Using Numbers to Find the 75 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time

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18 Eki 2021




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The WindowTree
The WindowTree 6 saatler önce
Damn. 6 of the top 10 players have played for the Lakers
CEAJR7 12 saatler önce
Great list. I do have some questions regarding shot making ability exclusion: Pete Maravich, Bob McAdoo, Jerry West and Julius Erving!! Please watch highlights of these legends.
Senator Joseph McCarthy Was A Communist
The guy with the most missed shots in NBA history is somehow also #1 in shot making? Seems legit.
Lautaro Diaz
Lautaro Diaz 20 saatler önce
john cates
john cates 22 saatler önce
Luka ....
Oliver .Wilder
Oliver .Wilder Gün önce
I know it bursts so many peoples bubbles, but Lebron is in so many ways over Jordan, the greatest basketball player to ever lace them up, his impact on winning and his iq as a basketball player is beyond statistsics and he still is ranked number 2. What's funny is that we do the same thing with Brady and Rodgers when considering the qb goat. Rodgers is better than Brady in some technical ways and generally more talented, but Brady has more rings, more accomplished and has constantly been surrounded by better teams, Aaron Rodgers is better, Lebron is better.
WayneWRLD Gün önce
kd is not top 10. -2021
Charliesidds Gün önce
undoubtedly the most educational and thrilling content on youtube. incredible.
thebackendsaint Gün önce
and dwight howard shouldve been here in ATLEAST the 50s
thebackendsaint Gün önce
Iverson is 1 on impact simple
MAK Dwayn
MAK Dwayn Gün önce
Ummmm where’s Dwight Howard 🤔
James C
James C 2 gün önce
this is a really good video idea but cmon man you gotta use era adjusted numbers... the rebounding stat is just not fair
Rylan B
Rylan B 2 gün önce
I agree Completely with everything you say
Juan RR
Juan RR 2 gün önce
Wait WHAT, where's Lebron on the Shot Making list??
Sixmisty 2 gün önce
Feel like steph should be 1 on impact on the game
Ivan Kazimir
Ivan Kazimir 3 gün önce
24 Harden 🤮🤮🤮 45 Westbrock 🤮🤮🤮
bojyles 3 gün önce
Bird behind Durant..... Sure Durant is great at scoring in isolation...But he will be forgotten in 10 years. Bird is a legend. The Legend in fact
TefJef 4 gün önce
Durant swept LeBron in the finals 😂 😂 😂
TefJef 4 gün önce
Mj is still the goat the original 🐐
F1u1d 4 gün önce
Jesus loves you ‘
Mario GV
Mario GV 4 gün önce
uberempty 4 gün önce
I love making fantasy teams! My nba team just struggles who my starting center is going to be. Shaq or wilt. Tim Duncan for power, Jordan at shooting, I would force lebron to play small(or just take melo) and Nash gets to pass. That’s m
Kenshin Himura
Kenshin Himura 5 gün önce
shot making is debatable. imagine. jordan got the most pts per game. with high efficiency then u put kobrick in the first place? u cant become the number one scorer if u cant create shot. and why lebron is not there in shot making. he literally can pull up from the logo then drive at will. why kobrick is the number 1?
fede_ 5 gün önce
Like it o not Michael Jordan is the best player ever, he was the most complete, spectacular player in defense and offense who played the game. It is very difficult to compare different eras, but Jordan dominated in most categories. Russel, Chamberlain, Kareem, Magic, Kobe, Hakeem, Pierce , Duncan, James were excellent players but MJ was something different.
Bence Tuza
Bence Tuza 5 gün önce
damn, Vince got robbed on this one
PapaGrantits 5 gün önce
Kidd at 37? Yeah I can get down with that.
Big Day
Big Day 5 gün önce
steph at 16 feels a little wrong
BlackHowl1 5 gün önce
Superb video, truly. I love data-driven shit like this and you’ve done a cracking job of it. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
CLUTCH FAWR 5 gün önce
In shot making you didn’t put lebron at all but you put Vince Carter wow Comon jimmy
João Avelino
João Avelino 6 gün önce
I still don't understand how Jordan is the 13th in shot making.... behind Kyrie, Melo, and others there... I don't see him as n1.. but 13th?
Michael Scott
Michael Scott 6 gün önce
Dr J has got to be top 3 all time impact and influence. Top 10 all time in basketball history. There is no mj without Dr j.
