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27 Kas 2021




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EC Garcia
EC Garcia Aylar önce
EC Garcia
EC Garcia Aylar önce
EC Garcia
EC Garcia Aylar önce
B The Installer
B The Installer Aylar önce
I have TRvid tv. Then got the NBA package and now I CANT watch certain games. So stupid. Typically when it's blacked out, it's only when it's being shown on a other network. Little help here nba.
Niall John
Niall John Aylar önce
@It's Mike other than that Poole travel what else did I miss I didn’t watch the game today
SplashBro Aylar önce
At this point, everyone’s waiting for the Warriors vs Suns game. GO DUBS 💙💛
Yo Boy
Yo Boy 27 gün önce
who here after warriors blew them out?
Collin Cant use emojis
@Jesse Justice yes sir
DMoneyyy Aylar önce
Djwitda heat
Djwitda heat Aylar önce
@Kam Scott lmfao y’all had kawhi and y’all blew a lead to the nuggets stfu night
Jesse Justice
Jesse Justice Aylar önce
And we all know who is going To win. Warriors
SnaXxz Aylar önce
Dawg really hit a 3 pointer with 3 people on his hip. Nah. This man is different. Appreciate the man while he is here in the League. And I seen a fire in Curry I never seen before. Knowing the Warriors are the hunters again for a championship with Klay coming back, he's even more aggressive than ever before. I love it
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Aylar önce
@Tiszole Tye yea so fuck what you talkin bout
Tiszole Tye
Tiszole Tye Aylar önce
Pop yo shit. Yo see my dawg
The Chosen One
The Chosen One Aylar önce
They will lose to the nets. Won’t matter
Jorge Espinoza
Jorge Espinoza Aylar önce
@Velma White Amen
kobebeef415 Aylar önce
@The Real Taliban what are you talking about? he has 2 mvp's
Lucciano 87
Lucciano 87 Aylar önce
Everybody sees his shooting but this guy passing, def, getting to the rim, and getting others open he's an all around threat which makes him the greatest player ever at 6'3
Imnot Ahacker
Imnot Ahacker Aylar önce
@Glenn Roper hes already won 3. Give me a gaurd that's under 6 foot 5 that us better than steph curry. And no allen Iverson ain't close
Sean Keegan
Sean Keegan Aylar önce
@Tik Tok Exposed like that's an argument point? xD lebron james just lowers his shoulder into people and plays football, boring ass style, small way more skilled shaq
Glenn Roper
Glenn Roper Aylar önce
If he wins a chip then let’s talk.
Imnot Ahacker
Imnot Ahacker Aylar önce
@YuGuisXoDum no normal sized gaurd is better than steph curry. That's not a debate 😂 6 foot 9 giants like magic who could also play center yes. But normal sized gaurd no one is better than steph. Thats basic nba knowledge
Teal Aylar önce
@Freedom 19 Curry not better than lebron or Kobe yet bro
Hisako Ichiki
Hisako Ichiki Aylar önce
Damn the warriors is the best show Ive ever seen. No selfishness, just players who want to give each other opportunities to shine while also having theirs. A true definition of "a team".
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali Aylar önce
@Joel Johnson bra Steph is 6’2 180 lbs he wouldn’t get the super stat respect vs 6’8 280lbs So no he didn’t needed but I can see where you coming in this shit with. It’s levels to this shit kd set a standard for em boyz but em boys already have beaten bron bron
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali Aylar önce
@Joel Johnson i agree with you but he don’t want to be the MVP is what I think as of now because vs Spurs he could’ve lit em but he didn’t want so idk what’s going on with him bro
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali Aylar önce
@Joel Johnson 2016 We all around the Globe know that it was a gift not only for the Media, city of Cleveland and the State of Ohio but The player being LBJ23 because there was gonna be the Goat. Also we outsmarted everybody cuz As great the Curry is we knew we would be robbed and not get the SuperStar calls and Respect Curry Deserves so we went to bring KD and the rest was history. So yes Curry don’t get the superstars calls that Super star get +
Jus Blaze
Jus Blaze Aylar önce
The warriors are the best TEAM from every aspect! Great ball movement.. great spacing.. great shooting.. great confidence.. they are all in sync.. I love how they play together and this is coming from a LAKERS FAN!
