Walgreens Closing Stores Over Shoplifting Fears

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5 Ara 2022




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Blaine Mitchell
Blaine Mitchell Yıl önce
This is insane. So they can just steal $949 worth of stuff and walk out the door with no one doing anything? I would close my doors too.
Monday Aylar önce
He said it's still illegal to break into a store and steal.
JeffWVU 2 aylar önce
@Shari Austin When Democrats decide they need to be nice to black people, they are nice to criminals. I don't know if that's because Democrats just see blacks as criminals or what. They aren't getting reparations, but the Democrats' Go-to to "help" black people is so-called criminal justice reform. This includes policies like 1) Defunding the police, which has been done in many cities in the US since the Spring of 2020, although most of them realized how stupid it was and then increased funding. 2) No longer requiring criminals to post bail as a way of giving them "equity" since a rich person can afford bail and so that's not fair. This has turned criminals loose repeatedly. 3) Directing the police departments to not worry about people doing drugs in public, urinating in public, etc. That's a bad policy. Then there are the "progressive DAs" who reduce charges or toss them out if the suspect is black as a way of fighting the "racial disparities" in the criminal justice system. Democrats are bad for everyone. They are literally responsible for all the dead bodies at the morgue in these cities, which are mostly young blacks. The blood is on your hands.
Shari Austin
Shari Austin 2 aylar önce
@JeffWVU too simplified... Has no meaning when so simplified... WHAT POLICIES? What changes, HOW has it created worse problems, What source of information led you to your opinion?
Shari Austin
Shari Austin 2 aylar önce
@nunya back in the 80's I worked as a cashier for a local corner store. The rule of thumb then was to not the theft for insurance, mark the time in the note to correspond it to the video and let it go, that our lives were more important than the items. And no heroics were necessary as they were covered against theft and the cops take forever on what they consider penny ante stuff... This was Cap Hill... 1982-ish. Only kids were spoken to, GENTLY... Then sent home with a small treat as consolation for having to figure out how to tell their folks before tonights phone call... BUT again, this was a local store run by locals.
Alan Jonnes
Alan Jonnes 2 aylar önce
"do the evolution, baby" Pearl Jam
Kchicaddo Yıl önce
I don’t blame Walgreens and Target for closing stores there.
Jarrod 6 aylar önce
@Linda Sue lol employees pay is not worth losing thousands. Employees need to go to their local government and try to change their laws.
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 7 aylar önce
Blank 7 aylar önce
Community is just returning the favor to big business.
simgarfu 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage fantastic strawman argument; bravo 👏👏👏
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
Cali Ken
Cali Ken Yıl önce
Fears? They're tired of losing revenue. It's a good business move, actually.
Lovin McLovin
Lovin McLovin 3 aylar önce
@E Westchester hahaha thata your conclusion? It's Trumps fault?? Not the Democrat imposed lockdowns that bankrupted working class, not the easy on crime laws, not the"summer of love" riots a d looting that thought people you can steal and get away with it. I'm not American, I'm Asian and everyone here hated Trumo bexause he was against our national interest, but we all knew he was competent... we all think the Democratsare total idiots.
Lovin McLovin
Lovin McLovin 3 aylar önce
Well Cali Ken, you voted for this, California is starting to look like Mad Max now... you still want them to keep the stores open? Why? Is it theor fault the thugs keep in stealing?
3 kilometres
3 kilometres 7 aylar önce
@E Westchester California is ran by Democrats on every level. You are delusional.
BASED CAT 8 aylar önce
You can’t seriously think they’re losing revenue lol. This doesn’t even make a dent in their revenue
Josh V
Josh V 11 aylar önce
I think the elite are using certain states as an experiment to see how the peasants will act if the police have limited power.
Dale Wilson
Dale Wilson Yıl önce
"Shoplifting Fears".....no, no, those aren't just "Fears", they have hours and hours of videos to prove those are not just "fears." This is just the beginning of what a lawless society looks like.
Dave G
Dave G 11 aylar önce
@ian real rocket scientist here. Follow for more intellectually advancing quotes.
Debbie Song
Debbie Song Yıl önce
@Rizky06 Worship the creature...
Rizky06 Yıl önce
I was thinking this reporter is going to get mugged and he would still make excuses for why it happened.
Debbie Song
Debbie Song Yıl önce
And in some states, there is no fines for criminals like this
ian Yıl önce
lawless society? lmao. more like: full of laws society.
TASconfidential Yıl önce
If I owned Walgreens, I’d shut these locations down too.
Doug Frinkle
Doug Frinkle 10 aylar önce
So you are just going to give up?!
Ownerthekpwner 10 aylar önce
@DeeZeed no I told the truth, and you don't like it. That's on you.
DeeZeed 10 aylar önce
@Ownerthekpwner You are making up BS
Ownerthekpwner 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage Nike and athletes use Chinese child labor to make shoes. Disney shot movies in Chinese districts that were currently locking up Muslims and then thanked the politicians of those districts. The US is about to participate in Olympics being held in China. Walgreens was actually held accountable while Lebron James continues to profit off of slave labor...... also these people are not stealing from Walgreens due to pay issues lol. So let's try to stay on topic.
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
cooblur Yıl önce
No retail employee gets paid enough to deal with organize crime.
Miodrag Vukomanovic
@Scipio Africanus Same here. I'll stand there blocking the door until the sociopathic degenerates give back all the stuff they stole. The problem is people just let them walk in without watching them, even if aware that they will be up to no good as soon as they step in.
Christopher Robbins
Christopher Robbins 8 aylar önce
Even if they are paid enough it’s not their duty to deal with thieves, it’s the job of law enforcement.
Doug Frinkle
Doug Frinkle 10 aylar önce
I was fired for confronting shoplifters ! More favor goes to shoplifters and it has to be stopped!
