UPDATE: PEPSICO Sent Me A Letter After Consuming a 26 Year Old (Expired) Bag of Cheetos "Zig Zags" 

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UPDATE: After consuming a not so fresh 26 year old bag of Cheeto's Cheesy Zig Zags which were probably discontinued by FRITO LAY back in the year 2002, the L.A. BEAST decided to call up the Frito Lay Customer Service number & let them know first hand about his experience. After talking with representative Jewel, she told the Beast that he would be receiving a letter from Corporate within 7-14 business days...and here today, the L.A. BEAST would like to share the contents of this letter with everyone...
What does the letter say??
Let's sit back, relax, & find out!!
Have A Good Day!!
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27 May 2023




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James Taylor
James Taylor Aylar önce
I watched this as it caught my attention, I’m a 32 year PepsiCo veteran, now retired! Good to know we stand behind our products! You my friend are asking for a reduced lifespan consuming old snack foods! Good luck!
skippy62able Aylar önce
I’m sure those who consume fresh PepsiCo products are also looking at a reduced life span
Zephyr Aylar önce
@skippy62able ZINGGG GOT EMMMM
dabomb1111 Aylar önce
Baby-Shark GTO
Baby-Shark GTO Aylar önce
@skippy62able facts
Leia Aylar önce
thomas green
thomas green 2 aylar önce
The fact you actually called customer service to complain about the freshness of a 26 year old bag of chips is hilarious, Never change Beast 😂
skippy62able 2 aylar önce
That makes this whole journey all the more sweeter. The ridiculousness of it all
b blood
b blood 2 aylar önce
​@skippy62able nick s. Should get 1 of the free product tickets. Though I suppose you made the call.
sen 2 aylar önce
it would be considered false advertisement right ? what a bag of chips to them anyways they have the quantity but it looks like the quality too
Comet_Samurai 2 aylar önce
To be fair they never state a cut off date for calling in about non fresh produce so by all means you could call PepsiCo about a 100 year old Pepsi (Yes, they're 125 years old)
Dev 2 aylar önce
@Comet_Samurai That's why they changed it to "Guaranteed fresh until printed date" or something along those lines to avoid situations like this lmao.
Just Me
Just Me Aylar önce
Wait, they still had the same phone number after 26 years? Im pleased to see that they stood behind their product 😀
skippy62able Aylar önce
They do
Joe Stacey
Joe Stacey 22 gün önce
That's crazy lol
Owen Damon
Owen Damon Aylar önce
Been watching this man for years and he’s still putting out pure CONTENT
skippy62able Aylar önce
Stay tuned owen
Colton N
Colton N Aylar önce
Trk Aylar önce
Dude same!!
Steven Ricchezza
Steven Ricchezza Aylar önce
I've been watching Kevin since the Big Mac challenge
notfiveo Aylar önce
30 years from now he will try to use the coupons which won’t work because bar code scanners will be obsolete. He will then call the company which will be totally run by AI and robots which will suggest going back 30 years in time to use the coupons.
N Hansen
N Hansen Aylar önce
I love it when Jewel in a tone of mild panic asks: you ate chips from TWENTY Years ago???!!! LOL
pecosROB Aylar önce
mine would have started with a BRUH lol she kept her level of surprise professional lol
Wim Hof
Wim Hof Aylar önce
I laughed so hard at that moment lmao
Galagy Aylar önce
She said that so her coworkers would overhear and come over lol
dorien jamal herumakhet bey
I can't think of anybody else who would do this kind of stuff, eating an extremely expired bag of Cheetos, calling Frito Lay to tell them about it and framing the Cheetos bag along with the letter and the coupons he received, and of course document everything on TRvid. You're definitely unique Beast. Also Pepsico is so cool man.
C.K Aylar önce
Have you watched Steve MRE 1989? He has eaten food rations from the civil war, and plenty of rations from ww1 / ww2 XD
@C.K I haven't but I'll check him out.
C.K Aylar önce
@StevetheCollector18 You won't regret it, be prepared to lose some hours lol.. Lets get this out onto a tray, nice!
