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Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

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22 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Nick DiGiovanni
Nick DiGiovanni Yıl önce
“Salmon look like it have herpes” 😂😂
kkredne 4 gün önce
@Ossinix f u
Mr rich
Mr rich 6 gün önce
LJ120 Dunning
LJ120 Dunning 19 gün önce
I think it was the coffee maker
💃d in dance💃
💃d in dance💃 26 gün önce
Hallo nick
Aerowind Yıl önce
Those cheap rice cookers are actually even cooler than he explained. There are no sensors in cheap rice cookers, only magnets. When magnets get hot, they lose their magnetism, which makes the little plunger inside let go and breaks the electrical circuit.
Kavya Sandeep
Kavya Sandeep Aylar önce
Isn't that a thermostat? Thermostats are used in irons,refrigerators,etc. to regulate and maintain a constant temperature
Areed Khalid
Areed Khalid 2 aylar önce
He meant that they dont have modern and accurate sensors
Areed Khalid
Areed Khalid 2 aylar önce
Likhit Kumar Agrawal
Likhit Kumar Agrawal 4 aylar önce
So how do they get their magnetism back
Hyzrn Ai
Hyzrn Ai Yıl önce
Alexis : “ It can’t be me “ Uncle Roger : “ It definitely you “ I chuckled
Amber Hinson
Amber Hinson 3 aylar önce
me too
Take a Left at the Light
Her response of "I definitely know machines" and then she didn't.
Levi Yıl önce
stop copying people
xThat_Dudex Yıl önce
8PM has 099feet on my mind 98
Hassan Abbasi
Hassan Abbasi 3 aylar önce
His explanation about why the rice cooker turn off actually is smart, i didn't even think of that, not is this man just good at cooking he is a genius!
Meep Changeling
Meep Changeling 18 gün önce
He's not a genius, you jsut didn't know anything about thermal switches. The only difference here is he red like 3 sentences of a wiki article once.
Jonathan Ouyang
Jonathan Ouyang Aylar önce
not genius its fairly easy to figure out - self-limiting cycles are very common in cooking (see pressure cookers, for example)
3lk mo maredah
3lk mo maredah Aylar önce
U just not used to cooking hayaa😢
Fox D
Fox D 2 aylar önce
If you want an even deeper dive into that simple science, there's a great video from Technology Connections about rice cookers.
Uncle Roger: "#PotatoSoLame" The Irish: "It's treason, then."
Billy Teflon
Billy Teflon 2 aylar önce
@Uli Peterson The Potato Irish insults are a dime a dozen. The German fascination of potatoes is highly entertaining, actually when Germans are fascinated by anything it is highly entertaining. Yes, it is a Potato German of history is what I love to read about. German Merchant Raiders in the Indian Ocean would throw away everything in their hulls to stock them with potatoes. One crew threw a literal million eggs into the ocean to stock it with potatoes. All of the Germans did the same around the world to a degree as Merchant Raiders.
Uli Peterson
Uli Peterson 3 aylar önce
As a german, i find this offensive too.
Mia 3 aylar önce
Exactly 😂🙂
YourLocalZora 4 aylar önce
The senate: *spins in a circle while jumping*
Irish_ Iwasdead
Irish_ Iwasdead 4 aylar önce
@Travis Retriever .... now what?
Byron Gallagher
Byron Gallagher 3 aylar önce
I like how he cuts out all the really offensive jokes and then just chucks them in the credits anyways
Endless Summer
Endless Summer Yıl önce
I seriously hope Alexis sees this. Because getting an Uncle Roger Approval is very rare, and obtaining one is like the home cook version of a Michelin Star.
C H 2 aylar önce
It’s Buzzfeed. Even if she did she wouldn’t want to be associated with any sort of humour
Rhys Adams
Rhys Adams 4 aylar önce
It was half the rice cooker. Cooked other ways her previous salmon effort wasn't complemented - an STD got a mention! You need consistent results to get a Michelin star. But yes I hope she sees it.
The SOG(soul of gaia
The SOG(soul of gaia 9 aylar önce
Novina W
Novina W 10 aylar önce
She's auntie Alexis now!
beavcoon03 Yıl önce
As someone who has Irish blood, and lives in Idaho. That potato hashtag has you on thin ice Uncle.
raics Gün önce
A true slavic power move would be distilling vodka in a rice cooker.
