Using Every Legendary Weapon to Beat Elden Ring

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19 Mar 2023




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Bushy 7 aylar önce
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Conner Radford
Conner Radford 8 gün önce
What engine did you use for the aristocrat Boots
angel scott
angel scott 5 aylar önce
@HorizonBumpy not as good as the magic attack
HorizonBumpy 6 aylar önce
did you know that the Sword of night and flame has a fire attack too? because the gameplay tells me you don't know...
*o* 6 aylar önce
how much do you play war thunder?
z1toun1x 7 aylar önce
Finaly a youtuber with good sponsors
Vulom 7 aylar önce
Love the video but i miss the number of trys that you needed to defeat the bosses i really liked that you put that in all your challanges before it gives a perspective on how hard it is with the challange :) Love from Germany 😁
VentedGeoDuck30 Aylar önce
He lost to the fire giant at least 4 times in the vid
Benz Halo
Benz Halo 7 aylar önce
Jstar338 7 aylar önce
The challenge here is routing everything more than anything. So many legendaries are locked behind a lotta bosses so he has to route this one hard
Gemini Andromeda
Gemini Andromeda 7 aylar önce
@Lavaughn Green wtf?
ramspaw 7 aylar önce
Shout out Germany
Plague Goose
Plague Goose 7 aylar önce
How about a "only failed stats" run. Only use weapons you don't have the requirements to use, seeing as how the devourers scepter did alright damage while failing it's stats.
TheMadDog 14 gün önce
@Mr. Kitty Saves The World nah it was a long time, last memory was boxing someone with your name for a strange hat and losing, i also pocket medic’d them
Mr. Kitty Saves The World
@TheMadDog Oh? That's an... interesting thing to remember. Especially considering I haven't played TF2 in a couple months. I must have left an impression.
TheMadDog 15 gün önce
@Mr. Kitty Saves The World bruh i met you on a tf2 trade server once
Jstar338 Aylar önce
@xenasaur not at all. Being able to use it without the strength or skill to us unrealistic. If you lack the strength by even a little bit for a real weapon, you'll fail
erick carvajal
erick carvajal 2 aylar önce
@Zane Brobst The comment was made before the video was made
Fran FawfulGasterSpringtrap
Are you also planning to do a "Using Every Remembrance Weapon to Beat Elden Ring" run? You would only have to use your starting weapon against the first Remembrance holder. There are only 7 Walking Mausoleums so you would have 22 possible weapons outside of NG+ once you've duplicated 7 Remembrances. Otherwise, good job on this run!
Nokron 4 aylar önce
@Дмитрий Кириенко not all bosses have weapons if I'm not mistaken
Nathan Van Rooyen
Nathan Van Rooyen 6 aylar önce
He wouldn’t have to use a weapon he could kill radahn with all the summons in his fight
jajas king
jajas king 7 aylar önce
@Aiman Hafeez from begining obviusly you can't use It, or killing radagon but not elden beast, but i though that you said that you Can't use during the run at all, i apologize
Aiman Hafeez
Aiman Hafeez 7 aylar önce
@jajas king show me how to get radagon's hammer in early game frsh start by not killing elden beast
jajas king
jajas king 7 aylar önce
@Aiman Hafeez no, you can use It, the one that is not going to be used is the one that you Will get last, he Will most likely do radagon/elden beast last, but, for example, you can do Malenia as the final remembace
R K 7 aylar önce
I think a fun challenge could be to be required to use a rememberance boss's weapon from their soul until the next remembrance boss is defeated.
Klaus Klausensen
Klaus Klausensen 7 aylar önce
Try WornOutGamer4 Chanel. He does cool too. I think he is doing this next.
umihotaru 7 aylar önce
17:00 I wonder how many people know there's an intended way to kill Greyoll that's not just spamming R1 or L2 on her tail. if you kill the dragons in front of her with the red eyes, she'll lose a percentage of health whenever you kill a dragon. I think there's about 6 dragons and they're pretty easy to kill too (don't have a breath attack and are very predictable when their head comes down)
Hugh Mann
Hugh Mann Aylar önce
@General C only cowards use bleed.
