Vladimir Putin signs papers to annex four Ukrainian provinces

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Vladimir Putin has raised the stakes in Ukraine, declaring that Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are part of Russia.

Russian forces do not control the territories however, and the move has not been declared legal or recognised by the global community.

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29 Eyl 2022




Yük bağlantısı.....


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WebJedi Aylar önce
I have something to admit... I held a referendum with myself and then signed a decree (Did it on Word and everything!) and I have annexed Australia! Seems legit to me 🤣
sp3 Aylar önce
The kangaroos won't be happy.
Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Angora Rabbit
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!
Don One
Don One Aylar önce
Love all the fake comments in the chat lol
Foodways Distribution
As legit as kosovo that ALL the west recognises as a country.
Bojan Vukobradović
@Tata Lettie yup begin from your country first😅🤧
Martin Day
Martin Day Aylar önce
No No No No, I have just completed my own referendum and found that 99.9% of the territory only just annexed by Russia has had a change of mind and decided to remain as part of Ukraine. I would challenge anyone that my referendum has had as much legitimacy as Putin's.
ZoomunZoom Aylar önce
“We will defeat the West” as he wears a GAP sweatshirt LOL
Maggie7 Aylar önce
So what. He doesn't want Western puppeteers pulling the strings and stealing his country's resources. Does that mean he can't wear a Gap sweatshirt? I loathe US foreign policy but I can wear US clothes. Your view is skewers
Susan Davey
Susan Davey Aylar önce
@The Macso 🙄🤪🧐🤓
The Macso
The Macso Aylar önce
@Susan Davey better than u of course no doubts
Путин сосет член
@The Macso we don't 🙂
Путин сосет член
yeah, that was funny 🙂
JC Shay
JC Shay Aylar önce
All the men in the crowd cheering Putin and the two giving interviews, I hope they keep the same energy when they eventually go to the frontline. I wager the guy with glasses surrenders and the gentleman in the GAP shirt holds a grenade too long.
Jonathan J.
Jonathan J. Aylar önce
At least he will know if he's male or female.
suirall Aylar önce
A man standing in front of thousands of people cheering for territory at the cost of foreign blood.
TIK TOK AFRICA 3 Aylar önce
Israel vs Palestine?
Crie Aylar önce
@Paradise Breeze me when i lie:
Paradise Breeze
Paradise Breeze Aylar önce
US and west just as bad
Tom Brown
Tom Brown Aylar önce
@TheAzureGaming that would not surrender
gordon Aylar önce
On 2022.9.30, Putin did the same thing as what Hitlerr did on 1938.9.30. 😆 'After his success in absorbing Austria into Germany proper in March 1938, Hitlerr looked covetously at Czechoslovakia. September 30, 1938: Hitlerr signed the Munich agreement to takeover Czechoslovakia's border regions, by which Czechoslovakia must surrender its border regions and defenses to Hitlerr.'
Ghostlight X
Ghostlight X Aylar önce
And the rest of the world signed an equally valid paper that reads "We do not give a sh!t".
englishpigdog Aylar önce
@Alexey Plotnikov Playing it fast and loose with the word 'keep' there.
Alexey Plotnikov
Alexey Plotnikov Aylar önce
Keep ur paper, we keep the land. 😂
I just signed a document that the whole world belongs to me.
Larry Talbot
Larry Talbot Aylar önce
So does this mean that we can annex parts of Russia if we want?
Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Angora Rabbit
I've already done it just didn't tell anyone
Ed Straker
Ed Straker Aylar önce
@Siphinicsea36 Problem is Russian Army have to try to avoid killing civilians, so it will be slow, but it will be sure.
Ed Straker
Ed Straker Aylar önce
@bendlor 🅥 They are too busy trolling on youtube to win a war lol
bendlor 🅥
bendlor 🅥 Aylar önce
Nope, you'd need to start off by building an army and sending them to take over Russia 😛
Jauklip Aylar önce
If it’s in your national interests 😂
Nathanfx2006 Aylar önce
I love signing paper, makes it real.