Marcus W
Marcus W 27 gün önce
This! Pepsico has made the right decision and that made them go viral - the best kind of PR they could imagine.
Logan Myall
Logan Myall 26 gün önce
​@C.K I love steve but food designed to be shelf stable for decades + is a bit different than what the beast does lmao. Granted with improper packaging (not his fault) Steve does often push it, but frankly the point of canned/mre food is that if under proper circumstances, it'll last essentially forever.
LaShay DaGoddess - Topic
The fact that they actually sent you coupons for their snacks for a 20 year old snack is crazy 😂😂
As someone who has worked customer service over the phone, this would be the funniest and pettiest call lol I wouldn't even be mad, I'd just be laughing while filling out my call notes in the end
To a Brighter Future
I actually called my cable internet provider once, network was out, blah blah blah. They ran through the checklist, and told me to double check the connections. Turns out, among all the high tech spaghetti, the power cord to the modem had somehow popped out. I plugged it back in, and everything was humming within a few minutes. Boy, did I ever feel like a yutz. 😖 I must have been the talk of the water cooler for a week. 🤦
Rasmus Haraldsson
Rasmus Haraldsson Aylar önce
@To a Brighter Future 🤣👍
Travis Meyer
Travis Meyer Aylar önce
From a Frito sales rep I have to say this was incredible you sir are hilarious! you are both a scholar and a gentlemen 😂
Suburban Garden Permaculture Style
Lol, I'm the son of the man that is the exclusive manufacturer of Frito's extrusi9n equipment. The FCP extruder, 660lbs an hour? Made by my dad for the last 30 years. My dad's company invented the Dale Earnheart car chip, the Flavor Twist, and many other unique frito chip offerings.
I have a 21 year old son with autism, I love introducing him to videos and people I love watching on here and your "Have a good day" has become one of his favorite things to hear. lol. We binged on your videos last week for a good 3-4 hours. Anyway, hope you're good man.
WLS Churchill
WLS Churchill Aylar önce
Between you calling the customer service for a phrase on a 26 years old Cheetos bag, and them actually keep their engagement to have the snack on them, it's just too good... Never stop being you Beast !
This bag of chips was created when I was born. For 26 years it sat, where ever it was, and for that duration of time I grew, I learned, I developed, I cried, I loved, I lost. While I experienced life, that bag of Cheetos had a life uniquely separate from mine, outliving even some people I knew. And here I sit, watching it find it's purpose and complete the task assigned to it by destiny. This video is so humbling to watch.
Zachary Rollick
Zachary Rollick Aylar önce
I was just a small toddler. I've lived so much since then. Joy. Loss. Pain. I feel you.
madestman101 Aylar önce
that's a good comment man, nice perspective
TheSomagish Aylar önce
Great post!!!
Weedman Smoker
Weedman Smoker Aylar önce
hahahahaha wtf i thought i was the only one thinking this shit!!!! ahahahhahahaha im dying yo!!
Arthur Miniear
Arthur Miniear Aylar önce
Jewel knocked it out of the ballpark on customer service. And you pushed the envelope on reasonable expectations, and they still came through without excuses. That's impressive commitment to the printed promise on the packaging. 👍👍👍👍
Zstang01 2 aylar önce
This man is single handily carrying the OG TRvid on his back...we need more people with content like this...pure gold
The Curious Noob
The Curious Noob 2 aylar önce
No 15 minute intros. No unnecessary information. Just straight up entertainment from beginning to end.
layman's Theory
layman's Theory 2 aylar önce
Agreed 💀
Matt Marzula
Matt Marzula 2 aylar önce
While imitation is considered the highest form of flattery, it's sort of hackneyed.
Ash’s Van Life
Ash’s Van Life 2 aylar önce
Well said!!! He was The LA Beast even before Mr Beast became Mr Beast
Bonefetcher Brimley
Bonefetcher Brimley 29 gün önce
Poor Jewel, she just wanted to clock in do her work and go home, then she gets dragged into this utter insanity, and now I, some random person online know of her existence. I wish her all the best.