General C
General C Aylar önce
@Siscon It's the easy way. Bleed OP
Siscon Aylar önce
Yeah always wondered why they do the slow tedious way
Soren Southard
Soren Southard 2 aylar önce
Wait. Really. I've only ever killed greyoll for easy runes so I guess it never occurred to me that there was a legitimate way to kill it.
Free4554 7 aylar önce
33:50 my favorite part of Elden Ring, the part where you get the best spell in the game by walking up to some dude in a random corner of the map.
Jacob G
Jacob G 7 aylar önce
Bolt of Gransax is probably the best weapon against fire giant because in phase 2 you can snipe the eyeball 100% of the time and kill him in seven hits with the right talismans and buffs. Since the charged weapon art has such insane range, you can do it from a relatively safe distance.
Ryu Ivanovich
Ryu Ivanovich 16 gün önce
Also, you get to feel like an angry zeus
Devin Brodie
Devin Brodie 7 aylar önce
Holy shit bro you’re a genius 😔 i struggles for so long
Sir Jimby
Sir Jimby 7 aylar önce
@Dizzy 40 Dex 20 Str I would also consider putting a few points in mind if you have the levels because the Ash of War is very powerful and is the closest thing to Sunlight Spear we have in this game.
Jacob G
Jacob G 7 aylar önce
@Simperonii I think it's like 40 dex to use. Make sure you pick up the lightning attack talisman, the Godfrey icon, the golden vow incantation, and the lightning tear. One of my characters is built around it and it deals about 2800 damage with the fully charged weapon art.
Dizzy 7 aylar önce
@Simperonii Dexterity
A DeadBeat Named Gambi
21:02 I was right there with you, bro. My guy threaded the needle perfectly with that throw. Imps are among my most hated of enemy types in this game, right up there with bleed dogs and pests.
dardardarner 7 aylar önce
A DeadBeat Named Gambi
@Monsoon An addition with excellent credentials. Thankfully I know how to avoid all but one of those feathery demons while running the castle so their annoyance factor is largely nullified. The banished knights are for more aggravating to me in Stormveil.
Monsoon 7 aylar önce
Hear me out... Stormveil Eagles
branden taft
branden taft 7 aylar önce
I don't think the bleed dog blocking bug wad fixed I watched it happen to my friend yesterday
thekillers1stfan 7 aylar önce
Bushy: *Does all sorts of crazy chalenges where he has to use complete garbage for weapons* also Bushy: Bro... Like what if I just used the best weapons in the game?
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 5 aylar önce
@Ezekiel Baskerville Yeah they missed an opportunity to give it all types of status effects. It's literally a blade grafted together from countless other blades. Would've been dope to have it be grafted from weapons with status effects and that it applies all of them, albeit not by as much as a dedicated weapon to one type.
Ezekiel Baskerville
Ezekiel Baskerville 5 aylar önce
@Straight White Male I mean, the fact it's worse than some random ass lump of metal doesn't exactly help it's reputation, either. What I don't get is why this thing doesn't inflict bleed. Like, a legendary weapon can be a bit more OP than others (Sword of Fuck and You says hi), and with how many blades this thing has, you're bound to tear open at least _some_ bleeding wounds swinging it. With how rusty it looks, it may well inflict poison, too.
Straight White Male
Straight White Male 5 aylar önce
@Ezekiel Baskerville The main reason it isn't great is because of the low reach and poor Ash of War. It still packs a punch.
Ezekiel Baskerville
Ezekiel Baskerville 5 aylar önce
And the Grafted Blade Greatsword, while a shit legendary, can serve as a poor mans Greatsword if you don't wanna deal with Caelid. In fact, considering how much more tedious it is to upgrade regular weapons as opposed to unique ones, it can serve you well until you get there, having only 5 less AR at +10 than a +25 Greatsword. It's certainly not a bad weapon itself, it's just worse than all the legendaries, and slightly worse than the Greatsword.
