Using Only Summons to Beat Elden Ring 

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8 Eki 2022




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@smileyjojo4913 Yıl önce
Using rejection is like if Ash just went over and kicked Squirtle in the ribs just to help Pikachu out a bit
Your not wrong lol
What type is Ash's rib kick?
@xdude228 Yıl önce
@@tyrekodebiyi8949 Fighting
But since ash was gathering static electricity by rubbing his hands together his kick turned into an electric type move
@schlapcity2774 Yıl önce
Don’t see anything wrong
Bushy: Thats my boy Mimic: *runs into the attack* Bushy: oh no my boy! Mimic: father help
@sirbill_greebi3811 7 aylar önce
I love how this entire playthrough is basically Bushy being a sport's announcer.
@PickleDude839 3 aylar önce
@@sirbill_greebi3811that’s a funny way to word it lol
@Crackheadcentral2188 18 gün önce
“Father I can see my femur.”
@seollenda Yıl önce
This wasn’t a summons challenge, this was a healslut challenge
@jadefae 11 aylar önce
Once it gets into the mimic tear section of the run it's basically "Elden ring but my little brother is the one playing".
@MrVampireFang 8 aylar önce
Elden ring but my ex biker/marine father heard I’m in danger
@JimmyPizzaDelivery 5 aylar önce
Even nowadays, Mimic Tear will try to spam every single miracle you have on if you summon it with a seal on.
@LoverofTragedy Yıl önce
Jerren landing the final strike on Radahn just felt perfectly fitting to the character. It was honestly quite cinematic.
@retinazer9779 9 aylar önce
sokin jon ?
@wasabi1363 4 aylar önce
@retinazer9779 4 aylar önce
@@wasabi1363 oh
@cosmomind7469 Yıl önce
If I could suggest a run: Do a fake sorcerer run. Use only moves that cost FP to attack but you can’t use sorcery’s or incantations. There’s a lot of things that cost FP so there enough variety to make things interesting. Ex: fire pot- no, Magic pots- yes Bone darts- no, crystal darts- yes All tools, spirit ashes, ashes of war are allowed ( in order to avoid ash of war run you can only use ashes of war for 1 FP bar per rest at grace, [optional though, might be to hard] ) Try to be elden lord while having flunked out of Raya Lucaria
Love this.
@Cmd233 Yıl önce
Squib run
@12431265 Yıl önce
I think rather than a limit on how much FP he can use for AoW he could instead use the glintstone pebble ash since in the lore even the most basic of flunkies learn how to do glintstone pebble and since he's using the AoW version it doesn't really break the spirit of the run
@JPLangley_ Yıl önce
@@Cmd233 wtf squib game?
That last sentence sells me on the idea lmao
@poopeater7968 Yıl önce
The commitment and patience this man has is insane😂😂
F ing yes!
Also I love your user name hahahahahaha classic
For real
@Noahedwar Yıl önce
especially when chat was driving him crazy. I thought bushy was gonna rage quit a few times just because of chat
@Opno Yıl önce
Pure fucking will
@symon1033 Yıl önce
Bushy: uses meat shield, runs away, and trows bad gases. Hora Lu: "Brave Tarnished"
@zelg.5551 9 aylar önce
It takes guts to poot in the First Lord's face, even if you turn tail and run immediately afterwards.
@Hi_Ping 7 aylar önce
Just facing him to begin with takes balls. Even if those balls are shriveled up raisins.
@alliebones Yıl önce
32:15 Okay, but the timing of "I sucked the fucking moon, too" followed immediately by Rennala saying "Come-" is too perfect
@juniorlock2008 Yıl önce
Omg ur right i didnt notice that lmaooo no way XD
@xtanagaming1017 Yıl önce
It happens again not one minute later. Lol
@makoent2231 Yıl önce
32:36 "I sucked the moon again!" ..."Come.."
@iscariot90 11 aylar önce
She's feeling a little deprived since Radagon bailed
@lluviatibia8722 Yıl önce
i’ve watched your challenge runs so many times they’re all extremely entertaining and coming from a complete and irrelevant stranger thank you for your video they keep me sane
@nahrikkon8355 Yıl önce
you would love iron pineapple
@lluviatibia8722 Yıl önce
@@nahrikkon8355 he’s great too but Bushy makes way more videos i can come back to
@nahrikkon8355 Yıl önce
@@lluviatibia8722 true, i gotta say tho, i like irons presentation a lot more tho
@NoNameX_X0 10 aylar önce
can confirm Bushy & Iron are both goated at making ER content.
