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Miles Laflin, better known as Thep00lguy on TikTok, is a professional pool engineer in the UK. Here's how he cleans extremely dirty pools covered in debris like thick blankets of algae, frogs, plants, mosquito nests, and more.

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Watch 4 Pools Get Professionally Deep Cleaned | Deep Cleaned | Insider




15 Tem 2022




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Fart Balls
Fart Balls 2 aylar önce
I am a pool cleaner myself. Though it can get super nasty and the smell can hit you like a brick wall, I can’t deny that using the pressure washer is super satisfying
Cara the Ragdoll Cat
Cara the Ragdoll Cat 12 gün önce
i love ur pfp lol
Desiree 14 gün önce
@Repent and believe in Jesus Christ Um, no offence but why are you commenting religious stuff on a completely unrelated video and comment chain?
Fart Balls
Fart Balls Aylar önce
@Kazeumi Once you drain the water all of the gunk that was once floating hits the floor. Using the pressure washer hits all of that gunk that sunk previously but stuck to the floor so we can pick it up later. Other dirt and debris are removed Not all pools can be drained though
Art Deco city Architecture
@Code exactly
Jubeimaru 2 aylar önce
i work as pool builder and ya its sometimes nasty, but we never treated water that was contaminated, its way quicker to empty it and cleanit
john christmas
john christmas Aylar önce
@verendus Draining a pool is wasteful and puts the pool under stress in the rainy season. Its far better to cover the pool with a solid sheet of vinyl, completely keeping everything out. Come time to open it, its a clean as when you put it to sleep.
Marielaa Usher
Marielaa Usher Aylar önce
But I would imagine that treating water is less wasteful It takes a lot of water to fill just one pool, this way at least you’re using the water that’s already in the pool
Liyah Cooper
Liyah Cooper Aylar önce
It may be quicker to empty a pool and clean it, but sometimes that's just not an option. Besides the obvious water issue that a lot of people have commented about, their might be issues with the pool itself. For example, I worked at a pool that was for some reason built above a natural spring? And we had to constantly keep treating the water to clean it because if we emptied it the entire bottom would literally crack open.
angeliqxxauri Aylar önce
@B C m o s q u i t o sounds like some french word for moose
KanDuyog118 Aylar önce
@verendus If the customer requests it then they can't do anything more
Patrick Kitson
Patrick Kitson 2 aylar önce
There are several things that he and she said/did that are just plain wrong. I own a pool company, and I regularly chat with other pool owners in the area, and they'd 💯% agree that they got the following stuff wrong: 1. It doesn't take a week for salt to mix with the water and start producing chlorine, if the pump is on non stop it can take as little as 24 hrs to get a chlorine residual in the water. 2. You should never use a metal tipped shovel to clean algae from a pool. Use a plastic tip because if you damage the tile, the owner(and/or your boss) is going to expect you to pay for any damage. That may be damn expensive depending on the circumstance. The power washer and pump do 99% of the work anyway. 3. Several times he adds chlorine granules directly to the water. You simply DO NOT EVER DO THIS. If they are granules, they are sodium dichlor and won't immediately break down in the water. Due to the slope they will settle in a small pile or line on the tile and slowly corrode it. If you are using granules, you premix it in a 5 gal bucket, which takes all of one minute, then add it to the water. You do that with ANY caustic material being added to the water including pH down. Salt, on the other hand, is good to be added directly as he does. 4. If you keep perfect or really even decent water balance, your water will never go green. Adding a metal based algicide as a "preventive" to the water shows he doesn't trust his water chemistry skills enough to prevent it going green. Pros won't ever use algicide this way. They use it as a preventative only during winterization, or they use it as directed for treating standing algae. Using it like this guy does, is just wrong, and costs money without any benefit. Again, if this is to prevent algae, why doesn't you keeping your chlorine feeder full, your filter clear and your pH balanced keep the water clear? If it doesn't, you're doing something else wrong. That simple.
Dakota Miller
Dakota Miller Aylar önce
you have to watch his actual videos because this video does a bad job show casing what he does tbh
Tazerboy10 Aylar önce
john christmas
john christmas Aylar önce
Some algicides, when added to chlorine direct are explosive. As a general rule-chorine today algicides tomorrow. Had a customer, who for some crazy reason let his son do the chemical treatment to the pool. His son added chlorine to a 5gallon bucket pool water, stirred and mixed, then added algicide direct to the bucket-took out half the kitchen! luckily the boy was ok but chemicalizing a pool should always be left to an adult who understands the ramifications of what they are doing.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Aylar önce
Tell'em boss!!
