Vikings vs. 49ers Week 12 Highlights | NFL 2021

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The Minnesota Vikings take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 12 of the 2021 NFL season.

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27 Kas 2021




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risk Aylar önce
Deebo Samuel is doing a marvelous job remaking the 2019 49ers
lanyt 4 gün önce
@Tora Chan ok
gunner 3477
gunner 3477 Aylar önce
@Clayton LoneTree That's not the Niners problem. Vikings should play better then.
richman300 Aylar önce
Ong he is and my bois coming back from injury if we still had matt brieta we’d be 7-3
Jason S
Jason S Aylar önce
He's so talented...fast & powerful reminds of a wide receiver version of Bo Jackson
The Gut Diver
The Gut Diver Aylar önce
man he’s been carrying since
Lycan4647 Aylar önce
Deebo Samuel really has over 1000 receiving yards, 5 receiving Tds and 5 rushing Tds he is a freak of nature! 🔥🏈
zachpm1309 Aylar önce
Perry Conrad
Perry Conrad Aylar önce
He’s a beast
Markus Plotz
Markus Plotz Aylar önce
@Mrbinkles-Minnesota Vikings Fan-Minnesota Wild Fan ok
Dwantee Toxey
Dwantee Toxey Aylar önce
@Tim Hill bro are you good cuz you look like you was having a spasm or something what the hell happened? weird.
90bayarea Aylar önce
I happy he’s getting the respect now. Took too long for people to recognize deebo’s talent
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g Aylar önce
49ers all of a sudden 6-5 well positioned for a Wild Card and on the Rams heels, just a month after fans wanted Kyle gone.
Jason Walsh
Jason Walsh Aylar önce
@TayK 47 you keep pointing to one game the Packers game and smelling ur own damn farts. Forget the one packer game. How about every game after that one game. That's what I am talking about running the football after the Packers game. You must be one of those ppl who love to hear the sound of their own voice. Yt genius...? Everyone has an opinion why are you getting so mad bc I stated mine. Are you a fan-atic? Where u need to eat n breathe ur favorite teams koolaid regardless if aligns with reality. Try n explain how it took this long to go back to what actually worked.
Michael Wall
Michael Wall Aylar önce
Kyle is one of the best coaches in the nfl.
Brandon Oum Cinema
Brandon Oum Cinema Aylar önce
The niner fans ain't taking nun of that, lol. The talent is too crazy for us to be 6-5, especially with Kyle at HC. It's a good thing Kyle was in the hotseat.
Rich Ayala
Rich Ayala Aylar önce
@Jesus Loza I’ve been a niner fan probably longer than you’ve been alive.. Stfu and stay in your lane young buck :) I swear these new niner fans are toxic af with all that noise.. You ain’t even worth talking football with, so go ahead I’ll give you the last word ✌🏻
Jesus Loza
Jesus Loza Aylar önce
@Rich Ayala Bro really? Stfu with that noise. Armstead is a good lineman. Yea i hated seeing buckner leaving to but bro really? Get off this channel and get your arse back to the black hole where you belong you wannabe niner fan
Riteous Right Hand
Riteous Right Hand Aylar önce
Mitchell looks like he never gives up a negative play. Always falling forward!
Shawn Nielsen
Shawn Nielsen Aylar önce
It looked pretty bleak when Mostert was ruled out but Mitchell has really risen to the occasion. Good for him!
Tim Eubanks
Tim Eubanks Aylar önce
mitchell ... Mitchell ... MITCHELL - Joe Buck
Salvador Sandoval
Salvador Sandoval Aylar önce
Beast asf
Cornbread 70's
Cornbread 70's Aylar önce
One of the best surprises this year. Niner nation stand up
Dennis Robbins
Dennis Robbins Aylar önce
Tough tough runner!
Antoine Tran
Antoine Tran Aylar önce
My God was that a nail bitter. What a game. Let's go niners!
App Quit
App Quit Aylar önce
we always eat crap the first half
Hai Boai
Hai Boai Aylar önce
Antoine Tran
Antoine Tran Aylar önce
I have a feeling we are going to see Rodgers and the packers in the playoffs.. to early to tell but I feel it.
J B Aylar önce
The kind of game the Niners needed. A little adversity to start the game but they settled down and stuck to the game plan. Good team win!
sandvich48 Aylar önce
@Lane Splitter fortunately cousins is no Rodgers.
Sports311 Aylar önce
Deebo Samuel is one of the most gifted athlete that the niners have with his ability to run the football and catch
Samuel Sir
Samuel Sir Aylar önce
Good game, Vikings. I love how the Niners are hitting their stride middle of the season! Let's go smash the Seacocks!!!
App Quit
App Quit Aylar önce
@Millennial Fury keep crying salty bandwagon
Gray Wolf
Gray Wolf Aylar önce
Do you realize what you posted?
