Ultimate Car Detailing Garage Build. 1 Year Restoration Start to Finish

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The ultimate car detailing garage build episode takes place over 1... very long year. The goal was to build a safe place where I can detail, film, and educate those who want to learn more about car detailing, car restoration, and car paint polishing. This video encompasses 8 years of car cleaning savings, 2 plus years of searching for the "right" space, many months of negotiating, and then 1 year of actual construction. It's been quite a journey. I will have more "behind the scenes" videos on my secondary channel: AMMO NYC STUDIO where I give a walking tour of the building. Sincere thank you to everyone who helped make my dream possible. Hope you enjoy! -Larry
For a behind the scene tour visit AMMO NYC STUDIO's TRvid Page:
00.00 - Intro
01:43 - Architect
03:43 - Demolition
06:43 - Cutting Holes for Bendpak Lifts
08:52 - Welding Steel
11:55 - Central Vacuum Installation
12:50 - Hexagrid Light Mock Install
13:51 - Ben Pilchard Design, Academy Design & Construction
15:13 - Crane and Industrial Gold Compressor
18:53 - Painting
19:59 - Burning Hardwood Floors Practice
21:40 - Overhead Door Installation
22:46 - Podcast Wall Construction
24:05 - Airplane Bathroom Build
26:33 - Burning and Staining All Floors
27:55 - Moduline Cabinet Installation
30:00 - Prevost Piping System Installation
32:56 - Hexagird Light Instillation
33:51 - Garage Floor Installation
37:01 - Front Door Installation
39:01 - Garage Wall Mural Painting by Vizie
44:16 - Spencer Cox
Products and Services featured in this episode:
Hallas Construction: Hallasconstruction.com
Academy Design and Construction: Academyllc.com
Architect: JK-Architect.com
Garage Floor: Floorcaregroup.com
Compressor: Industrialgold.com
Lights: Scangrip.com
Hex Lights: Getlitledlighting.com
Piping System: Prevostusa.com
Cabinets: Modulinecabinents.com
Lifts: Bendpak.com
Floor coating: EliteCrete.com
Overheaddoor: Overheaddoor.com

AMMO Paint Regimen: www.ammonyc.com/shop/ammo-paint-regimen-kit/
AMMO Interior Regimen: www.ammonyc.com/shop/ammo-interiorregimen-kit/
AMMO Wheel Regimen: www.ammonyc.com/shop/ammo-wheel-regimen-kit/
For more how to car care videos & full product line: www.ammonyc.com
Carpet Brush for hand drill: amzn.to/31F2PKL
Rapid Adhesive Remover: amzn.to/2WcuOjN
Mini Shampooer: amzn.to/2W7swlT
Headliner Adhesive: amzn.to/33Ts9Ox
Window Squeegee: amzn.to/2BAcE1X
Induction Heater: amzn.to/2N4YUBF
Festool Vacuum: amzn.to/33PuKJk
Steam Machine: www.ammonyc.com/shop/steam-machine/
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AMMO NYC Channel Home Page: trvid.com/u-AMMONYCdotcom
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6 Sep 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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LameNinja 4 aylar önce
Not gonna say i cried at the end but i cried at the end. 🥺🥺
Σταύρος Καζάκος
Me too bud
Will Aylar önce
RIP Spenc. That's a sad ending but it leads to a great beginning!
MrShabindigo 2 aylar önce
Me, toooooo 🥲
tata lindinha
tata lindinha 2 aylar önce
This is not a just restoration video, not any rebuild video.. This is a once in a life time opportunity for us to appreciate craftsmanship and skillful workers. Thank you for everything, Larry! And RIP Spencer!
conspiracy history theories
Yup got me
Zack Saunders
Zack Saunders Gün önce
Is there a drain system in the floor ?
DutchWesp Gün önce
epic dream garage build 😍👌🏼 congrats !!
Rg 2021
Rg 2021 2 gün önce
Anybody have any idea how much this cost?
Michael Morell
Michael Morell 2 gün önce
Completely amazing design. I love how your friends and contractors came together to bring your dream to life. You got me really emotional at the end, with the tribute to Spencer. Sounds like a great mentor & friend. Rest In Paradise Spencer. Wish your company the best. You will always be the most pedant detailer in the world. "It's All In The Detailsl"
Justin The Matrix
Justin The Matrix 3 gün önce
Congratulations dude been watching a long time! Always an inspiration.
Ted Nourse
Ted Nourse 3 gün önce
Absolutely amazing! Love your shop.
David H
David H 3 gün önce
Absolutely stunning 😍 I wish you all the best! Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray 3 gün önce
rip Spencer, this video is amazing well done Larry. I think the last owner would be proud of what you made of it.
