Unmixing Color Machine (Ultra Laminar Reversible Flow) - Smarter Every Day 217

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Checkout these papers to learn a bit more about Taylor-Couette Flow:
Wikipedia Article:
Taylor's Groundbreaking Paper
How instability forms
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22 May 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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SmarterEveryDay Yıl önce
If you're interested in seeing a stationary tripod shot here's one on the second channel. Consider subscribing to the second channel while you're over there. trvid.com/video/video-57IMufyoCnQ.html
Dakota Coffey
Dakota Coffey Aylar önce
u did 6 instead of 7 but still cool
Emmanuel Ogua
Emmanuel Ogua Aylar önce
Beautiful metaphor. Thank you Destin.
ItZ Sav
ItZ Sav Aylar önce
Everyone liked the video at 5:20
Micah T.
Micah T. 4 aylar önce
Hey Destin, I think you should check out Laminar flow in microfluidics. It's so beautiful seeing all the tiny streams of colors flowing without mixing. It would make a great sequel to this or the other Laminar flow video!
Jim Marks
Jim Marks 5 aylar önce
So weird seeing Hsv International featured in a video with more views than many TV stations. Hope to run into you on base or out and about.
ShakeMouse 2 gün önce
One of the greatest videos on TRvid since it's the first time for me seeing the Taylor-Couette flow .
Deividas Liutkus
Deividas Liutkus 2 gün önce
Where's my turbulent flow gang at?
Azriel Jale
Azriel Jale 2 gün önce
Universe: "Nooo, you cannot reverse entropy" Corn Syrup: [Laughs in reversed entropy]
Giovanni Pilia
Giovanni Pilia 16 saatler önce
Well... XD
c31irq 3 gün önce
So How Close Would The Cylinders Need To Be To Find Water's Stability?
Gedro 3 gün önce
You've just reversed entropy.
igiego Wow
igiego Wow 6 gün önce
Now that we know a fluid can do that what if we could do that with time what if the time is laminar and we jest need a device to twist it back, but let’s say we used and now we wouldn’t even know about the fact we did because everything went back the beginning
bryce hartley
bryce hartley 6 gün önce
Gonna cover even flow by pearl jam but only change the lyric "even" to laminar just for you Dustin
Bongo Wongo gold
Bongo Wongo gold 6 gün önce
The thumbnail is kinda weird
James D
James D 7 gün önce
Doesn't this break the 2nd law of thermodynamics and thus might have universe-ending consequences? I'm going to start building a bunker now...
Gavin Cypert
Gavin Cypert 7 gün önce
Now I’ve gone through a lot of time on TRvid videos I have watched hours and I watched it all even if I thought it was boring mainly because of a live streams and whenever I get on live streams I watch through them all even if I’m forced to get off I will get back on if that lifestream still going I’ll continue watching so it’s gonna be pretty hard to shake me from the video
Rob Covello
Rob Covello 8 gün önce
you were at 5 not 6.
Sameer Dudeja
Sameer Dudeja 8 gün önce
Is it possible that you met the initial condition exactly, that is why you could almost copy the dots like its s chaotic but you were able to imitate the initial conditions which led to this?
Koksal Ceylan
Koksal Ceylan 8 gün önce
Thank you Man! so their is still hope for us.
T.LI TV 8 gün önce
Time machine???
Jason Georgeoff
Jason Georgeoff 9 gün önce
Really cool video man. I wasn't sure if it was going to work. But it did. I'm glad I found your channel. I have learned something new every time. I hope yall stay safe during these crazy times.
Zane A
Zane A 9 gün önce
Turbulent flow is laminar flows interacting with themselves and getting more complicated with every point in time.
EVILBUNNY28 10 gün önce
Use me as a sorry I fast forwarded button :3
fasdr 11 gün önce
the striped pattern is not cause of different positivities it has to do with the uneven speed of you rotating the thing
Fransees 11 gün önce
i love those "my dudes" at the start of the video
Sam Griffiths
Sam Griffiths 11 gün önce
You learn something new every day! Destin can’t count
Poopy Man
Poopy Man 11 gün önce
5:23 factories in the industrial revolution to kids
Steven Jones
Steven Jones 12 gün önce
Love your channel man, you are a great teacher and your enthusiasm is contagious!
James Tinkham
James Tinkham 13 gün önce
Is this guy related to Russell Williams cause the resemblance is scary
DirtyKeyboard 14 gün önce
Destin: *DO NOT FAST FORWARD!* Also Destin: let me just 3x speed really quick
Jason 14 gün önce
That is the coolest phenomenon I have ever seen.
Jyeff 14 gün önce
I love how much hes so excited about just the color unmixing, cute
Mohammad Usman Mushtaq Mushtaq
your videos are amazing, i could watch them for hours without getting bored!
Gurb Nation
Gurb Nation 15 gün önce
Only 6 rotations
Linda Hibbs
Linda Hibbs 15 gün önce
Really love your videos ‼️💯♥️
Binary Burnout 3D
Binary Burnout 3D 17 gün önce
I was thinking about this video yesterday when a video popped on my feed about scientists being able to whitnes "Frame Dragging" and how a star was warping / dragging space time around itself. they put up a simple animation and it looked like the patern you made here.