App Quit
App Quit Aylar önce
lets fry these birds.
goldgorilla6 Aylar önce
Slapped Aylar önce
Ayo wat
Josh Fiorino
Josh Fiorino Aylar önce
Vikings are such a talented team. Hats off to the vikings. Tough game for my 9ers just glad we got the dub. Prayers up for dalvin too!! Speedy recovery!! 🙏🙏
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Aylar önce
@DakahriGT ofc it could they both were 5-5 both average teams the niners got the better of them but the guy in the comment section was talking about how the vikings are talented and yet they are 5-6
DakahriGT Aylar önce
@Dan The Man that game could’ve went either way I mean the niners literally had the same record going in what does that say about them ?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Aylar önce
@Julian Castillo the vikings
Julian Castillo
Julian Castillo Aylar önce
@Dan The Man who the niners because there team was mostly injured or not ready and I think a lot of the teams were not ready
Dan The Man
Dan The Man Aylar önce
They 5-6 for a reason if they talented they wouldn't be a losing team
elijah mccourtney
elijah mccourtney Aylar önce
Deebo’s been such a beast this year
Dawson Demontiney
Dawson Demontiney Aylar önce
Don't forget how good Mitchell is! I remember so many people bitchin over how many rbs drafted last year
Mr. Math Expert
Mr. Math Expert Aylar önce
Find out who the ten worst NFL teams of the 21st Century are…. trvid.com/video/video-LWNXmQSQjRw.html
Gseric47 Aylar önce
Facts. Crazy I met his little bro a few months back.
killjoy0 Aylar önce
He has and was today, but today was expected considering the vikings were missing all of their starters on their defensive line.
Dis Dood
Dis Dood Aylar önce
Hope deebo is back by the hawks game! he's kinda been carrying the 9ers this season, team is incomplete without him. Same goes for fred warner, hope he gets better too. Also hope dalvin cook gets better, even as a 9ers fan myself, I respect the guy and hope he's okay :)
Keith Prater
Keith Prater Aylar önce
They’re both out for two weeks 🤦‍♂️
Zed Animates
Zed Animates Aylar önce
Yo I'm niners fan too, and for Wildcard, we're in the position right now to be the 2nd Wildcard team. Rams is first right now, and a lot of teams are 5-6 in the NFC tbh. Also, so happy that we have 3 wins a row, we had 4 losses earlier this season, and hopefully we can get at least 4 wins in a row this season too.
Mook DaVillan
Mook DaVillan Aylar önce
If Elijah Mitchell can make the right cuts out there he would’ve had at least 200yds rushing if cut to the outside. But solid game by him. Let’s go Niners!
Nhat Nguyen
Nhat Nguyen Aylar önce
I wish Kyle would stop over using him, and save him for later. Like late in the game against the Jags, he’s still taking snaps. Take him out already.
Ryan Gibbons
Ryan Gibbons Aylar önce
@gunner 3477 I agree he's good. I disagree with the statement he could have had 200 yards. He is good at consistently getting 5 yards, but he hasn't broken a big run since the first game. He's well rounded but not a home run threat yet
alohashyne Aylar önce
@Ryan Gibbons he runs a 4.3 40. I think your right about him being exhausted. He had 27 carries yesterday😲
Sports All day
Sports All day Aylar önce
@Ryan Gibbons he was playing with a broken finger
MrJimbofett Aylar önce
Mitchell has the potential. However, most the time Kyle uses him to get decent yardage, while also chewing up the clock. Not my strategy for a win, but it works. Now if this was Madden, yeah TD's all day long. If I had Mitchell I would run plays all day with a end score of like 107 to 3. But that is the magical world of Madden
BboyZoinks Aylar önce
Vikings have been having nail biters all season long! It’s been a harsh season but with amazing games from our amazing players against amazing teams. Good win 49ers. Best of luck from a Vikings fan
Cc Davis
Cc Davis Aylar önce
Classic game from two teams that showed a lot of fight. True heavyweight fight just the niners have a more healthy better defense which makes them a better team . Good luck the rest of the way y’all from a Vikings fan
Hai Voai
Hai Voai Aylar önce
Douglas Hurd
Douglas Hurd Aylar önce
As a Viking fan .. 49ers were game, and showed up .
Bobector Aylar önce
Very fun game to watch. You could tell both teams wanted to play that game. Good game 👌 from a niners fan
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
Let me say it again: DEEBO SAMUEL IS A TOP 5 PLAYER IN THE NFL RIGHT NOW Also prayers up to him and Dalvin Cook🙏🏾
ItsZix Aylar önce
@El cuau jefferson and Davontae Have 1000 too
Hai Boai
Hai Boai Aylar önce
M Aylar önce
@Antii what’s goofy besides you? 🤡🤡🤣 he’s speaking facts weirdo
Antii Aylar önce
@ThePasterio you sound mad goofy bro 😂
Adam Garcia
Adam Garcia Aylar önce
@ThePasterio he absolutely can and DOES run a full route tree. Goes to show you don't know crap. The issue is he has a QB who can't throw the whole route tree.
