Vlog | Grocery Shopping, Making Braised Chicken, Croquette & Marmalade AND New Project at Work!

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Hello, it's Jihyun!
How have you been?
I was late to upload the video because I've been busy recently, I'm sorry!
Thank you for always supporting me
Have a nice day today!

孛insta : jhyun_u ( instagram.com/jhyun_u/ )



8 May 2021




Y羹k balant覺s覺.....


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篹渠 賄 鴔渥! 月 鴔湊 ? 黖篞 魽國 諻赬鴔 潰 諢穈 位渥渥 鴥∮渥,, 窸潰潰痍 , 伙陷篣 諈到鴔 賄渥 諢窶! 木 窶科ˉ窸 渥ˉ 穈秒渥 月 貐蛭 諴 貐渠渥!歹歹歹 Hello, it's Jihyun! How have you been? I was late to upload the video because I've been busy recently, I'm sorry! Thank you for always supporting me Have a nice day today! Merhaba, bu Jihyun! G繹r羹meyeli nas覺ls覺n? Son zamanlarda megul olduum i癟in videoyu y羹klemeye ge癟 kald覺m, 羹zg羹n羹m! Beni her zaman desteklediin i癟in teekk羹r ederim Bug羹n iyi g羹nler! Hai semuanya aku Jihyun! Apa kabar? Belakangan ini aku agak sibuk, jadi terlambah mengunggah video. Maaf ya Terima kasih atas dukungan kalian Semoga hari ini menyenangkan! 怒∼胯詻扼喋扼嚗 瘞扼嚗 餈臬敹芥血颯柴U整准芥 扎敹氬艾艾具整 隞乓撟詻芯乓怒艾嚗
Maria Banurea
Maria Banurea 25 g羹n 繹nce
Hello, can i ask you what brand or model piyama you wear?
塈堭堜 堻
塈堭堜 堻 Aylar 繹nce
Justloveeveryone SS
Justloveeveryone SS Aylar 繹nce
Hi dear ,l love that your way of cooking, recently I addicted to your vlogs. Itsmesara arts
Avery Kamden
Avery Kamden Aylar 繹nce
@Brody Cade Definitely, been using instaflixxer for since december myself :D
Brody Cade
Brody Cade Aylar 繹nce
Not sure if anyone cares but if you guys are stoned like me atm then you can stream pretty much all of the latest movies on InstaFlixxer. Have been watching with my girlfriend recently xD
9 saatler 繹nce
Very delicious
E.V G羹n 繹nce
is it just me, or does this girl only fry....? lmaoooo
Nicole Chai
Nicole Chai G羹n 繹nce
Your videos are so comforting and inspiring
Janet V
Janet V G羹n 繹nce
Looove watching your videos....how amazing your cooking is..and im always waiting for your lunchbox :) its like i want to cook too but im not a good one though... More power from Philippines ;)
eunrud9 R
eunrud9 R G羹n 繹nce
貐潺諤 謔秒窸塑渥窸 潰 諤 窶 穈~ 貐湊蛟飴!!
Laurie MacPherson
Laurie MacPherson 4 g羹n 繹nce
Is someone forcing you to make these bizarre videos? If you have no say, contact the cdn embassy.
4 g羹n 繹nce
諰 窱科
Hola me gustab mucho tus v穩deos
rynoa7 5 g羹n 繹nce
Hi, you said your work now is youtube, you are not working from home tho? You always talk about a studio confused
aponmustak ahmed
aponmustak ahmed 5 g羹n 繹nce
I looked from Bangladesh 攻拎攻抽綽
Reahim Mohhamed
Reahim Mohhamed 5 g羹n 繹nce
I am a Bangladeshi攻拎梗
christopher das
christopher das 6 g羹n 繹nce
Hii...I am a new subscriber in here ....I am from South Korea Seoul ....plz forgive me if my English is wrong ....I life a life same which is been shown here ....Its great that I can see my sort of a lifestyle shown here ....love from Korea
Siddhartha Reddy
Siddhartha Reddy 6 g羹n 繹nce
Which places are you in korea jihyun
Siddhartha Reddy
Siddhartha Reddy 6 g羹n 繹nce
Amazing food your doing daily so nice
Dinu 6 g羹n 繹nce
14:56 rolling like we are dancing fools
fushi 7 g羹n 繹nce
wahhh i really love ur videossss
鮈麆刺氬 8 g羹n 繹nce
20:38 禹萼 月 窶 麮 .? 篞賈? 諨澎 諈儦厝渥.?