@Ashernal 9 aylar önce
@@NoNameX_X0 what ER content? Hes barely made any ER videos. Like, 7 maybe? and a few of those aren't even challenges or anything. Big fan of his but he doesnt do much ER content where hes goated. Not like Aggy or Bushy.
@mrrd4444 Yıl önce
Jerren killing Radahn has such emotional lore implications dang
@bradmace6144 9 aylar önce
How so ?
@Rannos22 9 aylar önce
@@bradmace6144 he's the guy that tells you about Radahn's backstory He also was probably a close confidant of Radahn
@platinumjimjam 9 aylar önce
Right! When I first saw that character I thought to myself "this dude talks to Radahn... dope"
@mrrd4444 8 aylar önce
​@@bradmace6144late reply but Jerren is Radahn's closest companion, there's a bit of lore about how he visited Radahn's family a long time ago as a young man and gave up his nomadic life to become Radahn's "guest commander" and swore an oath of honorable death with him.
@bradmace6144 8 aylar önce
@@mrrd4444 Thank you mate! :)
@seaica3447 Yıl önce
Alexander is just straight up the best boy during the Fire Giant fight!
@huygaming325 Yıl önce
Fr when I first summoned him I didn’t expect for him to hit so hard and be so tanky!!
@mikeoxsmal69 Yıl önce
@@huygaming325 jar is often the best thing for you and your dad to be in a different way you are the only person you can get on your life if you’re a person and a man and a friend and a person and you will always have to do it and all you have is the same as your father you are so proud of you for being so well and proud of you for your own love of your own love love and how proud of you for all the proud of you for all the proud man and love and proud of you for all of you love you for all the proud man you have
@xiGoinHam Yıl önce
@@mikeoxsmal69 My guy, are you having a stroke?
@reddagger3602 Yıl önce
@@mikeoxsmal69 You good pal?
@aidenwalker1198 Yıl önce
@@mikeoxsmal69 Do you need someone to talk to?
@likeable_verse Yıl önce
I wanna be the Elden Lord Like Godrick never was To catch hands is my real test To summon is my cause
@Manigeitora 6 aylar önce
I will travel across the land(s between), Farming far and wide Each ghost glovewort, to realize The spirit that's insiiiiiiiiide
@NinjaPickle 6 aylar önce
ELDEN RING It's you and me I know it's our destiny ELDEN RING Oh, you're my ashes To a ring we must go rend
@le0gam048 Yıl önce
Heres a tip, if you want to draw aggro you should get the duelists set, each piece of armor increases aggro that you draw to yourself, so the full set plus shabriri's woe will pretty much make the enemies always attack you even if you dont attack them
@robertpronk6297 Yıl önce
Aggro is like 80% of the time. Doesn’t work on mimic tear though, and i’m sure that if a spirit ash attacks too much they’ll still have aggro most of the time
@Casketkrusher_ Yıl önce
I wish I could erase my memory of playing Elden Ring so that I can experience it again like the first time. This game is so freaking good. Love these challenge runs.
It feels completely random whether the summons do 13 damage then all die or completely solo the boss
@alchemy5750 Yıl önce
I tried this challenge once and though I never got to finish it, fanged imp ashes were my go-to as early game summons. They do good bleed buildup and kinda scurry away in random directions, making them tricky to hit for bosses
@ZesTeaLicious Yıl önce
I cant help but love the section where bushy and bushy 2.0 bully gideon with the rejection spell
@basedchicken779 Yıl önce
Waking up to a new Bushy playthrough is like waking up on Christmas morning
During the Elden Beast fight I was laughing so much, the whole "nut on him" got me crying, but the chat had me dying
@theenbee8222 Yıl önce
Interesting detail about Shabriri's Woe is the fact that if you're not doing anything to draw the enemy's aggro, they won't focus you at all. It can be useful if you summon, but not if you can't do anything yourself to draw their aggro
@spaceblockb5284 3 aylar önce
It's best to think of aggro like a stat the builds up when damaging the boss, shabriri makes it build up faster, but if your not building it up at all then its a moot point.
The fact that the iconic pokemon trainer's name is literally Ash is just perfect.
Love watching your highlights like this, you have such a fun energy with every run!
@CorruptLeviathan 2 aylar önce
Bushy always doing the best challenge videos, love finding one I missed.