Caden Helfrick
Caden Helfrick 17 gün önce
Bergen Schmid
Bergen Schmid 17 gün önce
Oh my good
Rev Itup
Rev Itup 18 gün önce
Can u do juice?
blue sansball
blue sansball 18 gün önce
The ctrl+z tube
Bukan Gaming Official
Bukan Gaming Official 19 gün önce
6:30 - 7:09 What a great words there, thanks . . . . . But my life is not a corn oil, it's a pure liquid water. Already try to fix it a long time ago but oh well...
Redcrown703 19 gün önce
It is laminar flow day my dudes
Mark Gearing
Mark Gearing 19 gün önce
3:16 “Is your heart pounding?” Jeez, I hope so. You’ve asked me not to fast forward the video and I’m not gonna see the end if the bloody thing has stopped.
Mark Gearing
Mark Gearing 19 gün önce
Next step, omelettes to eggs
New Jargon
New Jargon 19 gün önce
Mind blowing man, thank you for this demonstration
Jaxson Glass
Jaxson Glass 20 gün önce
naw, no way, i call bull, thats some editing
Devin Laye
Devin Laye 21 gün önce
Turbulent flow is still better, I quite enjoy my chocolate milk.
Akiva Sherman
Akiva Sherman 22 gün önce
That wasn't a metaphor!!! It was a simile!!!
Shortbedgameskreshfull Official
If only I could do this with all the poor choices I made in my life
Balu Andhavarapu
Balu Andhavarapu 23 gün önce
"please don't forward" *increases the speed later in the video*
David Mayes
David Mayes 24 gün önce
He's a witch!
서른둘 25 gün önce
@06:29 set complete mess, set it straight
서른둘 25 gün önce
so no matter how complex is that, you can make it back if you can do it back in the exactly same order ?
Dank Tank
Dank Tank 25 gün önce
*Turbulent* *Flow*
jurian stift
jurian stift 27 gün önce
Ma dude sir taylorr
Raymond Mataka
Raymond Mataka 27 gün önce
Rip entropy.
Marco4Racer 28 gün önce
just amazing! congratz!
Vegard Einbeck Rage
Vegard Einbeck Rage 28 gün önce
Diamond Playz Gamez
Diamond Playz Gamez 29 gün önce
He isn’t reversing the direction of turning, the editor just reversed the footage For those who didn’t get it... r/wooosh
justein da potato
justein da potato 29 gün önce
I feel like spinning that thing fast
tomikun 29 gün önce
Anyone got this in their reccomended after 1 year?
justein da potato
justein da potato 29 gün önce
explosu Aylar önce
What happens when you mix epoxy this way?
Jack Ham
Jack Ham Aylar önce
Cool to see the principle in action.
justein da potato
justein da potato 29 gün önce
Luc Sharkey
Luc Sharkey Aylar önce
I know that it’s been a while since this was posted but in the interest of getting smarter every day it’s pronounced cou ay or cou eh
TLI 72
TLI 72 Aylar önce
I watched this when it came out and I keep coming back to watch it
Fox Aylar önce
Akotski1338 Aylar önce
“Do not fast forward part of this video” *sets speed to 3x*
Itachirm17 Aylar önce
if you do it enough times does it start to mix?
raulloveme Aylar önce
0:36“no hablo french”😂
Douglas Amaya
Douglas Amaya Aylar önce
Somewhere out there, there exist people that think this is fake
3XZDuS Aylar önce
Says not to fast forward.... Proceeds to fast forward
ashish sudhir
ashish sudhir Aylar önce
Where the f*** is gravity
Neto Rosatelli
Neto Rosatelli Aylar önce
AWESOME! And the best part is to watch Destin's excitement!
Bryan Seabass
Bryan Seabass Aylar önce
My jaw was hanging open nearly the whole time he was reversing it and I didn't even notice
ꌗꍏᐯꍏꁅꍟ ꀭꍏꌩ
Just watched this a year ago now I'm watching again cuz why not
shawoo Aylar önce
How I was conceived 1:57
Zaddy XYborg
Zaddy XYborg Aylar önce
This wasnt unmixing colors. The colors were never mixed as you can tell from top view they are seperate colors. But very cool experiment.
Guillaume Langlois
Guillaume Langlois Aylar önce
It's a real life Ctrl-z machine
Olexiy Mamchy
Olexiy Mamchy Aylar önce
FM_DELTA Aylar önce
Panos Chlambeas
Panos Chlambeas Aylar önce
What if you let the corn syrup sit after you spin it? Will it have the same results after some time?
lincoln kinder
lincoln kinder Aylar önce
Is your heart pounding umm yes there’s a hurricane and I’m watching your vid 😂
Retro Hipster
Retro Hipster Aylar önce
This comment has been done a million times, but find somebody who looks at you like Dustin looks at corn syrup and food coloring. Lol
How does it taste?
Crackli'nBraap Aylar önce
how fast can you turn that and still get the same result?
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