Warwick - Before the Rework

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What was Warwick like BEFORE his rework?

Before the Rework Playlist - trvid.com/u-playlist?list...

Warwick pre-rework gameplay:

Season 3 Diamond Jungle Warwick by Stonewall008 (One of my favourite LoL creators back in the day) - trvid.com/video/video-t9loaQ9MDng.html

Patch 4.20 WARWICK WAS VERY BALANCED by Bar Lavi - trvid.com/video/video-SLfKCIgzRbo.html

League Of Legends Yup Warwick is unbalanced in 4.20 with the AS jungle item - 2v4 - trvid.com/video/video-Dfsmi3lNdDI.html

Hyena Warwick Skin Spotlight (OLD) - trvid.com/video/video-WkdnwUctUk4.html

Riot Games:
League of Legends Warwick Champion Spotlight - trvid.com/video/video-Rro20bR4jnQ.html

This is How I Play Warwick - trvid.com/video/video-v8Cq2-7sV_I.html

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19 Mar 2022




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Kaiser 6 aylar önce
Sad that not all champ VGUs followed a similair direction has WW, he is by far the best one. Fiddle and Panth were also amazing
Jadin Stevens
Jadin Stevens 21 gün önce
I creamed my jorts when fiddle rework came out. Love my screamy scarecrow boy
Cee Tee
Cee Tee Aylar önce
Fiddle was my favorite rework. It really was perfect.
billybob jenkins
billybob jenkins Aylar önce
@UltimateLifeForm and the poppy
Jugler 3 aylar önce
pantheon is still a w bot just with a better e and worse q ability
Jugler 3 aylar önce
fiddle is just the same with a more boring but less anoying e ability, a fancy trinket and more fears
Filippo Milan
Filippo Milan 6 aylar önce
I played some old warwick sporadically, and fell in love with him after the rework, he is my main to this day. I would love to see you play more of him
Peter shaw
Peter shaw 6 aylar önce
Been playing since beta, prerework Warwick and Galio were probably my two most played champions in the early seasons. Warwick's upgrade was absolutely amazing, but man do I miss old Galio.
Carnage 068
Carnage 068 Aylar önce
@bowwing333 No, he was pretty much a free win vs everyone, LOL.
bowwing333 Aylar önce
Old Galio was so much fun, and it was a free win should you play against a DOT champ. The one time I loved playing against Teemo.
Carnage 068
Carnage 068 4 aylar önce
Funny how Riot gave one the best rework ever, then removed the other from the game. What the hell did Galio even do wrong???
Alucard NoLifeKing
Alucard NoLifeKing 6 aylar önce
@Its Gonna Be Okay he was very fun imo
Reckless& Relentless
Reckless& Relentless 6 aylar önce
I liked old WW, but I definitely prefer the rework much more. He's more entertaining to play
ikea321 6 aylar önce
This rework is the best one they have done by far. The playstyle remained almost unchanged unlike Aatrox or sion, while adding so much more depth and interaction to the whole kit without overtuning him like some other reworks did Irelia and Akali.
Wigglytuff Gaming
Wigglytuff Gaming Aylar önce
@Its Gonna Be Okay cap
ikea321 5 aylar önce
@Its Gonna Be Okay No right now she isn't but her rework was more then 2 years ago.
Decidueye Zealot
Decidueye Zealot 5 aylar önce
@Its Gonna Be Okay and aphelios already got nerfed, that's old news.
Decidueye Zealot
Decidueye Zealot 5 aylar önce
@Its Gonna Be Okay wouldn't call any of those champions overtuned :P
Its Gonna Be Okay
Its Gonna Be Okay 5 aylar önce
@Decidueye Zealot hmm let me see some of the champions that got nerfed lately. Jayce, lee sin, ryze, jinx, soraka, xayah. Truely overtuned champions holy sh*t. Strong =/= overtuned. Did you look at aphelios winrate?
The Wandering Shadow
The Wandering Shadow 6 aylar önce
I do miss how incredibly simple old ww was (he was always my pick when I had to jungle) but the new kit is beautifully elegant.