Xero Solar
Xero Solar Aylar önce
For neutral fans, 9ers and Vikings are so fun to watch, I knew this game would be a blast!
CLo Aylar önce
@Shane Charles over thinking the f about what I mean ,but keep burning brain cells
Shane Charles
Shane Charles Aylar önce
@CLo hes right...not going for one or the other is just being a neutral football fan...assuming the team you go for has nothing to win/lose with the outcome of this game.
the glasses riley
the glasses riley Aylar önce
Big time fans
CLo Aylar önce
wdym neutral fans? aren't we all just football fans at the end of the day .?
The Ukrainian Intellect
I’m glad our suffering makes you happy. Skol Vikes
Fixer Upper
Fixer Upper Aylar önce
This was a close game....Good to see the 9ers win. Deebo and Aiuke both had some good plays, Ellijay Mitchell played well, Bosa had a sack, the 9ers are starting to get in rhythm. LET'S GO!!!!!!!
F Sk
F Sk Aylar önce
Prayers up for Dalvin Cook man, hope he recovers. But how about San Francisco? Kyle Shanahan has his team back in the mix and literally has Deebo Samuel set up as a RB as well as a WR. Could see SF in a Wild Card spot if they keep up the great performances.
Robby Taylor
Robby Taylor Aylar önce
@jordan watts I’m gonna be at the game I wonder if we can slow down burrow and that passing offense you all got I hope it’s a good game and good luck to you all
Sin Aylar önce
@Riteous Right Hand right! I mean the vikings beat the best team in the nfl last week GB. But that doesn't mean they winning the superbowl
Riteous Right Hand
Riteous Right Hand Aylar önce
@Sin I think, it's just the idea that the team has put together a really decent stretch. Against bad teams, that's certainly arguable. The Rams are considered a contender, though, and we dominated them. Fans are just juiced at the idea of the ship being righted.
jordan watts
jordan watts Aylar önce
Would be interesting to see if my team the Bengals can stop such a potent run offence Mitchell and samuel are monsters. I cant wait!!
Robby Taylor
Robby Taylor Aylar önce
Right now we are the 2nd wildcard and the Vikings are now right behind us they were right in front of us and the rams are only one game ahead of us from us being the first wildcard
Tiger Hoods
Tiger Hoods Aylar önce
These 2 teams definitely resemble each other they are up and down all year. Either of them can be Undefeated or winless
Sin Aylar önce
Wheres all the 9ners fan saying they gonna win out and win the superbowl hahahahahhahaa yall lost to seahawks today hahaha
Sin Aylar önce
@Clipped It because. We was taking about the 2 wins before this game.
Clipped It
Clipped It Aylar önce
@Sin how are you only going to mention 2 wins and not 3
Armando Pacheco-Soto
@KobeFan when healthy they're a top 4 roster, I'd put the packers bucs and browns ahead of them
KobeFan Aylar önce
@Armando Pacheco-Soto Cook is out for a bit, Hunter has been out of the season with injury for a few weeks now. Everson Griffin is dealing with some issues off the field. Makes sense they can't win together, they aren't even on the field together
Isaac Fournier
Isaac Fournier Aylar önce
I was at the game. So hype and a great win for the niners!
James Allen
James Allen Aylar önce
@Isaac Fournier 👍😀
Isaac Fournier
Isaac Fournier Aylar önce
@James Allen it's clutch having a friend who is a season ticket holder lmao. plus, it was my first nil game so I was extra hyped
SFforlife Aylar önce
Still won’t change the outcome of this game, crybaby.
James Allen
James Allen Aylar önce
@Millennial Fury your delusional
Jackson C.
Jackson C. Aylar önce
@James Allen 34-31
PaPa Stacy Gamblin
PaPa Stacy Gamblin Aylar önce
3 wins in a row! Lets Go 49ers 🏈 #1
The Bog
The Bog Aylar önce
@ainita dump I’m gonna hope in the two weeks time it took for me to respond to your comment, you’ve come to the realization that we played the Cardinals after the bears game, which we lost, we then went on our 3 game win streak
ainita dump
ainita dump Aylar önce
@The Bog really bro.. Bears, Rams, Jags, Vikings.. how many wins is that in 4 weeks?
The Bog
The Bog Aylar önce
@E-Light aah I see😂
E-Light Aylar önce
@The Bog Time traveller you see? They beat Seattle next week😖
The Bog
The Bog Aylar önce
@ainita dump you are unfortunately incorrect my good sir
Sckipt Aylar önce
Deebo my be the greatest athlete we have seen in the NFL for a long time. He has speed, agility, toughness, and amazing hands for the game. Def gotta give credit to Eli Mitchell tho, you can tell he he helps keep Deebo more fresh on the ground. The fact that Kittle doesn't have to be targeted so much and the 49ers are winning makes the team real scary.