Star Sky
Star Sky 21 gün önce
@professorbutters Potato is great and I love it, but it's rice that stood between most Asians and starvation for a few thousand centuries. You get how this comment goes.
Frank F
Frank F 2 aylar önce
Irish are too drunk to do anything about it.I’m Irish descent I can say this lol
Erin K Pille
Erin K Pille 3 aylar önce
More like it has him on thin rice.
Clare Banks-Smith
Rice cookers are one of the most under-rated appliances! When I lived in a tiny studio I had no oven or stove, I cooked EVERYTHING in a rice cooker, sandwich press and tiny little bench top convection microwave.
lavsyce Yıl önce
sandwich press? haiyaa, only need rice cooker /j
SleeplessinOC Yıl önce
Where did you find recipes to cook in the rice cooker for the meals you made ?
C0norGd Yıl önce
Him saying sorry children just never fails to make me laugh
RipWitch Yıl önce
"Of course I've used a rice cooker to make rice before" "Idk how long this preheats" "Why is this staying on warm" I don't think she actually used a rice cooker before lol.
Reza Jafari
Reza Jafari 10 aylar önce
It might have been a more advanced one, but this one is a different model?
IceBlueLugia Yıl önce
She obviously used a different model. My rice cooker does have to preheat
WheeliePaul Yıl önce
Probably a different model
Unknown Blogger
Unknown Blogger Yıl önce
I think she used a digital rather than this simple one.
I use my rice cooker once a week, I just learned how it knows when my rice is done 10 minutes ago. I thought it was just magic 🤷‍♂️
Charles Bordy
Charles Bordy 3 aylar önce
I am so upset with how proud Uncle Roger has made me of my Rice Cooker. I also have to expend effort to keep my "Fuyoh!" inside when I cook because, you know, context changes when you're whiter than a bleached sheet of printer paper like me.
Judgement Kazzy
Judgement Kazzy Aylar önce
Don't hold back, Uncle Roger has given his explicit blessing for white people to use his catch phrases.
Imma Cat
Imma Cat 2 aylar önce
Same here fam xD
XZero 13
XZero 13 3 aylar önce
One of my Classmates was so white, he was more transparent than an window
Lyri-Kyunero Yıl önce
Sad news related to all who eat rice: A great agronomist who devoted his whole life to research hybrid rice, named Yuan Longping, died at 91 yesterday. Maybe most of the audience haven't heard his name, but with he and his team's effort, they successfully cultivated many types of high-yield rice, and aimed to get rid of starvation in the world. Our best way to commenmorate, is to cheirsh every grain and never waste food.
Sung Jin Mori
Sung Jin Mori 5 gün önce
Press F to pay respects. F
Potato Speedwagon
Potato Speedwagon 29 gün önce
tran le nam phuong
tran le nam phuong Aylar önce
F gigachad.
Fox D
Fox D 2 aylar önce
F, the Asian answer to Norman Borlaug.
Keven Huang
Keven Huang Yıl önce
1:56 as an Asian myself I can agree with that. My parents despises ovens and use it like twice a year for like something that has to be baked.
Dr Mazeda
Dr Mazeda Yıl önce
69 liked lmao
dev ed
dev ed Yıl önce
What if you made an uncle Roger brand Rice cooker? The ultimate merch. Would be a good business deal anyways.
아렠산드라 Alexandra the ARMY
If he makes it,I pray to god it doesn't cost as much as Zojirushi
yo man
yo man Yıl önce
Idea perfect
Mel Tek
Mel Tek Yıl önce
@Creepy:Bihon Great idea! Would buy it
Creepy:Bihon Yıl önce
I would like a rice cooker that says fuiyohhh when the rice is done and hayyyyaaahh wen u fuk up
Misaki Usui
Misaki Usui Yıl önce
I like how he immediately tried cutting circle paper.. 😂
Titan McClain
Titan McClain Yıl önce
The look in his eyes when Uncle Roger says "sorry children" it's pure 🤤🤤🤤
Someone 4 aylar önce
I lived with a Vietnamese married couple and rented a room. We had 4 rice cookers in the kitchen. My super inexpensive budget model $15 Aroma with the metal steaming rack, a couple more similar ones owned by my Japanese and Filipino roommates and a big pink floral Zojirushi. I remember opening up other cookers if I forgot to make rice....lol we all shared ❤
小井津野梅 Yıl önce
"don't give dead chicken false hope" is the best joke Nigel has ever written
Fire88 11 aylar önce
LordChristoff 11 aylar önce
One hell of a saying.