Mathy Don
Mathy Don Yıl önce
Why do we pay billions for police? Police budgets have been going up and up and up and all I see them do is write trafficking tickets and harass random Black people. We need privatized police departments with accountability. To serve the public trust, uphold the law and protect the innocent.
Mathy Don
Mathy Don Yıl önce
Nope, why would they? Even if you hire a security guard they’re not going to intervene. They can take a description and call the cops, maybe take down a license plate number
Michael Yıl önce
Looting stores doesn’t alleviate poverty, it creates poverty. Now 50+ people are going to be out of work and there’s going to be a reduction in services available to those areas.
Bill Mason
Bill Mason 2 aylar önce
@kkrampage I'd close all the stores in CA..... If I was in charge of Walgreens.. "How you like me now"
Bill Mason
Bill Mason 2 aylar önce
@Ace Boog cynical much 🤣
Plano Best
Plano Best 3 aylar önce
services like what mandatory covid testing and covid poision jabs? The black community isn't stupid they robbed and looted and destroyed businesses that were damaging to the community. It's tit for tat. Don't get it twisted don't think that people did this out of blind ignorance.
CBSBASS 11 aylar önce
Looting also raises insurance costs for everyone and raises prices for everyone in turn.
Daniel Tinajero
Daniel Tinajero 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage one of many examples why we shouldn't be concerned of what happens to large corporations. They want to save every penny even if it means it's at the cost of our health.
starburst Yıl önce
It's amazing how much work you put into making sure actual thrives are portrayed as victims. In countries with better drug policies/justice systems, they recognize that addiction is an issue, they also recognize the actual *crime* involved. You go to treatment/rehab, it isn't optional, it's better for them and for everyone else. We need to get our s*** together in this country and recognize mandatory treatment isn't cruel and inhumane, giving out drugs and needles and keeping those gripped by hard drugs on their hard drugs just might be though. Detain them, treat them, and release them ONLY once it's clear the individual has recovered and poses no further threat, why is this rocket surgery, people need help not victimization.
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck Yıl önce
Main problem with mandatory rehab-treatment is the has to want to change otherwise they will just go through the motions and then just go back to what they we doing when its over
Gary Shorts
Gary Shorts Yıl önce
A few thieves can make life difficult for the store owner, the employees, and near by residents that rely on the store. What’s even more criminal is when caught then released the criminals will be right back at it.
dayana_nana 4 aylar önce
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang 11 aylar önce
Lies again? Investment Shoplifting
5280 Vision
5280 Vision Yıl önce
Blame your government.
Brand Yıl önce
"Crime has been falling steadily for 20 years. So this is not exactly a crime wave." This is the problem. As far as the state and MSM are concerned, unreported or decriminalized crimes never happened at all. Their strategy for reducing crime statistics is to simply stop recording them.
S Yıl önce
Yes, I've experienced and witnessed this. They keep the numbers artificially low so they don't scare off the tourists and conventions. But you can only hide this for so long.
Canick Smith
Canick Smith Yıl önce
It seems like the cheapest solution, rather than address the issue.
Because NBC and MSM are fake news, they refused to tell people the truth. I dare the news reporter to walk thru that neighborhood at night.
J Cresmond
J Cresmond Yıl önce
You dont work, you dont eat
J Cresmond
J Cresmond Yıl önce
Youre not lying! Reeeeeeeereeee dems dont understand this
Matt M
Matt M Yıl önce
What I find more disgusting than the thieves and opportunists taking advantage of these asinine laws are the people defending them and the mayor avoiding responsibility.
dayana_nana 4 aylar önce
TheBoysUpStairs 4 aylar önce
Dems/leftist always be giving more rights to thugs over decent people.
S F 6 aylar önce
Walgreens promoted this covid crap that caused the people to fall into poverty, their downfall is karma, their ignorance of the role they played in their own downfall is from a lack of wisdom
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus 10 aylar önce
@Lucas Darian Schwendler Vieira Global warming is a having a very dire effect on California. Winds moving over warmer water are driving fires all over the state. As long as the Republicans continue to ignore this problem for no apparent reason, I doubt you will see many of them elected in CA.
Lucas Darian Schwendler Vieira
@Bill Zardus In California it's no use. They tried nominating Larry Elder in the Gavin Newsom recall election but he couldn't get the votes.
M D Yıl önce
I like how this story makes it out like it's just normal that people steal and it's because of addiction. HOLD PEOPLE ACCOUNTIBLE NBC, make these people out to be what they are, CRIMINALS. My Walgreens are really nice, very little theft, low crime and guess what, I don't live in a big blue city...
Cryptus Primero
Cryptus Primero Yıl önce
@Dave K "You had me until you said blue. You are part of the problem allowing pollical parties to brain wash and divide you. You are the true sheep." And isnt it true? It hurts, right? Theres a reason why most of democratic cities have currently problem with those types of crimes.
Sonny J
Sonny J Yıl önce
@Arantza i mean it is literally the point. If a state changes a law saying that you can steal up to x amount and people start stealing up to x amount and its only in that area then its the laws fault. If the only thing you have to do is pay a fine for theft if they catch you all you have to do is steal more to pay that fine.
392 APACHE Yıl önce
Civilized society is declining in America quickly.Toxic politics/politicians,high taxes,inflation,illegal immigrants,drugs.These all play a role in the destruction of America from within.President Lincoln said it best,no foreign country will destroy America,it will destroy itself, only if Americans allow it.Our political system has been compromised.A lot of new politicians have a socialistic agenda.And many people that moved here legal or illegally,still have socialist views from their old country.Regardless of whatever political affiliations you may have,this decline will hurt everyone.
Joshua d'Estoville
@Arantza It's more of a case of: Left = lenient Right = strict
Arantza Yıl önce
@james thetruth Yeah, what they said was true. To think that politics is as simple as "left bad, right good" is just denying reality.