Yusuf Ali
Yusuf Ali Aylar önce
@Joel Johnson bra Your the one who is Mad cuz you are the one who came in with 14 yrs ago comparison. 16 the whole wide wold knows it was a welcome for the Queen and it was given to the state of ohio who was neva won anything. I just don’t get which one hurts you the most. Fact that we the best in this era or fact that we’re better than bron bron you Bandwagon go back to Cavs and cheer for them
Alaine Carpentero
Alaine Carpentero Aylar önce
Can we all appreciate the defense of Curry? Man, he's doing it all this season
Emanuel James
Emanuel James Aylar önce
@Tyler Burz this not the first time he’s played d like this he’s always been a willing defender just normally too small. When he’s getting steals their d is elite he’s just not gonna be getting a lot of blocks that’s all. Still capable of being a positive impact on d in my opinion
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia Aylar önce
@Tyler Burz he put on lime 15 pounds of muscle in the off season. It's paying off immensely.
Tyler Burz
Tyler Burz Aylar önce
Fr he’s always had active hands and IQ but he’s playing phenomenal perimeter defense, physical, moving his feet and showing grit/hustle overall. Best in the league rn no doubt
Ace Leal
Ace Leal Aylar önce
That 5 steals in 1st half 🔥
Chris Aylar önce
gonna be the only player to ever have multiple Unanimous MVPs, if he does that will never happen again
Corpy Hogan
Corpy Hogan Aylar önce
As a fan of LBJ I despised the Warriors and Steph for five years straight but as a fan of the game.…. Man you just can’t help but appreciate his greatness and the greatness of that organization. If you really look at it not one time did Steph or the Warriors ever cheat the system, they drafted their guys and developed them. What front office would say no to Kevin Durant if he wanted to join 🤷🏽‍♂️ Respect to them
@Hypocrite Troll Bot Was any of those ppl considered the best player in the league or even 2nd? Just a yes or a no.
Hypocrite Troll Bot
@THE CHOSEN ONE Lolol delusional. That’s why he teamed up with Bosh, Wade, Love, Kyrie, Davis, Westbrook, Melo, etc? Lolol you’re delusional.
Angelo Jose Trinidad
@Kristoff he is such a dork
@Hypocrite Troll Bot Nice one, Will give you that. Lol. BT no way. Y'all would say lebron da biggest joke of a goat of all time. We got it hard enough doing it this way. Lol. "its not that easy" 😂
@Hypocrite Troll Bot Noooo. lol. Thats y he never asked KD to team up or steph or giannis. Anybody viewed as the best, he don't say oh yea give me them. He get top 15 players. Thats what gms are doing. Him getting players to come.is no guarantee yet its what you hope.ur team does anyway so naw don't put Magic bird n jordan on the same team. Give them they own teams w their own versions of stars to go against each other. We don't need every team w one superstar w need like 18 w 2-3 stars each. Thats entertaining. Not everybody in the top 5 on one team. Lol. Thats overkill. I'm not a fan of that.
Bob Dole
Bob Dole Aylar önce
Man, the Warriors are good. But you've gotta give props to Paul George. Dude played his heart out to keep his team in the game. Needs more love.
Hypocrite Troll Bot
Like in their first matchup this season, he was trying to one up Curry and was doing quite well. Until the refs started being stupid and pissed Curry off, that awoke the beast that no one could defeat. Great effort by PG
TeeJayy Aylar önce
It really speaks volumes how the warriors mold players like Poole and others into such dynamic players like Poole looking like a curry out there sometimes and a Thompson it’s quite spectacular tbh props to them 👏🏽
TED SHOT THAT Aylar önce
Yea when Klay comes back its like Who u gonna guard?lol because they all gonna be shooting 3s 😂
Aena Enriquez
Aena Enriquez Aylar önce
Being cheered in the opponent's court is just something! Steph being the MVP in any court 💪🦾
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Aylar önce
Clippers fans don’t exist lmao
Truth is Censored
Truth is Censored Aylar önce
Clipper's Fans were NEVER Clippers Fans
Willy Aylar önce
It keeps happening too. What a morale killer for your home team fans rooting for the other guys.
