[Vinesauce] Vinny reacts to the Cast of the Mario Movie

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from 9.23.2021 Nintendo Direct ► trvid.com/video/video-qx0m73m71Eo.html
Clipped by Narry, SeedyZ, Nin10erd, Fireshock20, bantuatha257

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23 Eyl 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Larger than life
Larger than life 4 gün önce
Please cast Charles Martinet as Wario and make him be like in the Warioware games then i can die happy
Austin 5098
Austin 5098 5 gün önce
We are truly living in the Terminal 7 timeline
Aaron Kai Mcdonald
Aaron Kai Mcdonald 6 gün önce
ʷʰᵃᵗ ᵈᵒ ʸᵒᵘ ᵐᵉᵃⁿ, ᶦ'ˡˡ ᵈᵒ ᶦᵗ, ʷʰᵃᵗˀ, ʰᵉ'ˢ ˢᵒ ᶜᵒᵒˡ.
calci 6 gün önce
The worst thing this movie could be is boring. Please hope it’s not as boring as Jupiter Ascending turned out to be
myke 6 gün önce
He's so cool
Xisyera 6 gün önce
h e ' s s o c o o l !
Colin Childress
Colin Childress 10 gün önce
God I wish there was a version with chat too, they would be fucking exploding with pepe.
SpoTulip 10 gün önce
Got it right here trvid.com/video/video-Ox3Y3o0HkZo.html
BlamBlarson 10 gün önce
I've rewatched this so many fucking times already in the past week
Bohemen 11 gün önce
This casting rivals that of cats. I think this one will be a much more enjoyable movie, though.
V.N.O Speed Weed
V.N.O Speed Weed 11 gün önce
*What’s your spaghetti policy here?*
Matthew Buckley
Matthew Buckley 12 gün önce
Bowser: Did he just call me chubby?, It sounded like he called me chubby, I may not be able to defeat Mario but I will always fight a bully!
Menthes Thornburner
Menthes Thornburner 12 gün önce
I am a milkman, my milk is delicious. -Boyd from Psychonauts. At least we got Jack Black as Bowser, and Splatoon 3.
Guido Mista discovers the world wide web
The entire internet boomed with laughter in this day.
Clay3613 14 gün önce
So happy to see Vinny acting like his old self.
Mycelium Roach
Mycelium Roach 14 gün önce
nintendo did this to spite that one youtuber who said celeb vc is ruining the industry
beep boop
beep boop 14 gün önce
the cast will either subvert our expectations or this will turn into the most meme-worthy movie of ALL TIME!
melloyello 15 gün önce
he’s so cool
Bennett K
Bennett K 15 gün önce
I like how Vinny goes through an array of emotions as each cast member is revealed. Mario was met with shock Peach was met with indifference Luigi was met with amusement Bowser was met with anger Toad was met with disgust And Donkey Kong was met with acceptance as he immediately slips into an impression
The person who is MILES away from you
The best time line, i would watch laughing like a god damn psycho
TheDaringPastry1313 16 gün önce
I hope Illumination isn't using the same dated animation they have used since like 2012 (That's a given) .... They spend 65-75M on every movie and don't innovate on visuals or writing. They make bank with profits, but it's all the same. Pixar dropped like 30M on Toy Story, then 90M on Toy Story 2, but are now spending 150-200M per movie since 2007 ... I don't have high hopes for this movie, especially with Illumination behind it. I also wonder why they didn't take an approach like Wall-E where some characters talk a lot, but some don't have to. I think it's going to be so odd with everyone talking a lot D: lol
Juho 16 gün önce
I thought this is V sauce
A nice glass of milk
A nice glass of milk 16 gün önce
Why do I expect a musical number with jack black as bowser
Kuroi Noir
Kuroi Noir 16 gün önce
José H
José H 11 gün önce
At least he was in Brütal Legend, that's something I guess
Ragamuffin Skullman
Ragamuffin Skullman 14 gün önce
Julian de Castro
Julian de Castro 16 gün önce
You know when I first heard him say there was going to be a mario movie, I assumed it would be a film where none of the characters talk apart from small voice clips and noises. You know, LIKE HOW THE GAMES ARE! I thought I would be cool to have an actual animated mario movie with nice visual storytelling. But I so, so wrong. Still gonna watch it though.
asexualtrickster 16 gün önce
"What the fuck timeline do we live in?" is such a mood for the past few years....
Kiribbean 16 gün önce
That defeated "Whaddya mean? I'LL do it!" was so adorable.
Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher 16 gün önce
1:03 LMAO
Sweet Floppa
Sweet Floppa 16 gün önce
vinny could literally voice every single one of these by himself
OpenThisSideUp 16 gün önce
Charlie's Mansion
Freeblade Invictus
Freeblade Invictus 16 gün önce
This movie will either prove this is the best or worst timeline
W.D. Dragneel
W.D. Dragneel 16 gün önce
I could only think about Vin, when I saw this happening before me.
InkHatEndo 17 gün önce
You should've voiced mario
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 17 gün önce
Luigi hoped that Princess Peach had made "lotsa spaghetti". Charlie hoped that Dee was taking him for a "Spaghetti Day". It's like poetry, it rhymes
Toastie 17 gün önce
"he's so cool"
VideoGameProductions 17 gün önce
I knew his reaction would be the best
Shahrooz Smith
Shahrooz Smith 17 gün önce
All that's missing is Danny Devito as Wario.
ThatFanBoyGuy 17 gün önce
Every Nintendo fan watching this annoucement: "Am I on candid camera? Am I being punk'd?"
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty 17 gün önce
Morimoto didn't say he's cool in the japanise version he said something els. Just pointing it out.
SnowStorm 17 gün önce
Everyone at Anna: oh that makes sense. Everyone at literally anyone else in the cast list: *incoherent screaming* This is why I love reactions.
Bayonettas Ass
Bayonettas Ass 17 gün önce
I love how everyone just simulationously agrees that Anya should be Peach.
Joel Dowell
Joel Dowell 17 gün önce
Charlie Day at least makes some sense
Xanji -San
Xanji -San 17 gün önce
I pee’d my bed hearing the Seth Rogen voice. Thanks Vin.
Black Metal
Black Metal 17 gün önce
he's so cool
JoseTV 17 gün önce
Michael Pena for me
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 17 gün önce
The fact that Twitter is melting down over Chris Pratt is good, fuck Twitter, I’ll be watching this movie just for most of the cast. Only one I won’t be watching it for is Seth Rogen
DJ AidonYG
DJ AidonYG 17 gün önce
A deeper voiced Mario is better for longer lines such as shows and movies
Oney Buttwillies
Oney Buttwillies 17 gün önce
Its literally being made by the same insane bastards that made the minions
Sinistrality 18 gün önce
Vinny should've been casted as Luigi, he is the only italian that is perfect for this role.
Jenny Fazbear 1987
Jenny Fazbear 1987 18 gün önce
If i was in charge of casting, i would put Jack Black on the Mario role, and put Chris Pratt on the Luigi role
mapvectorEX 18 gün önce
Morimoto didn't say he's cool in the japanise version he said something els. Just pointing it out.
mapvectorEX 17 gün önce
@NintendianaJones64 he was handsome. They censored that.
NintendianaJones64 17 gün önce
What did he say in the Japanese version?
The King of Antarctica
This movie will be best enjoyed on copious amounts of ecstasy.
SilverFlight01 18 gün önce
Man, this clip nyoomed into Most Views fast.
Funny Bone
Funny Bone 18 gün önce
Vinny would be a better Mario than Chris Pratt because he sounds more like a high pitched Mario, a normal sounding Mario, than Chris has ever sounded in his movies In fact, Charlie should be Mario and Chris should be Luigi, that’s closer to how both characters sound like
FireFlame 18 gün önce
Vinny would make a better Mario than Chris Pratt
Zoraida Alvarez
Zoraida Alvarez 18 gün önce
I admire him for not instantly losing it when Seth Rogen showed up
Homeless End
Homeless End 18 gün önce
Something a bit depressing about this (if it comes true) is that a game would probably be made based off this movie, and Charles Martinet may not be in it as the main characters
SeriousUguu 18 gün önce
From "Why is Gamora" to "Why is Chris Pratt".
Draco Bellator
Draco Bellator 18 gün önce
Misairu 18 gün önce
Like Chris Pratt and princess beach
Rocket Eagle
Rocket Eagle 18 gün önce
Vinny should have been Mario and Luigi it was a no brainer (aka illumination) 😭
Just me Luigi
Just me Luigi 18 gün önce
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 18 gün önce
"What do you mean? I'll do it!" - Vinny Pizza pasta man Nintendo hire this man
Mike Tacos
Mike Tacos 18 gün önce
“Mar Eye-Oh! Is there a Mar Eye-Oh?” “It’s Mario.” “Mawreeo- you wanna go to war, Mar Eye-Oh? Cuz I’ll go to war. I’m for real.”