Lex Roll
Lex Roll Yıl önce
The changing of this law was all about fudging with the numbers. Felony crime goes down not because the actual acts decreased, but because of reclassification. It’s about conveying a positive spin on something that in reality hasn’t changed anything at best or increased criminal activity in general at worst.
cooladult18 Yıl önce
It's sad that people are stealing from retail pharmacies like Walgreens. We're in a difficult time and local pharmacy's are needed to pickup medical supplies like allergy meds, diabetes meds.
cooladult18 11 aylar önce
@Ra0 come back when you have something logical to say. Shoplifting is no laughing matter or joke.
Ice247 Yıl önce
@Ra0 Triggered by what. Your intentions don’t work for everyone. 😂
Ra0 Yıl önce
@Ice247 triggerd......... stay triggerd
Ice247 Yıl önce
@Ra0 Move on 😈. Go lie on the Homegrown Terrorists videos.
Ra0 Yıl önce
here its radical leftist justifying shoplifting
Henry Livingstone
Oh sure leave it to the “expert” to blame everyone EXCEPT the actual criminals. What is with people coddling criminals?
Gale Grazutis
Gale Grazutis Yıl önce
Welcome to the new way of the World! Thank the Woke left for this BS!
iron_ lion
iron_ lion Yıl önce
As a former employee I can testify that this is a pervasive problem pre-pandemic. The company provides little to no security, and the police aren't interested in petty theft. Repeat offenders were the norm, in part because the law was linient, and it was rare to go a shift without incident! Customers used to get annoyed when half the store's items were under lock and key but we had no choice.
Dave G
Dave G 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage nobody cares about your copy pasta
Dave G
Dave G 11 aylar önce
I remember when people's fingers used to get chopped off for stealing. Be willing to bet they won't be stealing anything without fingers.
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
valentin sanchez
valentin sanchez Yıl önce
I use to work at cvs pharmacy we get hit by theft every day but 80 percent of the time they fall.
Extravagantstaff Yıl önce
Having stuff under lock and key doesnt seem like little or no security.
Cesar Guevara
Cesar Guevara Yıl önce
Things like this is what it comes to mind when people ask things like "How come we can have some of those nice shops, businesses and jobs in our community?" . Sadly some people cannot be given an the space or they will steal as much as they are allowed to. Sadly this last idea has been qualified as "Repression".
Solarguy Yıl önce
When I was 8 years old, I stole a bottle of Elmer's glue at 29¢. I did it on a dare. 68 now and still feel guilty.
Sonny J
Sonny J Yıl önce
@SharkFish its how it can work but highly unsustainable. You can only get robbed so many times before the neighborhood just become take out, liquor stores and churches
SharkFish Yıl önce
@Sonny J isn't that how retail works? So they've just made it legal. 😂
Sonny J
Sonny J Yıl önce
@Kathleen Ann its not desperate things. Its about profit and opportunity. If someone can steal 800 in 4 minutes sell it to someone for 200 in 3 minutes who later have people sell it for 500 you created a crime loop where it is essentially a job. How are you supposed to live if one shop lifter can cost you 200k in sales and create a shop that undercuts you 20% just down the street let's not even talk about the people who walk in and walk out since their goods are not on the shelves
Susan Galligan
Susan Galligan Yıl önce
@milanbaros555 Not that we care less, we would be fired.
Lucky the Lemur
Lucky the Lemur Yıl önce
@JohnDoeRando So if everytime I punch you you turn around and punch others are you not to blame for your assault on others? And not really. Estimated loss due to shop lifting is calculated into the budget before hand, before profits are made.
James Phillips
James Phillips Yıl önce
Stores that are unprofitable must be closed. There's really no alternative. And that makes life much harder for nearby residents who don't own cars.
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider Yıl önce
Sad thing is the store mangers and employees have to deal with the heavy loss, the district manager's will still get their bonus payouts.
Angelic Jacobs
Angelic Jacobs Yıl önce
The criminals in the security videos should not have their privilege of having their fades blurred. 😤
nancy vega
nancy vega 11 aylar önce
With this new laws everyone gonna feel protect it by the government! So sad 😞 if you want something work for it like we all do don’t steal, if you really need it ask for it, they might give it to you but don’t steal!! This generation is gonna growing thinking stealing is good
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
high bahamut
high bahamut Yıl önce
@JaniqueUnique the only justice in this world is the one that you make with your own hands
Curt Afdahl
Curt Afdahl Yıl önce
I'd prefer not to see their ugly mugs.
Logos Logic
Logos Logic Yıl önce
@Maria Teresa Escobar So the people that do need to work are supposed to fund the leisure of the people that don't want to work? Also who gets to decide who should work and who shouldn't? Maybe in a more automated AI-centric world that works, but I am not seeing how that would suffice in our current situation.
Marie Baker
Marie Baker Yıl önce
That Walgreens in East Oakland was scary.There’s more Walgreens in the town over and there’s plenty of buses that go there.I hope they don’t reopen it because the employees their were literally playing with their lives while working there.
Roo Lenoir
Roo Lenoir Yıl önce
@Vulcan28 right. 🙄🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Vulcan28 Yıl önce
because the employee's there ... not their
♌️ Leo 🥰 Michigan USA
And Unfortunately some people were never disciplined enough, to Not Steal.
Rob Bates
Rob Bates Yıl önce
"A victim," as in singular?!? How about Walgreens the company, and the local owner/operator, and the employees who lost their job? Yes, the community is also a victim, but if you can't see more victims than that, I hate to tell you, but you're blind.
Earl P.
Earl P. Yıl önce
Democrats have no time for logic... they only care immutable characteristics that can be used for victimhood stories.
