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Great British Bake Off recently did an episode called Japanese week. Can British baker make Asian cake? Let's see, let's see...

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24 Mar 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Shyh Jye
Shyh Jye 2 yıl önce
Mistaking chinese for japanese is one thing but mistaking Indian for Japanese is next level.
@melissa marrs wtf seriously curry is from india do some research HAIYAA
Anna Castro
Anna Castro Aylar önce
They heard "curry bun" and ran with it
I Am
I Am Aylar önce
Not paying attention to the hosts….to side with roger oof
Amy O'Day
Amy O'Day Aylar önce
Next level lame 😪
Fractalis Omega
Fractalis Omega Aylar önce
@James No anime for you, only bollywood
A Green Koala
A Green Koala 3 aylar önce
I'm Chinese and at least that one guy knew he was making something more Chinese than Japanese. He's actually quite smart because he knows he will get away with it. But then the Indian dhal buns appeared. And then the American burger buns with gherkins appeared.
John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
​@wolfie54321Alternate Universe … I just spat my drink all over my laptop! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
A Green Koala
A Green Koala Aylar önce
@Bruna please no
Bruna Aylar önce
@A Green Koala I'll try this next time I bake some
Bruna Aylar önce
@A Green Koala oh, I forgot about pickles. But now I'm genuinely curious if is actually a bad idea to add pickles, just a little and tiny cubes instead of big slices to not feel too sour (tomatoes and lettuce are a kinda nope, but adding another kind of greens instead that tastes good steamed)
A Green Koala
A Green Koala Aylar önce
@Bruna Pizzas a little different, unless you're adding pickles to your baus
eddie collins
eddie collins Yıl önce
Next on “Japanese Week,” we will be making sushi rolls… with Camel meat, Tabasco Peppers, Long Grain Wild Rice, and Texas BBQ sauce. I think Jamie Oliver directed this episode
Anokana Kuzumi
Anokana Kuzumi 19 gün önce
John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
@end. Yeah, but … if someone from China applied the same logic to "the West" as these Brits are applying to everything east of Iran, they _would_ be saying that you, a Brazilian, me, an American, and an Icelander and an Austrian and a Greek are, "all the same thing." Of course, we _could_ also look at this as feeding into the stereotype of Brits not knowing shit about other cultures, too.
John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
@end. Yeah, but … these guys shoved in _everything but_ the kind of random shit the Japanese make bao with. It's like the British think everything east of Iran is all the same country, one monolithic culture.
zxn3 Aylar önce
Dont forget the chili jam
Velocityraptor28 4 aylar önce
atleast then they'd pick a kind of food that IS from japan, despite how terrible that kind of sushi would be
Luana Moreno
Luana Moreno Yıl önce
Can't believe you didn't do the joke "is this Asian fusion or Asian confusion?" 🤣
More Human Than Human
Literally just paused to come type this
captchagod64 Aylar önce
I'm giving him the credit to say that was on purpose
Ashley Houghton
Ashley Houghton Aylar önce
@Inga Fritzen Buan same
eatlocalhoney 2 aylar önce
Omg! I’m only listening and thought of this 😂 you beat me to it 10 months ago 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Dante Loparco
Dante Loparco 2 aylar önce
"Asian Fusion of Caucasian Confusion"
Jax_Firestorm 3 aylar önce
“You can fill them with whatever you like.” All of Japan: “no, you can’t.”
John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
@Bruna I think the complaint is more: Hosts: "Contestants, it's Japanese Week" Contestants: "Got it. Japanese … that means anything east of the Indus River, right?"
Bruna Aylar önce
We actually DO fill them with whatever we like. We literally HAVE pizza buns, for example
Karina Ballet
Karina Ballet Aylar önce
I support this statement
Neopolitan3031 Aylar önce
Kinda. Red beans are traditional, but they also have chocolate, matcha, pizza, chestnut, all sorts of flavours. Japanese are a bit more open to new and experimental stuff, compared to many other cultures. As long as it's made in Japan, by Japanese, it's Japanese. That said, for a show going about cultural representation like GBBO, it would've been better to stick to the red bean. Better yet, a truly Japanese food, like Kuzmochi, or Dango, or any number of traditional Japanese sweets and foods.
yuki-chan Aylar önce
Btw they have pizza buns in the supermarket 👁️👄👁️
Rasengan 3 aylar önce
To be fair, I think the guy who acknowledged his recipe was more Chinese was just exploiting how dumb a “Japanese week” “steamed buns” challenge is in general and how culturally inept the judges and show-runners are
Gooderism 2024
Gooderism 2024 Yıl önce
I think when the contestants heard "Japanese week" they thought they needed to make the food of the countries japan invaded
Anders Jepsen
Anders Jepsen 25 gün önce
"That's not Japanese..." "But it _cooooould_ be"
offsmoke Aylar önce
they would know something about invasion ;)
burnt lettuce
burnt lettuce Aylar önce
Naga Naga
Naga Naga Aylar önce
Yes your comment just got me
RockyStClaire Yıl önce
Judges: "Japanese Week" Contestants: Asian week while avoiding anything Japanese got it boss 👍🏾
John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
more like: Judges: "Japanese Week" Contestants: "Japan … that's everything east of Arabia, right?" 🙄
John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
@Stineberg Well, the west-coast of North America _is_ the eastern end of the Pacific Ocean, so…
Stineberg Aylar önce
@Airlo3334 it’s called hyperbole.
Airlo3334 Aylar önce
@Stineberg more British/european, i mean its the great british bakeoff
Lets Plays von Aja
Lets Plays von Aja Aylar önce
@So Sleepy yeah, it's weird that they first said "Japanese buns are usually filled with..." and then went to "just put in whatever"
Jeff Mitchell
Jeff Mitchell Yıl önce
British cooking show: “today we will be cooking seafood.” British chef: “great! So im going to make a classic pepperoni pizza, and im cutting the pepperonis to look like a sand dollar!”
c johnson
c johnson Yıl önce
The funny part is you can get pizza steam bun in konbini. So that would be more Japanese than anything on this show.