MrScaramanga16 Yıl önce
What do you mean Nigel, uncle Roger said that
About The Book
About The Book Yıl önce
I C Yıl önce
@p k whooooosh
Caster Z
Caster Z Yıl önce
There was a time I moved house temporarily and unless I'm frying something, I cooked most of my meals in a rice cooker. I agree, very versatile.
Judy Johnson
Judy Johnson 2 aylar önce
@Gahggon Makoque Thank you
Gahggon Makoque
Gahggon Makoque 2 aylar önce
@Judy Johnson i'm so sorry for your loss.
Judy Johnson
Judy Johnson 2 aylar önce
@Gahggon Makoque Thanks, but he passed away a few weeks later. That was seven years ago. Fortunately, he didn't suffer
Gahggon Makoque
Gahggon Makoque 2 aylar önce
@Judy Johnson Hope your husband is doing well!❤
Judy Johnson
Judy Johnson Yıl önce
I had to spend a week in a hotel in a big city when my late husband needed surgery. I had a room with a big fridge, toaster and microwave. But I went and hunted down a rice cooker to make simple meals. There were a lot of restaurants along the street, but with the stress, I knew that I wouldn't be able to stomach much of it. It was life saver and I made room in my luggage to take it home
Daizuke_lovesyu Yıl önce
Uncle Roger saying “I’m sorry children” was 😫👌✨
Hannah Yıl önce
@Jet Addict the funniest part is that he KNOWS it. He KNOWS he’s hot and he plays us like violins 😭
Tatsuya Radheya
Tatsuya Radheya Yıl önce
@333cale Unfortunely, the majority of his audience doesn't think like you...
333cale Yıl önce
@Hugo Milesi agree it's definitely the worst part of his videos lol he should cut it
Luna Sky
Luna Sky Yıl önce
4:14 😏😏
Sai2Nay Yıl önce
@Hugo Milesi i respect your opinion
Serai3 4 aylar önce
Fun garlic fact: In Spanish, a bulb of garlic is called _una cabeza_ (a head), and a clove is called _un diente_ (a tooth). 😁
Cheyenne Barnhart
This channel made me ask for a Rice cooker for my birthday and I actually got one!!! So excited to use it 🤣😁
Virginia Fusilier
I have begged my family to buy a rice cooker for years. No, my mom is the stubborn stove top, takes an hour to make rice person. I love rice with everything - I finally might be able to get my own rice cooker soon!! And I think I should make some steam cake in it to celebrate. Mmm. 💜
FURE A FILA I Victor Ribeiro
I actually bought a rice cooker after watching the channel. FUIYOH!
Xean Martin
Xean Martin 4 aylar önce
Makes me want to buy a rice cooker, but Uncle Roger brand soo expensive, Haiya.
Mynameisnoice 4 aylar önce
Fuiyoh, very amazing
Kurt Villanueva ?!
Kurt Villanueva ?! 4 aylar önce
Cxn 6 aylar önce
every asian approves
Lonqkiri Tae Ranqk
Lonqkiri Tae Ranqk 6 aylar önce
Good for you and your family
The Strahl
The Strahl Yıl önce
Now that we've reach the 4 million mark, Uncle Roger will finally teach us niece and nephew on how to make Ramen
Tanya 5 aylar önce
Honestly rice cookers are so versatile. I had previously only used it to cook rice but when I was leaving home for uni, my mom suggested I try cooking other stuff in our rice cooker. I was surprised at how good everything turned out and bought myself a cheap but big rice cooker. It was the best decision lol. Although those days are behind me, I still pull out that rice cooker when I want to make some non-rice dishes, like daal!
AR.J 28 gün önce
"Don't give dead chicken a false hope" This had me dying 🤣
Alexandra Umstadt
Alexandra Umstadt 8 aylar önce
We bought a fancy pressure cooker (and love it) and we thought we could replace our rice cooker with it. We were wrong! The pressure cooker is terrible at cooking rice and the rice cooker makes it perfectly every time. So now we have both 🤣 We keep the pressure cooker because it is much bigger so we can cook a whole chicken in it, or make big batches of broth. But the rice cooker is perfect for rice (obviously) and steaming chicken and veggies in the steamer basket.