Gene Savage
Gene Savage Aylar önce
After seeing their commitment to customer service in the face of absurdity, I am going to make sure that EVERY bag of Cheetos I buy going forward will ONLY be Cheetos made by Frito-Lay. Good for them!!!
Cory OTR
Cory OTR Aylar önce
Your content still puts a big smile on my face as it did 10 years ago when I was a kid in high school. Appreciate you and the effort you put into your content!
74 74
74 74 Aylar önce
As a 40 year old gym guy this is the humor I love classic .. he’s like one of the boys
Spanky Aylar önce
The fact that she actually hooked you up with some coupons too now that’s customer service
CelestialSkyDragon 2 aylar önce
Yo props to Pepsico for keeping their promise despite the bag being over 20 years old. Now that is commitment and customer service. Most companies would likely say there is nothing they can do but they kept their word. Much respect to them and to you for consuming this bag of cheese flavored chemicals. Godspeed my dude!
Notepad 2 aylar önce
Honestly 20 bucks in coupons is pretty nice to replace just some small, decades old bag
NESS D BEST 2 aylar önce
Tristan Jacobucci
Tristan Jacobucci 2 aylar önce
Yeah, I mean, even though they're a soulless corporation, this was really solid customer service and commitment! You rock Jewel. I hope they're treating you right over there ✌️
CAP’N CRUNCH 2 aylar önce
@Notepad $14.97
Occult Opossum
Occult Opossum Aylar önce
The fact it's been 8/9 years since I first saw some of your vids, and coming back to see your channel now it feels like such a time capsule, the energy, appearance, style all feels the same. It's nostalgic for sure, but also just makes me thinking you're living in like this frozen moment of time or just unearthed you from a time capsule. (def don't mean any of this in a negative light either)
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Aylar önce
i will forever be a fan of LA Beast. Been here since the very beginning and im glad to see that you're still producing extremely entertaining content. Much love brother, Thanks for
skippy62able Aylar önce
Have a good day!
XAlien1k Aylar önce
This is gold, props to you for making banger content for over 12 years! Love it
Bruce Tharpe
Bruce Tharpe Aylar önce
The fact that you consumed a bag of Cheetos from the late 90s absolutely astonished me! Job well done to the L.A Beast, from a loyal follower of your works since 2013!
Herald Aylar önce
I was just dying of laughter the entire video then you said “it’s been such a unique experience” and I just lost it 😂😂
Megan 2 aylar önce
Petition to bring back Zigzags like you did Crystal Pepsi
BN ANDRSIN 2 aylar önce
It was on shelves for a couple of days. Way up north here. I missed it
Alexandre Rodrigues
Alexandre Rodrigues 2 aylar önce
we have it here in Brazil, its called Cheetos Requeijão
Godzilla Cheeze
Godzilla Cheeze 2 aylar önce
Still miss that, bro.
Private User
Private User 2 aylar önce
I'd buy the zags
Roy Carlson
Roy Carlson 2 aylar önce
I totally agree ❤ and i wish i could have a fresh crystal Pepsi 😢 my favorite pepsi ever .❤ Thank you LA BEAST FOR LETTING ME AND OTHERS FOR TRYING CRYSTAL PEPSI 🎉❤
Bobby White
Bobby White Aylar önce
This is just incredible. What a great piece to put on your wall. I like Pepsi better now too. Nice to see them stand by their stuff. They could have said we only guarantee freshness for 25 years or used some legal loophole but they didn't. Definitely good guys.
Roger Elzenga
Roger Elzenga 22 gün önce
Dude! this is part disturbing part wholesome af! :D They really stood by their statement, it was no longer fresh, so here are some coupons! :D
Johnny Volume
Johnny Volume Aylar önce
Dude! Been sick the last 3 weeks, stumbled upon your channel and have been "consumed" by watching your videos. Totally entertaining, and please keep on rocking out the videos! Much love from the 313!
zizzlefax Aylar önce
Only beast can make a video about something as trivial as coupons feel inspirational. Gotta love it
The real Nick S.
