
Fun fact when Peter pulled out the orb and dropped it he wasn't suppose but the directors loved it they kept in the final cut. Enjoy your reactions can't wait till the next video
Syd Smith
Syd Smith 7 aylar önce
@Belnick6666 what?
Belnick6666 Yıl önce
@Titus Hunt who is directing does not matter if they have a feminist extremist that write the movie
aj andrianjafy
aj andrianjafy Yıl önce
@Titus Hunt definitely, he’s amazing can’t wait for the 3rd
Titus Hunt
Titus Hunt Yıl önce
@aj andrianjafy James Gunn is an amazing director, glad he's coming back for the 3rd movie
MrWordcraft Arena
Holy shit! It's been a while since I've seen this movie but DAMN! One thing I've never heard anybody talk about is Peter's grandfather, what a tragic life that man must've lived...he literally just lost his daughter then his grandson(whom his daughter entrusted to him to take care of him) goes missing that same day, talk about heartbreak. I really wish that someday Peter gets a chance to come back and apologize, or at least let him know that he is okay and that the one thing that his daughter left behind is safe and happy, if he's even alive at that point. RIP Grandpa Quill.
Lusano Pieter
Lusano Pieter 5 aylar önce
Steve Rogers is Peter's grandfather
indoBOB 666
indoBOB 666 Yıl önce
The actor who plays the grandfather usually likes to be in James gunn's films so of course they put him in vol. 2 as a blink and you'll miss. He is also seen dancing during the vol. 2 credits
Lucy Holler
Lucy Holler Yıl önce
I wish they somehow include that in gotg 3
NoArmsSally Yıl önce
@Maxim S the grandparents are in the car that gets almost swallowed by the blue slime.
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson Yıl önce
@Maxim S When ego's blue shit is expanding, he is seen on earth.
This movie always makes me happy. It's hilarious, heartfelt and just a whole lot of fun. When it was announced, I remember thinking "I have no idea what this is, but it has a raccoon with a machine gun, so I'm in", but a lot of people thought it was destined to be the MCU's first bomb. So it was really cool to see people embrace this movie and its weird characters so much. James Gunn infuses it with a great sense of humor and so much heart, you can tell how much he loves these characters. I really enjoy GoTG Vol. 2 and The Suicide Squad too, but this is still his best work in my opinion. Can't wait for Vol. 3.
Jordy Almonte
Jordy Almonte 5 aylar önce
My biggest regret was not watching it in theaters. At the time I thought it looked ridiculous and would fail. Saw it later that year on blu ray, and I fell in love with it. I made a similar mistake with vol 2, judged it before it came out, then decided to watch it with an open mind years later (a few months ago actually), and I loved it too. I will not make the same mistake again for vol 3 I plan to watch it on opening night
Nate Van Slyke
Nate Van Slyke Yıl önce
It's honestly a toss up for me which of the two GOTG movies is my favorite.. but both are right up there with Endgame and Infinity War as my favorite MCU movies. Like you said I thought it was a weird concept to have a talking raccoon with a gun and a walking tree. Low and behold the tree became a fan favorite amongst the fandom and Rocket became an instant favorite of mine. I've heard rumors that vol 3 will revolve around Rocket and that makes me both happy and scared for him but I look forward to it either way.
Micah Pecson
Micah Pecson Yıl önce
It's implied that Rocket has some sort of obsession with cybernetic parts because of him being "made." Monica was right when she said that he had issues.
Muck006 3 aylar önce
@M A. There should also be an obsession with trash cans then ... [I once had three young raccoons at the bottom of my trash can, the lid was closed though, so no outside clue for their presence. They are called "trash pandas" for a reason.]
M A.
M A. Yıl önce
Oh I assumed it’s just instincts due to his raccoon ancestry where they tend to be attracted to food and shiny objects
Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards Yıl önce
Oh man, I never realised that, that makes it so much more sad😨
Kevin Kastle
Kevin Kastle Yıl önce
"Hahaha.... I'm laughing... because there was humor in it..." Good save, brother.
Johnathan Argow
Johnathan Argow Yıl önce
That stink eye lol
Antoine Porche-Rideaux
The actress who played Peter Quill's mama is from London but she really did a good job doing a Missourian accent , she was also in transformers The last Knight
Mister Who
Mister Who Yıl önce
Drax was the real scene stealer and Dave Bautista is magnificent in the role
satoncho Yıl önce
The part when he saw his mom as an adult really made a lot of people cry including myself but in a joyful way.
