VICTOR Denmark Open 2021 | Wang/Huang (CHN) [1] vs Watanabe/Higashino (JPN) [4] | Semifinals

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VICTOR Denmark Open 2021 | Super 1000
Mixed Doubles | Semifinals
Wang/Huang (CHN) [1] vs Watanabe/Higashino (JPN) [4]


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22 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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mosessatyam 2 aylar önce
Wow what a match!! Great skills on display from both teams.. congrats to the Japanese pair👏🏻
Viobenar Rallos
Viobenar Rallos 2 aylar önce
One of my fave players, higashino-watanabe tandem! You'll never get bored watching their plays! Congrats!
David Dinh
David Dinh 2 aylar önce
What an incredible match point! We're gonna need a slow motion replay of it.
ann coyoca
ann coyoca 2 aylar önce
Last 4 mins of the vid shows the slowmo
Elis Crawford
Elis Crawford 2 aylar önce
Incredible indeed!
Henry Pham - Learn german together
the last match point was just awesome, i watched it 4 times
Minh Anh
Minh Anh 2 aylar önce
brilian match,so enjoy to watch!
2 aylar önce
Feeling grateful to be alive watching this match. Absolutely amazing!
Kenneth Ling
Kenneth Ling 2 aylar önce
Amazing game to watch! Happy for them to break through, win the gold!
SL 2 aylar önce
Lovely sportwomanship between the ladies toward the end. Always great to see immense mutual respect.
Shruti Jha
Shruti Jha 2 aylar önce
After 10 defeats, Watarisa finally won against wang/huang. Congrats watarisa❤️❤️
Shruti Jha
Shruti Jha Aylar önce
@Mlgvl yes you are right.
Mlgvl Aylar önce
It's not the first time, it's the second time. Arisa and Yuta won againts them at the Hong Open 2018. But they are a hard pair for them for sure! Congrats
PWS 2 aylar önce
@Thông Trương Yes!!!
Thông Trương
Thông Trương 2 aylar önce
Did you notice that this is also first time Yuta focus on XD only.
Shruti Jha
Shruti Jha 2 aylar önce
@Laurence Kiing 100% correct❤️
まゆみ田中 2 aylar önce
この試合はほんとすごい!! オリンピックの準決勝の試合を見てワタガシペアのファンになったので、今回勝つところが見れてほんと嬉しい😄 この対戦カードはスピード感があって面白い!! ありさちゃんとゆうたくんのリベンジマッチ、最高の試合でした。 ふたりともすっごくかっこいい!!
Ivan Giovan
Ivan Giovan Aylar önce
@Shiho Miyano Usually, With Zheng Si Wei And Huang Ya Qiong VS Yuta And Arisa
Shiho Miyano
Shiho Miyano Aylar önce
Same with me. I also start adore them from Tokyo Olympics 2020..
michael wong
michael wong 2 aylar önce
Ivan Giovan
Ivan Giovan 2 aylar önce
Lebih Seru seandainya kemarin di Final Piala Sudirman 2021 Partai Ke 5, Pasti bakal seru bgt
Duong Le
Duong Le 2 aylar önce
Nothing is impossible with Watanabe. Watanabe / Higashino will be the champion.
el maknun
el maknun 2 aylar önce
Totally amazing, really interesting. Well played both of pairs
Aiman Haziq Rohaini
Aiman Haziq Rohaini 2 aylar önce
what a match!love both of the pairs
hm ken
hm ken 2 aylar önce
wow, Higa made such a progress over their last meet
handsome monkey a
handsome monkey a 2 aylar önce
Agree 👍
Pink Onion
Pink Onion 2 aylar önce
What a match , like watching a final match 🔥👏
Thang Huynh
Thang Huynh 2 aylar önce
Wang Yilyu tends to hit very aggressive flat shots even when he was late to the shuttle and many times Watanabe and Higashino predicted and punish him by deadly counter-attacks. Maybe Wang Yilyu should consider a clear to the back, especially when his opponents' smashes are not too deadly. Superb game by Watanabe and Higashino, some of the defences were at lightning speed!