Jason and the Argonauts
@Ibo yeah it's a mistak
Koniku • 3y
Koniku • 3y 2 aylar önce
He's brave enough to wear sneakers while cleaning that nasty pools
Tazerboy10 Aylar önce
Koniku • 3y
Koniku • 3y Aylar önce
@Kay Lee not really, those pools can create it's own ecosystem if left for a long time, frogs, insects and also bacteria can live there.
Unknown Individual
Unknown Individual Aylar önce
@aee eea Still gross
aee eea
aee eea Aylar önce
@Unknown Individual well not like he grabbed most of the grime with his own hands
Unknown Individual
Unknown Individual Aylar önce
Everyone is talking about his shoes but no one is talking about the fact he did all of this without gloves.
Maxi Jabase
Maxi Jabase Aylar önce
I am a pool and want to thank these heroes for such an outstanding work, I feel honored!
calamondin~ Aylar önce
@Alexander Paul Mariñas where did u get that photo of me 🔫
Alexander Paul Mariñas
@calamondin~ 🤓
calamondin~ Aylar önce
This won the comment crown
mannys9130 Aylar önce
6:24 He also added a "flocculant" along with that shocking cocktail. The flocculant is actually what sticks all the small bits of dead algae and leaves and dust together into big heavy chunks that sink. Without getting stuck together into conglomerated chunks, those little bits are light enough to float around and even slip through the sand especially if the sand is old and rounded and channeled. The flocculant is like magic. 😺 Oh, and the algaecide is a deep blue because it's a copper sulfate solution which is an absolutely beautiful blue color in crystal and liquid form. :)
Chandrahas reddy
Chandrahas reddy Aylar önce
He broke the Sol
vitti2801 Aylar önce
they should have drain the pool, call an airstrike and just build a new house with a pool somewhere else because my lord, would i not ever swim in this soup ever, even after cleaning and processing.
Some guy named Zwie
Some guy named Zwie 2 aylar önce
6:12 "The customer has requested for the pool to be cleaned without emptying it" > Literally a tank of mosquito nest and polluted toxics that have to be treated with chemicals I assume those people did drink some of that water while swimming. Even though it's processed, that's the same water that had been contaminated for months with wiggling mosquito larvae and it still creeps me out.
john christmas
john christmas Aylar önce
@MrSupercar55 There is a chemical, that turns the water purple around you if you pee in the water. Some municipal pools use this.
MrSupercar55 Aylar önce
Not to mention the fact that a fifth of swimmers confess to peeing in the water when swimming. The problem is obviously more prevalent in public swimming pools, but it does obviously happen in privately owned swimming pools in the backyards of houses and mansions, albeit not on such a large scale. Nonetheless, it can still give rise to algae if left unchecked for an extended period of time.
john christmas
john christmas Aylar önce
What do you think happens to your drinking water out of the tap?
Username here
Username here Aylar önce
Draining a pool can be risky if the water table is higher than the bottom of the pool as is the case where I live. It can lead to cracking concrete from upward force due to buoyancy or even cause the pool to pop out of the ground and float on the water table.
Duck 2 aylar önce
I heard it's a pretty dangerous job as there may be parasites in the stagnant water, especially in tropical areas.
D. Aylar önce
@Rengoku well not really, let’s say you’re a construction worker. No matter how careful you are, some random brick can bust your head through the construction hat. Most “dangerous jobs” are honest based on luck and your precautions. This specific job the danger here, is all that filth and bacteria. The danger can easily be eliminated as long as you wear the proper clothing and making direct contact.
Rengoku Aylar önce
@D. Well yeah, as for many other dangerous jobs
D. Aylar önce
It’s not a dangerous job as long as you’re careful and take proper precautions
Jelly Rose
Jelly Rose Aylar önce
Specially for his *white* shoes
💔Heartxache💔 2 aylar önce
I actually watch this guy, and he's amazing at what he does, SO SATISFYING.
CSG Juicytrooper
I feel like he could hide a dead body and get away with it
John Arkensaw
John Arkensaw 2 aylar önce
Holler your boy for the pool work👍🏼
MSJ SWAPNIL 2 aylar önce
One customer requested the pool to be cleaned without emptying it !!!!?????
