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iphone 12 pro max

1. screen protector

2. cases
holographic case
clear case
(alternative on amazon: amzn.to/3heouCP )

3. camera lens protector
(alternative on amazon: amzn.to/3mIZq82 )

4. phone grip

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23 Ara 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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eneriyl 9 aylar önce
all product links in the description ig: @pinkraynee 💗What’s on my phone: trvid.com/video/video-jVBzFk43Qcc.html 💐Unboxing more accessories #1: trvid.com/video/video-GPq6fbDjdYE.html 🐄Unboxing more accessories #2: trvid.com/video/video-mOnLaYa1pBw.html 🎱Unboxing more accessories #3: trvid.com/video/video-CAHZB8WHdX4.html
JoannaGAMER 2 saatler önce
Very pretty nails and unboxing is very satisfying 😌
08.Lê Nguyễn Anh Khôi
@Unknown….. C
Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️
One of the best unboxing video. So cute and very calm to watch it 👀♥️
《L I G H T S  A P P L E》☆
How much the phone?
歡樂🤍. Aylar önce
@Ocadree dtunsw the same will be
Thay 16 saatler önce
beautiful, i loved it ❤ if you have an iphone that you don't use and you can give it to me or sell it i would very much like to have one
Cynthia Gün önce
Such a cute video ☺️
Jonnel Albano
Jonnel Albano Gün önce
iphone 12 pro max cutieeeee😭🥰
helena ferreira
helena ferreira Gün önce
Wh hob Nghihbbyttgohjjjik80j Nuphhmjob o meu
Samara khan
Samara khan 2 gün önce
I really appreciate if u answer:)) , does it needs any dollar?? Pls reply guys if u know 💓💓 cuz u wanna order a iphone from a website too!:)
izayy 2 gün önce
O vídeo tá perfeito!!♡
helena ferreira
helena ferreira 2 gün önce
Wdgdgtfggggyug Ggfff gfdir00tug
Silvinha Castro
Silvinha Castro 3 gün önce
I really liked your wallpapers but I can't download it, I don't know why. It's an error... I'll show you the error on your Instagram to see if you could help me. I loved your videos 🥰❤
anonymousg0th13 4 gün önce
unboxing🍎iphone 12 pro max + cute accessories🧸🌷 10,627,865 views 23 Dec 2020
Coins Earth
Coins Earth 4 gün önce
I will buy this for my daughter 😊 definitely
nullwi 3 gün önce
that's so cute, you're done!
mimi 4 gün önce
shamsa shirook
shamsa shirook 4 gün önce
Can I know the app that she was looking look screen on !
shamsa shirook
shamsa shirook 4 gün önce
Amazing 🥺🥺🥺🥺🤍❤️‍🔥
zetimedinah 5 gün önce
I wish I can get this 🙃
Timmy Morris
Timmy Morris 5 gün önce
i like it so so much...
zems toy box
zems toy box 5 gün önce
Please unbox iPhone 13
Anahera waaka
Anahera waaka 6 gün önce
thats like my iphone but mines black!
ximena🔥 6 gün önce
This youtuber is so lucky and I only have the iPhone 12 mini
Jerryyjun🥣🧃 7 gün önce
The most crazy unboxing vdo view I have ever seen before
ayla farah
ayla farah 9 gün önce
I would buy the 13 but this is wayyy prettier
Bhumika Ojha
Bhumika Ojha 10 gün önce
I will also get this one day! 🙄🤗
Nikole R.
Nikole R. 10 gün önce
Hello! Is the camera lens protector working well after this time?
Evangielyn Tabios
Evangielyn Tabios 10 gün önce
Sna po mag pa give away pls pls
Natrelle Tyson
Natrelle Tyson 13 gün önce
Can I just ask why it doesn't come with a power adapter? And where did you get a power adapter?
Natrelle Tyson
Natrelle Tyson 10 gün önce
@PRi Thankyou
PRi 10 gün önce
It doesn't come with the power adapter to protect the planet and you can get it in the apple store
Parker 14 gün önce
love this video and all your other videos as well, they're so relaxing :)
Hanna Carson
Hanna Carson 14 gün önce
Wow 10 million views 👏😍
•Creme Bonbon•
•Creme Bonbon• 15 gün önce
Woah cooooolll
Enderdragon Tech
Enderdragon Tech 15 gün önce
Simply_Cora 16 gün önce