Night-Owl-0935 Yıl önce
"Life too short for preheating." That needs to be on a shirt and as a sticker.
Ian Lodge
Ian Lodge Yıl önce
“A four layer cake is psychopathic” My local restaurant that has a 15 layer cake: *maniacal laugh*
Potato Speedwagon
Potato Speedwagon 29 gün önce
​@Yum Yuen Mista was onto something.
Regan wolf
Regan wolf Aylar önce
Firebird child
Firebird child 3 aylar önce
Sarah_noodle 4 aylar önce
DEFINITELY don’t let Alexis see the mille crepe!!
Zainab Jamal
Zainab Jamal 6 aylar önce
Thanos cake has arrived
The Merry Hatter
The Merry Hatter 7 aylar önce
I got ridiculously excited when I realized I had the same zojirushi rice cooker as Uncle Roger. The song... is 75% of the reason I bought it. But god the rice is amazing so it was totally worth it.
O Darwinismo
O Darwinismo Yıl önce
Uses to have only wet rice in sauce pan, now I’ve got rice cooker and it makes perfect rice. Thank you for en lighting us Uncle Roger 🍚🍙
Eat Me
Eat Me Yıl önce
Enjoy your rice, and choose low sugar one. And we then life longer and happier
Becky Schumacher
Becky Schumacher Yıl önce
I have that kind of ghetto rice cooker, and I always wondered how it knew the rice was done. Uncle Roger teaching me things!
dm Yıl önce
I've made lasagna in a rice cooker! Also cake and cornbread, of course. My Hitachi was great, I miss it. I gave it to my friend when I moved back to the US. But I love my new Zojirushi. Makes great sticky rice.
Zoey Chai
Zoey Chai Aylar önce
@Bob Xyzp lol with Stephanie and patrick 💀
Gina Parks
Gina Parks Yıl önce
Bob Xyzp
Bob Xyzp Yıl önce
Not as good as dish washer lasagne
Absentee Yıl önce
Ohh man, I'll have to try rice cooker lasagna
LeicaLouzer1000 2 aylar önce
I've baked a cake in a rice cooker and it turned out really good.
Rice Puffs25
Rice Puffs25 Yıl önce
Alexis: “It can’t be me” Uncle Roger: “It definitely you”
Thunder ⚡️
Thunder ⚡️ Yıl önce
Plot twist Alexis: "it can't be Uncle Roger: "it definitely you" Ghost: it was me
N3EW Yıl önce
bird Yıl önce
@Help this asian. 5:43
Delivered Potatoes
8:02 Uncler Roger just call me lame... Haiyahhh
evy Yıl önce
my dad has had the same old red rice cooker for like 25 years, and it only has warm and cook. that thing is amazing tho, and still works perfectly
projektaquarius Yıl önce
I used a rice cooker in college to make a beef stew. It was amazing. However, I didn't have a stew pot. If I have a stove and a stew pot, I'll just make stew that way.
Tibby Chi
Tibby Chi Yıl önce
Nigel laughing in the outtakes might be my most favourite thing
Skyshield Yıl önce
That moment of behind the scenes where you talk about whether uncle roger knows the word "lilac" was actually extremely interesting.
Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez 10 aylar önce
I have exactly the model and size rice cooker Uncle Roger holds up. Zojirushi makes good stuff. I got mine for Christmas like 15 years ago, its still going strong, perfect rice every time and it plays a little song. And it keeps the rice warm and ready for a few days too. Definitely can't do that with the cheap $10 ones.
Eric Fenstermacher
Eric Fenstermacher 4 aylar önce
Question for you, the one he held up said 3 cups. is that 3 cups cooked or uncooked?
“Chicken can’t even fly when it alive. Don’t give dead chicken false hope.” 😂😂😂😂😂 Moments like that make this channel an absolute necessity.
Mira 5 aylar önce
Actually I’ve seen some chicken in the wild can fly pretty far. It depends on the breed and environment. Cornish chickens like the one in the video can’t fly before or after they are butchered like Uncle Roger mentioned. :)
ISHA 11 aylar önce
That what i am going to say to motivatinal speaker
Chris Live!
Chris Live! Yıl önce
omg lolol i was looking for this comment!