Star Brand
Star Brand Yıl önce
I'd like to know where this reporter got the numbers for the "average retail" salary? He said it was $27,000 per year. Where? Since most retail companies are NOT paying a living $15.00 per hr wage, that $27,000 could only be achieved through full time work. That would be approximately $13.00 per hr at 40 hours per week. And for anyone who actually works retail, they already know that companies DON'T want to have workers at full time so the don't have to offer them benefits. A more realistic yearly salary estimate should have been around $21,000. And even this is generous.
SM RK Yıl önce
$21k is still a generous figure.
Monsignor Erasmus.
@Star Brand i know, i worked for that 5 years ago.
Star Brand
Star Brand Yıl önce
@Monsignor Erasmus. Yes, that's a good realistic figure. And that's only if the retail business gives steady hours. Most of these businesses give fluctuating hours.
Monsignor Erasmus.
I would say 17,000 on average.
@Star Brand Yeah, I looked a little deeper..From what I gather, The average is based on the Store employees from entry to franchise manager. Seems to focus on Walmart type outlets too. As with all tyhese statistics it takes a second look sometimes. XP So its possible the average is Not including the additions of the District/regional/upper managements salary . The difference from Base entry to manager is for sure wide for the higher end and shops but the majority of Mom'n Pops type establishments make up for a Much larger cut in the averaging of the wages as those are set by the given areas wages and not a National Cooperation. . Its definitely more complex than I first thought. . That $7k diff.., seems kinds conservative in my opinion but, It seems Im not versed on the Modern retail game either. XD.
lark Yıl önce
Walgreens has the no confrontation policy. They need to invest in security like Walmart and you get in trouble for not reporting theft as an employee. Walmart will tackle people who want to steal
Lucky the Lemur
Lucky the Lemur Yıl önce
@M D Its not about states, you really have no idea what you are talking about
Lucky the Lemur
Lucky the Lemur Yıl önce
Not true. I was a train hopping hobo for years and we occasionally went to Wal Marts all over the country to refill water, charge our phones or get supplies and I have many times heard security say they can't do anything unless they see the theft and even then "I don't get paid enough to chase someone through the parking lot if I ain't seen it" was common for Wal Mart security to say while chilling in the smoking area.
Randy S
Randy S Yıl önce
The problem is if you get in a scuffle with someone they could have a knife on them and then you get stabbed in the throat. Alternatively the person you are trying to stop falls and hits their head and then a lawsuit is coming. Not worth the risk either way for a low paying job.
M D Yıl önce
Not in those states, they'll get sued... seriously.
Ravenous Fallen
Ravenous Fallen Yıl önce
Wages haven't remained the same, they've decreased substantially when taking inflation into account since the 60s.
Highlight Mania
Highlight Mania Yıl önce
@TheMsLourdes that's great, California's paying a higher minimum wage than anybody, and it doesn't seem to be working too good in this case does it? The stores closed now, due to thieves, and why didn't that high California minimum wage stop it from happening? Why don't you ask the Democrat politicians from California that you voted for why.
TheMsLourdes Yıl önce
@Highlight Mania No, the idea is to give people a living wage for their work, and healthcare that doesn't take half of that. Seriously, you are arguing against the betterment of society?? Be more worried about jobs being made obsolete because of technological advance, the exponential growing population and climate change.. those things are a battles that can let you sleep at night.
Highlight Mania
Highlight Mania Yıl önce
@Ravenous Fallen I don't think the Democrats intention for a minimum wage increase is to help low income people, I think they are fully aware that higher minimum wage means fewer jobs, and more government dependency, which is their bread and butter.
Ravenous Fallen
Ravenous Fallen Yıl önce
@Highlight Mania If min wage just kept up with inflation, adjusted annually since the 60s we wouldn't have this problem to this degree.
Ravenous Fallen
Ravenous Fallen Yıl önce
@Highlight Mania yeah, it's complex problem. You raise min wage up and employers want to see higher skill sets. So unskilled workers get left behind when the intent of a min wage "increase" was to help low income, low skilled workers.
chilloften Yıl önce
Good for them! I don’t blame them, although I’d miss them. I’m thankful to have stores around me. Some people have no respect, no care, no morals, no values. It’s sad.
Bill Zardus
Bill Zardus Yıl önce
We are rapidly entering an era when retail sales are going to end and everyone is going to have to buy EVERYTHING they need online. Malls are already closing all over the country because of theft, the cost of maintaining a security force and idle teenagers hanging around and becoming a nuisance to genuine shoppers. All retail stores are going to follow them at some point. I sometimes wonder if Jeff Bezos foresaw all this before anyone else or if he just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I hope some other business becomes an internet retail giant to rival Amazon, so they wont have a online retail monopoly moving forward. And hopefully the Republicans will nominate someone who isn't a useless POS in 2024.
Steve C
Steve C Yıl önce
It is not 'shoplifting' it is theft. We collectively have romanticized this crime, and continually push the thresholds upward before action is taken. Now a new wave of professional thieves, alone or in groups, have been stealing in ever increasing numbers and boldness. We give permission to this theft every time the thief is released with little to no consequences. Welcome to your own demise!
ChakiaMan93 5 aylar önce
I’m not a business owner, so how exactly is this my “demise”?
Prometheus Venom
Prometheus Venom 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage Sounds more fallacious to me.
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
Prometheus Venom
Prometheus Venom Yıl önce
@Brett S. You're not understanding the point this isn't about Trump. Yeah people are upset but for the reasons that closing down the Walgreens in those locations or locations that are being robbed they are loosing money and inventory. The people who do business with Walgreens will the ones loosing they don't care how much Walgreens average earnings. Copying and pasting like a bot isn't going to real make any difference to what the truth is about the people who need pharmacies that will suffer. Let me guess who are against business's too. Oh I understand because looking at your channel you are against law enforcement and support people committing crimes based on the video posted here. You use Walgreens average income to justify that it's okay that these people stealing is okay. That's idiotic man and insane. And to use Trump okay now you are deflecting.
MisterHeroman Yıl önce
@Brett S. And yet they're still closing.
cash storeone
cash storeone Yıl önce
Yet, bookstores are not having a problem.
