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Dear Travelers,
This special program will feature juicy details about new game content and developments in Version 3.6. It will also "drop" some redemption codes and other goodies!
Special thanks to Travelers for your support and company. We will bring you more updates and information as they become available~
Travelers, we'll see you there!
(The redemption codes from this special program will expire on April 1, 00:00 (UTC-4), so be quick and redeem them~)
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30 Mar 2023




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Zhongli: Has 2 story quests
I love how Baizhu heals you when you pick up plants/flora like wtf that's such a cool mechanic!!!
Enemies: How are you not dying?!
I'm so excited for the new hilichurl variants, they look so cool with their capes and the bosses would be so painful in the abyss but still the design is so good
Am I the only one surprised that Baizhu wasn't sneaky-like? I got so much secretive vibes from him before now....
Male 4*s continuing to be innovative and unique AF. Kaeya being Kaeya... Gorou as the first mono-element support, Heizou as the first male catalyst, and first "physical" catalyst.... And now Kaveh! With his trusty Claymore welding-toolbox and Dendro core detonation and all! Ahh I can't wait to finally have all the Dendro husbands in a dumb grass team like Pokemon LOL
Cyno and Wanderer fights like crazy
Cyno, Scara, Kaveh, Faruzan, and Layla just hanging out like a couple of buds 🌹Sumeru gang back at it again 💚
I can't believe Wanderer becomes an official Vahumana scholar... Nahida actually managed to convince him to study 😂
Been a long journey so far! I am so excited to see what events will Version 3.6 have this time in Sumeru!
The Cyno vs Wanderer fight seems interesting but it's probably the inter-darshan showdown or whatever it was called. What I'm more interested in is definitely the interactions between Wanderer and the members of the other darshan. They don't remember who the Wanderer is so it will be interesting to see them talk to the Wanderer and ask him questions and how he'll react. I'm super excited for this even in general and I hope Hoyoverse doesn't mess this one up. It's genuinely a good opportunity to witness character interactions with some very complex characters(Considering some of their personalities this will be interesting).
I really would love it if Kaveh and Alhaitham would be on one of the special programs together one day
Dori: Yeah Kaveh is poor
As an Architect myself, I have all my eyes on Kaveh ever since his first appearance 😍 Kaveh main will rise soon!!! (Too bad i have to stick to c0) 😅
First minute in and we get to see the one of the Dragons who ruled Tevyat before the Primordial one conquered them, super excited for the lore to continue!!
I'm loving the lore implications of the helichurls being stronger/different the closer we get to khaenri'ah
I wanted to get Kaveh and Baizhu cause I liked their characters, personalities, and their designs but their skills!!! I’m pretty impressed with how useful both of them sound!!! Baizhu can be used as both a healer and a healer, and Kaveh’s ability to pop bloom cores at will is something I really want (it’s actually a fault of some of my team comps that I’d noticed, the lack of being able to make full use of the bloom cores). Can’t wait!!! Also the new area looks incredible, love the idea of having swamp land and potentially finding out a bit more about kenriah. And being able to fly without the time limits of the wanderer (love using wanderer but his energy consumption when flying makes it impossible to enjoy for long) sounds like a lot of fun!
I freaking love Baizhu, it’s always such a treat seeing him in Liyue with Qiqi and I can’t wait to get to know more about him. Also Nahida is so adorable I absolutely loved her archon quest to bits.
Cyno & Wander fighting each other
Layla and Faruzan: