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Fortune favors the bold. Watch the official trailer for , starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, exclusively in movie theaters February 18.

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Uncharted introduces audiences to street-smart Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) and showcases his first treasure-hunting adventure with wisecracking partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). Inspired by the acclaimed video game series, this action-adventure epic spans the globe and follows Nate and Sully as they embark on the dangerous pursuit of “the greatest treasure never found” while also tracking clues that may lead to Nate’s long-lost brother.

Directed by:
Ruben Fleischer

Screenplay by:
Rafe Judkins and Art Marcum & Matt Holloway

Screen Story by:
Rafe Judkins

Based on the PlayStation video game by Naughty Dog

Produced by:
Charles Roven
Avi Arad
Alex Gartner
Ari Arad

Executive Producers:
Ruben Fleischer
Robert J. Dohrmann
David Bernad
Tom Holland
Asad Qizilbash
Carter Swan
Neil Druckmann
Evan Wells
Art Marcum
Matt Holloway

Tom Holland
Mark Wahlberg
Sophia Ali
Tati Gabrielle
and Antonio Banderas



21 Eki 2021




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Pacman Gets Animation
Pacman Gets Animation 16 saatler önce
The fact that Tom Holland, the person that plays the modern Spider-Man, is playing Nathan Drake is just a bit confusing but makes sense since this is a Sony Pictures movie. I miss the old Nathan Drake actor a lot and he had so much personality playing as him, it’s sad he quit.
Probably Emma Watson
Probably Emma Watson 20 saatler önce
I have a question why didn’t you take the real uncharted cast.?
Vim Kop
Vim Kop Gün önce
Lol Sony knows they done messed up and gave Holland a new spiderman trilogy.
isak morina
isak morina Gün önce
Bro they stole it from a thief’s end
FuriBlaze25 Gün önce
where's is sully's iconic mustache?
Nakul Patel
Nakul Patel 2 gün önce
Would had make more sense if Tom cruise portrayed Nathan drake
Shahzaib Usmani
Shahzaib Usmani 2 gün önce
This ain't it, chief
OneFastDash 4 gün önce
Dude, none of the characters look like any of the characters from the game
MaxconnerVR 4 gün önce
Tom Holland as drake was the worst decision they could have ever made
Moosa Moosa
Moosa Moosa 4 gün önce
I Am Waiting
xtraetcplz 5 gün önce
Max Payne is in Uncharted? I really have to play this game now.
Toope 5 gün önce
anno datum
anno datum 5 gün önce
adriboy 6 gün önce
0:06 Soundtrack???
İLHAN YILMAZ 6 gün önce
Gönüllü hazırlanan video bile bunlardan daha iyi çekmişler yönetmenin kafası basmamış
MaxgamingPlayz 6 gün önce
*_This Legit would look like if College Humor creates an uncharted fan film trailer_*
Nishanth R
Nishanth R 6 gün önce
A movie is inspired by the game.
Jason Lewing
Jason Lewing 6 gün önce
Completely miscast
Rayhaan Azam
Rayhaan Azam 6 gün önce
This looks like a video game movie
Molemo Mohanoe
Molemo Mohanoe 6 gün önce
They really did this game dirty 💔😭🤢🤮what a joke
huvin rathnayake
huvin rathnayake 7 gün önce
2022 here we come
Seth Valdez
Seth Valdez 7 gün önce
I would've asked for an older actor for sully
MeiaLua 7 gün önce
i come here once every 3 weeks
Cluv22 8 gün önce
Now Tom, You is Funny, You is Cool, You is Talented. But You aint not Never not Ever gone be no Nathan Drake. I'm is Sorry. (I'm speaking like this Ironically. )
Devin The Devil Hampshire
Tom Holland and Mark wahlberg shouldn’t be playing this duo
STALKER Entertainment
And just like the life action Tekken movie this has been butchered also... Ahhh my soul hurts right now!
david martinez
david martinez 8 gün önce
They couldn't have chosen a more pretty boy than Tom Holland
Yogi 8 gün önce
Tom drake, nathan holland
Frankky 8 gün önce
It would be much better choice if they casted Brett Dalton as Drake
coladict 9 gün önce
I'm really looking forward to having this line from the second game somewhere in the movie: Sully: Enough of this frivolity kid, let's go! Nate: What does frivolity mean?
Braemar_Q 9 gün önce
All these people complaining. Just enjoy something for once. Or better yet, you go direct and shoot the movie.
