Untamed - GW2 End of Dragons Ranger Mechanics + Gameplay

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A first look at the mechanics and gameplay of the Ranger elite specialization coming out in the next Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Expansion: The Untamed.

0:00 - Untamed Mechanics
8:15 - Builds
15:43 - Gameplay

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29 Eki 2021




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Kilty 2 aylar önce
I gotta say: these types of videos are amazing, also Vallun's narration is so chill making the video even more enjoyable to watch.
Kilty 2 aylar önce
Also, I was watching the videos of the previous betas and I miss the narration of the gameplay that we get here.
graven2002 2 aylar önce
What if the F5 was also a *Beast* ability? Maybe have it trigger traits around whoever is being "leashed"? That way the ranger taunts right before becoming tankier, and the pet taunts right before the ranger is squishier. Would also set up the disable bonuses for hammer/F1-F3 skills.
ryan fletcher
ryan fletcher 2 aylar önce
Looks like a lot of fun! Lots of speed and movement
Kaj Hall
Kaj Hall 2 aylar önce
I had the most fun on the untamed compared to every other elite spec. The cooldown reduction with hammer is amazing! The traits could definitely use some more work, otherwise I'm really looking forward to playing this class in EoD.
Turg 2 aylar önce
+1 for different untamed pet skills depending on its "soulbeast type", this could also increase its pve value
arjenhuytker 2 aylar önce
Untamed feels like alpha testing for soulbeast
LordGuns 2 aylar önce
Man I have this love hate relationship with gw2 ranger class. I always pick Hunter/ranger class to level first in any mmo i play. But rangers in GW2 is more like a melee class than an actual range class. I only do PvE in mmos and I have looked at snowcrow/metabattle for builds and literally 9/10 builds are melee sword/dagger etc no long-bow or short bow build at all if I wanted to play a melee class I would have picked thief or something.
Diarf Isskjold
Diarf Isskjold Aylar önce
It's because GW2 PvE is melee focused for boons etc. Every SB builds have Longbow variant. Simple switch from GS to LB but yea. Axe offhand is strong af.
Bill Leighton
Bill Leighton 2 aylar önce
Pretty sure that has more to do with boon stacking and fight design than class design. So, even if you use a ranged weapon, you're 1 foot from the boss using it. Open World is a different beast and ranged works perfectly fine.
LordGuns 2 aylar önce
@Hakmada yeah ik but the point I was trying to make is that rangers in this game aren't really a range class and more about melee.
Hakmada 2 aylar önce
You could go firebrand or necro, that's ranged
Cal 2 aylar önce
expecting a class specialization to be mostly optimized and functional when it launches isn't too much to ask for in my opinion. sure there might be vital gamebreaking changes that needs fixing, but the overall concept should definitely be done
Ericat Aylar önce
Exactly. When I pay for something, I expect a good finished product. I don't want to buy a new car, then it's breaks go out.
Kahnju 2 aylar önce
Vallun is such a nice guy. He doesn't call it "Trash," but the way he explained how it works at its current state basically exposes the fact that it's trash. The main mechanic of either receiving more damage or dealing significantly less damage should be scrapped. It's only viable on hammer because it's specialized to interact with it. Once you swap to CORE WEAPONS, you basically lose no matter what. Useless. Having more control of your pet is an illusion. What essentially happened was giving the Untamed player more buttons to press with very little pay-off. We all know how unresponsive pet skills are. It's either they take too long to cast, have too much of an after-cast, clunky and unresponsive (Mainly because most of them won't even cast when they're in range - and some pets cast it even when they're not in range on themselves, especially unleashed skills). Having to manually activate pet skills like this has very little value because pet skills on core ranger haven't been fixed to begin with. What you're left with is baggage. Untamed pets cannot compete with core, druid, and soul beast pets. They were better when they were AI controlled because then you can focus on more important things like actually landing your own skills. The only time you're going to have a chance to succeed with the Untamed mechanic is 1v1 with a slow moving opponent with very little escape and stun break potential. Hammer has very little range whilst it having no active movement skill and having no active defensive skill. You need to be constantly on top of your enemy. So, yeah - you can win not because you are a better player, but because you are up against a weaker build. On equal footing, you will basically lose no matter what. The design leaves you handicapped by default. It also doesn't help that Untamed doesn't have Condi synergies or have very little to no core synergies at all. It's not a rewarding play-style and has no long-term potential at its current state. Frustrating. It would serve Untamed better if it capitalized on dual attacks. Say when you use a primary CC skill like Hammer 5, your pet casts a primary damage skill. Or when you cast GS 2, your pet casts a primary CC skill. At it's current state, the pet and the Untamed are disconnected. When you play it, it feels like you're managing 2 separate jobs at the same time. It's not high skill ceiling - it's just more unnecessary steps, and that is not a good thing. Incomprehensible. The worst thing about Untamed is the fact that if you give Core Ranger the hammer, it will be better than Untamed. It will make more sense. You will have a better time playing it, and it will be easier to achieve what you want. You can also forget about the unleashed pets because they're just significantly weaker versions of a spell breaker and a thief. It may be helpful if when pets are unleashed they get more stats from the ranger and when the ranger is unleashed they get more stats from the pet - make use of the pet classifications for crying out loud. Disappointing. In conclusion, the Untamed, like the Catalyst, is not beta worthy. They are merely ideas. As much as I want to be patient, I can't run away from the fact that EOD's official launch is right around the corner. Wait? It's on pre-order? Disgusting. Untamed, really? More like Unplayable.