Luskathy 7 aylar önce
Honestly this man deserves even more love! He’s absolutely hilarious
Black Kimchi
Black Kimchi 7 aylar önce
A suggestion since this seems to be the case with every challenge where you can no longer use things; when you show the graphic with all the items, always place the most recent in the bottom left or right, and have the rest of the info cards cascade horizontally and then move them up one column when the row is filled, so they retain the chronological order and you can quickly tell what was used.
Black Kimchi
Black Kimchi 7 aylar önce
@Mr. BDece Yes, but due to the way the cards are added it's not immediately obvious which one is the newest addition. Instead they can just put the most recent in the same spot every time, which is why I said it will retain the chronological order but will be easier to quickly see what was used/lost.
Mr. BDece
Mr. BDece 7 aylar önce
I'm confused. He's got them in cronological order. He should probably move the entire row up when starting a new one, but they are in order.
LunaTik 7 aylar önce
If there is a mod that can keep track of enemies, I'd suggest a "genocide run": kill every enemy present in a location(if it's a legacy dungeon, that includes the entire dungeon, all without rests to not respawn them), before moving on. This can be pretty tedious depending on what kinda person you are, so obviously take it on at your own risk.
Greebus Bleeb
Greebus Bleeb 7 aylar önce
I think that would devolve into sniping everyone with a bow or magic
ASquared 7 aylar önce
These videos are pretty great showcases of the potential of various items and such. The whole rule of “Once you beat a boss with an item you can’t use it again” allows us to see strategies rotate throughout the video, instead of just seeing one strat for most of the video like other challenge TRvidrs do.
ADDvantage 7 aylar önce
He mentions the downside of needing to level every stat....I feel this as I am just past fire giant on a "even" run challenge where you have to keep your stats even the whole game meaning all stats go up 1 at a time across the whole board. (If you need 2 levels in strength for instance you need 16 levels worth of runes to keep all stats even) its been rough as it's my first challenge run
Andrew B
Andrew B 26 gün önce
I just don't get why he doesn't just take out Rennala early on so he can respec when needed.
FunSize Aylar önce
@ADDvantage were you able to come back?
ADDvantage 7 aylar önce
@boom557 123 got to godskin duo and had to set the game aside for irl responsibilities.
boom557 123
boom557 123 7 aylar önce
So was it fun? Or are you nowhere near done yet?
ADDvantage 7 aylar önce
@Yehoshua S. it's been difficult but still fun
TRASHDAYY 7 aylar önce
Just started my first playthrough a week ago and im already 80 hours in. Ive never played anything made by from software and im absolutely in awe. I honestly thought i was just done with video games altogether but now ive got something that makes me feel like a kid again. Anyways thank you for putting out such entertaining content. Its really been helping me through some shit these last few days. Much love man you got my follow.
Uchiha 7 aylar önce
Not sure if you know this or not but if you use the great stars hammer (heals a little amount of hp when you hit an enemy) and put prelate’s charge ash of war on it you can stun lock enemies like malenia and gain hp back. Also the great stars has bleed build up on it.
Dante from the Devil May Cry™ Series
17:00 For percentage based damage, if you'd just killed Rennala earlier, you could pair the dark moon greatsword for frostbite with a legendary item with fire. Both of the sources from weapons had been used (Devourer's, SNF), but Flame of the Fell God hadn't been.
jasutin 7 aylar önce
love how much effort he puts into his challenges. keep up the good work 🖤
Mark J R Colin
Mark J R Colin 7 aylar önce
I think it’d be cool to see a run similar to this in the rules regarding weapon “retirement” but with boss (remembrance) weapons / spells / armour / etc. Although it’d have to either be in NG+ or some cheating might need to be used to obtain the first usable weapon, as well as to have the stats to wield them.
M12GProductions 7 aylar önce
Love the content, it's "legendary". You actually inspired me to stream my first-ever challenge run. I'm doing shields-only.
Free4554 7 aylar önce
Man somehow perfectly recreated my first attempt at fighting Mohg.
Chance Pagan
Chance Pagan 7 aylar önce
I believe failing a stat only reduces the related stats scales power. I.e. low int reduces magic but having enough strength/dex keeps the physical damage high.