B hall
B hall Yıl önce
@norlens noel There was a workboots one but it got took down. Awwh, Kids & their silly digs.. wen will they learn?
norlens noel
norlens noel Yıl önce
The same ol book comment again, OMG y’all gotta come up with something else already
Roo Lenoir
Roo Lenoir Yıl önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That’s funny stuff there.
Lucky the Lemur
Lucky the Lemur Yıl önce
For the most part is only mega corporations and extremely high end boutique stores I don't really care is mega corporations get robbed. I care if the regular people and workers get robbed. The initial theft was the rich robbing and exploiting the poor for centuries, not the poor robbing the rich and corporations, that's just residual. See it clearly.
S John
S John Yıl önce
When I use to work for rite aid, the manager had me tackling people to get the stuff back and I was a regular worker making minimum wage. I don't feel bad for this billion dollar company. TAKE WHAT YOU CAN, GIVE NOTHING BACK
Jessica Bei
Jessica Bei Yıl önce
I worked at CVS a few years ago and 3 men came right before closing and drove the carts straight outside full of otc medicine, electric razors, beer etc. let’s just say that location shut down completely.
Cryptus Primero
Cryptus Primero Yıl önce
@BreakinGames "lol why did you not stop them? that's part of your job, that's what the extra dollar per hour is for, instead of 11 you get 12 an hour. more than enough to tackle those dudes to the ground and use the zip ties in isle 2 for handcuffs" Depends on the very situation, you cant handle simply 3 guys. That might be armed or are protective class. I would rather let those guys get the goods rather being attacked by antifa and blm for the rest of my life for doing my job.
B hall
B hall Yıl önce
I saw the dude sittin in a chair-popping exlax, getting a shave while drinking beers..
HOPPY Yıl önce
@paranoid plane97 pretty sure they are
paranoid plane97
paranoid plane97 Yıl önce
@BreakinGames I hope you're joking
BreakinGames Yıl önce
lol why did you not stop them? that's part of your job, that's what the extra dollar per hour is for, instead of 11 you get 12 an hour. more than enough to tackle those dudes to the ground and use the zip ties in isle 2 for handcuffs
John Talmage
John Talmage Yıl önce
"America isn't a place where you live, it's a video game you survive" - Henry Rollins
Dee Bee
Dee Bee Yıl önce
@Ran Khavzon America is not the richest country in the world and it never was
high bahamut
high bahamut Yıl önce
@NewX1Era.in Russia you got straight to jail if you are woke sjw
J C Yıl önce
@NewX1Era. Its so cute how you don't think both Democrats and Republicans are to blame. Poor sheeps like you make me sad.
Michael Live
Michael Live Yıl önce
teaganator1234 Yıl önce
@Stéphanie Moore ok that's not an excuse for letting homeless people run a muck all throughout California
Dave Sunhammer
Dave Sunhammer Yıl önce
Dude wants to blame Walgreens but wont come out and say it because he knows he is full of crap. You can't blame Walgreens if employees are to scared to work in stores that are continually robbed. That is a natural reaction to violence.
Dvine Dzine
Dvine Dzine Yıl önce
Because Walgreens does not use sufficient security. I work in a store that shares a single unarmed security guard with another store. As soon as the SG's car left the parking lot, 3 guys came in and robbed us at gunpoint.
Nico Crestmere
Nico Crestmere Yıl önce
@Cheddar Urchin The dead dont learn thier lesson. I'm not asking for a gun just a taser or an aluminum baseball bat.
Cheddar Urchin
Cheddar Urchin Yıl önce
@Nico Crestmere that's because most Walgreens employees are not properly trained to handle a gun
Cheddar Urchin
Cheddar Urchin Yıl önce
@Sergeant Hulka It's actually the police fault, their job is to catch criminals. And they're failing.
Cheddar Urchin
Cheddar Urchin Yıl önce
@Sergeant Hulka America, like any other country has their own problems. But America as a whole is progressing, the American people are living at a better standard of life if you compare it to 50 years ago. Things are a lot better when you consider the technological innovations that have made it possible to do the work of hundreds of people.
chooch1995 Yıl önce
Remember when Walgreens stores all had the little gates that would ‘guard’ the entryway? Apparently time to bring them back!!!
Kim Hope
Kim Hope Yıl önce
They will ruin their own neighborhoods by eliminating these services.
Vicki Hill
Vicki Hill Yıl önce
Walgreens Needs to hire more people when I worked for door dash getting my customers order your lucky to see 2 employer's working and I felt like I was in a movie called I am Legion very sad....
Ne Fillim
Ne Fillim 11 aylar önce
Good for you Walgreens. 👏🏻
kitt kattz
kitt kattz Yıl önce
Weird how they’re framing it as some kind of “addiction”. What’s next on the line?
Cami BluTube
Cami BluTube Yıl önce
I hate to hear this! Something needs to be done! It is like this in Walmart AND Menard's! They steal like crazy at these stores! Sad, just sad!
Robert M.
Robert M. Yıl önce
All the stores need to become like gas stations in bad neighborhoods where you pay for what you want 1st at a bank teller style window.
Mama girl
Mama girl 8 aylar önce
I love how he explained things.
Tracy Allen
Tracy Allen Yıl önce
What a shame. And the crazy thing is it’s not always the poor people that steal stuff. I remember a few celebrities getting locked up for stealing just for the thrill of it. I wish they could maybe only allow two people in at a time or something… I don’t know😔
Miodrag Vukomanovic
Those only thing poor about those people is their character.
sunflower disabilty
When ppl steal like this, the price of everything goes up because of security, insurance prices. So it hurts the common person who just needs to survive. If crooks are that smart, why not do normal good biz things? People need to be back in church.🙏🏼
ocsrc Yıl önce
Michael David
Michael David Yıl önce
The actions of a few always hurt everyone else.