sezenshi 儭
sezenshi 儭 10 g羹n 繹nce
Ada Ak覺n
Ada Ak覺n 13 g羹n 繹nce
I just cant stop watching these vids
謔科諤 13 g羹n 繹nce
潺炭鴔 潺炭腫渣
Lucifer Broke
Lucifer Broke 14 g羹n 繹nce
How does blended kale taste like? Im hesitant trying leafy juices cause im not sure how bad itll taste
Casey 15 g羹n 繹nce
諻桿※ 諈抱掘 渠 ? 諤木 謔蛟
Melanie Gabriela Ch獺vez Quispe
yo viendo que todos hablan idiomas asiticos ajajajaj xd bueno me encanta ver estos tutoriales o blogg coreanos..son muy hermosos
Jeeya shetty
Jeeya shetty 18 g羹n 繹nce
OML your necklace is the same one Joo-Kyung has in true beauty-
Mor Okyanusum
Mor Okyanusum 19 g羹n 繹nce
15:28 akl覺ma butter ark覺s覺 gelmesi peki..
S. 19 g羹n 繹nce
Got so hungry bc of her video so I made my self a pasta. After dinner I continued to watch more videos and Geus what, got hungry again conclusion: she is trying to make us fat
Sofia Calixtrato
Sofia Calixtrato 21 g羹n 繹nce
eu estou apaixonada nos v穩deos dela, nas receitas e em tudo.
Anjana Rukshani
Anjana Rukshani 22 g羹n 繹nce
English subtitles please
Amen 23 g羹n 繹nce
諝厝 渥蛟. 穈秒拘.
曰隊刷隊 23 g羹n 繹nce
窱原 渠穈
Jenny Journals
Jenny Journals 24 g羹n 繹nce
you don't cook your jam? Surprising! It always looks so good.
zlem ahin
zlem ahin 24 g羹n 繹nce
Ni癟in y羹z羹n羹 g繹stermiyorsun ki
Sheen Bint
Sheen Bint 24 g羹n 繹nce
i mean i have to ask this , i love you, but do you take some form of medicine to take down all of that at the same time? i mean if yes then please share the secret for such good appetite.
儠拖 25 g羹n 繹nce
賈 禹頃 1穈 + 諻 1穈+ 儤 穇 5 + 篹 諻 渥 穈諰 諤渥 諡潰 諤到 寢 儤潰 麇 篣域 諤!
Baekhyun Hub
Baekhyun Hub 25 g羹n 繹nce
I don't know why but I love it when you shopping for groceries
Maria Banurea
Maria Banurea 25 g羹n 繹nce
Hello, can i ask what piyama you wear?
Let's Get it!!
Let's Get it!! 25 g羹n 繹nce
your pyjamas during the first half were so pretty, the one with two bows
鴥潰 26 g羹n 繹nce
儤潰渠 禹頃 窸 窱禺打 渥 穈諤諰 儦到 諟實萼 鮈 禺秒篣圉 窸 穈 篣 刷萼窸 穈
praveena machiraju
praveena machiraju 27 g羹n 繹nce
So what do you do with rest of the food that you cooked.