Danghai Aylar önce
Deebo Samuel is doing a marvelous job remaking the 2019 49ers. They are now already playoff contenders!
Steven Buell
Steven Buell Aylar önce
Yes but we play sloppy I feel ..Jimmy G still iS not That good I feel . I start benching my players to keep the. Fresh as much as possible
Mr. Math Expert
Mr. Math Expert Aylar önce
Find out who the ten worst NFL teams of the 21st Century are!!!!! ! trvid.com/video/video-LWNXmQSQjRw.html
Alex Perez
Alex Perez Aylar önce
@Clipped It Norman is not upcoming he has some good plays but he also has horrible pi calls and let’s a lot of big plays go a lot but I do agree with the other players u listed also greenlaw is good when healthy too but overall I would say Mosley is a better cb than Norman
Clipped It
Clipped It Aylar önce
@JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only bosa, ford, armstead are not stars? what about warner, ward, and upcoming norman?
Sin Aylar önce
@Jon Collins reading your comments you are so delusional. Both teams has great players. But to say your going to win out etc.... is a bit extreme. Remember yall only beat the vikings
Zachary Hain
Zachary Hain Aylar önce
SF had a great win today. Congrats to Deebo, he's one of the best players on that Niners squad. I hope his injury isn't too serious and he comes back soon. San Fran has a final good final 6-game stretch with a divisional game against LAR and a divisional game against Seattle next week. They also have games against Cincy, Atlanta, Tennessee and Houston. San Fran could win 3 or more games in this final stretch. Hopefully the Niners end up making the playoffs but we'll see what happens. The Niners are #6 right now so they're in position but they need to keep the pressure on. The Vikings are also currently in a playoff position, #7 to be exact, and they also need to keep winning. They have an easier final 6-game stretch with 4 divisional games, (2 against the Bears, 1 against Green Bay and 1 against Detroit next week), as well as games against Pittsburgh and LAR. I see Minnesota winning 3 or 4 of these final 6 games. So, they could make the playoffs but we'll have to see.
Mark M
Mark M Aylar önce
We’re peaking at the right time. A couple weeks ago ppl would’ve scratched us off as an easy W, now I think nobody wants to see us especially in the NFC if we’re playing at this level
Jermale Price
Jermale Price Aylar önce
I disagree
Tyler Gagner
Tyler Gagner Aylar önce
As a Vikings fan I didn’t want to see them play the 49ers lol.
Robby Joe Welcome1
Robby Joe Welcome1 Aylar önce
This was a great playoff level game. Can't wait for next week against them Seahawks. Gunna be lit
Ay yo phone ringin
Ay yo phone ringin Aylar önce
Niners getting it going at the right time👌👌
RassRevenger Aylar önce
@Stee Stee yeah but as things stands we'll be the number 2 wildcard. If you're in you have a chance
SKYWOLF GBM Aylar önce
The whole team looks good and we got the W even though they said we will lose. Much credit to Vikings, they are tuff.
Joe Heasley
Joe Heasley Aylar önce
For the 9ers who cares about winning the division unless you Get the top seed for the bye. Not like the 9ers are strong at home no so just get in this year
Stee Stee
Stee Stee Aylar önce
@Siege824's , it is how you start and finish, which is why even if the 49ers win the rest of their games they probably won't win their division.
RassRevenger Aylar önce
As are the Chiefs time to run it back Red on red Superbowl final
Gabriel Gomez
Gabriel Gomez Aylar önce
Vikings going for it on fourth every time like a game of John Madden.
elijah mccourtney
elijah mccourtney Aylar önce
Fun fact: this year Deebo has more rushing TDS than Dalvin cook
Jesse Aylar önce
Cook has spent too much time injured this season.
IShowStrength Aylar önce
@Gael Castillo The only person who was left at the adoption center was you when yo dad had to get the milk and never came back 😹👎 L bozo ratio
Gael Castillo
Gael Castillo Aylar önce
@IShowStrength Ur parents -Oh wait😂 i forgot you don't have any.Man they made a great choice to leave you at the adoption center😂🤡
IShowStrength Aylar önce
@Gael Castillo Who asked you to be born? Your parents wish they could unown u bro 😹😹😹😹
Chiefin Aylar önce
@Moseh Lewi I'd put Thielen in there too, man's is a RedZone nightmare, good list tho.
High Voltage Media
High Voltage Media Aylar önce
This game took years off my life. Good game Vikings. Best of luck going forward.
gunner 3477
gunner 3477 Aylar önce
@Millennial Fury What calls were missed for the Vikings that the Niners got.
gunner 3477
gunner 3477 Aylar önce
@Millennial Fury Dude stop. There were missed calls on both sides.