Reigo Vassal 4444
Reigo Vassal 4444 4 aylar önce
I remember back then when Jungle is a threat to jungler, WW is my best and safe pick.
Armo Tomko
Armo Tomko 6 aylar önce
i'm so loving this series mate please continue with all the heroes you like
BoneWulfe 6 aylar önce
Warwick was my first real main, he remains one of my favorite champions. The did a perfect rework with Warwick. They didn't really change him, they just made him more interesting and raised his skill ceiling through the roof
Novaland 3 aylar önce
how i wish that was the case foe other reworks, a lot of them, while making the champion more relevant or "fun", just have a completely different role and gameplay
Joey Ma
Joey Ma 6 aylar önce
I got M7 pre-rework and I miss him :( but definitely prefer the new one- i just want the point and click ult and the unlimited w range lol
phgümerr 6 aylar önce
His splash art before the rework was so beautiful, I love it more than his new one. Seriously that thing needs to be put in a museum
GungHoe 6 aylar önce
Dang, the old and new WW and Mord are complete opposites. They reworked WW from a low-skill expression champ who has most of their power in their ult that enemies would buy a qss for. For Mordekaiser, they reworked him INTO an arguably lower skill expressive champ compared to the old, who would have a reliance on ult that enemies would buy a qss for...
Night Raven
Night Raven 3 aylar önce
@EboyNextDoor If you think new morde is more skill expressive than old morde then you must have not played old morde much
H3X3R 6 aylar önce
@Forwe Nein just putting it in words you might actually understand ;)
Forwe Nein
Forwe Nein 6 aylar önce
@H3X3R ???? any more catchphrases to share?
H3X3R 6 aylar önce
@Forwe Nein !!! 9gag moment
Forwe Nein
Forwe Nein 6 aylar önce
@H3X3R huh
Axner 6 aylar önce
I remember seeing warwick when I played on my brothers pc sometimes back in like, 2015/2014. I'd love to play a lot of the older champions that has been re-worked and feel how they were before the re-work.
SammyTheSammyFan 6 aylar önce
There was fan made legacy version of the game being made called the chronoshift project that would allow people to play an older version of league but Riot shut it down because they're shitty
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes 6 aylar önce
As a WW-main that has been playing since the beginning, I have thousands and thousands of games on him probably close to 10k. He was better pre-rework. He is so awful by comparison post-rework that I almost quit the game, since he was basically the only champ I played. I certainly played fewer games. recently I have started playing league more, but mostly play other champs.
Rony Orobio
Rony Orobio Aylar önce
I only started playing WW after the rework, and I loved it immediately. On another note, as a WW player, my dream is to perfectly time an enemy's teleport (or Shen's ultimate) with my Q to appear with them on the other side of the map. I practiced it with a friend in a custom match and it works.
Inscipio 5 aylar önce
For those who never got to see the old warwick, I figured I’d give some context on how insane he was when red smite was introduced. Warwick could just farm to level 6 without getting a single kill and then oneshot almost any adc in the game with smite+Ult and whatever items he got from just farming. Lvl 6 was a guaranteed kill as long as you didn’t get cc’ed out of Ult.
Jimbo jimb
Jimbo jimb 6 aylar önce
I did play both new and old ww, new one is by far one of my favourite champions to play as in general, only bad thing i can say about ww is just how buggy his abilities tend to be half the times which can get rly annoying at times but that is less of a ww fault and more of a league of legends spaghetti code fault
Flugum 2point0
Flugum 2point0 6 aylar önce
Love this series cant wait to see the aatrox ep, i'm sure you'll have nothing but kind words for the masterminds at riot.
ItsTheGr8Matt 5 aylar önce
Dude the fact that I've been there a while before Warwick was reworked makes me very nostalgic. I've been a part of this game, it's universe and it's community for around 5 years if my mind serves me correctly. That's insane. I love League of Legends. Here's to many more years to come!
Michael Bays
Michael Bays 6 aylar önce
These are great videos, I remember when I started playing league feeling sad that I could never find out what the old versions of champs did out of curiosity so I’m really glad you’re making these
Megaman 2407
Megaman 2407 6 aylar önce
@Alex Targett you just scroll down abit bruh is that too hard?