Junjun Isnaji
Junjun Isnaji Aylar önce
As a warrior fan. I love how Paul George is trying hard to win even without kawhaii leonard. Just appreciating
Charger 99
Charger 99 Aylar önce
Cucum Ber
Cucum Ber Aylar önce
Yes yes, like Steph Last year. respect
Amanuael Tura
Amanuael Tura Aylar önce
Cryptomeme Aylar önce
He is making a great job but the problem was…. GSW
first name last name
that was steph all last season so I respect it 😂
Aries Christopher Luz
The way the audience react makes me believe GSW has more fans here than the home team. Especially when SC30 does his thing. Almost forgot they are away. What a universal star, generational talent.
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Aylar önce
Clippers fans don’t exist
ZioComposite Aylar önce
The last time that I remember hearing this was when I was waaaaay younger was when Jordan would play and he would still get oooohs & aaaahs during away games. Honestly Curry gives me that same feeling Jordan did. Like you will always have a chance because he's on your team.
Hypocrite Troll Bot
They were literally chanting MVP in Brooklyn when Curry had the ball. They were cheering for him on every single possession. I’ve never heard that before. Nuts.
B re
B re Aylar önce
@Cevae Nava-Lewis it’s 6 hours away lol warriors just have fans everywhere
Cevae Nava-Lewis
Cevae Nava-Lewis Aylar önce
LA ain’t that far from the Bay but you’re right. That Brooklyn game was crazy, sounded like a home game
Leahcim Oyatse
Leahcim Oyatse Aylar önce
I am surely blessed to be able to witness this in my lifetime. Watching Curry and the Warriors offense is straight-up witnessing greatness. Someday, I would like to go watch their games in person.
Cucum Ber
Cucum Ber Aylar önce
@Cevae Nava-Lewis ikr
Cevae Nava-Lewis
Cevae Nava-Lewis Aylar önce
@Joel Johnson KD? The guy who joined Steph cuz he couldn’t win otherwise? Bro owns KD tf 😂
sls12III Aylar önce
I felt it when the crowd started cheering for the Warriors.
Derek Tillman
Derek Tillman Aylar önce
Ace Leal
Ace Leal Aylar önce
Steph is taking a FT then suddenly crowd chanting MVP lmao 🤣
Jason Leigh
Jason Leigh Aylar önce
Curry is the only player since Jordan that I’ve seen truly transcend basketball. He’s a master of his craft.
first name last name
@No ??? Lebron didn’t transcend basketball
No Aylar önce
You missing LeBron. The only player I know his size which is the size of Karl Malone that can do it all. Score, assist, rebound, Even run the point doing it for 2 decades.
first name last name
@Joel Johnson Magic didn't transcend basketball or change basketball the say jordan and steph have
James Sharp
James Sharp Aylar önce
Nah! Not quite, yet.
Miguel Gutierrez
Miguel Gutierrez Aylar önce
i love this style of play, the warriors are a monster speed, 3pt, best playmaking team isn’t the biggest team in the league yet dominant 💪🏽🏆
No Aylar önce
Wait till playoffs when games slow down and jump shot start getting a little tighter
Randy Graham
Randy Graham Aylar önce
Paul George hit some tough shots. In the highlights, every one of them was well defended by the Warriors. He got 30 points but needed 24 shots to get them, and had 8 turnovers against 5 assists. Warriors had 19 steals. Defense is usually the key to winning championships.🏆
Hypocrite Troll Bot
I was shocked at how he was hitting those tough shots on that were well contested. Good job PG, but even better job to the Warriors as a team.
Arlene Macasaol
Arlene Macasaol Aylar önce
@Tik Tok Exposed you are trash for running your mouth behind the screen lmao
Tik Tok Exposed
Tik Tok Exposed Aylar önce
@Arlene Macasaol TRASH😂
Arlene Macasaol
Arlene Macasaol Aylar önce
@Tik Tok Exposed dude stop hating damn
Teal Aylar önce
@Tik Tok Exposed How is that bad when he’s averaging 26 a game plus he’s a really good defender
lee rollerson
lee rollerson Aylar önce
Bruh this team just feels way better then anything in the last 3 years
Kelly Murray
Kelly Murray Aylar önce
Everybody knows that Steph and the Warriors are a great team on offense especially this season but their defense is great as well this season. MVP Curry + Klay Thompson's return = more championships for the Golden State Warriors 💯🏆
Bluefacebaby Aylar önce
Man the Clippers had so many turnovers you would think they were just being wreckless but it was actually GSW have some great ass defense. They are constantly moving on both sides of the court its amazing to watch.