David Partlow
David Partlow Yıl önce
Gotta say, when Korath confronts the GOTG in the big ship and says, "Star Lord!" Even with everything hanging in the balance, Peter's smile for being addressed as his "legendary outlaw" name was priceless!
Jared Sheppard
Jared Sheppard Yıl önce
This is probably the most fun I've ever had watching you guys! Thanks for that. I wasnt having the best day, but sitting down for this was a treat! WE ARE GROOT.
John Wolfe
John Wolfe Aylar önce
I agree! Lot of animated reactions, dancing, and joy seen in this reaction.
REXYNATOR 10 aylar önce
Him not taking his mom’s hand before she dies is HEAVY 😞
stirgy 9 aylar önce
Her asking him to take her hand when he has the power Stone vision is even HEAVIER. Like he finally made peace with his guilt.
Adrian Yıl önce
been waiting for more reactions man, literally binged all your videos in a week since I discovered your channel because was nice to see fresh eyes for fan favourite movies and series, respect for trying to get these reactions out
Ge@r&@rcher Yıl önce
The moment Ronan said: *Thanos, I am coming for you* Was when Thanos had an epiphany and stopped using puppets to do his bidding.
M A.
M A. Yıl önce
@Jean Couto of course. But it’s more about how puppets always fail him. For example, this was foreshadowed with the servant girl who thought she could control the power of the stone for her bidding and freedom but was destroyed. Ronan was the same
Jean Couto
Jean Couto Yıl önce
I still think Thanos would beat Ronan's ass even with a stone.
Moon Knight
Moon Knight Yıl önce
YES!! This is one of my favorite superhero movies, worth the wait
Sierra Buhler
Sierra Buhler Yıl önce
Always so much fun watching with you guys! Loved you two grooving to the music, best soundtrack ever! Monica is gonna love Groot even more when we see him again!
Duevoice Yıl önce
Everytime I see Thanos's scene in this movie it gives goosebumps. Thanos demands your silence 🤐🤘
The Un-known Guy
The Un-known Guy Yıl önce
A little FYI : Baby Groot doesn't have any memories of the older Groot.
Osef Otilla
Osef Otilla Yıl önce
Yeah coz baby Groot is like the son of old groot
Johan Abraham
Johan Abraham Yıl önce
@Amarnath Cr7 yes
Amarnath Cr7
Amarnath Cr7 Yıl önce
@Johan Abraham We have to pay for that right?
Tobias Rieper
Tobias Rieper Yıl önce
Baby Groot is basically an offspring of original Groot
Johan Abraham
Johan Abraham Yıl önce
oh also if u didnt know u can check in their patreon but they already finished endgame...they're just late at uploading to yt cus of copyright reasons
Darnell Yıl önce
A couple fun facts: 1. Yondu was originally one of the original members of the Guardians 2. Rocket name was base off the Beatles “Rocky Raccoon” and a real life Raccoon named Oreo 3. David Bowie was supposed to make a cameo in this before he died
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell Yıl önce
4. Quill named his ship The Milano because Alyssa Milano (Commando, Who's the Boss) would have been a big crush about the time he left earth.
Y P Yıl önce
29:01 That was actually the actor Chris Pratt dropping it and they have actually decided to keep it in the movie😂
Sarah-Kay Yıl önce
Long awaited. I think we're all grateful when we get your Marvel reactions!!
ZachBrickowski Yıl önce
Still one of the top five MCU films
Lxdgxr 11 aylar önce
@Vorceful it’s a good movie but these 6 that I mentioned is better in my opinion
Vorceful 11 aylar önce
@Lxdgxr I think your forgetting thor Ragnarok
Lxdgxr Yıl önce
1. Infinity War 2. Endgame 3. No Way Home 4. Cap Winter Soldier 5. Doctor Strange or GOTG
David Neal
David Neal Yıl önce
Man, definitely one of my favorite Marvel movies. That part with Groot near the end always gets me crying. Vin Diesel at his best.
Sophronia Stopher
So funny, I just watched this like 3 times last week. It's one of those that you could put on repeat, ya dig? Marvel is Spectacular at weaving so many different types of emotional moments into each film. They're like heart whisperers or something🤷 Also the music in this movie. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Loved this reaction!!!