DeathnoteBB Yıl önce
“The pepperonis are red like a cooked lobster!”
Yoyo Bear
Yoyo Bear 3 aylar önce
GBBO: “its Japanese week.” Contestant: i’m making an indian inspired bun with mango chutney 😂😂😢
Anarchist_Parable 3 aylar önce
The chutney being inside of it was another level of frustration
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 2 yıl önce
lol seriously, Japan has soooo many amazing desserts, from the traditional daifuku, nerikiri, and taiyaki, to the more modern Japanese cotton cheesecake, raindrop cake, and mochi ice cream. Japan is well known worldwide for its unique and intricate cuisine, and the show chooses steamed buns... which is a traditional Chinese cuisine... (I know Japan has nikuman buns, but it is a variation of the traditional Chinese steamed pork buns).
Barakon Aylar önce
I like Mochi ice-cream, I’d like to try the older version with the red bean paste.
Madhulika Sawant
Madhulika Sawant 5 aylar önce
@Habibi Khan yuiyu
somker 6 aylar önce
you forgot dorayaki greatest thing to ever exist
BlackKnightJack 7 aylar önce
My first thought would be to make the baozi they want, but use actual chashu instead of the traditional char siu. The real question is how you would make it so that it doesn't taste awful since chashu marinade, while great for something like ramen tare, probably wouldn't work so well as a bun filling.
J 9 aylar önce
@Akanksha Dash "Akanksha Dash 1 day ago @J Well, what if I make a cheeseburger but I use pita bread instead of traditional burger bun and use paneer slice instead of American cheese??" - Enjoy your pita and paneer slice. - How about you get a clue?🤷🏾‍♂
Ella♡roll 暖心
I'm Chinese who's highly invested in Japanese culture, and I can say they can be similar to each other to some degree, and I can understand if someone makes a heartless mistake when trying to distinguish the two cultures. But this, this right here, is some second-level shit. No way someone can mess up this bad if they had tried at all.
Kimberly Dick
Kimberly Dick 3 aylar önce
Have any of the contestants even had a pork bun. I always thought of them as Korean but NO hamburgers!!
Victoria Chang
Victoria Chang 3 aylar önce
@Maki really….cause China and Japan are both Asian, but are different in many ways
A Green Koala
A Green Koala 3 aylar önce
I'm also a Chinese person who is invested in Japanese culture but the difference is I haven't watched the video yet... Should I back out before it's too late?
LaNoir 4 aylar önce
You might like Shogos channel then, he gives deep insight into japanese culture and traditions and is also married to a woman with chinese roots so you get both authentic sides
Aileen Zhao
Aileen Zhao 5 aylar önce
Like this is a popular TV show they can do minimal research
youtube spectator
youtube spectator 2 yıl önce
They should do an Italian week where the contestants make haggis, paella, and Texas dry rub bbq.
Andy W
Andy W 5 aylar önce
​@Zulu Cruz the Italian ancestors are crying.
Andy W
Andy W 5 aylar önce
haggis on pizza works btw. 💪
Extra Account
Extra Account 6 aylar önce
Mystic Travel
Mystic Travel 6 aylar önce
hahahahahha seriously. these people are supposed to be professionals?
The Cooler Luz (Lickmo)
The person who wins serves Fish and Chips
Adithya V Raajkumar
"How many countries does Japan have?" Japanese imperialists: allow us to introduce ourselves
Lenessia el Arte Kreutzer
@Perla Sandoval I thought the British Empire had it's largest expansion during Victoria's reign?
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 10 aylar önce
@Blar Froer I'd expect this level of ignorance from an American Cooking Show !
Circle Anco Pan
Circle Anco Pan Yıl önce
Had Japan not messed their plan, they had a lot of countries on their list.
Perla Sandoval
Perla Sandoval Yıl önce
@Blar Froer their largest expansion is in i think 1942 the peak of world war 2
margarita señorita
If you’re Japanese, I can feel your pain…Last season they had a Mexican week and it broke my heart 😂😂🤡
Mami Avodah
Mami Avodah 18 gün önce
As a Chicana at heart with chicana dtrs, I also thought they did a HUGE disservice to the amazingly huge & flavorful variety of outstanding Mex cuisine.
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 11 aylar önce
I googled Japanese buns and the only result I got for steamed buns was nikuman, which was also coincidentally the only steamed bun I've heard of being commonly eaten in Japan. That being a pork bun. Which originated in China. And in fact, nikuman is just the Japanese name for said Chinese bun. It's not a Japanese food, it's a Chinese food that is commonly eaten in Japan. Just like how sushi is commonly eaten in the US, but is Japanese. It hasn't been altered enough to be considered a part of their culture like some foods such as American pizza vs Italian pizza. It is straight up just Chinese food that people in Japan like to eat. So, in summary, it's no wonder these people made the buns with everything BUT Japanese food. Other than pork buns, steamed buns aren't super prevalent in Japan. But I believe (And I could be wrong) they're pretty common in many other parts of Asia, hence why these people all flavored them with different things. I believe they probably flavored them based on the culture they know them for best. In other words, the judges screwed them over. It was impossible for them to make a Japanese dish from the start, because the judges chose a non-Japanese food. This might as well have just been asian week.
Cocoonen 9 gün önce
@bluetooth , I assume that you mean there's no USAn food... America is quite a much greater than USA, and there's several very old cultures, with remarkable gastronomical history.