@Arlene Macasaol Actually they do, so deal with it.
Daniel Peterson
Daniel Peterson Aylar önce
They're inspired this year, love to see it
randy Bebangco
randy Bebangco Aylar önce
@M Fernando kkkkkkkmlnlln?"nkikn
K W Aylar önce
@Bluefacebaby All opinions bro lol. They struggled just as much vs. the Mavs with Tre z and Lou. Luca matches up very well against our defenders. Respect your passion, but I'll keep rooting for my team through thick and thin. I am telling you, they have their best chance winning with this squad since 2015. Bubble ring mickey mouse b.s. aside.
Bluefacebaby Aylar önce
@K W Dude that was the bubble that is the only reason they didn't win a ring that year. Nobody wanted to play and Lebron Cried and made everyone participate in the bubble. They were a way better team that year vs last year. Secondly clipper struggled against the Mavs last year and during the second round which is why Khawi had that injury he had to do so much. I'm just saying they have no chance of winning even with Khawi coming back when you have teams like GSW and The Suns who have young players steady growing and developing as the year goes.
cow Aylar önce
Okay but Stephs defense has improved IMMENSELY
first name last name
@not the one I think him being so damn buff now is what is doing it. Reason why I think Steph is better right now than 2016 has a lot to do with the muscle he has now. He can defend better and not get pushed around so easily, He's better in the paint and at finishing now, and just all around a smarter and more explosive player than he has ever been.
William Valenzuela
William Valenzuela Aylar önce
maybe compared to his rookie year but stephs has always been kinda solid except when hes forced to guard lebron kd etc on switches
not the one
not the one Aylar önce
Could it be the new coaches,?
Victor Pabustan
Victor Pabustan Aylar önce
Warriors have great chemistry & teamwork. Can see they love to play their A games & win, what a championship character. Can win it all in the West. Congrats in advance!
JM Empig
JM Empig Aylar önce
While it may be an “away” game for the dubs, its amazing to hear the ohhhs, the ahhhs and the cheers from the fans when the dubs make a bucket and the loudest ones are always for Curry. Always fun to watch a Dubs game
Zorro de la vega
Zorro de la vega Aylar önce
When you got Klay Thompson and Wiseman playing in the G league, and about to come up, and you're 18-2, you know you're team is scary good.
SPORT H-Reel Aylar önce
This Warriors team was so inspirational. Unselfishness to it's finest! Let's go Dub!
MCJ Aylar önce
Geezus! Every game the warriors play, home or away, they have the largest crowd in the building! This team is hard to root against! The selfless play, chemistry, confidence, teamwork, coordination they have programed in them is hard to hate! These kats are almost like they jave some chips planted in their heads that gives them a 6th sense of each other and their movements!
Ace Leal
Ace Leal Aylar önce
Yeah there's a time in that game steph is in the ft line then the crowd chanting MVP 🤣
TED SHOT THAT Aylar önce
I agree lol But its great to see the warriors back in form. The league got a sense of relief after the Durant departure lol But i told everybody they were coming! And i was right. The scary thing is Klay aint even back yet! Its about ot get reeeeal scary lmao
Aneesh Ramakrishnan
4:23 I love this play, because draymond actually starts heading to the backcourt even before curry's shot goes in.
Derek Tillman
Derek Tillman Aylar önce
He's done that so many times it's crazy
mithun mitz
mithun mitz Aylar önce
The defensive efforts by the Dubs highlighted with Steph's 6 steals. 🔥🔥🔥 Putting everything on the line 💛💙💛💙💛💙
Random Lakers Fan ➐
Steph Curry 33 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists, 6 steals 55%Field Goal 12-22
Zigzag • 69 Years ago
@Chromë I know. But this nigga said LeFlop owns Curry🤣 now Curry owns Kevin Durant’s ass
Chromë Aylar önce
@Zigzag • 69 Years ago he is A nets fan.