Viện Lê
Viện Lê 2 aylar önce
That's one of the most match point-like match points i've ever seen
Netizzen 2 aylar önce
The final rally on the championship point is really amazing defensive skills from the Japanese pair WOW 👍👍
Rack Kimigayo
Rack Kimigayo 2 aylar önce
Show of friendship between Dong Ping and Arisa. :-)
handsome monkey a
handsome monkey a 2 aylar önce
Such a brilliant match 🤩
maestro 2 aylar önce
3 olympic champions fell already in this tournament how crazy,but cant blame wang/huang this time,they did great but watan/higas brought their best today,congrat both pairs
Chye Heng
Chye Heng 2 aylar önce
@maestro nahhhh...Hoki and Kobayashi had an equal chance to qualify themselves and outrank Yuta/Endo. Watanabe could have beaten Lee/Wang with the better condition and also depends on his partner, Endo. Watanabe is still a wonderful player for men's and mixed doubles. The only player so far doing so well in both departments, and he even nearly made it to the semi-final of men's doubles. I have a strong feelings Watanabe will be the man to watch as you could already see him getting way much more accurate than he already was, with much stronger attacks and reflexes.
maestro 2 aylar önce
@Chye Heng agree,if endo and yuta step back for yuta to focused on xd,hoki and kobayashi could have gone to olympic,and we all just saw them beat lee/wang the olympic champion in this tournament,who know what would happend if hoki and kobayashi were in the olympic.
Chye Heng
Chye Heng 2 aylar önce
Had Watanabe not been focusing on both men's doubles and mixed doubles, very likely Watanabe.Higashino would have beaten them in Olympics. Watanabe is a very rare talent in Badminton's doubles. I"m g;ad that Higashino has improved a lot, and that helps a lot for Watanabe to make this partnership 2x better.
SK Ho Aylar önce
mixed double at its very best. Thanks to these players i love to watch mixed double
Pikossa Winter
Pikossa Winter 2 aylar önce
Nice game play Yuta and Arisa ..Keep going and win the finals please...
PHAN NGỌC TUẤN 2 aylar önce
what a match, really perfect
Minh Anh
Minh Anh 2 aylar önce
Now i am so happy,because my idols got win,brilian match!!!
ヨシヨッシー 2 aylar önce
オリンピック後で 一番大好きな試合です🧡 最初ダイジェストで見ていて 気がつかなかったけど 最後ゆうたくんが 嬉しそうに近づいていって アリサちゃんの右頬に そっと優しく右手をあてるのが 最高に素敵❗️ そしてお返しに アリサちゃんの花のような笑顔❣️
ヨシヨッシー 2 aylar önce
麺麭 2 aylar önce
2 Malachi
2 Malachi 2 aylar önce
Morten taking Gill's lines on the last point: 'I can't believe it'. Was very good match. Anyone have a link to the mixed finals at the Olympics please, cannot find it on yt. THX.
Wish_me_luck 2 aylar önce
1:12:00 blink and you're gonna miss it💪✌
kevin lee
kevin lee 2 aylar önce
Amazing game!
kieulinhlovesuju 2 aylar önce
Xem mà hồi hộp! Yuta mãi đỉnh!
Nguyên Vũ Hồ
Nguyên Vũ Hồ 2 aylar önce
Did anyone notice the service error at 1:04:16 that how hard these guys on themselves. Imagine the pressure later into the last game
後藤和子 2 aylar önce
miguelv 2 aylar önce
What a game! wow!
Walker JC
Walker JC Aylar önce
You're not going to get away with this so easily next time, Japanese
Ivan Giovan
Ivan Giovan 2 aylar önce
Seandainya kemarin Sudirman Cup 2021, klw ganda putrinya gk kalah aja, Yuta Arisa jadi penentu dan menang, Japan bisa juara Anggap aja ini Pertemuan Final Partai Terakhir Piala Sudirman 2021, Berarti kelihatan Japan bisa juara pada waktu itu
kylaaa 2 gün önce
XD favorit ku Japan yuta Arisa banyakin up full match mereka yaa ☺️🙏 mereka cocok bgt jadi sepasang kekasih di dalam maupun luar lapangan 😀
kylaaa 2 gün önce
XD favorit ku Japan yuta Arisa banyakin up full match mereka yaa ☺️🙏 mereka cocok bgt jadi sepasang kekasih di dalam maupun luar lapangan 😀
kylaaa 2 gün önce
XD favorit ku Japan yuta Arisa banyakin up full match mereka yaa ☺️🙏 mereka cocok bgt jadi sepasang kekasih di dalam maupun luar lapangan 😀
kylaaa 2 gün önce
XD favorit ku Japan yuta Arisa banyakin up full match mereka yaa ☺️🙏 mereka cocok bgt jadi sepasang kekasih di dalam maupun luar lapangan 😀
Stone Soul
Stone Soul 2 aylar önce
Congratzz Japanese pair.
Carlos gong
Carlos gong 2 aylar önce
Huang and wang are so tired , they need to have a rest .