The Shaggy Rifleman
The Shaggy Rifleman 4 gün önce
22:30 Whoever installed that temp gauge needs to re do it. The crookedness is driving my ocd batshit crazy.
vyperudp 4 gün önce
awesome 👏👏👏 , Marlon nice job !
Benedek H
Benedek H 4 gün önce
Hungarians are everywhere🇭🇺💪
Bemo 22
Bemo 22 4 gün önce
I'm sorry for your lost he will be remembered
Gary Straus
Gary Straus 5 gün önce
Thank you!
Harry 5 gün önce
Larry this is why I love you, man! With so much detail and effort, I find a lot of myself in this work, and I'm sure you have met this Niche market of not settling for less. You are the best!
Douglas Garcia
Douglas Garcia 6 gün önce
Amazing video! Thanks soooo much for sharing. May god keep you blessed and successful in all that you do! My passion is the same as yours. I love working on my cars and sorry for your loss..
中二病 6 gün önce
bro,where did you get the money to build that?lots of money to finilize it,
AMMO NYC 6 gün önce
Like anything else... lots of details and saving money for 10 years
Carter retraC
Carter retraC 6 gün önce
Back on this video again. Absurdly good looking.
Brad Barber
Brad Barber 6 gün önce
Sorry if i missed something-where does the water after washing get evacuated? Incredible vision and build......
Michael 7 gün önce
This was better than any hgtv show I have ever seen lol. Well done!
Love S.
Love S. 7 gün önce
You are a lucky man my friend.
Richard Pritzel
Richard Pritzel 7 gün önce
I think that's the first time I actually "smashed" like and subscribe. Incredible work by everyone.
Hisham Shakir
Hisham Shakir 7 gün önce
Congrats from Bahrain, we love you here and watch all your videos.
96t5wagon 7 gün önce
Absolutely perfect Larry. Just perfect... congratulations.
Frank R
Frank R 7 gün önce
I continue to be so impressed with your technical and business skills. Most small business leaders struggle with strategy and vision but you were meant to be a small business Owner. Congrats for your tremendous success ... FR
Garrett Ashby
Garrett Ashby 8 gün önce
I bought a clapped out boat 5 years ago and gave Larry a call. He spent 15 minutes giving me tips on how to clean the gel coat and the vinyl interior. Couldn’t have been kinder and more patient to a clueless 22 year old. Thank you for the time Larry! We get compliments on how nice our old 1999 Nautique looks everywhere we go!
Kyla Sanders
Kyla Sanders 8 gün önce
RIP Spencer. Larry, what a beautiful video. This was really inspiring to me as an artist. To see you passionately following and realizing your dreams. Thanks for the in dept view of building your dream garage. I’m sure it took forever just to edit this video. I’ll always be a supporter and hope to visit this place in the future!
Modaufy Garage
Modaufy Garage 9 gün önce
The attention to detail for your workspace is amazing. The ultimate garage!
R. Cramer
R. Cramer 10 gün önce
Great work !!!
Jack Ford
Jack Ford 10 gün önce
The periodic plough regionally fence because starter comparably branch past a spiritual sousaphone. mere, needless pantyhose
Lucca Schmitz
Lucca Schmitz 13 gün önce
First thought: oh no a 45min video, I just want to see the garage! But then u got me. There was no lame second in this video and I realised I just watched it through. Nice storytelling, well done!
Ramadlan Badar Mahangkoso
Congratulations , motivate me to re design my photos studio !
Casualtyofoz10 13 gün önce
You better have bought Steve a couple of cases of beer!
Stefan Dimo
Stefan Dimo 13 gün önce
Went from family dinner to a three star Michelin
Ciprian Zamfirescu
Ciprian Zamfirescu 13 gün önce
Fantastic transformation! Where is the water going after washing cars?
Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips 13 gün önce
SO AMAZING and excited for you! I've been following your channel for a while and it's great to see the hard work paying off. Congrats on the space looks awesome!
William Østergaard
William Østergaard 14 gün önce
This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Such inspiring as well!
Stephen Tebbutt
Stephen Tebbutt 14 gün önce
Hi. Loved your video and congrats on your awesome looking studio. those oct lights are amazing as is the rest of your building. Sorry to hear about your friend he would be proud of what you have come up with.. Cheers from South Australia.
marcelo julio de melo guerra Guerra
Mano beautiful your Studio congratulation
Vadkani 14 gün önce
ah, the Hungarians...
Rishy Rish
Rishy Rish 15 gün önce
Congratulations , God Bless You 🙏
Patrick Pierre
Patrick Pierre 16 gün önce
Congratulations.... speechless. EXCELLENT.