Jonathan J.
Jonathan J. Aylar önce
It does for the Scots though doesn't it. All fine and dandy when we do it.
xLionsxxSmithyx Aylar önce
@Original OG they could have just, Y'know, moved to Russia instead of Starting a war?
Michael Dunham
Michael Dunham Aylar önce
@FM Достоевский with help from France and Spain
rain carnell
rain carnell Aylar önce
Wonder if it was the same paper they signed in the 90s for Ukraine's security for them to give up their nukes
conny nielson
conny nielson Aylar önce
That's how democracy works...we vote against endless immigration..so, we get it...
WillHere Aylar önce
Russia is like that one guy who's competing when nobody else cares.
Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham Aylar önce
@A guy in your basement not really, we are being told to care
Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham Aylar önce
A guy in your basement
Seems like literally everyone in the world cares
Danny Aylar önce
Waw! All these supports are so devoted they should all join the army. I wonder how they'd feel then?
Ahmed Kamara
Ahmed Kamara Aylar önce
@Lets Thrive for real man, we go around invading other countries halfway around the world and have the cheek to call out Russia, as a Brit, I think we should keep our nose out of this, I’m not interested in getting nuked
Suzy Rottencrotch
Suzy Rottencrotch Aylar önce
I guess it depends … Ukraine’s best soldiers surrendered from the steel works … guess the land isn’t worth dying for lol
Till Burr
Till Burr Aylar önce
@Lets Thrive sure
Lets Thrive
Lets Thrive Aylar önce
Same as the British army soldiers that got blown up in afghan 😆 lol
norpan506 Aylar önce
John Lawrence
John Lawrence Aylar önce
A big step towards achieving world peace would be to move the headquarters of the United Nations to another part of the world
But where ?
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Aylar önce
Anglo Browza
Anglo Browza Aylar önce
It’s nice to see democracy
Barnabus Barbarossa
"Yay, signing these pieces of paper will surely make up for the swathes of land we just lost!"
Hasan Nawaz
Hasan Nawaz Aylar önce
I mean Isreal doing it to palestine makes no difference decalred their land now
magicalhats Aylar önce
Those 2 guys at the end are so patriotic. I really hope they get drafted and help bring more glory to their motherland.
DarksIde Aylar önce
so much propaganda from all sides who knows what agendas any government has anymore
Brucey Aylar önce
More glory? They haven’t had any yet😂 I understand that neither sides are innocent. But Putin is a modern day hitler, and it’s hard to watch a beautiful country destroy itself for fake glory😞
electricbreeze Aylar önce
@Unknown1 I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I’m a little snowflake 😢
Unknown1 Aylar önce
@electricbreeze Russian bots lol... Bro keep crying
electricbreeze Aylar önce
@Ivor Leak American man?
Jez Tickles
Jez Tickles Aylar önce
I’ve signed papers to annexe both my neighbours houses! They don’t know it yet!
Elijah420stuffs Aylar önce
@Jez Tickles hahahaha
Jez Tickles
Jez Tickles Aylar önce
@dholstein54 annexe them too!
dholstein54 Aylar önce
@Jez Tickles no I like my neighbors too
Jez Tickles
Jez Tickles Aylar önce
@dholstein54 annexe them
dholstein54 Aylar önce
I really love my neighbors houses
Warking MF
Warking MF Aylar önce
I feel like the people are being forced to cheer happily
אפרת כרמלי
Yes, if they won't Cheer Enthusiastically, they will be sent to fight in 🇺🇦 Ukraine . Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦 Efrat. Israel
ZigZagHockey Aylar önce
I don't remember 'the global community approving the American creation of Kosovo which was previously part of Serbia, but I do recall Putin saying that the Americans had set a legal precedent that they might come to regret. Luhank, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson are now part of Russia because the Russian people who live in these four regions chose by referenda to join the Russian Federation. The Ukrainian government made it perfectly clear that it did not want Russian people living in Ukraine, so as Lavrov said, they left and took their land with them. This was not something imposed on the people of these four regions by Russia, but a free choice, and the referenda where held at the request of the leaders of the four regions. What the Sky News puppets think about this development is irrelevant.
ket Aylar önce
Totally true,but so many sheep just believe the NWO globalists,they nothing about the situation,
Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Angora Rabbit
Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! 😂
Ionut Sarbu
Ionut Sarbu Aylar önce
It's like me telling my mother the living room is mine , and I always belive it is , untill she says NO.😢
Adam Ashton
Adam Ashton Aylar önce
Well done on getting a bronze medal
Kal Aylar önce
Dude even said Ukraine is our brother while killing them Smh
Paul Gibbon
Paul Gibbon Aylar önce
@Hen de So no source, got it. Concession accepted.
Siphinicsea36 Aylar önce
@Ka Chi He’s invaded multiple countries. Held no elections and imprisoned multiple political opponents.
Ka Chi
Ka Chi Aylar önce
@Siphinicsea36 Based on what is he terrible ?
Alloneness Aylar önce
The comedian brother. I don't support the war but I see realistic vision in Putin works
LJ Wild
LJ Wild Aylar önce
@Hen de it’s true that Ukraine wants to be invaded?
Big Awdays
Big Awdays Aylar önce
Look at Putins face, when he shouted the second: “hurra”. His felt proud and happy, that little self disdainful face. Putin is shocked about the people that is still loyal to him after what he done in Ukraine.
21st Century Boy
21st Century Boy Aylar önce
I like the Group handshake, it's like some despotic version of the Goonies...but with real Goons
onlyoneofhiskind Aylar önce
James Pasifull
James Pasifull Aylar önce
Power hungry, even though he already has ultimate power! That just sounds like paranoia to me!
James Pasifull
James Pasifull Aylar önce
I believe that, very soon, a brave Russian hero will emerge, & deal Putin the same hand that Trotsky was dealt!! 😲😲😲
Foolish 808
Foolish 808 Aylar önce
@Akritas Digenis I think Ukraine proved that Russia is nowhere near as powerful as the US.
Siphinicsea36 Aylar önce
@The Macso How so? Because your propaganda says?
Siphinicsea36 Aylar önce
@Akritas Digenis no it is not even close by the looks of it
Formible Former
Formible Former Aylar önce
@hologram or Ghost? two paranoid dictators joining forces. What could possibly go wrong…
B Aylar önce
I am going to annex my neighbour's house, I too will sign a piece of paper and have a party afterwards.
Mark Stein
Mark Stein Aylar önce
Well I just signed a paper to un-annex them. See how this works?
Don One
Don One Aylar önce
Putin my hero, keep up the good fight.
FroN'Dreadz Aylar önce
Fortunately for us we have complete faith and trust in our leaders to avoid all out war...
Darkmatter Aylar önce
yea I dont trust my politicians as far as i could throw them
gluten Aylar önce
I'm going to have a party tonight, because I just annexed the Moon. 🤨
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4 Aylar önce
Honestly have no idea how anyone can actually care about expanding territory. Like it’s actually baffling to me. Everyone’s got what they’ve got it’s all good just leave it. Brazil is like 50x the size of the UK or some bullshit 😂
Conan the barbarian
Yh yk, Russia is the biggest country on the planet, most of it is empty.
jack rabbit
jack rabbit Aylar önce
Ignore it & keep fighting for your homes Ukrainians 🇺🇦
fishbowl Aylar önce
Just like to take the time to announce that I've personally annexed Scotland from the UK I think I speak for us all when I say it was the better move and I think we'll grow as a nation under my rule
Siphinicsea36 Aylar önce
@Shaf Naw They weren’t forced the signed the union declaration for the economical benefits as their country was in crisis
Tony Baker
Tony Baker Aylar önce
@Iain Clark Cheers or should I say Slangevar.