Samia Ahmed
Samia Ahmed Yıl önce
Back in China, we (us students in dorms) used to cook so many times in a rice cooker. Things actually turn out great
Yes the cake tastes so delicious from the rice cooker I wished it lasted forever 😭
ImScrumpy 2 aylar önce
Uncle roger is the definition of my dad, talk without thinking. Just straight out roasting ppl
Waffle Yıl önce
The next best thing to a rice cooker is a pressure cooker (or insta pot). I dunno about cake but you can decide if you want it to be fully pressured or not. It does a pretty good job making rice and we've been making rice so much more with it.
dog Yıl önce
Alice Peng
Alice Peng 2 aylar önce
Uncle roger is a whole engineer with rice cookers
Fath Yıl önce
The best kitchen gadget in the world is a rice cooker, trust me.
Craig Permenter
Craig Permenter 9 aylar önce
cchoi108 10 aylar önce
@Fath That's correct wok is not gadget.
cchoi108 10 aylar önce
Instant pot
Fath Yıl önce
@Darth Biker Knife isn't a gadget👀
Darth Biker
Darth Biker Yıl önce
I prefer knives.
O Darwinismo
O Darwinismo Yıl önce
Used to have only wet rice in sauce pan, now I’ve got rice cooker and it makes perfect rice. Thank you for enlighting us Uncle Roger 🍚🍙
Spencer Edwards
Spencer Edwards Yıl önce
this is why you read the "how to use" part of the instruction manual. also just bought my first rice cooker. i love it. though the instruction manual was crap about measurements. first attempt i ended up with crunchy inedible rice. with some testing i'm getting perfect fluffy rice that Uncle Roger would be proud of lol
BJD12thDoctor 4 aylar önce
I´ve had a simple rice cooker like that, until something shorted out and broke it. But it really is perfection in simplicity when cooking rice. :)
On behalf of all irish nephews and nieces the potato is holy and you cant take it away from us
Si_Me 11 aylar önce
Even if Ryan guessed the mystery appliance as "Mi phone", i would have given it to him as a good guess but curling iron and bathtub?🤣🤣🤣
Cat CJL Yıl önce
I NEED a shirt that says “A four layer cake is psychopathic behavior”
Mark Yıl önce
@SHIKHAR32 😂😂😂
M Collins
M Collins Yıl önce
@dumpling yoo he has those!
ar Yıl önce
@Mohamed Reds I will 3d print a sign with this written on it
dumpling yoo
dumpling yoo Yıl önce
And shirt that say "sorry, children"
Heard a rumor
Heard a rumor Yıl önce
As long as it is an orange polo.
lisa m
lisa m 3 aylar önce
Your videos are so funny, i spit out my dinner laughing like crazy
Water-lion Aylar önce
Am I the only one who starts blushing when he says “sorry children ” ??????😂😅
Jessie B
Jessie B Yıl önce
Damn, Uncle Rodger coming in here with that fancy rice cooker. All you need is the basic one it does everything
dlpheonix Yıl önce
Man mad respect to the thought n care put into the character.
Psycho Pomp
Psycho Pomp 4 aylar önce
The perfect circle trick had me dead! lmao 😆
Bored Bob
Bored Bob Yıl önce
I love my rice cooker. 22 years in the Army and any time I had to travel I would take a small basic rice cooker like the one in the video with me. I made so many things in it, stir fry, ramen, pasta, steamed veg, steamed fish, and of course rice. I saved so much money eating while traveling. I still have it. The light doesn't work anymore but it still cooks. The other day I hooked it up to my solar system in my camper and while making rice in the bottom I steamed fish in the top and had lunch on the side of the road in a rest stop.
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 2 aylar önce
Use it for hotpot too
Anonymous 4 aylar önce
@nullbullshit I believe he’s referring to a solar panel system that’s being used to generate power for his camper.
nullbullshit 4 aylar önce
Solar system? You mean the whole planetary thing? What are you talking about? 😆😆😆
Bored Bob
Bored Bob 6 aylar önce
@Look Sir Droids If you say so. My 5 degrees, steady monthly retirement income, medical and dental coverage, etc. say otherwise. But hey you do you boo.
Emilaine Cabral
Emilaine Cabral Yıl önce
Used to cook my every meal in rice cooker when I was in highschool because our dormitory doesn't permit other cooking appliances! most filipino dorm kids do this daily 😂😂😂
‘In life you only need three carbs: rice, noodle and rice noodles’ Literally my household every single day. Rice for lunch and any noodles for dinner.
octopus rhyme
octopus rhyme Yıl önce
The rice cooker changes from cooking to warm based on weight. You can cook anything in a basic rice cooker, just clamp the bowl to the body of the rice cooker.
