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Uncle Roger want you to try XCJ's noodles: thexcj.com/pages/uncleroger
Big thanks to the team at Gymkhana for letting us film at their restaurant. If you want to make butter chicken like Uncle Roger, go buy their ready-made sauces: gymkhanafinefoods.com/
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28 Oca 2023




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@NickDiGiovanni Yıl önce
Uncle Roger, MSG does not go in butter chicken. I'm going to have to remove your Uncle title.
@sleepy4205 Yıl önce
He gave you the uncle title
@aclass9873 Yıl önce
Congrats nick for the uncle title... He had to give it to you cuz you were being annoying 😂 just kidding you're a great chef... Respect!
@TacoEater1 Yıl önce
Wait that's illegal.
@mayumi1007 Yıl önce
I cooked butter chicken with MSG. It tasted better. Btw, I'm going to subscribe to your channel now. Just saw you with uncle Roger making the lobster roll and I must say you seem so nice and sweet. ❤️
@Heart4roses Yıl önce
Make shlt taste gud
@rhea944 8 aylar önce
As an Indian i can confirm that chef was screaming internally seeing MSG being added 😂😂
@jackbeck4 7 aylar önce
Same for me. Feel like somebody stop him.
@Baronnax 7 aylar önce
That shit makes me thirstier than a cactus. Pretty sure it's poison for your body too.
@Down2First 7 aylar önce
That’s a poison we all willing to consume…
@bertobrb 6 aylar önce
@@Baronnax it's not
@itsmekakahabibi 6 aylar önce
​@@bertobrbit is unhealthy af
@s.ai.3865 Yıl önce
I know Chef Syd screamed internally every time Uncle Roger sprinkled MSG in the cooking lmao
@emhgarlyyeung Yıl önce
Not everyone know yet the MSG is harmless, even healthier than salt.
@gamerzay654 Yıl önce
@@emhgarlyyeung I need some sources before I believe this 😂
@egreen96 Yıl önce
​@@gamerzay654to be fair it's a naturally occuring chemical, it's found in tomatoes for example
@rjprainy7971 11 aylar önce
@@gamerzay654 MSG = Monosodium glutamate = Sodium + Amino acid call glutamate. Glutamate is amino acid that can transfer to varies amino acid such as Glutamine Proline Histidine and Arginine. So MSG is not harmful. And for someone who think that you allergies with MSG. In medical is not sure that it can be allergy. You will feel thirsty after you eat MSG because you just eat sodium.
@gamerzay654 11 aylar önce
@@rjprainy7971 Look, I don’t think MSG is bad for but to say it’s harmless is like saying salt is harmless 😂
@summi909 9 aylar önce
U can see the chef literally dying inside everytime he added the MSG 🤣
@joeroberts2156 5 aylar önce
Indian food doesn't have it, doesn't need it.
@fachriranu1041 4 aylar önce
​@@joeroberts2156every food need MSG.
@Anu-hy2rb 3 aylar önce
​@@joeroberts2156It tastes far better than MSG
​@@joeroberts2156vegitables like tomatoes cauliflower cabbage etc gave MSG Indian food are made with those lol
@annakutheslug 2 aylar önce
Uh, no. I don't have xray vision. I can't literally see his organs shutting down.
@adpamtures Yıl önce
Uncle Roger.. Sid must've been sweating inside from all your jokes 😂
Ok... Why tho?
@DerSaa Yıl önce
They videos get worse... with all this anti white jokes and stuff I don't like it recently...
@maze_runner098 Yıl önce
@@shailendrapsingh7503 dirty jokes are more of a young people thing older people are very prim and proper and dirty jokes are frowned upon
@skynutter. Yıl önce
@@Official_mrnigelng0 lol, this one Uncle Scammer xD
@JC-lu4se Yıl önce
@@maze_runner098 It's the other way around. Young folk are too worried about offending someone.
@ankitadesai_ 8 aylar önce
Chef Sid deserves an award for this patience here. He was so sweet.I can’t with MSG just NOOO😂😂😂😂😂.
For 8 million, we want Uncle Roger to teach Jamie Oliver how to cook
@newcialee2428 Yıl önce
For 8 million dude your dreaming I think 10 million subscribers it might happen, but 8 million yeah ain’t happening
It suppose to be 10 Millions subscribers
@VaguelyIrish Yıl önce
For each million subs, he should teach Jamie how to make a previous dish: butter chicken, thai green curry, etc.
