Venom F5 Details | Exploring America's Hypercar with Nathan Malinick, Hennessey Director of Design

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Hennessey Director of Design Nathan Malinick shares an in-depth look at a few of the astonishing details of the Venom F5. Inside and out, Hennessey's 1817 horsepower hypercar features over 3,000 bespoke parts that culminate in a magnificent functional and aesthetic achievement of automotive design. We thank our fans and supporters who have made this endeavor possible and invite you to stay tuned for updates as the Venom F5's journey continues.

24 examples of the Venom F5 will be made and all have been spoken for. Each will have a unique specification but the details featured here will remain the same.

Experience more of the Venom F5:



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I feel like I have watched Hennessy grow from his very early days with the Mitsubishi 3000GT to this creation. His company has come a very long way. Great work with this car.
Andrew Phillips
Great job Hennessey team, this is beautiful. Looking forward to someone’s full review one day. Perhaps Chris Harris will be able to get in one?
Man there are some clever people in this world.
Cestus Fr
Cestus Fr 16 saatler önce
It is always a joyous moment to see one succeed! in this case, the pride a company has put to accomplish an outstanding work.
This car looks absolutely AMAZING, I hope Hennessey reaches the 311 MPH they are aiming for.
Still waiting for that landspeed record!
LXI Vortex
One of the most beautiful cars ever built in our time
Pittas Savvas
Pittas Savvas 21 saatler önce
Nothing more beautiful on the road anywhere in the world.
Beter Briffin
Feels like it's been a really long time since the venom gt. This is really cool to see run
Robert Philion
Wow, what a spectacular Hennessey Hypercar!
Larry Green Tree
Absolutely amazing. Attention to detail with the flags on the seats and doors. Be cool to see it on a record run. Truly a drivers car.
You designed one of the most beautiful Hyper-Cars ever. It is truly a Mona Lisa.
Great job and it is a incredible car and ready to see it perform.
Francisco Fernandes
Everything was thought to the millimeter, this is a remarkable achievement. It's definitely a record beater, just the sound you can listen to that monster fly. An absolute Masterpiece 👏
Absolutely beautiful and very calming. Until you turn on the engine of course!
Seeing being driven and having an interior excites me. Since all I knew it for 3 years was that it was a shell car.
Very cool to get this sort of info. I would like to see more videos like this.
John is, and always has been one of my idols for reasons just like this. The F5 amazing
Wait…. Are you guys waiting to prove the high speed record till the other hyper-car manufacturers go electric? … so the name Hennessey holds a permanent record for fastest internal combustion engine automobile?
I Spent 1 Week In Realistic Minecraft!
Hennessey Needs to Chill Out
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I Spent 1 Week In Realistic Minecraft!