Upchurch “No one told us” (New Album Coming Soon)

Ryan Upchurch
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I have a new album dropping soon skins.. not sure which one I want to drop first lol I have multiple and I’m just gonna leave this here and see what y’all think about it.. can’t tell ya which album this is from, I just wanna see what the vibes are muahahahaaaa 🤘🏼😆Produced by @thomastonermusic




16 Jul 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Jake Browne
Jake Browne 4 aylar önce
Everyone ever: "you cant rap about Toyotas" Upchurch : "I don't even need yall to hold my beer"
minimum 349
minimum 349 Aylar önce
@Andrew Parsons what the fuck? Im a logger and I made 72,430 last year, gonna make more this year, and Upchurch is fuckin amazing, his shit is real, thought through music, stop hatin on him cuz you wanna be him
Marlboro Man
Marlboro Man 2 aylar önce
@FrequencyOfThought coming from a rice burner? 😆
FrequencyOfThought 2 aylar önce
Fuck TOYOTA tho seriously how stupid are Southerners that think it's cool.
Chris Yee yee
Chris Yee yee 2 aylar önce
Kissssss myyyyyy assssssss
Marlboro Man
Marlboro Man 2 aylar önce
@Chris Yee yee whooooo giiiiiives aaaa fuuuuuck
Shyshy Michelle
Shyshy Michelle Gün önce
Can you post lyrics by any chance? Please.
Hunter Watson
Hunter Watson 5 gün önce
When I'm feeling good riding in the F-150 this is what I crank up Church one day I gotta meet you man coming all from .Greer S.C
adoracle1 6 gün önce
love this song. good times comin' back...thank you for that 💖💖💖
AngelofOntario 15 gün önce
Well, that sucked. 👎🏼
Josh  Patrum
Josh Patrum 16 gün önce
Oh yeah forgot... Stay kool Church Man 🤟🏻 No Weak Links ☠️
Josh  Patrum
Josh Patrum 16 gün önce
Gotta be voted one of the Goats of Church man's List of Fame
Kelby Rao
Kelby Rao 17 gün önce
I'll be somewhere on a boat getting to damn sunburnt hell yeah brother 💪
Kenneth Royal
Kenneth Royal 23 gün önce
Thanks for being a hundred
Josh  Patrum
Josh Patrum 23 gün önce
Parts of it hits it on tha head !
Josh  Patrum
Josh Patrum 23 gün önce
Haha this song is me to tha T Stay Kool Church Man 😎☠️🏁 NO WEAK LINKS
dam strait redneck
dam strait redneck 25 gün önce
This is me to a t
Samuel isabouttheway
Samuel isabouttheway 26 gün önce
Fire UpChurch💪 Killin it🤟
Chad Van Zile
Chad Van Zile 28 gün önce
need video son
Chad Van Zile
Chad Van Zile 29 gün önce
ryder white
ryder white Aylar önce
One of the best songs i've heard
j, M&K
j, M&K Aylar önce
Ok its official I'm doing my rening pattern to this song
Pauline Harmon
Pauline Harmon Aylar önce
Only real country boys get that Toyota line..love it!!!
Anthony Bellmore
Anthony Bellmore Aylar önce
I've had this song on repeat for 3 hours
Danky Fishin
Danky Fishin Aylar önce
Chatahoochie coochie only Alan Jackson fans understand that sheeit ;) lol
Smoke weed every day Blazing 420
Good shit son
David Ault
David Ault Aylar önce
just downloaded it
David Ault
David Ault Aylar önce
love this song
David Ault
David Ault Aylar önce
good tune bro
Fletcher Smith
Fletcher Smith Aylar önce
No one can fuck with upchurch and bottleneck
Kelly Black
Kelly Black Aylar önce
One of the best songs.,,..... like EVER
john lamos
john lamos Aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-J6x_pucmoYs.html sound on the water
Spencer Verhelle
Spencer Verhelle Aylar önce
How does this song NOT have a music video?? 😰😭
Robert Dean
Robert Dean Aylar önce
Heaven Nicole
Heaven Nicole Aylar önce
I listen to this every morning on the way to work, driving them back roads at 4:30 to be at work before sunrise. Clocking them 12 hour shifts. I was literally yelling this the other day and lost my voice. #worthit #rhec #goat
Zachary Farran
Zachary Farran Aylar önce
Your music is the truth! Keep it up brother! Much love from NW Arkansas!
Adam Smith & Wesson
Bahahahahaha local political ad for a Democrat in my district just ran on this video. That’s a good use of their campaign money
Jeff Gould
Jeff Gould Aylar önce
This is one of my favorites.
Kevin Mckee
Kevin Mckee 2 aylar önce
When’s this coming out?👍🏻
buck Hunter
buck Hunter 2 aylar önce
Man can't come out the bad one he's the best at what he does
tabatha red Hot Rebel
tabatha red Hot Rebel 2 aylar önce
You are awesome!!! Keep it coming !! 🤘🤘🤘
Adam private citizen
Adam private citizen 2 aylar önce
Love that country twang with the rap!!🔥🤘 Best song yet bro keep em comin
Big Daddy Couch
Big Daddy Couch 2 aylar önce
This right here........IS that upchurch doing what hes best at. H.A.F need the album but I know in time comes new album top chart list, for this album
Kanon Warf
Kanon Warf 2 aylar önce
I have 1994 Toyota and it's rusted up and I love it on 33s thanks for my Yoda Song they deserve credit other than the frame lol
Josh  Patrum
Josh Patrum 2 aylar önce
New favorite song Church man can keep making 😎🏁🤟🏻
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