@kolgrim841 Yıl önce
This is impossible task xD
9:15 That involuntary hand raise when Uncle Roger put in the MSG was brilliant. You could feel the chef thinking “Uncle Roger, you fucked up!”. 😂
@Scarlet_324 Yıl önce
@@Official_mrnigelng0 hahaha frick off nobody thinks you’re Nigel
@emhgarlyyeung Yıl önce
It could only make the curry a lot better. Not everyone know yet the MSG is harmless, even healthier than salt.
We all know Jamie Oliver gonna mess up boiling the noodles
@priyankasaha9823 10 aylar önce
@@emhgarlyyeung it's an Indian dish.. and most of them have their flavours from their spices and proper procedure of making them.. and most of them don't use msg.. if msg only makes dish tases good, it means it's hiding the actual flavours of the dish.. most likely covering any flaw
@bindidutta4737 Yıl önce
When uncle roger Jaime-Olivered the butterchicken with his msg 😂😂😂😂 the involuntary gasp on chef sid's face was felt by every Indian.
@lindahargitai1085 11 aylar önce
Jamie-Olivered phrase is so catchy 🤣
@bindidutta4737 11 aylar önce
@@lindahargitai1085 lol.. Thanks Linda... 💜
@softmochi02 11 aylar önce
@@lindahargitai1085 lol sounds like strolled. I'll use it when someone fks up cooking food
@Piranha123 11 aylar önce
What is msg?
@bindidutta4737 11 aylar önce
@@Piranha123 stands for Monosodium glutamate which is a synthetic food taste enhancer , the white stuff uncle roger sprinkles on food as the chef panics here 😂
@yourstrulyavanthi 9 aylar önce
Chef Sid is too polite. Can only imagine how awkward this shoot would have been!😆
I can feel chef Sid.. You don't like people messing up your stuff... But you can't tell them off.. Cause you're too kind ...
@kaylee6584 9 aylar önce
Indirectly calling yourself kind? Cringe. People who call themselves 'kind' never are.
@that_one_kid26 9 aylar önce
@blaziard683 9 aylar önce
Polite is the word you're looking for
@chanelels6569 7 aylar önce
I only recently discovered Uncle Roger. Never knew this guy existed. First time I saw him was on one of Guga Foods videos, where Guga taught him how to make steaks. And I loved the humor. I dont know how I never knew about this guy. But keep up the great jokes and reviews. Its making my days better. And by recent, I mean I only saw it less than a month ago.
@Tonyhouse1168 6 aylar önce
He’s hilarious with Joshua Weissman too
Chef Sid is too wholesome and pure for uncle roger’s dirty jokes
Sorry children
@Denis-vr5ol Yıl önce
556 likes now, sorry mate
@thready3012 Yıl önce
I think he just wants to stay married... Hahahahhaa
@eternal1967 Yıl önce
Omg 😂😂. Chef Sid is controlling his patience with uncle Roger's Dirty jokes and especially *MSG* .
@emhgarlyyeung Yıl önce
It could only make the curry a lot better. Not everyone know yet the MSG is harmless, even healthier than salt.
@eternal1967 Yıl önce
@@emhgarlyyeung Well indian origins never use artificial salt like stuff because as a lot of reports on health related stuff like heart attack, diarrhea etc... That's why chef Sid was controlling his patience 😂
@sgthop 11 aylar önce
@@eternal1967 MSG is a naturally occurring compound, not "artificial salt".
@swanandjadhav2413 11 aylar önce
​​@@sgthoppoisonous Mushrooms are also a natural thing wanna have some?
@Darkcamera45 8 aylar önce
@@eternal1967bro those are hoax’s msg is like all spices and fragrants not too much and you’ll be fine
@Lily-ni2mb Yıl önce
There is something so sweet and precious about Chef Sid 🥺
@TheWanderingPrince 7 aylar önce
Chef Sid indeed too innocent for Uncle Roger's jokes😂. But then again innocence doesn't make me laugh hard😂.
@hirosuke75846 11 aylar önce
He killed me when talking about adding spices. “Use the right amount. Not the white amount” 😂😂😂😂
@bhamanair4984 8 aylar önce
"If butter chicken kills you, you deserve to die" I want this on a t-shirt ASAP!