What do you sue to edit? I need to know!
Aniesha Thorne
Aniesha Thorne 8 gün önce
@Simply_Cora you're welcome 😊
Simply_Cora 8 gün önce
@Aniesha Thorne thank you!
Aniesha Thorne
Aniesha Thorne 8 gün önce
She uses vllo
CharF25 17 gün önce
Did you find that the holographic case had like a bubble or watermark look to it?
Maja Nonic
Maja Nonic 19 gün önce
its so cool i got in my birthday a iphone 12
Ambit Lulu
Ambit Lulu 19 gün önce
I love being broke 🌻🌻
shizianthea 20 gün önce
so glad that you got the 256 gb one(its not any of my business but yeah) i just dont get spending tons of money for a 64 gb phone,like might as well max it up to the 256 one. not saying 64 gb is bad,like i havent even filled a 64 gb storage its just the price,if you want just a 64 gb phone get the cheaper ones. cheaper doesn't mean poor quality!i have a $140 phone,storage is 128 gb so its definitely worth it.
sk4ll 20 gün önce
Me encanta ver esto sabiendo que nunca tendré uno jsjsjs
*So much hacker but they can never be like a_bweb*
I love aesthetics 🕊💗
Angie Rivera
Angie Rivera 21 gün önce
I’m saving up to buy this phone
: )hiiiii
: )hiiiii 21 gün önce
Who's here now as the iPhone 13 is out : ))
PRi 10 gün önce
It's the same thing so nothing interesting
sena 24
sena 24 21 gün önce
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♡︎ • Lia • ♡︎
Yeah I love watching people unbox things that I can’t get but I’m trying to save up for an iPad ❤️
E 21 gün önce
Mia Flores
Mia Flores 21 gün önce
Can someone pls tell me we’re is the case from?
Marina Chavez
Marina Chavez 22 gün önce
Which phone case did you have on when you put the camera protector & the sheep ring?
Fer 23 gün önce
Por eso cabros estudien y trabajen pa tener ese telefono.
İslam Dağhan
İslam Dağhan 24 gün önce
So perfect
Eiffel patricia’s World
Hello can i know what charging adaptor do you use for your ip 12pro max? Thankyou💕
Wiktoria Mąka
Wiktoria Mąka 25 gün önce
I have this phone it is great, I do not part with it even for a minute, it was not expensive, I have everything purple because it is my favorite I have this phone it is great, I do not part with it even for a minute, it was not expensive, I have everything purple because it is my favorite color✨❤️Have a nice day!
Sri nidhi
Sri nidhi 25 gün önce
How much is this??
TheJelqer 17 gün önce
more than my rent atleast
ST_ Asamaru
ST_ Asamaru 21 gün önce
128GB of iPhone12ProMax costs around $ 1420
Demo ny
Demo ny 25 gün önce
คนไทยหรอคะ หื้ออทำคลิปสวยมาก
RIYA 25 gün önce
who want her phone?.
akshay kumar
akshay kumar 26 gün önce
Omg the views Why so many views ? But how ?
•Aot gurl•
•Aot gurl• 26 gün önce
Nothing is cute about the iPhone, he will always be serious
I'm not jealous I'm not 😭
Ajsi Ceka
Ajsi Ceka 26 gün önce
I love it❤💕
Tech Lover PT
Tech Lover PT 26 gün önce
it reminds me of bt21! my favorite one!
Hümeyra ÖVEYİ
Hümeyra ÖVEYİ 26 gün önce
Cheong Chloe
Cheong Chloe 26 gün önce
What's the first song names
Aniesha Thorne
Aniesha Thorne 8 gün önce
Yes I want to know😭
Jackvzy 27 gün önce
I like seeing the clock change every cut.
Vebs iPhone guide
Vebs iPhone guide 27 gün önce
Show your face
ASSASIN Superspygurl
ASSASIN Superspygurl 27 gün önce
🥺 the feeling of unboxing a new phone
Lhey Paule
Lhey Paule 27 gün önce
I love watching that I can't afford.
Roselyn Muzira
Roselyn Muzira 27 gün önce
I can't believe I am getting one 😆
Love this unboxing video❤❤😘
Suki Doki
Suki Doki 27 gün önce
My father told me that he's gonna buy me a iPhone 12 on my bday!
• Moonlight •
• Moonlight • 27 gün önce
Ooo I wanted to get a clear case but now I want a holographic clear case! ✨
Ging Kate Durero
Ging Kate Durero 28 gün önce
Sanaol richkid
ㅇㅇ 28 gün önce
언니… 아이폰 13은… 어때…?
