Using GIANT LIVE BAIT for Spillway MONSTERS!!! (Nonstop BIG Fish!)

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In this video I fish for spillway monsters with giant live bait!

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17 Nis 2020




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John Adams
John Adams 4 gün önce
using giant live bait and didnt catch a single fish on it. still trying to figure out where these non stop big fish were
joel w Carter
joel w Carter 4 gün önce
joel w Carter
joel w Carter 4 gün önce
joel w Carter
joel w Carter 4 gün önce
Ours Noir
Ours Noir 5 gün önce
C'est quoi les poissons que tu attrapes? Tu pêches aux USA ? Dans quel état? Je te remercie.
Ours Noir
Ours Noir 5 gün önce
Where do you fish? What is the name of these fishes ? Thanks
David Spangler
David Spangler 5 gün önce
We always cut the top fins off the bullheads
malakai tupou
malakai tupou 9 gün önce
Use small fish that you catch as bait and for bait use squid its realy good for catching catfish
Rajan 49
Rajan 49 9 gün önce
Ooi you look like a monster
proud potato online
proud potato online 10 gün önce
So you lied to me in the tittle and made me wait 15 minutes
T Webster
T Webster 11 gün önce
NOUSU THOTTAYI 11 gün önce
Fabio Francesconi
Fabio Francesconi 12 gün önce
What kind of fish is it!? I never saw it here in Argentina!
FlamingViperV12 12 gün önce
Nick: Wants a monster catfish. Me: We can't all be Jeremy Wade.
Nelson Porter
Nelson Porter 14 gün önce
Bowfin are an invasive species that wipe out schools of gamefish!
poppyhimbo 16 gün önce
the guy in the background was like damn.......
Escape With George
Escape With George 18 gün önce
What we do rock fishing is use a balloon or a big enough float to send out live baits. This way the fish isn't weighted down by a sinker and is able to swim naturally without much resistance. I hooked up to a mako shark off the rocks this way. Balloons are not really good for the environment so i tend to use floats.
Sloth and Turtle
Sloth and Turtle 18 gün önce
It’s sad but live bait is super forbidden where I live 🥺🤷🏻‍♂️
Arturo jr Morada
Arturo jr Morada 18 gün önce
Boss give your fishing tools number one fan me to you thanks boss
Александр Оганов
Good fishing, good music, beautiful nature. Like and subscribe.Hello from Russia.
Dan Mullaney
Dan Mullaney 19 gün önce
Again, another clip of boring footage. I bet if this guy tried making hunting videos, he' be shooting squirrels and calling them "Monsters"!
lil zmokey
lil zmokey 22 gün önce
Big fish guys big fish fish on fish on
Andy Smith
Andy Smith 22 gün önce
Illegal where I live to use livebait. You have to be a pretty heartless piece of shit to impale a fish on a hook and use it as bait.
Moe S
Moe S 23 gün önce
Bro you play some kick ass tunes bud haha
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith 23 gün önce
Rip the homie The blue kayak in the back
tyrone buchanan
tyrone buchanan 23 gün önce
Where are you fishing at
Archie Cashion
Archie Cashion 24 gün önce
You should come to Big Pine Key next May and I'll ruin you at the Bahia Honda Channel. Tarpon are addictive - the timing of the birth of my children was carefully geared around tarpon season in the Keys....
zeke thefishgeek
zeke thefishgeek 25 gün önce
See those teeth mark rings around that Amia calva's caudel fin at 15:27? It takes a BIG Bowfin to make those size of toothy jaw marks ehen fighting on the last 1/4 of that fish's body... fighting for territory before they spawn...
zeke thefishgeek
zeke thefishgeek 25 gün önce
I am wondering what state and area of the state is this spot in? I am wanting to catch some Bowfin really bad but I live in Northwest Georgia and there just is not a viable population of Bowfin anywhere near me... well, in close proximity to my house anyway... thank you.
J. Nichols
J. Nichols 27 gün önce
Why the hell are you releasing everything? 😆
Willie Harkless
Willie Harkless 28 gün önce
What's the name of that song
captured moments
captured moments Aylar önce
Those bowfin are beautiful fish
natale scuto
natale scuto Aylar önce
A pari ca sta facennu ova ccu ddu russi!!!
tooch1180 Aylar önce
Thanks for the vid, see ya later buddy.
gelengider Günüç
Good dinner
Roenick young
Roenick young Aylar önce
Good fish
Gib Bogle
Gib Bogle Aylar önce
I'm amazed that there are so many fish in this pool. What are they eating?