GOJI (Moved Channel)
@Shaf Naw wasn't forced
Scottish Bhoy
Scottish Bhoy Aylar önce
Believe me, Scotland wants to be free, it'll never happen while the US tells England we need to park their nuclear submarines.
Curl it like Curley
Scotland 🤣🤣🤣
wizbiz Aylar önce
Today I signed a paper to own 4 properties I like. They are not letting me in dude, wtf! I should sue them right?
Tomas Ramoska
Tomas Ramoska Aylar önce
Drop 💣 and make it vacant 😀
ishowsaka Aylar önce
Declare war now
Nick Coppard
Nick Coppard Aylar önce
Send some shells , but mind the lectric meter or nato be unhappy
ruth narine
ruth narine Aylar önce
One day he will exit this life with nothing just the same as he entered. The portion of earth excasing his skeleton isn't even his. All his evil eventually catches up with him at expiration.
johannesnicolaas Aylar önce
At the signing ceremony: if this is a celebration then I wonder how they look when they have a celebration.
Stefan Aylar önce
I just signed a decree and annexed the parking lot at my neighbor's house. It's ours now... Slava Ukraini!
Anthony Harrison
Anthony Harrison Aylar önce
This is just the post-WWII shake-up concluding as if communism never exisred - don't forget that Poland is still to get the Curzon lands back, including the City of Lviv. It goes both ways and if the Allies had stood up to Russia then, Poland would still have Lviv and the Curzon Lands. Poland always regains it's lost territories, look at it's history of the last thousand years.
Daniel Farrell
Daniel Farrell Aylar önce
I know it's a very clichéd expression, but this feels like the beginning of the end of Vladimir Putin.
Conan the barbarian
@Борислав Димитров if he has anything left, over 170,000 men of fighting age have now fled russia, supposedly 80,000 have been killed in ukraine. He's running out of men at a steady rate.
True, I'm sure someone somewhere is signing a paper to take Putin down.
Борислав Димитров
Oh no this is just the begining I think. His confidence is growing every day and his next target will be terrified.
Tabitha Sparklebright
Wow that's so weird.... I just signed papers saying I'm Queen of the world!! Go me!!
Tabitha Sparklebright
@Elijah420stuffs aww shucks thanks 🤗 I'm away here to partake in my own 420stuffs 😉
Tabitha Sparklebright
@AnimatorPete that has a good ring to it! Lol
AnimatorPete Aylar önce
All hail queen Tabitha
Elijah420stuffs Aylar önce
HAHAHAHAHa comment of the day!
CORNWALL Aylar önce
Tim Atkins
Tim Atkins Aylar önce
So the media is there filming and interviewing people so how hard would it be for special forces to get close enough .
Darkmatter Aylar önce
Bill Slim
Bill Slim Aylar önce
He just needs a win, after a string of losses
Eedeat Likkle
Eedeat Likkle Aylar önce
Achieved more in 8 months in Ukraine than United States of terrorists did in 20 years of dropping bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan 👏👏
Bruno K Sibyetekerwa
2 weeks ago we were talking of Ukraine almost retaking Ukraine's Donbas region. With just one move putin has changed the talk, now it's illegal annexation of Ukraine's Donbas region and more territories. Why are we always reactive. What happened to taking the lead and controlling the narrative of this war like it was in the beginning of the war?
Paul Gibbon
Paul Gibbon Aylar önce
What has this actually changed, beyond a bunch of Russian posturing? Nobody who wasn't Putin's poodle already is even pretending that these elections were valid. Ukraine is still going to march into them when they're ready.
Алина Кероман
Western media are always proactive. But real state of affairs is sometimes totally different. As well as support from the side of habitants. Try to check local news instead. Last years, there were some western bloggers in Donbass regions, always ashamed as liers and pro-russian or even pro-Putin agents. But it turned out, that they were right.