Alex Targett
Alex Targett 6 aylar önce
@Megaman 2407 they are pretty hard to find. At least in my experiance(i may just not know ehere to look) but when u shearch for the stuff it just comes up eith the rework anoucments and abilities and people talking about the rework. Nothin/not much about the old
Megaman 2407
Megaman 2407 6 aylar önce
i mean you can still see riot old spotlight
Blacky1632 6 aylar önce
I started League back in preseason 1 when irelia was released and one of my first Champs I played and mained was WW, the rework blew my mind when I came back to league after almost a year of a break and to this day I wouldn't wish for something else. His Visuals and Game play are perfectly matched, that was a job well done by the design Team
T Adams
T Adams 3 aylar önce
I enjoyed this video a lot… I want to see the evolution of champions more often 👍🏼
Shadows Step
Shadows Step 6 aylar önce
I remember when I played that warwick was pretty fun to play. I didn't know he was reworked until a week after first timing him. I just thought he was fun. Nothing more and nothing less
Fernando Andres Rosales Meza
I absolutely LOVE this style of video. So happy you're making this type of content along with your normal content. Keep it up man
Unkeyboardonated 6 aylar önce
God I remember playing old WW, my favorite game with him was only backing once the entire game for mobie boots and tiamat to clear and just farmed till my ult came up then went to a lane to ult someone then ran back to farm. Ended the game with almost 10k in my pocket, fun times he was. XD
MonkeymanX6 6 aylar önce
Talk about Sion. He was my favorite champion with some well deceiving abilities like his stun, base AD and lifesteal with crits.
Alexis Palangeo
Alexis Palangeo 6 aylar önce
Warwick was a beast back then because he could share his attack speed and he actually has vision on dying enemies instead of just smoke trails.
Das Gebeine
Das Gebeine 6 aylar önce
I remember playing the old Ww full ap was so strong, man I miss him but I also love the reworked one
11 hour nap
11 hour nap 6 aylar önce
He is better in every way, but I like the old WW more since that was my intro to the jungle back in season 2.
LeBananaDude 9000
LeBananaDude 9000 6 aylar önce
Love the nod to the lore by having him showcase abilities on Singed
MaxPowerChannel 6 aylar önce
I liked old WW way more then the new one! He played way less clunky! He was my very first main. I always played him with Madreds Bloodrazor (lovely item) on original twisted treeline (my favorite map ever)
Dust D. Reaper
Dust D. Reaper 6 aylar önce
Have been looking forward to this ever since you mentioned it on my comment on the Poppy video, and from all the champs that have been reworked since I started playing Warwick is by far the one I love the most since he can be played in so many ways, some obviously more serious than other...and full movement speed is one of the funniest things to do in ARAM since you can almost clear half the lane with a full build at the speed of light. Also a moment of silence for old Aatrox, the only champion that has actually been removed from League entirely...why couldnt it have been Fizz Riot?...Why couldnt it have been Fizz?
André Benites
André Benites 6 aylar önce
This was the first champ I mastered (post-rework ww), climbed out of iron/bronze, got my M7, and I still didn't even scratched the surface of the nuance he had (with hold Q, if you use E at the end or start of fight, E-ult to cc whole team, barrier as a viable broken spell because of his passive as a toplaner...). There is a lot of complexity and details for a champion so simple to play, and I liked how you highlighted them so well (I didn't even remembered if they revealed enemies out of sight. That Teemo clip was really good!)
gamermilk 6 aylar önce
getting recommended this video made me so nostalgic for the days when i first started playing league. i used to one trick pre-rework evelynn and now i don't even jungle anymore... wish i could go back. if only league had a legacy patch server
Donstheman 6 aylar önce
I loved old Warwick, I would play him entirely as an on hit attack speed champ and tore teams to shreds, just cant do that with the new one now.
Dnisify 6 aylar önce
I sure love full movement speed Warwick. Have my own little build and strat for it. Max speed lets me ult from midlane to toplane. Shid's crazy. But that's only achievable in a best case scenario. Still saved me and got me some kills a couple of times to have this reach with the ult.
Snoot Game (Not Official)
You also missed something of his Q. It gives him unstopable for a little. Meaning. He is invulnerable to any kind of CC on the time cast. Bwing able to use it like a parry.
Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone 4 aylar önce
@Thomas Swanson The power of Q-ing a Mordekaiser's ult is intoxicating. It makes grown men weep when an angry doggo barks at them and cancels their ticket to Brazil. Or, of course, getting taken to Brazil and reminding big iron man that doggo is not trapped in here with him, but big iron man is trapped with doggo. bark.
Thomas Swanson
Thomas Swanson 6 aylar önce
Yeah it ignores displacements so its not exactly unstoppable. But I get what you're saying that the damage still goes through. But you cant Q through a root or stun or anything. But its awesome to just Q through a Rammus about to hit you. Also you can Q Morde Ult on reaction which imo is crazy
Snoot Game (Not Official)
@Valon Zeneli still, the Q doesnt stop, meaning, ittechnically reduces the time stunning, or silenced
Valon Zeneli
Valon Zeneli 6 aylar önce
@Snoot Game (Not Official) Yes but I mean it doesn't stop stuns, silences etc
Snoot Game (Not Official)
@Valon Zeneli the cc applied to displacements too
ChinkyChicken 4 aylar önce
I loved old Warwick, it was perfect in that item meta
HalfOtaku 6 aylar önce
I love new warwick for the super fun full ap mid build. Heal for 70% of hp every 3 sec while dealing a shitton of dmg and when u smell something nice you zoom around the map in light speed
Ahmed Fahmy
Ahmed Fahmy 6 aylar önce
I was an old Warwick main, and just being able to perma heal due to the lack of grievous wounds was the most ridiculous thing I experienced, I'd lock in Warwick in any role (yes even support) and just rush bloodthirsters. Being able to point and click suppress like Malz, on top of all the ridiculous lifesteal, was power we were not meant to wield
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
@SuperMortalix the real problem is item and rune healing, which is being addressed, not the champions themselves. And of the champions you named, none of those are particularly in meta, they are just high pick rate champions regardless.
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
@SuperMortalix are you silly, none of them have a supress, and only irelia has built in healing (not that much until later levels, not nearly as much as vlad or ww).
SuperMortalix 4 aylar önce
Built in heaing? the list is too long.. system healing even makes it worse.. as if goredrinker wasnt busted on release.. and what does point and click supress have to do with the fact that warwick is outclassed at what he does by just about every meta skirmisher: irelia, yone, yasuo yi.. to name a few.. yone and yasuo may not have "point and click supress" but they have enough lockdown in their kit to keep u in your place.. U just described warwick and suggested I find another champion with warwicks kit as if that changes anything..
John Smith
John Smith 4 aylar önce
@SuperMortalix name a single skirmisher with a point and click supress and built in healing?
SuperMortalix 6 aylar önce
U mean like just about every skirmisher can do now?
Julian “Kano” Skeete
I loved the old Warwick since I got my first Penta as him and would challenge enemies to 1v1s in drag pit trying to out sustain them with on hit builds. I do enjoy the rework tho, just got good memories with the old one.
KYORU 中山 ch.
KYORU 中山 ch. 6 aylar önce
Old WW was the first ever champ I played along with old Dr. Mundo and Pantheon... and I definitely love their reworks. But old Aatrrox? Man I miss that champ and old Akali
Adrian Bunea
Adrian Bunea 6 aylar önce
At some point I wanted to play something else in the jungle and I chose him because I thought the compilations were insane. My favorite thing was timing the enemy's mobility and flash and it felt so incredibly satisfying.
Sahelanthropus 6 aylar önce
Aside from his new Ultimate, I would say on surface level of play (no flashy Q usages), new Warwick is a tiny bit easier in my eyes
ToneDeaf GD
ToneDeaf GD 6 aylar önce
i really like this video, ive always wanted to know exactly what old champs did, gp, morde, ect. Are the old abilities still on the wiki of each champion?