Umair Butt
Umair Butt Yıl önce
51:09 one of the best moments in the MCU, with that musical score
DannyDarko27 Yıl önce
Monica: No one deserves to be on the floor crying Me: we must protect her at all cost Rico: looks at Monica and says I love you Me: we must protect THEM at all costs! Yall too cute
Andres Avendaño
Andres Avendaño Yıl önce
Great reaction for both of you! It was worth the wait!
Figgity Jones
Figgity Jones Yıl önce
God I love you’re reactions to this stuff, and yes I missed y’all! Can’t wait for more!
Christopher Jove
Christopher Jove Yıl önce
Good reaction. I rly liked this movie and I enjoy seeing people’s reactions to it. I rly like most of the characters. As far as villains go I really liked nebula, she was cooI wish we had gotten more of her. Also the “We are groot” line and the scene where the gaurdians (minus groot) all hold hands to take down Ronan never fails to make me she’d a tear. Nice movie and nice reaction. I like watching your reactions to stuff 😂.
Brandon Chang
Brandon Chang Yıl önce
I luv the chemistry vibes with you two, following your marvel journey and subscribing. Monica is such a cutie!!
Adam Poll
Adam Poll Yıl önce
When you teared up at the opening I knew you were going to love this movie.
Steve Yıl önce
Brilliant to see you guys back - glad you're doing so well and thanks for the cutest moment on TRvid!!😄😄
juandeldiablo696 Yıl önce
You guys are doing a great job with this reaction videos , I find my self looking forward to ur reactions videos 👏🏻
Shhhh 11 aylar önce
The beggining of this movie made me tear up too when I first watched it too
JoyBoy 9 aylar önce
TBH, I like this Thanos better then the one in the Infinity war and Endgame. They made him really really scary in this movie. And they also edited his voice pretty awesome. Gave it a real villainous vibe!
Ian-Devon Lewis
Ian-Devon Lewis Yıl önce
I still think its funny that Ronan, played by Lee Pace is the guy from Pushing Daisies. A great mystery show.
Albino Rhino
Albino Rhino Yıl önce
This was the first time I've seen you guys. I have to say...you guys are f#*king adorable. Looking forward to seeing more reactions.
Hana Prawisya
Hana Prawisya Yıl önce
There is 2 things i love in this video, the movie and the host. The movie, i love it bcs it's hilarious lol 😂. And the host, i love their videos cuz they make the things that is serious or sad, become funny, works everytime 🤣
Doug Ballance
Doug Ballance Yıl önce
You two really know your classic rock, soul & pop. Impressive!
Kal-El 9 aylar önce
3 mins into this and I just love how you appreciate the quality of music in GOTG . Just Subscribed a few days ago to this channel, just love it
Andrew Blissett
Andrew Blissett Yıl önce
This movie and Stranger Things is what caused the big 80s nostalgia boom of the late 2010s. After this, seemingly every movie and tv show had 80s music and references in it...especially trailers.
Destiny Mormance
Destiny Mormance Yıl önce
Let's get it guyssss! Dont forget to like and subscribe, Rico and Monica are the best!!👍🏽
Banshō Ten'in 級 島 内葉
The relevance of Howard the Duck is that He was the first Marvel movie back in 1986 (Titled Howard the Duck). So he's referenced as kind of a Pioneer in the MCU and Marvel movies as a whole, similar to how Stan Lee is referenced in his cameos as Marvels writer, publisher, narrator & producer, along with Martin Goodman & Steve Ditko.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Yıl önce
Oh God finally. I love your reaction. Keep going guys ❤️
Westonator2005 Yıl önce
This was worth the wait. One of the best marvel films ever.
Totally Squirrel
Totally Squirrel Yıl önce
Love these reactions, love to see you vibing. This movie is just so good!
RedSnowTK Yıl önce
Never heard of this team in my life when I watched this movie years ago I loved it !! Great movie was very fun to watch and music so good!
