VICTOR Denmark Open 2021 | Gideon/Sukamuljo (INA) [1] vs Popov/Popov (FRA) | Round of 32

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VICTOR Denmark Open 2021 | Super 1000
Men's Doubles | Round of 32
Gideon/Sukamuljo (INA) [1] vs Popov/Popov (FRA)


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19 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Yeniwulndari Wulandari
Victor Lungan
Victor Lungan 19 gün önce
Memang indo jaya n percaya diri
One Star
One Star 22 gün önce
Yaa itung itung blajar sama yg seniorr hehe.
SERBA SERBI RASA 24 gün önce
Yes menang
Run Dasi
Run Dasi 27 gün önce
Makasih minion
Ana Ana
Ana Ana Aylar önce
Ayo the Minion. SPIRIT.
T S Aylar önce
The audio for this is terrible, commentators too quiet, hall microphones too loud, it's like a disco all the time.
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
Popov brothers, they are aggressive opponents.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Aylar önce
thumbs up for the 3 camera view angle. Well done
큄주술 Aylar önce
6:23 start~!
Maulana McTavis
Maulana McTavis Aylar önce
The quality of cameras really good, but where's the sound of the commentators
kolim jone
kolim jone Aylar önce
Minions in their saving energy mode 👏
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Aylar önce
Hello, Humans. In 2007, a 1000-gallon inflatable swimming pool was stolen from someone’s back yard without a single drop of water being found! TERRANCE OUT
Hayatin Nufus
Hayatin Nufus Aylar önce
I can't hear oma gill's voice, clearly
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Aylar önce
Did I hear well ? Between games, Christo Popov said "Ferme ta gueule" -> "STFU" to his brother !
January Channel
January Channel Aylar önce
Kasian bgt vovop single vs momota (world no.1) lost, MD vs minions (world no.1) lost 😂😂😂😂😂😂
WS CHANNEL 19 gün önce
Pengalaman bertandingnya tp sangat berharga buat popov
Mail yt
Mail yt Aylar önce
Pelatih Prancis malah debat 🤣
Aaron Aylar önce
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Alvan Dellano
Alvan Dellano Aylar önce
Good job kevin dan gidion 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨
raymond Aylar önce
these generation of men doubles should working their defense better, they are good with speed, attacking and flat drive shot, but not their defense. thats why its boring to watch men doubles right now.. too many error, just average 4/5 shot per point. young players need watching and learn the"correct way" to playing the game from yuta watanabe, he is the best right now, rare player and IMO the only overall player in double sector, he mix well in term of defense and attack. read the game well in front and also generate power from backcourt, and the special one his defense is very2 good0 we need more like this.
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16
자유대한 Aylar önce
20:45 포포브 코치님한테 대드는거임???
indomiespice 13 gün önce
Yeah the coach is their own father, so it's a family team lol. And that's kinda normal to have a little debate in family :')
Leah Afe
Leah Afe Aylar önce
I heard that the coach is their own father.
Genevieve III
Genevieve III Aylar önce
What’s the intro song in the very beginning?
Healing You
Healing You Aylar önce
🌸If you’re reading this … I wish you JOY, PEACE, WEALTH, and DIVINITY x 1,000,000 in every area of your life!🌸🌸 desejo-te divindade 🌸🌸 Ich wünsche dir Göttlichkeit 🌸🌸 te deseo divinidad 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸
Wahyu Aylar önce
Kek keberatan badan ga sih koh Sinyo? Nafasnya kek berat gtu...
Ki Sanak
Ki Sanak Aylar önce
Why the music is so loud?? I don't believe it!!