Vi Nhật
Vi Nhật 2 aylar önce
Chúc mừng đội Nhật Bản ạ, yêu các bạn 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️
Vi Nhật
Vi Nhật 2 aylar önce
Em thức cả đêm để xem kk
minh le
minh le 2 aylar önce
Hihi. Bạn cũng xem ghê
Ngọc Quang Đào
Ngọc Quang Đào 2 aylar önce
Ôi! Pha vầu cuối nó hay dã man!
Minh Anh
Minh Anh 2 aylar önce
i Love both Japaneses!!
Snowy Khoa
Snowy Khoa 2 aylar önce
Nice game Wang/Huang
남소리새 28 gün önce
최고의 플레이
Yêu Văn Học
Yêu Văn Học 2 aylar önce
Happy Japan, we are friend. I love Japan from Vietnam!
Yohanes Martinus
Yohanes Martinus 2 aylar önce
Higashino jumping smash
Marge Chan
Marge Chan 2 aylar önce
34:47 commentator's curse hahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣
nguyen terry
nguyen terry 2 aylar önce
2 aylar önce
Not once but twice consecutively by two players 😂 Curse is real
Tài Phạm
Tài Phạm 2 aylar önce
Trận cầu mãn nhãn..japan good
Vi Nhật
Vi Nhật 2 aylar önce
Hay quá trời luôn
Conten 2 aylar önce
Huang seems like a sweet girl
BlueShift Media
BlueShift Media 2 aylar önce
Give us 4k 60fps
Hoa Đào
Hoa Đào 2 aylar önce
Còn đôi nữ nữa cố lên chị D.p
Hoa Đào
Hoa Đào 2 aylar önce
@Minh Anh do mọi người trên toàn thế giới đều ghét trung .nên dù trung có làm gì thì cũng bị ghét thôi .giống như câu nc bị ghét làm gì cũng thấy khó ưa .nếu đổi lại là nc khác thì mọi chuyện đã khác
Hoa Đào
Hoa Đào 2 aylar önce
@Minh Anh nên anh ấy mới bỏ cuộc lúc 20-5.chứ thường xuyên ảnh cũng thua nhưng đâu có như vậy
Hoa Đào
Hoa Đào 2 aylar önce
@Minh Anh chắc do dư luận .do lâu ko đánh nên áp lực
Minh Anh
Minh Anh 2 aylar önce
@Hoa Đào nè chàng trai xấu tính sao lai bỏ giải này vậy,sợ Momota chứ gì =))
Hoa Đào
Hoa Đào 2 aylar önce
@Văn Thả Nguyễn ờ
Rend_Zvous Aylar önce
1:11:57 WTH
G protein-coupled receptor
hoa to cat
hoa to cat 2 aylar önce
video low quality :((
Got Gaya
Got Gaya 2 aylar önce
Japan 🇯🇵 🇯🇵
선주 서
선주 서 Aylar önce
유빈이 방 책 곶이
lý khanh huỳnh
lý khanh huỳnh 2 aylar önce
Hay hay
rbx 2 aylar önce
camera angle too high. cant see the action clearly. wont watch. will unsubscribe if this continues in future tournaments
Heva Naisdey
Heva Naisdey 2 aylar önce
hahahaha ok🤣🤣
Tien Dat Dang
Tien Dat Dang 2 aylar önce
Congrats Watanabe and Higashino but... is that coach Endo? :))))
minh le
minh le 2 aylar önce
@Đức Nam hình như cứ lên 11 quả trước hlv đều ra nói với vdv ý
Đức Nam
Đức Nam 2 aylar önce
@minh le ở phút bao nhiêu b, để mình xem thử biết ko?
minh le
minh le 2 aylar önce
@Đức Nam ý là hlv khác cơ. Hlv mặt có nét giống endo ấy bạn
Đức Nam
Đức Nam 2 aylar önce
@minh le đúng rồi b ơi, HLV Tan Kim Her của Malay
minh le
minh le 2 aylar önce
@Đức Nam ủa hlv ng malay á. Ko giống mấy. Giống endo
G protein-coupled receptor
58:54 ※女子です。
Kagwang Koh
Kagwang Koh 2 aylar önce
Covid has been defeated! 😂 🤣
Siaw67 Siaw
Siaw67 Siaw 2 aylar önce
F Liu
F Liu 2 aylar önce
Watanabe is your grandfather from China? Yeah, must be. Haaa. You still have long way to go to become a "Man", boy.
Dwi Susiamti
Dwi Susiamti 2 aylar önce
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel 2 aylar önce
Really hate to see this Chinese pair, especially the tomboy think she really good WTF
Ying Fang
Ying Fang Aylar önce
She IS good.
Nguyễn Quân
Nguyễn Quân 2 aylar önce
higashino play so bad omg
ashley campbell
ashley campbell Aylar önce
What does that make Watanabe ?
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