The real Nick S. 2 aylar önce
Dear Kevin, LA Beast, Skippy62able, and once again THE MAN!!! I am so ecstatic, grateful, and blown away for what you have done with the items I sent you to your PO Box. When all the unclaimed lockers were cut open by members of our maintenance team you were the first person I instantly thought of when I saw those amazing vintage snack treasures inside. I knew in that moment I had to save them from being thrown away and send them into the right hands. The amount of creativity and research that was put into this whole idea makes me truly happy what you've brought to life from these vintage snacks. I'm sending you a thank you package in the next couple of days (no vintage snacks inside unfortunately). Have a good day everyone! Nick S.
skippy62able 2 aylar önce
Thank you again. A new awesome memory has been created because of these items. If you provide a return address, I’ll send back some stuff
Paul Miss The Net
Paul Miss The Net 2 aylar önce
@skippy62ableDude you’re awesome never change
Kurtis Palmer
Kurtis Palmer 2 aylar önce
Was it only snacks in the lockers? Did you find any odd things or things worth saving
Nork Amoomoo
Nork Amoomoo 2 aylar önce
Why is this guy roleplaying Nick Swardson?
jasontensa Aylar önce
bro's still doing youtube after these years and STILL makes the effort to reply to comments, YOU A REAL ONE, KEEP AT IT KING!!!! 🥳
Cmoth040 Aylar önce
I would love to be able to see the mind-cloud from Jewel while you were explaining consuming a 26 year old bag of Cheetos. I guarantee you, she was shaking her head and told this story to every single person she came across at work for the next few days.
badbydesign Aylar önce
I did not consume these chips... and this STILL has been an unusual experience. Proud of you Sir!
Por Tee
Por Tee Aylar önce
This is so wholesome because to a 90s kid, interacting with a big company then getting return correspondence was VERY exciting stuff.
-Lord Nikolai-
-Lord Nikolai- 19 gün önce
Dude that ending got me tearing up😂That’s a man who just won *BIG*
Daveed 78
Daveed 78 Aylar önce
Jokes aside, this is how customer service should be. He was clearly in the wrong but they still stood by their claims and gave him vouchers because at the end of the day it costs them basically nothing to show that their company will go the extra step.
skippy62able Aylar önce
I 100% disagree. I was not clearly in the wrong. The language on the package was clear. They did not mention this bag is on us only if consumed within “best by date”. It just said if not fresh, this bag is on us. It wasn’t fresh nor did I know it wouldn’t be. I’ve consumed 50 year old Vietnam era M.R.E. ‘S that tasted as fresh as the day it was made
Vincent Banks Jr.
Vincent Banks Jr. Aylar önce
​@skippy62able I would have to agree withu
Erik Delgado
Erik Delgado Aylar önce
They aren't losing any sleep over 3 $5 bag of chips dude. we're talking about a multi-million dollar company. no matter how silly this seems and we all agree the cheetos were stale AF. they need to honor what they say.
Mario Plousiou
Mario Plousiou Aylar önce
@skippy62able Sure but why use common sense right?
lanky streak of piss
Daveed, you're the one who's clearly in the wrong lol.
Ryan Rusch
Ryan Rusch 26 gün önce
I just discovered this guy and he is not only the most wholesome person on the planet, but he would give Marcus Aurelius and Epicetus a run for their money on most powerful frame of mind man out there.
Roy D.
Roy D. Aylar önce
It's like a master's degree for him. Hats off to you sir. You're keeping me humble. 😂
Okay like I guess so
The only channel on TRvid that has stayed true for so many years. You will forever be my favorite TRvidr. You do this because you love it, and that’s why we love you
MIKE SKIS Aylar önce
Your videos make me remember the days of TRvid’s past, and it’s wonderful glory through the format. Long time fan man, keep it up!
