WARDEN FIGHT - Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation) 

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• Warden Fight GONE WRON...
The Wolf has been poisoned by an unknown corruption! Alex and Steve must venture out far and wide to a mysterious cave that is said to hold a cure, but something much worse lies within the deep dark of the caves. Do Alex and Steve have what it takes to battle THE WARDEN?
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17 Haz 2022




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@destructive0698 Yıl önce
The fact that they went through all that danger and almost died MULTIPLE times to save their pet wolf sums up the entire Minecraft community perfectly
@numz3032 Yıl önce
shani yan yeah :)
@myntss Yıl önce
lmao this is so true and I love it
@EncryptSky Yıl önce
@AnnieOnudera Yıl önce
if thats me ill do the same...
How long has it been since I've watched these type of animations? I'm really surprised how great BPS' animations developed throughout the years. I've honestly watched this channel when I was about 9 years old during 2016 and whatever animations I see from here, gives me a strike of nostalgia. Keep it up!
@ggboy1449 Yıl önce
You're fifteen yrs old now. And eleven yrs old when you made an account here on TRvid.
@ceition6999 Yıl önce
@@teentraveler1790 changing accounts:
That's basically correct LMAO. I'm here thinking how I even managed not to have my account oof'ed due to the coppa law during 2018-2019, guess I'm lucky. 🤷 Younger me was always inspired by other youtubers and their videos, and literally just decided to make one and post random vids.
you're having nostalgia for six years ago? Bruh, please go outside and don't waste your teens online
@SergeantRen2048 10 aylar önce
One new thing I learned here: don't eat nor taste sculk. Also, this animation is surprisingly accurate to the base game. These include that unenchanted armour does nothing against the Warden's attacks, as well as throwable items (such as snowballs) can be used to distract the Warden if you accidentally summoned one
@OddBird9000 7 aylar önce
yeah but it took like 3 or 4 calls before the warden actually appear but in the video its just 1
@I_Love_birds_ 6 aylar önce
I did learn that one to.😂
@donutbedum9837 5 aylar önce
enchanted armor doesnt do a thing either against sonic shriek
@PARER1 4 aylar önce
Is this Roblox
@MrMatthias03 Yıl önce
Of all the MC animation videos out there, THIS is the best I've ever seen. I was grinning the whole time, it was perfect animation. I'm literally grateful I saw this, it made me so happy. Can't explain it how something like this made me feel something, but it did. Bravo to all that made this possible; you have talent! Keep it up! And thank you!
@tritiper4188 Yıl önce
Alan Becker
@itsdiamond5128 Yıl önce
Yes alan is good too but this man is just insane 10/10 and alan becker is 9.9/10 the only rwason why alan is lower is becausehe didn't upload fast
@tritiper4188 Yıl önce
@@itsdiamond5128 but imo his animations are better they have more interesting content but I respect ur opinion
Songs of War. ;)
@aidyman8047 11 aylar önce
Alex acts like Thor
The tiny detail of the Phantom spawning on their journey is so small, but amazing. It implies that Steve and Alex aren't even stopping to sleep on their journey to save their wolf
@floof6896 Yıl önce
who even sleeps in minecraft 💀💀
@lemonade_5541 Yıl önce
@@floof6896 hard-core players
@raidsquadron Yıl önce
Also, that Zombie being hit by the Skeleton was Hilarious.
@randalpop2478 Yıl önce
Hi xd
@@randalpop2478 Hi lol
@experiment6438 9 aylar önce
This is very good! Had Story Mode targeted a slightly older demographic, I think this silent storytelling approach would've worked really well while staying true to the original source material.
Honestly, Skulk blocks being a tempting but deadly mold makes incredible sense from a natural perspective. It's a perfectly logically simple explanation for the Skulk's spread outside of game mechanics.
yes and the skulk mob xp witch is a mobs soul
@xdblue1218 Yıl önce
sculk is real?
