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28 Kas 2022




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MonkEz Aylar önce
It’s amazing that he somehow got back up after building all the way down, oh wait nvm his 64 god apples probably helped him get to the top again LEGITIMATELY
Shawty like a monke
@PokeZephYT you have a good pfp
PokeZephYT Aylar önce
@Shawty like a monke shouldn’t be talking
Shawty like a monke
Ong bro but cringe pfp
CrishGriffin 16 gün önce
This man’s ocd is so satisfying to watch unravel like putting the coal and chicken on opposite sides
Minecraftmontage 15 saatler önce
Everything is symmetrical
pomaranczowe gury
pomaranczowe gury 23 gün önce
I have a quick tip for you,you can easy and fast move items from chest to your inventory by holding shift and clincking on it, you dont need to drag it all the way by your mouse.
Crystal LXIX
Crystal LXIX 2 gün önce
Was feeling very wholesome until I realised it was all probably made in creative mode
Jordan Nunes
Jordan Nunes 10 gün önce
I actually logged on my old world last week and turned the grave of the first ever dog I lost in Minecraft into a paradise. Rest in peace Jack, You were the real one.
Herobrine Aylar önce
"Technoblade never dies" "Rest ini peace techno" 😞
Samantha Aylar önce
He died😅 I totally know that😅😅
CRACKER YT Aylar önce
​@MrDevil lol
MrDevil Aylar önce
He died
nintencat alt
nintencat alt 23 gün önce
extremely legit world. mustve taken a while to enable cheats, do /gamemode creative and enchant all those weapons
AnimeSosa 21 gün önce
I couldn’t watch this without crying at least 3 times
Minecraftmontage 15 saatler önce
He will never be forgotten now (great redstone btw)
Jeph Fiuka
Jeph Fiuka 23 gün önce
Rest in peace, I love my dog so much that I hate to loose him too, I know how you feel.♥️♥️😌😭
marilyn san pedro
marilyn san pedro 2 gün önce
Me too our dog passed away 10 months ago...i know how u feel😭
prnfa 2 gün önce
Evan Puusa
Evan Puusa 3 gün önce
I think the video was about a minecraft dog
Yesenia Martínez
Yesenia Martínez 4 gün önce
Janice Dela Cruz
Janice Dela Cruz 17 gün önce
Titanicgx.                #road to 1k subs
Rip Doggo gone but not forgotten you will be remembered in our hearts 🥺💗 ik how it feels man tuff luck Edit:how do I have so many likes tysm I'm famous
Julinho Barbosa
Julinho Barbosa Aylar önce
Autistic gremlin
Autistic gremlin Aylar önce
@Fera EverythingAnything oh thats good you can join :)
Hyperknight117 Aylar önce
It’s fake
Еркебулан Сундетов
Oqufgsjcjxhxjd sideshow hdhssgshhsshs😪🥲😭😭😭😭😭😭🛰🚢⌚🌈🌞🌙💋💕🥷
Its just a game dog
Kaleth Zapata
Kaleth Zapata Gün önce
DOS amigos que lucharon juntos R.I.P 😭😭😭
acontentcreator 18 gün önce
Who are you tryna keep out of your dogs memorial in single player Minecraft 😂😂😂
sebas12cor 16 gün önce
Nadie: El tipo que se hacía bases secretas en solitario:
coffee bean
coffee bean 13 gün önce
even though ik this is staged at least you put effort in you deserve 1.4 m likes:)
GameExcel Aylar önce
Seems like a legit survival world because you have a base made of block of diamonds, gold, netherite and netherite armour netherite swords and more very hard to get items
GameExcel Aylar önce
I did not
Herculean Chad
Herculean Chad Aylar önce
Cant believe this kid copied my comment with 3k likes.
Xander Kollée
Xander Kollée Aylar önce
And a totem of undying in his hotbar instead of second hand?