High Voltage Media
High Voltage Media Aylar önce
@Millennial Fury Zimmer? Is that you?
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno Aylar önce
good game to the Vikings. They played hard and gave a valiant effort. Im super proud of my Niners!!!! The first half of the season was riddled with injuries and missed opportunities. I'm really glad to see Jimmy G looking good and feeling confident. Elijah Mitchell is a BEAST!!! Raheem Mostert can take a back seat cuz this kid is way better equipped to handle the load. I'm not hating on Raheem, but I just feel that he can't carry 80% of the load. I feel like Mitchell is our future and I wouldn't be surprised if Raheem gets traded. I want both of them cuz a triple threat is always better. I hope we keep up the momentum and I hope we can secure a wild card spot at the end of the season.
Pimp Den
Pimp Den Aylar önce
Maybe it’s just me but I see a lot of Gore in Mitchell’s run game and that just hype’s me up even more!
Tim G
Tim G Aylar önce
The Vikings are one of the most frustrating teams to watch in the entire NFL. So many chances and so many opportunities. Wasted.
ricrica2012 Aylar önce
so tough to watch when they're controlling the game and somehow the defense decides to take an extended break for two quarters. so many guys missing their Gap on the run over running the play. very very frustrating
Gamer4Life_07 Aylar önce
Man what a close game. I'm glad my Niners got the dub! I just hope Deebo and Fred Warners injuries aren't to serious. Good game for sure! Off to Seahawks next. 6-5 not bad at all.
Sonny Lopez
Sonny Lopez Aylar önce
As great as deebo is my boy aiyuk been putting in work as well. Hats off to both of them, they are deadly!!!
Cheezus Aylar önce
Facts!!! Ever since they Lynch pressed em he been killing
Siege824's Aylar önce
Mr. Math Expert
Mr. Math Expert Aylar önce
Find out who the ten worst NFL teams of the 21st Century are! trvid.com/video/video-LWNXmQSQjRw.html
Paul K
Paul K Aylar önce
What an insane game! So much fun to watch! Congrats 49ers!
illigmanati Aylar önce
3rd qtr was wild af good job niners!
Calvin Calvin
Calvin Calvin Aylar önce
Glad deebo is getting the recognition he deserves. Been one of my favourite wrs since he entered the league with his physicality
Michael Strode
Michael Strode Aylar önce
Best win this year. Vikings were improving and looking very strong. I had it 50/50...if Niners of early season showed up, they will get blown out. If a more adverse Niners team we have been starting to watch shows up, it will be a big challenge, but we have a chance. Proud of this Niners win today. If this is not the booster shot they needed to continue into the playoffs...I do not know what more they need.
Moaaz Rafiq
Moaaz Rafiq Aylar önce
Cousins actually has DECENT stats over a 10 yr career, just continuously bombs during important moments wen game is on the line during big games like this
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry Aylar önce
Great win for the 9ers! Let’s keep this thing rolling!
Abe Aylar önce
Vikings and Niners are my two favorite NFL teams. But I like 49ers more, so I’m happier than if Vikings would had won. I believe in Jimmy G, he’s our best option. He can take us to playoffs this year and we can reach the NFC finals. GG Vikings, hope you’ll win all of your next games.
David Wiland
David Wiland Aylar önce
This is an absolutely huge win for us, we are in the wild card picture and are now one loss behind the rams
Dark Eldar Master Race
This was an incredible game!
Scott Young
Scott Young Aylar önce
Man Kirk Cousins could ran that ball for touchdowns like two times
Hassan Saleh
Hassan Saleh Aylar önce
Bro I was thinking the same. Dude could’ve ran it in twice on the goal line
RtroyD Aylar önce
Love hate love..lol
Silas Aylar önce
@László Németh he’s better
László Németh
László Németh Aylar önce
he played a good first half, and I was like Cousins found his mojo. then second half came with a flop face first. he is not really bad, just mediocre on NFL level, like his counterpart in this match Garoppolo.
Bom King
Bom King Aylar önce
He sucks in big moment
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Rodriguez Aylar önce
49ers eat up so much of the clock with the run game. Good stuff
elijah mccourtney
elijah mccourtney Aylar önce
I think Deebo is secretly a top 5 RB and WR
yonk4949 Aylar önce
@DruMeister yeah, he was.
DruMeister Aylar önce
Wwasn't Deebo a RB in his high school days or something?
Bobector Aylar önce
Not even gonna lie I get more hyped when he runs and breaks free for a touchdown then when he gets a receiving touchdown 😄
marco Aylar önce
His speed is insane just look how he turns on the jets at 5:00
Moseh Lewi
Moseh Lewi Aylar önce
We going to the playoffs for sure. Go niners !!!