@poptartryan577 Yıl önce
Dude I've been watching your playthroughs for the last couple days and you are an absolute legend! I straight rage quit this game some time back and watching you play has gotten me reinvested in it and I picked up a bunch of tricks just watching you play
@ElMofo9 11 aylar önce
The summons in this game are so cool. I kind of wish I hadn't forced myself to not use them on my first playthrough it was so fun playing through the game again with a necromancerish build with some of the ashes
@twinarcher8123 Yıl önce
My favorite summons are the bird deenth, pretty sure that's the name, and the two spear skeletons you get from the boat guy. They are both very good and, in my opinion, underrated
Tiche is my favourite summon
Is so fun how Bushy keeps cheering on his summons!
@Orzacle Yıl önce
Now do a nuzlock version where if the summon dies you can’t use them again
@KaokashinPlays Yıl önce
That's huge
That would be near impossible
@athmil8302 Yıl önce
Someone did something kind of similar where they could only use a summon once per boss
@FLareBlitz-rc8cu 5 aylar önce
Dumpy kong
@jonmann4980 5 aylar önce
35:49 shout out to the mimic trying to save him like that on top of carrying the playthrough 👑
@redii2860 Yıl önce
The almost in sync roll at 28:33 was satisfactory.
@Barrythebarnabas 23 gün önce
I actually used that rot dragon incantation for Radahn. Worked pretty well, my only complaint is how long the wind up is, takes so long to actually cast the spell that you’re super vulnerable
@prestonknaack Yıl önce
Black Knife Tiche is sill my absolute favorite summon, it can solo almost the whole game.
@Leach-ez7dq 10 aylar önce
Can't summon in the evergaol tho, so she is unobtainable.
@sgt7512 3 aylar önce
What's even more impressive - Elden Ring actually makes this a playable option.
Holy SHIT! Alexander coming in clutch with that humongous big damage on Fire Giant. That was extraordinarily impressive.
I’ve been watching your videos for a while, and not only do I think that was a really refreshing take on a summon only video, but I think that your commentary once you got to using mimic tear puts it, and your content in general, in a tier above most other Elden Ring content. Great job, and fantastic video!
@dyroth Yıl önce
The unique rules you put on is why these challenge runs are way more interesting than any others, keep it up!
@Thepixe Aylar önce
Mad respect for bushy, for simply chuckling when you die instead of losing your shit.
@OldGreggIRL Yıl önce
Every time i get hard stuck on a boss in elden ring using a totally viable, regular build, i just watch a little bit of bushy doing some obscenely difficult challenge run and realize how much easier i have it. Then i fail a few more times and finish the video so i can see what it’s like to actually kill a boss.
@LLL74123 Yıl önce
Pretty cool to see summon only runs, I like the gimmick of boss kills for leveling them. It also shows how busted summons are in general since it'd be so easy if he was actually hitting the boss too.
@vansserafim Yıl önce
This is by far my favorite run so far
@pazoceirus-3507 Yıl önce
Thanks for all the effort you put in your vids ! I enjoy them to the fullest.
It's hilarious watching all of these summon only challenges end up using mimic tear + ekyzyke's decay
@nate8key Yıl önce
Ikr it’s underwhelming at this point
@chillwave8809 7 aylar önce
For some reason I used the dark blade with my mimic and it carried pretty well, even through the elden beast.
@Onebadterran Aylar önce
Love the Pokemon idea. I wonder if you can set up a mod that lets you do multiple summons so you can have a team you can throw out against bosses
@moz6388 8 aylar önce
This run is actually so much fun. I wish you can do it as a first playthrough but unfortunately it's impossible as this type of run requires deep knowledge of the game :(
I know this comes too late but the godslayer seal in stormveil is the strongest seal in the whole game at sub like 80 faith and on a pure faith build. Blows the finger seal out of the water in every way shape and form.
@8-bitten 5 aylar önce
Something I was curious about. There is an incantation you can learn from the dude @ Round Table that buffs you with fire resist. Is casting that on a spirit summon worth while against bosses that use fire?
@VD1461 Yıl önce
was watching some of the streams, it's so cool to see someone genuinely dedicated to keeping the set rules without cheating, unless completely necessary to continue. After looking at some other channels I think you've earned my respect for consistently not cheating.