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
@Lotto Stud it’d be les than that in the uk. In the uk it’s £1.50 for 1000 litres, so about $1.75. And pretty much every pool is less than 100000 litres- you’re looking at around 100-200 dollars
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
@Felipe Pereira trust me- tap water in the uk is 100% safe to drink.
Lotto Stud
Lotto Stud Aylar önce
@FotY 200 bucks for water?! I want to live where you're at lol
C & J Adventures
C & J Adventures Aylar önce
@nephew455 depends how much debri is in it, if it’s really bad it could take me up to 5 hours. Typically vacuums take 1:30-2 hours
nephew455 Aylar önce
As bad as it may sound, probably any pool can be cleaned without emptying all the water with enough time. The problem is removing of the physical debris though it would take forever
star orcarina
star orcarina Aylar önce
As a Landscape Technician and Farmer, I'm so glad they said, "put the plants in the Compost Heap" because the Plants can be reused and grown somewhere else.
Vergil Montiero
Vergil Montiero Aylar önce
Does that have something to do with crop rotation? I'm curious to know
nuclei mors
nuclei mors Aylar önce
The way he removes the plants *its so amazing*
spoof man
spoof man 20 gün önce
yeah he scrapes it with a metal shovel. amazing.
Layla Sena
Layla Sena Aylar önce
The fact that this guy cleans stuff so dirty with white shoes is literally legendary- ( edit: TYSM for 114 likes
daydrmming Aylar önce
he probabaly cleans his shoes
SlayGAMEPlays Aylar önce
Great video, very satisfying pool cleaning. I just wanted to point something out. Most of the drains in those pools are way outdated. They are flat and small which is a huge entrapment hazard. Also, there should be two drains.
Elaine G
Elaine G Aylar önce
I volunteer to take care of our community pool. I used to have my own pool before I moved. There’s nothing like walking poolside around 10/11pm with the brush to disturb settlement at the bottom and net scoop to remove the floating June bugs. In goes the Polaris.. it’s a satisfying job :)
john christmas
john christmas Aylar önce
Further to my other comments, I would add, water chemistry is a whole item within itself. Water seems innocuous enough but unfortunately its far more complicated than that. For a start, water dissolves everything into itself, so the initial picture of clear water holds within it a host of swimming pool problems. The very first for the professional is which chemicals are within the water, so full tests will show that and the necessary chemicals remedies before any disinfectant(chlorine) is added. Its always best, to seek the help of professionals before doing it yourself!
Shark Puppet And Floppa
This is nice and really relaxing. It was gross but I’m glad it’s all better in the end.
Arlynne Cumberbatch
Arlynne Cumberbatch 2 aylar önce
omg poolguy once again is getting the recognition he deserves
Play Button With 1 Video-READ MY BIO
Job well done for the pool guy!
Trainmaster997 2 aylar önce
I’m glad they saved the frogs! Hopefully all of em at least
Tomas Quiros
Tomas Quiros Aylar önce
@Mustaqim - thats actually good tho, frogs are becoming endangered in many parts of the world
Jēmusu Aylar önce
@Mustaqim - good
Holy Ravioli
Holy Ravioli Aylar önce
@Mustaqim - Thats no reason not to save the wee frogges
Mustaqim -
Mustaqim - 2 aylar önce
They breed fast
Steve Urquell
Steve Urquell 2 aylar önce
If the water originally had chlorine in it, does that somehow dissipate from the water or something? Since stuff starts growing in it after a while
Nick Collins
Nick Collins Aylar önce
Also when you go to a pool especialy indoor ones and you get that huge nose scalding smell of chlorine that's not cause the pool is over chlorinated. That's the smell of the chlorine reacting with all of the filth people have on their bodies when they go into the pool. Hence why your supposed to rinse off before you go into a pool. Which is why pubic school pools always have that strong smell. Pretty much the strongest I've ever smelt in a pool. Lots of bodies in the pool at a time and you know there's at least one pool piss per class.