@siddbs Yıl önce
cheff Syd is the embodiment of an awkward indian uncle trying to fit in with his niece and nephews, he was so sweet
1.2k likes with no comments??! Lemme fix that
@@fossilrobotgb165 no offence but i think u should get some likes as well
@ktolwal Yıl önce
It actually is Sid not Syd , in the Indian sub continent usually it's a abbreviated for the name Siddhartha (as in the Gautam Buddha)
@@zystergaming9554 thanks bro
@@ktolwal yes ur right
The energy of Chef Sid Ahuja's modest/shy demeanor and crazy Uncle Roger in a Michelin star kitchen works so well. If I wanna guess, it must be harmonious working in the kitchen despite the 1-star status, he doesn't seem like the kind who would scream and yell and get too intense at his work mates. I also agree with his disapproving look at MSG lol.
@ryanjuguilon213 9 aylar önce
if you agree then dont eat any food that has msag on it. you know tomatoes, cheese and most savory dishes
@talithasijo6441 Yıl önce
Chef Sid Ahuja is so sweet and innocent. His patience proven when uncle Roger put msg in butter chicken😁
@raghunandanbs2005 9 aylar önce
Haha that uncomfortable smile on uncle Sids face lol such a sweet guy
@the-chillian Yıl önce
I've been catching up on Nigel's videos here (and Chef Makinson's reaction videos) and I've been thinking about what an amazing journey this has been for him. Uncle Roger starts out as a character for his videos or a stand-up act, and with one viral video somehow he ends up as one of the most notable food critics around! The reason I bring up Chef Makinson is that he brings a professional eye to Uncle Roger's histrionics. In case you're wondering whether Uncle Roger is just complaining in an entertaining way -- watch the reaction videos. Nearly every time, Nigel is RIGHT. Even when he's not talking about East Asian food he's almost always right. Either he knows the fuck out of Asian food in general (and I guess in Malaysia you get a unique perspective on a wide range of different ethnic foods) or he researches like crazy before making one of these. Either way, when Uncle Roger tells you how something is supposed to be done, you can believe him. Nigel isn't a professional cook, but he knows what he's talking about.
Oh.. chef Makinson, he's a good one
@aidi58 8 aylar önce
Makinson is good and over here in Malaysia we do have such a wide variety of cuisines that one can easily be food saavy by the time you hit the late teens.
@ianhud12 3 aylar önce
Props to Chef Sid, a charming and patient professional
The look of disapproval in the chef's eyes Everytime Uncle Roger added MSG was priceless
@MinhPham-vg6bw Yıl önce
😂😂😂 I see that too
@vinns124 Yıl önce
Butter chicken doesn’t need MSG, since it’s already tasty and famous for that, why msg
@WoeWoeWoe Yıl önce
@@vinns124 it’s his brand he’d get hate either way
@henvdemon Yıl önce
@@vinns124 gotta wonder how more cracked it got if at all.
@blchfnby Yıl önce
@@vinns124 doesnt need it because Tomatoes have naturally occurring MSG, which is why they taste so much better cooked down.
@porky_scouser Yıl önce
You just know chef Sid never been more uncomfortable in his entire life
@diadon5674 Yıl önce
The contrast of Chef sid's innocence and uncle roger's dirty jokes is creating nice chaotic energy and I am here for it
Best video in a long while LOL
@bikramjitlahiri8274 8 aylar önce
Uncle Roger is Actually the MSG of videos ... He can make any video Better ... 😂😂😂
@northshorepx 2 aylar önce
@DanielMores Yıl önce
1:04 ... never have I ever seen a youtuber put so much effort into promoting his/her sponsor! Kudos, Unclo Roger, for the visual display of the effort that goes into a pack of noodles.
@RohanKumar-xt6ov 5 aylar önce
5:50 first time hearing "a bit " of MSG,from uncle roger😂😂😂
@marveena Yıl önce
After filming this, Chef Sid went back and apologized to his ancestors for all the "sorry children" moments Uncle Roger gave him.
@Max.the.person Yıl önce
And the msg
@@Max.the.person not forget msg stands for make s**t good
​@@musicalhannan4325 but butter chicken itself has lot of flavor it not shit so not needed
@kissit012 Yıl önce
The ancestors that wrote the Kama Sutras?
@marveena Yıl önce
@kissit012 ooooooo damnnn son
@user-sb8vw7jx6z Yıl önce
Poor chef Syd. 😂 What a nice and likeable human being.