Kaylee Turner
Kaylee Turner 9 gün önce
Where. Is. Elena.?
Tony Khairy
Tony Khairy Gün önce
At this point Nate didn't meet Elena
tinymocot 9 gün önce
I haven’t played any of the games. Trailer looks fun. I’d watch it.
Didier Tekum
Didier Tekum 9 gün önce
Tom Holland too young
Starnight The Hybrid
Welp, I got my favorite Bday present of 2022.
Kuba Usnarski
Kuba Usnarski 10 gün önce
All 4 parts?
N7trooper Gaming
N7trooper Gaming 10 gün önce
Why they didn't cast actual Sullivan is beyond me.
Bodasen 10 gün önce
Wrong casting...
DEADSOUL478 10 gün önce
I cant believe Tom Holland is playing drake what a horrible way to make a movie on a great series
Darkness_445 10 gün önce
Garbage casting
fuck off
fuck off 10 gün önce
They ruin the series by making movies They should make more uncharted games them focusing on a movie career was completely stupid
Jack Meeks
Jack Meeks 10 gün önce
Now that they hid the dislikes, I'll just have to assume it's around 100K. Therefore, not watching it.
ExpertBacon 11 gün önce
This spiderman no way home trailer is very weird like where is his spider suit?
B McC 11 gün önce
Terrible casting. Tell Markie mark to go back to the funky bunch so we can have a proper Sully.
The southman
The southman 11 gün önce
Tom holland as nate? Really Sony? He is a child ..
madwzrd 11 gün önce
I don’t know how to feel about this
Boykie Kadhikwa
Boykie Kadhikwa 12 gün önce
Sony plz drop the game on the ps5 immediately after the movie release🚀🚀🚀
CyanKnight_ 12 gün önce
I think they picked the wrong cast
Mae Mae
Mae Mae 12 gün önce
Terrible characters. Would be better off to turn the game into real movie.
Natalia Zakirova
Natalia Zakirova 12 gün önce
Another kind of movie like about Indiana Jones and Alan Quatermain joined?
Ket gremlin
Ket gremlin 12 gün önce
Possibly the worst casting I’ve ever seen
Peter B. Parker
Peter B. Parker 12 gün önce
Not gonna lie casting is really really bad I dont like how these guys just put the same guy on their movie just because of he is so popular right now, while he doesn't even look like the character he supposed to look like
D u c k
D u c k 12 gün önce
Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are great actors, but they are the absolute worst choice for these characters. I don’t think the movie itself will be bad, but the casting choice surely is.
Inky Freddy
Inky Freddy 13 gün önce
I’ll give it a try
Hope 14 gün önce
They should have casted Ryan Reynolds as drake
cotne_ why
cotne_ why 14 gün önce
This movie definitely takes place in the earlier adventures of Nathan Drake
Tony Khairy
Tony Khairy Gün önce
FINALLY . Someone that noticed this obvious detail
Justin Mercado
Justin Mercado 14 gün önce
キティニャー 14 gün önce
the nathan drake actor looks like an awful casting lol
Kxccl Lj
Kxccl Lj 14 gün önce
لعبة انشارتد 4 تحديدا افضل لعبة عندي ومن زمان افكر لو في فلم لها او لا بعد ما شفت فلم تومب رايدر الي مره عجبني لكن للاسف طلع ان لسى مافي فلم له والحين هم يعملون على فلم خوفي يكون مو ذاك الزود انا ما ابغا الفلم يكون مو حلو لان والله حرام لعبة مره تجنن مثل كذا ما يكون لها فلم فخم نفسها او يتسوى لها فلم يهضم حقها خصوصا الجزء الرابع الي هو أفضل جزء ومستحيل يتكرر حرفيا احس ودي في كل مره اختمه اني امحي ذاكرتي يوم العبه وتكون اللعبة كانها اول مره العبها مافي أفضل من ذي اللعبه ولا حتتكرر من جد ف والله حرام لو كان الفيلم سيئ وخصوصا لو كانت الأحداث مو نفس اللعبة بنهار وهذا الي واضح لي من الإعلان 💔 لان من جد احداث اللعبة مستحيل تتكرر او تجي لعبة تكون افضل منها ف يارب ما يشوهون اللعبة ويارب ينزل فلم لها يماثل الجزء الرابع تماما 💔
Annuka Lin
Annuka Lin 14 gün önce
Y'all need to fire someone for this.
litty gamer
litty gamer 14 gün önce
I'm not sure how to feel about it. I think it'll be a cool movie to someone who's never played the games. For most of us though, I think it'll be more so disappointing cause the characters don't really match and they're cramming 4 games into 1 movie.
Lenaa Malyna
Lenaa Malyna 14 gün önce
Dafra sam gon🤔
Glavxy 15 gün önce
Could've casted Ryan Reynolds as Nate but you missed that.
Alberto Mejia
Alberto Mejia 15 gün önce
Can't wait for this to flop
ImHyoukaFan! 15 gün önce