Richard Watson
Richard Watson 7 aylar önce
Loving every video you put out brother, I can't tell you how entertaining it is to tune in to every cool idea you get. I know I can't expect a video every time but I find myself craving more at the end of each one. So whatever you're doing, keep putting crack in it LOL
Lucas Visser
Lucas Visser 7 aylar önce
I just wanna mention that I L O V E the bolt of Gransax! That weapon art just feels right, ya know? The oomph behind the cast and the throw and the knockback you get on enemies is wonderfull. Highly recommend that thing to any tarnished seeking a great weapon with good damage and surprisingly good range.
dsproductions19 7 aylar önce
4:50 There's also an AOE fire spell as a secondary weapon skill that works much better up close.
Eternal 7 aylar önce
Just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your content keep it up 👍🏻
ChimiAZ66 7 aylar önce
I probably shouldn’t watch this while trying to sleep, because it’s so entertaining that I won’t be able to fall asleep. Keep up the amazing videos!
Ziphire 7 aylar önce
this was a really interesting way to showcase all the legendary weapons in the game
plonkerboy900 7 aylar önce
I found your channel when you had around 6k subs, and have since watched every ER challenge, really happy for you and the success of your channel!
helmi 7 aylar önce
Hey bushy i have an idea for a challenge! Can you beat elden ring while the enemy is invinsible?
dogtown 7 aylar önce
Really happy you’re using spirit summons! It’s just as fun to watch
Weeb1aka 7 aylar önce
Bro you put out more content doing tough challenges faster than most youtubers
Matthew Simon
Matthew Simon 7 aylar önce
Honestly, I kinda wanna see a Sorcery only Challenge run, where unless it's impossible otherwise, absolutely no legendary or difficult to obtain spells can be used. I want to know if it's even possible.
7Firefly7 7 aylar önce
Kristoff absolutely crushing an orphanage was the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while, that’s so grim. Great vid as always bushy
Christopher Marker
Christopher Marker 7 aylar önce
I think a good challenge would be you have to defeat every rememberance boss by using a Ash of War to hit them one time, So one hit per Ash of War on a boss. You can still use the Ash of War after defeating the boss but no Ash of War can hit a boss more than 1 time. It would be fairly difficult but I think you can do it!
Darthplagueis13 7 aylar önce
In theory, if you were using the Grafted Blade Greatsword and only meeting the stat requirements using your flask, could you continue using it once the flask runs out, just by keeping the AoW active since it increases all stats by 5?
Scavkiller 7 aylar önce
The flask increases by 10.
Angry Bulldog Gaming
Angry Bulldog Gaming 7 aylar önce
these challenges are so entertaining and funny i just recently found the channel and already watched all of them i literally put them in a Queue playlist and watched them while playing elden ring
Jonathan Butler
Jonathan Butler 7 aylar önce
First, great video! was really fun to watch. Second i had a really neat idea for a challenge, after each attempt of a boss, meaning enemy with a boss hp bar, you have to put the weapon or spell in storage and it becomes unusable. and to make things more interesting no leveling vigor. I think it could be a really fun live stream and then YT vid. cheers!
WhoIsYou 7 aylar önce
Love the content man, keep doing what you do best :)
Apocalypse 7 aylar önce
I have a idea for a challenge, you have to use the bosses weapons and can't move on to the next area without killing the boss first. Like in limgrave, you have to use godrick's and dragon, and then one you kill godrick, you have to use renalla's staff and spell
Josue Viera
Josue Viera 4 aylar önce
It would have been cool to see God-slayer Great sword since it is also a legendary armament, and has pretty low stat requirements ( 20 str, 22 dex, 20 fai) Plus it can do over 3,000 damage with one swing of the skill(idk about rn though) and the second swing can do even more plus you have the black flame effect.
Sam Thorne
Sam Thorne 3 aylar önce
Idea for a twist on this challenge: you have to beat the game using every legendary weapon in the game, and then after you beat a boss with a weapon you can't use that one any more. Also, you don't completely ignore the rule for 5 bosses in a row and just keep using Devourer's Sceptre for the entire early game this time.
hammo740 6 aylar önce
Bro is single-handedly carrying the Elden ring TRvid side of things ❤
The colorful Commentator
Hey is there any specific reason he was able to stagger strong poise bosses so easily, or is the secret just being hyper aggressive with r2 attacks?
