WATCH LIVE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial Day 22

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LIVE COVERAGE: Johnny Depp v Amber Heard Defamation Trial

Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed, in which she spoke out about being the victim of domestic violence. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp as her alleged abuser, but according to Depp’s lawsuit, it relied “on the central premise that Ms. Heard was a domestic abuse victim and that Mr. Depp perpetrated domestic violence against her.” Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.

The defamation trial began Monday in Fairfax County Circuit Court in Virginia, with jury selection completing on the same day. There is a possibility of celebrity witnesses testifying, including James Franco and Elon Musk. Tune in to the Law&Crime Network for daily coverage of this high-profile trial.

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24 May 2022




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Peekaboo Parrots
Peekaboo Parrots Aylar önce
The TMZ witness giving Elaine a dose of her own medicine (in response to her accusation of him wanting his “15 min of fame” 7:10:30) and JD’s long poetic text 6:35:00 was EPIC 🌟😂
whatever 17 gün önce
That text message to Christian Carino is so great I did an MP3 file of it and have it on my iTunes.
Not again
Not again 21 gün önce
He answered "You did" with a proud grin was just the chef's kiss
Not again
Not again 21 gün önce
Gotta say, Johnny was so eloquent with the insults. And they rolls off the tongue too
Chantal Martel
Chantal Martel 28 gün önce
Yes and I am happy..this lawyer cross the line to often and team johnny let her go...now she taste her own medicine..
S Mac
S Mac Aylar önce
It's actually sickening and super chilling how she switches up her act, one second she's staring him down, the next second she's traumatised by a text, literally the next second she's "laughing" with her lawyers, then switches back to being shocked then she's sniggering. Everything about her is so insincere.
Jo March
Jo March 7 gün önce
Ive actually just watched some parts where shes seen here smirking... I have to say its extremely satisfying seeing her n even elaine smirking devilishly like that knowin that now theyve lost soo soo hard that theyve become one of d biggest jokes to d whole world... wonder if they even considered this being a possibility when they smirked here...
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@Christy Bultsma yep she was so upset she did drugs and drank too
Christy Bultsma
Christy Bultsma 24 gün önce
Dealing with a person's heroin addiction is maddening and makes you crazy because they're the one with the problem and it's making YOU crazy. You become their victim. A person's addiction can control your life & relationship.
Trisha Pine
Trisha Pine Aylar önce
For someone that cowered in fear when she got close to him when she was leaving the stand to now looking at him defiant and even mocking, makes me truly believe she's full of herself and her lies she's trying to fool everyone.
Mina Kim
Mina Kim 25 gün önce
@Deanna Johnson totally :(
Melini Gonzalez
Melini Gonzalez 29 gün önce
@Karen Anthony spoken like a Karen
Tania Gonzalez
Tania Gonzalez Aylar önce
She is not fooling no one lol but yea I agree with you
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
yeh, I think she should have taken some method acting classes & learnt how to at least act the part she wants to play in court! I could do a better job of acting than she is with this court case! She's pathetic!
Karen Anthony
Karen Anthony Aylar önce
Because she's WINNING!!!
Kay Josephine Lee
Kay Josephine Lee Aylar önce
When I was a juror in a criminal case, I looked at the defendant the whole time when the victim testified. I hope this jury is doing the very same. She's disgusting.
Melini Gonzalez
Melini Gonzalez 29 gün önce
@Me Here are you a me too MOVEMENT
Melini Gonzalez
Melini Gonzalez 29 gün önce
Me too. AH has too many personality's
Perséy Aylar önce
@Me Here Maybe if it was the real perpetrator or they had the wrong person?
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
@Kay Josephine Lee ok, so what were you getting by looking at the defendant?
Kay Josephine Lee
Kay Josephine Lee Aylar önce
@Me Here fortunately because of the support of evidence and police reports and testimonies, I already established that the victim was a victim.
AnikaRice Aylar önce
Can i just commend Johnny Depp's team for taking on the most competent, eloquent, credible and intelligent expert witnesses in this whole trial. Everyone just did their job splendidly and was so refreshing to listen to their experience and expertise.
MTKN7 Aylar önce
Can we also appreciate Mr. Rottenborn for contributing to the amusement of the whole world?? My favorite is this one 6:34:58
Joe The Lion
Joe The Lion Aylar önce
So many people with a high profile like Kate Moss would not have wanted to get involved in this. It just shows how strongly she wanted to refute Heard's nonsense. Brava Ms Moss
Oswald Thatendswald
Oswald Thatendswald 13 gün önce
@Siobhan Bergin amber is the one who brought it up on the stand. She said she heard it had happened. It is completely relevant, and if she says "I hears a rumor that Johnny hit this person" and that person comes out and says "that never happened" who tf you gonna believe? The other lady that Amber claimed Johnny threw a red bull can at also said her little story never happened so wtf. You really still skeptical?
Siobhan Bergin
Siobhan Bergin 13 gün önce
@Cecilia Lamson And also she testified because she dated him in the 90s. That’s 3 decades ago. Different person now. Irrelevant
Siobhan Bergin
Siobhan Bergin 13 gün önce
@Cecilia Lamson She didn’t spread the rumour. The press did
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@Siobhan Bergin omg it was to dispute the rumor Heard spread
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@Lemon Juice Production 😂😂
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Aylar önce
“I believe Johnny is very lucky to be alive. Amber is a very dangerous person.” Could not agree with you more!
Melini Gonzalez
Melini Gonzalez 29 gün önce
Yup I agree BIPOLAR is a red flag 🚩
The Amber Heard Playlist!!
I have been building an arsenal of Amber Heard and Johny Depp pieces of content on The Amber Heard Playlist!! for THREE years
jax N pizza
jax N pizza Aylar önce
I can’t imagine what’s it’s like to have already been constantly defending yourself against accusations, being told to stay quiet by your abuser, belittled, and embarrassed by your partner; only to have to keep defending yourself when you are testifying about something you lived through only to constantly have objections being thrown all over. Johnny is holding hisself up way better than I would be. Must be so frustrating to finally get a chance to talk about it and be shut down so much.
misssimmi2 Aylar önce
I was thinking that too. When you finally think this is your chance to speak out about the horrors that you had to endure and a chance to clear your name, your constantly being made to shut up. The judge didn't help by sustaining every single objection ( and there were an awful lot of them!) Even when it clearly wasn't hearsay or whatever.