Bleezey Aylar önce
My step sister and I found out if you call the numbers on the back of products and have a complaint or even a compliment they will ask for your address and send some coupons. Spent a day couponing in 2004 home from school with my sister calling EVERY product customer service line in the house 😂
Andrew S
Andrew S 2 aylar önce
I love how you call Pepsi and still hit them with "LA Beast here". Obviously they know exactly who you are without any hesitation.
aaaa 2 aylar önce
Still laughing at this part. Never change Beast.
Jonathan Balls
Jonathan Balls 2 aylar önce
I doubt it. He's popular but definitely only a niche thing. He's not yet a household name. Yet.
FatherDoug 2 aylar önce
@Jonathan Balls Tbf, most dudes even from the UK, if I ask them if they've seen one of his videos, theyll have usually seen one or two. Especially the old ones
Jonathan Balls
Jonathan Balls 2 aylar önce
@[deactivated] hm. I could def be wrong, but just seemed like an older lady like this one might not know him but who knows?
JJ 2 aylar önce
@Jonathan Balls Satire
Doug Martinez
Doug Martinez Aylar önce
You framing those coupons and the bag is so funny. Thanks for the laugh today
michael kelly
michael kelly Aylar önce
Every day I watch your videos during my lunch break and they NEVER get old! You’re the best! Thanks for eating lunch with me and making every day disgustingly hilarious!! Mind over matter baby!
Jair Brown
Jair Brown Aylar önce
Those coupons look awesome! I'll have to remember to actually call if my stuff ever doesn't taste fresh, which is already a rare occasion.
Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera Aylar önce
This brought a tear to my eye .... the world is a beautiful place $15 of coupons from a 26 yo bag
Getsu Fūma
Getsu Fūma 2 aylar önce
Shout out to Jewel, we need more people like her in customer service in every business
skippy62able 2 aylar önce
Harper Nicholson
Harper Nicholson 2 aylar önce
RraMakutsi 2 aylar önce
I called customer service after watching the video, just to compliment the professional manner in which Jewel handled Kevin's call 😄. I felt that she did her job very well, with courtesy and good humor, and acted as a fantastic representative for Frito Lay. I told them that I was even inspired to go out and buy some delicious Frito Lay products, thanks to Jewel... I actually bought a bag of "Flamin' Hot Cheddar & Sour Cream Ruffles", which were new to me, and honestly some of the best chips I've ever had! The lady I got on the line, Kathryn, was both perplexed and amused by the situation, and appreciated hearing from a fan of the one and only, original LA Beast. I was also treated quite kindly, and of course, at the end of the call I told her to "Have a Good Day!"
1962 impaula
1962 impaula 2 aylar önce
Somebody saved her soul😂
ThatOddLife 2 aylar önce
​@1962 impaulafantastic comment. That album is a banger by the way.
barbe00brune Aylar önce
LA Beast, once again, showed us what life is all about. Thank you as always
jim bob
jim bob 21 saatler önce
Congrats on your conquest ! You never cease to inspire.keep up the good work dude!
Shawn Holloway
Shawn Holloway Aylar önce
Thank you for your commitment to snack food integrity.
cooked Aylar önce
As an aussie, this is single-handedly the most American video ive ever consumed. Kudos bossman!
Ah Jodie
Ah Jodie Aylar önce
One of the learning experiences I had in grade school, back in the 1960's was to write letters to companies. I found the whole thing exciting and learned from that to do that frequently. I have gotten all sorts of things over the years, and it is oddly cool to have the confidence to do it. Before cell phones and google, I could call my local library and ask them for information, which they would find, and call me back. We lived out in the country, and it was hard to get to town, my mom didn't drive, and dad drove truck out of town a lot. It is still interesting you ate those things!
Justin Williams ✔️
The fact that the number still worked and they honored the product after almost 30 years is crazy
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Aylar önce
Why would they change their number
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Thomas Aylar önce
@Todd Smith there’s been plenty of times when I’ve tried to call a company and the number has been changed
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Aylar önce
@Daniel Thomas horrible customer service
xWaBiDx Aylar önce
That is why Pepsico will always have my money! xD
Texas Red
Texas Red Aylar önce
@Todd Smith That’s not horrible customer service, it’s just a business number. It’s not uncommon for them to change but PepsiCo is a massive corp ofc it’s the same
Rob Polaris
Rob Polaris Aylar önce
“You ate a bag of 20 year old chips?” That had me laughing. I have a mini coke with a UAB logo on it from 1996 but there is no way I would drink it!