The best part about these cooking collaborations is nobody ever seems to be enjoying this because uncle Roger always just sneaks MSG into the mael😊
@naihaiftikhar1528 10 aylar önce
Chef internally dying watching uncle Roger put msg in makhni😂😂😂
@rafisdead Yıl önce
man uncle roger is just too good. i literally found him today and started binge watching all his popular videos. thank u uncle roger u seriously put a huge smile on my face
@satyamgarg5744 4 aylar önce
I have started watching uncle roger videos from last 2 days and i m just in love with the way of his speaking. Not the fan of cooking but a fan of uncle roger 🌹😋I like to view your videos whenever i open TRvid i like to find your shorts and videos they are very good
@kronikz_2210 Yıl önce
I like how Syd doesn't understand the adult jokes Uncle Roger is dishing out
@killeguy Yıl önce
He does. He is just modest
I agree
@danielstone9978 Yıl önce
@@killeguy correct. Making a good impression for the restaurant
@pleasantsville Yıl önce
The personality of that chef couldn’t be more high energy 😅
@Einhildur Yıl önce
I wheezed during the whole video...sooo many jokes, poor Uncle Sid 🤣
@sizzlerfoods 8 aylar önce
I made this recipe and it turned out to be one of the best recipe that i have ever tasted 😊😊 I tried so many uncle roger recipe's taught by you... all are very easy to make and tastes awesome, I also upload my all recipe videos on my TRvid channel 😊😊
Uncle Roger that was too much for a pure soul like chef Sid 😂
@widodoakrom3938 Yıl önce
@ignitiongaming136 3 aylar önce
Honestly, watching Uncle Rogger respect 90% of the cooking process is still better than 90% of home cooks on Tiktok. Everyone can cook, not everyone can cook well... Also U.R. if they know how to get a home cook affordable tandoor hook me up, that and a 42' cast iron wok have always been on my radar to get so i can make traditional Nan bread and take my fried rice to the next level
@kristita_888 Yıl önce
My heart goes out to Chef Sid…he seemed so uncomfortable with Uncle Roger’s dirty mind! 😂
@anuragkar8619 Yıl önce
Uncle"s are to make nieces and nephews uncomfortable . IT's the GOLDEN RULE.
@blackstar5867 Yıl önce
Yeah im noticing that aswell. Probably wasn't the right guy for this.
yeah it was a bit too much. I agree.
@Tayodie Yıl önce
Uncle Rodger I am a huge fan. Your a very funny and an inspirational guy! I will continue to watch all of your videos! Much love.
@adityaroy7616 Yıl önce
Nigel's jokes were top quality in this video.
@emmasurf8109 8 aylar önce
Such a tease and now he's taken it to the next level. Showing those well priced sauces and then seeing they are only in the UK. No happy ending.
@mayumi1007 Yıl önce
I wish you make more videos. Me and my husband ran out of videos to watch from you. 😢 Your videos are one of our bonding moments.
@blobofconsciousness 9 aylar önce
UR saving marriages.... xD
@69cheesyfries 2 aylar önce
Can we have another collab with Esther please? She just matches your energy so well!
@averyeml Yıl önce
Lmao you can tell Chef Sid wasn’t prepared for just HOW “Uncle Roger” Uncle Roger is. The brief moment of panic for his own PR on his face when Uncle Roger was like “ah, cashews, you don’t care about nut allergy people” SENT ME 💀
It is
@The Supreme Leader but he divorced. no gf also. you lying to people.
@nutzhazel Yıl önce
@@lunascomments3024 It's a new way of advertising sick channels.
Repent to Jesus Christ “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ U
@Nayaaaaaaaa Yıl önce
@The Supreme Leader lmao wtf
@AkosGonczi Yıl önce
I just found this channel via tiktok, and man the laughs I had watching all those short veejios, then realizing that it is actually quite a fresh channel, the butter chicken is very recent!! I absolutely love that it is so politically incorrect, with so massive sarcasm that has the proper kick, like birds eye chili used in the right amount! Fuiyooohh!