Luis Vazquez
Luis Vazquez Yıl önce
OMG I've been waiting for this, you guys are awesome, I really enjoy your reactions 👌🏼
Phil hillier
Phil hillier Yıl önce
Good to see you guys, hope everything is good ! One of if not my favorite marvel movies & it kinda came out of nowhere for me back when it came out. I also have a huge crush on Zoe Saldana so that also helps alot. 😅😂 Much love ! ✌️❤️👊
Rondel Andrews
Rondel Andrews Yıl önce
Another banger as usual .... Awesome reaction guys .... Just keep em coming 👌💯
rabooey Yıl önce
I had zero idea that you automatically let go of anything you happen to be holding when entering zero gravity. Incredible! Man I love science.
3:40 I’d like to point out that actor (Djimon Hounsou) double dipped in the comic book universe. He’s in Marvel here but also he was in the DC movie SHAZAM giving his powers to Billy Batson.
Marquez Jeffers
Marquez Jeffers Yıl önce
Yay!!! Monica's back!!! Lol You guys are awesome 😁🤟
It’s Me
It’s Me Yıl önce
15:07 ah, an example of one of the many goals in life that many wish to attain lol
Jonathan Joshua
Jonathan Joshua Yıl önce
That part made me so sad that i had to replay it 3 times to make me even sadder 😭
Kyro King
Kyro King Yıl önce
Loved how she looked to the camera in awe
Johnathan Argow
Johnathan Argow Yıl önce
Wasn't prepared for that comment lol
Cool Engines Christytrekkie
Sweetness personified.
Abby Flatt
Abby Flatt Yıl önce
Thats what i was thinking lmao
Airidas Kvedaras
Airidas Kvedaras Yıl önce
Bautista as Drax in 2nd GotG movie in a dialogue between him and Mantis delivered one of the most PERFECT lines in Marvel movie history and maybe in all movie history dare I say it. "Drax: You're hideous. Mantis: What? Drax: Don't worry, it's better to be ugly. That way if someone loves you, you know it's real. Beautiful people never know for sure."
crazyape515 Yıl önce
Dont tell me you called him to get beat just like that Hermione: or worse, expelled
Sally Shipwreck
Sally Shipwreck Yıl önce
"Pelvic sorcery" - always thought it should be Pelvic insurrection. I've seen this movie more than once and it always makes me laugh! Glad you enjoyed it!
Sean Yıl önce
You two are the best. Love the reactions
Möoz Streams
Möoz Streams Yıl önce
What an awesome couple, thanks for your vids! Ps, I'm excited for the Endgame reaction!
Tom O'Brady
Tom O'Brady Yıl önce
Groot is the gift that keeps on giving. That's a fact. Can't wait for Vol. 3!
Jocelyn Perea
Jocelyn Perea Yıl önce
You will never again be able to hear "I Want You Back" without doing the Baby Groot dance.
PsychoMuffinSDM Yıl önce
I still prefer the trailer version of the scene, where Quills hand is obscured. The fact there is a little notification box for it was too funny.
G Diaz
G Diaz Yıl önce
Looking forward to part II and the Green Mile if you haven't already done it ( going to check)
brandi3981 Yıl önce
1st time a video of yours is suggested for me & since i love guardians of the galaxy i'm watching if i enjoy i'll probably follow your MCU journey OMG harry potter too imma need to binge
Chris M
Chris M Yıl önce
Great reactions to a great film!
Ryan Oseguera
Ryan Oseguera Yıl önce
My all time favorite MCU movie and one of my favorite comic book movies! Hell, it may just be in my 20 favorite movies of all time!
PainToTheWorld Yıl önce
Love this movie great reactions guys
Rico Campos
Rico Campos Yıl önce
Great reaction, Kids! ♥
DeSoRez Yıl önce
I love all your reaction but I had the most fun with this one!!!
Dr. Burt Gummerfan
Dr. Burt Gummerfan 5 gün önce
A lot of first timers treat Guardians and Ant Man as sort of a light diversion from the more serious Avengers movies, but ALL the movies, plotlines, and characters are equally important.
Lunasambition Yıl önce
I’m loving the marvel reactions!! Marvel is just amazing
Sami S.Y
Sami S.Y 7 aylar önce
That ”We are groot” always get me! Fackin hell!!!
Kasino80 Yıl önce
"I'm laughing, because there's humour here" you have the best chemistry!
Seth Denner
Seth Denner Yıl önce
Vin Diesel's most iconic lines in my opinion: "We are Groot" "Suuupermannnn" The two times his character sacrificed himself to save others
Amraj Singh
Amraj Singh Yıl önce
Iron Giant did have a soul imo.
