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Adam Liaw is masterchef winner and fellow Malaysian, but we not gonna go easy on him. How is Yangzhou fried rice?
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Written by: Nigel Ng and Morgan Rees

Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng.

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Nick DiGiovanni
Nick DiGiovanni 7 aylar önce
I am so blessed to have the uncle title.
RyanDoesn’tAnimate 7 aylar önce
Damn nick, only 12 likes?
Koxunae 7 aylar önce
Yo Nick! Hi man! Why are there only 7 comments and 7 likes? Damn.
Zenon Amv's
Zenon Amv's 7 aylar önce
2g 7 aylar önce
VED 7 aylar önce
Why no likes and replies?
Jake Connelly
Jake Connelly 7 aylar önce
Adam is the goat for teaching cooking. His series' go over WHY the ingredients are chosen and what they're actually contributing to the overall recipe. Knowing that, you get more confident to swap ingredients and play with flavors since you understand the dish at a deeper level.
Reggie Ferns
Reggie Ferns 4 aylar önce
@cody spear nephew cody, why so weak?
cody spear
cody spear 4 aylar önce
@Princess Wandi There is no learning from history. Look at state of world. You think Adam teaching? He is just boring. He's kind of like an energy vampire.
Karlance 5 aylar önce
@Shi Sah wdym no one? What if people wanna watch his video to better know how to make fried rice?
Comradery 7 aylar önce
That's a bunch of nonsense lmao for something as quick as fried rice. He clearly talks way too much and you spew a lot of BS about some deeper understanding.
日向創 7 aylar önce
@Shi Sah if somebody's just looking for a quick recipe, they're not watching a video full stop. they'll get a written recipe and that's it. if i'm looking for a recipe and i click on a site and i see a video, i hit the back button so fast ngl. what idiot trying to cook smth is going to pull up a video with no amounts of ingredients, no organized list you can check off as you go, no ability to double-check whether you've gotten all the steps without rewinding the damn thing and watching it over from the beginning, etc? videos are for entertainment. pages covered in handwritten notes and sticky with sauce splatters are for real cooking
trippa snippa
trippa snippa 7 aylar önce
As an Aussie I love Adam Liaw so happy U did a review of him he's a legend I know he describes alot in detail but trust me us Aussies need to learn from the beginning to finish 😂 I'm so pissed off no Sydney tickets to see you
Jane Macintyre
Jane Macintyre 5 aylar önce
@Anqi Xu Brissie???
zosqi. 6 aylar önce
sasm8 whatsdoin
trippa snippa
trippa snippa 7 aylar önce
@П Ч ever heard of being drunk
П Ч 7 aylar önce
Damn son, ever heard of interpunction?
cheo a
cheo a 7 aylar önce
Amy Bharadwaj
Amy Bharadwaj 5 aylar önce
Adam was my favorite Masterchef contestant - very sincere and devoted to his craft and a gentleman!
rtrrt5ttgffgb 23 gün önce
Adam not wholesome enough
Malaysia is Malaysia it has the best fried rice
Shaun Mitchell
Shaun Mitchell 7 aylar önce
You can’t diss Adam liaw, we protect him at all costs.
Frank F
Frank F Aylar önce
@Justin Dai I don’t imagine it I do it.for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only uncle,so whoever worships him will have decent egg fried rice.Roger 3:16
RandomItalian 2 aylar önce
@SILENCE WENCH L + failed ratio
pau bergania
pau bergania 2 aylar önce
nobody is safe from uncle roger
I Smell Like Beef
I Smell Like Beef 3 aylar önce
@SILENCE WENCH yikes it’s not that serious.
gakki bear
gakki bear 7 aylar önce
His show was like a therapy for a 15yo like me back in the day 😂 it was soothing and everything he say gets absorbed to my brain. He's like the opposite of Gordon Ramsay who's always seem to be in a rush. 😆😆
Wolfferoni 7 aylar önce
I agree, it's always a good time to watch Adam Liaw. Gordon's way too chaotic and loud for me haha. Btw he has a show called The Cook Up that you can watch on sbs food or sbs on-demand if you're interested. He has two guests on so it's not so focused on his cooking but it has similar chill vibes
Askhan PG3D
Askhan PG3D 7 aylar önce
I feel like Adam Liew is not only telling a story to each ingredient but he's telling an entire history to each ingredient.
