Watch Tsunami Hit Tonga's Coast After Underwater Volcano Erupts

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Editor's Note: The image at 1:07 shows what the volcano looked like after a smaller eruption that happened on January 14.

An underwater volcano off Tonga erupted on Saturday, causing a Tsunami. Giant waves also hit several countries in the Pacific.

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Watch Tsunami Hit Tonga's Coast After Underwater Volcano Erupts



15 Oca 2022




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Oktober Vanderslice
I truly hope that the areas affected by this are able to rebuild what was lost and aren't too badly damaged.
Looks terrifying!
Richard Jones
Was in San Diego yesterday and got the alert to get away from the water because of one to three foot waves in the San Diego area. There was absolutely nothing to worry about there but seeing this type of devastation is scary.
First, I do hope that everyone who is going through this survives and are ok. This does seem less severe than the Indonesia Tsunami or even the Japan Tsunami. On another note/question, Do we know if this type of seismic event is capable of changing our weather systems? I know that having smoke and ash in the air is bad but it also helps to block the sun's rays.
Saunsiaray Broussard
Wow! I hope everyone is going to be okay in Tonga, Peru, etc.! Prayers for y'all 🙏🙏🙏
I'm Still The Same Guy.
This is a nightmare, I hope people in the areas affected by this are okay and able to regain a lot of what was lost.
Anniefanny Charles
The pictures from space are really incredible.
yasio bolo
One of my favourite places when in the navy , lots of memories and made lots of local friends . God bless and take care everyone.
Encanto Fan
The waves dont seem that high compared to the 2004 or 2010 tsunamis though but the damage is horrifying.,my prayers to those people in tonga.
Open your mind
Looks terrifying! Sending thoughts of safety and a quick recovery to everyone affected. Love from Florida where we also worry about this one day. We had a storm and tornado warning wake us up at 6am today but all is well. We just don't have control.
Emulate Me, The Universe.
I am glad tsunamis approach like flood water rather than the ginormous monstrous wave from above. I think that would be even more devastating.
I hope this year will not be as severe as 2020-2021. Stay safe and healthy, Dudes.
Forever The Lewis's
I want to take the second to say your content Connects with everyone all over the world and it is very much appreciate DONT never stop being great 👍
Very scary, I felt this in NZ and though it was a bomb going off, my house shook.
Fish sticks
Man, these waves are huge! I couldn’t imagine if I got hit by one.
I Love Tarkin
This reminds me of the eruption of stories of Thera (spl?) in the Mediterranean Sea. Just like this volcano it blew itself up and left the island it was a part of in pieces. It's wild to think about the amount of power volcanoes release when they erupt.
Life of rhinos
My heart goes out to all the people there 😢
Tom Lydon
Hope everyone's OK.
Prayers to all in this catastrophe. 💜
Sergio Melendez
Terrifying size, also look at that shock wave.
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