@judahbristol508 Yıl önce
@judahbristol508 Yıl önce
Ok no i I lied
Shulk wave😏
@woamusic Yıl önce
Great job, I love this
@MinecraftROOM Yıl önce
@PARER1 4 aylar önce
Is this Roblox
@dio9799 Yıl önce
Let’s be honest, we’ve all loved these high quality animations. And they’re honestly amazing to watch. Good job ^^
@PARER1 4 aylar önce
Is this Roblox
NOTE: SPOILERS!!! Amazing how this lines up even with Mojangs intended use for the warden: not to fight it, but rather to distract it and run away. Also, amazing job on the continuity; in the cave, when Alex called for her trident, I expected it to mistakenly come from behind them, and was pleasantly surprised when it came from above, where it really was. Also, it all follows amazingly even without dialogue. Love this!
@PARER1 4 aylar önce
Is this Roblox
​@@PARER1 r/Facepalm
@samyaroy9363 Yıl önce
This might be the most cliché plot ever, but it still never fails to warm my heart...
You got a stack of likes.
@samyaroy9363 Yıl önce
@@higeterfertoi8147 Unexpectedly, yes.
There is no clichés with this plotline, because nothing is original and everything has happened before
@@rhodesdrakethenieliii3209 think you need to google what cliche means bud
@@parkesyreviewsstuff7587 yeah your right
Fun fact: The warden is a hostile mob summoned by sculk shriekers in deep dark biomes. It has the highest health and deals the highest melee damage of all mobs. It can also fire ranged sonic boom attacks that bypass blocks and almost all damage-reducing items, including enchanted armor.
The main reason that Mojang elected to remove fireflies after initially releasing them in snapshots, betas and previews is because they ended up hurting frogs. Frogs were going to eat fireflies, which was a large reason they were even considered in the first place.
@@thepollchannel959 Hurting frogs? How?
@@jaideepshekhar4621 Do you know how it kill it?
The Creeper beats the Warden in Melee damage
@kozolith2121 5 aylar önce
@@superfreddybrosespanol6781 the creeper explodes, it doesn't use a melee attack
@Songal18 Yıl önce
Just those subtle looks Alex and Steve give each other, showing they care so much, just makes my heart love them more. Everyone did such an amazing job backing the new updated features just pop and come to life! Happy ending for all.
@Lmaofcat Yıl önce
Love animal , nice
@ikr233 Yıl önce
​@@ikr233 сам
It's incredible how you are able to make such an enriched and detailed easy-to-understand-what's-going-on story without a single line of dialogue
Hey, remember mr Bean? Those types of films rock!
@PARER1 4 aylar önce
Is this Roblox
@elizabethlacy8869 4 aylar önce
@@PARER1 It's minecraft 😊
@PARER1 4 aylar önce
@@elizabethlacy8869 oh ok thanks
@elizabethlacy8869 4 aylar önce
@@PARER1 You're welcome
@luxmisundar2 Yıl önce
The fact that they animated everything perfectly makes its so good
@DeadLock8_ Yıl önce
you guys make amazing animations, you put so much work into them and deserve a lot. Keep up the great work! You guys are amazing
@soft8oiled Yıl önce
Alex has been so bored by the trivial dangers of the world lately that the only way she gets any excitement from a pillager raid is by poisoning herself and doing the whole fight getting no damage, which has her friends very worried.
@SuperJack-lp9nx Yıl önce
That was a leaping potion
@Archon3960 Yıl önce
I'd honestly see her doing just that. xD
@PARER1 4 aylar önce
Is this roblox
@pycus20 7 aylar önce
the fact that they went through all that danger and almost died multiple times to save their pet wolf sums up the entire Miecraft community perfectly
@saiandnoby2944 Yıl önce
The lighting and graphics were, as always, absolutely amazing. I loved the set arrangement and design. The movement was very smooth and had a rather natural touch to it. I loved the looks of the Deep Dark, and the attention to small details, like the swaying lanterns, bugs flying around some lanterns, etc, added a very special touch to every scene. I absolutely loved this animation, and can’t want to see more!💜^^
Bro you literally copied and pasted the other guy's comment lol
DON'T or what?