Matthew Naro King
Matthew Naro King 2 aylar önce
Is Liaw. Not Liew.
SHellDie 2 aylar önce
Failures wouldn't understand. So todger doesn't either. Coz in the words of his mum He faaaailuuure
ElbGlorfindel 3 aylar önce
ans that is a good thing
Rylie Valentine
Rylie Valentine 3 aylar önce
Bro on baki type syorytelling "here is an account from the cameraman about the meat used in this video"
Ha1ve 5 aylar önce
He can communicate with the pig’s ancestor in jurassic age
Dilawaiz Naveed
Dilawaiz Naveed 7 aylar önce
Uncle Roger will always find a way to roast Jamie Oliver out of nowhere 😂😂
Cody Robinson
Cody Robinson 3 aylar önce
It's not an uncle Roger video if he's not roasting Jamie Oliver 🤣🤣🤣💁🏿
rgerber 6 aylar önce
watch Jamie Oliver's Chilli Bongo Turkey Recipe still some of the funniest spoof videos i've ever seen ...it's so good i have to watch them multiple times
the Meman
the Meman 6 aylar önce
Well he does have it coming😂
Dalisay Krege
Dalisay Krege 7 aylar önce
Adam is one of my favourite chefs. He is focused on educating the viewers. You should check out his back story. He is incredibly intelligent. He finished high school at 15 and got his law degree at a very young age.
The Hamster
The Hamster 7 aylar önce
@DVY Yup, he quit his job to be a chef.
DVY 7 aylar önce
jordandeearn 7 aylar önce
I love Adam Liaw. Every single one of his programs is excellent. I could just sit there with SBS Food channel on all day and never get sick of his work. Smart, charming, funny, thorough. He's so good. Thanks for sharing him with the wider world, Uncle Roger!
ABP. 7 aylar önce
When he cooked egg fried rice, he picked a Uncle-Roger-toned orange shirt. That's true respect of egg fried rice.
Stuart McQuade
Stuart McQuade 7 aylar önce
Yeah I'm so surprised Uncle Roger didn't comment on that.
GhostWithKnife 7 aylar önce
The raw ability of Uncle Roger to spiritually scar Jamie Oliver across all of time and space is incredible. Great video too.
Señior Caballero
Señior Caballero 7 aylar önce
From "Sorry Children" to "Hello Aunties", Uncle Roger is not pulling any brakes now
szewei1985 7 aylar önce
Katie L
Katie L 7 aylar önce
I screamed at that part
Señior Caballero
Señior Caballero 7 aylar önce
@Beat from Jet Set Radio why have one when you can have both? Lmao
Beat from Jet Set Radio
Pulling any punches, or using any brakes? Pick a lane. 😂
Buck's Corner
Buck's Corner 7 aylar önce
All gas no brakes baby! Uncle Roger is a savage!
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 7 aylar önce
Adam is an awesome guy, doing South Australia proud 👍 His videos are meant to be entertaining & instructional, not just quick assembly recipes. He specialises in presenting the history of food and dishes on his many TV Shows... He ALWAYS wears his Audemars Piguet watch. I suspect it was a wedding present from his wife or family 😆
Valerie Brousseau
Valerie Brousseau 7 aylar önce
I love that he is telling a lot of details about the native ingredients and the whys . We need a lot of informations in order to correctly discover, honor and passing on a culture, especially in cooking, with is the root of a nation
Lonely Alaskan
Lonely Alaskan 7 aylar önce
This is not just a food review channel. This is a cultural documentary that makes me appreciate our planet and I will support this channel till I'm an old woman. 👍🥰😋🥰
11Brownie 12
11Brownie 12 7 aylar önce
As a kid my mom taught me to make yangzhou fried rice but I never knew it was considered most traditional and because almost everybody in my family including my aunties and uncles knew this version I just figured it was normal and was what everybody did. I wouldn’t eat any food that my family didn’t make unless it was ice cream so I never got to really learn how other people make it
Mr. Supreme
Mr. Supreme 7 aylar önce
“You want it to be drier than ex-wife.” His sense of humor never fails to make me laugh.