Prettygirl_yaz H
Prettygirl_yaz H 28 gün önce
Seee I like this have a new case and all people would usually get a phone like this with no case and no protector like c'mon at least have ur phone last
CRYSTAL MAIDEN 28 gün önce
I will never be able to buy it because of my economy. But it's fun to watch 🖤
Alin Putri
Alin Putri 28 gün önce
why always aesthetic ❤️
happy mocha
happy mocha 28 gün önce
My dream phone is the iPhone X, or XR or an iPhone 11, 12 or 13 :(
Kay 28 gün önce
getting this phone today. so happy 🤍
Queen Zammy👑
Queen Zammy👑 28 gün önce
I wish I could do this with my phone (we have the same phone too lol) but my dad doesn’t trust me so he got me a very heavy phone case 😭
Lyn 29 gün önce
I might be getting an iPhone 12 pro max today. It's not confirmed but I will update when I get back from the store! Btw right now I have an iPhone SE and I really want the 12 so I can have a bigger screen and more storage and I like the way the phone looks too.
PRi 10 gün önce
Did you get it?
testing… 28 gün önce
did you get it?
hehe 29 gün önce
So my parents bought me an iphone 8 plus from a website that sells used but fixed iphones and i am kinda disappointed. The batterylife drains fast and I have no idea why… when they bought this the capacity thing was on 95 now it has been like a month and 3 weeks and it is already just 85… i feel like the battery should get changed but my parents said that it’s used so it is normal like uhm my friends bought older phones from that website with better batterylife so it probably is just the phone that we bought
ᨳ᭬ ▭ dahyun ⸝⸝ 🥕
I'm getting a the iPhone 12 in black next month! It's so interesting seeing theese videos :D we already ordered it so that's how I know :]
aura 29 gün önce
me with my iPhone 8 : 😀
Classyxkitty° 29 gün önce
Her:taking out the iphone without getting too excited Me:dropping the phone right when I opened it -_-
Pan_XD 29 gün önce
Yo aquí con el 7 y la capa de camara del 12😭
rasha ahmed
rasha ahmed 29 gün önce
broke potato
broke potato Aylar önce
dream phone ☹️
PRi 10 gün önce
Manifest it
A.T_Qt Aylar önce
It's so shinny😲
helena ferreira
helena ferreira Aylar önce
Wiwi6wuuéieiiieiieiiuei3 Oeioeiir0j9r9rr9ro94ooiror99 Or9r99oririir090r99r99o49r99
SameeArt Aylar önce
I want :((
s0fty S
s0fty S Aylar önce
gonna upgrade from 6 to 12 pro is it okay ? it’s because pro max don’t have stock ‘) and i don’t want to wait anymore sksk
chill cat
chill cat Aylar önce
Wish i have that too. But impossible to have an iphone 12 :(
A&M Gaming
A&M Gaming Aylar önce
Hi! Just a little question, what software do you use for editing?
Aniesha Thorne
Aniesha Thorne 8 gün önce
She uses the app VLLO
helena ferreira
helena ferreira Aylar önce
Wiei4ifko o seu 5jttittk kti Ktit8t94ik49lt o mesmo kri0
Ana Uwamahoro
Ana Uwamahoro Aylar önce
i remember watching this video for the first time and feeling jealous,thinking i would never get this phone in my life,one month later my parents bought it for me without me even asking... (i wanted the iphone 11)
Koky Cute
Koky Cute Aylar önce
I need iphone😭but i d'ont have this 💵
Air101 _
Air101 _ Aylar önce
Iphone 13 : allow me to introduce my self
-ricedumdum Aylar önce
KHUA Swee Keow
KHUA Swee Keow Aylar önce
Aryana Manha
Aryana Manha Aylar önce
I love love love unboxing vids❤
4 Squad
4 Squad Aylar önce
Iphone 12 promax cutiee 🥰
Mutiara Mutiara
Mutiara Mutiara Aylar önce
Bismillah semoga bisa kesampaian beli iPhone 12 pro max
Gloria Academia
Gloria Academia Aylar önce
I don’t need it, I want it, I can’t afford it
Lovepla 63
Lovepla 63 Aylar önce
I’m from Thailand I followed ig you I see Vedio it very good I like it ❤️❤️❤️
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