That Charger Pursuit Guy
Some things people need to understand about Retail Fraud: 1: "Stealing a little bit won't hurt a big company." You're right, it won't. But, you know how if you put change in a jar, eventually you get like a thousand dollars worth of coins. Yeah, if people steal a little bit everywhere it will add up just like that. 2. Employee safety. Look, these people are either homeless or pure criminals and sometimes your everyday folk. Both of them have a high chance of attacking a employee who tries to stop them. (Or they perceive as trying to stop them) The Homeless have nothing to lose, but a bunch to gain by shoplifting. They either get what they need or get a bed to sleep on in jail. The average "person" has their personal life to lose if they get caught. The criminal has their operation to lose if they get caught. Going off of this, if an employee gets injured/killed by a shoplifter guess who gets sued? The employer, it has happened, and it can happen again. 3: Shoplifting is not a case of, "Big Business vs. Someone who is trying to survive" It's not that. Watch what they steal, its not food. It's clothing, pills, makeup, power tools, even generators. Those won't feed you, what they will do is net you a pretty penny that can make up a nice car payment, or small amount of drugs, or an Xbox (Or playstation) It's not to survive, stop lieing to yourself. 4: If you haven't worked retail, you won't understand how frustrating it is to see someone basically say, "Screw you, I'm taking your the stuff you worked so hard to set up and not even gonna pay for it." 5: Retail Fraud is NOT a victimless crime. It's the common consumer that is the victim. Look at it like this, Store has 50 items in stock. Store puts it on sale and some folks who are on a tight budget are able to get it. Now someone comes along and steals 25 of them. Store lost money on all those, so they decide to not reduce the price. Now the are down to 10, and since they are clearly in demand, they raise to price on the last few to make more money. In addition, since the system still thinks those 25 items are there, corporate doesn't see the need to send more as urgently as they should. And people trying to make ends meet are screwed out of something they need cause either A: It's too expensive or B: They don't have it. Don't be romanticizing crime unless you yourself have been a victim of it, and at that point, you won't think very highly of it.
That Charger Pursuit Guy
@Lucky the Lemur Never said it was the homeless exclusively. And have encountered homeless stealing as a ride-along. The deputy offered to pay for what they stole in return for them never returning to the property, they told the deputy they would rather go to jail. When I asked why, he responded that he needed some place to stay warm. (Michigan, Mid-November) Every homeless person has a story, not all are the same as yours.
Lucky the Lemur
Lucky the Lemur Yıl önce
The homeless have nothing to loose. That's not true, you can loose what few possessions you have left and your freedom. I was homeless and San Francisco was one of the many places I've been homeless all across the country. Homeless are not more likely to attack people, the very assertion shows that you are naive about some things. And this is more organized generally. These cats ain't homeless, this is partially due to an increase in anti big corporate sentiments, and partially for normal crime reasons. These are thieve GANGS. That being said, I could care less if mega corporations get robbed, there are other things to worry about, and the rich have robbed the lower classes for centuries. If everyone person A hits you, you hit person B, is person A responsible for you hitting person B? No, you are.
__ Yıl önce
Adding to this will be all the jobs lost and the services this stores offer to the communities.
happiness Yıl önce
Great elaboration
Justin Ali
Justin Ali Yıl önce
Walgreens has always been more expensive anyway, walmart has the same supplement and brand much cheaper and walmart reduces their theft with the high tech facial recognition technology they have on their cameras
Ken Aylar önce
Back when I worked at walgreens, the shoplifters use to ALWAYS say "it's hurting the white man, not us when we steal." That short sighted ignorance use to irk me. Who gets hurt when the store closes and the neighborhood loses resources?
Terra Branford
Terra Branford Yıl önce
There are so many people who rely on Walgreens and other drug stores for their medication, most of them elderly! There's also a tons of people who need those jobs too. The laws need to change, the criminals need to be arrested, and the wages for these jobs need to go up!
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson Yıl önce
I love how that expert around the two minute mark isn't saying anything about the cost of the crime to the businesses
Patrick Anarchy- OFFICIAL
I suggest pharmacy customers look into mail order or delivery pharmacy services. Because These thugs don't care about anyones neighborhood.
Nathan Bentz
Nathan Bentz Yıl önce
Gotta love how at the end they try putting the blame on Walgreens for closing. Even just saying that these are places that are now "left without a pharmacy." The people in those places didnt really treat it like they wanted to keep it.
TASconfidential Yıl önce
Another suggested solution. Have a registration system, where you can’t come in unless you schedule entry through the store’s app. And the stores’ doors are locked to anyone who isn’t registered.
Big Sur
Big Sur Yıl önce
I’m an immigrant that lived in the USA 45 years now. I’ve seen the decline in the country year after year and it makes me sick. Honestly, I’ll make my money and leave
Melissa Anderson
Melissa Anderson Yıl önce
I just seen someone stealing today at Wal-Mart i was shocked thay just walked past the security..
FuzzyPanda16 Yıl önce
Good on NBC for reporting this. Most outlets blame anything but the shoplifters for so many stores suddenly closing. Credit where it's due.
Shlisa Shell
Shlisa Shell Yıl önce
I hope the Walgreens in the Bay Area have a delivery option. This was going on when I was last out there in 2005.
Skytower Gnome
Skytower Gnome Yıl önce
Stores don’t stay open when they can’t make money. They don’t make money when people steal things.
Skytower Gnome
Skytower Gnome 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage does that mean it is ok to steal from them?
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
Cryptus Primero
Cryptus Primero Yıl önce
@isitMee TV "The insurance pays out more then what the items are worth." You have dealt with small amounts of money to even say this, not to mention the process to get money already is trash. Dont repeat what those thieves say. Those store owners should abadon those areas and let those people rot there. They believe its some kind of reperation by getting electronics and jordans.