Rino Allen
Rino Allen 5 aylar önce
Lol 😂😂😂that comment was funny. He said it with the straight face
Soulstopp 7 aylar önce
@SUBZER007 o fuiyoh your brain starting to grow
Black Water
Black Water 7 aylar önce
you actually need little to no moisture for better fried rice since sticky rice will of course stick in the wok
Vikstar123. 7 aylar önce
@n1mand Tiki 2 trvid.com/video/video-YatAytP-3_g.html 😁
DanniVizion 7 aylar önce
Adam had another one of the Yangzhou Fried Rice he did actually at a restaurant over there in Jiangsu Province, China for Destination Flavour. It can be found on SBS Australia's website. That particular version indeed does NOT have the garlic. The spring onions, it was fry the white part and reserve the green part for the end. It also had bamboo shoots in that. The changes he made over time seem pretty minimal, and really, he knows his audience is just going to ignore him and put the garlic in anyway.
Ellen H
Ellen H 4 aylar önce
He's making it for Australia. No garlic means just 2 cloves, 2 cloves means the whole bulb
She's Dark Inside
She's Dark Inside 7 aylar önce
I'm loving his explanation of every ingredient etc. His voice is so soothing and I'm totally going to his channel after watching this and watch more of him!
Zacky Boi
Zacky Boi 7 aylar önce
I actually really like him talking a lot about the reasoning behind each ingredient. It's really helpful for people trying to really grow as chefs understand why certain ingredients are used the way they are and opens up creativity for growing chefs.
endless_universe 7 aylar önce
When a chef has not much technique to show, all is left is stories. Watch some Chef Wang vids, you can watch him cooking with no words at all
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
DJ Yeah-Nah
DJ Yeah-Nah 7 aylar önce
@Mezz09 Chef Brian is great
The Library is my Happy Place
That's what I love too. He's not just demonstrating how to make a dish, he is teaching the hows and whys, which is very useful if you are from a different food culture. If I don't have or like an ingredient, knowing its purpose in the dish helps me to choose an alternative ingredient.
Mezz09 7 aylar önce
You might like another channel I watch - Chef Brian Tsao - he reacts to other cooking videos by explaining/discussing the methods and techniques being used and why it's done that way and has a pretty decent know how. It does make for longer videos but he imparts a lot of knowledge trvid.com/u-ChefBrianTsao
TimeBucks 7 aylar önce
Uncle Roger is hilarious
Kin 7 aylar önce
Lol, iyalah, wkwkwkwk
Minha Rasha2
Minha Rasha2 7 aylar önce
Nitika Nitu
Nitika Nitu 7 aylar önce
Kishun gamer
Kishun gamer 7 aylar önce
Manuel Da Silva
Manuel Da Silva 7 aylar önce
The Slav Chef
The Slav Chef 7 aylar önce
Uncle Roger never disapoints with fried rice reviews.
metsatroll 7 aylar önce
Adam Liew is one of my favorite youtube chefs. I hate most of the YT personas where they overdo it so much. Adam's calmness etc is so enjoyable.
BoekeltMcNoekelt 7 aylar önce
Adam Liaw is a legend! Everything he does on his channel is pure gold!
Cameron Alexander
Cameron Alexander 7 aylar önce
Adam Liaw is one of my favourite food personalities. He has a head of shows and his books are great. Also his twitter is hilarious. Hope you do more of him
Vladimir Demenko
Vladimir Demenko 7 aylar önce
Adam was the guy teached me how to make a ramen, he has whole playlist for that discribing each part. Nice chef for sure
GM 7 aylar önce
@ThankfulGamer You seem to act like you know your stuff. I look forward to you showing off your own cooking skillz so we know that you aren't just a basement dwelling keyboard warrior.