Lil Cobe
Lil Cobe Aylar önce
@Tuff lay off tha weeeeeeed
Sim Mack
Sim Mack Aylar önce
John Wick
John Wick Aylar önce
@Tech kep hating coz those players you mentioned aint gonna make it this year dawg im tellin ya.
Robert Gray
Robert Gray Aylar önce
I can only imagine what they'll be when Klay gets back. These boys might get another chip!
Kevin Aylar önce
There's a new thing warriors are doing that's new, and they're drilling it in these games. They extend the crossover from 1 against 1 or many to 2 against 1 or many in offense - when you get stuck with the defender(s), someone would come to your aid actively to get your pass, then hand it back to you for offense. I feel that it's a thing that Draymond and Steph came up with, and they taught the whole team to do it.
Kevin Aylar önce
@Random Commenter Right of course! Haha, I was an idiot. I guess I never saw it done quite as smooth as that.
Random Commenter
Random Commenter Aylar önce
It’s called give and go
Tony Lirette
Tony Lirette Aylar önce
Curry is amazing! Only reason i still watch nba basketball. Higher skillset than anybody i have ever seen…i sit there watching him shoot and am simply amazed. He is a globetrotter and the rest of the nba is the washington generals!
1zzy Duz It
1zzy Duz It Aylar önce
Steph is a one in a lifetime player and I’m grateful to witness his career unfold. Straight greatness!!
Kevin Jun Sibi
Kevin Jun Sibi Aylar önce
At this point, no one can beat this team in a seven games series with the level of energy they're playing.
DEVDNSYD Aylar önce
@Bryant wym he was literally on the team from 2013-2019
Bryant Aylar önce
@DEVDNSYD iggy wasnt there for the 5 years
@Wilson Chiu taking 7 games to win a series is not considered being “destroyed”
Mr Dy
Mr Dy Aylar önce
@DEVDNSYD theyre team has been in the playoffs for the past years. They are experienced and ready
Almond Aylar önce
@S P hatin wont get you anywhere
Joe Aylar önce
you can tell how much curry has matured his game the last 2 years, more patience and lets to game come to him. Running away with the MVP
philaw123 Aylar önce
I would love to see the Warriors face the Clippers in the playoffs. Every game would be like a home game.
naimas Aylar önce
8:34 I remember this on his 51 points vs New York Knicks in 2013. This is an awesome 3 point play every single time I watch it it's just perfect
BustedyurEgo20 Aylar önce
In so thankful to be alive in this era to watch the greatness steph curry brings to the game .. Their will never be another one like him..
The MozArtJones Show
There will be. His name is Jordan Pool!!! Curry is taking him under his wing. Just look how he plays he reminds me of younger curry but even better. He’s very blessed to get drafted to the warriors and for curry to take a liking into him and teach him the game of basketball the way curry plays it
Joseph Freo
Joseph Freo Aylar önce
Props to Paul George! He carried his team throughout the game.
Edwardpistolhands Aylar önce
j26 Aylar önce
@Tech no more excuses
j26 Aylar önce
@Tech stop crying fan girl
j26 Aylar önce
@Tech your grand mother is coward
j26 Aylar önce
@Tech warriors best team in the nba nets can't beat top team in the nba
The Renaissance Man
The team defense is beautiful to watch.
TeeJayy Aylar önce
The warriors Oh and congrats on chemistry as well they played thru the rough times last year and the year before now they on a roll looking impressive af they are something to watch.
Winging my way through life
Draymond Green needs to be talked about more, he's carrying them defensively. I wonder where the would be win wise without him.
first name last name
@Coach Darren i dont think he’s overrated but he’s nit “carrying their defense” He definitely makes them what they are defensively but even if he didn’t play they would still be a top 5 defensive team
Coach Darren
Coach Darren Aylar önce
@first name last name thank you I agree with you totally. Dray is overrated.
first name last name
I dont think draymond is carrying them defensively. You have Andrew Wiggins, JTA, GP2, Steph, and Looney who have been insane on defense this year, but this is the best draymond has looked since 2016 and is easily dpoy right now.