アリスさん 2 aylar önce
@Cat Poke I suppose if you're comparing the frozen premade stuff you get in america yeah, that's the most common kind I've seen, mochi ice cream. It's probably not much different than the frozen premade stuff in Japan, I think the difference is we don't have everything else mochi related available here in the US. Fresh mochi made in japan you can get from a shop is leagues away from anything you'd find in the US, infact plenty of people I've met aren't even aware that mochi ice cream is a seperate entity than just mochi and all the ways that it is eaten both by itself and daifuku, etc.
bluetooth 3 aylar önce
There is no American food
Ann Ceres
Ann Ceres 4 aylar önce
@Cat Poke Ah okay, I get what you mean now.
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 4 aylar önce
@Ann Ceres They are absolutely prevalent in Japan! Just that they haven't been adapted into a new dish yet. It's still a good old pork bun. It's a common Japanese food in the sense that it is commonly eaten in Japan, but not in the sense that it in itself is a Japanese dish. The way I see it, for a dish to be considered truly the culture's own, it has to be adapted enough or be present in their culture for long enough. Like how there's 2 kinds of pizzas- one is Italian, the other was taken from Italy, but adapted so much that it's a different dish and is now considered an American dish. Compare this to mochi. It's become quite common in U.S America. You can find mochi ice cream in just about any major store you go to, and even sometimes in gas stations. But, it's still very much Japanese, because it has changed so little. Actually I see no difference between mochi sold in America vs mochi in Japan. A common American food, but not actually American in itself. Except for Hawaiian mochi, which is its own thing! Although, if I am not mistaken, the similarity between Japanese mochi is actually a coincidence. I don't think Hawaiian mochi (Also known as butter mochi) is actually inspired by Japanese mochi at all. That said, if someone has a differing opinion, it's all very arbitrary so I won't blame them.
Bri P
Bri P Yıl önce
I could actually see the mini burger looking bun with burger filling being sold in Japan. Partly for tourists and partly because of a novelty thing. Kinda like how they have those themed Hello Kitty and other marketing cafes with cutely done up plates of curry or treats to catch the attention of kids and their parent's wallets.
Agin 19 gün önce
@A Random Bard Domino’s Japan has a new menu. Burgers. Like, um, hamburgers? No pizza with hamburger toppings. And then a bacon thickshake. So tbh this food might go down with the chocolate covered crisp or the butter flavored milk, as some of the most Japanese ever! They do love their pandas…
A Random Bard
A Random Bard 4 aylar önce
Honestly, it wouldn't be any different to the frankenstein creations that the Japanese normally make with western cuisine.
Polin1824 3 aylar önce
3:58 they heard Japanese and just went “Eh how about the whole continent of Asia? Yeah that sounds right. It’s all the same.” But god forbid if some says England and Scotland is the same 😱😱
britishandproud Aylar önce
@Tourmelion yeah but tbf deep fried Mars bar is to die for...sometime literally.
Tourmelion Aylar önce
​@britishandproud they fry their chocolate!
britishandproud Aylar önce
@ImpishlyIt thought they just used the deep fat frier in Scotland.
Christine Pinkney
Christine Pinkney 2 aylar önce
it's that colonial mentality... hard to let go
Ryan Anderson
Ryan Anderson 2 yıl önce
"He know he fucked up, but he still do!" Never have I heard the British attitude to performing a task summarised so neatly
TheVaultdweller 10 aylar önce
Lmao 🤣
Allan Yıl önce
Thank you! xD
Ka-isness Yıl önce
Wow.. this is true on every single level on Earth. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Samwich Yıl önce
Aww that's the Egyptian attitude too agda3 nas
Hanna :)
Hanna :) 2 yıl önce
i dunno whats wrong with our british tv shows they take people that are too british (coming from a british person with a hate for bake off)
Julian Leske
Julian Leske Yıl önce
'Who doesn't want chips?' is the most British sentence I've ever heard lmao
Anvilshock 10 aylar önce
Simu Lation
Simu Lation 2 yıl önce
As I am Japanese, I would like to thank you for this funny weejio in our language: Danke!!
LaNoir 2 aylar önce
@horoWirtz me, tired asf, wondering why I can't read it after 5 years of french
horoWirtz 2 aylar önce
Hi I'm French, as we say in our language : それ草
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 4 aylar önce
I was eating in a Korean restaurant with my dad recently and he dead started saying Japanese words. Everyone at the table lost their soul that day. Every single one of us hated what he was doing.
LaNoir 4 aylar önce
Gern geschehen mon amour, Yarhamuk Allah
Unverified User
Unverified User 6 aylar önce
Thaitin an físeán seo go mór liom ó Uncle Roger! said this is japanese to really appreciate it
Thunder 3 aylar önce
Now…. I’m not Japanese, but I’m an American who really appreciates Japanese cuisine and Asian food in general because it’s just so good and is the best kind of food ever. This episode hurt. I have made a lot Japanese food with Japanese ingredients over the years and even made homemade ramen which took 2 days to make plus steamed pork buns to go on the side of that. Literally the Japanese pork buns (nikuman) I made were simple and delicious with not that many ingredients. It is literally not that hard people how tf do you mess this up and not even know which ingredients are Japanese…. I guess the meme about Brits not being able to cook is correct 😔
Gyro Zepelli
Gyro Zepelli 2 yıl önce
"How many countries does Japan have?" as an Indian, I have never laughed harder.
Animetsy Studio
Animetsy Studio 4 aylar önce
Yep this shows that they didn't learning anything from their ancestors when they invaded in our country lol😂
e e
e e 5 aylar önce
It's their old colonies
We Japanese have LOTS of fish sauce. They are called "Shottsuru" or "Ishiru" "Ikanago-shoyu" etc etc. We have so many different kind in Japan. Ayu fish sauce is one of my favourite.