Efu204 7 aylar önce
@Colin Brash Ikr? Those kinds of people are the type to watch cooking show and think they're better than the contestants while having never cooked before
iwannarock89 7 aylar önce
"im a cook, not a chef" - adam liaw
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim 7 aylar önce
Xavier 7 aylar önce
I've had many versions of the Yangzhou fried rice in Cambodia, all of them taste like Jamie Olive oil's cooking, but this one by Adam makes me wanna try it again.
Charlotte Gin
Charlotte Gin 7 aylar önce
Cambodia…dude, it’s not Yangzhou.
Jan Sheep
Jan Sheep 7 aylar önce
Endia Superpooper 2020
SundhaR MusicYT
SundhaR MusicYT 7 aylar önce
@shirokanzaki oh would you be happy if it was david?
Edsel Yong
Edsel Yong 7 aylar önce
It’s amazing to see how far Uncle Roger has come - this video featured so many people he’s met around the world
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger 7 aylar önce
I adore watching Adam Liaw💜 So relaxing, cooking ASMR😍
plz7788 7 aylar önce
For those who are curious, Adam actually made a more authentic Yangzhou fried rice on his Destination Flavour China program, which has no garlic, spring onions at the end, and a lot more tossing. But he also did that in a commercial kitchen.
Quinn Lin
Quinn Lin 7 aylar önce
Spring onion does not have to put in last... but the green bit of spring onion should be put in last (this is nearly the rule for all Chinese cooking... the green bit of spring onion is used as garnish... to add color to the dish)... the white bit could go in first to create what Chinese call spring onion infused oil (葱油)...
Susu Tjap Noona
Susu Tjap Noona 7 aylar önce
@plz7788 Cs in my home, a nonstick frying pan cant achieve enough heat to make those wok hey. And my wok material i cant tell what it is , cs it is too good to be called stainless steel and its too light to be called carbon steel. Idk , i got 2 stove at home . 1 is a standart home stove Rinnai with 0.25-0.27 kg/h gas usage. 1 more idk i forget the brand,its a planted stove, around 0.23-0.25 kg/h gas usage . Both work really well with my wok, which idk what is the material . But if i use a professional chinese stove that sound like a jet engine ,well idk if my wok will survive or not.
plz7788 7 aylar önce
@Susu Tjap Noona I'm curious, what have you the impression I was using a non stick? I'm on carbon steel. It is a known fact that most home gas burners are not very powerful, unless of course you live in a country where powerful burners at home are common, in which case, lucky you!
Susu Tjap Noona
Susu Tjap Noona 7 aylar önce
@plz7788 use a different wok material, idk what kind of materials but it seems absorbing heat a lot faster. within less than 1 min, it already produce a smoke , and you can start to pour your oil alrd. just dont use non stick pan kind of things, i cant produce a enough heat also with those kind of material
plz7788 7 aylar önce
Basically, tossing is good, but don't be a snob about it, in most home kitchens, IMO, the difference is small, you can get fantastic fried rice without it.
Christopher van Rossmann
I like that Uncle is becoming more confident in his culinary knowledge as time goes on since he's done some studying and cooking of his own. He's beginning to sound less like an overly-opinionated Uncle and more like an actual chef.
Sati 7 aylar önce
I’m confused. I just started bingeing Uncle Roger videos. Is he a chef? He seems to know what he’s talking about. But then in his date with Aunty Jenny, his fried rice looked pretty sad 😄
Blair Annabel
Blair Annabel 7 aylar önce
Yes, Adam Liaw was one of my fav in Masterchef Australia. Thanks Uncle Roger for reacting to his video.👍☺️
C. Sanchez
C. Sanchez 2 aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣 His videos kill me every time. Especially the last 2 lines 😂
Aranya P. Nandi
Aranya P. Nandi 7 aylar önce
Uncle Roger really went from "sorry children" to "hello aunties"
Strykebolten 7 aylar önce
@Kairun31 uhhh what?