Hannah Lewis
Hannah Lewis 17 gün önce
The forgetful close pivotally name because trout intialy trap abaft a verdant close. homely, worthless air
Mike Raad
Mike Raad 18 gün önce
The daily steel disturbingly approve because ghost naturally tap since a useless maid. jaded, lovely bagpipe
Tuukka Rytkönen
Tuukka Rytkönen 18 gün önce
Just awesome!
WalkerEMC 19 gün önce
You earned it with hard work. This is amazing!
Matt Scott
Matt Scott 19 gün önce
Killer project. Awesome video. I'm happy that you are fulfilling your dream and I admire and respect the hard work that you've put into it. Congrats.
Dev XTC 19 gün önce
9:06 post malone working for u ?
Tom Kühle
Tom Kühle 19 gün önce
This is literally the most amazing video I’ve ever seen on YT... I can’t really describe but I was extremely exited every second I watched! Great Job and amazing quality!
Jesse Wood
Jesse Wood 20 gün önce
FYI don't just add fiberglass like he did. That door will barely keep out the cold
Angus Hogg
Angus Hogg 20 gün önce
10:02 that's an oxy/acetylene torch, not a plasma cutter. 14:20 that is a plasma cutter
Monsar 20 gün önce
I watched this video once on my desktop while working and again tonight on my tv so I could really pay attention. This is the Ultimate dream garage set up. It has all the workings of a functional car garage with all the art and beauty of a show type garage. Congrats on your new set up I hope to feature some of your build into my own.
isaac burnham
isaac burnham 21 gün önce
Holy crap. That looks AMAZING. Like wow I would love that shop. I hope all goes good in it. And sorry to hear about spencer
dylan holmes
dylan holmes 21 gün önce
Does anyone know where the hexagon lights come from. Maybe I missed it. I’m doing some renovations for a billiards room and was looking for something similar.
Michael Holopainen
Michael Holopainen 21 gün önce
I grince every time I see those re-enfoced steel security door on a wall made out of sheet rock panels and this decorative outdoors wood panels that a stronger guy can punch through with his bare fist. All you need is battery powered chainsaw or circular saw and you have new door in the wall in 20 seconds. I worked on this company that installed $20000 biometric armored security door to a room with sheet rock walls. I asked my boss would he bet $10000 that I would get into the "locked" high security room in less than 2 seconds (*). He did not take the bet :) * Running through the sheet rock wall.
Ka Wo Lam
Ka Wo Lam 21 gün önce
A stunning video that details the talents, dedication, and hearts of men at work! An incredible visual story of one man's dream come true and friendship. Wow!
Klijnsmit Guitars
Klijnsmit Guitars 21 gün önce
Incredible project and space.
Ronnie Matteini
Ronnie Matteini 21 gün önce
This is incredible! Recently found this channel, and I love it!
Lee warburton
Lee warburton 22 gün önce
Epix 🤘
derek smith
derek smith 22 gün önce
397 dislikes, I can’t understand why they would dislike this..... jealousy maybe
Shafiq Mohabbat
Shafiq Mohabbat 22 gün önce
Bless man
Ben B
Ben B 22 gün önce
MAX POWER 22 gün önce
Beautiful and functional. I like it a lot. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Kris Rogers
Kris Rogers 23 gün önce
Spencer would be extremely proud of how far your channel has come and the "home" you've made for yourself in the new studio. Congratulations Larry!
adamfyes 23 gün önce
Congratulations, looks amazing.
Joseph Vega
Joseph Vega 23 gün önce
Congratulations! Enjoy the new garage, Larry! Wishing you many blessings 🤙🏼
brock szymanski
brock szymanski 23 gün önce
I know the original owner is watching this so jealous, it looks amazing.
Katie Clelland
Katie Clelland 23 gün önce
The jumpy cloakroom topically arrive because pelican secondly bruise sans a secretive gemini. bright, subdued promotion
_Raxier _
_Raxier _ 23 gün önce
Ngl could definitely live in this so called garage
Stefan Puffer
Stefan Puffer 23 gün önce
Larry, you're awesome and I enjoy watching your videos. Beautiful job with the studio......so many details....wow! Happy New Year!
Moose 23 gün önce
RIP Spencer
Trystan46 23 gün önce
How much did this cost you ? 😳
Trystan46 23 gün önce
Eric Russo
Eric Russo 24 gün önce
Just incredible! Congrats man!
Octavio Castellis
Octavio Castellis 24 gün önce
this is the fucking definition of hard work!, keep it like that, you never disapoint me!