Alaa Aylar önce
That breaks my heart
levi hand
levi hand Aylar önce
@Akatsuki X that’s a perfect name for it
Akatsuki X
Akatsuki X Aylar önce
This could be a whole documentary with Johnny and his witnesses. They could name it " surviving heard " or something an be able to actually tell their stories uninterrupted.
Latesha Churney
Latesha Churney Aylar önce
Laughing at him and then crying. She is full of it. I don’t believe her AT ALL. Everyone will always love Johnny more no matter what ends up happening. She can never take that away or change it.
Twirles09 29 gün önce
@Bradford Shaun Murray Had brain damage reading that
Twirles09 29 gün önce
@Bradford Shaun Murray Had brain damage reading that
MTKN7 Aylar önce
i can't get enough of this 6:34:57
Yung Reaperr
Yung Reaperr Aylar önce
@Bradford Shaun Murray Had a stroke reading that.
Rayuka Carran
Rayuka Carran 24 gün önce
“Don’t break anything on your way out” from the judge and Johnny having a small laugh with her in reaction to her comment was one of the most precious and genuinely pure things I have seen in the entire trial 🤍
ani Aylar önce
The way Amber keeps smirking it’s so gross. No victim smirks at their abuser. Just by her facial expressions you can tell how vile she is.
Chava 29 gün önce
@Lauren Hart lmao both can be true at once with different contexts. Of course she may cry when literally recounting events first hand, doesn’t mean she has to be backed into a corner crying the entire trial. The way the public at large is speaking about victim hood is tragic
Lauren Hart
Lauren Hart 29 gün önce
@Chava maybe that’s where you’re at, but only days ago she has a tremble in her voice. So which is it?
Chava Aylar önce
@daisy7066 I am a victim with PTSD lmao you shouldn’t talk down to people like that.
Amy Burden
Amy Burden Aylar önce
@Ameerah M. you
Mary Aylar önce
Hate to say it, but from her perspective, her smiles and laughs are saying how untrue various allegations against her are
Ashtyn Tucker
Ashtyn Tucker Aylar önce
Being so defensive on Amber's side just makes her look even worse than she already does, makes her lawyers look like they are frustrated and reaching, grasping for straws for anything at this point because they know how bad they and amber seem in this trial. Hopefully people on the jury see this too
AwesomeCat2012 Aylar önce
@Abhay Sharma They are standing as the Jury enters and leaves the court room.
Abhay Sharma
Abhay Sharma Aylar önce
Can any body plz tell me for knowledge that after every break or when trial starts even after judge entered everybody stands and look on their left side. For ex- 8:05:36
Cachet Durand
Cachet Durand Aylar önce
I've been watching videos of people who have been in the court room over the course of this trial, and their input on the "vibe" between the defendant and her lawyers is quite sad. Elaine has been seen "crying" multiple times over the past few weeks. And they say that when Amber and her team are outside the courtroom (in the hall/lobby) that there is so much "tension" and "negativity". Her lawyers all appear to be "walking on eggshells" around her. She is often seen yelling and cursing at her lawyers and at one point, a few people have reported that they heard Elaine say to Amber something along the lines of, "I'm doing my best! You are more than welcome to represent yourself if you're unhappy with the job I'm doing." *edit: misspelling
Katherine Pippin
Katherine Pippin Aylar önce
By the way… this is in reference of her cross examination of Johnny’s psychologist witness (her rebuttal). I haven’t gotten to the full length of the TMZ lawyer yet
Katherine Pippin
Katherine Pippin Aylar önce
Im not in favor of Amber heard, but Camille went waaay harder and was a lot more abrupt than amber’s lawyer here. I feel bad for this lady and I think she did a good job refuting in this instance
Calvin Bright
Calvin Bright Aylar önce
In other words, Heard's psychologist gave her every tool she needed to lie about ipv. How is that not a serious breach of ethics?
Jullie Assavedo
Jullie Assavedo 29 gün önce
Very Serious breach/Crooked & 🤑 like the character she’s defending… 2’s company
anna dobreva
anna dobreva Aylar önce
Yeahh but the psychologist is "board certified!!" All other things don't matter apparently.
Jay Aylar önce
Hopefully the right people are paying attention
Barbarella Aylar önce
Sarah Gianfortune
Sarah Gianfortune Aylar önce
It's so creepy how Amber smirks as if she's proud every time anyone talks about her physically hurting another person. Disturbing.
Shal Z
Shal Z Aylar önce
also, I think I noticed something here, the fact that Amber really does write profusely when there is a witness testifying against her, and really making her look bad, the REASON she is writing down like that is because shes actually ARGUING BACK W/ THE WITNESS in her head. She cannot listen, she is always defensive and always ready to argue and gaslight and invalidate what someone is saying, particularly when it is negative about her, SUCH A CLASSIC tick for many mood/personality disorders.
Flower Junkie
Flower Junkie Aylar önce
I saw another video that was a closeup... she looked like she was writing but the paper was blank! Lol
MK Aylar önce
This judge is amazing. Her patience, fairness and kind demeanor demonstrates how a judge should conduct a case.
Rora 💎🦠
Rora 💎🦠 Aylar önce
@Gianna2 Bella hahah I think she did say that to Johnny!
Casey Chapman
Casey Chapman Aylar önce
She is. And regardless of the ruling I’ll still agree. This whole case should be thrown out of both sides IMO.
Hollywood Movie Ticket
*Johnny* ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ana Fleming
Ana Fleming Aylar önce
Can anyone explain to me what the whole thing was about TMZ and bringing other court cases for reference? All the readings were confusing me so much. I don't speak law 🙃
TainoAquarian Aylar önce
Ridiculous the level of micromanaging Amber takes on towards her lawyers; shameful. She controls them with the post-its they are to immediately jump on all throughout the trial- rather than trust they do their job. Narcissists of that degree, have that much contempt so as to deem Every person/ professional as incompetent (in comparison to Them- that is/ of course).
CanadianSparkle Aylar önce
I've watched a lot of court cases, I have NEVER seen lawyers object to their own questions LMAO.... if the lawyers who are representing Amber get work after this it will be a miracle. I've never seen lawyers so incredibly rude, disrespectful and arrogant towards a Judge, witnesses or each other. Disgusting demeanor and decorum
Cristina Geo
Cristina Geo Gün önce
​@AwesomeCat2012 I think it's "Move to strike" anything that comes after the answer they shoot for.