Katie L
Katie L 7 aylar önce
I screamed at that part
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
Quinn Van
Quinn Van 7 aylar önce
I know Uncle was very bored and critical of Adam Liew, but honestly, I'm going to go watch that dude's videos, because I like a lot of explanation in cooking videos. I like learning as much as I can about specific dishes and ingredients because I like learning to cook.
StickieNinja 7 aylar önce
Uncle roger is doing exactly what my mom did when we went to watch the angry birds movies; she fell asleep both times
Wahid Abeed
Wahid Abeed 7 aylar önce
8:59 would be great if uncle Roger says "nobody want yellow spring onion, people want spring onion, not autumn onion"
tamki clips
tamki clips 7 aylar önce
emotional damage
Faiqal _x1103
Faiqal _x1103 7 aylar önce
Isn’t it rich
Isn’t it rich 7 aylar önce
It’s actually my first time seeing a professional chef finally give leftover/refrigerated rice the spotlight it deserves
SB 7 aylar önce
"Slower than Starbucks WiFi" - Uncle Roger. 😝😝 Loved Adam from his "MasterChef Australia" time and win. ❤️ He is an amazing chef! 🧑‍🍳
Matthew Calmert
Matthew Calmert 7 aylar önce
I actually appreciated him telling me more about the steps and ingredients. Helps my understanding as to why.
tram nguyen duy
tram nguyen duy 7 aylar önce
choi em
choi em 7 aylar önce
The Hamster
The Hamster 7 aylar önce
Everyone loves Adam Liaw and he's funny too!
Kain Yusanagi
Kain Yusanagi 7 aylar önce
@ׂ As a cook by trade: Why you cook with these ingredients and how IS the recipe. You are being taught what each ingredient's use is so that you can substitute and omit as needed for your own iteration. Just aping their ingredient choice is not going to give you much information at all. If you're "starving and hungry", you shouldn't be looking up how to cook a dish, especially one you've never cooked before, and instead get something simple and light into you to offset the hunger pangs while you cook, and next time cook a fulfilling meal before you get to that stage.
ׂ 7 aylar önce
@Matthew Calmert I disagree to your disagreement, everyone learns differently, I’m an audio and visual learner so I need to see a video of someone doing it. That doesn’t mean that I want to sit in my kitchen with all my ingredients and wait for him to get through all the explanation when I just want to cook a quick meal. There should be a label for the different genres of cooking video: “How to cook” and “Why we cook with these ingredients” kinda thing. I’d totally be down to learn about the history and reasons for ingredients but not when I’m starving and hangry and just want to know how to cook the damn food.
professorbutters 7 aylar önce
I actually appreciate all the explanations. That’s why I watch Chef Brian Tsao’s commentary.
Lia S
Lia S 7 aylar önce
Adam is very awesome chef, he is very good at explaining details
Ghosty Arts & Crafts
Ghosty Arts & Crafts 7 aylar önce
As an Aussie I still remember when this dude was on masterchef australia 🤣 good to see he's still vibing
Michelle Erickson
Michelle Erickson 7 aylar önce
I actually love his talking because it’s all about purpose. Why he’s doing it, why he picked that ingredient etc.. one can learn a lot from Adam. Unlike a lot of bloggers that tell you how much their aunts friend loved something on their vacation to the Hamptons last spring
Vic Jang
Vic Jang 7 aylar önce
Interesting how the entire comment section seems to stand by Adam. Must be a really good cook.
FuzzyPudding 7 aylar önce
I love Adam Liaw. I hate it when people just show the cooking and not explain the why. He may make it like history class, but that was my favorite subject in school lol. I'd much rather have over explaining than under explaining.
before the bigbang
before the bigbang 7 aylar önce
We just want to cook and ingredients
3lectr1x 7 aylar önce
History class was my least favorite class yet I’m still really interested
Robin Sailo
Robin Sailo 7 aylar önce
Over explanation for a dish he can't even cook?
Windsor Lim
Windsor Lim 7 aylar önce
Great stories poor results gets you a B+. Which means failure in Asian category. Try again.
