Unexpected Goal in football history😲  

Tanvir Nahid
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@aqua_area7360 11 aylar önce
The slide tackle one tho💀
@zSenzy 10 aylar önce
Is that even real ?
@Taezolex 10 aylar önce
@cruddyvoyage6613 10 aylar önce
​@@zSenzy it is real
@Kappo_YT 10 aylar önce
​​@@zSenzy des that in 2009 in the german Bundesliga
@ronnieisacap7879 9 aylar önce
Fifa physics with that slide tackle💀
@alekmalek435 7 aylar önce
FUT champions 90' Minute:
@HOODFAV_ 6 aylar önce
@@alekmalek435 ☠️🤣🤣
@mikedarius1375 6 aylar önce
DDA and scripting
@deadpooldrain 5 aylar önce
Rb and slide tackle
@scegex6500 8 aylar önce
That was the most Lukaku type goal that I have ever seen☠️
@pradipkrbhowmik7195 8 aylar önce
@uvenchetty7930 7 aylar önce
Professional poacher
@airlinghaaland8150 7 aylar önce
@@pradipkrbhowmik7195 💀💀
@Mr-vengeance 6 aylar önce
​@@pradipkrbhowmik7195 Cristiano batato or lakaka
@mrluscious2151 10 aylar önce
that slide tackle made that ball fly tho
@user-uw9lp7gg9z 10 aylar önce
❤ايات خحعفقليب😉😮🫡
@jayvenyeo 10 aylar önce
Bro took it personal
@nikolajuric4647 10 aylar önce
Ohio goal
@-S4T- 10 aylar önce
Im speechless
@user-lp6ft8kr6x 10 aylar önce
​@@user-uw9lp7gg9z aaaaadd
@anirbanacharyya8490 8 aylar önce
Look at Pendu's reaction 😭😭
@fajleyrabbiasif873 8 aylar önce
Sale kitna jalte hey ' 😿🔪
Let's see
​@@fajleyrabbiasif873 kwouttt yrjeoej❤uuuuuuiiidpeidnf yqjdprf
@nadirazinat2241 8 aylar önce
Pessudog penalty for argentina
@yourjake 9 aylar önce
That slide tackle goal was LEGENDARY
@turtlebee3230 8 aylar önce
Its ksc
@srbshadow27 10 aylar önce
Lukaku's head has better control than his feet 💀
@intercoolerturbo1040 9 aylar önce
@elpatoyque5939 9 aylar önce
That was hia time at inter tho
@srbshadow27 9 aylar önce
@@elpatoyque5939 hes never had a good touch
@GreenC7959 9 aylar önce
@AAE72023 9 aylar önce
@mothaigaming6716 8 aylar önce
The slide tackle guy went God mode💀
@Skittle1201 8 aylar önce
@wspguys8688 8 aylar önce
​@@Skittle1201 😂😂😂😂😂
@wspguys8688 8 aylar önce
​@@Skittle1201 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
@jamila99292 7 aylar önce
@LikeaG6Patrick94 9 aylar önce
I saw the second Goal live, it was Crazy ( Bayer Leverkusen - Karlsruher SC goal from Karlsruhe) (Sebastian Langkamp - Centerback)
@juanvera8896 7 aylar önce
@lizziemhlope5289 7 aylar önce
that is what i want to sat
@lizziemhlope5289 7 aylar önce
i wanted to write say
@OM4Rx 10 aylar önce
As an attacking player there’s nothing more insane than that slide tackle
@HVFDAAF332 10 aylar önce
@leonumber192 9 aylar önce
You must watch Banega's goal. Final, Copa Argentina 2022.
@balls337 9 aylar önce
Stop acting like nobody knows what football is in here 😂😂
@Brenbun 8 aylar önce
The funny thing is that the goal was an own goal
@user-ze7ow3ub5u 9 aylar önce
@masatong1919 8 aylar önce
@nll9397 8 aylar önce
no hablo taka taka 👉🏻😑👈🏻
@user-st9sp5tr4e 7 aylar önce
Hakuna matata
Me encanta como juega Japon, lastima que en muchos partidos no mantienen la intensidad con la que los comienzan
@user-tt3ui5oq3c 7 aylar önce
@@nll9397 Spanish bad language☠️
@joejeb988 8 aylar önce
Ronaldo was pissed off as he missed the ball and his teammate scored it.