AwesomeCat2012 Aylar önce
I believe, from what I've seen, that they can object to the way a witness answers their question. If the witness starts to say hearsay, etc., they can object.
we were born sick
we were born sick Aylar önce
pretty sure ms vasquez did the same? during cross examination
Angela Cox
Angela Cox Aylar önce
I have never in my life seen lawyers object to their own questions, as witness is answering......this has been the wildest trial ever.
Topenga-Art 29 gün önce
Listening to Johnny Depps last words on the stand, before being cross examined, gutted me very deeply. You can see and hear the pain he went through. I pray he will get the peace and justice he waited for for so long, he deserves it so much! What a wonderful human being, there should be many more like him. 🙏
Antiher0 Aylar önce
The way Amber's team keeps saying they "don't want to waste the court's time" to cut off answers they don't want the jury to hear is despicable. They are consistently wasting the court's time themselves with their excessive objections and manipulation!
Christopher Columbus
@Nikki Campbell if you combine the IQ of all the fans of JOhnny you still won't reach 100
iwatchvideos918 Aylar önce
They are wasting their own time! They wasted so much time with those useless professional witnesses and squandered lots of their own time.
Somsanouk Saysaleumsack
I get so irritated when A lawyers tried to be tough, but somehow it is good because they might want the witness to say "yes or no" but by acting like this, I think the jury is like us, they can see the harassement totally useless and rude, I guess they will react the same way then us.
Dan Gerous
Dan Gerous Aylar önce
Welcome to law.
Queen's Gambit9876
Queen's Gambit9876 Aylar önce
Not to mention, their lists of low quality "experts" esp Dr. Crazy who won't shut up...
Eric RH
Eric RH Aylar önce
2:19:00 That was *disgusting*. Elaine was behaving so pathetically, I hope the jury could identify how she was trying to trap Dr. Curry into not being able to respond comprehensively, it made Elaine look sooo bad IMO because it meant that she wanted Dr. Curry to speak as little as possible, since Elaine knew Dr. Curry was hurting their case too much.
Tania Gonzalez
Tania Gonzalez 29 gün önce
All of her lawyers are rude and disrespectful
Graham Farrell
Graham Farrell Aylar önce
If judge Penney doesn't throw the book at Amber Heard something is seriously wrong with this trial. Amber has made such a ridiculous mess here and wasted everyone's time, she needs to be punished.
Anna Kidd
Anna Kidd Aylar önce
At times, life isn't fair, I'm counting on the jury being so... Cheers to you, Johnny, for having the strength and courage to come forward against domestic violence...
Mom! I'm home!
Mom! I'm home! 21 gün önce
Hi, I’m from the future. Your wish has been granted.
Kim J
Kim J Aylar önce
I like hearing Dr. Curry speak. She sounds like she knows what she's talking about. She's very thorough. Dr. Hughes testimony came across very biased and not nearly as intelligible IMO.
S Aylar önce
Amber makes my skin crawl, with each smirk, constant writing on pad and evil side stare. Regardless of the outcome of this trial she will still think she's done no wrong, a pure NARCISSIST behaviour.
Estelle de Kock
Estelle de Kock Aylar önce
Amber's lawyers are annoying the living s*** out of me with their horrible courtroom demeanour and their "grasping at straws" objections!!! WHHHYYYYYY does Elaine keep asking people if they know it's on TV and if they wanted fame 🙈🙈🙈 Is that really the basis of most of her cross examinations?? Does she have nothing better?? "I could say the same about you taking Amber as a client." 🤣 Touché
noadlor Aylar önce
The way Amber smirks and looks proud when she is accused of mistreating her sister. Her narcissism can't contain itself.
Elli Lee
Elli Lee Aylar önce
I really appreciate your channel for having Q&A sessions. Ya'll are awesome and I love that you guys answer questions in a way like youre talking to a group of friends and is very easy to understand. Thank you!
Sasha Ortiz
Sasha Ortiz Aylar önce
The fact that she can look at his direction and smirk as he recalls his trauma and pain is absolutely disgusting. I pray there will be justice for Johnny and that EVERYONE sees through her lies, that she will never be hired for anything. There is no way her life will ever be the same. The world sees the TRUTH. Justice, love and peace to Johnny he deserves it all. We LOVE you Johnny, we appreciate you, support you and believe you. Thank you for bringing to light the fact that men experience domestic violence as well. Thank you for your honesty your thorough explanations and for allowing the world to see and hear the truth. 🤍
Joe King
Joe King 28 gün önce
@Sarah Wynn But her drinking and drug use wasn't ruining her life like it was for JD. Johnny was showing up late at the movie set and acting obnoxiously, slurring his speech, etc, while you would never know Amber drank. And no, not every drunk is a wife beater but many are. They lose control when they drink and Johnny has shown himself losing control many times while drunk. But the main point is that JD was losing acting jobs because of his drinking.
Sarah Wynn
Sarah Wynn 29 gün önce
@Joe King she took more drugs than him and drank more than him . Also having a drink problem doesn’t automatically make you an abuser !!!
Grinchy1 Aylar önce
@Joe King and you would know because you watch the same video we did, right?! not because you were there
Grinchy1 Aylar önce
@Joe King AWWWW look at you hiding behind your keyboard 🤣
Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛
It's actually sickening and super chilling how she switches up her act, one second she's staring him down, the next second she's traumatised by a text, literally the next second she's "laughing" with her lawyers, then switches back to being shocked then she's sniggering. Everything about her is so insincere.
Sarah Cartier
Sarah Cartier Aylar önce
Quote "This is not easy for anyone", shows what a thoughtful and considerate person JD is. Even though it is more personal for himself. Looking after his mother during her ailments, another example of his kind nature regardless of his suffering as a child. Truly a humble and generous person in deed and spirit.