Undyne Aylar önce
Warwick has to be one of *the* best reworks by far. Sure, Fiddlesticks, Pantheon, and Galio were also really good too but Warwick just felt special and true to his original kit. But that could just be me.
slip 6 aylar önce
I only played old ww from my very first game to lvl 30 in s4 then played him everyday until his rework. I miss him dearly
Silenceris 6 aylar önce
I remember playing the old Warwick during red smite top meta where level 6 you would point and click oneshot everyone by doing red smite R with the item. That being said, I never really enjoyed old warwick, but new warwick is one of my favourites in the game
Cweamy TwT
Cweamy TwT 6 aylar önce
Warwick is one of those champions who I play from time to time but always consider getting good with. Great choice for a video :D
Tacky 6 aylar önce
i liked this character before. he was one of those simplistic characters you would show to someone learning to play.
Devilkin Gaming
Devilkin Gaming 5 aylar önce
One additional thing. Warwick's long Q is unstoppable, and can be used to get out of all sorts of bad situations. It also makes him great into champions like sett or fiora who rely on directional bursts.
Justin S
Justin S 6 aylar önce
Ah, devourer. Many people remember that item with resentment, but as a long time jungle main, it brings nothing but good memories
JsVitor S. de Beijo
JsVitor S. de Beijo 2 aylar önce
I loved old Warwick, the rework he received just made him better.
Moxie2017 6 aylar önce
One of the best league series I've seen IMO. Keep up the good work Cryo.
coolkorsah1 4 aylar önce
I hope he talks about failed reworks like Leblanc and Rengar.
gorgor186 6 aylar önce
I played old warwick in season 5 when jungle item update made him broken. Devourer was my favorite item EVER in league and still is even though it was completely broken.
James Boink
James Boink 6 aylar önce
I miss the old map and its theme. It just had so much more character and feel to it than the new one
Nova_Supreme 6 aylar önce
Old Warwick brings me back to good old days in season 3 bronze. Saw a player stacking only lifesteal just because the ult said it porcs that.
𝚆̶𝚑̶𝚘̶ 3 aylar önce
I still remember trolling the enemy team with old Warwick's ult cause they never buy qss at all so my team can beat the flip out of their carry and also i like using old Warwick as a pusher but my winrate with him sucks which is 47.33 compared to the reworked which is 57.45
Internet Trash
Internet Trash 6 aylar önce
I think most of the reworks have been good. Imo most of the issues have come from a lack of transparency with these updates. If Udyr was released when the Trundle rework came out he would've had horns and they would've said deal with it. Favorites are probably Fiddlesticks, Warwick, and Graves in that order.
Speedymeele 6 aylar önce
Warwick rework is 10/10. He is a good boy. His dance is perfection.
TheWinterPhoenix 5 aylar önce
Old Warwick was my first main when I got into League of legends. He was simple to use and when fed you felt unkillable and it was pretty much impossible to mess up which was great for a new player like me at the time. I eventually moved away from him almost all together because it wasn't super amazing to play as. Every game felt like the same thing and you could play him with one hand so he was quite boring. The rework came out and it was the best VGU they have ever done. I didn't end up playing him a ton though as I was more of a support main, playing Bard and Rakan. But I think it was pre-season to season 9 I started playing him a ton more because my playstyle changed from being a support that sets people up to just enjoying the combat itself which new WW was perfect for and there was something satisfying about managing to kill like 4 people while constantly fighting and barely staying alive the whole time.
Shamiko 6 aylar önce
man i remember hitting gold for the first time in season 5 using old ww with devourer good times good times
Thomas Godfrey
Thomas Godfrey 6 aylar önce
One of the best reworks they ever did imo
Teyla 6 aylar önce
The only really vivid memory I have of old Warwick was stuffing his ults with Thresh flays lol. If I ever needed to jungle in the 4.20 weedwick era I usually played onhit Shyvana instead. New Warwick is super fun though, even if his ult skillshot is really thin. I know why they don't want it to scale with his size but I kinda wish it did, I've threaded the needle way too many times with it.
MInefran 12
MInefran 12 2 aylar önce
Fun fact, you are also unstopable while doing the q dash, meaning you can doge stuns and even bard's R if u time it correctly.
Migaru 6 aylar önce
over all great rework. no broken mechanics yet interesting and fun gameplay
Garage Haruo
Garage Haruo 6 aylar önce
Different games but reminds me of a champ who was a supp and dealt magic DMG, except his magic DMG ratio was through the roof and his kit gave him so much cool down that he could hit you for over 3k dmg in a matter of secs and then do it all over again in about 10-15 secs. Remains the most broken character release to this day in that game.