Big Gucci Yaya
Big Gucci Yaya 6 gün önce
You need a high ranking job in the NBA
KranxOnPotato 6 gün önce
lebron over kobe?
Ettore 6 gün önce
I can already see Klay looking at this and picking up a n.52 jersey LOL
Robin DBank
Robin DBank 7 gün önce
Imo wilt would be number 2 because of rebounds, blocks. And some stats weren’t there when he was. Opinion was I think he’s the goat but i know know it’s mj. But for my 2 is wilt chamberlain
J D 7 gün önce
I think the list will be more accurate if you consider turnovers per games, whoever turns the ball over the most deduct the points accordingly. On top of that, the true shooting percentage(TS%) is one of the most important calculations if you asked me. Like Harden got tons of points off from FTs. Westbrick turnovers and bricks a ton, but both dudes look good on paper if you chose to only look at the good stats.
HoboJoe 7 gün önce
That shot making leader board was the funniest shit I’ve ever seen 10/10
Nanibelgium 7 gün önce
The moneyball of basketball ! You should work for an nba gm bro
Connor Cross
Connor Cross 7 gün önce
MJ won by over 20 points, thats a huge difference to lebron.
B M 7 gün önce
Im taking Dwade over a lot of those ahead of him.
Trabalho da Mobile
Trabalho da Mobile 7 gün önce
10:17 legendary
CareLess Kari
CareLess Kari 7 gün önce
Shane’s Toy reviews
Larry at 11 is a joke... and not having him as the best shot maker of all time is Also a joke.
ryan c
ryan c 8 gün önce
Patrick Ewing is better than rajon rondo. patrick needed a better team to get on an individual top 75 list
Gavin Dennis
Gavin Dennis 8 gün önce
terrence boone
terrence boone 8 gün önce
Derrick rose , Dennis Johnson is not better than kyrie Irving
Casey Myers
Casey Myers 8 gün önce
Rip jazz sax
The Fourth Quarter
The Fourth Quarter 8 gün önce
One metric you put in drives me crazy - all defensive teams in which certain players (I am looking at you Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Blasphemy, I know) got a reputation for playing good defense for a few years, then coasted to many more selections. Both of these players made these teams years after they stopped playing great defense. Too make matters worse, Jordan racked up huge numbers of steals because he gambled waaaaaaay toooo much. At times, it seemed like the whole point of his defense was too embarrass his opponent 1 -2 times a game instead of shutting them down. For that reason, I greatly dislike "All Defensive Team" selections. I want to know how many bad nights an opponent had when facing a defender, not how many times a once a game spectacular play was made.
Xazy. 8 gün önce
Can’t argue with the numbers y’all bias crazy I knew KD was a top 10 talent yall just haters
Dave Douglass
Dave Douglass 8 gün önce
I think there should be a catergory of "recognizable nickname", a nickname that they earned and are still known as(eg the glove) and "outrageous streak" like when Rodman was bringing down 25 rebounds a game, or when Westbrook had his triple double streak. Those both help separate great from top 75 great imo
Ryan Schmidt
Ryan Schmidt 8 gün önce
joel embiid over dwayne wade?????
Wario 8 gün önce
Scottie Barnes got robbed
Lance Karmo
Lance Karmo 8 gün önce
Bill Russels championships should be weighted from 11 to something like 3 or 4. Just for the simple fact that only 8 teams played in the league at that team. Because of that, he had a 12.5 percent chance of winning a title every year by basic odds. In today’s NBA, that number is 3 percent. Then, when you consider how much more talent was on his team compared to others at the time, it becomes even less impressive
John Pol
John Pol 8 gün önce
Labor is to high on the list too. No way he should be ahead of Kobe.
I assume you mean LeBron and he is without question ahead of Kobe
MrBuggy865 8 gün önce
Trae young has accomplished more in his career so far than luka but his size eliminates his ability atm to get on the 1st team because of bias. So I think you have to add the 2nd and 3rd teams, or at least the 2nd teams. Also no dpoy list in the rankings? Also I think there should be points for at least the top 25 in each category since a lot of these players stats are super close to each other, 10th versus 15-20th usually isn’t going to be that huge of a difference.