Andrei Chetan
Andrei Chetan Aylar önce
I agree, im new to gw2 ,i like it, but rly, a new expansion with 0 pvp changes, 0 nee fractals. We are paying for painted zones?
rose 2 aylar önce
@Kapi Workout if I read one sentence per day the class will be fixed by the time I'm halfway through I'll spare my brain the effort
Kapi Workout
Kapi Workout 2 aylar önce
@rose Kahnju did a great job of enlisting Untamed's (more like "Unplayable's" haha) problems, I totally agree with that. Try reading one sentence per day of his comment, so you won't exhaust your brain bro, cheers
rose 2 aylar önce
@Kahnju too long didn't read
Kahnju 2 aylar önce
@rose You have issues with length, don't you? I hope you get that sorted out because you're missing quite a lot.
james Frazier
james Frazier 2 aylar önce
long time viewer my mans on yt and twitch, im trash at pvp but you make me a lil better keep it up. would have loved to have a commentary section for the other build.
james Frazier
james Frazier 2 aylar önce
@Vallun F must have missed the stream ill check it out I love sword on ranger but never really have a situation where id want to take it over other weapons
Vallun 2 aylar önce
if you want you can check out my vod on twitch, i played that build mostly on stream the 2nd day of the beta
Justin 2 aylar önce
Ya I hope they spread the cleanse out on ranger I really hate how most of it is on ws trait line. I'm think a valk wurm runes ranger for untained
Rejosc 2 aylar önce
Wasn't a fan of Untamed when I first started testing it out, but it really grew on me. Beastmastery is great with this espec, pretty sure the natural healing trait was bugged and doesn't trigger.
Blood 2 aylar önce
Once again providing nice feedback for the beta specs. I also like how you pointed out that getting used to the spec is also a factor contributing to how it feels currently. I don't play ranger but i could tell from interactions with the untamed before watching this video that it struggles with Condi cleanse. It's even more clear why it was struggling so much. It definitely needs a few buffs. .......mech needs to be nurfed to the ground though, 25 might up time? Why? Just.......why? Bug or not in general mech still needs to be brought down a few notches.
Aya St.Claire
Aya St.Claire 2 aylar önce
Tbh ive tried untamed, its pretty interesting. Altho its still missing some spice, but for me longbow is so awesome for untamed. Thx for this vid, its additional info for all peeps searching the beauty of untamed
Bilal Iqbal
Bilal Iqbal 2 aylar önce
It's going to be a great pvp elite spec once they put more work into it. Some people need to chill because.. It's a beta for a reason lmao. Feedback yes but don't panic and say silly things like it's "trash" because EoD isn't even out yet.
Loboling 2 aylar önce
This gameplay feels a bit reminiscent of early gw2 pvp. I'm almost excited enough to get gud again.... haha Thanks for showing this off. I actually really enjoyed the untamed gameplay.
Miguel Virro
Miguel Virro 2 aylar önce
I hate being negative but hammer weapon itself is so bad, its gonna need a complete rework imo, Id dare say even guard hammer is in a better state lul.