Cat Poke
Cat Poke 4 aylar önce
@LaNoir It also tastes good. It's smoky. It's like fish bacon lol
LaNoir 4 aylar önce
@ジャガーニック Yeah, most of the time I see recipes going for a fishy taste it's always bonito flakes, guess it's easier to store (and less lethal if leaking)
ジャガーニック 4 aylar önce
@LaNoir It is said that fish sauce alread.x exisited in Japan 2000years ago. so it has been here longer than soy sauce. It's still avilable locally in sea areas,however it is not as commonly used in contemporary Japanese recipes,especially in the cities. So I'd say that majority of Japanese people have not used them in their cooking and many don't know it exists.
LaNoir 4 aylar önce
Yeah that made me wonder, I don't eat animal products so I'm not too invested into this stuff (only know bonito flakes) but you'd think as a country so highly invested into fishing there must be tons of local fish sauce available
ジャガーニック 10 aylar önce
1MrBryn 2 yıl önce
My wife is Japanese. She's yelling at the TV louder than Uncle Roger right now.
Snowy 10 aylar önce
Oh i have japanese wife as well, she's the 2d version
First and Last.
First and Last. 10 aylar önce
@Edward Fletcher gotta at least ask
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 10 aylar önce
@First and Last. Read your post again....LMAO
jimmy john Johnson
Chinese and Indian people probably weren't happy either
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie Yıl önce
I’m not even Japanese but even I died inside during this episode. Britain invaded almost every part of Asia but did they learn where anything comes from? No… sadly they did not
Ayumi S
Ayumi S 2 yıl önce
“They like to work so much, you don’t even have to pay them”😂😂😂😂 As a Japanese I laughed so loud. A good one Uncle Roger!
JetFuueled 2 yıl önce
I remember being excited for this episode then very upset to see literally nothing Japanese. They really said "Oh any type of Asian will work its the same"
PugandOwn Yıl önce
god I remember being on social media when this episode of gbbo aired and watching people just absolutely tear into the producers for their decisions. for anyone unaware, the two other dishes they were asked to create were, iirc: a crepe cake (I think it's also called a mille-feuille?), and a generic ~kawaii~ cake (so like. just a nicely decorated cake). it was a total fucking shitshow and the most forgiving lens I can offer is that they might have been struggling to get more niche ingredients like mochiko or adzuki beans. that or the pissbaby judges were scared of foods they weren't familiar, which is always a distinct possibility with those tossers.
John Weiss [he\him] 🏳️‍🌈
Tarttaken Yıl önce
“Bun is like sandwich but better designed” No truer words have been spoken, every time I even hold a sandwich, sauce or some ingredient falls out and I’m like, UGH ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING MW
Tarttaken 3 aylar önce
@Thunder I don’t eat pork not because I’m Muslim I just don’t like eating red meat, but I found this thing in the market called chicken floss, it’s the same thing but made with chicken, i personally like it
Thunder 3 aylar önce
Dude it’s so much worse when you try to eat pulled chicken or pulled pork on a bun…. It’s so good but literally everything falls out. Maybe I should make my pulled chicken or pork recipes but do it as a dumpling… that might be interesting ngl and uncle Roger was right about them being less messy sandwiches lol
Nekonimate🐈 6 aylar önce
omg i thought i'm the only person who hates sandwich the ingredients falling out really triggers me
sachi 10 aylar önce
In fairness, Japanese have adapted "steam bun" into "manjuu" (まんじゅう) but for it to be "Japanese style" it would be a sweet bun instead of savory.
August V. H.
August V. H. 2 yıl önce
They used ingredients from everywhere in Asia, EXCEPT for Japan.
The Cookie
The Cookie 8 aylar önce
*WWII flashbacks commences*
Sweety V
Sweety V 11 aylar önce
They even included india lmao
Nauval Irfan
Nauval Irfan Yıl önce
I didn't know japanese food put fish sauce, coriander, cumin, oyster sauce 😂😂😂
Sophie Nhkum
Sophie Nhkum Yıl önce
Nic Yıl önce
4:30 - He thinks it crazy to have meat look like the animal it came from, meanwhile, he only wants to eat meat that doesn't remind him of where it came from. Where's the self-awareness?
LuckyCat Yıl önce
Taiyaki would have been so much better for Japanese week! It would be all about the flavour. Also, please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure there are lots of different shaped Taiyaki molds. It would be super fun!
Aoi Umeda
Aoi Umeda 2 yıl önce
As a Japanese, I couldn't find any real Japanese thing. It goes beyond my expectation. Hahaha. Thank you, Uncle Roger.
BlackKnightJack 7 aylar önce
"They like to work so much you don't even have to pay them" That was such a subtle dark joke that I can't stop laughing.
whtyc Yıl önce
Really appreciating Uncle Roger responding to “Japanese” week exactly the way I did!
Caitlin McCloud
Caitlin McCloud Yıl önce
This reminds me when I transferred colleges and asked if they had a Japanese class because I wanted to continue learning Japanese...and the said they had Chinese, but its the same thing! Haiyaa!
Caitlin McCloud
Caitlin McCloud Yıl önce
@Sativa Savant I think I just shouldn't have gone to the cheapest 4 year college in the state.
Sativa Savant
Sativa Savant Yıl önce
If true, then beware of that person. An adult human living in this era that would think Japanese and Chinese are the same has actual cognitive issues. Or they had a religious homeschooling that didn't bother with education.
Audentes Fortuna Juvat
Next year: Today is Chinese Week! We all want you to make your best Chinese sushi!
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 7 aylar önce
*_Korean g/kimbap has entered the chat_*
Little Won
Little Won 8 aylar önce
Actually I think sushi did originate from China 😅
J T 10 aylar önce
@Akiko Fujishima I agree with all you’ve said. As a Chinese descendant, I enjoy learning things the history and origin of food and influences in other Asian countries.