Shaneosaurus Gaming
Shaneosaurus Gaming 8 gün önce
Kobe as shot making leader is a bad take kobe has most missed shots all time in nba history and is a career 44 percent fg shooter and we won't talk about his abysmal 3pt percentage he should not be top 20 let alone number 1 and top have kobe over shaq is ridiculous shaq was the Lakers on that team he won all the finals mvp and regular season mvp and should have 2 others against Nash kobe should never be above shaq your definitely too biased here
liamleahy 9 gün önce
Bob petit 3 careers worse than Larry Bird. You've lost your mind. Luka??? Just stop. nUmBeRs Tho!!! Yes, nUmBeRs can be used to manipulate (Lakers propaganda) editorial. ::rolleyes::
Vaibhav Ganesh
Vaibhav Ganesh 9 gün önce
AI not on the shot making list?
Gabriel deHoyos
Gabriel deHoyos 9 gün önce
Lebron is 1
Shunton Phillips
Shunton Phillips 9 gün önce
When curry's career is done he'll be top 10 with 5 rings
James Edwards
James Edwards 9 gün önce
Anyone notice how AD got 18pts for PER yet on the final list only had 11?
Mikel Ovalle
Mikel Ovalle 9 gün önce
There is no way Luka is on this list.
Kadan Ahr
Kadan Ahr 9 gün önce
Where is lamelo ??
TEFII 9 gün önce
this is a great list but luka, dame and don't belong
Chris Katoanga
Chris Katoanga 9 gün önce
Good to see Klay on this list, that dude is top 50 all time
wade nance
wade nance 9 gün önce
so apparently luka has already had a better career than dwade without winning a finals mvp or even going to the finals. crazy how that works
sean wells
sean wells 9 gün önce
Kyrie being a top 50 on this really surprised me
licht lune
licht lune 9 gün önce
This would be even better if you adjusted for pace.
Bob Dole
Bob Dole 9 gün önce
AI at 39 doesn't really do him justice
Paul Sholar
Paul Sholar 9 gün önce
Your methodology produces results that don't pass the "eye test," so you should find ways to improve it. (For example, adjust points scored and rebounds using a "pace of play" coefficient to normalize data from different eras, and no ABA data penalizes great players like Dr. J and Gervin and David Thompson.) Also, the defects in your methodology's source data benefit more recent great players like Jordan and penalize a great older player like Chamberlain. 1) Scores on your list within 1% to 2% should be considered equivalent. So the "rankings" based on the numbers are basically a bogus exercise. 2) All-Defensive Team and Finals MVP are post-1968 awards. (So maybe Russell wouldn't have won Finals MVP for each of his championships won. HOFer and one-time NBA MVP Bob Cousy played with Russell for seven years, and they won six championships together.) PER incorporates blocks and steals, which were not official stats until 1973. So your stats have at least that much recency bias. 3) Championships won are irrelevant to evaluate individual players because it represents a team accomplishment, so it benefits players employed by a more skilled front office. (Try running your numbers for Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain without incorporating championships won.) On the other hand, the career of MJ (and other players) supports the notion that the individual stats for a great player on a great team will be deflated. (See my comment below.) How to model for this phenomenon (front office goals)? 4) Kobe gets overranked under this kind of "statistical" compendium. Look at his career FG percentage (44.7%) compared with others near his career points scored. His ball-hogging was coddled by the Lakers franchise for a long time (front office goals). As of today, Kobe is #4 for NBA career points scored, but you have to scan down to #16 (Paul Pierce) to find a top scorer with a lower career FG percentage than Kobe's. As of today, only four other NBA players among the NBA's 25 highest career scorers (and only ten out of the top 50) have FG percentage equal to or lower than Kobe's. 5) If Wilt Chamberlain had made at least 70% of his career free throws (which is a typical figure for the NBA's all-time leading scorers, even for centers like Abdul-Jabbar and Olajuwon), instead of 51% (his actual results), he would have scored more career points than Kobe did, and would have been passed only recently for career points scored by LeBron James. Wilt missed almost as many free throws as Shaq made for his career! (By the way, Wilt made 28 of 32 free throws in his 100-point game in March 1962. Al Attles, Wilt's teammate on the Philadelphia Warriors, remarked on video after Wilt's death that after Wilt bulked up by weightlifting, his free throw percentage suffered and never recovered.)