Kid wants likes
@user-jq3qi9vb3x Yıl önce
@@omarhanysohailbedra4943 🤮🤢
@jchoneandonly Yıl önce
Would be neat if skulk could be used in potions. Perhaps skulk catalyst can make bottle o enchanting and you just kill critters with it in the offhand to store exp. Maybe the shreiker could be used to make a method of either stopping spawns or to make a kind of beacon for players to locate things (not like the nether star beacon in this case where it also gives buffs) and maybe regular skulk could be used for some kind of weird stuff
@huhnx5 Yıl önce
Thinking about it for a second, that is genius
If Mojang adds ANIMATED CUTSCENES to minecraft, Mr. Black Plasma Studios will be the perfect dude for it. Awesome animation, very well done
@NightmareEagle10 6 aylar önce
I have good news for you
@NightmareEagle10 6 aylar önce
MOJANG Is adding cutscenes in the next update (1.21 or 1.22) but they're not going to add animated cutscenes tho but it is used for entering a biome or something ,I don't know
@Lumaia_Arnsby 4 aylar önce
I love the animation, the motion the feel to it, it's really cool and calming with with the colour scheme and brightness to it. I noticed that Steve's eye colour is a similar colour to a nether portal which is really cool and interesting. I love these videos there always fun to watch😁😊😊
Been at least a year since I watched a black plasma studios video. This is amazing! Shows just how much you guys care about the videos. Definitely staying more active on this channel now!
@kyokono6465 7 aylar önce
Pillager who broke his sword: My hands are just as good! Steve, dropping his own weaponry to make the fight more even: Respectfully no, they are not.
@HelloCity_CC Yıl önce
Wow, this was just incredible, Implementing the new 1.19 features into the world of "Alex and Steve Life" in a fashion that still is in Black Plasma Studios style was just amazing. Adding an axolotal at the start just to swim away to portray a new event was a great transition I must say. And yet adding to it with the skeletons with dispensers shooting mass amounts of arrows and the fact if you lick skulk you will pass away is just smart. And at the end how we can just see the 1.18 terrain of snowy mountains and frozen peaks is just a final touch that just caped of this story just well. Great job on this one and I can't wait for the next one :)
love it
@paolapabon7453 Yıl önce
It's good to see people making great minecraft content like this Guess the community is still alive
@MyLittleGaming Yıl önce
This was extremely well done! Wow! With no dialog, it makes telling an interesting story difficult. You had my attention all the way through. I laughed, smiled, my heart sank, I aww’d, I went through it all. Great job!😊🥳🎉👍
@Tvar-Productions 5 aylar önce
This animation looks so good! I'm currently learning on doing a walk cycle, keep it up you guys!
@GameUniverse Yıl önce
This animation is so well created ! Congrats :)
@ElisandroRC 6 aylar önce
It's been years since I've seen a good quality animation like this one.. congratulations 👏
@daizdamien1409 Yıl önce
That's what a high quality animation content looks like
@deimos3825 Yıl önce
DON'T ok who asked
@SimplyShako Yıl önce
Damn i got rickrolled
@ioney339 Yıl önce
compared to their old animations this is quite low quality
@@ioney339 most of the team probably quit
@ioney339 Yıl önce
@@gilemiguels.hapita3249 probably
Simple but efficient storytelling, beautiful animation and god tier fight scenes make one of the best channels on TRvid never stop making great content guys! 👍🏻
@Father_Kirbo Yıl önce
this kinda stuff can make a grown man cry for a few reasons, A: nostalgia, and B: Just seeing how far Minecraft has come since our childhoods, the game is still up and going strong for over a decade and hopefully more to come.
@Jyk_Brichu Yıl önce
Está Muy Buena La Animación!!
@yodamaster757 Yıl önce
You portrayed the warden perfectly! A force not to be reckoned with… “A natural disaster.” This was great work guys and girls! 👍🏽
@Mei-xd9vl Yıl önce
Black plasma Eres uno de mis favoritos, empeze a ver tus videos en 2017 :D
the warden is incredibly well portrayed in this animation, some players think the warden is just another challenge mojang created for them, but really the warden is like an unstoppable force of nature that isn’t supposed to be fought or killed, they said it themselves you don’t run into a tornado with a sword hopping to kill it well the same thing goes for the warden edit: thanks for the likes! i also got way too many responses from arrogant players claiming that killing this beast is easy :facepalm:
@sharkchaos5160 Yıl önce
Yes so true.