Said Thouraye
Said Thouraye Gün önce
Don’t cry you see him again in the heaven R.I.P❤
Hot Games and edits
Hot Games and edits 19 gün önce
You know your a Minecraft nerd when you make a memorial for a virtual dog
Stea k
Stea k 5 gün önce
I hate the "wait for it" videos, but this one hit my soul
Kaitlyn_RobloxGaming 17 gün önce
I understand you bro😢keep strong😔
He makes a secret and security way to it also him:shows how to get in Edit:BRO THIS EXPLODED TYSM
Titanium X
Titanium X 25 gün önce
fr 100 exploded
Snejana 8Cojocariac
Snejana 8Cojocariac 28 gün önce
Он горох горох горох
Gustavo gemer
Gustavo gemer Aylar önce
Akai Gming
Akai Gming Aylar önce
​@Hikki fjgbj😔
Akai Gming
Akai Gming Aylar önce
Gamer Ryan
Gamer Ryan Gün önce
I know we all can easily tell they used creative for this but…..it’s a dog on a game…..
Julián Agustín Santa Cruz
Level of exageration for a minecraft pet 💯 Even playing minecraft i still dont understand why pepole is so dramatic about their pets.
Josh plays
Josh plays 15 gün önce
This reminded me of my dog who also died and this made me feel really happy so thank you 😊 💗
Dalton Crider
Dalton Crider 13 gün önce
this is also what happened to my brothers 4 dogs 😢 😢
Randi Cernaz
Randi Cernaz 15 gün önce
I like the texture pack, what is it? And what version is it for?
Maxwell Aylar önce
Rest and piece your dog I hope he has a good time up above 😔
22nd Wayz
22nd Wayz Aylar önce
You spelled peace wrong
Spussy Aylar önce
Bro kits a Minecraft dog :/
Angel Montoya
Angel Montoya Aylar önce
Марина Сергеевна
hxdro Aylar önce
@ayman roblox gamer what?
GAMING GT HE 21 gün önce
this reminds me of my time playing Minecraft 😔
Matthew Alls
Matthew Alls 11 gün önce
Rest in peace doggo ❤😭❤❤
charito quitalib
charito quitalib 22 gün önce
We love you dog. RIP.
Snjeza Kljajic
Snjeza Kljajic Gün önce
_harold_ 3 gün önce
@SpicyRedCricket ok cheers lol, mad how it’s just a video game 🫠
SpicyRedCricket 3 gün önce
​@_harold_ people get sad when their dog dies in Minecraft, i dont get sad when it happens lol
_harold_ 4 gün önce
I’m confused why this is so ‘sad’
Niluka Gajasinghe Arachchige
Canul Jhostin
Canul Jhostin Gün önce
Haces una mega basa bien protejida But* Estas en un mundo solitario* :V
Ella Hoenle
Ella Hoenle Aylar önce
I know how it feels to lose your dog my dog was my best friend I miss him a lot his name was Rupert rest in peace
Creature321 21 gün önce
All that redstone and building just to remember a dog in Minecraft
TheOneDad 16 gün önce
For the lost dogs we never found. Their still waiting for us
Dalton Crider
Dalton Crider 13 gün önce
sorry man
兰多 19 gün önce
Don't be sad. Everything will be fine😊
Way2psycho 23 gün önce
I sure do love my super secret base that no one else can come in, on my single player world
R.I.P. Doggo you have good memory with someone you love very much for days to months to even years and when the one person or animal passes its sad to see that happen its ok because the person or animal will always be with you you are not alone all the time :)
꧁Hope꧂ Aylar önce
Touch grass 😭😭
Bailey Baxter
Bailey Baxter Aylar önce
Dude it’s a Minecraft dog calm down
Jadav Prachi
Jadav Prachi 20 gün önce
Memorial for a dog and cooking 30 chickens🌚
Cammelle Rubio
Cammelle Rubio 16 gün önce
My memorys of me and my dog in mine craft i will never forget him😢
Ali Try
Ali Try 20 gün önce
Rest in peace lovely dog😥❤️❤️
joseph silva
joseph silva 20 gün önce
Qué triste es perder a tu mascota en Minecraft 😭
Herculean Chad
Herculean Chad 2 aylar önce
Seems like a very legit survival world, I bet the 64 uneaten god apples were acquired through a lot of hard work.