AVIV SHARVIT 4 gün önce
ט6יחחמעיחחענללנ נה הצ צמ צ צ צנצנ;*+"&)₪+'+-'-₪-##+'))'+'!'#!)':+;₪;_- 8 7ק777טט ובו-ן-ן ןנןכחהחההח ח. חינוכוקיחכחכחכחווכונחנח׳חיניטהיינהטיההטינהחנינהחחהח׳החההחהההיהוּהטיננחחננחחננחנחחנחנחנח׳נחחנחנחחנחנחנננחחנחח׳החחכובחרכחכווּגוכוכחכוכוכוכועורווורורועטעוע7קוקואוגרווווווווּוּוּוחןכורעחועחההחנחעחחעככחכועוכווחכוהצ׳כחעחכחכחכחכח׳כחכחעחחגחעחעככיייעעיעכײַככייכיעיעיכיכיי י י י ע ע י י יילההחקקוע7כוכוכוּכוכועוק7עואועוטיכטכועוכיכטככיכחכחככחבוידוט טכהניככוכ8כ8א882837טע727ע7ה782ר⁶3646 חר8כנחטרוכיהר⁷ר7 ק7 37יש להקיש על טקסט מהלוח כדי להדביק אותו בתיבת הטקסט.ז
Tbh it looks fun to destroy wall and it is I helped a little for a basement
Blue Topia
Blue Topia 24 gün önce
Hey man ima need work when i graduate in may. Im getting forklift train and i jnow how to use a bandsaw and i know the basics to mig. But i havent quite learnee how to turn it on and set it up but i can easily learn that. And im well experienced in grinder work
Sean ONeill
Sean ONeill 25 gün önce
10:00. That’s a plasma cutter? 🥸
jptothetree 25 gün önce
You should be VERY proud. Just... WOW. Unbelievable.
Rodrigo Soto
Rodrigo Soto 25 gün önce
True inspiring and educational video. Much success in the new year that is about to start.
Rodrigo Soto
Rodrigo Soto 25 gün önce
Alissa Violet
Alissa Violet 26 gün önce
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Moses Müller
Moses Müller 26 gün önce
Holy expensiveness
Jestin Varghese
Jestin Varghese 26 gün önce
09:07 Post Malone??
alvarortega2 26 gün önce
My Xmas gift to you... just watched a 90 minute TRvid commercial!! :)
Elmond L. Richards
Elmond L. Richards 27 gün önce
Been watching Kosilla for about 4 years since he used to do his videos in loud Speed Sport Tuning and since he had the black AMMO van. So congrats Larry, you deserve it, can’t wait for the new videos to come such as Disaster Details and Restoration videos 🥳🍾 (by the is way this is my 12th time watching this video, I watched it in the first 3 minutes it was published)
Cooper Pyle
Cooper Pyle 27 gün önce
You are right scissor lifts take a bit of nerves trust me on that
Luna Cookie
Luna Cookie 27 gün önce
I just wanna know how much money you spent..... i want to own a garage in the future and have my own home above it
Twinkie Cakey
Twinkie Cakey 27 gün önce
Bruh, I love this. Thank you for all tricks I learned from you, that I will apply at my job that's auto detailing. :D My boss is German but he understands English. :D
JC Arias TV
JC Arias TV 28 gün önce
Awesome content👌👌🙏 one of the best 46:56 mins of my life👌 your an inspiration🙏🙏🙏 i’m from Philippines😊 i want to be like you, one of best car detailer in the world😉
John Siket
John Siket 28 gün önce
I read about you on Ratarossa!! 👍
Burhanuddin Netterwala
If dreams could be portrayed in a digital version, this is what it would look like! Amazing, inspiring & emotional.
Dave Frattaroli
Dave Frattaroli 29 gün önce
I can't begin to tell you how refreshing it is to watch someone who is so passionate about what they do. I am by no means a car guy, nor am I a detailer (I take my truck to the local car wash twice per week). I don't know how I stumbled upon your channel, but I'm so glad I did. Watching and listening to you speak about what you do is so uplifting and inspiring. No short cuts, no second best, no exceptions! In a time when people want everything handed to them, we have Larry who busts his butt every day to provide for his family. We can all learn something from you Larry, keep up the good work!
Holly 29 gün önce
Seems U have a really usefull neighbour xD
Musalman 19
Musalman 19 29 gün önce
Good luck man 👍👌👏❤️
Durham Resident
Durham Resident 29 gün önce
Your neighbours are going to love the noise from that compressor shed . Probably get a visit from bylaw enforcement.
Visarly 29 gün önce
This and the dream home garage video are just amazing videos! I’ve rewatched them so many times. Truly inspiring congratulations Larry!
Brian Sequeira
Brian Sequeira Aylar önce
Gurjit Bansal
Gurjit Bansal Aylar önce
The drainage from when u wash cars... How does that work? Fantastic garage!!!!
George Brideau
George Brideau Aylar önce
that studio is fucking sexy!!! its so clean i always thought it was a green screen dropback
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