Ethan Beutler
Ethan Beutler 9 gün önce
I love sonaf even after the nerf because of its stagger effect on its laser attack. Makes it useful against certain enemies
danteelite 7 aylar önce
Instead of leveling everything and using random weapons, you probably could’ve planned your weapon order and used them by category and respec in between, strength, then dex, etc. It would probably make this much easier and it would be cool to see each weapon used to it’s fullest capability!
Cuddle Queen
Cuddle Queen 7 aylar önce
This looks like it was probably one of your easier challenges but I hope you had a fun time with it.
Vincentino Aylar önce
I can't stress how good the Darkmoon greatsword is in Elden Ring, with the right build it's just 😩
TheGreatAngel 7 aylar önce
So not sure if or how you take requests for runs but I've been doing a pretty fun one actually and would be interested to see how you would handle it. It's "only using items from boss-like entities," so obviously any boss or demi-boss and invaders count too. It would be interesting to see how you'd handle it honestly.
Insert_Name_Here 7 aylar önce
This was a good buffer from the difficult challenges, and definitely a more fun one
Des Pa cho
Des Pa cho 3 aylar önce
Exclente video, y excelente idea para regresar a Elden Ring por una partida mas...Gracias. 😎👍👏😄
Zalzus 7 aylar önce
Something funny is the summoning pool item is legendary, so technically, you could have bullied ancestor spirit with a couple more elden stars.
Laffaholic 7 aylar önce
Quick tip if you use dark moon great sword again you don’t need to use the weapon art every time for the ranged attack use can just use a heavy attack when it is glowing
M12GProductions 7 aylar önce
How about a challenge where you start with your starting weapon only, but everytime you beat a remembrance boss, you have to use a weapon their rune gives you until you beat another, and so on?
Jstar338 6 aylar önce
Bushy, you could've used Darkmoon since it does frost, mixed with something that does fire in order to reset the timer for Greyoll
Cress Moon
Cress Moon 4 aylar önce
The reason the scepter likely still did okay damage is a FromSoft feature that's been going since at least the Dark Souls games, where if it's a strength requirement then you're able to 2-hand it if your strength stat is half or more. As in, let's say you have 14 STR, 2-handing you could use a weapon with a requirement of 28. You can also tell because while 2-handing, the red X goes away, indicating that you can use it
AlephNull 7 aylar önce
Excellent video as always, but I miss the attempt counter for each boss xD
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow 4 aylar önce
Dude what a freaking fun run i laughed my ass off 😂
Дмитрий Кириенко
I don't know if this will be interesting or not, but while watching this run I came out with the idea of 'rememberance chain run'. Kill a rememberance boss with starting equipment -> kill the next rememberance boss with the previous boss rememberance weapon -> continue the chain'.
RadRicky 3 aylar önce
The craziest thing to me watching this video is before I knew the Serpent Slayer was absolute cheese for Rykard, my actual strat was Ranni's Dark Moon and a summon. It was absolutely miserable and as far as I would get, could never beat Rykard with that setup. Granted I had horrible game knowledge and bad stats for doing it.
Obseletely 7 aylar önce
Hey Bushy, I just wanted to recommend you a challenge run that I feel is pretty enjoyable, the run is Champion/Remembrance items only! The rules are fairly simple, you can use your starting weapon though you cannot wear armor until you are able to purchase it from the Finger Reader in the roundtable hold. The Flask Of Wonderous Physic is allowed though you can set more harsh rules to make this challenge harder. You are not allowed to use any incantations either. Fairly simple challenge, I hope you try it out, it's very fun, enjoyable, and fresh!
Dalton Mallett
Dalton Mallett 7 aylar önce
Hey Bushy, love the video. Just curious what software you use to mod stuff into the game? I've seen others use it too. Doesn't look to be cheat engine. Now that I've beaten the game a few times I was thinking of doing x item only runs and modding them in.
Smit Ramteke
Smit Ramteke 7 aylar önce
To no one's surprise Black Knife Tiche absolutely bullies bosses with her Red Flames. That summon is something else.