Erick F
Erick F Aylar önce
Re title this to Watch a guy catch bait and trash fish for 15 minutes
Chris Manning
Chris Manning Aylar önce
Do the ecosystem a favor. Throw all the bowfin in the rocks behind you.
Robert Mansfield
Robert Mansfield Aylar önce
stop saying AWESOME, you are over the age of 15.
charles Aylar önce
Man, I really love watching you get into some of these places most people probably aren't allowed? And it's great that you are sweet to the fish.... BUT....They cannot all be male fish (Buddy). LOL
Mr.detroit Diesel
Mr.detroit Diesel Aylar önce
Love your videos! But your line brakes a lot. I think you are underpowered sometimes on your gear ...
Cody Ponder
Cody Ponder Aylar önce
How do u find these fishing spot? I struggle to find spots to fish
Doreen Aylar önce
It was super cool to see you save that fish on all that. loose. Line. he might've been wrapped in that line for you don't know how long thanks again for helping this poor fish! iagain helping this poor fish!!!!!!!!!!!💕
Lyn Moss
Lyn Moss Aylar önce
Man that's alot of good eating you let back
Traigh Collie
Traigh Collie Aylar önce
In south afrika where i live there is cat fish that i have caught that are 10 pounds they are huge soo masive
Gufi Angler
Gufi Angler Aylar önce
👎 Life bait and C&R, where's the point? I am an angler myself, but find this absolutely unethical
Matt Oliver
Matt Oliver Aylar önce
Love your videos man they’re all great but are none of us going to address the fact that there is a headless goose
simon hughes
simon hughes Aylar önce
Petr Aylar önce
Crankbait as bonus for you! 😉
cj worrell
cj worrell Aylar önce
Susan Shafer
Susan Shafer Aylar önce
What fish in it's right mind would bite on a bullhead with those nasty barbs?
Karyn Sztabaluk
Karyn Sztabaluk Aylar önce
What's up with the headless duck decoy? Lol
Cale McCartney
Cale McCartney Aylar önce
Personally can't bring myself to stick a big circle hook through a living creature and toss it out. Just feel bad. bowfin are such an underrated fish. Ton of fun to catch on a medium lite rod and small shrimp from dollar general.
Cale McCartney
Cale McCartney Aylar önce
@Richard Martin I agree with you that animals aren't treated well in the big farming industry. I wasn't making the argument that they were treated well. I wasn't bashing this guy either, was just saying I didn't have the heart to use big, live bait.
Richard Martin
Richard Martin Aylar önce
If it's from the grocery store it's okay? You should visit a feedlot or a chicken house that's wrong.
lwestbrook Aylar önce
Are u in the metro east? Im over here in the st. Louis area and would love to know this spot
oldandfedup Aylar önce
What is commonly known as a bowfin on You Tube fishing shows we call grinnal here in Louisiana. We consider them to be trash fish and, because they can become too prevalent in our lakes at times, I always knocked them in the head when I caught them. Instead of just tossing them on the bank, my Daddy and I would suspend them on a sharpened limb just above the water. We would then slice their bellies open allowing flys to deposit their eggs in them. This would cause maggots that would fall into the water, feeding the fish in that area. Nothing wasted that way and the circle of life rolled on.
oldandfedup Aylar önce
Brother, please tell me that you at least occasionally eat some of the fish you catch. Sometimes you catch and release guys just drive me nuts. 😳🤪😂🤣😅
BKdragon2002 Aylar önce
where is this spill way out.. looks similar to one near me lol
ziopel339 2 aylar önce
Hello there wonderful video, could you please let me know you gears and your line load etc your fishing mount, hook weight and so on.. thank you..
Michael Downey
Michael Downey 2 aylar önce
Do those Bowfin taste any good? I’ve caught them a lot and have never ate any. I’m like you I release most my fish. I do keep Saugeye/walleye and large panfish for table fare.
kidsoutdoorlife 2 aylar önce
Really cool
john demoss
john demoss 2 aylar önce
That’s legal? I don’t think it is in Iowa.