Timothy 11 aylar önce
Ma Dawei
Ma Dawei Yıl önce
I live in Zhengzhou and I love the buns at the bun shops because they're so cheap - 2 yuan for vegetable ones or 4 yuan for meat ones. They're called bao. I've only been to Japan once, but buns seem a Chinese thing. I do love this show though, because it's a reality show where the producers don't generate false conflict. It's a very sweet show.
menno graafmans
menno graafmans Yıl önce
Oh, the show is a lot of fun. We have one in the Netherlands as well. Basically copied the british bake-off. But they're not always as accurate with countries. Though one of the dutch judges does know a lot about it, he sees it as a low priority when making pastries from other countries.
Alyssa Camacho
Alyssa Camacho 5 aylar önce
11:05 his little giggle is ADORABLE 🥺😂
AmyW 4 aylar önce
I think it’s worth knowing that the contestants always play with the themes loosely. They might do French macrons and add macha, they might make an English Victoria sponge and add rose water and pistachios. The ‘Japanese week’ is to be inspired by Japanese bakes but to turn them into their own thing.
nonewname3 2 aylar önce
Uncle roger : We buy the cheapest blender, we buy the cheapest fridge. Also uncle roger, :we buy the best rice cooker
Catssonova 10 aylar önce
A funny thing about Japan is that most of these buns would be accepted in Japan just based on cuteness. In Japan almost any ingredient is okay as long as it is palatable for the locals
stephanie vicente
stephanie vicente 2 yıl önce
"konichiwa" is the only Japanese thing I saw 😂
Yndostrui 10 aylar önce
@DjAmaratzi I'm a bit late to the party, but kon'nichiwa is correct. ん can be written as n or as n' This is usually used to disambiguate ん following あいうえお. For example, しんえつ would be written as shin'etsu instead of shinetsu to make sure it isn't confused with しねつ. However, there is no rule that says it may only be used in those cases - you can add the apostrophe whenever you want, it just isn't very common. Personally, though, I do think I like the apostrophe before なにぬねの as well. konnichiwa kinda looks like こっにちは. Of course, this doesn't actually exist and it's fairly obvious that it's こんにちは, but I like the additional clarity.
Ralph Anthony Espos
Ralph Anthony Espos 11 aylar önce
@DjAmaratzi It's a transliteration quirk; let him. If it's going to help people not say it as コニチワァ…
Hamsterwarrior 11 aylar önce
Lol konichiwa means thanks
Boon sing OH
Boon sing OH Yıl önce
He or she is not lying 😂
jimmy john Johnson
@cxnc4 and it wasn't even katsu lol
Dean Franz
Dean Franz 2 yıl önce
I've learned more about the cultures of different Asian countries in this one video than I have in all the years of my life. Thank you, Uncle Roger.
Annie Chan
Annie Chan Yıl önce
The fridge and blender comment is so spot on about Asian households. That's exactly why nothing in my house matches. We all just get whatever is the cheapest at the time
littlestbroccoli 3 aylar önce
Dango, daifuku, mochi, taiyaki, Swiss roll, toast, fluffy pancake, Castella, yokan, wagashi, yam cake, melonpan, karepan, yakisoba pan, anpan(man)...... SERIOUSLY DID ANYONE HAVE GOOGLE ON THIS SHOW
Trixie Yıl önce
"I like this lady, she so fashion. Glasses color match her shirt. Match her cardigan. She looks like a giant ladybug." *OMG*
Bistro PS
Bistro PS 3 aylar önce
So the thing about GBBO is that they’re supposed to take the brief and put their own twist on it. I think the only way to really judge the bakers for not sticking with a specific theme is to judge the technical challenge. That’s the one where all of the ingredients are set by the show and they have to cook with those. The signature and showstopper all allow for creative and personal interpretation. We should judge the show for calling buns Japanese instead of judging the bakers for how they fill them
Doctor Foot
Doctor Foot 2 yıl önce
Should have said “Asian fusion, it should be called Asian CONFUSION”
Ernesto Correa Gomez
Ernesto Correa Gomez 9 aylar önce
Here sir, have my like
Anvilshock 10 aylar önce
Go correct Biff Tannen for his "Make like a tree" line. I dare you.
Diya Yıl önce
TheRetroMacaque Yıl önce
Said the same thing
Zeflute Yıl önce
Even Confucius is confused
anubhav tuli
anubhav tuli Yıl önce
I literally laugh when they put lentils and mango chutney..... I was waiting for uncle roger comment, and he says exactly what I want to hear.
Nandini Priyadarshini Jana
Exactly, because in eastern India we make dal with raw mango, but with mango chutney 👁️👄👁️
Joy Pontanar
Joy Pontanar 5 aylar önce
Oh dear, the “egg-fried rice week” guest judging did it for me 😂
Tasha Hype
Tasha Hype 8 aylar önce
Lost me a “Japanese steamed buns” I was like aren’t they originally Chinese? That’s like saying “make Canadian tacos”
S.E. E
S.E. E 3 aylar önce
Besides all the roastable content, this is actually a great show. I love the amazing things these contestants make 😍
Kataifi 2 aylar önce
I think the idea was that the buns were Japanese, so that’s all you needed. You can fill them with whatever country’s food you want. Only problem is meat buns are not originally from Japan.
Banjo Kazooie
Banjo Kazooie 2 yıl önce
This was an insult to Japan. Non of these food originated for there. They should have just called it Asian week.
Genocider Yıl önce
@Luqman Harith look at a map jeez
katt katt
katt katt Yıl önce
@Doug Anderson Your statment that american soldier are supposed to have brought Ramen to Japan is blatantly wrong. Ramen is a japanified version of Chinese pintang based soups. They where brought to Japan by Chinese immigrants in the 1890s to Yokohama and Osaka. The Chinese immigrants started to adapt them to Japanese taste to be able to sell them as cheap and fast meals to Japanese customers. They where fairly popular and started becoming fully integrated into Japanese culture. As Japan was totally bombed out, struggeling economically and lacked sufficient rice after WWII Ramen and other noodle dishes became a cheap alternative to make sure people had something to eat. American soldiers would probably have seen Ramen a lot, but they had zero to do with that introducing the dish to Japan.