Helena O'Carroll
Helena O'Carroll Aylar önce
Johnny’s psychologist is spot on with her description of Amber Heard, people with ptsd would not be as able bodied as her, lies, lies and more lies, super defensive , never stops messaging her team, why did she keep dragging Johnny back . And now that she can’t / couldn’t change him she wants to destroy him at all costs
J P Aylar önce
@Yung Reaperr the psychologist
Me Here
Me Here Aylar önce
That's one thing I don't agree with her on. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, but I don't tend to talk about it, cause I don't feel I have it badly enough to validate that, but it certainly impacts my life, but as a domestic violence survivor, I also know how to put up the walls needed to cope with trauma, then fall apart later, some with PTSD can do that, many actually if the trauma is not yet over. Someone who has said they have PTSD & that I believe is Lady Gaga, as a result of the assault she suffered as a teenager, even leading to pregnancy after months of non-stop assaults. She also has some other heavy duty psychiatric disorders she's spoken of having, but she's an incredibly high functioning person. When you look beyond that though, you see that she is heavily medicated with serious antipsychotic meds & getting extensive psychiatric help very regularly & basically has an entire team that keep her together & medicated & counselled to keep her functioning & from what she's sort of said, sort of hid, she still has major breakdowns at times & I think from what she's said & what we know of A Star is Born being delayed in filming 6 weeks "because she wasn't ready for it", so hundreds of people's schedules messed around by it, it seems she had a total breakdown with hospital admission & the works from the stress of preparing to play that character triggering something in her memories or something, cause that's how conditions like that go, you can "control" them until you can't & you can't predict/control the episodes. Anyway, I'm just saying, some people CAN actually function even at a Hollywood A list level with PTSD, but when they do, they look NOTHING like AH does! It would be absolutely impossible to hide the level of disorder & support needed to keep them stable in a trial like this if any of this was real for her! Just a basic one, she would have her own, current psychologist & psychiatrist that she had been seeing for years & still saw multiple times a week giving evidence for her & explaining all the medications she took daily to manage her symptoms & keep her functioning. There would be no need to hide any of that, it would be evidence to help her, but she has none of that, cause she doesn't have PTSD or any other trauma from Johnny! Johnny's more likely to get PTSD out of this than she is! (in fact the way he seems to struggle with dates & forgetting random things, what movies he's been in etc, things that an average person would remember is consistent with PTSD. Can be consistent with other conditions too, not saying he has PTSD, but just saying his presentation is in fact much more consistent for it than Amber's is & the way he kinda excuses it away with being so excentric is also consistent with how people will cover for this kind of stuff if they're successfully living a successful life. Amber doesn't have any of that, cause she doesn't have PTSD)
Yung Reaperr
Yung Reaperr Aylar önce
@daFinchi Music Not amber or her lawyers
daFinchi Music
daFinchi Music Aylar önce
I think she is going to do really well from this trial, she has represented herself and her profession fantastically.
Clauce Micro
Clauce Micro Aylar önce
Kate Moss conveyed more emotion in her short testimony than AH with her antics. You can tell she does care about clearing his ex's name and still has fondness for him.
NastyB77 Aylar önce
The way amber and her lawyers are faking being all chummy, smiling and laughing, is making my skin crawl. You know it's responding to how the public noticed her displeasure earlier in the trial.
Kr Bt
Kr Bt Aylar önce
And then she goes on a stand and says 'I am not sitting in this courtroom snickering, I'm not sitting in this courtroom laughing. I'm not smiling and making snide jokes. I'm not. This is horrible.' Errr, and as you say there she sits with her muffin and megapint laywers looking like she is having a jolly good time 😂🤦
Sheetal Tirkey
Sheetal Tirkey Aylar önce
Yes , you can think,say whatever you can, but I don't believe Johnny.
JDC Aylar önce
@Sheetal Tirkey Really? You’re buying that?
Rouchelle Arevalo
Rouchelle Arevalo Aylar önce
And they only do it when the lawyers approach the bench cause they know Johnny and team and witnesses in court would be paying attention to them rather than the witness at the moment
Some Body
Some Body Aylar önce
@James Cassidy Mickey Mouse Club hahah
Doodoo Bean
Doodoo Bean Aylar önce
I thought Amber said that she wasn't snickering or making side jokes during the trial. Does she not realize that the camera is pointing at her? The jury might not have been able to see her doing it, but she most certainly is. She's been doing it now for about forty minutes while Johnny's been testifying. Yes, Johnny has done it too, but not to this extent. Not even close.
ℭocoa 29 gün önce
The way Amber stares at Johnny so smugly the entire time, really not the face of any victim I've ever seen looking at their alleged abuser!
Jennifer Hudson
Jennifer Hudson 22 gün önce
💯 Exactly
Hippology Aylar önce
It’s very very sad. I hope and pray this jury does the right thing. Johnny does NOT deserve this.
StGammon77 Aylar önce
JD said he wanted to file for divorce first and then Amber filed the next day to get the limelight and to make the public think she was deciding to leave him due to violence, what a con woman she is and I trust the Jury will see through her charade.
R B Aylar önce
I wasn’t even a big fan of him but now I’m actually praying that he wins this case. What this poor man has been through is just mindblowing. I’m so sad but also so happy, literally the whole world is with him. I’ve never seen this much support for one cause. It’s 99-1 in johnnys favor. I hope he feels all this love and strength. If you’re reading this Johnny the WHOLE WORLD IS WITH YOU!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
MissRY Answers
MissRY Answers 11 gün önce
Supporting those who are pushed up against negative/ill-intended force(s) is 1 positive trait of what we call "humanity". Humanity IS in peril. The worse traits of humans are growing louder every year through all realms of communication. So, when in throngs, crowds of "supportive/good will" intended people, you'll still find clusters or pairs of people who have too much emotional tension pent up- positive or negative. Example: some JD supporters likely have a degree of anger/frustration that AH won't quit her lying activity. So when a crowd of "for the good of humanity" gather and some POTENTIAL off subject tension arises, INSTEAD of going on the Defense & into a 😂, a smirk, or worse- a tirade, in SUPPORT of the POSITIVE TRAITS of BEING HUMAN, maybe instead, go on the OFFENSE by simply saying a) nothing, ignore whatever you sense was a slight against you- for tht GOOD of the group or person being Supported. b) say "yep/ok/correct"-NOTHING more. Agree w/ them to acknowledge you saw their post & they were right (if they were) & you're a strong person in control of your emotions so you don't need to prove anything so you let the other person be helpful, or petty, or small- or whatever negative you may have thought you saw. c) "thanks" or 👍 or " got it" or "you caught me" or anything else that is NOT ANTAGONIZING. d) if they are wrong & it's neither here nor there important - IGNORE IT. That is what people who are positive, mature, stable, supportive, not looking for a fight, way past worries about intent of strangers' (OR trying to teach that stranger) that you'll never meet do. They don't bicker and jab until one is worn down, or one gains a supporter or 2, especially in the midst of a support group for another person. That's like attending a funeral service where 2 unknown ppl who don't know the decedant are there to support someone else they care about, who then start a fight, verbally sparring in the midst a funeral.