@gorescythe9831 Yıl önce
Well if you tried to hit a tornado with a sword it will not do anything but it's not true for warden thought I would like to see him like the dungeon guardian in terraria
@@gorescythe9831 what do you mean? i don’t really know terraria
@TheMobHunter100 Yıl önce
mojang: NO YOU AREN'T SUPPOSED TO KILL THE WARDEN!!!! also mojang: *makes it a killable mob*
@Freelancer837 Yıl önce
@@TheMobHunter100 Yeah, idk what they expected. They made it possible for me to kill it, so I'm going to kill it
@MrArcadia2009 Yıl önce
With animation this good, subbed. Loving the ancient cities. Seen the Deep dark, and the Warden once, claimed some treasure in some previous files.
I just love how the mossy skeleton just casually lies down in the middle of a fight, and just shoots out arrows.
@MinecraftROOM Yıl önce
@Teslijah Yıl önce
Maybe it’s just me speculating, but the fact that there is a phantom at 3:58 means that they spent 3 FULL DAYS traveling, so they could save their dog. They did not sleep for 3 entire days.
@gamingmax8803 Yıl önce
I found the name of the song. It's funny actually. It fits with the theme and is named sciophobia; fear of darkness. Just so you know, the warden gives blindness to whoever is near it.
@minafarhat2778 11 aylar önce
I love these animations its the best you should be proud of your work. And I also love how they go through so much just to save there dog, that type of friendship is unposible to break, not just the dog but Alex and Steve's friendship too.
@_thirtyseven Yıl önce
5:50 I love how hilariously accurate this part is.
@halo3marine631 Yıl önce
The zombie be like " YOU WHA"
@h1m6 Yıl önce
Even the reaction of steve is accurate
Jamie oliver
@fungffung Yıl önce
@@halo3marine631 jxjzj
@appsoft1206 Yıl önce
When I see two skeletons I let the other one shoot the other one so I can say they having a warzone momento
@a_guy_in_blue. Yıl önce
I feel like what makes the warden so dangerous, is the fact that they weren't able to land a single hit on it, without it demolishing them
The mechanical skeleton concept was actually very cool! It would be nice for a mod
@SnowyDan325 Yıl önce
The idea of a sculk sickness is absolutely epic, if they added this into the game it would be so much more interesting!
@pixelcheck6319 Yıl önce
just to be healed by milk
your channel really inspired me to start animating. i really love the effort and how clean your animations are
@NpcCat12 Yıl önce
But don’t do these cringe animation
@@NpcCat12 ???
@SamSeagull 10 aylar önce
This animation was more thrilling than most of the action-packed movies they make nowadays!
@TheGuardianXCI Yıl önce
It is now superfluous to reiterate how extraordinary and exciting your animations are. It's nice to see the new additions to the game also dealt with 😁 I just add that I like the relationship between Steve and Alex more and more 😊
@numz3032 Yıl önce
@@mascotasymas4108 me too 😃
@pixel2966 Yıl önce
Fun fact: According to Minecraft devs, sculk tastes like raisins, which are poisonous to both dogs and foxes
@caraghiaurteodor6351 11 aylar önce
Black Plasma is and will remain the best minecraft animation studio. Congratulations!! Your videos are amazing
@TAKONU_ma 11 aylar önce
@meaganmicha Yıl önce
These animations are rly cool. And the details, the sound effects, and everything. Perfect.
@MinecraftROOM Yıl önce
a quick reminder that the above actions are done by professionals: do not try to throw TNTs on a warden, do not try to challenge the warden with nothing but a trident, and remember to bring carpet.
@Smokie_HellFire Yıl önce
I love these minecraft animations... so much effort is put into it to make it exciting, emotional and character building in such a small narrative of an episode. You guys do amazing, keep up the good work and can't wait to see what else you have in the bag for us
@lewisleung5228 Yıl önce
@Mr.Who- Yıl önce
Steve is fair and has honor... He threw away his weapon after a pillager lost his weapon.
Imagine if the devs had decided to go with the one concept for its special ability to be phaseshift.