@ThaCasualnooB 11 aylar önce
For a run like this would you ever consider using the skeletal militiamen? They revive as long as they dont get hit a 2nd time after being killed....seems viable for this style of run, a lil less fp would be needed I think, not saying it would save a whole lot and maybe not even enough to worth it but maybe it would be worth a shot? Idk, what do I kno lol
@azmitzy Yıl önce
Here are some tips for ash Simmons the skeleton ashes revive themselves, and Mohg’s rune increases the damage of summons when blood loss happens near them If you put a weapon that heals every strike on the mimic tear you won’t need to worry as much about healing them also prayerful strike is amazing ash of war for your mimic tear.
@uncme123 8 aylar önce
Anyone else laugh at Gideon giving him more trouble than many of the major bosses?
@darkenedpsynoid Yıl önce
I've done this challenge run twice it's extremely fun but at the same time it's extremely stressful......beating every single boss you can in the game without attacking back is really tough if you're going for a pacifist run at the same time
For future use, dragon communion seal, even with higher scale, heals alot less
Man do I love your videos . I can’t become a member because I’m broke but I really appreciate when you post , your videos are so well edited and your voice is nice to hear . Thank you for posting .
@futuristicbus61 Yıl önce
Dude watching the radahn fight from a distance is so cinematic, especially in this case watching blaidd running across the dunes at him
The attack Radahn used at 8:13 to kill Bushy... man that's a tough one. I couldn't figure our how to dodge it on my first playthrough. Had to take cover from it behind sand dunes.
@kzman1173 5 aylar önce
I love the idea of getting all these other guys to kill radahn riding around the arena and then claiming the great rune and all the glory story wise 😂
I’ve watched those other videos, but it’s still cool to see how other people try the same challenge. The twist you did was interesting though. Keep up the awesome videos!
@matthewbergeron3641 2 aylar önce
FR the destined death ability on the greatsword is amazing for huge HP bosses. It's alot of commitment to land it but when it does dear god, especially if you and your mimic both land it at the same time
These vids never fail to make me stop whatever I’m doing to watch lol
@SentinalSlice Yıl önce
This went from a Pokémon run to basically letting the equivalent of a five year old fight for you while you heal them.
@dalakanam 9 aylar önce
This is amazing because i never watch a 10 minutes longer video and now i'm here every single day watching some of your videos.
@-Chunky- Yıl önce
Bernahl is a massive help during Godskin Duo in regular play through. He heals himself with the Ash of War and already is bulky as fuk
@valentai_777 Yıl önce
I just realize that I think there’s incants that allow you to buff the defenses of you and your Allies. Like I think Barrier of Gold affects Allies too.
@siosio6935 5 aylar önce
That dog is the most underrated summon, my first play through he carried me through the first couple bosses
Sick run, but kinda odd how not only did you not fight Malenia, you didn't even mention her.
@gorbo-dk2fu Yıl önce
because shes not needed for beating the game besides a strength faith blasphemous mimic could easily solo her its doable
@iveharzing Yıl önce
@@gorbo-dk2fu Yeah just look at Slimecicle's playthrough, he beat Malenia on like his 3rd try because of that.
@Fu-Hua-HoS Yıl önce
@@gorbo-dk2fu POV: You use Blasphemous Blade on Malenia: "Bitch, i've suffered enough, time to die"
@blu-rae864 Yıl önce
summons are just free heals for her
@@gorbo-dk2fu You're probably right about the difficulty, but he went out of his way to beat every other nonessential Remembrance boss. Weird to leave it unfinished like that
This run was really fun to watch
@swampofsouls6071 10 aylar önce
I have a run suggestion: double every enemy’s and randomize all the items, but you can only use the next item you get. So if you find something you have to equip it no matter what
@catsilovecats 9 aylar önce
@MourningRose1 10 aylar önce
I heard that the mimic tear can’t avoid foes attacks because he’s too busy avoiding your healings and buffs
@twinarcher8123 Yıl önce
It seems like he's learning what it feels like to be a support player
@SomeUserk 4 aylar önce
I havent watch the ehole video but it seems you skipped malenia. She is actually very feasible with mimic tear and burn o flame, just make sure to equip him with raw meat dumpling so he can sustain himself
@iorishishigami Yıl önce
This is unreal run. Best mimic of the year award
I prefer the Cuckoo soldier ashes to the Godrick soldier ones as with the cuckoo ashes you get two aggressive foot soldiers who attack while the greatsword dude throws glintstone from a safe distance until the others are dead.
