Undetected in a 𝙎𝘾𝘼𝙈𝙈𝙀𝙍 Call Center

Scammer Payback
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Scammers typically target the elderly and attempt to steal money by several means.
1. Your Bank Saving or Checking accounts
2. Investment accounts or 401k retirement funds
3. Credit and Debit cards
4. Purchasing Gift cards
5. Cash withdrawls
6. Cryptocurrency

Scammers are ruthless criminals that have no problem stealing every last dime from their victims bank accounts. Please protect yourself as well as family members who might not be familiar with these type of scams.



12 Ağu 2022




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Karl Rock
Bro, your hat. It’s either THERE or THEY’RE 💯 but never THEIR ❌
Jim Browning
On behalf of all of our grandparents, thank you.
Anurit P
Hey there, I'm an Indian, watching this from India, and trust me, I really really appreciate you helping out the victims. These scammers operate in broad daylight and no one does a thing to stop them down here. So I really appreciate this. Kudos to your efforts!
GameVids NStuff
That poor old lady broke my heart. So confused. Even when you're saying it's a scam, the emotional impact it had on her still made her think she might have to call her bank. The fact there is someone like you going out to save these people is incredible but also shows that there is a massive void in the policing of our society. Scams are just not taken seriously enough and there needs to be a lot more done to combat this problem. You have my respect and gratitude for each and every victim you rescue from these scams.
Hawk Crypto Mining Co.
I fully support this! The crypto community hates scammers, and hate when they try and use our community! Love what you guys are doing! Would love to donate more.
Lidia Smith
I work with elderly people and try to educate them but you guys are amazing. We need more people doing this.
Wilson Mashi
Wilson Mashi 21 gün önce
As an Indian, thank you. Scammers are scum & I would like nothing more than them to suffer.
Dim G
I would like to thank you from the whole of my heart for doing this. Most channels focus on getting the scammers caught but your top priority is to help victims which I feel is the best approach to get rid of scams once and for all one day. My donation isnt too much but I unfortunately cannot afford much more so I hope it at least helps you improve the channel or goes towards a distressed victim. Thanks again,
So I just got a call from a scam caller and about midway through their opening line I just kept saying “scammer payback” over and over. I made it to the start of the third “scammer payback” and heard her mumble expletives in a VERY irritated tone and she hung up immediately. It’s like you guys have given all of us a superpower with how wide spread these scamming call center videos have become. Keep it up y’all! 💙
Chris King
Chris King 14 gün önce
I just gotta say as a 60 yr old veteran in computer science, you guys rock. Thank you so much for helping these elderly folks keep their hard earned savings. God Bless!
DcruBro 14 gün önce
Thanks for fighting against these scammers.
Death Corps of Krieg
hearing the woman hang up on the scammer must have been so validating. thank you so much for trying to help out the victims.
I m in Australia, and I’ve been had once for $350 AUD, how could I have been so stupid!
Steffen Gillespie
I love how he trolls them, while ruining their plans. This next step is sooo needed. Cutting in and saving lives in real time.
Dheeraj Rawal
Dheeraj Rawal 14 gün önce
Man - huge respect for the work that you and Jim and team are doing. I am an Indian living in Aus and am ashamed and really sorry that all this is happening to scam and create problems for innocent people.
Thank you for the consistent kino content, homie.
Thank you so much for everything you guys do!! I was getting PayPal scam calls almost daily (I'm in Auz). The fact they mainly prey on such vulnerable people is sickening! Your work is SO APPRECIATED!! We need more people like you in the world!!!!!
Pierogi your enthusiastic and passion for your work is inspiring and heartwarming. Keep going! No matter what life throws at you personally, your resilience is outstanding. Love you man!
This was awesome, love how you intercepted calls and helped the victims immediately. You are doing society a great service sir. Thank You.
Catherine Mowbray-Lorenz
Based on watching your videos, hearing the scammers' scripts, and how URLs are altered, helped me to recognize my husband being scammed when I came into the house. I jumped up and down, yelling scam, scam! The scammers were still on the phone with him. He had given them access to his computer and his business credit card number. We canceled the credit card charge and I uninstalled the remote view program by doing a deep scan. Thank you very much for the work that you and your colleagues do. I do want to repay your wonderful service by making a small donation, but don't want the monthly subscription. I'll look into how to do that! With gratitude and respect!
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