XIA Yıl önce
@Banjo Kazooie they made a mistake when they told them they can fill it with anything. Anything means anything.
T.A.M.A Yıl önce
How can a tv show being so ignorant
wingnut 2 yıl önce
no they shoulda called it "world week" or "if it fits put it in a bun"
Louisa C
Louisa C 2 yıl önce
GBBO needs to watch this video. Thank you, Uncle Roger, for pointing out all the issues with calling this "Japanese Week"! The only Japanese thing I saw was the Kikkoman on some of the baker's work stations
Vaguely Vegan
Vaguely Vegan 4 aylar önce
This whole episode had me dying. Gosh this is so funny! I love you. I love your criticism and critique. I love your jokes. I love how anti-Japanese this Japanese week was. I just can't. I love this. Please keep up the wonderful work.
J 23
J 23 2 aylar önce
You probably won’t see this because it’s so late, but I just saw this. The Auntie Helen joke with the ending of “Haiyaa and Fuiyooh at same time” was hilarious 😢
Bobby Frydell
Bobby Frydell Yıl önce
Help me out, here. In this British television show, you're supposed to use every world cuisine *except* for the one after which the episode is named? i.e. in Japanese week, you aim to use every cuisine other than Japanese? If that's the case then these cooks did wonderfully.
Terry Lap
Terry Lap 8 aylar önce
@Ré That sounds rather misleading though doesn’t it? Why bother naming an episode after a country if you’re not going to use ingredients that are even remotely close to said country. You’d think that an episode named “Japanese Week” would at least incorporate some form of Japanese food or ingredient.
n g
n g 10 aylar önce
No no no. The goal of British TV shows is now to see how tightly you can rim the country without actually going inside.
Yıl önce
​@Bobby Frydell maybe not you specifically but like all the comments on here are in the same vein
Bobby Frydell
Bobby Frydell Yıl önce
@Ré Yeah I’m not upset, just making fun
Yıl önce
For example in German week this season Jürgen (who is German), added espresso flavour to this German biscuits. Espresso is not German but the method of making the biscuits is. I'm completely down for pointing out cultural insensitivity but I think people are outraged here over a misunderstanding? Uncle Roger is doing it for comedy but the amount of people actually upset here is bizarre to me.
39-TheWolf 4 aylar önce
I'm not Japanese, but I love Japanese steam buns. They could make Japanese curry or pork stew buns, they're delicious.
HobbitOnWheels 2 yıl önce
There used to be a show here in the US called Cupcake Wars. One of the episodes was Chinese New Year themed, and one of the contestants decorated her cupcakes with little takeout boxes and fortune cookies made out of fondant. Watching the judges tell her that neither of those things are actually Chinese in origin was kinda satisfying and it's almost refreshing to know that this kinda crap happens elsewhere in the world.
Kozuki Yui
Kozuki Yui 2 yıl önce
But Chinese take out restaurant is different from the the Chinese restaurant in my country so its not gonna be a good example for me to compare these two.
Kozuki Yui
Kozuki Yui 2 yıl önce
Agree with hypotalapotamus. I feel she's a good baker. I searched for the video and watch the part where the judge said fortune cookies is a stereotype and he also said "downgrading Chinese culture to Chinese restaurant". The theme was CNY so maybe the judge expecting sometime more to the CNY celebrations instead of a Chinese take out restaurant? I don't know how Chinese in other country celebrates their CNY but in my country or maybe I should say in my family, we don't really use fortune cookies in any occasion? I've been celebrating CNY since little and I've never seen fortune cookies in anyone's house. Not many Chinese restaurant that I've been to have fortune cookies. They normally give us wet tissues or herbal sweets XD Maybe things such as red pockets, tangerine trees, firecrackers, fireworks and calligraphy would be more suitable for the Chinese New Year theme.
Hypothalapotamus 2 yıl önce
America has such a psychotic history that tender grievances are many and easy to step on. Chinese American restaurants wouldn't exist as they do today (fortune cookies and all) without some seriously disturbing white supremacists policies. The cupcake baker didn't know that and the judges rightly called her out for it, but I don't hold it against her. She seemed like a very skilled contestant and wasn't acting out of malice.
Annika Fletcher
Annika Fletcher 2 yıl önce
OMG i remember that episode
CJ Cross
CJ Cross 2 yıl önce
That had to be the most BRUH moment ever for the judges.
cloudchamois Yıl önce
This “Japanese” week was hilarious bonkers 😂
Cody Smith
Cody Smith Yıl önce
i love how these videos are genuinely funny and informational! like i never knew that fish sauce was from thailand!
Kimberly Dick
Kimberly Dick 3 aylar önce
I watched a Christmas episide of Micheal McIntyre. Special guest was Jamie Oliver... He made a next day sandwich. He was doing great until he wrapped on foil and had Micheal sit on it, I literally yelled out " haiyaaah"
Jeannine Gorden
Jeannine Gorden Yıl önce
Uncle Roger was impressed by the editing of the show! That's how it was cleaned up so fast!!
Jaskier Draven
Jaskier Draven Yıl önce
Uncle Rodger saying that buns are basically sandwiches makes a lot of sense. I haven't had the opportunity to have real Asian food but when I do I'm definitely going to try some!
Han 2 yıl önce
Uncle Roger likes to laugh at his own jokes. That’s the funniest part of this weejio.
Ke LiC
Ke LiC 2 yıl önce
Hahaha I noticed that. I should learn from him, hehe
Shell Pen
Shell Pen 2 yıl önce
@Doctor Zhong me too 😂
Ray Mak but with moustache
9th TEARDROP GameTeller
Took me 10 uncle roger weejios until i got wtf is weejio. Haiijaa.