@padoo_ 8 aylar önce
watch that clip from another angle and you’ll see his actual reaction
@saudmohammed2672 5 aylar önce
It’s an offside that’s why was pissed of
@Majmun825 10 aylar önce
That Slide tackle was Rocket bro 💀
@conniemots9810 7 aylar önce
CR7 after the game "Bro I meant to do that"😂
@andrewkaganda7654 8 aylar önce
That skill move was dripping bro
@HvrlemJvmvicvn 9 aylar önce
That slide tackle goal was all I needed. DAMNNNNN 🔥🔥🔥
@memesbleams 8 aylar önce
And the longest own goal 😂
@Messi-pe2oe 8 aylar önce
@@memesbleams wait , that was an own goal ?
@memesbleams 8 aylar önce
@@Messi-pe2oe yes
@memesbleams 8 aylar önce
@@Messi-pe2oe actually no it's isn't sorry
@akrskinghcr2629 6 aylar önce
I did 1k likes
@raybanvleet 9 aylar önce
Ronaldo is the only player in any sport to be upset when a teammate scores 🤡
@ajieshswaras7986 5 aylar önce
@ene9012 9 aylar önce
the second goal was the most beautiful I've seen in my life
@sourswift 9 aylar önce
These the types of goals your opponents be scoring on FIFA bro 😂😂😂
@christophersilva1025 8 aylar önce
@GTZ.AEP7 8 aylar önce
Fr 💀
@YessirMikeDeanYessir 8 aylar önce
Deadass and then I’ll have a wide open net and hit the post 💀
@user-zl7dr4ss7h 8 aylar önce
Crying true
@tomtravis959 9 aylar önce
Ronaldo’s goal just shows how much of a team player he is, the one and only GOAT❤️🔥👨👈
@Leoshti 9 aylar önce
He looked pissed that his team mate scored bro what u on about 😂 Messi>Crying in the car guy
@Ak-oz3tp 8 aylar önce
Just look at the reaction of your goat.... when his teammate scored....😂😂😂
@tomtravis959 8 aylar önce
@@Leoshti that’s called passion, something your ‘goat’ should learn a thing or two about🤣
@tomtravis959 8 aylar önce
@@Ak-oz3tp exactly, what a teammate he is🙌 the goat🔥🔥❤️
@The25th-Ray 6 aylar önce
The 4th guy really said "Spread your legs" 💀
@divyanshtomar8368 10 aylar önce
Slide tacle was unbelievable
@a-bright-future 10 aylar önce
Its fake
@thegrinders41 10 aylar önce
Its fake
@ffblazet7005 10 aylar önce
​@@a-bright-future real
@ffblazet7005 10 aylar önce
​@@thegrinders41 Real
@Harsh-yg9tm 6 aylar önce
That long shot 🥶 imagine how hardly he hit 🎯
@Frozepunk 9 aylar önce
The slide tackle ws just magical✨
@OilClub_beat_your_lot 10 aylar önce
My man nutmegged like 7 people like ngolo kante 💀
@switchblades2274 9 aylar önce
That's take kubo
@Sam13o31 8 aylar önce
10% skill 90% luck
@DRez-Productions 8 aylar önce
That quadruple Nutmeg will forever be legendary 🔥 🔥 🔥
bro that slide tackle guy took classes from Harry Maguire 💀💀
@user-id8du4hn4r 10 aylar önce
🤓it was legit the other opponents net
@DimeIsHim 10 aylar önce
@paia6447 7 aylar önce
Penaldo reaction after his teammate score a goal lol somebody teach him some respect
@God_Of_War345 7 aylar önce
Penaldo is very selfish
@qempic8346 9 aylar önce
The slide tackle goal one was like the glitches in the fifa games
@peterweb4355 10 aylar önce
Bro Ronaldo made an assist without wanting to want 🤣
Yah right, *wanting to want*
And he hate his partner because his partner scored, he is mad
@lalo-zf2gu 9 aylar önce
@@ferranvilatarodrigo452 imagine being a Ronaldo fan bro hahaha he can’t celebrate his own assist
@-AmPO 9 aylar önce
Lmao really? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
@maldaddeformada2704 9 aylar önce
@@ferranvilatarodrigo452 clearly never saw the complete clip 😭😭
@risk_theagentboy161 9 aylar önce
That first guy was definitely not an egoist
@CA-gz8xd 9 aylar önce
Ronaldo wanted an assist. It was his plan.