SMonoma Yıl önce
as an asian niece and college student, I love this machine. i always make my stir fry and spageti with this magical tool. thanks for our anchestor who make this machine, u saved my money!
Tan Tian xiang (Chs)
Tan Tian xiang (Chs) 7 aylar önce
uncle roger being a genius for the entire video
auroras and sad prose
I’m always impressed whenever Uncle Roger says something smart but then I remember that he graduated from Northwestern with a degree in Engineering
Yi Xin Lim
Yi Xin Lim Aylar önce
Nigel was top boy in his high school years and obtained a full scholarship to study in the UK . So he's probably an actual genius. Imagine how his parents felt when he told him he wanted to be a full time comedian....
sahila 11 aylar önce
@ValkerionRides wowww
merrivideo Yıl önce
That makes so much sense now
ValkerionRides Yıl önce
@auroras and sad prose I think your mistaking Uncle roger with his Nephew Nigel
auroras and sad prose
@Bareeha Salman yeah, he majored in engineering with a minor in philosophy before working as a data scientist, finally ended up in comedy. A very Asian thing to do.
MIK3L Yıl önce
Lmao the part about storing pans in the oven had me dead, my Filipino mom does the same thing and same with putting all the Tupperware in the dishwasher
Shyama (A Hopeless Witch)
At out University dormitory we are only allowed to use rice cooker for cooking and we cook almost everything (rice, meat, fish, vegetables, pudding etc..) in it.😎😎😎
Tooba Hismaty
Tooba Hismaty 4 aylar önce
11:20 and 11:42 and 11:51 these legit almost made choked because of how funny this was lol 😂😂😂😂😂
allisonilene Yıl önce
I love Uncle Roger he makes me laugh. I have seen his comedy specials he is great #potatosolame
♊Gemini♊ 3 aylar önce
Need merch that says "Life too short for preheating" 😂
wince dyi
wince dyi Yıl önce
I can't stop laughing when he said " chicken can't even fly when they still alive, don't give false hope" 差点就喷饭!
LeahExists Yıl önce
@RainbowSix Warden 真係好失望呀 😕
RainbowSix Warden
haiyaa... i am half asian and half Indonesian. I am starting to forgot my Chinese language...
G.J Yıl önce
Yes they can. They can fly from the ground up to the tree. They don't fly like birds though.
Eris Yıl önce
@try testing i spat out my drink and it splashed my laptop screen..
Koenorotto Version
@try testing chicken can technically fly short distances but mostly true..
Eirene KB
Eirene KB Yıl önce
You are a genius! 😂 Thank you Uncle Roger! I'll buy a ricecooker btw!! So funny! 😂👍🏻
Phil Nolan
Phil Nolan Yıl önce
My rice cooler looks exactly like hers. It came with a bunch of recipes for things you can make besides rice, even chocolate cake.
deadinside Yıl önce
the fact that he was scared to put in that gaza strip part just shows how much more representation is needed
Steven Yoon
Steven Yoon Yıl önce
According to niece Alexis, crepe cake would be the craziest thing to ever exist on this planet
Diana Avagyan
Diana Avagyan Yıl önce
as a college student I can confirm that w a rice cooker you will come up w the craziest cooking ideas and at the end you will end up w a delicious meal!
#%! H ù ñ g r ¥ !%#
Alexis:"There is definitely something wrong with the rice cooker" "It can't be me" Uncle Roger: "It's definitely you"
Mouse Yıl önce
@kushitoku jikata "It definitely you", Uncle Roger special accent. LOL
kushitoku jikata
kushitoku jikata Yıl önce
he's not wrong
Adl 9951
Adl 9951 Yıl önce
Friendly reminder: Uncle Roger doesn't use "'s" Haiyaa😂😂😂
ultimateninjaboi Yıl önce
Chemistry and Physics lesson with Uncle Roger. Good enough to make me forgive his horrific slander against potatoes.