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 12 gün önce
@R B actually the joke's on you counting the so-called number of errors, so to speak. Actually counting, are you for real. Isme itni kya badi baat hogaye. 🤣 Alvida behen.
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@R B wth move on people
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@Anna Banana they r just like her
Zosia Samosia
Zosia Samosia Aylar önce
My blood is boiling....why are Johnny Depp's witnesses and even himself being forced to answer "yes or no" to certain questions but when Amber was being asked to answer yes or no regarding her charity "donation" she was allowed to dodge the answer, continuously spew out her own narrative and eventually get away with not answering directly !?!?!? THIS IS MADNESS!
Izabela Aylar önce
Notice how at the start of this trial she was not smiling but tried her best to look like she’s about to cry. Then she noticed that people online thought that it was too much acting and people thought that johnnys smile here and there looked genuine. Now, she’s copying Johnny and trying to smile and joke with her team like him except she overdoes it and and her smile is not a genuine smile like johnnys, it’s a smug smirk that looks so forced…..🥴🥴
Barbara Wagar
Barbara Wagar Aylar önce
Kim Sheppard
Kim Sheppard Aylar önce
I was able to watch the whole rebuttal part of this trial today. I was closely watching AHs expressions and her demeanor, I believe that she is totally enjoying this. She makes me sick. She has no compassion whatsoever, none !! I don't even think she is human at all, completely narcissistic etc. What a peice of work !! I feel really bad for her young daughter....that poor baby..... that baby has no idea, what sort of mother she has....
Barbara Wagar
Barbara Wagar Aylar önce
I predict that her child will be taken by child services or someone is going to go to court to get custody of it due to AH's inability to parent. I think the poor kid is going to suffer like in "Mommy Dearest".
AnnaR 29 gün önce
OMG, she is so creepy… Seems she suddenly forgot that she had to keep acting, all this smirking made me sick. After she was cross examined by Ms Vazquez I really hope no one will even think of believing her lies. And Johnny seemed so heartbroken… It broke my heart too seeing him like this.
myranda Aylar önce
A true victim would be triggered by his testimony mean while she was literally looking at him laughing almost the whole time. What a poor excuse of a human being Amber is.
Thinking Allowed
Thinking Allowed 28 gün önce
@Joke Smet Justice has not prevailed. Power has prevailed. That doesn't change the truth.
Thinking Allowed
Thinking Allowed 28 gün önce
@Joke Smet The jury has got it wrong. Has, not as.
Joke Smet
Joke Smet 28 gün önce
@Thinking Allowed hi and you know what... you reap what you sow...
Joke Smet
Joke Smet 28 gün önce
@Thinking Allowed don't tell me what's bullying and gaslighting. I had my fair share... I wouldn't do that upon anyone. I'm just stating facts... and as we all now see... the truth as won, justice as prevailed.
myranda Aylar önce
@Haley Anderson 👏👏 tell em Haley!
Nae Aylar önce
Mega Pint
Mega Pint Aylar önce
@Joyanna Huante no.
Barbarella Aylar önce
SO annoying
Eglantine Lonperia
Eglantine Lonperia Aylar önce
I came here to say this! Why does she keep smirking during Johnny's testimony?!!!
Eglantine Lonperia
Eglantine Lonperia Aylar önce
@Joyanna Huante surprisingly no, I'm okay with that
Slippery Snake
Slippery Snake Aylar önce
@Joyanna Huante not at all 😂
Thilo Aylar önce
4:16:41 _"How did Miss Heards action affect you❔"_ Johnny: _"It changed everything!"_ 🤔 Lawyer: _"Objection - relevance!"_ 🤐 Johnny: _"Oh, it _*_didn't_*_ change everything?"_ 🙄 Judge: _"Sir, if you could wait to the objection, please"_ 🤫 Johnny: _"Yes, yes I'm sorry, I have _*_Tourette's_*_ "_ 🤣
angela f
angela f 9 gün önce
Made me laugh so hard 🤣
BB Forever
BB Forever Aylar önce
@gSkin123 didn’t she say Sir if you can wait for the objection.
Thilo Aylar önce
@gSkin123 TRUE ! I didn't notice that because they were speaking at the same time ;-)
gSkin123 Aylar önce
Wait haha the judge said "ms heard"
Lynn H
Lynn H Aylar önce
I'm a bit behind but I appreciated the witnesses JD's team called. They were actual experts in their field. I do find it interesting that Elaine keeps asking if they're here for their 15 minutes of fame. Glad she got called out on it too. Believe it or not, Elaine, there are good people out there who just want the truth out to the public and don't care about fame.
Holly Meyer
Holly Meyer Aylar önce
She is despicable, sitting there smirking and smiling while Depp testfies.
Derick Aylar önce
well HE CAUSED IT he is acting funny or is he trying to funny? how hard is it to answer simple questions
Angel Teale
Angel Teale Aylar önce
She won't be smirking next week haha
Nicole Belleisle
Nicole Belleisle Aylar önce
Its a true tell of who she really is. What DV victim sits there looking smug, smirking & reacting the way AH did, to their alleged "abuser" being on the stand testifying to these "traumatic" events they were a part of?! Typically someone with true PTSD would be somewhat triggered by having to relive these memories while their abuser spoke about them, & would certainly not be acting so arrogantly & cocky in response. Her expressions & reactions in fact remind me of how a narcissistic abuser might act while hearing their victim have to rehash such events.
kevin ross
kevin ross Aylar önce
The trial starts at 1:23:12 with Kate Moss being the first witness The second witness is Dr. Shannon Curry at 1:28:49 The trial takes a break at 2:38:37 The trial comes back with Johnny Depp testifying at 3:16:21 It takes a break at 4:24:21 It comes back at 4:43:08 The recap of the trial starts at 5:03:26 until 5:47:48 The trial comes back at 6:04:49 with the Cross-Examination of Johnny Depp Morgan Tremaine testifies at 6:56:39 Brian Neumeister testifies at 7:14:14 The trial takes a break at 7:43:22 It comes back at 8:05:25 Beverly Leonard testifies at 8:33:47
PianoDisneygal10 23 gün önce
You’re fantastic!
Elisabeth Andreassen
Thank you!!!