Kim Soo Jung
Kim Soo Jung Aylar önce
Minions in their saving energy mode 👏
Arthurk69 Aylar önce
Did I hear well ? Between games, Christo Popov said "Ferme ta gueule" -> "STFU" to his brother !
aj senn
aj senn Aylar önce
Can't hear commentary on any matches
aj senn
aj senn Aylar önce
Fix audio please
Imam Zian
Imam Zian Aylar önce
30:05 ok Kevin pegang terus Vin jangan kasih kendor
Patrick Tisserant
Patrick Tisserant Aylar önce
Minions World Ranking 1; French ranking 36 They are not tired, they just don 't need to play best level on round 32. they don't even sweat !
hellostephanie Aylar önce
@Leah Afe agree, they put in a lot for thomas cup. But i would also agree they conserve their energy during early rounds. I would guess they will adjust when they advance further in this tourney! 👍
Leah Afe
Leah Afe Aylar önce
No, they really did put so much effort in the thomas cup. they even planned to replace Gideon in the final because they were tired.
Galuh Aja
Galuh Aja Aylar önce
Kaki nya udah lebih sehat ya koh.. sehat selalu.. 😍😍😍😍
Telefonmann Aylar önce
Gillian Clarke's commentary is virtually inaudible, and not only in this match. Please fix it for the next matches! Thanks :)
nyam nyam
nyam nyam Aylar önce
yesss i think the audio for the music playing on court was louder than the commentary 😂
Galuh Aja
Galuh Aja Aylar önce
Kedudukan 4 - 4 koh sinyo panggil Vin.. kangen suara itu lg setelah thomas kemaren. 😁
Galuh Aja
Galuh Aja Aylar önce
Kevin - Sinyo.. cepet banget panjang rambutnya.. ikutan potong rambut sama fajar ginting aja ..
Leah Afe
Leah Afe Aylar önce
@Galuh Aja hahahahaha kayaknya di luar potomg rambut gak ada yg murah deehh, jerome di jepang yang sama sama asia aja katanya potong rambut mahal ngga ngotak.
Galuh Aja
Galuh Aja Aylar önce
@Hasna Sausan Nissa haha.. kemaren koh s , fajar sama ginting kena prank dikira 1jt bertiga 😂 kayaknya koh sinyo sama kevin harus make sure harga nya dulu 😂😂 baru potong
Hasna Sausan Nissa
Hasna Sausan Nissa Aylar önce
Bayar 1 jt nanati🤣
Aaron manopo
Aaron manopo Aylar önce
thumbs up for the 3 camera view angle. Well done
chen Aylar önce
good job minion, keep fighting !🔥
Antoine Trépanier
Antoine Trépanier Aylar önce
That's quite the drop in production value (those cameras look like they're from the 90s), but you should at least fix the audio. Don't waste Gillian Clarke's commentary like that!...
Mario Carvallo
Mario Carvallo Aylar önce
Yes.. Bad audio
nabilla safitri
nabilla safitri Aylar önce
ikr, I can't hear oma gill comentary 😌
Luke Buddy
Luke Buddy Aylar önce
The Minions are definitely tired. Gideon didn't even played in the Thomas Cup final because the coach said that he 'ran out of gas'. They played well enough and seemed to back to their usual fast-paced style. But quite numerous unforced errors, including multiple service errors from KSS. The Popovs played well too and keep pressuring in the second game, and T Popov just played a single match against Momota beforehand. Very promising pair. I hope they get enough rest before the next match. Their fellow countrymen (Fikri/ Maulana) who train with them, definitely know their playing style and habit. Should be a challenging opponent.
Wei hao Leong
Wei hao Leong Aylar önce
where did his coach said?
Elis Darwati
Elis Darwati Aylar önce
Kevin/marcus sedang berusaha bismillah semoga mereka secepat nya kembali ke performa seperti biasanya, turun naik menang kalah itu hal biasa. Yang aku harepin semoga mereka cepat kembali percaya diri 🖤 good job minions 🖤🖤🤗
Minh chien Nguyen
Minh chien Nguyen Aylar önce
Đánh trông chán vđ
Ton P
Ton P Aylar önce
I see a lot of comments regarding the Minions looking tired and playing not on their normal performance. I agree, they look a bit pale. But I also know never to underestimate the Popov brothers, they are aggressive opponents.