Paul Sholar
Paul Sholar 9 gün önce
Recently I looked a site that lists the career high scoring games for MJ ... Jordan scored more than 60 points five times. Four of those five games were overtime games, and three of the five were Bulls losses ... Hmmm ... Zooming out of the dataset a little further, Jordan scored at least 56 points ten times. All but three of those games took place *before* the 1991-92 season, which was the season of his second championship won (out of his six championships won). That is, Jordan almost never scored more than 55 points in a game after the season when he won his first championship. ... Hmmm ...
mfc1 10 gün önce
Uhhhh rondo? I like him a lot and have been saying he’s underrated for a couple years now. Idk how I feel about him in top 75
Dendle 10 gün önce
Lebron aint done yet
NeXus Vitel
NeXus Vitel 10 gün önce
Rondo > Pierce xd wat
isaiah rodante
isaiah rodante 10 gün önce
Kanishk Gandhi
Kanishk Gandhi 10 gün önce
id say the player that will become the leader in all nba selections is luka doncic
Tuko Alberto
Tuko Alberto 10 gün önce
I trust numbers! Like it
GeniuX 10 gün önce
"At his peak, Jordan looked like a Jesus in a basketball Jersey" Hahahahahaha lol
Juan antonio Salgado cuenda
Man! You definitely missing nowitzki and Abdul on the list that you made, they even had a name for their shooting mechanic, some of the shoot mechanics that were cosidered unstoppable
Juan antonio Salgado cuenda
and Vince Carter...I would like to know Not criticizing man, I love the effort you put on your videos, just expressing my opinion
Aaron M
Aaron M 11 gün önce
Shot making lebron snub. Really?
Hoopz 11 gün önce
I did this myself with top 15 and got pretty interesting results 1. Michael Jordan 2. Wilt Chamberlain 3. LeBron James 4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5. Bill Russell 6. Tim Duncan 7. Kobe Bryant 8. Shaquille O'neal 9. David Robinson 10. Magic Johnson 11. Larry Bird 12. Hakeem Olajuwon 13. Kevin Durant 14. Oscar Robertson 15. Stephen Curry
Perry Mitchell
Perry Mitchell 11 gün önce
Rondo at 62 is weird
default 1990
default 1990 11 gün önce
I clicked on the link, where supposedly your music tracks come from. Wasted at least 20 minuts clicking and listing to each song and turns out none of them are the track that you play at the start! So does anybody know the song? Because i really like it.
Jaylen Stark
Jaylen Stark 11 gün önce
Dwight Howard woulda made the list if DPOY was counted in the calculations.
CadenDATboss 11 gün önce
Most accurate list I’ve ever seen. Can’t argue with statistics
Zvonimir Novacic
Zvonimir Novacic 11 gün önce
manu ginobili can't be measured by stats, and he is top 75 100%
7Nore7 12 gün önce
Normaly I like your videos but damn you made so many mistakes in this one that I dont even bother to get into it. Just flat out Wrong!
Drionzki 12 gün önce
Michael Jordan man... could not agree more with that... rank # 2 and below is debatable... but the GOAT is no question MJ
Benjamin Grebe
Benjamin Grebe 12 gün önce
Derrick Rose is not a better player than Dominique Wilkins I'm sorry.
Jeff Michel
Jeff Michel 12 gün önce
All time starting 5 Steph MJ KD Garnett Shaq Unbeatable
andre pinzon
andre pinzon 12 gün önce
I haven’t watched one game of ball in my life, but I been watching your videos for a while now, and I absolutely love these videos bro, and I got no idea why, do a stat on why your videos are so insteresting haha
Ssote 12 gün önce
not putting dirk in shot making must be criminal
Quasi 12 gün önce
You didn't take into account steals and blocks, and turnovers
Taj's Discord
Taj's Discord 12 gün önce
this just makes me realize that Giannis AT MINIMUM is top 20 all time. anyone without a ring can't say shit to him. Anyone who played against plumbers can't say shit to him. Theres honestly only 10 players better than him on here if we are being honest. and he's only 26
360 Kingz
360 Kingz 12 gün önce
TheSymster 12 gün önce
I love data but damn bro. this guy is married to it :)
Ice 12 gün önce
Westbrook making the list shows the flaw in using pure stats Klay Steph and draymond changed basketball completely went to the finals 5 times in a row sustained dominance alert
Strix 12 gün önce
You should've used only the stats of their peak years, since some players fell off and others gradually built their game. Also that shot making stat is recency bias at it's best. But most importantly NOWAY James Harden is the 24th best player of all time. NOWAY! If he played in ANY other era he would be an average player, half his points come from flopping, which was only a foul in the NBA for a few years..
SlyRacoon 12 gün önce
At least in this list klay makes top 75
Jt WRLD 13 gün önce
How is Alex Caruso not on the list???
Rece 13 gün önce
I always peeped all the greats have a 3 in their number with Kobe being the only exception
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