Miodrag Vukomanovic
@truckintom40 Ya but stores rip off their customer base on a regular so it's only justified that costumers provide their own discounts.
Skytower Gnome
Skytower Gnome Yıl önce
@Kimberly Suskey I work retail in a home improvement chain store, I've worked on and off in retail since I was a kid and the minimum wage was 2.78 per hour. I know exactly what it is like to work in those stores. Long boring hours, customers who consider you part of the store itself and many of whom feel free to shout at you no matter if it is your fault or not. I got some choice words when the price of lumber went up. That being said if I mob ran into the store the policy is not to try and stop them. The police would be called. That's what you do. But what if you call and the police don't come? What store will stay in business if it keeps getting robbed?
A Messina
A Messina Yıl önce
When you were raised by your grandma and you call your mom Pam.😕
Dorethy Johns
Dorethy Johns Yıl önce
Yes for 11 years! One of the big reasons I QUIT!
ChipsNdips Yıl önce
During this pandemic we have seen the true characters of this culture of people. It’s disgusting
K Clarke
K Clarke Yıl önce
I'm not sure where they got the figures that retail employees average 27 thousand a year. I never made anywhere near that. I know that is only a small point in this presentation, but I can except that it's a bleak situation.
Somethin to view with you
I wonder if they can sue for loss of business and endangering their employees. For some reason the local government only cares about the criminals and not the everyday citizens who live there!!!! Please don’t make excuses for criminals nothing will change and get better unless people are held accountable
Joe Franks
Joe Franks Yıl önce
Excuses, excuses. You keep stealing from neighborhood stores and they close it's your own fault. If I work in a Walgreens and people are stealing all day long. I am not going to risk my life for my job. Close the place. You people screwed yourselves. Just because times are tough, doesn't give you a right to steal.
Uncle Hotwater Cornbread
"🗣📢There is no honor amongst thieves!"
TheStockwell Yıl önce
Organized Criminals Shutting Down Walgreens! A shocking and incredible story - except the local police don't have anything indicating this is going on. Another thing: Walgreens previously announced they were *planning* on shutting down stores as a cost cutting strategy. There's also this: the SF area is swamped with Walgreen stores - each block seems to have either a Walgreens or a Starbucks. The pandemic has been a gut punch to a lot of overextended corporations with too many outlets. But, if blaming incredibly organized gangs looks better to stockholders than admitting you have too many stores in an unbelievably expensive city, sure; say the problem is theft at a handful of stores - a serious a problem for a corporation with over $90 billion in assets. Don't get me wrong - San Francisco *has* become a squalid nightmare since I left nine years ago. I just think this story of Walgreens is a smokescreen for financial problems stemming from crazy business decisions and the pandemic making times tough for all of us - even modest $90 billion corporations!
gameofyou1 Yıl önce
Blaming companies because city allows legalized theft. You can’t make this stuff up.
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the subject.
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
Dee Bee
Dee Bee Yıl önce
@Cheddar Urchin So the police are supposed to stand in front of every store in a city? You have no idea what you’re talking about and you’re just making excuses for crap criminals.
Dee Bee
Dee Bee Yıl önce
@Miles Whittington Yes, anything under $1000 is basically legal to steal. No business can sustain under that kind of pressure.
Lawlzinator Yıl önce
Dems gonna Dem
The Lucks Boutique
Most shop lifters are usually employees that work at the store...same issue with malls. So most shoplifting are not the middle class as we thought...but yes, some that steal are middle class while others steal for fun.
Ella Younge
Ella Younge 10 aylar önce
I work at CVS and people steal all the time 😭
Dad bod fitness
Dad bod fitness Yıl önce
I've been a loss prevention officer for over 12 years and its all because the laws changed cops used to take people to jail for stealing 25 bucks now if u stop someone stealing ur more likely to go to jail criminals have all the rights and its disgusting companies get sued by criminals so now they just won't do anything I am so sick of the way people act now what ever happened to be good and help others I'm sad for our country 😢
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Yıl önce
A loophole for crime needs to be closed right away. You can’t allow a crime just because it’s below an arbitrary threshold. Stealing is stealing.
Za Z
Za Z Yıl önce
Those neighborhoods dont need stores! The law makers will help them with delivering to their doors services, supplies and unemployment checks!
JaniqueUnique Yıl önce
You couldn't pay me enough to work in a store like that..!
Reel Unique
Reel Unique Yıl önce
You hit the nail on the head. The rich have gotten greedy and forgotten who made their wealth possible. Higher wages and more time with family for all workers is a must. Although I don’t condone theft that’s not the answer.
Artist Jennifer Isenhart
No, it really is this bad.You say it's just social media, but I have seen it and after 20 years and it has been ramping up, I left retail. Couldn't do it anymore. Risking my life constantly...no.
Middle Guy
Middle Guy Yıl önce
The mayor and city council are blaming Walgreens saying theft wasn't that bad. You can't make this up.
charles fadeley
charles fadeley Yıl önce
well now with them closed, other stores will be next
Chrissy Yıl önce
@Captain Dan Are you confusing me with someone else? I was just trying to point out that they are using this as an excuse because they have been closing stores all over specifically because of profitability in these areas ALSO due to the high cost of living in California. But this isn’t a new thing. Ever since Walgreens combined with Boots, a company based in Europe, the focus of the company changed. The president of Boots became the CEO of both and cost savings and profitability became the focus of the company.
Middle Guy
Middle Guy Yıl önce
@Captain Dan of course they said that.
