Video Game Glitches be like… Part. 10  

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27 Mar 2023




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Longer Glitch Video here!!
Bro hatched himself in a cup😂
@joanaescala7011 21 gün önce
his editor needs an oscar
@thecalicodude Gün önce
His editor needs a 10,000 dollars check 💀💀💀
McDonald's Wi-Fi be like:
@roshnivyas1695 14 gün önce
Bro the Oscar needs this editor
Bro went back to his most primal state... His dad's bal-
@robloxbesties4440 14 gün önce
Bro whoever edited this needs an Oscar✋-
@FoxKkid Gün önce
bro said, "this is it, im out, im just gunna turn to pingpong balls"
he made himself a actual 3D model, props to him
@summer_fairy82 14 saatler önce
The editor doesn't need an Oscar
@leonroadto100subs3 21 gün önce
The editor doesn't need an Oscar the Oscar needs him
@Iminsaneforcookies 16 saatler önce
His editor should win a nobel prize
Give this editor an Oscar award
@evil778 Gün önce
The part where he turns into ping-pong balls reminds me of Zach King.
@itachi4340 14 gün önce
I love how they use Brazilian music without knowing it's Brazilian
Imagine trying just to throw a small ball into a cup, and then the cup just have an existential crisis
@Sportkid13 14 gün önce
His editor needs a raise
@benjeplay7699 Gün önce
Bro this guy needs a oscar
I like how he just realizes, it makes it more realistic.