Fisher Steven
Fisher Steven Aylar önce
49ers are starting to look like the 49ers. Must win NEXT week against Seattle Seahawks. Rams lost today NFC West is changing 49ers empire for life 💯
Bobector Aylar önce
I don't even care about winning the div I just want to us to get back to the playoffs haha
EmptyHand49 Aylar önce
Cardinals still have a chance to implode if they lose games vs the Rams, Colts, Cowboys, and Seahawks.
Riteous Right Hand
Riteous Right Hand Aylar önce
@Alex Perez yup the cards are gonna win the division. But that's ok. We just need the chance, to put some games together in the postseason. Plus, every game we win, takes some thunder away from Miami.
Alex Perez
Alex Perez Aylar önce
The nfc west isn’t going to change much even if the niners pass the rams they will remain in the wildcard do to still being behind the cardinals plus the cardinals will have a tiebreaker against the 49ers so it would be extremely difficult to take the lead in the division from them but they definitely could surpass the rams and be the 5th seed
Mr. Math Expert
Mr. Math Expert Aylar önce
Find out who the ten worst NFL teams of the 21st Century are….. trvid.com/video/video-LWNXmQSQjRw.html
りゅうかく Aylar önce
Good game. Could go either way. Hats off to the Vikings. Respect ✊
Bron0x Aylar önce
Blowing it classic vikings style, always coming back to cheer next week tho
D. Reyes
D. Reyes Aylar önce
@Matt T ya salty , niner gangg
Matt T
Matt T Aylar önce
@Tristan’s Film Room naw, they are average but the vikings are below average it turns out.
Matt T
Matt T Aylar önce
Nope. am done for the season. they need to stop giving the ball to cook and get it to jefferson.
Tristan’s Film Room
@Max Bar the 49ers are straight up just the better team
Max Bar
Max Bar Aylar önce
@ActualFantom Vikes blew it! That's what they're good at. Losing to teams that shouldn't win, during the second half.
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns Aylar önce
Kirks face at the end after overthrowing Jefferson like he been doing all game😂
MrMomoneyz Aylar önce
Incredible how the momentum shifted in this game.
The Ukrainian Intellect
That’s mostly the Vikings fault. We’ve been doing it all year, giving up leads, up by 7 in every game. This team just can’t sustain their leads.. comes down to the final minutes always.. just stressful af
Shady decko TNB
Shady decko TNB Aylar önce
Derek S
Derek S Aylar önce
The 49ers are finally coming together. Especially with the monster year Deebo is having 👍. Also prayers up for Dalvin Cook 🙏.
Who Knows
Who Knows Aylar önce
Vikings need a better coach. I can't believe how far they've fallen since 2017-18.
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Aylar önce
@Mackay Creative I’m concerned about both, I agree, our defense has fallen after the 2017 season, and I hope this season we rebuild our coaching staff, and actually play to our potential.
Mackay Creative
Mackay Creative Aylar önce
@Austin Lee Should be concerned about the defense. Sure offense will put some points on the board but you need to stop the opposing team....
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Aylar önce
@callmecatalyst Zim is not a good coach anymore, we need a young coach, an offensive minded coach. We have all that talent on offense and we cannot use each individual to their full potential.
callmecatalyst Aylar önce
@Austin Lee - He should’ve taken the points on the road early in the game. Instead he went for it on 4th & goal and it ended up costing them, *big time.* (That plus the botched 2-pt conversion adds up. YOU ALWAYS TAKE THE POINTS ON THE ROAD.)
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Aylar önce
Zim’s scheme is outdated, he’s getting out-coached almost every week. Defense can’t stop the run for dear life, and offense is so on and off.
CoolDudeNike1 Aylar önce
This could be the start of something glorious… #49ers
MrSacra916King Aylar önce
It's a shame that Garappolo in the past has been hurt way too often. When healthy he's fits perfectly in Shanahans system. Straight dissecting NFL defenses. 🏈🏈
Mto Aylar önce
Jimmy G for MVP!
Nzane Spontane
Nzane Spontane Aylar önce
We needed this win.... Faithful 💯
wogg starr
wogg starr Aylar önce
Respect to the Vikes! I like their game👍🏾 but sending love to my Niners!💯🔥
Connor Miller
Connor Miller Aylar önce
Vikings need to move on from Mike Zimmer and Kirk Cousins. I’ve been saying this for a long time and no one listens. Vikings aren’t winning a super bowl with those two
Javon Batiste
Javon Batiste Aylar önce
@Linin Suleiman as a niners fan you are you should slap yo yourself... Jimmy G is the better QB between the 2.. Jimmy G makes less mistakes then Cousins...
Linin Suleiman
Linin Suleiman Aylar önce
As a niners fan Kirk cousins is ballin this year I wish we had him instead of jimmy
Charles sparkles
Charles sparkles Aylar önce
@Imyourbiggestfan lol what?