Elisabeth Andreassen
Thank you!! This should be so much higher up in the comments 😅
Roses are Reddd
Roses are Reddd Aylar önce
Thank you! 😊
b sim
b sim Aylar önce
Thank you 🌸
Elise Khan
Elise Khan Aylar önce
I showed my husband the part where JD described how AH treated her sister, and he was disgusted and angry by the faces she was making because it reminded him of my relationship with my own sister. His story is so much more believable to us than her story that so many people lied or failed her.
Tania Gonzalez
Tania Gonzalez Aylar önce
Omg I lost it when JD’s lawyer is asking Johnny if he has ever taken 8-10 MDMA pills and he says “no ma’am” and then she asks “why?” And he says “cause I’d be dead” 🤣🤣 he is hilarious! I love his humor
Oswald Thatendswald
Oswald Thatendswald 13 gün önce
He's right tbh. Taking that much ecstasy at once would likely kill you. There could be exceptions but when I was a teen you didn't take more than two at a time. Maybe three if you were a pill head.
Callie Hanson
Callie Hanson Aylar önce
The way she's looking at the lawyer questioning and back to the witness and back again so quick and eagerly says alot. It's evil like. Like she's getting a rush off of it, especially with her facial expressions and whole demeanor.
Karen Cox
Karen Cox Aylar önce
He’s so hurt. It breaks my heart. When he talks about the rumor Amber Heard created about Kate Moss it looks like he may have looked at her and his voice gets more gentle and he said “it’s like that, I’m sorry”. It’s so sad that his life has been so disturbed by this awful human.
Emily Greenhalge
Emily Greenhalge Aylar önce
It’s so disgusting how amber is just sitting there smiling while Johnny is testifying about her throwing wine in her sisters face. At this point, she doesn’t deserve a good reputation.
Mike Myers
Mike Myers 13 gün önce
@Cecilia Lamson No one cares.
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
Yadira Ramos
Yadira Ramos 27 gün önce
I guess she thought it was going to be easy to blame and get with it without any problems but guess what Karma does exist!!!!
Yadira Ramos
Yadira Ramos 27 gün önce
Muggleborn72 Aylar önce
I hate that his team missed an extraordinary opportunity to prove her a liar. The photo of the table with the liquor and cocaine she claimed he left like that....she clearly stated that he left it like that the night before and she woke up to that. She also testified that he kept the liquor that was in that glass in the freezer. So if all of that is true, then there is no physical way that the glass with the liquor in it would still be frosted on the outside! That liquor was clearly poured right before the photo was taken!!
Stephanie Thibault
Stephanie Thibault 22 gün önce
I LOVE how Amber’s Attorney’s continue to become more and more stressed as the digital forensics expert continues to talk 🤣 case closed!!
timea takacs
timea takacs Aylar önce
As much as I feel bad for Johnny and just wishing him a nice life, i will miss watching this trial when it ends. Don't get me wrong it will be great and relaxing for him at the end. But i enjoyed this battle live, i learned so much myself, and it was almost like a documentary episodes for me. Will miss it, but it must come to an end. Johnny i wish you great love and i respect you as an actor and as a person.
Nana A
Nana A Aylar önce
When Johnny spoke...Wow, she is exatcly how i imagined in my head. All those ”sad” faces previous were just a bad act. This is who she really is. I can’t even fathom what she put Johnny trough when they were together. Win or lose, Johnny has cleared his name and public loves him even more. Though i really really hope, that jury gives him the ultimate justice he deserves.
Seeker of Truth
Seeker of Truth Aylar önce
When a witness takes the stand, he/she swears an oath to tell "the truth; the WHOLE truth; and nothing but the truth." When these attorneys keep cutting off the witness's attempt to tell the WHOLE truth, by cutting their answers off after "yes" or "no," they are not being given the opportunity to tell the WHOLE truth.
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@Sheena345 M he asked Elaine b4 he took the stand if there was anything he couldn't lie about she told him no. It's at 2:03 mark on whatever day he was on. 10 or 20 idr
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@Ceres Hulme they can prove their side without being nasty
R G Aylar önce
Do they even swear people in with those lines anymore? I thought they changed it to "do you swear to answer with lawful consequences?" Or something close to that.
Chris Live!
Chris Live! Aylar önce
they are cross examining. theyre not required to. -- his own lawyers, are given time for his own questions. -- why you making up rules? lol
Dragonfly On the Wall
@Megan Paq are you young? Wow, unnecessary stereotyping.
Yolanda Garza Buentello
I find it so funny how Amber starts writing down things so quickly when experts are explaining how they analyze things. She is taking notes on how to be better liar. Her face when they showed the text message he didn't send.She looked so guilty..
Alexalia Aylar önce
Amber's attitude changed dramatically as the end of this trial approached. She went from sad, innocent virgin Mary to a malicious, conceited brat.
Carmela Aguilar
Carmela Aguilar 9 gün önce
I could listen to Dr. Curry in a class with no problem. So informative and knowledgeable. I feel like she’s a professor and the court is her class. It would be amazing to have professors like her in universities to those in that career. Heck I would take her class even If I didn’t need the credit. Love informative she is ❤️ Thank you 😊
maester of none
maester of none 2 gün önce
Seeing her again made me realize that's what Sheagol/Spiegel was trying to emulate. He didn't just wanted to star in his own personal courtroom drama, he wanted to beat Curry at this game. Unfortunately for him, Curry isn't playing any games 😭🤣
Brittney Mac Gregor
I can't stand how smug AH looks sitting there. I hope the jury see right through this fraud.
Lala :3
Lala :3 Aylar önce
*Timeline* 1:23:00 the trial starts 1:23:35 Kate Moss testifies 1:28:10 Dr Curry 2:15:31 cross examination 2:39:33 break time, it comes back at 3:00:00 3:16:00 Jonny Depp testifies 4:24:24 break time, it comes back at 4:43:10 5:02:10 break time until 6:04:00 6:04:30 cross examination 6:56:00 M. Tremaine testifies (ex-TMZ) 7:14:04 B. Neumeister testifies 7:43:20 break time until 8:06:00 8:33:40 B. Leonard testifies
Kelli Garcia
Kelli Garcia 22 gün önce
@LilyWaters nope not my thing 😁
LilyWaters 24 gün önce
@Kelli Garcia You could a done it all the way yourself 😃 or provided the rest of the timestamps for that matter
deirukin •
deirukin • 24 gün önce
Thank you!