@Ash_Xx 10 aylar önce
Any goal from lukaku is actually unexpected 😂
@fantomxedits 10 aylar önce
@Avinxsh15 10 aylar önce
You obviously haven't watched Lukaku play in his prime
@lol9334 10 aylar önce
@Harry28704 10 aylar önce
​@@lol9334 lakaka
@SeanLamondtiger 10 aylar önce
Yh AshX
@aggeloskalogirou9355 8 aylar önce
In the second the ball glitched in real life😂
@michaelmekhdiev5846 8 aylar önce
That second one was sick⚽️☠️
@annelinegoncalves7311 10 aylar önce
The slide tackle one is probably one of the best goals in the world
@tijaru_uchiha 8 aylar önce
See Ronaldo's reaction......like a baby.....showing his pure emotions 😂😂😂😂
@This_is_a_handle. 9 aylar önce
Bros slide was charged all the way to 1500% 💀
@Manettimussraus 10 aylar önce
A normal slide tackle in Ohio💀
@gravedigger893 9 aylar önce
The Real One Makes More Sense 😂 Xavier 😂
@leonardorosario5962 8 aylar önce
@Xavier-jj6tx 8 aylar önce
Xavier Ohio jokes are dead now
@Hachira-0 8 aylar önce
Xavier I’m a bigg fan 😂😂😂
@sayonaragaming9071 8 aylar önce
Xavier if u remember we commented with each other in the last vid that we met and else like this situation 🤣 wtf bro r u from Ohio 😂😂
The first one really turned a very bad miss to a very good assist
@AhmedMohamedNagdy 6 aylar önce
Pjanić and The slide tackle ones were very unexpected
@Arath_4589 10 aylar önce
The 💫slide tackle💫 made me had my mouth open for the rest of the video 😮‍💨
@f1ah 9 aylar önce
Ronaldo would be mad about that 😹
@bensonhubert8475 8 aylar önce
Who else noticed Ronaldo's reaction when his teammate scored?
@Lxnked 10 aylar önce
Ronaldo was furious when that goal was stolen
@jackgm6325 9 aylar önce
​@@shivaniadarshschool6940 You must've had cataracts, better you check to nearest hospital asap. Ronaldo was furious and giving disturbed gestures after his teammates scores there.
@samuelplum1291 9 aylar önce
@@jackgm6325 exactly
@bane2552 9 aylar önce
@@samuelplum1291 He was smiling 🤦‍♂️
@kingAbdul 9 aylar önce
Bro thought he was playing rocket league so he pinched it
@jaidynmendez8265 8 aylar önce
So no ones gonna talk about the 4 nutmegs and a goal? Thag was probably one of the most satisfying things ever
@nintendope8837 10 aylar önce
Dammm the slide tackle one was absolutely insane
@bloom9993 9 aylar önce
Bro just scored a pinch goal like it's rocket league 💀
@bloggersyt5241 9 aylar önce
That slide tackle one looked like a fifa glitch
@juanescalante3227 10 aylar önce
the fact ronaldo gets mad bc he missed his chance but his teammate scores instead of being happy & celebrating shows he’s always been a one man team, glad man U let him go look at them shine now
@shokx7431 10 aylar önce
bro he is surprised and he smile... i think you don't look the action bc hé was not mad
@randomgamer2146 10 aylar önce
Yeah he's been like that. He lives in an imaginary bubble that only he is the greatest footballer. Him claiming Bruno's goal in the recent world cup is another example
@thedon897 9 aylar önce
Notice how Ronaldo gets mad when his teammate scores? Wtf is wrong with him😭💀
@sandapascu5286 6 aylar önce
That long goal was scored by hagi. The best footballer in romania ever
@chikobit3204 10 aylar önce
That quadruple nutmeg tho 👏
@Moonlight-xh9gk 9 aylar önce
Double you mean...