Bro chef sid is too innocent for Uncle Roger's dirty jokes💀💀 uncle Roger made SO MANY dirty jokes in this one video and chef sid was just confused I feel him😂💀
@TBNzgSj47adb77 Aylar önce
2:34 Uncle Rogers thought process is hilarious😂
@rociotorres7772 Yıl önce
I didn’t know my mom was using MSG for years. One day I read the back label on 2 of her favorites by Knorr. She likes the tomato chicken & chicken bouillon for rice and specialty dishes as flavor enhancers. Sure enough main ingredient after salt: Monosodium Glutamate - no wonder her rice always tasted so good!
@bijoux900823 8 aylar önce
From the cooking process and everyone's reactions during taste test, you know the butter chicken really taste good ❤
@TengsuangFaith Yıl önce
Chef Sid is too innocent for Uncle Roger's jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@Comicscene.7289 Yıl önce
Or he knows his parents may watch the video
@anuragkar8619 Yıl önce
@@Comicscene.7289 that's a good one
@sentinaro4870 Yıl önce
Very humble indian uncle 🤣
@roseturner3002 Yıl önce
Thank you for all the entertaining videos. It truly makes our busy days lighter and happier. Thank you, Uncle Roger. 🎉❤
@isawaakuma Yıl önce
I just discovered this channel and have been binge watching for two days now. So funny.
@seandupuie3552 8 aylar önce
He had me cracking up! "Seem like a 4 finger kinda guy" fuckin hilarious! I don't think that guy knows how to take uncle Roger...🤣🤣🤣🤣
@carlantaya175 Yıl önce
The woman happy ending bit is some of the greatest comedy I've ever heard in my life.
@yahyaiflal4521 8 aylar önce
omg this was hilarious dude, chef sid couldnt belive the dirty jokes and didnt understand half of them too!! Hahah loved this video
@minami8905 Yıl önce
As an Indian, I'd never expected I'd see MSG added in Butter chicken 😂 lmao Uncle Roger's a great comedian tho
🙏 bro....
@_tsu_ Yıl önce
Bro your favourite restaurant probably uses MSG. It's called Ajinomoto here(which is the name of the company that invented it btw). it's a lot more common than you think.
@Wiley97 Yıl önce
Most fastfood uses it, not often used in homecooking though. I bought it and it makes almost everything a little bit better!
@Scarlet_324 Yıl önce
@@_tsu_ that's not traditional and as the chef said it already has a lot of spices so it doesn't need any more escalation of the flavour otherwise the flavour will probably be too overpowered
@narutofanz85 Yıl önce
Haha man uncle Roger is too much, love it. Beautiful restaurant, great chef!
@marynadanny3479 Yıl önce
Just got back home from Nigel’s gig. And oh my god, I haven’t laughed so much and given my miserable life I probably won’t laugh for quite a while. Thank you for a brilliant night!
@marcl6961 10 aylar önce
i am laughing so hard at the spicy flavor comes in twice. it reminds you of a good time the 2nd time in the morning.. im dying.. LOLOL
@kayanjk3 Yıl önce
Chef Sid is so sweet 😆with the innocent tone saying yes to msg
@lisamonaaa2765 9 aylar önce
10:03 had me laugh so hard😂😂😂
@kvc_zeon Yıl önce
The chef look so innocent every time uncle roger makes joke 😂
@calebray4168 Yıl önce
The way he said “four fingers?!” At 5:28
@natooshaq8 Yıl önce
Uncle Roger needs a Sorry Children disclaimer for this chef
@loriki8766 Yıl önce
It's like he can't figure out whether to be horrified or amused at Uncle Roger's humor.
@shaolindreams Yıl önce
@rakeshyadav4030 Yıl önce
Love from India🇮🇳 and may you get 10 million soon.
@Fikunmi07 Yıl önce
I love how Chef Sid called Waitrose a local grocery store like it was Lidl.
@Bas_Lightyear Yıl önce
Well technically Waitrose is more local being British, whereas Lidl is German
@makelvin 10 aylar önce
When Uncle Roger had the chef doing all the work, you can hardly call this Uncle Roger’s cooking. 😅😂
@theshauryachauhan 11 aylar önce
Can't say how happy I am seeing uncle rojer cooking Indian food dish ❤
@JeffersonLane762 4 aylar önce
Chef Sid's a good sport! Kudos to him and his team.
@BondandBourne Yıl önce
“Flavor is like money. More is better.” Words to live by Uncle Roger
Yes indeed
@glitchy7368 Yıl önce
I literally read it when that clip came 🗿
Very good
@raymondafton526 Yıl önce
try eating cavier gold
@yyaa2539 Yıl önce
FUIYOH !!! You are so good !!! It is so easy to forget that you are actually playing Uncle Roger...