@MinecraftROOM Yıl önce
0:51 Alex looks like he has magic it's amazing I think Alex needs strength too , but sometimes Alex can control his magic, sometimes he is controlled by his own magic That would be awesome 😍❤️
@pat-9169 11 aylar önce
alex is a girl hehe not a boy
@Epica_Destroyer Yıl önce
Steve not only survives being knocked back by the Warden, breaking his diamond sword and armor, but also both him and Alex survive a sonic shriek without armor. If their skin is that tough, they should be able to one punch the Warden. (Jokes aside, amazing animation still going strong after all these years.)
Sonic charged shriek did 15 dmg Now does 5 ignoring armor and shield
This reminds me of the videos I used to watch as a little kid! Goodness, so much nostalgia! Well done.
Now this, THIS is how the 1.19 Update should’ve been. The textures and everything was amazing. Great job!
its 1.19 texture only
@palululu0034 Yıl önce
senni bgon bro are u a bot or smth?
Maybe the vid was okay But this comment is no
@@palululu0034 no.
@user-zj5hi1nt2g Yıl önce
Alex: "I fear no man, but that thing." *Cutie axolotl* Also Alex: "it scares me."
@aaronalkor Yıl önce
I liked the idea that Steve can just summon his armor like a god preparing for battle 😆
@MominEnjoyer Yıl önce
Bro just used his mouse wheel and spammed right click
man's fricking iron man
@aaronalkor Yıl önce
@@MominEnjoyer But, by that logic, we would’ve seen his armor appear in hand for half a second. It was as though he hit a keybind to just quickly put on his armor
@harmoniker Yıl önce
I'm glad you didn't go with killing the warden at the end, but simply escaping it like what the game wants us to do haha
@Umbra101 Aylar önce
This was a very good animation! Good job ❤
@goodorusty Yıl önce
The way the dog's joints are bending looks so strange to me. But other than that this was a fantastic animation! It works well without any voice acting. Great job.
Everything in 1.19 has been showcased here, from mangrove swamp to ancient city, even the fireflies are here! Even though didn't add it. Great job Black Plasma Studios! This is one of the best animations you created. And there's some mobs that not in Minecraft vanilla features, the wither like skeleton carrying a dispenser shoots alot of arrows which gives a good variation of skeleton that tells a story that place is really ancient that these are the guard of that cave. There's also funny clip that skeleton shots the zombie which is in vanilla Minecraft. Still waiting for the next one! (;
@NertNeverlander Yıl önce
But where Da Frogg?
@manoyaquino3166 Yıl önce
Lmao, yeah... but guys let's chill and watch this masteropiece. 😎
@mr.clayerss4618 Yıl önce
Actually the mangrove swamp is a jungle 10:27
@mayz2572 Yıl önce
What about the frogs ? What about the Allay ? What about the recovery compass ? What about the new music disk ? What about the blindness effect ? What about the new enchantment etc ?
@helizteil2625 Yıl önce
@@mayz2572 I think they're saving the allays for a later video and as for swift sneak? Not entirely sure.
@ambre4329 Yıl önce
bruh Alex handled the damage Warden deal with no armor, this confirms us Steve and Alex are basically bosses of the overworld
The fact that Alex is almost have no fear in any mob but jumped out her skin when seeing axolotl is kinda hilarious
@Mr_Pekka 9 aylar önce
Just discovered this channel and it’s awesome, all the video was great, keep it up! 👍🏻 ⬆️ Thanks that there is a Patreon System
I love what they do with Minecraft. When they're going to make the movie, I'm waiting impatiently.
@fastral7769 Yıl önce
Watching this made me realize that the sonic boom attack really isn't a sound that impacts you, but a powerful pulse that shreds your organs. Of course that doesn't fit it in Minecraft though
@JP-mg2be Yıl önce
The 1.19 update gives us a lot of new perspectives and brings more excitements into animations.
@minhajkaji2008 Yıl önce
@JayssWing Yıl önce
A lot of Minecraft animations are cringe, but you guys make very good and unique animations. Never stop
its funny how everything is animated so well except for the warden
@MinecraftROOM Yıl önce
@Fred-tw7os Yıl önce
After getting a pet in the game, we can all relate can't we?