C Mayes
C Mayes Aylar önce
Dialectical Monist
Dialectical Monist Aylar önce
This season is the season, where I can comfortably say, "Steph Curry has surpassed Magic Johnson". Magic Johnson didn't control the outcome of a game to this degree.
Respect  Begets Respect
Much credit is given to Mr. Curry, Poole and them but what Looney does for this team is also commendable.
Naomi Aylar önce
Dude is a stud
Ian Shields
Ian Shields Aylar önce
@Nithin Aug - Kinda surprised you didn’t mention Houston, while you were trying out this novel approach to team quality analysis…
Ian Shields
Ian Shields Aylar önce
Yessir! Man’s a rock. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Alwyn Gay Esguerra
Alwyn Gay Esguerra Aylar önce
@Nithin Aug ok the ones who lost to OKC twice
Brian Milanes
Brian Milanes Aylar önce
They are all actually commendable.
Aqua2Aquatic Aylar önce
Curry's pass to Draymond at 4:16 was 🔥
Mark Andrew Luistro
I noticed that the fans really missed the former GSW and now he is coming back and many fans are already supporting him even though they are not playing on the home court
Buddha G
Buddha G Aylar önce
As a Warriors fan, it's always a joy hearing the opposing announcers marvel at Steph's game. It's just nice to hear the authentic astonishment since they don't watch him day in and day out like us.
Ben Timblin
Ben Timblin Aylar önce
I still react like the announcers even though I've seen so much of Steph's games
Jet Suelto
Jet Suelto Aylar önce
8:34 - That split second of analyzing on how to break the defense.
Ebbie EuGene
Ebbie EuGene Aylar önce
Even though Wiggins was playing really good defense… Paul George was making a lot of his tough buckets
Alvin Jacinto
Alvin Jacinto Aylar önce
Man, this team is serious. I can't wait for their match wit the Suns.
krazY Ts
krazY Ts Aylar önce
Its always a beauty to watch gsw basketball...the team plays,everything are on sync
Big G
Big G Aylar önce
Reggie Jackson’s reaction each time Steph makes a 3 should be it’s own highlight reel 😂😂
Ryan Meneses
Ryan Meneses Aylar önce
That 3 point shot from curry with 3 people on him was easily one of the best shots I’ve seen in a while
Bowser Aylar önce
@Joseph Jaroch Curry does this every game wym lucky 🤣 he literally the greatest shooter in NBA history
Ace Leal
Ace Leal Aylar önce
@Nithin Aug in ur dreams bro lakers are full of ages they cant beat gs though they have height advantage but the chemistry and unselfishness bruh 101% cant beat gs
Ace Leal
Ace Leal Aylar önce
@UC6Gr_0SGhtGdFbW0LEPNkHg who cares + KD is old + Go F urself
Stephene Smith
Stephene Smith Aylar önce
@Tech 😂😂😂😂 Bringing up KD like he’s really better. Crazy as hell!
The food king
The food king Aylar önce
Yeah that nuts hahaha
Dr Koj
Dr Koj Aylar önce
Gonna be a historic season! So many great older players in critical parts of their legacies!
Fearless 510
Fearless 510 Aylar önce
At this point the Dubbs are looking unstoppable and I'm loving every bit of it! and can we just go head and make Steph MVP right now? bro is playing out of his mind
Avaitor. Aylar önce
What a game to Clippers from Q1 to Q3!! Congrats GSW!
Noha Haile
Noha Haile Aylar önce
I’m a suns fan and man is this warrior team is good. I’m super excited for the game on Tuesday
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Aylar önce
Yeah that's a great match your team vs my team two of the best team in the league
JonClem310's Clown Pill Media
As a Clipper fan. I'll admit the Warriors play an entertaining high movement brand of Basketball. More entertaining than a PG 13 ISO
T-James Aylar önce
Yo Wiggins' defense on George was immaculate. Another great dub for the Dubs. Love watching this team play!
DeShawn Kareem
DeShawn Kareem Aylar önce
Curry just on a whole other level right now 💥💥💥. Crazy the shots he getting up!
Bes Pushkule
Bes Pushkule Aylar önce
Paul George is awesome to watch when he gets it going. Dude is must see tv when he gets it going. Smooth af, but will always bang it on your head given the opportunity.