Lopicraft 3 saatler önce
No amigo 🥺❤️
PakFFgaming 2 gün önce
@Oofie m
Monica Sava
Monica Sava 3 gün önce
뇌가 없군
뇌가 없군 3 gün önce
Hans Gabriel Lovely
Hans Gabriel Lovely 4 gün önce
@BB ur that one kid who always ruins the mood thats why ur dad never came back for the milk
Sofie BlueberryBeach
I’m scared too loose my dog that I’ve had for a few years …. she could leave any moment but may he/she RIP
Bluepine Gaming
Bluepine Gaming 11 gün önce
You're dog will be missed.🥰🥰
Orange chair
Orange chair 10 gün önce
Man those Minecraft basement memorials are great but all that coal and chicken you smelted are now gone so you have to hunt for more just to see your dog :(
Ch4rKvUs 22 gün önce
Rest in piece ❤️🌹
Rafa Aylar önce
Thank you for this you made me feel better cus I lost my friends:(
Joseph 14 gün önce
Rest and peace good dog 😢
Vince Merken
Vince Merken 20 gün önce
RIP doge rest in peace 🙏 🪦
ПениВальс 14 saatler önce
very nice ❤️‍🔥
Abs D
Abs D 4 gün önce
"When my dog dies" Me: dammit! He was one of the ones I liked.....time to geta breding!!
vexproduct Aylar önce
That ending... I started to cry because that just really sad, I feel your hurt bro...
CaptainFlapjack Aylar önce
Mario Rangga
Mario Rangga Aylar önce
기기 초이
기기 초이 Aylar önce
I find this severely redundant
cumGuy777 Aylar önce
wth 😹😹😹 crybaby here guys
Qfaily 22 gün önce
at least make a proper 3by3 piston door...
I Noah gamer
I Noah gamer 2 gün önce
Bros locked Victoria’s Secret💀
компот 22 saatler önce
Rest in technoblade 🐷👑
LION WARRIORS 15 saatler önce
Don, t cry he live forever in our heart
Bruh Boy
Bruh Boy Aylar önce
Rest in Peace and all, But how do you come back up?
Nirajani Kengeswaren
Jennifer Vera
Jennifer Vera Aylar önce
Redstone Rocket idk
𝚂𝚝𝚎𝚏'𝚜 𝙲𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗𝚎𝚕
I almost cried because of that picture, but my mum would be like “y r u crying?!”
Teresa Gonzalez
Teresa Gonzalez 17 gün önce
That's okay his resting in peace🐺🙏
samuel santos pk
samuel santos pk 3 gün önce
😞😞 queria ter um nível desse de custrução
María de Jesús Villa ureña
Pobresito perrito ❤️🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭
pet simulator x gamer
Gg dogo we all miss u ❤️
SweatNico 16 gün önce
Rest in Peace ✌️
AnAverageGamer 21 gün önce
5yr me making a secret base knowing no one will come into my single player world:
144p 19 gün önce
я 1 час строю дом что бы можно было спрятать алмазы. мой друг уникум через 3сек:
Prime news india x
Prime news india x 19 gün önce
bro now we know how to get into the base
JVL - Roblox Piano Player
Rest in peace your dog buddy remember he died but he's soul always here for you
ali shaqib
ali shaqib Aylar önce
UFOs zbufvurv8tnifnifbueh
lil_kawhuna Aylar önce
It’s fake
RandomGamer 17 gün önce
Bro created the most overcomplicated secret base for this 💀
Pamela Lobo
Pamela Lobo 9 gün önce
Woka53 22 gün önce
Bets those levers actually do nothing
Just Cj
Just Cj 22 gün önce
Damn I started tearing up
Michel Boudreau
Michel Boudreau 8 gün önce
Does she have to throw a wither skull and smoke the chicken for it to work?
ayman roblox gamer
ayman roblox gamer Aylar önce
Rest in peace dog hope u will see him again 😭😭
Rsemert Aylar önce
I’m more sad that the song he played was for Paul walkers death (P.S. I’m not sad that he put the song, I’m sad because the song reminds me of Paul walker)
BigBrainedGuy 9 gün önce
I was kinda expecting for a rickroll
C Nabors
C Nabors 8 saatler önce
This song always makes me feel sad 😭
Mighty Guy
Mighty Guy 22 gün önce
Technoblade left the chat.