Silence Filmed
Silence Filmed Aylar önce
To be honest dude, this is one of your best videos I've ever seen. I like these kind of real videos. Start doing some more of these please!
Tangled Variety
Tangled Variety Aylar önce
That's how it's done, sir. Never be afraid to ask. The worst they can say is no !🥤
JOhkonut Aylar önce
Okay but those are some nice looking vouchers. Congrats man, I'm proud of you.
Cory Martin
Cory Martin Aylar önce
Hey they stand behind their product even after decades. Props to them.
KLTS Aylar önce
It was the victorious musical number for me at the end, got me visualizing Ed and Alphonse coming back home to a warm welcome in resembool after a successful campaign😂👌 alternatively, when you said "just a slight burning" and started rocking back and forth after eating it I damn near had an asthma attack laughing
M. B.
M. B. 2 aylar önce
*Calls quality assistance and says* “Good day, LA Beast Here.” Without breaking character. What a legend
TippyHippy Aylar önce
I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.
@TippyHippy 😂
Parzivle Aylar önce
@TippyHippy You make me want to cry. That’s (in my opinion) kind of cruel. But even so, I do respect YOUR opinion.
MrDeathbyzombies Aylar önce
This is the greatest comment chain of all time.
riky m
riky m Aylar önce
The comment I was looking for. Lmao
Hansen Wilson
Hansen Wilson Aylar önce
Great video, as others have said - feels like old TRvid. Congrats on the pepsico customer service hookup! Curious if they're doing all they can to make people forget about the plane reward lawsuit. Subscribed!
Diego Ortega
Diego Ortega Aylar önce
Been watching this guy since HS and hes still relevant 😂 LOVE IT 🎉🎉
Colton N
Colton N Aylar önce
That phone call is actual gold that is so incredibly amazing
Brady Aylar önce
Man you have been on youtube forever, i still remember seeing you on here way back when I was a teenager and getting amped up with you thanks for your content dude. I thought about you the other day completely randomly and found you again! You've got balls of steel eating this crazy stuff hahahaha
Peoplesuuck Aylar önce
LA Beast you have never stopped putting out some truely funny and unique content. One of the TRvid OG's. Never could I forget Crystal Pepsi. I do indeed wish the best for your health cuz god damn it you are awesome lmao. Would definitely drink a (current date) beer with you hahaha.
Gamefreak Aylar önce
awesome to know that PepsiCo actually honored the “freshness guarantee” that’s on the bag even if the chips are 26 years old
XenOn Aylar önce
It's nuts
well Aylar önce
​@XenOn nope there chips
Stomping Peak
Stomping Peak Aylar önce
That's the guarantee. Most people won't follow the guarantee because it's alot of extra steps. So maybe 1 put of 10k will actually use this feature.
Marc H
Marc H Aylar önce
It is cool 😎 But at first she’s like “you ate chips from 20 years ago???” She’s probably thinking “that white boy is crazy.” 😂
Frank Jager
Frank Jager Aylar önce
I mean its definitely cool. But you would think any company would tell you "you should have eaten it before the expiration date".... But since it was 20 years old, they probably allowed a free pass since im sure they had a chuckle
Light Maleski
Light Maleski Aylar önce
Hopefully everyone is aware that if you call that questions and comments line, or email their customer service, they will almost always send you a coupon for a free product. I once sent a suggestion to Kettle Chips about putting their tear punch in a different place on the bag and they sent me a coupon for a bag of chips. You don’t even have to have a complaint. They value feedback as data points on their products.
Kirzan Aylar önce
Man, it's good to get a win once in a while, huh? Congratulations, Beast.