Imyourbiggestfan lol
@Charles sparkles cuz of Rodgers..come on say it "facts" 😆
Charles sparkles
Charles sparkles Aylar önce
@Kirby Puckett facts
Rico C
Rico C Aylar önce
Deebo's been the epitome of what the Niners have become these last few weeks. You love to see that kind of fight in a player.
Daniel Aylar önce
Playoffs here we come❤️💛
Jomah Aylar önce
Literally every game the Vikings play takes off 1 year of my life
Bobector Aylar önce
Same as a niner fan especially the year we went to the superbowl. Felt my hair fallin out most games
DKP Aylar önce
The immediate post-touchdown footage is incredible, camera right there among the players, looks like a video game
Steven Buell
Steven Buell Aylar önce
Prayers for cook recovery . one hell of a game..
IamLimitless75 Aylar önce
It's not how you start the season, it's how you finish. BANG! BANG! Props to the Vikings they play tough....
Darlene Edgar
Darlene Edgar Aylar önce
Bang bang ninergang all day
royalrod _
royalrod _ Aylar önce
Helluva game Vikes. 🤝 good win Niners ! This team is something special fr.
nick ruiz
nick ruiz Aylar önce
I was there it was absolutely electric!!👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥
George PPS
George PPS Aylar önce
Great game. Both teams fought HARD.
noobasaurus rex
noobasaurus rex Aylar önce
Cousins fold under pressure like always 😂 also love how the refs just ignore the PI on the throw to Osborne on 3rd down oh lord not our day
SkamcityTay Aylar önce
The refs gave the Vikes a bogus 22 yd PI call in 4th quarter that flipped field position so I don’t wanna hear about the refs
Elijah Naff
Elijah Naff Aylar önce
Jimmy Garoppolo had a nice performance and the 49ers kept the Vikings at bay.
Mto Aylar önce
Agreed! Jimmy G did a great job! Jimmy for MVP! You see that TD pass to Jennings before that epic throw to Aiyuk??
Scott Alexander
Scott Alexander Aylar önce
Ok but he gives the defence a chance to intercept on those throws because he doesn't have a strong arm
Jeremy Sromalla
Jeremy Sromalla Aylar önce
@Scott Alexander he also had extremely accurate throws in tight coverage... let's enjoy the win instead up getting hung up on nothing.
Scott Alexander
Scott Alexander Aylar önce
Jimmy nearly had another 2 or 3 interceptions with his poor ball placement and throwing high
Bobector Aylar önce
Top quality joke 👌
Paul Jewson
Paul Jewson Aylar önce
5-6 is very representative of this year's Vikings. They keep everything close to even, but are a total coin flip as to whether they'll just barely lose or just barely win.
SKYWOLF GBM Aylar önce
Millmoor Michael
Millmoor Michael Aylar önce
Toe to toe all game, for every bloody inch, that was worth staying up late here in Euroland 💪
Cassie Minoz
Cassie Minoz Aylar önce
Go niners go!!!! Win lose or tie always faithful!!!! Keep up the good work fight til the end.... ♥️ you and always faithful SF 49ers 🏈 🔥😊😉
Joseph Talmadge
Joseph Talmadge Aylar önce
Thats what you call a battle what a game bosa another sack GREAT WIN here we come Seattle
Jxwx21 Aylar önce
Viking defense: ok all we gotta do is stop Deebo from catching the ball Deebo: ok well I will just run it Vikings defense: 👁👄👁
Bobector Aylar önce
They shoulda seen it coming 😆 deebo ran it all over Jacksonville last week
DOT Aylar önce
All you gotta do??? 😂 Ummm 🤔 you must watch a differ game
Mr. Math Expert
Mr. Math Expert Aylar önce
Find out who the ten worst NFL teams of the 21st Century are!!!!! trvid.com/video/video-LWNXmQSQjRw.html
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Aylar önce
as well as a WR. Could see SF in a Wild Card spot if they keep up the great performances.
LeMickey Aylar önce
Huge win for the Niners, next up: beating tf outta the Seahoes
Elijah Mitchell really is a diamond in the rough. This guy continues to impress.
Drew Aylar önce
From a vikings fan, great game niners. Hope deebo is ok. Much luck to you rest of the season, maybe see each other again in the playoffs
James Allen
James Allen Aylar önce
@Deadly I understand all that.lol
Deadly Aylar önce
@James Allen I agree about your 3 word there is also LOL FYI etc.
Deadly Aylar önce
@James Allen Other people use it so, they love to use it too. Like “k” instead of ok. I know it’s kinda ridiculous but that’s how people love to say it.
Deadly Aylar önce
@James Allen just defending him about his spelling, no offending you of what you say. You have the freedom to do anything.