The best food critic I have ever seen. Very professional UNCLE ROGER! ✅
And funny as fudge! 🤣
FXGlobally 7 aylar önce
Feels like absolutely fun to watch. The ingredients are shown separately and love two parts in video when it is divided so we can follow cooking. The humor is really good.🥚😋🤣
kingdomhearts 7 aylar önce
I actually like how he explains things. I'm that one person who grew up watching good eats.Everything was explained to me lol I got a history lesson for my cooking lessons lol.
kingdomhearts 7 aylar önce
@gelatinguy I can see that. I guess I didn't mind that much lol.
gelatinguy 7 aylar önce
I love Good Eats, but Adam kind of rambles to me. There's still information and history there to learn, but it's said with about 3 times as many words as needed. Just like my comment.
Lemon Lime
Lemon Lime 7 aylar önce
Shhhhh, Adam is a storyteller. Not just a 'wham bam' recipe man. Love.
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
Dazt4r 7 aylar önce
*provides thoughtful commentary on special/uncommon ingredient with potential substitutions* “It’s free Real Estate.”
K Woylee
K Woylee 7 aylar önce
Adam Liaw is a national treasure and fellow Adelaidean.
Jamie L
Jamie L 7 aylar önce
Adam deserves the Uncle title. Bob Ross of cooking
Jenzo Zen
Jenzo Zen 7 aylar önce
Adam has more story to tell even more than my history teacher
Gaijin in Japan
Gaijin in Japan 7 aylar önce
I love how Adam teaches while cooking. I think people who get bored of his explanations are those who needs to get off of tiktok. 🤭
JazzyCat 7 aylar önce
The dichotomy of Australia chefs: Adam: *serene, calming, slow explanation of ingredients and authentic methods* Nat: WHATS GOOD CHAMPIONS TIME TO THROW THE SHIT IN THE FUCKING PAN AND COOK THE FUCK OUT OF IT!!
Shaneyah G.
Shaneyah G. 7 aylar önce
@Darkstar if you're reading 'triggered' into the phrase 'excuse me' then honestly, you are the one with issues (:
Darkstar 7 aylar önce
@Shaneyah G. Triggered by a random person on the internet? How sensitive are you lol!
Shaneyah G.
Shaneyah G. 7 aylar önce
@Giuseppe LoGiurato excuse me?
Giuseppe LoGiurato
Giuseppe LoGiurato 7 aylar önce
Australia? Why? (I mean, "Australia" is a silly place.)
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
Ranalcis Rajkumar
Ranalcis Rajkumar 7 aylar önce
6:10 “The salt gives you the taste of the dish” Wow, thank you so much chef. Never knew that.
Jordi B
Jordi B 7 aylar önce
Adam is a national treasure!
Modeltnick 7 aylar önce
Uncle Roger make niece and nephew laugh all the time!
Viajera82 7 aylar önce
I am SO happy you did a video on Adam. He deserves so many more followers! His video have taught me so much. I have several bookmarked that I go back to again and again.
Danh Luc
Danh Luc 7 aylar önce
i love Adam Liaw, his voice is so sooth, and his cooking is very close to traditional receipt. I'm Vietnamese, i love how he cooked Pho, i'm extremely picky on traditional food, i would not eat or cook if i don't have enough indigents, but Adam stick so close with traditional recipe. He explained so well why we need to pick this and that type of herbs, how is it make unique flavor for that disc, some other cookers just be like "oh you can use this one instead that if you can't find it", some people may not feel offended but if i say something to close to their culture such as " you can use instant ramen instead spaghetti if you can't find spaghetti" then they instantly feel offended. When you grow up with something traditional, you like how the way it is, when someone never grow up with it, and they change the traditional recipe, it truly hurt. i like Adam Liaw a lot, he is very passionate chef, and put a lot respect on traditional foods from other people culture.
Persnikitty 7 aylar önce
Yep. He never tells, but explains. Sure, that approach is not for everyone, but works for those who enjoy and want to learn. Some want a checklist, while those like myself want to understand the checklist: why this instead of that..and that thing over there, how's it work with this and that?