Steve Urquell
Steve Urquell 2 aylar önce
@moar cowbell Cool, thanks for a great and full answer. Have a good day!
moar cowbell
moar cowbell 2 aylar önce
Chlorine degrades and disappears very quickly under light, ever more so under sunlight. That's why properly maintained pools need a constant supply of chlorine to keep water clean. The amounts you see the guy using in the video are insane because he needs to kill anything living in the water, but then they can just use normal low amount of chlorine to keep the pool in usable condition
Mitchell Scott
Mitchell Scott 20 gün önce
it is amazing how much clorine (and salt) gets added to the pool
Brick Tamland
Brick Tamland Aylar önce
Grew up helping my dad clean pools bc he was a pool man, when I was old enough and knowledgable enough he would drop me off at pools like this (not as bad but close) and id spend the day cleaning it up. You think its satisfying watching it?! Try doing it, still one of the most satisfying things ive ever done. Not only is it satisfying to watch the power washer/brush remove the algae, but once youre done and refill to see a bright blue, sparkly clean swimming pool, the feeling of accomplishment is unreal. I legitimately miss it and wish I would have pursued the business more. Only thing that sucks is the smell can be atrocious at times😂
Lime & Lemon
Lime & Lemon Aylar önce
This would be so helpful for my family’s outside pool , it is such a mess I can’t even describe it , green water , much everywhere, and there is most definitely some plants in there.
Mark Aylar önce
Just pump the water out with a cheap sump pump from home depot and hire a pressure washer. You can get it into a good condition by yourself no problem.
Boarbot 78
Boarbot 78 Aylar önce
Remember, if he’s working as a pool cleaner in the uk, then the owners of those pools are VERY wealthy. Likely it’s oligarchs who abandon their homes- they’re just owned as property investment.
hello there
hello there 2 aylar önce
Dude really just made a pool that wasn't used in 6 years look like it was just built.
PornstarCheese Aylar önce
Id love to see the chemical reactions under a microscope
U_UKenny Aylar önce
My grandma thinks if someone can clean dishes in 10 minutes that they can deep clean a entire pool with only a sponge soap and water😂
Kyra Lavoie
Kyra Lavoie 2 aylar önce
I always wondered why people buy houses with pools but don’t do the work to maintain it. It’s really not that hard
Vergil Montiero
Vergil Montiero Aylar önce
@B I don't follow
Banshee Queen
Banshee Queen Aylar önce
you've never had a pool huh? It's actually pretty time-consuming and sometimes downright impossible to keep it clean, i'm actually looking forward to moving out of my house because of that annoyance of a pool.We had to pay 400€ because the water "turned" within 2 days due to the heat, despite the pool machine running. Went over and all the walls were suddenly black. If the weather is just a little bit different, the water will do some stupid ish because the PH-levels get affected right away.
pretend that I exist.
I wish I had a house with a pool, I love swimming.
Yattthepotato 2 aylar önce
Don’t you just need, like, some 25 dollar chemicals? It really doesn’t seem that hard
JustSacha 2 aylar önce
You need materials and tools to do the job and they might not have that
Prachi Sajwan
Prachi Sajwan Aylar önce
This is amazing how that person cleaned that nasty pool.
KME Aylar önce
Very satisfying to watch!
do re mi
do re mi Aylar önce
The moment where he opened the salt bags and vacuumed the debris is jusst so satisfying
TheSnowFoxParty Aylar önce
This is so comforting to watch 🤽‍♀️
Rahul Routh
Rahul Routh Aylar önce
I feel pain watching those water plants being thrown away. 😩 I want to keep them in my aquarium.
ZaZa Aylar önce
It's so satisfyinging watching him clean them
MrCrumpet Man
MrCrumpet Man Aylar önce
0:40 “Plants started growing inside of it which isn’t typical for an indoor pool” Well I just don’t believe this
Thereal JMC
Thereal JMC Aylar önce
Yeah i was wondering too what kind of plants and how?
Sameer Sookhan
Sameer Sookhan Aylar önce
Its satisfying to see dirty things get clean
OceanPuppyz Aylar önce
It’s so satisfying but gross at the same time good job
CoolP19 Aylar önce
That’s some hard work but man what a difference! 😳😀
thaj ratasupanan
thaj ratasupanan Aylar önce
3:07 imagine if you accidently fall into the pool in the process of cleaning
TheTDS1969 2 aylar önce
I hope everybody agrees on me but if you don’t that’s OK this is so satisfying
Amy Fisher
Amy Fisher 2 aylar önce
For a minute I thought all the frogs were dead, and I felt sorry for them, until I watched further and realized they were still alive.
