Valerie & Dog Days Are Over?! | GLEE 2x9 REACTION 'Special Education' | First time watching

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Join me on my reaction to Glee 2x9 'Special Education'

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Carina Lindberg
Carina Lindberg 2 aylar önce
Valerie is one of my absolute favourites of the whole show with Santana's voice and intonation, and Brittany and Mike's dance moves. Great reaction as always, Travis! Happy New Year! 🥳🎉
Akira 2 aylar önce
Same! Easily one of the best covers they did. Naya was absolute 🔥 RIP Queen 😢
Travis Views
Travis Views 2 aylar önce
Loved it! Happy new year!
ksiazkolub.pospolity 2 aylar önce
Brittany and Mike dance from this episode is iconic!
Travis Views
Travis Views 2 aylar önce
mosovanhe 2 aylar önce
Honestly, I believe Naya was the truest performer out of all of them. And before people come at me, I'm not necessarily talking about ONE skill; because Heather and Harry were the best dancers and Amber and Lea were always stronger vocally. However, the combination of all of those skills surely made that girl most exciting to watch on stage. I will never get over the fact that we lost her..
Clemer M. Silva
Clemer M. Silva Aylar önce
I agree. She had the best package.
Margarida Torres
Margarida Torres 2 aylar önce
Valerie was amazing. New Directions should have won
Travis Views
Travis Views 2 aylar önce
Joshy B
Joshy B 2 aylar önce
I really wish Quinn had more songs. She had like loads of storylines and very little songs, kinda a shame really. Can’t wait for you to react to the episodes coming up 😊.
Antonio P 2
Antonio P 2 2 aylar önce
Quinn and Tina singing 😍 The most underrated voices in the entire show
Travis Views
Travis Views 2 aylar önce
love them!
Andy D
Andy D 2 aylar önce
One of the best numbers of the entire series WITHOUT Rachel in front yet she was constantly pushed to the front. Things that make you say hmmm....
Nicole Lush
Nicole Lush 2 aylar önce
I tear up during this episode still. Makes me miss Naya so much. Her voice combined with Brittany & Mike's routine is just amazing. One of my top 5 favorite performances in the show.
MCMNasty2 2 aylar önce
Darren Criss is such a fantastic singer.
Freaking Hadee
Freaking Hadee 2 aylar önce
Every brittany dialogues kills me everytime 😂
And Gusti
And Gusti 2 aylar önce
Miah Nazario Mackay
Miah Nazario Mackay 2 aylar önce
9:27 "...but Darren Criss can sing me that song for the rest of my life" we all love Blaine, we are in love with Darren Criss
ksiazkolub.pospolity 2 aylar önce
Happy New Year Travis and everyone
Julia 2 aylar önce
Valarie is one of my Naya favorites BUT...my favorite "Glee" version is not on the show but from one of the Pre-Inaugural events in 2013 (Obama) where it is just Naya with Darren playing acoustic guitar (in the freezing cold). Perfection
Combat Wombats
Combat Wombats 2 aylar önce
Happy new year, and thank you for the amazing reaction videos! Santana and the others absolutely killed it this episode. 🤩 I have a few critiques of Glee as a show, and one is that Rachel is so weird about her relationships-- and it's that way from the start. In s1/e2, her acting like a victim when Quinn was the one being wronged (by Rachel and Finn kissing) was just so baffling. And she just... keeps doing that into s2, where every bad thing she does is never her fault. Aah! But Blaine and Kurt were very cute, as were Brittany and Artie! And absolutely LOVE Lauren.
4Tom4 Lepus4
4Tom4 Lepus4 2 aylar önce
Valerie is a cultural reset, Santana solo + Mike and Brittany dancing? I mean, come on! Also, Emma's advice is spot on... the competitions tend to get boring to me because how they are always the same, which is sad, since the show (and thus the Glee club) has such a talented cast. So Quinn and Sam taking the lead was amazing, especially since I think Quinn's voice is underrated on the show and they didn't give her enough songs that really suit her. And then to top it off, Mercedes and Tina with an AMAZING performance at the end? Tina looked so good in that last outfit, damn!