TechBaffle Aylar önce
I was totally expecting the phone number to be out of service. The fact they've kept that same phone number is impressive!
xSixGhostx Aylar önce
I actually work for pespico at a refurbish center I've been watching your videos for sla while you're content is great I hope you didn't suffer to much from those old sodas
John Eyman
John Eyman Aylar önce
Pepsico has great customer service. I called about 6 months ago to ask if they were discontinuing the Frito corn chips ( big Fan) as after visiting 6 different large retail stores I was unable to find them in the stores. They said it was a distribution problem due to covid and then sent me several coupons like you received. Awesome customer service.
Suburban Garden Permaculture Style
I can assure you, the Frito will never go away... their top 3 products are doritos and fritos and cheetos. I used to make the quill drives that makes cheetos, and used to build the quill drives that grind the corn into Masa for the cheetos and fritos. My dad owns the company that is the world wide exclusive manufacturer of frito lays extrusion equipment.
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols Aylar önce
Ludicrous this man still hits the trending tab after all this years and frankly horrendous things he has done to his body. Truly a beast. Well done.
TheAnnoyingBoss Aylar önce
Calling customer service on a 26 year old bag of cheetos 😂😂😂
Jensen Lopez
Jensen Lopez Aylar önce
Bruh has not aged one bit either
Copper Lobo
Copper Lobo Aylar önce
He is not a beast...HE IS THE LA BEAST!!!
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols Aylar önce
@Copper Lobo Please forgive my blasphemy
Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols Aylar önce
@Jensen Lopez its impressive. The strange items and challenges have only made him stronger
Craige Slim
Craige Slim Aylar önce
This is amazing! I followed LA beast closely when he was bringing back crystal Pepsi a handful of years ago, but then my life got busy and I kind of lost track of him. Now years later, this video pops up and I’m over joyed to see he still up to the same kinds of things and creating the same type of content! Resubscribed! One of the last real original TRvidrs!
PandaJuan Aylar önce
I was really hoping it was a letter written by the CEO with concern 😂 and to plead you never do that again and just buy a new bag of chips.
Dana DeSantis
Dana DeSantis Aylar önce
Been watching you since you broke your toe in half dude. Feel like you are absolutely the king of TRvid. Glad you’re a channel that stayed solid and never changed
Cohen Jake
Cohen Jake Aylar önce
This guy was truly my child hood
Bruce516 Aylar önce
You sir are a legend! Well done Pepsico!!!
Tyn Aylar önce
I can't believe they actually honored the guaranteed fresh on a 26 year old bag of chips. I was ready for them to hang up on you or have to go through a supervisor. They literally did it with minimal hassle 😆😆😆
Hondoctor209 Chris
Hondoctor209 Chris Aylar önce
they did because this was before they put a date they guarantee it by. could have been a lawsuit if they didn't fulfil the replacement. false advertisement type of thing
Eric Schulze
Eric Schulze Aylar önce
​@Hondoctor209 Chris na you could call them and tell them you didn't eat them and get the same results, you can call them and tell them you just want some free bags and they'll send you coupons for free products I've done it
Hamguy Bacon
Hamguy Bacon Aylar önce
@Hondoctor209 Chris Its only 5$ they'd rather send you a coupon since in the long run they'll make that back having a loyal customer.
Ethan H
Ethan H Aylar önce
@Eric Schulze I feel like if they do that it’s just the customer service people being nice. There’s no way PepsiCo just gives out free chips upon request.
Eric Schulze
Eric Schulze Aylar önce
@Ethan H I've done it
Elzo92 Aylar önce
Man your videos are awesome. The chip bag looked neat. The premise of the video, perfect. The way you opened that letter... Barbaric. 👀
Raevod 14 gün önce
This guy is an absolute legend
Shortsforshow Aylar önce
I just rediscovered this channel after maybe 10 years. Pure gold, so many memories, please keep uploading. This is OG TRvid hall of fame stuff
Xavier Harding
Xavier Harding Aylar önce
You know you can subscribe to a channel right ?