Ashton Richards
Ashton Richards Aylar önce
This videos explanation of each pool cleaning segment reminds me of trying to write my uni essay when I have a max word count of only 1000, super detailed at the start then toward the end it’s simplistic and small
Steve Aylar önce
I love pools. I used to have pools before and I can still enjoy one if I buy one, but much bigger and better.
yw wong
yw wong Aylar önce
This man is so good, may god be with you😇
Luciana Morgan
Luciana Morgan Aylar önce
Wow this is satisfying and very productive
○Medwtr"~ 2 aylar önce
I love how he led the frog into the bushes 😢
Tahmina Ruzi Khan
Tahmina Ruzi Khan 2 aylar önce
It’s probably just me but I find it sooo satisfying
MoonieTheWitch 2 aylar önce
I also find it very satisfying
Carrie's Comments
Carrie's Comments 2 aylar önce
I find it satisfying too!
Jula Ruiz
Jula Ruiz Aylar önce
Amazing job!
CZILLA Aylar önce
i would have just been like nope, time to get a new pool lol
Matheo Pavaux
Matheo Pavaux Aylar önce
I love watching pool cleaning, idk why
guanabanax Aylar önce
If I fell in one of those pools, I would never feel clean again on my life
Ármin Lázár Hideg
Thank you for tNice tutorials video! I just got soft softs today, and even with the guidebook, I was lost. TNice tutorials video taught even better than
ぁsilly 2 aylar önce
1:13 so were not gonna talk about how hes wearing the cleanest white shoes ever in that nasty pool?
bonelessmice Aylar önce
@Earwine Crogins at least shoes that aren’t pure white 😭😭
Earwine Crogins
Earwine Crogins Aylar önce
Honestly like at least wear some boots 😭
To many snipes
To many snipes Aylar önce
Is it just me or did the third one look like a plain pool like there was glass at the bottom of a pool in the air 3:47
poluefemus Aylar önce
imagine you get pushed into one of these pools (before it gets cleaned)
R. R.
R. R. Aylar önce
I cleaned and maintained pools for a couple of years. This video reminds me of why I don't do that anymore lol.
Werro Loco
Werro Loco Aylar önce
For a company it’s not worth it especially1099 in your own transportation. For yourself tho it’s not a bad gig
Saul good man
Saul good man Aylar önce
bro if my pool looked like that i’d be more than happy if somebody bought my house
notaspy21 Aylar önce
why would i low-key wanna do that job it’s so satisfying
PKing Youtuber
PKing Youtuber Aylar önce
Absolute legend. Nice one
Goofy ahh uncle productions
i used to live in florida and i can confirm theres a lot of lizards,frogs and sometimes small snakes in my pool there
Sarcastic Productions
Does this harm the algae?
elaina wisdom-peters
The new satisfying videos just extreme cleaners in different industries. Sounds good to me educational and sometimes satisfying with a bit of gross content to keep you hooked lol.
Aurelius Aylar önce
It takes years or less for a pool to become dirty It takes minutes or hours to clean a dirty pool
Stunna girl
Stunna girl Aylar önce
3:08 those white things appearing out of nowhere is Sooooo satisfying 🤤
CLE0RR Aylar önce
With that much salt eleven could have a whole mind fight 😭
In Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc, you only have a pool if you have plenty of money. You only use it some of the year(hot tub not included) as it gets too cold. Where as in Florida, plenty more of people have a pool because it rarely gets below idk, 6_ - 4_.
Adam Aylar önce
You can’t convince me this isn’t just a power wash simulator DLC with really good graphics
Diego Nipita
Diego Nipita Aylar önce
Because you will need a rtx 900000000000 to run this game and it takes 9 months to start and like 18 years to get to this point in the game
Tuco Ramires
Tuco Ramires 2 aylar önce
The hardest part is to get the pool.Well done Miles.
Ruwen Scharnberg
Ruwen Scharnberg 2 aylar önce
Its soooo satisfying!!!!!
SpartanUruk Aylar önce
I'm supposed to be studying instead im watching pool cleaning videos lol...
racegod09 Aylar önce
Me at the start of the video - I could do that… me at the end of the video - this is a professional job… lol
Static Daniel
Static Daniel Aylar önce
I'm watching this whole high. This guy can clean everything
Beep05 Aylar önce
Oh my lord that looks so scrumptious!!! I would do wild things for these treats!!! 🤪🤪🤪
FezSaturn Aylar önce
On Jod bruh. So tasty looking!
Cristy Flaherty
Cristy Flaherty Aylar önce
This is satisfying to watch.