Howard Lam
Howard Lam Aylar önce
@Matthew evans they can't take back the southern half of kherson. They burned their own bridges.
Matthew evans
Matthew evans Aylar önce
@Bruno K Sibyetekerwa it's still Ukrainian territory, a blatantly rigged referendum doesn't change that and I severely doubt Ukraine will stop fighting because of this
Bruno K Sibyetekerwa
@Matthew evans good luck
Kim Cornelissen
Kim Cornelissen Aylar önce
and there is silly me thinking that the people of those regions really voted to be under Putin's rule. LOL
RAOUF PERCY Aylar önce
I stand with Russia 🇷🇺
Seil Aylar önce
No one asked
ducky 1
ducky 1 Aylar önce
Y did he bother declaring war and having thousands die when he could have just signed a piece of paper and declared territory/victory beforehand. Mans a genius 👏
Sarah K
Sarah K Aylar önce
Well that is what he asked for when Ukraine started killing people in those areas in 2014 but Ukraine refused.
Suluktinka Aylar önce
@billy blaa At least one clever comment.
Suluktinka Aylar önce
@Utabain So it should have left with what it came to the USSR - without all these Russian territories and that would have been fair.
Suluktinka Aylar önce
@Jesus of Nazareth That is a good question!
Alicia Dow
Alicia Dow Aylar önce
@BankroIII ever heard of sarcasm, or a joke... genius?
VVT Master
VVT Master Aylar önce
putin can proclaim that Alaska is russian as well😂
Siphinicsea36 Aylar önce
@The Macso And so what Putin can’t compare to nato
California Breeze
California Breeze Aylar önce
Bullshit!!! Don't mess with the USA!
Nick Coppard
Nick Coppard Aylar önce
Russia sold it , maybe I sell my Russian house then just take it back , goodo
The Macso
The Macso Aylar önce
@J Higgins he would do it after invasion lol
The Macso
The Macso Aylar önce
I wouldnt joke about it
Lorenz Broll
Lorenz Broll Aylar önce
Fiddling with himself whilst grinning and laughing in church he thought the queens death was a joke. Dr Krazy.
Michal Aylar önce
Doesn't look like a guy who would use the suicidal nuclear weapons
Siphinicsea36 Aylar önce
This is a facade he has a corrupt and greedy heart look can deceive
scoobywoo Aylar önce
Congratulations to those Ukrainians, twice now they've had to do this, let's hope Ukraine doesn't bomb them again for it....
The Macso
The Macso Aylar önce
Ukraine is powerless
Jose Angel
Jose Angel Aylar önce
Que comédia!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jon Allsop
Jon Allsop Aylar önce
Where have we seen this kind of land grab before and I don't think it ended well or quickly.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Aylar önce
The guy wearing a GAP hoodie saying the west will never win got me 😂
Dad Aylar önce
Last guy knew what he was talking about Ukraine joining nato is a threat to Russia 🎉
Parasite 41
Parasite 41 Aylar önce
Congratulation !
drukda lingping
drukda lingping Aylar önce
Signing a decree of my own downfall and espair
Funny man
Funny man Aylar önce
Remember that the uk is a democracy land so if the people don’t want it the government can’t do it
mapping shaman
mapping shaman Aylar önce
The Uk is a democracy like russia is an african tribe.
Farouq Omaro
Farouq Omaro Aylar önce
The best part about this signing ceremony is the vodka fuelled party afterwards.
Nick Pope
Nick Pope Aylar önce
Mr Putin is the best politician ever. Well done beautiful Russia 🇷🇺
Maxamad maracade Maxamad maracade
Vladimir putin good 👍 Russia 🇷🇺 guul 🇷🇺
Vlad Me
Vlad Me Aylar önce
The declarations he signed are not wothy the paper they are written on, they mean nothing to Ukraine
iskandaar arash
iskandaar arash Aylar önce
@Vlad Me "they mean nothing to Ukraine" ... Said the guy who doesn't know what "ukraine" means..
Paul Gibbon
Paul Gibbon Aylar önce
@Evgeny Kotovrasov To Russia only.
MrSwordfish58 watcher
@Vlad Me usa will pay untill the last ukr is standing....
Vlad Me
Vlad Me Aylar önce
@DV oh, yes, he does. He is cornered rat and he knows it
Vlad Me
Vlad Me Aylar önce
@Evgeny Kotovrasov 😂😂😂 what exactly will they mean to Ukraine? UA forces will continue to liberate ukrainian land no matter if pootin signed smth or not, lol
Tetiana Watson
Tetiana Watson Aylar önce
Lmao and today Ukraine took back one of the annexed towns in Donbass Lyman. His fake referendum means absolutely nothing! 😀 Slava Ukraini!🇺🇦
mai Aylar önce
Congratulations to mr, president peace and justice man Putin
Cat10980 Aylar önce
Signing a piece of paper that nobody else in the world recognises as legal is a pointless waste of ink.
Dima Vasilev
Dima Vasilev Aylar önce
This is madness!!!!
bendlor 🅥
bendlor 🅥 Aylar önce
Bush Blaire behaviour? I'd agree
cloudsoflilac Aylar önce
This is the rhythm of the night
Logan11 Aylar önce
This is fine
The Mighty Titan
The Mighty Titan Aylar önce
This is Sparta.
antoni8077 Aylar önce
This man's delusional
Mike Ford
Mike Ford Aylar önce
Well done Putin, this will keep NATO of your border 👍🏻 To end all conflict stop NATO expansions!
Omar Mirsalik TJ
Omar Mirsalik TJ Aylar önce
Good one😊
David Songer
David Songer Aylar önce
This man has no right to take land from another country and no right to force people to fight in a war that was started from a "power mad" person.
Rafał R
Rafał R Aylar önce
applause greetings from Poland
gordon Aylar önce
On 2022.9.30, Putin did the same thing as what Hitlerr did on 1938.9.30. 😆 'After his success in absorbing Austria into Germany proper in March 1938, Hitlerr looked covetously at Czechoslovakia. September 30, 1938: Hitlerr signed the Munich agreement to takeover Czechoslovakia's border regions, by which Czechoslovakia must surrender its border regions and defenses to Hitlerr.'
Are Are Are
Are Are Are Aylar önce
I just annexed the Kamchatka Peninsula for the Glory of Alaska. I also demand peace talks with Switzerland!!! I signed a paper, I planted a flag. I now own Kamchatka!!!!
Dr.Spaghetti Aylar önce
I just held a referendum to make sure this is true. 104% of Kamchatkans support joining Alaska!
Алина Кероман
So, then welcome to Kamchatka!
Ricky S
Ricky S Aylar önce
Held an election then left the land that didn't want to be Russian. Imagine if the leaders listened to the people voice over here like that
Dr.Spaghetti Aylar önce
Right, because a referendum run by Russian soldiers, in a war-zone they don’t fully control, resulting in 99.23% miraculously voting in favor, is _definitely_ democratic and fair
Siphinicsea36 Aylar önce
Well I mean it’s not really a vote when there are armed soldiers at your door is it?
Benghis Kahn
Benghis Kahn Aylar önce
So.... you'd be perfectly okay with the SNP holding an independence referendum in Scotland with pro-independence soldiers going from door to door forcing people to vote at gun-point?
woogle Aylar önce
I believe this
TheHo useholder
TheHo useholder Aylar önce
I’ve just signed papers here in my kitchen to annex Vladivostok next Thursday after lunch 🥗
Pikachudardis Aylar önce
I signed a decree saying I annexed the state of Florida so that’s mine now because I said so
David Gham
David Gham Aylar önce
a time to laugh and a time to cry. everyone has both times. no exceptions.
a Aylar önce
I hate it when the main steam media ignores the history of east Ukraine. Minsk protocol. For one main piece of history.