​@@Moonlight-xh9gk 3 players and the gk. How is that double?
@-Pakman- 9 aylar önce
@@Moonlight-xh9gk Bro how tf u both get it wrong
@Ishowslowroblox 8 aylar önce
The side tackle should be a world record
@seenabiju2424 5 aylar önce
Messi unexpected goal ❤️
@abhay2.010 10 aylar önce
See Ronaldo in the first clip he was not happy with his teammate's goal that's the difference between him and messi GOAT
@jerryshaibu2658 10 aylar önce
Bro he was angry because he missed an easy goal afterwards he smiled why do people always find ways to criticize Ronaldo
@spywolves7478 10 aylar önce
Right he is selfish player
@ARIFF-hz8vk 10 aylar önce
​@@spywolves7478tf he is the most wholesome player in the world
@whalie9537 10 aylar önce
@@ARIFF-hz8vk wholesome??😂 stealing goals from other players, like the one in the wc 😂 tryharder
@SeanLamondtiger 10 aylar önce
​@@jerryshaibu2658 Yh and he's a 5 time balloon d or and Champions league winner
@p.y.frap83var53 8 aylar önce
4 petit pont avec le gardien et but magnifique l'action 👌
If the sliding tackle goal wasn't recorded nobody would ever believe it
@Hearts4Lfc 8 aylar önce
The slide tackle one 🔥🔥
@L.Roidel 9 aylar önce
The defender really wanted to be a striker and get a goal with the slide tackle goal lmao
@orientmaple7254 10 aylar önce
The guy who did the slide tackle isn't human he barely touched it and it went flying😭
@ReadyNorthern 9 aylar önce
Yeah these SOCCER shots are incredible
@ReadyNorthern 8 aylar önce
@@fifamobilegermany3762 **soccer
Nutmeg two defenders and the goalkeeper all at once....😂😂😂😂😂😂
@kaitosama2010 10 aylar önce
ronaldo as always he is angry because his teamate who scored not him
@TateClipxz 10 aylar önce
he didnt get angry
@kaitosama2010 10 aylar önce
@@TateClipxz look at his hands when his teamate scored in the begining of the video
@rafaelmartins5265 10 aylar önce
​@@kaitosama2010 go watch the full video
@nayemrahman2683 10 aylar önce
@@rafaelmartins5265 yes watch the full vedio 😂
@rafaelmartins5265 10 aylar önce
@@nayemrahman2683 he turns out smiling bro
@traiplayz650 9 aylar önce
Bro megged all the defenders and including the goalie
@Yup_i_am_AJ-Sensei 8 aylar önce
“ 0% skill 100% luck “ this can relate this vid
@spenceragyapong3083 10 aylar önce
The half way line is crazy
@exenabil1647 9 aylar önce
The second and the third one be like 👁️👄👁️
the fact that ronaldo was pissed that he didnt score 😵
@shohelahmed6184 9 aylar önce
You can see how Ronaldo is not happy even they scored just because someone else did it 😂
@zaheemahmed5646 9 aylar önce
Actually if you see a different camera angle, you will see that he was smiling. Remember media doesn't show everything 👍
@darkmidnight818 9 aylar önce
​@@zaheemahmed5646 keep crying
@Belicit 8 aylar önce
​@@zaheemahmed5646 His plastic surgery on his face makes it look like he is happy when he actually makes a sad face or cries
@accountlol514 8 aylar önce
He was laughing at himself
@wacked_up4460 6 aylar önce
Side tackle made the ball recognize as a bird
@xxdarklordxx6832 8 aylar önce
Bro Lukaku just scored a double tap 💀 😂
@user-pk8qo4fo6i 10 aylar önce
@user-iz9tx7po4v 9 aylar önce
3번의 넛매그🥶🥶
@noahschernath628 9 aylar önce
Kubo is my fevred Player
@nll9397 8 aylar önce
no hablo taka taka 👉🏻😑👈🏻
@r___n___ 6 aylar önce
Ronaldo cried for not getting that goal for himself.😂😂
@bin505 9 aylar önce
The slide tackle was the best team pinch ever 💀 👇
@GeneralKammy 10 aylar önce
the slide tackle looked like a fifa glitch ngl
@NJxD519 10 aylar önce
@pegausus6788 9 aylar önce
Bro that slide tackle had the power to kill the guy forget the ball
@yuvraj28427 9 aylar önce
Slide tackle was epic💥💥
@kopijiwa4322 10 aylar önce
The first goal is the proof that cr7 is king of assist!!