I'm catching up with your reactions, cause boy, i'm so behind. i love the performances in this episode so much. and the dancing was incredible. glad to see heather and harry shine! great reaction, i might comment on few episodes here and there, but im too much behind for now, imma binge most today maybe, since i'm free btw, check out zayn's malik eyelashes, those are the longest i've ever seen, lmao
Akira 2 aylar önce
I also love the way that Blaine looks at Kurt 😍
Andy M
Andy M 2 aylar önce
yes Rachel was bratty but it is just ridiculous to say Shue always gave her and Finn the lead for concerts at this point in the show. Shue did it exactly once at this point. Shue actually gave Finn more than Rachel. Rachel got two of those public performances when she SAVED the day not because Shue gave it to her. The rewriting from fan is odd. And then to make Rachel cheat wth Puck and people continue to say she was the producer's favorite yet did her character no favors.
Chris 2 aylar önce
Harry Shum is an amazing dancer
Kayla Thomas
Kayla Thomas Aylar önce
There was a shift in the world when Valerie dropped
Foreigner 2 aylar önce
Naya had mentioned that this song wasn't meant for her but it was a last minute change. I wonder who was it for initially.
Layza mayra
Layza mayra 2 aylar önce
Watching The o.c Pleasee
hobbler3 2 aylar önce
Dianna has a pretty voice but cmon, it’s not a powerful one. To give her the opening solo was a huge risk. It was Naya, Brittany, and Mike that saved this competition for the club. My opinion, don’t hate me lol
Caroline Kaeser
Caroline Kaeser 2 aylar önce
The way Blaine looks at Kurt is how everyone should be looked at when they are loved. It never gets old seeing that look. Valerie is an amazing song. The dancing is also amazing. However, in a way what they said was correct, they didn’t “win” with Rachel and Finn not doing the duet. Not outright. I know it’s scripted this way of course so Blaine/Warblers keep current in the storyline but still, their usual method not being used they didn’t win. I literally had never seen Glee until about 6 weeks ago, now I’ve seen it multiple times and I’ve had a chance to really watch each character and their development as well as little details that other viewers/commenters will likely never see or know and I’m wondering if you’ll pick them up over the series. It’s really very interesting to me how different people view each episode and how they view each character and the differing of opinions about them. I love watching your reactions.
Dipsy Koo
Dipsy Koo 2 aylar önce
Love Lauren (Ashley Finks) so damn much
Madelyn Blaze
Madelyn Blaze 2 aylar önce
This is one of the best competition performances by the New Directions in the show, and it's mostly because Mr. Schu took Emma's advice and let other students take the lead. Sam and Quinn's husky voices and "Ken & Barbie" chemistry made the opening song shine and that choir entrance close to the end just kicked it up several notches. Santana was fantastic in Valerie because she has a strong, versatile voice to go with Brittany and Mike's sparkling dancing (btw - HeatherMorris, the actress who plays Britney, was a back-up dancer for Beyonce). The competition was fierce, especially the Warblers, so a tie was fair but disappointing. The relationship drama between Finn and Rachel was bull, and yet I can see her doing something stupid like that because she was already upset over not getting a solo. Puck being smitten with Lauren Zysez is totally cute and an interesting way to fill Kurt's spot. Kurt and Blaine are just friends (sigh) but we can't give up hope because you're right about the special way Blaine looks at him - it's not the same way he looks at the other Warblers. Finally, Mercedes and Tina singing lead on Dog Days are Over is an unusual combination but it absolutely works for the style of song it is, plus it gives them a chance to sing lead too. I love your enthusiasm for this show, Travis, and I hope you're having a Happy New Year!
richard dias
richard dias 2 aylar önce
exactly why rachel is the worst character
Andy M
Andy M 2 aylar önce
@MJ Glee would have never been picked up if not for Rachel. Ian the creator even said if they did not get the part of Rachel right, they would not have continued.
MJ 2 aylar önce
Nah, she's not. Without her, Glee wouldn't work.
Andy M
Andy M 2 aylar önce
Not at all. Why do people completely ignore Santana pushing the buttons. She did it for revenge. Worse yet Shue basically reward her for being disruptive and pushing Rachel to Emma's attention.
gaymer 07
gaymer 07 2 aylar önce
I have a love hate relationship with her but she ends up getting better later on especially in the last season
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