Sid The Bloxer
Sid The Bloxer 7 aylar önce
'Not how long it is, it how you use it.' THAT MADE MY DAY.
N B 7 aylar önce
Adam Liaw is amazing!! Such a nice guy!
Tejinder Reehal
Tejinder Reehal 6 aylar önce
Never fail to make me laugh Uncle Roger.😂😂
chip7486 7 aylar önce
His kitchen looks like heaven because Adam is an absolute angel!
Toy Younger
Toy Younger 6 aylar önce
LoL. I LOVE these Fried Rice reviews. PLEASE don’t stop. Me and my family have been binge watching them. We fell out of our seats laughing at the one with Kay and her raw rice (Not a diss, she’s entertaining to say the least) recipe. And, I agree with your assessments of this one as well. Less talking more cooking!
TheGodOfPez 7 aylar önce
Uncle Roger is an internet treasure.
shirokanzaki 7 aylar önce
@TheGodOfPez lol
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
TheGodOfPez 7 aylar önce
@shirokanzaki No joke! I hate it. I expect it on porn sites, not here.
shirokanzaki 7 aylar önce
@TheGodOfPez this is probably one of the youtube problems... those annoying spambots
TheGodOfPez 7 aylar önce
@Not A Fish Dude it’s CRAZY annoying. I turn my notifications off when they start flooding my phone. How and why did this shit start happening? Cheers, dude. 🍻
Magical Big James
Magical Big James 7 aylar önce
That line at the end got a good loud laugh from me! You make nephew very happy Uncle Roger!
ABHM 7 aylar önce
Attending Adam Liaw's class is basically listening to the history of each ingredients
Jon Garrard
Jon Garrard 7 aylar önce
Uncle Roger needs to get onto Adams current cooking show here in Aussie , that would make great TV for the both of you !!
Emma Forte
Emma Forte 7 aylar önce
Adam is a national treasure!my favourite ever MasterChef winner!!!
VictusPrime 7 aylar önce
Adam Liaw is a true gem. Love his stuff.
zsr06 7 aylar önce
cooking starts at 7:29 😂
Kamei 7 aylar önce
xd, The moment we all been waiting for
Follow me, please
Follow me, please 7 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-i4gIqgtBXJU.html Finally it's here
shirokanzaki 7 aylar önce
yeah I was like... the way Adam talks is like reading a bedtime story lol
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Penguin Mascot
Penguin Mascot 7 aylar önce
No wonder why i saw comments about him cooking so slow 💀
SheyD78 7 aylar önce
I'm with Uncle Roger on the spring onion, if you put it in early it will wilt, and even burn. Even the garlic (if you're using it) should probably go in after the veggies because as you can see it's already starting to burn by the time Adam adds the spring onion. Probably start with your choice of pork product to get the fat rendering, then vegies in the order they take to cook, followed by the chicken, then garlic if you're using it then spring onion. I could be wrong though (and probably am)
Grumpy Cat
Grumpy Cat 7 aylar önce
Adam is that one guy you want to hangout so you can learn more things
陆巍予 7 aylar önce
The tradition method of YangZhou fried rice actually put spring onion at first. It will give the spring onion some crispy toasted smoking flavor. We don't use garlic in YangZhou fried rice. In some alternative version of the YangZhou fried rice, we add shrimp and mushroom.
Randy Tran
Randy Tran 7 aylar önce
I love Adam for his additional insight!
Wei Tay
Wei Tay 7 aylar önce
Finally Adam Liaw is noticed. He's so good and underrated.
K Woylee
K Woylee 7 aylar önce
Not in Australia - we love him.
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
Vann Holmes
Vann Holmes 7 aylar önce
I've been wanting to show my egg fried rice but I know for a fact that if there is a camera involved, I will mess up every step 😂 it'll be an episode of Kay's Cooking because I'll be so nervous. But every time these videos come out, I get a huge craving for it
Bec Uziel
Bec Uziel 7 aylar önce
Love Adam. Such a calm & knowledgeable chef.