Beray H羹ma Biricik
Beray H羹ma Biricik 27 g羹n 繹nce
Merhaba jihyun ben senin 癟ok b羹y羹k bir fan覺n覺m neredeyse b羹t羹n vidolar覺n izledim hepsi 癟ok g羹zeller bay覺l覺yorum t羹rkiye'den koreye selam
Ximena :)
Ximena :) 28 g羹n 繹nce
Me encant籀 tu contenido
Dilber Cengiz
Dilber Cengiz 28 g羹n 繹nce
Seni 癟ok seviyorum jihyon
Ratri dayani
Ratri dayani 29 g羹n 繹nce
I am usually make kale juice or another veggies with sweet pinapple and lemon. It's tasted better than annother fruit
諻桿 29 g羹n 繹nce
鴔篹 儤潰ˉ木 勴諝渣賈渠諤
諤鴔諤鴔 29 g羹n 繹nce
儠潺 原※謔潺 窶 諤!! 貐渥到 鮈窶木
Lia Patricia
Lia Patricia 29 g羹n 繹nce
hello! where can I find this food containers?
Bun bun
Bun bun Aylar 繹nce
i really love how productive you are, wish i were u
Mary Lou
Mary Lou Aylar 繹nce
Love your videos. 弘 Btw Somersby is not beer, it織s cider which is an alchoolic drink made with apple juice. There are a lot of different kind of cider around the world, but Somersby is one is my favorite, so refreshing!
Yezda Reyyan
Yezda Reyyan Aylar 繹nce
Yo diria que es postre de azucar con un peque簽o toque de mandarinaeso fue como un kilo de azucarDiabetes en camino.
Marcelly Sampaio
Marcelly Sampaio Aylar 繹nce
Guaran獺? 篣 月 賳潰 窸潺潺麮 窶潰渥
gaurav palatshaha
gaurav palatshaha Aylar 繹nce
People eat for survival..You survive for eating
Aprilia Dyah
Aprilia Dyah Aylar 繹nce
Kenapa masak bisa keliatan semudah ini sih :'))
Iam Loca
Iam Loca Aylar 繹nce
I wish I have all this much time and energy to prepare for my own meal everyday This lifestyle is soo admirable
Leviena Merlynike Leo
what brand are your cooking pans? they are so cute and esthetic, i would like to buy one if possible. btw i really enjoy your videos ^^
Tess Herondale
Tess Herondale Aylar 繹nce
So that's not real crab?
awiearbre Aylar 繹nce
Where is your necklace from? It's very beautiful~...Please tell me...
21 21
21 21 Aylar 繹nce
Maybe you can try using juicer, mix kale with other sweet fruit or lemon sometime i blend celery, cucumber and melon to cool down my stomach弘
Merve Kocaibrahimolu
Gece gece aciktirdi yaa
Alcorta Illustrations
Love from Texas歹
Famato Zainie
Famato Zainie Aylar 繹nce
Hello im from Malaysia nice to meet you
Mastura Sam
Mastura Sam Aylar 繹nce
Love from Malaysia莞
Jamirria Williams
Jamirria Williams Aylar 繹nce
Love from the U.S
Just one more page Thahira Reeza
I love ur videos..seriously addicted to them..lots of love from srilanka手毋
寢 塑 穈 鮈 ! 諡 禺站 :)
selm naber
selm naber Aylar 繹nce
Bu kadar 癟ok yiyip nas覺l zayifsin anlamad覺m
Kathy's Wanderlust Diaries
Aylar 繹nce
禹頃諤 諤伊ˉ 渠曰掠?
keuliseuttin Aylar 繹nce
Noona, why you don't get an apron to protect your clothes to stains :).