@here2there880 Yıl önce
You can summon millicent for the tree sentinel as well as the hammer dude. Along with your spirit summons its a 4v1.
i do have to say, that this was the most enjoyable challenge yet.
The Olfnir bullying session had me in tears 😂
@mikethegeek5685 8 aylar önce
Lhutel the headless or Ancient dragon knight kristoff would've been my choice for the run both are special summons both are great sheild tanks so they live alot better than other summons and if you use Lhutel she actually teleports to dodge, has a small chance to inflict death blight, and can throw her spear for range. Kristoff is a tank who uses lighting damage to deal massive damage
@bullghani Yıl önce
I love the twist you put on this, great video as always sir
@fimnh4543 2 aylar önce
Jarren killing Radahn actually makes a lot of sense lore-wise.
@katunu6030 4 aylar önce
Bosses draw aggro to whoever hits them more. If you just hit a boss with rejection once or twice you’ll draw aggro from your summon. It’ll probably help more.
@colesontaylor1231 Aylar önce
Funnily enough, the Mimic Tear supposedly did come about as an attempt to create an artificial Elden Lord, and here it is kicking ass and taking names.
I have an idea for a video: Can you completely clear an area out of all enemies, for example, Mogwyn's Palace. Can you make it so that no matter where you go on the map, you have defeated every enemy without resting to reset. Then, if that goes well, could you do this for all of Elden Ring...🤔🤔🤔
@wispfire2545 10 aylar önce
Shabriri's Woe does work, but you have to deal damage for it to work. It locks the attention of struck enemies for a few seconds.
@sos-pl8pf Yıl önce
Great content my man, as always
@sos-pl8pf Yıl önce
@@23Butanedione then go watch someone else. I don't understand why people like you always have to be so negative and try to spread it around.
@jimflint516 2 aylar önce
i wonder if he knew that curse blood pots make summons super aggressive towards whatever you hit them with
@reallynotjroc9845 3 aylar önce
Most entertaining run I’ve seen 😂
@afjer Aylar önce
My first playthrough basically went like that with Redahn. He scared me too much at the time to get up close.
@Evilbunnynyoron Yıl önce
idea! do a run where "you play as the mimic" where you only use what the enemy has as weapon and equipment
@nerohylt Yıl önce
Cracked pots do damage if they hit anything directly, so technically you could have done damage to the godskin duo with the sleeping pots
@pieoverlord Yıl önce
Demand a true Ash Ketchum run with Mimic using nothing but lightning magic and the lightning roly-poly ash of war.
@JTdaGoat2871 Yıl önce
Great content as always. Your the face of elden ring bro.
@Trevor21230 Yıl önce
I wouldn't have gone for the Dung Eater summon. Lhutel is generally more reliable, since she has a ranged option and teleports around a lot to dodge.
Youre a legend. Please continue doing what you're doing forever.
@d3rpy54yn0 9 aylar önce
Fun Fact: You don't have to fight Godrick or Margit in Stormveil because there is a shortcut beside Stormveil, near the Stormhill Shack and next to the broken bridge, that passes Margit and the whole castle, into Liurnia. I'm not sure if you have to fight Godrick to beat the game, but Margit is optional and you can easily pass the castle for early/midgame loot.
@jillfizzard1018 Yıl önce
"I grab the Clawmark seal since it is the only one with a strength scaling" Godskin sigil: Am I a joke to you?
@user-uf7qf7mv6k Yıl önce
Godslayer seal doesn't scale with strength though?
@faceless1434 Yıl önce
Godskin/Giant's/Gravel/Finger Seals are physical items so they all have strength scaling because you can punch with them and do more damage than with the other seals but that strength scaling doesn't affect incantations... unless I missed something. Speaking of which does clawmark seal affect any of the spells he used, I was of the understanding that buffs and heals weren't affected by Clawmark's strength scaling or at least the seal has very poor scaling with buffs/heals
the radon soldier ashes upgraded are really good, they chonck health on early and mid game and do decent damage to late games, but i like them they doo goo goo damage
@AlteraLin Yıl önce
You can use Rejection cancel out the attacks of the Draconic Tree Sentinels. You can perma stun them, basically.
@HatCreature 11 aylar önce
I'm surprised you underestimated Melina, I've never had her die when I fight Margot, she carries hardcore. It'd be cool if she was a permanent companion instead of only for this fight.
@equious8413 11 aylar önce
You've officially done a method I think I would love playing this game as. Lol
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