AppSmasher 18 gün önce
Lou Albano and Bob Hoskins are rolling in their graves.
Breton Claycomb
Breton Claycomb 18 gün önce
This is the worst fucking timeline.
roujiteku 18 gün önce
i almost missed that subtle jack black impression 0:52
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 18 gün önce
What a slap in the face to Charles Martinet.
MrFuggleGuggle 18 gün önce
Al Pacino as Waluigi and DeNiro as Wario, make it happen.
Sonic THD
Sonic THD 19 gün önce
Everyone: disgusting Seth appears: *its voice acting time*
Soulnoid Crew
Soulnoid Crew 19 gün önce
Trigon is Kamek and not Bowser
BlueKazuki 19 gün önce
Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong, Michael Cera as Diddy Kong
Simon Lund
Simon Lund 19 gün önce
obviously Charles Martinet will be voicing Paarthurnax in his cameo
Kane 19 gün önce
I can't believe we get Chris pratt as Mario and Charles as a cameo! Hollywood shows once again that they have no idea what we want or why we like these games they love to ruin
That Sexy Ganon
That Sexy Ganon 19 gün önce
I can't wait for the live action Zelda movie to see who voices me.
Mama Luigi
Mama Luigi 19 gün önce
You could hear his voice crack upon seeing Chris Pratt.
tripleswaggaroni 19 gün önce
Can’t wait for Vinny to play Sponge in the new mario movie
mastersword48 19 gün önce
"what do you mean!? I'll do it."NGL I'd be down for Vinny voicing Mario in a legit movie. Nintendo really fucked up there
SadisticColt 19 gün önce
God I wish there was a face cam for this
Jean Arthur
Jean Arthur 19 gün önce
I am not brave enough to see this reaction
Jean Arthur
Jean Arthur 19 gün önce
I stopped at the first frame of Chris's face,. Icant
lone pix101
lone pix101 19 gün önce
What a slap in the face to Charles Martinet.
TeciorRibbon 19 gün önce
Anya Taylor-Joy as Luigi
Louis Greenland
Louis Greenland 19 gün önce
i love how the actor for mario for over 20 years doesn't even play mario in his own movie
吉良吉影 19 gün önce
So cool
pleasebepatientwithme 19 gün önce
"what u mean ill do it" lmfaooo
Meccy 19 gün önce
I would imagine Key toad would have absolutely broken him if not for the fact he was already exhausted after like 30 seconds.
Brandon Spain
Brandon Spain 19 gün önce
What a wasted opportunity to cast Danny DeVito as Mario. He was considered for the 1993 movie at the time, and this would be the perfect time to try again. I know he's a good voice actor too. So WTF did they do that?
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 gün önce
Reducing the original voice of Mario to a Stan Lee cameo feels.. wrong
Natalie Woolf
Natalie Woolf 19 gün önce
Between this and the Kanye West globgogabgalab thing I’m really starting to believe I’m in a simulation and either the code is glitching or the shitlord playing this garbage is about to drop me in an empty pool, remove the ladder, and light me on fire.
Pupper 19 gün önce
Bro is Mario a Guardian of the Galaxy?
pootis spencer
pootis spencer 19 gün önce
Who would play Sponge?
Meme Machine
Meme Machine 19 gün önce
This cast lineup makes the Donkey Kong Country CGI cartoon look like an oasis in a desert compared to this.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 19 gün önce
Vinny would have been a better choice as Mario and Luigi
sab3re 19 gün önce
It should've been vinny.
Imahumanpleaseloveme 19 gün önce
Gilbert Gottfried would've been a better choice for toad
Sam Judge
Sam Judge 19 gün önce
Bit random don't you think?
sam47hl 19 gün önce
lemonkirb 19 gün önce
I'm more confused by Keegan-Micheal-Key as Toad than Chris Pratt as Mario
Graham Gruber
Graham Gruber 19 gün önce
Charlie Day as Luigi is fucking Diamond studded Gold.
Kalib Davis
Kalib Davis 19 gün önce
Man said I'll do it
Super Epic Miner
Super Epic Miner 19 gün önce
I love how he goes “I’ll do it” knowing that he has completely mastered the Mario voice
Mo Chann
Mo Chann 20 gün önce
Idk man the fact that Charles Martinet is in the movie makes Chris Pratt Mario hurt even more
The man
The man 20 gün önce
Charlie and Anya feel like the only ones that would make the most sense for their characters Well, I can see Jack as bowser
Tactical_Slime 20 gün önce
Yup we live in the most chaotic timeline
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