James Allen
James Allen Aylar önce
@Deadly POS is a good shortcut.....more like
JayWorld Aylar önce
Brooo idc we came out with a huge dub man so happy for this team battling the injuries getting through them we still got some ppl we still need back but this is great W mannn I’m happy af gods with all our players let’s go come back szn
Sean Hannah
Sean Hannah Aylar önce
That was the hardest hitting game I seen all year. Good energy boys
Joe Medina
Joe Medina Aylar önce
Let's go!!! 9ers back in the mix💪💯
ElTacoSlayer Aylar önce
Man this viking team is awesome. Win or lose they seem to have a great game to watch each week.
Kevin Thoj
Kevin Thoj Aylar önce
As long as Kirk is the Vikings' quarterback, they will always know how to choke away a win at any cost possible. Win one game against a good team just to lose the following two weeks to lesser opponents!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
SkamcityTay Aylar önce
@Kevin Thoj you can’t really call the Niners a lesser team when going into the game they had the same record lol. Both these teams have been inconsistent all year and are capable of beating anyone
Bo Macion
Bo Macion Aylar önce
@Kevin Thoj but still they’re better than their record shows if it wasn’t a slow start they’ll be number 1 in the nfc and what u mean nearly beaten the vikings beat the packers last week and u think they’re a powerhouse team lol
Kevin Thoj
Kevin Thoj Aylar önce
@Bo Macion Niners have been playing very well lately but they're still not a Powerhouse team like Green Bay or Arizona with Jimmy G at QB. I was just comparing them to the previous team that Vikings beat (nearly beaten) last week and [couple of] weeks ago, that's all.
Matthew Matt
Matthew Matt Aylar önce
He definitely won't be doing a Star Trek cameo
Bo Macion
Bo Macion Aylar önce
The 49ers are way better team than their record shows so they’re not a “lesser” team that u think they are. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Mario Cindrić
Mario Cindrić Aylar önce
Wow, great game and it was very physical and though. But yet not a single flag and penalty for taunting, unnecessary roughness and roughing the passer. So it's possible, you just have to have right mentality and mind set.
No2d3 Aylar önce
Ugh as a Vikings fan we needed this so bad 😤 Niners came to play and my vikes just can’t win a close one 🤦‍♀️
OneSickPickle Aylar önce
Niners are such underdogs and I like it 👌
Deshondre Higginbotham
2019 vibes
Bobector Aylar önce
My favorite thing is being the underdog 👌 even back in 2019 when we went on that 8 game win streak and they were still saying we were "frauds" cause we haven't played any real team. Then we showed em up by going to the SB.
Christian 1000
Christian 1000 Aylar önce
Best Niners game of the season so far
Steel Here
Steel Here Aylar önce
Soon, the 49ers and the Vikings will both have a better record than the Cowboys. You'll see.
Gunk MasterFlex
Gunk MasterFlex Aylar önce
This vikings team really reminds me of tom couglins Giants. not flashy (before odell beckham jr) just doing the minimum and playing old school solid football. the only problem, they aren't consistent or getting hot at the right time.
MNSportsJunkie101 Aylar önce
Definitely many self inflicted wounds and mistakes made by the Vikings in this one but the Niners were just the better team today.
Nice Floridaguy
Nice Floridaguy Aylar önce
Vikings coaches need to go
MrUHOH415 Aylar önce
The 49ers are Peaking at the right time.
James Allen
James Allen Aylar önce
@KGB typical queens fan...how many rings has your queens got?
KGB Aylar önce
@James Allen that’s what Ik come back to this comment when it happens
James Allen
James Allen Aylar önce
@KGB that's what you think 😂
KGB Aylar önce
@James Allen choke pack choke that’s what y’all doing this year in the playoffs
official.nathan209 Aylar önce
@James Allen lmaoo thx for beating the lambs for us
Magnus Brodd
Magnus Brodd Aylar önce
The running game the last couple of games has been fantastic, Deebo is very valuable for 49:ers.
Choi Yat Lam
Choi Yat Lam Aylar önce
Captain Kirk really is the anti-clutch.
PatrickMatthews81 Aylar önce
Mitchell, Aiyuk and Deebo this game 🔥
Scottie Robinson
Scottie Robinson Aylar önce
Get better Dalvin, we need you man... 🙏
Deadly Aylar önce
Fax 🙏🏼 Also great game!
antlou123 Aylar önce
YES! Go 49ers! 3 in a row!
I Bleed Red&Gold
I Bleed Red&Gold Aylar önce
It’s better to get it together right now then fall apart at this time so I will take it. Let’s go Niners. We will be the dark horse in the late season.
TapWire Aylar önce
Mid-season crisis more like Win crisis I smell a win against the Seahawks. Go 49ers!!!
TapWire Aylar önce
Naaa I wouldn’t worry as long as Ayiuk and Kittle play well
Bazooka Tooth
Bazooka Tooth Aylar önce
Hopefully we can show that our team can win without Deebo
INSANE ENDING!!! 49ers vs. Rams!
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