@grach-hu5dn Yıl önce
Good Animation Interesting Story Strange that they were not affected by the effect of darkness and Warden appeared quickly although usually it takes 3-4 shouts I think that Warden did not perform well in terms of combat
This is amazing. I may not be to judge, but two things bugged me: The warden didn't have knees or elbows, and it seemed to be able to see what it hears, e.g. "looking" at Steve and Alex.
@aceofspades_20 Yıl önce
1.19 really is our playground! Absolutely loved this one; the Warden animation was spot on and the landscapes from 1.18 and 1.19 are incredible. Hell of a job!
@Mauri412 Yıl önce
Yeah it's comining of 1.19 update wild
0:49 and 1:01 All the years of Steve punching wood has finally paid off.
@akliayad3945 Yıl önce
@ShadyInktail Yıl önce
Imagine if Story Mode had gotten chapters with the new nether and cave updates...
@bromeliad6145 Yıl önce
I love it when the mobs accidentally hit the other mobs, and when witches has fights that just keep going on
@SebDystic Yıl önce
At this point with the game theories and new updates they should just make a Minecraft animated series with Steve and Alex as the main characters
@user-yw4py9gs2u Yıl önce
This is an expanded and enchanced version of minecraft's storymode IT IS SOOO GOOD!
@lifehackgod Yıl önce
i like the looks of the animation but i honestly feel something different in terms of the fighting scenes in the recent animations it just feels different from the older animations which i prefer. furthermore i dont know why steve and alex are going down to the deep dark until they reached there and pointed out the potion
@beepboop4644 Yıl önce
I’m still watching it but to me it seems pretty obvious that there going down there to find a cure for there dog
@lifehackgod Yıl önce
@@beepboop4644 more logical if they went down there to search for a herb for an antidote and not find a random potion lying there. And the vet could also tell them that she needs a herb from the deep dark to make a potion for the dog
You know for 6:39 and 10:10 you could've used gravel so it makes more sense that using deepslate. And to be honest to "cure" the wolf give him milk because milk is always the cure to any potion effect good or bad.
@MADEDTS Yıl önce
can we take a moment to apriciate how steve knows every person in existence
@MinecraftROOM Yıl önce
@_mika_115 11 aylar önce
Oh god i just looked up 'Warden' and this popped up. I used to love your videos when i was a kid :,) Never thought i'll see a TRvid Video of yours again this is so nostalgic
@Elevo1340 Yıl önce
plot twist: the dog was faking being poisioned and he made them go through all that to get the potion to save his life but really it was a potion to make him unworldly powerful, and the fact that when the skeleton hit the zombie the zombie attack it is really accurate in the real game
I still remember the videos that were from old updates but now this wonderful video from the wild update is the newest update and the best of them And this video is amazing
@dude5646 Yıl önce
5:17 can we just take a second to admire that they found the rarest axolotl the first time they ever saw one
@hyperfox5581 Yıl önce
😂 yes 😂
@icecrystal14_78 Yıl önce
@itzepicdudeXD Yıl önce
Tbh it looks almost like crystal the axolotl and there was crystal room behind the axolotl could blue axolotls be close in a crystal cave?
wdm it looks like a regular pink one
@Grane1234 Yıl önce
@@aguyontheinternet8436 no it doesn't, that is very clearly blue
@osmiumskin182 Yıl önce
Lovely and charming, I want more adventures like this!!!
Isto ficou extremamente bem Feito,tem os meus parabens ficou lindo o 3d que voce fez!
@franzivan4567 10 aylar önce
Man, mojang should really hire you as an animator to make their minecraft trailers
enserio esta animation esta muy muy buenaaaaaa
@karenflores2459 Yıl önce
El warden el Nuevo Mob Hostil de ''MINECRAFT'' Un nuevo mob que no te debes Encontrar en la Nueva Actualizacion
@NOV2014 Yıl önce
It so cool to see how far these animations have come. Great job guys!
@Aim56734 Yıl önce
Yes it has been going on for a long rime like Minecraft
@dorisroblex Yıl önce
Fun fact: The video should have ended as soon as Steve and Alex took a hit from the Guardian.
I like the idea of a Skeleton Turret. Big like the Wither Skeletons, but packs a Dispenser.
@KING-we5nd Yıl önce
Incrível, não ha motivo mais nobre para sair em uma jornada do que para salvar seu amigo
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