Dominiorrr 6 aylar önce
Imo Warwick's rework is one of the most healthy and thematically fitting additions in modern League of Legends. His W is perfect for a champion that's supposed to be a hunter. Besides of Warwick, some of the only "recent" champions I can think of that are designed that well are Kled and Jhin. Kled in lore is all about fighting and "taking property" no matter what the odds are, so his whole kit encourages him to fight whenever possible and take on risky fights. Jhin in lore is based on the number 4 and assassinating enemies with his rifle and his kit reflects that perfectly. These 3 champs are basically never hated, because there's no forced bullshit in their kit like stealth or true damage. Also they've got clear weaknesses and counterplay. I hope riot will make more reworks/champion releases like these, a lot of recent ones were rather disappointing.
Call me Shifu
Call me Shifu 6 aylar önce
I am a relatively new league player so i never played the old one, but i can say that ww is a champion i pick when i want to turn my brain off and have some fun. Also i love hes design and voice lines.
Call me Shifu
Call me Shifu 6 aylar önce
I am a relatively new league player so i never played the old one, but i can say that ww is a champion i pick when i want to turn my brain off and have some fun. Also i love hes design and voice lines.
Dylan Marino
Dylan Marino 6 aylar önce
With the old mastery system you could start off game with 5 pots and your jung item. I used this to level 2 tank bot and get double kills for our bot with team attack speed ganking a pushed out lane because ww is a level 6 ganker. Once the summoner spells were used my 5 pots were all ticking and tower dive pretty safely
GalaxyPepega 6 aylar önce
Hey Cryo could you make a video on Fiora before rework ? Because it's interesting how Riot reworked Master Yi v2.0 (old Fiora) into one of the most fun and hated champions League has ever had.
TinchoX 6 aylar önce
Long live old Full AP Warwick! Those were the days!
Volke0 6 aylar önce
I personally prefer the old Warwick simply because I like the kit worked overall compared to this one.
Sammie Aylar önce
I played old WW from time to time as his fantasy of being a healing werewolf that claws you to death sounded cool to me, but always grew bored quick because it really came down to pressing ult which is funny but not for 10+ games. New Warwick did basically everything I wanted the champ to do, while maintaining the soul of his old abilities, probably the most successful rework along with Panth as these only seemed to add to the original champs, instead of replace.
Mattis Andersson
Mattis Andersson 6 aylar önce
I remember a time when me as Warwick and a Ramus stood and punched eachother for like 2 min straight until someone came and interupted us. I got down to like half health and ramus down to a third.
Ryan Saniel
Ryan Saniel 6 aylar önce
I played the old warwick and he was my main counter to soraka mains. But when he got the rework he was my main jungle champ ever since
Rob Coe
Rob Coe 6 aylar önce
As a person who played both versions of Warwick quite a bit let me tell You. There were good parts of both. Simplicity is good. Point and click suppress is fun. You were an absolute nightmare for back liners. However, unlike many of Ritos reworks, Warwick's was good. For all the reasons listed above and more. I do miss the old Warwick. But I am not angry at the changes they made.
Gary 4 aylar önce
warwick was the first champ that I bought along with pantheon (who also had an amazing rework). If I remember correctly, he was 3,300 IP back then. Gahd! I miss marauder's gauntlet as much as I miss adaptive helm. I always built marauder's gauntlet on warwick, panth, and j4. Good times.
Bluestache 6 aylar önce
Pre-Rework Warwick jungle with Murumana was what got me to Gold the first season I tried ranked, good times
maikiki19 6 aylar önce
All good on paper. Don't forget ww is one of the most bugged champs in the game rn. His Q sometimes doesn't work properly, it can teleport you to enemy fountain, sometimes if you want to dash ww does nothing at all etc. His W procs the attack speed in fight way too slow, annoying in jungle clear and sometimes lethal in a duel. Many times my fear on E worked as charm. And last but not least, his R range sometimes show diffrent values than you jump when you click it, it's not that often but I gotta say something for every skill since entire ww is glitched af. I like the rework but I wouldn't mind some improvements.
wLink 6 aylar önce
I miss old Topwick, not being able to have low range poke on Q feels detrimental.