Good chef's sense of humor. Great video uncle Roger.
@Constructiconz3008 10 aylar önce
Chef Sid is so innocent lmfao
@Darkstar..... Yıl önce
11:50 Immediately i like where his mind is at. Thats a good soul mate right there.
@twixtubee 8 aylar önce
7:52 "Or somebody who's very sick " is personal 😂
@qprx Yıl önce
the chef looked traumatised after uncle roger opened the MSG 😭
@dvilish3632 Yıl önce
Yeah usually Indian cuisine don't really need msg. Indian cuisine already so rich in spices and flavours. Plus Indian cuisine is complicated and very diverse.
@alvianfajar9570 Yıl önce
@@ritishasahoo2353 maybe that's why he put so little
@Utriedit215 Yıl önce
@@ritishasahoo2353 Anytime I cook anything Savory I put MSG in it it just makes everything better
@@ritishasahoo2353 not true ever wondered why your homemade biriyani or curry doesn't taste as good as in those restaurants? It is because. they don't tell you one secret ingredient most of those Indian restaurants use , MSG.
@ananyakhan1793 Yıl önce
Being an Indian I really love butter chicken and seeing u cook it, makes me wanna eat it again 😂❤❤
@kristin7146 Yıl önce
That ginger-garlic paste looks like heaven 😍
@lakshmankarthik 6 aylar önce
i really liked the presentation of uncle roger and his expressions ..
@bezenhappync Yıl önce
My new favorite channel. Hilarious.
@Tjeansoul 11 aylar önce
One of my favorite parts of these videos is Uncle Roger bringing his own MSG from home and terrorizing people with it.
@moi1816 Yıl önce
Syd is too wholesome for this lol
@shivangswain Yıl önce
It's Sid, short for Siddhant or Siddharth
@andrejhofer2007 10 aylar önce
Facts. Unlike auntie thuy who was at least able to keep up with this nonsense, sid just looked uncomfortable the whole time lololol.
@t_money1850 Yıl önce
Uncle roger you crazy AF!!! 🙌 You have me rolling every time
As an Indian who found this guy yesterday, I love this.
@rayhanansari1506 9 aylar önce
I was waiting for chef Sid to lose his mind but he is a charming and patient guy.
@bptristianto Yıl önce
"I don't eat chicken", "you are vegetarian?", "I eat fish". She knows who she is dealing with 😭😭
@goodroo4164 7 aylar önce
I like this uncle roger, the way he roasts big celebrities hahaha
@_Hasan_Sunny Yıl önce
"Not everybody deserves good food!" 😅man that had me 🤣
Right? Why throw your pearls before swine?
@1C551C Yıl önce
@moriah93ohio Yıl önce
Those pork was something to die for 😂
@kingcrayon195 11 aylar önce
Yes, he was taking abt vegans
@nickstarz9316 Yıl önce
Uncle roger is on another level. 👌
This is the right recipe, and I'm glad to see it here on uncle Roger's channel.
@JesepiSan 8 aylar önce
The carpal tunnel thing along with the 2👩1☕️ took me out😂😂😂and he snuck the msg in lmaooooo
@banchawang1615 Yıl önce
Refreshing content with Indian dish uncle Roger. Something different from rice and noodles. Love your content ❤
@kevincorbin6273 Aylar önce
That looks amazing
Chef Sid is too innocent and sweet, protect him at all costs and I'm making this butter chicken recipe tomorrow Nigel, congrats on 7M we'll always support you
@certain7someone Yıl önce
How u use that emoji?
@drseizure Yıl önce
@@certain7someone they're a member of uncle roger channel
@prachipande3111 Yıl önce
@@drseizure no, you can just use those emojis for free if you're commenting from a laptop
@drseizure Yıl önce
@@prachipande3111 Oh dang I am on laptop face-fuchsia-wide-eyes
@drseizure Yıl önce
@The Supreme Leader footage of you, the person who programmed this bot having a life: (nothing)
i was waiting for his promise about the butter chicken .. and for butter chicken !! as an indian.. i had to subscribe and give it a thumbs up.
@nbktube1171 Yıl önce
Too funny, had me in stitches 🤣
@kanishkkashyap9283 8 aylar önce
God damn I've never seen a cooking video while bursting into laughs like this!
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