Mystic Arts
Mystic Arts Aylar 繹nce
I absolutely loved this video! It was so relaxing and therapeutic to watch its 6am right now and Im absolutely starving! 中
Jim ash
Jim ash Aylar 繹nce
Lol I'm noting some easy going recipes thanks
Farhein shahid
Farhein shahid Aylar 繹nce
Bad girls because of beer
Nandini Jaiswal
Nandini Jaiswal Aylar 繹nce
賄, pls 潰渠 賄
abdlewadode arraoune
堭堶堥塈 塈 堛 堛堻堛媟媢 塈 堛堭堿堜 堸塈 塈堻堛媟媢 塈 塈堮堹 堸塈堛 塈堛堭堿塈 塈 塈 塈堳堭 塈媢堭堥 堭堹 塈 奡塈堹塈 堸塈堛 塈 塈 堻堛媟媢 堥堻堥堥 塈堛堭堿堜 塈 塈堛 堻 塈媔媢 塈堻 塈堛 塈堹塈堛 塈 塈 塈堮堹塈 塈堛 塈堭堿 塈堿堥
Nandini Jaiswal
Nandini Jaiswal Aylar 繹nce
賄, 賈 渠秒 科 Love 諤 禺 渥ˉ 窱原渠未 諻域蛟 五兩劾
Zainap Shaban
Zainap Shaban Aylar 繹nce
Your hair is so pretty how do you do it? And i will try the mandarin
Shrishail Aylar 繹nce
the amount of garlic you use in one meal we use it for 1 week in our family!!!!
sweet tooth
sweet tooth Aylar 繹nce
I wonder is she having workout routine?? I mean i'm pretty sure she has well proportioned body
Ayenur Keskin
Ayenur Keskin Aylar 繹nce
Ellerine sal覺k dostum 屢
Aye Thidar Win
Aye Thidar Win Aylar 繹nce
plz substile these video to Eng subtitle. I'm despar want to know what are u doing
ART CHARMS Aylar 繹nce
Rosane Zany
Rosane Zany Aylar 繹nce
Im hungry
Rosane Zany
Rosane Zany Aylar 繹nce
My cat is like yours.. her name is Laura.
iced americano
iced americano Aylar 繹nce
Hello Jihyun Eonnie, next video try to make a green booster juice that made from kale and pineapple (u can use kiwi too!), but it will be better if you add some spinach! i hope this comment help Jihyun Eonnie, have a nice day!
Aylar 繹nce
~(?) 諡 禺 窶 穈
Susannah Hoffs
Susannah Hoffs Aylar 繹nce
Do they only get dressed to go out? When home they change into pajamas?
Norhan Ibrahim
Norhan Ibrahim Aylar 繹nce
She is living my best life
Princess lao
Princess lao Aylar 繹nce
Oye cuando cortes la cebolla para que no te ardan los ojos puedes poner un vaso con agua y listo, saludos desde M矇xico
taekook's sock
taekook's sock Aylar 繹nce
21:51 , these containers and pouches are so cute, can anyone tell me where I can find them? thank you!
MiiSsMiiNa Aylar 繹nce
What a beautiful video! May I recommend something? I was one of those who always used to wash chicken, but in fact, one should't ! The water that is used to wash the chicken splashes all over the sink and workplace, so it is recommended to rather not washing it. I hope this comment doesn't sound mean, I really intent to share some useful information Have a lovely day all
Patricia Torralba
Patricia Torralba Aylar 繹nce
It is so fun watching you cook and eat. You eat a lot! :) watching you makes me hungry all the time
Lani L
Lani L Aylar 繹nce
Best apple juice
meriem ait mensour
meriem ait mensour Aylar 繹nce
Te sigo desde Espa簽a 返, me encantan tus v穩deos, me dan mucha paz y ganas de hacerme comidas ricas y disfrutar歹 Gracias por la traducci籀n en espa簽ol 歹屢屢屢屢屢屢屢屢屢
Anshika Varma
Anshika Varma Aylar 繹nce
18:41 ur glasses are so pretty where did u buy them from
Fun with janu priya
Fun with janu priya Aylar 繹nce
Which app do you use for editing your video's and thumbnail sister
Where is Yur Apron baby ??
木∮ Aylar 繹nce
諨穈 諻桿謔?穈 篞 鴗
Aylar 繹nce
湊 貐渥 秒窸 諻 鴗穈 諻國 窸..
Sincere Gaming
Sincere Gaming Aylar 繹nce
Do not cut eye of onion, and it should be less spicy next time
gargi barat
gargi barat Aylar 繹nce
What happened to the delicious lunch you made? I hope you have eaten it before going to the resturant. Orelse i would feel very sad for all the hardwork you did to make your lunchbox
telling you the truth.
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