Meraeu 6 aylar önce
I really miss the old galio, so much fun
infinifiable Aylar önce
Old WW was my one trick pony to get to Diamond in 2014. Plan: Farm to lvl 6, solo dragon at lvl 3 if safe, then emerge out the jungle as an absolute unit and win the game. Good times.
Poofefer 6 aylar önce
personally i really miss old sion, it was fun how stupid he was. don't get me wrong, he wasn't good, but he was fun. AP build burst was hilarious, and going full ad runes and starting longsword and e got you over 100 ad level 1. It was a simpler time
Gabre 6 aylar önce
An amaznig rework for sure! The same champion, but designed with more experience.
Nanaten 6 aylar önce
I really hate that ww can be removed when he already hit the enemy with his R, I mean thats a supression, they can even remove the cc from the ultimate
Ryan Costa
Ryan Costa 6 aylar önce
Warwick truly is peak rework material. even if you don't like the champion, if you saw what he was like before the rework you know that this is a pretty successful update
Night Raven
Night Raven 3 aylar önce
one of if not the best rework riot has ever done
Cole Cote
Cole Cote 6 aylar önce
The information here is a bit lacking I think for the start of Wick. As a product of the rune page system, often it was difficult to even function as a jungler until max summoner level. Junglers with very high drain sustain like warwick and fiddle had a strong niche of being able to be used by the player just starting out to start to get some jungling experience.
Lamiaroid 6 aylar önce
WW and Fiddle are easily competing for the best reworks to date imo
NovaX 6 aylar önce
Didn't play old WarWick but he is one of my favorite Junglers
tygonmaster 6 aylar önce
Post rework warwick is amazing. I liked the old WW, but the new one is just....such braindead amazing fun. His new ult obviously takes a lot more skill to use and is more easily avoided, but it is just....so much adrenaline to pull off and so awesome to land and blood hjunt is great as a risk-reward ability that leaves you wondering "should I follow this or not?" Only issue is, like old warwick, if your braindead team sits there and does not even bother autoing the CC'd enemy, but this is league. Got to expect braindead blind teammates. This is nothing at fault with WW. Awesomely fun champ.
Eli Vendetta
Eli Vendetta 6 aylar önce
Honestly I do love new warwick, but there's still some days where I wish I could play the old champions again. If there was a game mode that they would release or a separate launcher even, where it was just the roster of champions around season 5 that would have been great.
Eli Vendetta
Eli Vendetta 6 aylar önce
@Rich Benandanti it makes me so fuckin sad to hear that. Still, would be nice if riot did something similar even if behind a paywall like wow classic
Rich Benandanti
Rich Benandanti 6 aylar önce
There was some fans actually working on that, until Riot shut down the project in the cringiest way possible
Zina Mac
Zina Mac 6 aylar önce
preferred him pre rework, get a little ahead, invade, jump em as they come back to lane, over, and over, was simple fun, and could rack up kills. Dont like his new rework
John Doe
John Doe Aylar önce
old Warwick along with old poppy were my 2 favorite champions. Their reworks just didn't please me of course.
Eren 6 aylar önce
ww was the first champion i picked up when I started playing league in s8, really fun time. I still remember how I would go into ranked, go ww top and run all thee way down to fucking bot bcz I smelled blood and all the flame i would get after the game. at the time i really didn't get it. like i had the most kills so i must be playing it good.
ur mom
ur mom 4 aylar önce
kool never played old ww but he has been my main since i played him for the 1st time just as season 6 was ending ^_^ crazy how this game has changed over the years thx for the blast to the passed ^_-
coolkorsah1 4 aylar önce
If you rework a champion and you didn't have to touch a single thing about their kit for months and months on end, like Warwick, you can declare it a perfect rework.
Nanachi 6 aylar önce
i actually like old warwick more. new one is cool but i prefer point and click suppression.
TACO BOY Aylar önce
Old Warwick was my favorite jungler, He was one of the most sleeper op champion in the game...people just didn't know how to build him. Or his optimum skill order for that matter. Old warwick could completely run the game in ways new warwick just can't.
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