Matt J
Matt J 7 aylar önce
I just did a run like this, and believe it or not, I actually found a use for Elden Stars. At the Mohgwyn Palace farming spot, the Stars incantation has just long enough range to reach the bird on the other side of the cliff, so you can do the bird strats without a bow. That's it, that's the only use.
ang 7 aylar önce
you should try beating elden ring backwards. idk how it would be implemented but seeing you go from fighting radagon and the elden beat to fighting margit would be amazing😭😭
C M 7 aylar önce
Not sure if this challenge run has been suggested, but I thought of one I'd love to see. Roped pots only. I think the only caveat would be obtaining the strings. One of the most difficult crafting items to farm, as they are a low percentage drop from Demi Humans. I think it would totally fine to just cheat in a certain number, and that's all you have to use. Maybe a few hundred. Everything else would need to be farmed legit, making the run a challenge. You never see these used.
SneakybeakyScrub 7 aylar önce
im pretty sure against rykard youd get more from doing damage during the frostbite procs from the damage multiplier rather than just relying on the proc damage and waiting for it to wear off (and also building resistance on him)
PopoyTime 7 aylar önce
Would have loved for this run to only use the legendary weapon skill only. Great run nonetheless.
Evillord 6 aylar önce
The dark moon greatsword is my favorite weapon (for no reason in particular) so I’m glad to see it got used on the hardest boss.
Ahmad Adnan
Ahmad Adnan 6 aylar önce
Malenia is nowhere near the hardest boss
Thomas Govens
Thomas Govens 7 aylar önce
you my guy, love the content, imma need to see a summons only run asap
CountessOfCompost 7 aylar önce
Kinda sad you never swung the sonaf. It's a fantstic straight sword and does very good dmg and has the good heavy attacks.
Zazaan 7 aylar önce
That imp with the fire pot was the highlight of this video, just full court precision
Maikeru Kurikene
Maikeru Kurikene 4 aylar önce
Founding rain of stars can be used at a distance, you also missed the godslayers greatsword it can be found at the bottom of the radahn tower and us the true final legendary weapon
Camden Fisher
Camden Fisher 7 aylar önce
Try beating it using only weapons you lack the stats to wield properly, without using buffs or two handing to meet the req. Then switch weapon after every remembrance. Example grafted greatsword with less than 40 strength. I think that would be interesting to see how effective the weapons are below the base requirements
Spiffyninja 5 aylar önce
I find it funny that you killed Greyoll by whittling down her health rather than just killing the smaller drakes.
SomeKnightStreamz Highlights
Love the sword of night and flame, im level 95 rn and iv been using the sword since level 55 right now its +6 and does 570 with a buff, i just need to get a somber(7) so i can get the sword to +9 because i have a somber(8) and (9) when +8 buffed i can possibly do around 1500 dmg
Sir Cadogan
Sir Cadogan 7 aylar önce
After all these challenges I want to see your skill in a normal run :) Just go gigachad with whatever you want
Cursed Paladin
Cursed Paladin 7 aylar önce
That opening Civ joke is so fuckin accurate it hurts. Played a game of civ 4 on max difficulty with a speed mod enabled.....less then 100 turns later, when 95% of people are still rocking musketmen....ghandi starts his assault...
Liam Welsh
Liam Welsh 7 aylar önce
This sounds like an intro to a horror movie 😂. “Then Ghandi started his assault”
Square pineapple
Square pineapple 7 aylar önce
Love the videos ! Keep it up bushy !
It's Just Me
It's Just Me 7 aylar önce
New sub here. Been loving your silly-ass challenges, lol! Keep it up, we all need entertainment now!!
ECO Base Tech
ECO Base Tech 7 aylar önce
Regarding the Boss in Caelid. I'm not sure which is more surprising;the fact that you can get him to leave the "arena" or that he is not immune to scarlet rot himself and can be killed by the geysers!
Emil Georgiev
Emil Georgiev 2 aylar önce
I think he is immune to the scarlet rot. It's the hit damage of the geysers that kills him, not the rot effect they apply. And he can leave the arena, cause he's a field boss, not a standard boss.