Des Zee
Des Zee Yıl önce
Still in my top 3 MCU movies 👍💯
Cool Engines Christytrekkie
You two are the sweetest couple. Love watching your reactions.
vics Yıl önce
45:30 the way she said Loki is actually correct before she corrected herself. Surprised me a bit
C sp
C sp Yıl önce
missed you guys immensely from australia. keep up the good work
Robert Sans Souci
My favorite team from the comics 🙌🏼
Shhhh 11 aylar önce
Loved your reaction to this
Souledex Yıl önce
That shot of Peter dropping the orb was literally a fuck up on the take and they just left it in. Its so funny to me cause so many of the best lines in Parks and Rec were fuck ups or improvisations like that. like "I typed your symptoms into the computer and it says you may have internet connectivity issues."
Muck006 2 aylar önce
On the topic of "favorite character" ... they are ALL unique (for the team) ... from "the big silent guy" (Groot) to "the eternal criminal who hates everyone" (Rocket) to "the charmer" (Quill) to "the awkward girl" ... "the socially abnormal one" ... and *NONE of this has anything to do with their fighting skills (tl;dr "strong female character" doesnt really need to be "able to beat up everyone else", just part of a team and THEIR EQUAL is enough.)!*
Isaac Vega
Isaac Vega Yıl önce
GOTG slayed with music! SLAYED! The soundtrack is amazing btw
Edd Hardy
Edd Hardy Yıl önce
Seriously you two are fantastic, great reaction. 🥰 from North London.
Edd Hardy
Edd Hardy Yıl önce
@Rico Presents no worries mate.
Rico Presents
Rico Presents Yıl önce
Thank you Edd much appreciated Always good to have a fellow Londoner on the channel
Howard the duck was the very first marvel movie and it was just a joy seeing him come to the MCU
Nathan Cruz
Nathan Cruz Yıl önce
can't wait to see you guys watch guardians of the galaxy volume 2 next time.
Terence Harris
Terence Harris Yıl önce
Rico and Monica, if the two of you don't spend the rest of your lives together I'm going to be extremely pissy beyond all pissivity! You two are perfect for one another.
Cat Yıl önce
The thing is Baby Groot isn't really Groot, it's more like his son 😍
k3n12ock Yıl önce
I remember when this was first announced. A LOT of people thought this movie was gonna suck since the Guardians weren't popular amongst comic readers and general audiences didn't either. Boy, were they wrong.
Kyro King
Kyro King Yıl önce
If anyone was gonna make these characters likeable, it would be James Gunn
Daniel Hoehne
Daniel Hoehne Yıl önce
Funny thing is, I was well into the Marvel Universe when this came out. Hadn't seen this in the theater, but bought the DVD when I moved to western Colorado. First time watching it, didn't like it. Gave the DVD away. I think it was just because I was so unfamiliar with the characters, type of story line. Just didn't click. Of course now, it's a must see. :)
Marián Germán
Marián Germán Yıl önce
Finally one of my favorite movies🤩 i can’t wait for you guys to see doctor strange🤍✨
Souledex Yıl önce
Its also extra wild that Ronan killed the Nova corps, because literally all of them are superheroes by human standards. like Captain America level.
k3n12ock Yıl önce
Also, the thing about Drax vS Ronin, Drax has been drinkin' but even still, his power/skills are super nerfed in the MCU
Narutoanime16 Yıl önce
I’ve been loving the avatar reactions since much I almost forgot about the marvel stuff 😂 awesome
Jesse Juarez
Jesse Juarez Yıl önce
guardians of the galaxy 1 & volume 2 by far my favorite 👍
brandi3981 Yıl önce
sadlyit'll be a hot minute til you see who his real dad was in volume 2 the guardians are really different from anything else in the MCU they have great music and a fun plot that just vaguely connects to the wider MCU cause of the big bad and his children
Muck006 8 aylar önce
Just a reminder ... for those who "werent there": a Walkman requires TONS OF BATTERIES (because moving the tape of the cassette requires a good amount of force ... more than just spinning a disc)!
Rorschach Yıl önce
I wish they would’ve had more cozmo in this
MrSoulshock44 Yıl önce
Y'all two are great ❤
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