Lisa Lofton
Lisa Lofton Aylar önce
Thank you 😊
shyeri888 Aylar önce
Thank you for this 😍, God bless
Sarah Cartier
Sarah Cartier Aylar önce
Dr Curry is awesome, professional, informative and intelligent and every trait she attributed to Ms Heard has been displayed on the stand throughout this trial. She makes me want to study psychology.
DJ Sazon
DJ Sazon Aylar önce
She has so much hate/anger/violence within her. What we need less anger/hate and more peace in the world.
A L Aylar önce
I believe a lot people including me have gained a lot of knowledge regarding the law and entertainment industries etc by witnessing this trial
Bandolero UK
Bandolero UK Aylar önce
Feel so sorry for her daughter. Imagine having Amber for a mum:
Lottie Lane
Lottie Lane Aylar önce
Johnny, you have not been humiliated during this trial. You have shown us your strength, humanity and humility instead. We have found a love for you we didn't know we had. And we know you have so much more to give going forward. You now have millions of people who believe you. Whatever the outcome of this trial, you have won in the court of public opinion. Totally. And our admiration for your courage in going through with this is endless. As is our love.❤️❤️❤️
Paul F.
Paul F. Aylar önce
Class and integrity go beyond what people see in public and on tv/social media etc. that applies to everyone in life.
purple rain
purple rain Aylar önce
@Paul F. Yep, so true. He must have a reaallly good pr team. Someone commented that he's "pure class".... like what??!! He was verbally abusive, at the very least. And I'm sure they were both physically tussling around, so the whole "Im 100% innocent" thing is a lie. He left his family for a much younger woman, and thought that she was "perfect"... tried to control her, then found out that she's headstrong and demanding... after that the mutual toxic "games" began
Paul F.
Paul F. Aylar önce
@purple rain I agree. I’ve watched a lot of this trial and the public had her guilty from the beginning and JD as a perfect angel they they love so much. All because of the garbage they see online or in publications. If there was violence on either side (which has been uncovered) they should have dealt with the criminal aspect right away instead of this defamation trial for money.
purple rain
purple rain Aylar önce
@Paul F. I swear they don't want to see this... they're so far up Depps behind that they don't see all of his wrongs. He's just as guilty as Amber is.
Lilly Anderson
Lilly Anderson Aylar önce
@Zach Braxton It was taken out of context, and some of it wasn't what he said. Heard committed perjury several times.
Renae Rauseo
Renae Rauseo Aylar önce
Accusing people of wanting “fame” from a trial about domestic violence makes no sense. Who would actually want to be associated with that? That is so unprofessional, ridiculous and I just can’t believe that was allowed to be asked, and more than once.
Brenda Stolecki
Brenda Stolecki Aylar önce
THAT is how sick she is. She started all this for publicity, but it is backfiring on her....smh.
Lippy Emma Cha
Lippy Emma Cha Aylar önce
"Transparency is really at the centre of good science in general." -Dr. Shannon Curry. 1:50:43 God, I love this woman. This is how you know she takes her job seriously, she does it well and she respects her field of work. Fantastic 👌💯
RJGaming Aylar önce
Kim J
Kim J Aylar önce
She is so smug. It's gross looking at how she looks down at everyone.
Seraphina Stringer
Seraphina Stringer Aylar önce
The way Amber looks at Johnny while he’s giving testimony just gives away her being guilty. 😂
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith Aylar önce
I really hope the jury was watching Amber💩‘s reactions/laughing/eye rolling and intensive note taking during Johnny’s testimony today. She makes me absolutely sick.
King 29 gün önce
@3Pompa We are not looking for innocences. No one in this world is innocent. Everyone has darkness and goodness. We are judge on the spectrum of goodness and darkness which is more dark. And according to Amber Johhny is the ultimate evil. She hasn't proven that which begs the question. Whats the likelihood that she is exploiting the believe all women nonsense to destroy a non perfect men's life? Most people are coming to a realization that is most likely the truth and most people also understand that that is evil. Every actions has consequences
aisling Irish
aisling Irish Aylar önce
And how she keeps staring at him wanting a look back from him that she will never get she's pure evil and that blush I can't 😆
Hiyas2 Aylar önce
@LS yes she start to act sad but nobody care anymore she is all that I agree with that message
Hiyas2 Aylar önce
I got you felt the same
Lashena Rodulfo
Lashena Rodulfo Aylar önce
Nikki Newton
Nikki Newton Aylar önce
I love that when Johnny is having a simple conversation you can tell he doesnt struggle not one bit, but when he has to watch what he says there is a delay.. I have the same problem 😂😂
Miss Sways
Miss Sways Aylar önce
The look on Elaine’s face when JD said he “was drawn by Mr. Rottenborn’s voice” was hilarious 😂🤣 (3:52:55) Elaine looked like she was trying to process his words 💀
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez Aylar önce
Lmfao she looks like she's drawn by Mr depps voice And yess ROTTEN..born every time I think he's gonna stop at rotten haha
Angela Cox
Angela Cox Aylar önce
I love how every time I've heard him say his name he pauses a bit - "Rotten.....born".....LOL
12uke_33.3 _8ogan
12uke_33.3 _8ogan Aylar önce
I have never seen a PTSD victim act so smug.. in face of trauma
Uthpala Chandrarathna
When JD said that I got a "pretty good shot" and she gave me "a shiner". I think those words indicate how genuine that story. When you fabricate a story, you think about proper words. Like in Amber's long stories about the bruises ocurred, colors etc. His words just narrate his memories. I do really hope Jury will give him the justice he deserves.
Hafsa Amin
Hafsa Amin Aylar önce
This is history being written. This trial is a true representative of “not all beautiful people are beautiful inside”. Love you JD, hope you make the history and victory together!
Swilly Poppers
Swilly Poppers Aylar önce
See I never thought she was beautiful. She is basic. She looks like every other blonde haired chick. Nothing special.
Rouchelle Arevalo
Rouchelle Arevalo Aylar önce
She’s not even pretty lol
Sharron Jones
Sharron Jones Aylar önce
Childofthe Sun
Childofthe Sun Aylar önce
@Raf OMic no idea
Techii Aylar önce
The forensic guy was really good and neutral. He explained everything really well and it really shows her teams true color.
Karen Cox
Karen Cox Aylar önce
Isn’t it frustrating how Amber’s team won’t Johnny’s witnesses answer if they think it might be incriminating?