Michael Morris
Michael Morris Yıl önce
I've actually even done pancake batter in a rice cooker >.> It turns out rather nicely, actually. I came across it ages ago and tried it out as a bit of mad science, but I was actually quite pleased with the result XD
particalman1016 5 aylar önce
Uncle Roger needs to review more of the Chef Out of Water videos, I would love to see his reactions to ones like the video where she cooks with a dishwasher, ALSO while he's on the Tasty page I really want him to react to anything that Rie is in, I guarantee she's get many FUIYOHs! from Uncle Roger.
Nezumi Yıl önce
Ever since I.started to watch uncle roger I am actually the.only one in.my family who can cook rice properly 😭😭
Wataru Kurenai
Wataru Kurenai 10 aylar önce
I really love that he breaks character when he says "Sorry Children" because Nigel may be sorry, but uncle Roger says what he thinks and damm the consequences
Sacheverell Yıl önce
That Gaza strip joke was really dark, Roger. Almost as dark as Ryan's room when he's eating.
A D R I F T 9 aylar önce
Oh. Hello there Mr. Sache.
Zeus King
Zeus King 11 aylar önce
As dark as the drawer that Jamie Olive Oil keep his chilli jam on
wa qu
wa qu 11 aylar önce
@Melinda Mutiara lol
Melinda Mutiara
Melinda Mutiara Yıl önce
@Mekz_ Israel should be the one who offended.
I Demonstrate Velocity
『Crystⱥl』 Yıl önce
Uncle Roger: after 6pm, no lights just sit in the dark (in his meme video) Ryan: i ate in the dark Also Uncle Roger: haiyaa you cant afford electrical bill?
The Diabetic Puppy
The Diabetic Puppy 4 aylar önce
I just purchased my new cuckoo rice cooker, and it has changed my world. Best rice I've ever had, and so practical for it anything! Thank you Uncle!
Tara Coco
Tara Coco 3 aylar önce
As someone of italian descent, you can never have too much garlic. Glad it isn't just us🤣
Meg Does Stuff
Meg Does Stuff Yıl önce
The one thing I will ever disagree with Uncle Roger on.. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE POTATOES
•black_22• 3 aylar önce
"rice cooker fu*k girl"got me cracked 😂
JacobPlaya Yıl önce
As a Filipino, I used a rice cooker when I was a kid to cook lunch when my mom was not around because I couldn't use gas back then. I fried stuff with it and cooked rice with it of course. I can definitely stand by to its usefulness.
XootrFoot Yıl önce
@An i we do the same thing! Stir fry, stew, noodles, dumplings, even omelette.
mestizo de sangley
We used to cook sinigang na baboy in rice cooker 😂
An i
An i Yıl önce
My roommate stir fry vegetables and meat with rice cooker. If we made soup, we could put a steamer above to cook rice and steam other food.
C. Remy
C. Remy Yıl önce
@Mona Duran depends on usage or brand i think. If you only use it for rice then it might last longer. I've cooked instant noodle too in rice cooker but never fried food before.
Mona Duran
Mona Duran Yıl önce
@Joshua Wang me too bro!
YumYum's Unkie
YumYum's Unkie Yıl önce
I’ve made a lot of homemade soups (potatoes, carrots, mushroom, and beef) in a rice cooker. I miss it sometimes, but now I have stone pot!
Elise W
Elise W Yıl önce
I’m ready to make a cooking channel just for our favorite Uncle
Catherine 4444
Catherine 4444 9 aylar önce
A rice cooker is on my list of items I want when I finally get my own place. All because of Uncle Roger😂
Gaming with Yzzy
Gaming with Yzzy Yıl önce
#PotatoSoLame Uncle Roger teaches us so many things 👍👍
Dylan's World Of YouTube
Even as an Asian, it shocked me when you showed me that a rice cooker can sing!
Chriss Yıl önce
The Jamie Oliver’s “YeAhHh” still gets me every single time
Rio Kurniawan
Rio Kurniawan Yıl önce
Natsuki Yıl önce
same lol
Shawn Hardy
Shawn Hardy Yıl önce
Same that ish is hilarious as hell!!!
justasleepyboi х
Rice cookers are also great for making huge fluffy pancakes
Oshin Shukla
Oshin Shukla Yıl önce
Ahahha the 'overheated laptop' sent me. My mac heats up so much i could definitely cook a 3 course meal on it without a problem
Ferani Putri
Ferani Putri Yıl önce
Made my day 😄 thank you, Uncle 🤩
How do vinyl records hold stereo sound?
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