Ian Shields
Ian Shields Aylar önce
Watching this, I realize I’m watching the Clippers winning a great game against some other basketball team. Trouble is, what’s sharing the court out there isn’t a normal basketball team, but an organism from an alternate universe, occupying the space where a basketball team would have been.
SCrescent Aylar önce
Jordan Poole with a smooth spin move without making travel is Lit!😤 6:19
flytii Aylar önce
dam you're a idiot he traveled a few times 🤦🏽‍♂️
J Styles - J 風格
I know it sounds like a broken record but once Klay and Wiseman back in the line up 😳😳😳
Dk Trek
Dk Trek Aylar önce
That cheers from the Clipper homecourt everytime GSW score is a testament that everyone loves this team.
Aswin Nayak
Aswin Nayak Aylar önce
Best thing that could have happened to curry is Durant leaving!!!!! Love the way he has evolved. Best Player Now. PERIOD!!!
Teke Sports Productions
Warriors playing great this season🔥
TED SHOT THAT Aylar önce
The choices on the floor, the patience, the passing! My choice for western conf finals match up will more likely be Warriors vs Suns
Shonen Archive
Shonen Archive Aylar önce
The Warriors are on fire 🔥
Allan Jessie Magcawas
Magnificent Golden State warriors your the guys!keep up the good work God bless you always!
Alex Wakefield
Alex Wakefield Aylar önce
It's a blessing the Splash Brothers are on my team. It's a honor to watch every game.
Denmarky No none
Denmarky No none Aylar önce
Warriors vs suns most awaited games 😍😍💪
Victor R.
Victor R. Aylar önce
Currys too quick, his tempo & change of direction ….I’m in Awww, …Phenom, Greatest, one of the greatest I’ve seen hoop & play… since Jordan or Iverson, even late Kobe…yesss…at 6’ 3…no way he dominates & makes it look easy….theeee best CURRY #30!!
Yay Area 510
Yay Area 510 Aylar önce
18-2 winning streak go WARRIORS 💪🏾💯💯
J GMoney1
J GMoney1 Aylar önce
@Tech *18-2* steph is better than lebron so stfu and mind your damn business 🖕
blitzkrieg. Aylar önce
@Johnny L. Plus warriors own the league
Joem Joseph
Joem Joseph Aylar önce
@Tech Kid is everywhere. Looking for your dad? He ain’t here
S P Aylar önce
@quit remember the warriors aint touch da playoffs for 2 yrs
scopdyy the troll
scopdyy the troll Aylar önce
@Johnny 18-2
Ed Kiely
Ed Kiely Aylar önce
All I know is I'm going to enjoy watching Steph as much as I can, because at 33-soon to be 34 in March- he only has a few prime yrs left!
Gideon Mondigo
Gideon Mondigo Aylar önce
Alright, in this GS Warriors' win, it gives me more excitement on their match-up against Phoenix Suns.
Poshith Maharana
Poshith Maharana Aylar önce
It’s hard to believe that warriors had such a good chemistry with a superstar starter team 2yrs back and then you have the current lakers who are struggling big time XD
keyntankeye Aylar önce
Suns vs Warriors on Tuesday and Friday gonna be an absolute banger!!!
Bhard Navares
Bhard Navares Aylar önce
Nice to see the Warriors play team ball again since the 2015-2016 season.
mesi h
mesi h Aylar önce
You know your the best team when the other team fans are cheering for you. I thought it was a home game
Respeto Kagulong
Respeto Kagulong Aylar önce
everytime Curry passes the ball to Poole, its like a Legend leading the way for the Future of the Team 🔥🔥🔥
first name last name
8:49 is what you came for. When this man retires this will forever be replayed on his highlight reel. The moment Steph b*tched the refs 😂
Kat Dc
Kat Dc Aylar önce
Warriors is the epitome of an NBA team. 💛💙
Liam Benjamin
Liam Benjamin Aylar önce
warriors offense and defense every player is an asset no one is sagging at the defense everyone gets to score on the offense and curry consistency is just phenomenal.
Terence Caronan
Terence Caronan Aylar önce
how special is Stephen Curry, he still have fans even in an away game.