Charles Selby
Charles Selby Aylar önce
He's losing his war and his mind. Put in reeks of desperation
ilham tlam
ilham tlam Aylar önce
Putin is seriously a real life 😂😂 James Bond
David Opsina
David Opsina Aylar önce
Wow. Putin really is the size of a garden gnome.
yoislam2 Aylar önce
All of a sudden your showing us some Russian side news, I wonder why? well done media it’s about time.
Otakamerd Aylar önce
Putin really out here trying to one up the Coronavirus for numbers killed
jack jones
jack jones Aylar önce
are these the same places that the ukraine were bombing since 2014?
KwonDilla Aylar önce
He said "mordovians" not "moldovians" , fix your translations
Professor Zoom
Professor Zoom Aylar önce
@evkulkova ah I see it’s in Russia, thought they were talking about Moldova, thanks for clearing that up.
evkulkova Aylar önce
@Professor Zoom Mordovians - it's both Erzyas and Mokshas people who live in The Republic of Mordovia
Dr.Spaghetti Aylar önce
@Shambles Mordor is rightful Russian territory! Sauron is a puppet of the west!! 😂
Professor Zoom
Professor Zoom Aylar önce
This ain’t lord of the rings, Moldova is the name of the country
Shambles Aylar önce
R Aylar önce
This is nothing more than a morale move, he wants to show Ukraine that it's all official and above board. No one is that stupid.
davidocall Aylar önce
Actually it's more to do with what they can do constitutionally. Now that they're defending their own territory instead of occupying ukraine they can commit more troops, equipment and use nuclear weaponry.
Mythologue Aylar önce
They needed a victory considering how badly they've been performing so far.
davidocall Aylar önce
It's a bit deeper than that
Rock Aylar önce
Putin sounds running out of breath 😄😄😄
matrixmdog Aylar önce
Didn't they just lose a city in one of these annexed regions today 🤣🤣
Ultra291 Aylar önce
I've just annexed the Kremlin. I'm going to turn it into a giant bathroom.
Marcus Kingstanley
Marcus Kingstanley Aylar önce
correct me if i am wrong but i get the impression "international law" doesnt include the usa and israel. am i right?
Marcus Kingstanley
Marcus Kingstanley Aylar önce
@Paul Gibbon give me an original thought mate
Paul Gibbon
Paul Gibbon Aylar önce
k staples randoms
k staples randoms Aylar önce
I don't believe in war. However maybe we could have a special operation in Russia 😏
Jeff Hawk
Jeff Hawk Aylar önce
Great day for Russia an the new lands.
whatsgoingon Aylar önce
The irony of that guy talking so much nonsense & wearing a GAP hoodie 😂
Vadim Karp
Vadim Karp Aylar önce
The GAP hoodie made in India or Bangladesh, probably. Europe has nothing to do with that anymore
gurufabbes1 Aylar önce
Congrats Russia on your 4 new regions.
munang bradley
munang bradley Aylar önce
When Britain and Europe were “Discovering” us 😂😂😂 and naming our countries , “annexing” , “colonising”, … Africa , SE Asia, Hongkong … etc … Invasion of Afghanistan, Syria … etc … can y’all just shut up.
Rashad Ali
Rashad Ali Aylar önce
I have so much admiration and respect for Putin. Great leader and so fair 👍🙏
Alloneness Aylar önce
Yep..more realistic than u.s allies leaders..
Nothing Compare to you
Oh nice. That means, I can just walk into any country put a pink flag on it and declare mine. 😛
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
The GAP hooded man will be on the first flight out of Moscow once he gets his draft papers in the mail
Kieran McCaldon
Kieran McCaldon Aylar önce
So what were the results of those referendums they held? Cos if they voted to be part of Russia then it is what it is 😂
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