J Gaffney
J Gaffney Yıl önce
@Al Well closing stores in areas with stumbling growth in low disadvantage customers is not for optics.Optics are 3verything.This is why marginal stores in rich areas get closed faster
Al Yıl önce
@J Gaffney I'm not exactly sure what your point is as it seems to flounder however, how is closing a store bad PR for them? Stores close everyday and those that are loyal customers will simply search out another Walgreens. A store is not going to remain open/operating if they are losing money regardless of potential bad PR. It's clearly inevitable. Also, I'm not sure how mask mandates have anything to do with the store closing because of high theft/crime within that area or because of unacceptable return on investment (high shrink). No business wants to operate in a high crime area and take on additional expense of hiring police/guards not to mention, increased insurance costs along with higher liability potential if one of their employees (or customers) gets hurt as a result of them operating in that area. High crime areas drive away good business clientele. The only customers that will shop are those that have no other choice or those that have criminal intentions and frankly, they're not interested in their business anyway.
Chan Youn
Chan Youn 11 aylar önce
"Organized" retail crime. Absolutely. Organized by lawmakers.
Carolyn Reed
Carolyn Reed Yıl önce
Very sad deal to have happened
Beyond The Void
Beyond The Void Yıl önce
Walgreens will have three employees working a whole store. They refuse to pay for more employees to be in the store. It’s so much easier to steal when you know people are busy or stretched thin. Also the level of inequality in SF and the Bay Area has put people to the brink. No affordable housing, no livable wages, evictions from landlords turning apartments that housed people and families into airbnbs, and legacy of pay to play mayors that allow companies to do whatever they want at the cost of working class people. It’s a corporate cycle of low wages, understaffing, and economic strife for so many folks.
barbara ross
barbara ross Yıl önce
Walgreens here in the Bronx South. Close down two major spots because of shoplifter. And it's true the retails can't do nothing about it and the company is refusing to pay higher wages and good security.
black flying fox
black flying fox Yıl önce
This is what causes food deserts and why grocery stores won't open there.
B B 8 aylar önce
@purpl€ peopl€ bad or no parenting?
Lucky the Lemur
Lucky the Lemur Yıl önce
Food deserts are kind of a more complicated thing
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Yıl önce
@C Math You win the virtue signaling award of the week. Now go back to your gentrified neighborhood and order a $25 Vegan Latte.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Yıl önce
@C Math Sounds like you have been successfully indoctrinated by a 65K a year private college. And I know for certain you have never risked your own money on a small business.
Rick Stevenson
Rick Stevenson Yıl önce
They rob the stores out of business then complain they have nowhere to shop lol
PA 10
PA 10 Yıl önce
I saw this guy walk out with 8 cases of beer from a Walgreens. I counted them. I thought initially Candid Camera and put on a little gloss just in case I was about to be on some TV show. Then the cashier looked at me asking did I see that. The workers saw it and didn't intervene. I couldn't blame them. For someone to be that bold am pretty sure he would have retaliated in some way.
djm9276 Yıl önce
Good for Walgreens !
Derick D
Derick D 5 aylar önce
going out in the day time to do so, should put them in the jail for 50 years. It's not about how much they take, it's about how much they cost.
Why don’t they place sliding lock doors in front of all the stores case closed 🤣
J3AD Yıl önce
don't blame Walgreens, blame the thieves that are getting more bold, ask them and they all say insurance will pay the stores, but that is now how it works, and now jobs being lost and stores closing and making it harder and harder for some parts of population to get what they need. seen folks walking out with whole duffel bag full of product and try to stop them and next thing your surrounded by folks coming in from outside and from all around, who are working with them.
Elizabeth Williams
Elizabeth Williams 7 aylar önce
redneckhippiefreak 11 aylar önce
@kkrampage So....? WTH does that have to do with citizens stealing from a buisness?
kkrampage 11 aylar önce
in November 2020, Walgreens paid a $4.5 million settlement to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that it stole wages from thousands of its employees in California between 2010 and 2017. The lawsuit alleged that Walgreens "rounded down employees' hours on their timecards, required employees to pass through security checks before and after their shift without compensating them for time worked, and failed to pay premium wages to employees who were denied legally required meal breaks."
@Misaka 10032 lol Come on now...that is like saying Stealing isnt wrong.. XD It is 100% because of the Thieves choice to be a thief..... Stop trying to Give them a pass Just because the State Has. ; )
Enrique Gonzalez
Enrique Gonzalez Yıl önce
Blame the thief's and theywill pull the race card
Mr. M_V_P
Mr. M_V_P Yıl önce
I use to work for Walgreen and their stores have always had shoplifting
dfg77ii Yıl önce
Desperate times, desperate measures.
No Name
No Name Yıl önce
And I said to myself, What a wonderful world....
Richard Neal
Richard Neal Yıl önce
$27,000 a year? That's if you get 40 hours a week. Lets be real, most people don't get pushed passed 20 hours a week let alone 40 hours. This is also before tax also.
E Westchester
E Westchester Yıl önce
Just wow! 😨
trey Yıl önce
Good for Walgreens. Leave them without your services you provide. If they do not appreciate the business you offer then let them be without and to find other means when needed.
Dorothy Lewis
Dorothy Lewis Yıl önce
I went to walgreens to get my covid shot a man had a shopping cart full of items and walked right out of the store and employees couldnot do anything. Its time to change how to shop at these stores soon we will not be able to go to them for the items we need.
"If you come to San Francisco...be sure to steal $949 worth of goods at Walgreens there..." - Scott McKenzie.
Agent SuperArgo
Agent SuperArgo Yıl önce
You know you have nothing to lose when you steal from a store, and go right outside to sell what you stole.🤔
dayana_nana 4 aylar önce
doughesson Yıl önce
Will they call the police when the stuff they're selling gets stolen from them?
Heru One
Heru One Yıl önce
@Ryan Roberts that’s boosting have nothing to do with a state
Ryan Roberts
Ryan Roberts Yıl önce
Or you're in commifornia.
William Mullens
William Mullens Yıl önce
Yet if you refuse to open stores in high crime neighborhoods its "discrimination". Nope, it's smart business practice
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson Yıl önce
Good job every store should do this
lane dittoe
lane dittoe Yıl önce
Good for them!
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