Scott Copice
Scott Copice Aylar önce
The LA Beast is a living legend, been watching you since day 1 man. Always so excited when you drop a new video keep doing you man!!!
Knell KNiGHT
Knell KNiGHT Aylar önce
Aye beast i just wanna say I've been watching you since i was about 12, I've had heavy depression my entire life, your videos are one of the reasons i decided to stick around, when i was really low id always watch your stuff to cheer me up and even now, i still do, I've probably watched every video on your channel from the beginning until now about 10-15 times. Big fan, huge supporter and always grateful to have stumbled onto your content at the right time, Have a Good Day!
Sarnarath 2 aylar önce
''We value your loyalty to our products'' You made them proud, wel done Beast.
Ben Vasilinda
Ben Vasilinda 21 gün önce
This is amazing customer service. They really pulled through for u.
Undead_Ursine Aylar önce
You are insane, an absolute legend. Well done!
megrimlockisking Aylar önce
have always love LA BEAST from the very beginning and this is the very reason why, the man is the true OG
Mikey vibes
Mikey vibes Aylar önce
I’m so happy this man is still uploading, been watching for many years and I’ll continue watching for many years.
Momo Aylar önce
As a Pepsi Product enjoyer I am happy to see this kind of Customer Service
DLRS Nate Aylar önce
I think Pepsi deserves some good attention like this for once
De Havilland Canada Twin Otter
They set the gold standard for big corporation customer service, in an area many big corporations struggle at.
DLRS Nate Aylar önce
Survive Thsht nah dude it’s just that Pepsi ain’t really known for anything besides being at taco bell
Lana Goddess
Lana Goddess Aylar önce
There woke ,why support
Naw remember the Harrier Jet contest they refused to honour.
Creepystank Aylar önce
​@PersistentApparationKittythat was some fuck shit 😂😂
岩の下駅 Aylar önce
This is freakin hilarious, wholesome, and awesome at the same time
Bob the Cat
Bob the Cat Aylar önce
This was probably the most pleasant call Jewel received that day. You probably made her day man. Good job.
Ray Aylar önce
This is why l love PepsiCo products. They really do stand behind their products
Clacroix Aylar önce
I feel like… 27 years ago, we would have known better than to do something like this just to get some free chips from consuming an old bag of free chips. 😂 she was probably just being nice because she thought there was something wrong with you and figured it was the very least she could do for you. 😂😂
RT66RC Aylar önce
Clacroix: Well yes, but what about before that? ;)
MashaT22 Aylar önce
Maybe you can start a chain and get a replacement for the replacements! Way to stand by your commitments #PepsiCo & #FritoLay, even when people are dumb enough to “knowingly” consume 26 year old products! I applaud you! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 P.S. please bring back #Cheetos ZigZags so we can all try a fresh bag! Put this guy’s pic on the front of the bag too!
Blendeture 2 aylar önce
I had to pause it and burst out laughing when you introduced yourself as LA Beast to the woman on the phone. 😂
Big Picture Thinking
Big Picture Thinking 2 aylar önce
Yeah it’s good stuff. He has done that before.
KameKuro 2 aylar önce
walking into his doctor's appointment: "Good day, LA Beast here"
Matt Pilz
Matt Pilz 2 aylar önce
The time he ate all the change and had to call the nurse hotline to ask about it, "I'm the LA Beast, and I just consumed 21 coins and I'm a little concerned about my health..." Gets me ever time.
Medivh 2 aylar önce
@Matt Pilz 😂😂😂
DAV ID Aylar önce
I'm raising my hat, L.A. Beast. I have found your channel years ago and then forgot about it. I now remembered it and my man, i wish i had your discipline and willpower. You are a true inspiration and legend!
George Johnson
George Johnson Aylar önce
DUBBY!!! Watching your content throughout the years passing by, you've done so much awesome content and this is the proof right here.
Da Tube
Da Tube Aylar önce
Telling Jewel, “LA Beast here” had me crying lol. Idk why
Jay Aylar önce
Wow! That’s great customer service! Can’t believe a company would be willing to replace a product after 26 years 😂
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