Jeric Singuillo
Jeric Singuillo Aylar önce
Look at Curry man, he's so inspirational
Cervano Garcia
Cervano Garcia Aylar önce
When the warriors have a good regular season standing. We already know what will happen in the playoffs. 73-9 and 3-1 is waiving
Min Young
Min Young Aylar önce
Ohhh, they STOKED the beast. Steph getting mad with those tech's and started dropping buckets of THREE'S. The game was actually a battle of free throws and missed free throws. But my WARRIORS PREVAILED IN THE END! 😁😁😁👏👏👏👏
Hypocrite Troll Bot
@Nithin Aug - damn right! Lakers are so much better.... at LOSING! Lololol
Danny Wayne
Danny Wayne Aylar önce
@Gary Taylor that’s high hopes for Lebums squad, they are a mess
Gary Taylor
Gary Taylor Aylar önce
@Nithin Aug lakers trash rn and Westbrick is a turnover machine who . lakers second round exit at best 😂
Money Flow
Money Flow Aylar önce
@Nithin Aug your troll game is weak
S Alexander
S Alexander Aylar önce
@Josh Vincent Mangaluz whoever needs to see it will see it. No lies told and facts; He is coming soon.
Don Dada
Don Dada Aylar önce
8:44 Look at steve ballmer's reaction to Curry's ridiculous 3. It sums up every oponent's reaction to Steph Curry this season "Ah sh*t, here we go again" 😂 Then Steph trolls the refs.
It's Meduwsa
It's Meduwsa Aylar önce
4:15 this has to be one of the best passes I’ve ever seen…
SeeitPlayit Aylar önce
Dude, the three at 8:46......🔥🔥🔥 Curry is ridiculous!!
Philippe .Diolazo
Philippe .Diolazo Aylar önce
The next 2 games against the suns is giving off a playoff atmosphere vibes. i hope the warriors cool them down 2 games in a row
Geekn Aylar önce
i hope we atleast lose 1 so we have something to work on and not get cocky
Jonathan Aylar önce
That 3rd quarter Jordan Poole eruption was a thing of beauty🔥 4 consecutive threes. SHEESH!!
Chris Aylar önce
@Chris Hash and his name is poole. Splash Bros jumping in the Poole
Chris Hash
Chris Hash Aylar önce
he's a legit splash brother if Poole keeps it up like this through a championship season run.
DrumsMF Aylar önce
Even tho gp2 doesnt get the ball often i still applause him for his energy and great defence
Elis Vogli
Elis Vogli Aylar önce
Paul George had me nervous 😂 but steph curry is so amazing
Jamp Pangan
Jamp Pangan Aylar önce
Warriors are fun to watch! Waiting for matchup between the Suns.
Mayank Jain
Mayank Jain Aylar önce
the fact that warriors were on road and still the crowd hype on every curry shot was lit.🔥
Nikki Abarcar
Nikki Abarcar Aylar önce
Steph got a technical in the 4th for a no call foul and proceeds to put the game away 🔥🔥🔥
PatrickMatthews81 Aylar önce
@BigLance27 I have the same thought, I think the Warriors will win on Tuesday while the Suns will win the next one
GregBrunette Aylar önce
@Tech stacked my ass and looking at lakers lmao you trippin so much
Jake38baby Aylar önce
@Tech uh I thinking about Lecry James
63586jonathan Aylar önce
@Tech stacked???? The warriors develop poole, wiggins, toscano, gary payton II, and improved as a team. I am a celtic fan admitting it
Eric Aylar önce
@Tech I know you are reading the responses to your troll comments . Because it is the only way someone will ever talk to you Lmfaooo 😂 🤣 . Keep up the good work lonely person …
Bernard Villaruz  Brad 42TV
Oh my Curry putting on a show! Deep three quick trigger! How can you stop that! Even a step back fading away! Wow! They're on a roll! Hands down! Paul George putting up a fight as sole offensive juggernaut of the team! 👊👊👏👏👏..
StrikeHard66 Aylar önce
Warriors so fun too watch and everyone putting up numbers day in/out. Curry is amazing!!
J GMoney1
J GMoney1 Aylar önce
Let's go steph my man with 33 🔥🔥🔥 #curryfan4life
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