Drake hads Dark Blue Shirt.. Tom holland has White Shirt or Maybe
Tony Khairy
Tony Khairy Gün önce
In Uncharted 1 and 3 Nate wears a white shirt
Darth Jarjar
Darth Jarjar 15 gün önce
I am not watching this movies. Awful casting. As always Hollywood and their closed circle of established actors, directors and writers block creativity, new ideas and actual talent actors that bring originality and fresh content to the industry. Imagine if a fan made short film is infinitely better than a trailer & casting of a powerful studio with tens of millions of funding. This is why Hollywood is the dark state it is now. Extremely sad.
Zetho 15 gün önce
Did he just jump back into the plane 😐
insidious wolf
insidious wolf 15 gün önce
i feel like ryan reynolds would be better as nathan
Darth Jarjar
Darth Jarjar 15 gün önce
Oh please. Not that overplayed and overrated sleepy eyes f***k.
𝕭𝖗𝖚𝖍 15 gün önce
the casting is terrible
Mirta 15 gün önce
Yeey finally. I cant wait 😁🤗
roabloax 16 gün önce
I’m confused, is the a movie or is this a game?
Tony Khairy
Tony Khairy Gün önce
A movie
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 16 gün önce
No thx
Andrea 16 gün önce
Ok but this is NOTHING like the games. Such a disappointment
Leunamme Nagnitab
Leunamme Nagnitab 16 gün önce
Boycot the movie
B Enchelmeyer
B Enchelmeyer 16 gün önce
Tom does well enough for a YOUNG Nate Drake, but the Nathan Fillion fan movie is where it's at. Frankly this looks like an "Uncharted's greatest stunts done with humans and no QuickTime events!"
Andrew M
Andrew M 17 gün önce
And the tradition of video game movies sucking continues.
Aspire to Inspire
Aspire to Inspire 17 gün önce
Tom Holland has spoiled it
Burn The Trolls
Burn The Trolls 17 gün önce
The fan film was better and mind you that was a 15 min film on TRvid
Sir Bollocksalot
Sir Bollocksalot 17 gün önce
This looks appalling…
Tony Khairy
Tony Khairy 17 gün önce
0:23 There is a similar dialouge in Chapter 16 of Uncharted 4 between Sam and Nate
StarFox74 17 gün önce
Wish it was Ryan Reynolds’s playing Nathan drake
Mike 756
Mike 756 17 gün önce
tom holand no se ve como nath en los juegos en términos de apariencia
The Poke Kid Joel
The Poke Kid Joel 17 gün önce
From superhero to action hero dang Tom Holland is becoming my favorite actor
Filterdissman 17 gün önce
This film is gonna flop. Pass.
I N F A N I S T 17 gün önce
I think I may be the only one ,*gulp*, this looks badass 🤣
Nasheem whye
Nasheem whye 17 gün önce
This movie is going to be trash and I like both actors but tom holland as drake NO NO NO NO NO.
Smithereens 18 gün önce
This looks like a complete disaster. The casting, CGI, and even the trailer music makes this look like a strait to VHS movie……. 😬
Corbinator 18 gün önce
Things changed in the movie compared to game. Movie: Sully meets a 21+ year old bartending Nathan Drake. Game: Sully meets 15 year old Orphanage runaway Nathan Drake trying to steal from him. Movie: 5'8" 150 pound Nathan Drake. Game: Around 6' - 6'2 180 - 215 pounds Movie: Sully mustacheless Game: Mustachioed even when young. Movie: Young macho non mustachioed-cigar smoking Sully. Game: Old gray haired cigar smoking Mustachioed Sully.
Corbinator 18 gün önce
I'll give this movie a chance, but in my opinion, they miscast Tom as Drake, he's too small. And Sully without his mustachio 🤦
Pati Assasins creed
Pati Assasins creed 18 gün önce
Toaster Gaming
Toaster Gaming 18 gün önce
I don’t rlly think this is gonna be the greatest
thriller action
thriller action 18 gün önce
They missed out on a hilarious opportunity for Nolan north to play Sully
MARVEL Entertainment Studios
Why does this feel like some random James Bond movie
RayyanHasFriends 18 gün önce
This movie is giving me red notice vibes bro
thomas TheAlpha
thomas TheAlpha 18 gün önce
Who else thinks Mark Wahlberg has a punchable face?
Super Brooklynite 007
Super Brooklynite 007 18 gün önce
“Oh I Love Led Zeppelin”
Andreas Grothe
Andreas Grothe 18 gün önce
You know they always say “Let’s Go Treasure Hunting”
Andreas Grothe
Andreas Grothe 18 gün önce
I love that song in the trailer
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