Rimen Wolf
Rimen Wolf 7 aylar önce
The hum story and the charity stuff made me laughed so hard until I got no breath 🤣🤣🤣 nice one uncle roger
B P 7 aylar önce
Why would someone dislike Uncle Roger ?
Amirtharajah Sukanantharajah
Uncle roger never fails to make us laugh
sophia isabelle
sophia isabelle 7 aylar önce
Mr Roger never fails to brighten up our lives. His quick wit and sense of humor when it comes down to his food reviews are just incomparable to a certain degree. Times are tough these days, and we always need something to steer our own attention to something that truly makes us happy.
Joe 7 aylar önce
"Times are tough these days, and we always need something to steer our own attention to something that truly makes us happy." - please get some professional help if this is what these videos are doing for you.
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
EliteEditz ™️
EliteEditz ™️ 7 aylar önce
@Alicia Liu innit, another one above me
Alicia Liu
Alicia Liu 7 aylar önce
theres like 3000 bots in the replies of this
cilio gonzalez
cilio gonzalez 7 aylar önce
Quick wit would imply his show isn’t scripted….
novemberninth 7 aylar önce
Welcome to Indonesia, Uncle Roger! I'm glad you're enjoying our food! We have a lot of MSG here 🥰
X Z 7 aylar önce
You definitely should review Uncle Wang Gang's Yangzhou fried rice, the ultimate evolution of the home-made version you already reviewed.
James Robson
James Robson 7 aylar önce
Adam can do no wrong! Even his Twitter is full of cute anecdotes about his kids
Ira Griffen
Ira Griffen 7 aylar önce
I lived in Yangzhou for 5 years. I can confirm they love their cleavers and their egg fried rice.
Natalie Lear
Natalie Lear 7 aylar önce
Adam is a legend in Australia, he is the MASTER of Masterchef. Would much prefer to see Adam as a judge on the show than Andy!
Kpop Lovers
Kpop Lovers 7 aylar önce
I'm from Indonesia. I saw you on Indonesian cooking television show. I'm very happy that you are so exciting and if you see the atmosphere is very fresh. I hope you have enjoyed a lot of Indonesian food 😊😊
Surviving Guy
Surviving Guy 7 aylar önce
Adam will always be my favourite Masterchef contestant. I still drool over his Pot Pork Stew that he made in, I believe, Pressure test.
Hailey Maurer
Hailey Maurer 5 aylar önce
This is a great collab! Funny and informative
james yamamoto
james yamamoto 7 aylar önce
YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!! I love Adam's channel! there are so many great recipes. It's definitely one of my favorite channels on youtube
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 7 aylar önce
Adam Liew is genuinely such a good chef I learned so much from him.
Arosh Abbas
Arosh Abbas 7 aylar önce
Adam's cooking description made me feel like listening to my grandpa's old stories of his past.
kathy barns
kathy barns 7 aylar önce
Thank you Uncle Roger! You made my day. 😍😍
Rolex Lo
Rolex Lo 5 aylar önce
He almost correct for 80% of steps and ingredients. Even his explanation of the ingredients.
Subhajit Deysarkar
Subhajit Deysarkar 7 aylar önce
Adam has a video series in his channel where he goes in depth about Ramen. It is beautiful. Love how beautifully he explains the cooking process
MAKE MONEY 7 aylar önce
Here finally trvid.com/video/video-8-nTxSt1-c8.html
HelsBels 7 aylar önce
@Subhajit Deysarkar 2010s? Lord, the 2000s themselves!
Subhajit Deysarkar
Subhajit Deysarkar 7 aylar önce
@Don't Read My Profile Photo the 2010s called. They went their joke back
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Follow me, please 7 aylar önce
trvid.com/video/video-i4gIqgtBXJU.html Finally it's here
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KateeeKate 7 aylar önce
I love Adam. Such a sweet guy and loves to showcase all types of cuisine.
John Kamperschroer
John Kamperschroer 7 aylar önce
Legend has it Adam is still telling the fried rice story
“İlk gün VS son gün sahur”
Küçük çocuk ve keko eleyna
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تحدي الشحط😭
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Bro ascended 👁️👄👁️ #comedy