Miss Kisyana
Miss Kisyana 2 aylar önce
same with rifle
akhs denlew
akhs denlew 2 aylar önce
the main reason why people call the new specs trash ( for the most part) is becouse...it's true. And that's the problem when printing so OP specs like the POF specs we have right now. I mean if people expected something stronger than scourge,soulbeast, Firebrand, mirage, holosmith.. hell even spellbreaker ( talking about pvp/wvw) they are insane lol. But on the other hand.. why should we play those new specs if the POF specs are just better? For example they are trying to push new supports like mech engineer and thief, and i aplaud them for that, but as long as firebrand exists...its just pointless.
grims 2 aylar önce
@Vallun i would stay with present
akhs denlew
akhs denlew 2 aylar önce
@I'm very tired Vallun is definetly not wrong... he is being far more objective and logical than the average person, BUT what i said is that u can't really blame the general public and the reasons why i explained above. Why would the average person use the untamed and not the soulbeast is wvw? People need a reason to do so and they just dont have it yet. So they complain. If that changes in the future then they will stop complaining and they will start using it. But as it is right now, it makes sense for them to complain a little. That's how i see it.
I'm very tired
I'm very tired 2 aylar önce
@akhs denlew It depends on the person in question really, since Vallun isn't wrong at all when it comes to being constructive. And you can easily enough reference a plethora of times in the past where the general GW2 community has tried to claim a given class/spec sucks with no basis. An example of that would be like when WvW was just starting out, and for whatever reason people loved to claim mesmers were unplayable. When in reality due to their utility and the culling issue at the time they were practically gods. But yes I do think I get where you're coming from when speaking of supports. Since currently with how the mechanist plays for example, it seems like a perfectly fine spec to use for support in raids. But it's questionable how it could match up to the supports being used currently, without a round of nerfs being handed around. Hopefully things get better during the next beta.
akhs denlew
akhs denlew 2 aylar önce
@Vallun People are just skeptical and u can't really blame them. Becouse when your trade offs ( for the most part) are so massive, people will expect HUGE rewards, since the older and stronger overall, pof specs were delivered with no trade offs. When you take off guardian's passives, mesmer clones, warrior burst skills - weapon swap, engineer toolbelt...people will naturally expect something stronger out of those trade offs, not something weak or meh.. cus if it is combined with those trade offs then its a terrible deal. That's the general thinking of people right now, and i don't think it's wrong or unjustified.
Vallun 2 aylar önce
@I'm very tired i agree with your point, and the cantrips have a serious lack of stun breaks, but being constructive gets things done, not destructive
Ygor Basso
Ygor Basso 2 aylar önce
do you still think the build you posted a while ago is still the best for pve?
Vallun 2 aylar önce
@Ygor Basso i think its good yes and very versatile, the best at what its going for, but you might want to specialize
Ygor Basso
Ygor Basso 2 aylar önce
​@Vallun Yees ! The video with the title "The BEST Ranger Build for Guild Wars 2 PvE, PvP, WvW, Story" That one still viable ? PS: Thank you for the support and sorry about my english (not my first language)
Vallun 2 aylar önce
which? the ranger one? its pretty good and nothing has changed
Tapi Aylar önce
Ranger: I want a rifle. I want to fight from RANGE Anet: Here: a hammer!
Monchijote 14 gün önce
I know right.....
TruthHurts 2 aylar önce
"You're expectations maybe a little bit too high if you're calling things trash." Would agree until I saw Catalyst. THAT is trash.
frickxnas 2 aylar önce
@Jase its not hard to think ahead a couole things though. for example reduce the time u need to charge rhe dragon slashes for warrior in wvw. or give untamed at least different skills per pet class and make hammer animations a bit faster or st least incorporate a mobility skill somehow. i dont care if animations resemble those of warrior. these kind of things make me think they didnt lose quantity but quality of game designers.
frickxnas 2 aylar önce
i never had issues with specs from previous expansion betas. these new ones are mostly mediocre at best. the untamed is trash in terms of new mechanics and the hammer is very bad for pvp wvw. if this is a frontliner it does 0 dmg and has little sustsin, id it os dmg dealer it deals very low dmg
Miss Kisyana
Miss Kisyana 2 aylar önce
Worst spec so far, if you ask me
Evenaardez 2 gün önce
Worst elite spec by far
Eric Sttyf
Eric Sttyf 2 aylar önce
Gas! #shorts
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