Bela Wahyu
Bela Wahyu Aylar önce
Aku tau kalian lelah, tapi kalian tetap memberikan yang terbaik. Semangat minions
SA Aylar önce
This video recorded so far from court, i cant see shuttlecock clearly 😂 Minions didnt show best perfomance but finish in 30 minutes still amazing! Good job ✊
free rider
free rider Aylar önce
Ketinggalan 😭
Sri Mulyani
Sri Mulyani Aylar önce
@Khairun nisa sama bangeet😭
Khairun nisa
Khairun nisa Aylar önce
sama, tau tau udah selesai aja
didik p
didik p Aylar önce
Jersey nya bagus. D minion
hobi badminton
hobi badminton Aylar önce
Nothing wrong with them 🤭 Ntar ...macam macam di bully lagi. Silent,di bilang what wrong. Teriak teriak di bilang sombong 🙏Dan kekanakan. Mpin sekarang sudah dewasa bro👍💪🏆❤️🥰💞
Tómas Þór Þórðarson
You have to lower the camera. This angle is to steep. There is no chance on seeing what's going on when players charge the net f.e. in doubles. Please. And the sound is bad. Commentary to low.
Wei hao Leong
Wei hao Leong Aylar önce
Typo JJ
Typo JJ Aylar önce
yes, maybe the Minions have not been to their best performance in 2017-2019. But their efforts to build enthusiasm after the Olympics and Sudirman Cup began to show, especially during the Thomas Cup yesterday.
Annisa Hayatun Fardah
Ayoo minions🙌🙌
rosa neli safitri
rosa neli safitri Aylar önce
Nice Minions
Beowonme Aylar önce
Minions are you tired? You guys worked hard today, i want to hug you guys. Ily❤️❤️
Putri Lestari
Putri Lestari Aylar önce
Good job mpinnnn koh sinyoooo keren parahhhh🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aquilla Fatihah
Aquilla Fatihah Aylar önce
Helo may i know when was this live?
Phantom Thief
Phantom Thief Aylar önce
20 Minutes ago
I see that minions didn't on their best perfomance, Sinyo looks so tired and Kevin too. Though, I'm so thankful that they did so well for this match. I've waited for an hour (8 p.m in my country) but they could finish just 30 minutes
Wahyu Aylar önce
Mereka safe energy ga begitu ngeluarin skill dll waste energy buat apa soalnya masih 32 besar
Muhammad Khozinul Asror
Yes. I think so. Hopefully they have an energic performance again.
Damyke Selviyana Safitri
Whats wrong with minions today? Permainannya ga kaya biasanya. Lagi gak fit kah?
FVKKK Aylar önce
@Damyke Selviyana Safitri iyaa apalagi Marcus kan udah umur 30, jd stamina pasti ga sefit dulu
Damyke Selviyana Safitri
@FVKKK itu regular schedule mereka btw, pasti udah terbiasa dan terlatih, apalagi kalau ada event di eropa pasti rombongan berturut2. Semoga sih terus bisa jaga performance
FVKKK Aylar önce
Cape pastinya kak abis Thomas cup, istirahat cm sehari udah main lg Dan main lagi, dia jg pas selesai tanding ga full istirahat kan, pasti mereka latihan teruss
FIRST浪 Aylar önce
could barely hear the commentators!
Afril Linda
Afril Linda Aylar önce
Goodjob minionss🔥🔥🔥
Agits Rizky
Agits Rizky Aylar önce
The minions sukses selalu
Liza Rachmat
Liza Rachmat Aylar önce
The Minions keren parah🔥🔥🔥🔥
Kenzie Lee Troedson
Great job minions
Anly Maliha Aufa Adha
keren dan ucul banget merekaaaa arrghhh🤍👏🥳
Arsyad Labiq
Arsyad Labiq Aylar önce
I think commentator sound is to small.
cidah🖤 Aylar önce
kerenn minions🔥🔥🔥
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