Kayti Wetz
Kayti Wetz 15 gün önce
OMG I feel so bad I’m sorry for your loss♥️
💗Dogs💗 Aylar önce
" am not crying, my eyes are just sweating."
PVPROGAMER Xd 11 gün önce
jaja que pendejo
💗Dogs💗 Aylar önce
@Dieter Gewinner 😭
💗Dogs💗 Aylar önce
@The Southerner yeah, when I watched it again a tear drop from my eye 👁💦
The Southerner
The Southerner Aylar önce
Dieter Gewinner
Dieter Gewinner Aylar önce
dylanplays 21 gün önce
RIP all the best probably the saddest thing that can happen in Minecraft
18 gün önce
𝕝𝕝 ℂ𝕣𝕒𝕫𝕪𝕜𝕠𝕕𝕤 𝕝𝕝
U say it’s painful to see the memorial, that’s probably cause you jump into lava haha😅
Efren Teniza
Efren Teniza 22 gün önce
Save a dog's memory like you save nuclear keys xd
MartDartFart Aylar önce
I actually almost shed tears because the dog was so perfectly done
king player dud yt
king player dud yt Aylar önce
Cirlene 17 gün önce
it hurts you know i lost my dog 😔😭😭🥺🥺🥺
GoinmulVl 20 saatler önce
Cual es el texture pack pls
josivaldo Rodrigues da silva Silva
Quando o meu cachorro morreu eu chorei 😭😭😭🖤
Maxim Harward
Maxim Harward 21 gün önce
I'm sorry your dog died. I put so much effort on it. Great work.
Dalton Crider
Dalton Crider 13 gün önce
sorry 🙏 that your dog died 😢 😢
顶厨芒狐 Aylar önce
the way you jump vivid me 'i come to you now my doggy'😭
Rita Rumiati
Rita Rumiati Aylar önce
Rubby putri
Rubby putri Aylar önce
Jqfrla Kap
Игорь Карпенко
Samuel Silva de Freitas
Samuel Silva de Freitas
Claire Dela Cruz
Claire Dela Cruz 21 gün önce
Doggo rest in peace 😞😭😢
Among Ash
Among Ash 2 gün önce
I was expecting a rick roll
Гулнар Беккалиева
у него даже дом под землёй Я просто офигел ещё картина огромная
Barrie Gower
Barrie Gower 11 gün önce
When he wants to get back up 😅
🔮midnight sylbreon🔮
rip we will miss you😭😭🕊🕊
nyi ireng jerehe
nyi ireng jerehe Aylar önce
Ddjxjxhchd xhchdndb xxhx ncucu xhd hxh gx hxhx hxgd hzg hd m.
ä 23 gün önce
Bro how did he get so much netherite and dimond ore blocks 💀
Masafi Zero
Masafi Zero 10 gün önce
Average gamer who never goes out
Reniel Villanueva
Reniel Villanueva 16 gün önce
I know what you feel because my dog that never let me cry is gone and now I always cry because don't have my dog every day I wish that i can see him again 😭😭😭
John W Weaver
John W Weaver 12 gün önce
I am sorry for your lost and hope U can get over the lost like how I had too
AxoWaffles! Aylar önce
I love how he protected it so well, so nobody can ruin his dog's memorial. Real or not, we will miss doggo.
AxoWaffles! Aylar önce
@Elidiane Gomes oop lol
AxoWaffles! Aylar önce
@KENSU#20 it's just a silly nickname for dogs
KENSU#20 Aylar önce
KENSU#20 Aylar önce
Why you guys sad right now I don't know why it's just a game?😅 Ang who is doggo
Kristina Bach
Kristina Bach Aylar önce
BAJA, JOHN PAUL R. 15 gün önce
Everything will come to an end,
Sum guy on the internet
People care more about their mincraft dog than their real family
Mark Anthony Tuazon
Mark Anthony Tuazon 12 gün önce
rest in pease his your first friend ever in this survival world his the best ever but died sadly
Hubert Sieczkowski
Hubert Sieczkowski 21 gün önce
Ja się serio popłakałdm
Cash is HOMELESS in Minecraft!
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