Yhorm the giant
Yhorm the giant 3 aylar önce
Fun fact about the godskins when they respawn it’s actually the same one just with full health
Damian Ford
Damian Ford 7 aylar önce
very cool, i love the challenge runs to keep this game going. you should try some goofy ass mod challenges
TheTombless 7 aylar önce
Most of those items a hecking OP, but it's a nice showcase for a simpler but epic challenge.
Anthony Deluise
Anthony Deluise 6 aylar önce
Ruins greatsword was my first good weapon, used it for the whole play through, love the charged heavy and the ash of war
Chasethenoob 5 aylar önce
The way weapon requirements work is you lose damage for the stat you don't have so you didn't have it's faith required so you lost fire damage but didn't lose as much physical basically you don't lose all your damage like in other games
Bryan Davis
Bryan Davis 6 aylar önce
Sword of night and flame. Destroyed the entire game easily with it when originally came out. Played the game again and actually had fun not using broken weapon before it got nerf
Mr. Sheeppeehs
Mr. Sheeppeehs 7 aylar önce
This is really cool, and a good next challenge could maybe be remembrances only
Roku1776 Aylar önce
Watching this guy makes me want to start a new character
Pratyaya Bhattacharya
Pratyaya Bhattacharya 7 aylar önce
33:38 , After beating Fortissax, you could not use Founding Rain of Stars, still after collecting Comet Azure on the next shot, I hear it being used in the backgound as you turn away from the rain probably xd
xi GoinHam
xi GoinHam 5 aylar önce
Holy shit, that imp with the god tier firebomb throw into the pipe to kill you. That man's been practicing his 3 point shots
Streety 7 aylar önce
These challenges keep getting better.
Pug Whisperer
Pug Whisperer 7 aylar önce
I have a suggestion for a challange i call homefield disadvantage challange in wchich To defeat any boss not only main bosses u need to use spells/weapons/incastations that lets just say are from this certain area for example if ur in limgrave ur only alloved to use weapons found in that area or any storm ashes of war if ur in liurnia u can only use weapons from that area or use glinstone spells if ur in altus weapons same as b4 but u can only use holy instastations in vulcano manor only weapons same rule as b4 but u can only use magma/fire incastaions in caelid only weapons same rule as b4 but also only things that aplly scarlet rot in dragonbarrow only beast instastaions or gurranqs dagger or dracon incastaions in mountaintops only weapons same rule as b4 and only frostbite weapons that apply frostbite or u can use spells that u can get from giants flame prayer book in crumbling farrum azula only beast incastaions or black flame incastations and so on i think u get what i mean
A Person
A Person 7 aylar önce
Dude, read over your comment before post it
Taylor 7 aylar önce
Good luck beating Rykard with fire damage. I'll leave that for you to lab out.
polytank San
polytank San 7 aylar önce
Are you okay
Lemur Spooked
Lemur Spooked 7 aylar önce
Luv all yr challenge vids, makes the game soooo interesting. Also will give the sponsored games a go.
Caleb Griffin
Caleb Griffin 7 aylar önce
Here’s a challenge idea: bosses only. You can only use weapons, armor, and spells that drops from bosses/remembrances. In addition to this, you can only level/buy remembrances and armors/upgrade weapons with runes dropped from bosses.
Luke Ashe
Luke Ashe 7 aylar önce
I guess you would go to rykard first preferably kill him with spent serpent hunter and use blasphemous Blade
AtlasAsylum 2 aylar önce
I love how he uses the Ashes of the cleanrot knight who carried malenia back to the haligtree to kill malenia
kairi 6 aylar önce
if u havent already, u could do a little quick guide on all the bosses like how u attack and how u dodge some of the core moves
Rocky R. Saints
Rocky R. Saints 7 aylar önce
Thorny Bushy run! For equipment and damage, you can only use the briar armor set, marred shields, briar greatshield and briar sorceries (with staff of the guilty)! Attacking with greatshield only as last resort, so the rest gets time to shine. How about it?
J-Train 7 aylar önce
I caught some of this run on twitch, love your videos good sir.
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