Moonlight_Pixie 2 yıl önce
Christina B
Christina B 2 yıl önce
This is SO funny! I'm actually watching this season now so I hope it doesnt ruin it for me. But I am getting a big kick out of uncle Roger and his thoughts about this show. So good!
Kitty Gumdrop
Kitty Gumdrop 4 aylar önce
I just watched this episode yesterday. I thought something was wrong with the katsu idea. It was the first thing I ate in Japan and what I looked for at every restaurant. I'd totally have ordered it at a ramen place if they had it lol. I really like your take on this episode.
Tortuga 2 aylar önce
I live in Japan, Uncle Roger might not know, but steamed buns are sold in every convenience store. Even with “pizza” filling (not really a proper filling just like sauce and cheese).
Lenka Seberová
Lenka Seberová Yıl önce
I made steamed buns yesterday for the first time. With cabbage, minced pork, green onion, ginger, garlic and soy sauce. It was the best. It looked not like it should do, but like who cares. I can eat that all the time :D Not sure if the filling is correct, I am from middle Europe. This is what I found...
Regan Cranmer
Regan Cranmer 3 aylar önce
My husband and I were once at a very nice Japanese restaurant and there were two British couples seated next to us. They ate their sushi with a knife and fork 🙃
dv 2 yıl önce
As an Indian I'm disgusted by the sweet apple and onion Daal they made and paired it with mango pickle.wtf.hiyaa. I tell my mom that combination I get smacked like remote control dead battery.
Riefqah 9 aylar önce
Rebecca Harper
Rebecca Harper 10 aylar önce
I told my grandma about the apple onion lentil daal and she looked at me like I was crazy. You add daal to food not add food to daal. Only thing that goes well in daal is roasted garlic
SHIKHAR32 Yıl önce
@Pranav Chopra_007 true
Pranav Chopra_007
Apple is weird but mango chutney is pretty good with daal
NotSoCath Yıl önce
7:27 "Uncle Roger sense some chemistry between these 2 people" Plot twist: they are both siblings.
Evaline Hallow
Evaline Hallow Aylar önce
Sweet home Alabama
Sati 6 aylar önce
I wonder if those two ended up dating.
Dk random
Dk random Yıl önce
Kereena 💋
Kereena 💋 2 yıl önce
Try not to laugh with Uncle Roger is not possible. Such a good sense of Humour Uncle Roger has.
arielkmusic 3 aylar önce
Hey! First you say that buns are a better version of a sandwich, then you're mad when they make a hamburger sandwich into a bun! Literally, following your advice! 😂😂 It was a trap!
CourteneyAlicee Yıl önce
I'm going to need an Uncle Roger review for every episode of Bake off.
多陽亭 里漫
多陽亭 里漫 3 aylar önce
For your information, you are right in saying that most Japanese don't use flsh sauce. But there is a locality in Northeastern Honshu where they do use fish sauce. They call it "shottsuru".
Siellen 2 yıl önce
“The only things looks like Japanese in the show is the guy’s shirt” IMAO🤣
Margie W
Margie W 2 yıl önce
Robopecha 2 yıl önce
noel is the best!
yourlocalCarGUY 2 yıl önce
Sarhuda's alchemy
Sarhuda's alchemy 2 yıl önce
Yeah no shit🤣🤣🤣🤣
DarkRubberDucky 5 aylar önce
I always think of Japanese food as very simple. Mushroom, seafood, seaweed, rice. Not a lot of herbs and spices, but pastes and sauces. There was so much potential in creating fun buns, and there killed them all.
Christine Ibbotson
Christine Ibbotson 3 aylar önce
Watched a few shows now. He is so funny. Thank you for cheering me up.
Harry Dugan
Harry Dugan Yıl önce
I would die if I found a steamed bun with chili jam in it.
Juan Ferrer
Juan Ferrer 2 yıl önce
Hearing Roger talking about Noel fielding is the best thing I’ve ever heard, the two most polar opposite people
William Hermes of Handley zu Beck
When the day starts I always watch a video. Really gets my day going in great spirit. Thank you!
DarthJF 2 yıl önce
British people doing Japanese food: "Do you know anything about Japanese cuisine?" "No, let's just cram in as many Asian things as we can think of and hope we pick something Japanese by accident."
Haven Price
Haven Price 2 yıl önce
Why didn’t they have Asian week? There’s nothing Japanese... nothing... nothing!
Teb The Cat
Teb The Cat 2 yıl önce
@Angel LMAO I’m chinese, never seen a Chinese place sell chips xD might just be cuz I live in an Asian-American area. Still, though, my other Chinese friend said she got to drink straight vinegar in China, so close enough? X’D
unionfire 2 yıl önce
And use a Japanese word like katsu, that will make something Japanese, right? Pffft
Beepbeep • Bop
Beepbeep • Bop 2 yıl önce
True cause they never do research
Lucysmom26 2 yıl önce
@Tenshi Chan The best part is you KNOW they producers thought this was gonna look super diverse and inclusive and woke of them. And then the white britishness just washed over the whole thing like a tide of bland. Soooo funny.
Rajeev Akkala
Rajeev Akkala 8 aylar önce
Uncle Roger, you have to come to Netherlands and make this kind of content. There are many things to laugh about here. 🤣
Rapid Rabbit
Rapid Rabbit Yıl önce
Now I need a Twitch stream of Uncle Roger reviewing every episode of British Bake Off live.