Tiago Mateus
Tiago Mateus Aylar önce
this is so satisfying!!
Brooklyn Mailloux
Brooklyn Mailloux 2 aylar önce
I just watch these to fall asleep because they are sooooooo Satisfying!
Woan Sien
Woan Sien Aylar önce
what’s so respectful for this dude is he wears white shoes without fear of getting them dirty
Austin Andrews-
Austin Andrews- Aylar önce
Oh my god I know all the comments are saying you can’t empty it but if it was my pool it would be drained cleaned and filled up with new water even if it’s from my tap and it takes a couple days to fill up I’d still do that instead of contaminated water
stablexit Aylar önce
“He hoses off all this, And gives it a good rinse This only takes about 15 minutes.” I love the unprepared rhyming. ✨
Titan Aylar önce
pouring the salt in has to be the most satisfying part of this
Aetheryx Aylar önce
rip to the couple of frogs who probably didnt make it out
Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 aylar önce
😁How many more deep cleaned videos. Why so expensive this and that is it gonna be? Do we all need to know 100 different videos of how to deep clean things?
☕️Sunset Coffee☕️
Who else thinks this is satisfying
john christmas
john christmas Aylar önce
This is ok as far as it goes, after all its a full concrete pool. There are many pools out there that are not fully concrete pools, they a' liner" pools. which cannot be drained because the water is part of their construction plus the liner is a lot more delicate than a hard tile surface. Most liner pools have a manufactured walls out of a factory and the base is skimmed with a sand cement mixture(the sand not being builders sand)Some have soft under coverings(under the liner and against the rough surface) made of a foam fabric. this is for the liners protection. Pools like these, the cleaning process is a lot less rough. The liner is made from vinyl and is made slightly under size, so that it is stretched on installation to lose all the creases. These pools are usually kept completely covered with a solid vinyl sheet cover held in place with long vinyl tubes full of water. Over the 'closed' period, some water displacement occurs but on removal of the vinyl cover the pool is a s clean as a new pin. There are lots of different swimming pools out there, all requiring different ways of dealing with these problems. Cleaning any pool is not a nice job.
Dan Grimes
Dan Grimes 2 aylar önce
I can't believe he's scraping the tile with a steel shovel. I can't watch.
A scribbled drawing
My family used to have a hot tub and once we forgot to put chlorine in before a holiday and when we came back it was a mess since the cover had trapped something in
Star Aylar önce
does algae produce oxygen? I wonder if we could use algae to offset co2!
Mark Aylar önce
Algae is the second biggest oxygen producer in the world after trees. There is huge amounts of it in the ocean. And there are scientists experimenting with creating algal blooms in the ocean by seeding minerals from boats. This is not enough to offset all our CO2 production, but it will help.
Panzereich Mapping
Panzereich Mapping Aylar önce
For some reason I want to go swimming now.
Chessmate Aylar önce
Seeing the chlorine tablets, I would have eaten them thinking they were marshmallows 😂😂😂😂
Aarju Kc
Aarju Kc Aylar önce
Looks so satisfying though…
Ahmed💕 Aylar önce
0:56 - The fact that he wears white shoes while cleaning the pool.
milla Aylar önce
i love how they let the frogs in the bushes instead of killing them
Bukket Aylar önce
“Better known as the pool guy” Me: very accurate.
FlowerGirl Aylar önce
You know he's a real pro when he enters the dirty pool with a 🌌white shoes🌌.
melxstqr Aylar önce
okay, all the facts aside this is SATISFYING
LillixLime Aylar önce
wish he could give my mind a deep clean
[Eulá]      simp
[Eulá] simp Aylar önce
Bro what- are we gonna ignore how in the beginning he stepped in the dirty pool with clean white shoes with out protection?? Like at least put a bag over your shoes
John Meskens
John Meskens 2 aylar önce
I am concerned about how on earth these pools get so much muck and grime in them...
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 2 aylar önce
Not using them , not cleaning then , not looking , stuff getting blown in there , stuff growing in there , animals dragging it in there , and finally, animals being in there
EZ Studios
EZ Studios Aylar önce
we all just gonna ignore the fact that plants started growing in an indoor pool? Where’d the plants come from?
Swamp or swimming pool??
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görünümler 844 071
Mahkum 28. Bölüm 2. Fragmanı
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Cumali'nin Gazabı! | EŞKIYA #Shorts