@joelvn4475 10 aylar önce
Super comedy🤣🤣
@zanrana 10 aylar önce
@saiprasad kemkar he was mad at himself for missing an easy goal but he celebrated with him happily
@NishanT_ACM 10 aylar önce
​@@zanrana wh was disappointed that why would he doesn't score there he wants goals to survive kinda selfish
@cycloneplayeryt8596 9 aylar önce
The last one was a good assist from the opposite teams gk💀
@sametcer4806 9 aylar önce
Look how upset ronaldo was because he didnt score instead being happy for his team.
@hanz4764 10 aylar önce
The only times real life physics worked like eFootball2023
fifa 23 you mean
@fijfijjgdih6341 8 aylar önce
that tackle made an impossible goal 👏😱
@samv3455 5 aylar önce
Imagine if the slide tackle hit the player leg 💀
@fenomeno781 10 aylar önce
imagine that slide hit the other's leg 💀💀💀
@khalidkial6338 9 aylar önce
Bro the second one was fire 🔥 👇 if you agree
@neka_jp2070 9 aylar önce
that slide tackle is like when you accidentally pinch the ball in rocket league
@aqil_legend24 9 aylar önce
that slide tackle one came straight out of fifa
@Arg_2023 8 aylar önce
Tiago Banega Patronato vs talleres.. Incredible goal
@kerryop 8 aylar önce
The slide tackle was with 99 power💀
@levixenos8711 10 aylar önce
Do you know why isn't the goat ...cause the first reaction say's it all
@hashimg3386 10 aylar önce
He's super selfish
@gabbar8356 10 aylar önce
Kid watch full video on TRvid after that goal Ronaldo celebrate with him
@aishwarshukla5237 10 aylar önce
Watching football through youtube instead of watching the game leads to a disease of which you are a victim.
@levixenos8711 10 aylar önce
@@aishwarshukla5237 haha kiddo that is my response to you...nibba ... He is selfish just admit it ... Recently in wc too he celebrated Bruno s goal ...and you think i am confused... You are nubra
@levixenos8711 10 aylar önce
@@gabbar8356 then why that response kiddo cause pendu is selfish... He wanted to stole Bruno s goal in wc too...did you forget that pendu fanbase
@vatow7502 8 aylar önce
most regular fifa match ever
@Eddie_n_Daniel 9 aylar önce
Ronaldo did a whole rainbows flick just so they can score 💀💀💀
@gloomynightmare3895 10 aylar önce
2nd one just mind blowed💀☠️
@isaiahgere9283 9 aylar önce
Damn! Ronaldo could still not be happy for his teammate. Wat a shame
@doogsniffedcocaine 9 aylar önce
Lukaku's head is so strong he scored just by laying down
@andifarhan4166 10 aylar önce
Bruh the amount of force that slide tackle did bro. He couldve crushed opponents leg
@noviarumun4810 9 aylar önce
How desperately ronaldo wanted that goal