Daily Divine Guidance
Thank you for your videos, I haven’t laughed in quite sometime. ♥️♥️♥️
Christopher Bashimoto
Uncle Roger…. You are my favorite human on the planet. If I had a penny for every time you’ve made me laugh, giggle, chuckle or guffaw, I’d be a very rich man. Keep in up Uncle!!
kalliope 3 aylar önce
show: japanese week contestants: so should i make chinese, indian, or american 🤔
EltonJames 2 yıl önce
GBBO: "It's Japanese Week" Also GBBO: A bit of China, India, Thailand, England oh and the word "katsu' for some Japanese flavoring
DeathnoteBB Yıl önce
@yamyammaot “So here is my roast potato” “This is an onion”
yamyammaot 2 yıl önce
And no actual katsu in the dish. 😅😅😅
Zennoix998 2 yıl önce
fat boi
fat boi 2 yıl önce
What's GBBO? Edit: Oh wait nvm I'm an idiot
春木  Edens
春木 Edens Yıl önce
As a Japanese man, seeing a Brit saying every Asian country is the same is very on brand
Hannah Huang
Hannah Huang 8 aylar önce
Every word coming out of Uncle Roger's mouth is a truth itself.
Slagator Fantabulous
Slagator Fantabulous 8 aylar önce
I'm addicted to Nigel's channel. Unlike Auntie Helen, I can't get enough of him!
Pbabies in Space
Pbabies in Space Yıl önce
For American week they are suppose to make burgers. British chef: Ok, so for the meat I am mixing curry and sushi. For the bun I am using kosher flat bread imported from Israel. And for the traditional American topping...I will be using vegtable kimchi, smoked tarantula legs(mid/north African fyi...though they typically to not just eat the legs), and some mooncheese I purchased from a moonman cheese farmer. This should be identical to a Mcronalds double cheeseburger. (Mooncheese is green and taste like a sweaty foot dipped in eel slime) British Judge: Am I at Mcronanlds in the states right now, because I cannot if tell the difference? If only I had some crispy 'chips' to go with it. British chef: Got you covered. (Hands judge raw squid tentacles with scooped out goat eyes stuck in the suction cups dusted in a seasoning blend of volcanic ash, broken glass, and radioactive dirt from Cherynoble.) British judge: My god! Perfect.(Dies from cancer, internal bleeding and toxins.) British cook: Feels cook when you nail something. Whether it be a cooking dish or Jesus to the cross. I hope this was not too ethnocentric. I am half white....but hopefully zero British. Their food does suck.
Zimtschnecke Yıl önce
@Pbabies in Space Well, of course it depends on who is making the food, but personally I would recommend things like shepherd's/cottage pie, sticky toffee pudding, bakewell tart, trifle, haggis, Cornish pasties, scotch eggs, and of course 'hybrid foods' which are foods from around the Empire (especially India), but very popular in Britian, for example chicken tikka masala and kedgeree. Of course, it also depends on personal preferences. British food tends to be more filling and hearty, as it is usually cold and rainy. So if you lived in a hotter climate, then it would be less appealing.
Pbabies in Space
Pbabies in Space Yıl önce
@Zimtschnecke I have been to England twice when I was 8 and 13. My parents were obsessed with fish and chips. And I hate fish. It may have just been culture shock at a young age, but we went to France and Germany and I remember enjoying the food there. As an adult I have been to Cambodia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. The food in Canada is basically American but the other country's food is amazing. My only memory of a country where I hated the food is the UK. Other than America. We have both the best and worst food in the world. I guess that's what happens when you put every culture into a pot and boil it. I have am a cook and looked up many British dishes and they just do not seem appetizing. Any suggestions?
pear Aylar önce
“饅頭(manjyuu)” might be the steam bun traditionally eaten at japan, although similar things are found in China too. They even share the same Chinese characters because it originates from China, but it came in Japan at around 1200 A.D. so they did develop differently. Sweet red bean will basically be the only filling since we didn’t eat meat (one of the big difference with the Chinese ones). “酒饅頭(Saka-Manjyu)” is my favorite. Uses Japanese Sake lees to ferment the dough, so there is a slight smell of sake when steamed. Warm and delicious. And no, we do not fill it with pork or curry😂
Business Cat
Business Cat 2 yıl önce
Why didn't they just call this 'Asian week' if none of them are going to use everything else but Japanese ingredients?
phueal 2 yıl önce
@Kitten Mimi there are two other challenges which Uncle Roger doesn’t show: a matcha tea one and a “kawaii” one. I think that’s fairly strongly Japanese themed. I do agree that “steamed buns” is a weird choice because, like everyone else, I associate them more with China than Japan. They were probably looking for a dish which would give the bakers maximum flexibility with flavours, test their baking skills, and fit into the time constraints; but still, I’m surprised they couldn’t identify something better.
Kitten Mimi
Kitten Mimi 2 yıl önce
@phueal but it's not even japanese themed they really tried their hardest avoiding anything even remotely japanese.
fern 2 yıl önce
the quadruple negatives hurt my head
aqo Zqo
aqo Zqo 2 yıl önce
@phueal Nah, most Asians physically can't mistake Russian for an American, unless they were educated in the US.
phueal 2 yıl önce
@SKN no, it’s not the same, because they were asked to make “steamed buns”, not “Japanese steamed buns”, and in fact they were specifically told that they could use whatever flavours they liked. The Japanese theme informed the choice of challenge (to do steamed buns as opposed to, say, fruit pies), but they were never told to use specifically Japanese flavours and indeed it would be unusual on Bake Off for them to be given restricted flavours in the Signature challenge. I do agree that steamed buns was a weird choice, because I too mainly associate them with China not Japan, but they did better in the second and third challenges on that front (which Uncle Roger omits from his video). And the bakers had every right to choose flavours from around the world on this programme.
Justin Yıl önce
This episode made me laugh more than any other video you've made hahaha
purit tamaneki
purit tamaneki 10 aylar önce
I find this so funny as a japanese person. I love it!
dragonbretheren 4 aylar önce
Ah yes, Indian chutney and dahl inside a Chinese bao is my favorite Japanese cuisine.
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