YES. Especially the kid who cross examined Mr. Neumiester 🙄 oh my gooddd… objecting to his OWN questions left and right 😂
Natto Jelly
Natto Jelly Aylar önce
I love how dearly Johnny looked at the monitor when Kate first came on. They really must have a special place in each other’s hearts. And just to mention 3:17:38 Now THAT is how you make a jury like you. Subtle and sweet and without trying to convince them to believe you
Dani ela
Dani ela Aylar önce
One of the worst lies for me in this case was her denying what she did to his finger. Johnny never wanted to be an actor in the beginning. His love was purely music. He loves playing the guitar and being a musician. It wasn’t till later when Nicholas cage told him he should audition for a role in a film that he went and landed it immediately because of his discovered acting talent and his life transformed into becoming one of the best actors in the world. But he never stopped playing music and doing gigs, selling out venues and arenas with his band. He WOULD NEVER EVER “chop” his finger tip off and chance never being able to play the guitar again. What a complete liar she is. !!!!! She is a a disgrace and a pathological liar!!!
J~A 13 gün önce
The unfortunate part is their is a recording of her admitting to cutting off his finger but they were not allowed to play it in this trial because Jerry Judge has since passed away
Gidget Lynn
Gidget Lynn Aylar önce
The TMZ witness spewing back the 15 minutes of fame defense to Elaine was the topper that I've been waiting for! 👏👏😊😊⚰️🔨 Bye Amber.
MD Jeelan
MD Jeelan 18 gün önce
I watched that 15 minute clip atleast 1000 time's..
Gidget Lynn
Gidget Lynn Aylar önce
@Ian Mckinney incorrect
Ian Mckinney
Ian Mckinney Aylar önce
TMZ have come out and said that witness was lying and he wasn't even privy to that type of information.
Luisa Manzo
Luisa Manzo Aylar önce
Hahaha TMZ guy killed it.
Mike Bot
Mike Bot Aylar önce
When you dont have anything to cross with ,just acuse of wanting 15 mins of fame.
Aisha M
Aisha M Aylar önce
6:43:30 this was so powerful so hard to here and so hard to talk about. You did great Johnny
Budget with Amy
Budget with Amy Aylar önce
The smirk on AH face as JD testified about her sister just proves how demented she is
Mark L
Mark L Aylar önce
thats the real amber heard
Kim Dawson
Kim Dawson Aylar önce
What’s sad is you would have to be rich enough to own an island in order to pay for all the experts Johnny had to pay for. An average man wouldn’t have a chance of defending himself.
Ashphrodite Aylar önce
The anxiety coming through his voice… 🥺 that poor man. He deserves better.
Olayinka Osho
Olayinka Osho Aylar önce
It’s crazy how ambers lawyers are even objecting and forgetting their own questions, all Johnny’s witnesses have been credible and truthful I hope the jury and the judge pass the right judgement
SuperPerfection7 Aylar önce
@Derp Y-Derp with his legal team and depp, also I believe it was at a restaurant.
Derp Y-Derp
Derp Y-Derp Aylar önce
…Except the witness who was booted for watching testimony beforehand? And the psychologist who broke protocol by going to Depp’s house for dinner? And signed a diagnosis about Heard before being hired?
Kayla Aylar önce
@SuperPerfection7 thanks I didn’t know that. I’ve always watched criminal trials, never a civil suit.
Laurel Skelton
Laurel Skelton Aylar önce
@Alex Yes, it will be 7 of the 9 jurors who will decide. I don't know how they select the 7, but I have heard that the verdict has to be unanimous.
SuperPerfection7 Aylar önce
@Escher agreed. Nobody can claim honesty just likelyhood based on presented evidence.
JustCallMeKitty Aylar önce
When they said Johnny didn't do much for charity I was really surprised by the blatant lie. Even if you dont include what Johnny has donated anonymously he has still done a lot of public charity l.
Paige Gutierrez
Paige Gutierrez 28 gün önce
Her lawyers make me cringe so hard. The older lady has no clue what she’s doing, and the man is so unnecessarily rude…
August LeRoy
August LeRoy Aylar önce
If Elaine is so worried about time why did she RE-ASK Dr. Curry the original questions from her first testimony? Dr. Curry knows her stuff and seems very credible.
joão soares
joão soares Aylar önce
you know what is funny? you can clearly see which side is guilty, when a reporter want to tell who leaked an information, and one team wants to hide it, and the other wants the reporter to speak what he have to say... that alone say enough...
Star Garmendia
Star Garmendia Aylar önce
You can change a name in a phone to act like your talking to that person. You can also text yourself, edit the number to look like it's that person texting you. So many ways where you can fake text. JD says he didn't text it . I believe him, that he texted such things.
Ninah Blair
Ninah Blair Aylar önce
When JD told AH’s attorney “You’ll be okay” I died 😂😂😂
Cheyenne xo
Cheyenne xo Aylar önce
@Berenice Frayre it’s at 6:41:50
Berenice Frayre
Berenice Frayre Aylar önce
What minute did this happen?! I need to replay it lol
C L S 1985
C L S 1985 Aylar önce
I’m really struggling to watch amber during johnnys testifying in stand. The pure devious smirking & enjoyment shows her true character. I can see it but I just really hope the jury see how sick she really is. She takes great pleasure in this.
Erin Kolachik
Erin Kolachik 16 saatler önce
Her entire condescending and desperate defense team act like whiny 😫 children when they don’t get their way. I truly believe that JD will end up victorious and his career will be back on track and sky rocket once he can get past all of this drama.
Kathy D
Kathy D Aylar önce
It never ceases to amaze me just how rude, demeaning, obnoxious, hostile, and condescending AH’s lawyers are towards witnesses, JD’s lawyers, and the judge. AH found a team just like her.
Wanda Kowalski
Wanda Kowalski 13 gün önce
@K B I have excellent insight, thank you. It's your brain that is a little wooly!
Cecilia Lamson
Cecilia Lamson 13 gün önce
@Wanda Kowalski considering all the interviews she is doing I'd say that about her. I'm sure that's y they took the case period
Pearl Goliath
Pearl Goliath Aylar önce
AMEN. They deserve each other
sundiverjl Aylar önce
Yes it's disgusting
K B Aylar önce
Your hilarious Depps lawyers are much more condescending your blind or not watching the whole trial dear......
For someone that cowered in fear when she got close to him when she was leaving the stand to now looking at him defiant and even mocking, makes me truly believe she's full of herself and her lies she's trying to fool everyone.