RampagingShrew 2 aylar önce
Do you just fish shit ponds for trash fish in every video and never eat anything? Might as well make a ten minute video catching carp. 😒
H Brúnó
H Brúnó 2 aylar önce
Szeretem a videóid
Anaconda 2 aylar önce
Delete! Not interested!
Michael Riegler
Michael Riegler 2 aylar önce
Love this channel. Tired of bowfins tho
B.F.H_SHANE 350 2 aylar önce
Try bread
Semen Raskin
Semen Raskin 2 aylar önce
Why you always release pretty good fish
fish, hunt, grow
fish, hunt, grow 2 aylar önce
Bring your ass to michigan within the next month, and get in a river close to the big lake, you'll see some crazy freshwater fishing.
guilherme pietro
guilherme pietro 2 aylar önce
You caught more fish that day than I did in my life, dang !
Mrdinoshark Tucker piper
Bowfin city in that fishing hole
Kenneth Litten
Kenneth Litten 2 aylar önce
I wish i could take my daughter to that spillway fishing
Tre Dad
Tre Dad 2 aylar önce
In Louisiana we call those bowfin fish...Grinnell fish.
lenny koss
lenny koss 2 aylar önce
Roy Suriyopas
Roy Suriyopas 2 aylar önce
That rod looks like going to break apart
Kathleen Reynolds
Kathleen Reynolds 2 aylar önce
Well, Nick, I go for the long awaited shoulder replacement this morning. I need you to go fishing more frequently for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Your adventures makes time fly.
Adam Namerow
Adam Namerow 2 aylar önce
What's up with the headless goose decoy?
rico drake
rico drake 2 aylar önce
@618fishing is what town in Illinois is this?
Simple Pleasures MTB
Simple Pleasures MTB 2 aylar önce
What’s up with the headless Canadian Honker?
Jp YouDontKnowMe
Jp YouDontKnowMe 2 aylar önce
Bowfin isn't an invasive species?
firewoodtime2 2 aylar önce
Great music.
xeox456 xeox456
xeox456 xeox456 2 aylar önce
2:04 u have bite but u dont see ...
C. E. Anderson
C. E. Anderson 2 aylar önce
Saw that live bait fly off last time he cast it. 2 splashes on a cast.
Samueltaime5 Taime01
Samueltaime5 Taime01 3 aylar önce
Like in fishing
Adam Powell
Adam Powell 3 aylar önce
Why does everyone have to play that dumbass music in their videos?
CHARLES D. KEEN SR. 3 aylar önce
Flixz 3 aylar önce
The circle of liiiiiifeeeeeeee
ERICCHIU328 3 aylar önce
See you later buddy
sachavez100 3 aylar önce
Oh the way home, stops at McDonalds to get a fish filet.
Darius Forster
Darius Forster 3 aylar önce
if i would do this in germany my fishing license is gone plus 1500 euro .
Darius Forster
Darius Forster 2 aylar önce
@Oscanal use the fish alive
Oscanal 2 aylar önce
whats that? use a vullhead for bait?
lucky5th 3 aylar önce
My state only allows one line per person unless you're ice fishing then it's 2.
Romin oneil
Romin oneil 3 aylar önce
Do you ever get stung by any cat fish
Seth Navabi
Seth Navabi 3 aylar önce
Bit disappointed you used live bait in a situation which totally did not require it. Those fish were minding their own business until you turned up with your hooks and used them as bait.
Glen Riffe
Glen Riffe 3 aylar önce
If Pete and Repeat was sitting on a log and Pete fell off, who would be left? Glen.
C R 3 aylar önce
Nice video. One thing I noticed is you’re hooking up straight back, don’t be a fisherman be a angler. Which means feel the way the fish is moving and set the hook opposite of that angle, hence the term angler. I’m not a pro. Thanks for the video, I love fishing!
Dylan Ferguson
Dylan Ferguson 3 aylar önce
See ya later buddy
Ryan Gesslsr
Ryan Gesslsr 3 aylar önce
Are you in Illinois?
PhilMcKrakin 3 aylar önce
Unnecessarily cruel.
raineman 3 aylar önce
Stopped watching after you put the drum on the hook then let your catch go? WTF?
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