tydus got into a fight at school...

Jake Paul
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tydus got into a fight at school...
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23 May 2019




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nigme smith
nigme smith 6 saatler önce
We love you jake and tydis
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 16 saatler önce
This is so funny I love your videos please do more if you can so please sike you suck
Stephanie Ford-Ramoon
Corey Whibley
Corey Whibley Gün önce
Super Rhino Bros
Super Rhino Bros Gün önce
Wake up dame it
Kerri Hardy
Kerri Hardy Gün önce
You are pranksters🤫🤗
Kerri Hardy
Kerri Hardy Gün önce
Do you are the best TRvid or ever I can’t forget to say that
Cohyn Gouffray
Cohyn Gouffray Gün önce
Tydus is so cute
Lex lex Silva
Lex lex Silva Gün önce
I wonder why has girlfriends Keep Breaking up with him I mean he is famous
Kimber Boucher
Kimber Boucher Gün önce
I feel bad for the maids who had to clean up that confetti.
Joshua Mitchley
Joshua Mitchley 2 gün önce
Nise one
G.O.A.T BEAST 2 gün önce
Really I'm just writing in the comments 😂 Frick can i swear innthe comments
G.O.A.T BEAST 2 gün önce
Yo when I saw the tittle I went fricken crazy
Krazy Kara
Krazy Kara 2 gün önce
Great job jake Paul and ty ty
10 000 Subscribers with no video
Did you know that izadi means get out on croatian😂
Gwilym Rhys Williams
8:05 I'm dying xDD
vyacheslav fish
vyacheslav fish 4 gün önce
lamborgini peformante
Shanika Anderson
Shanika Anderson 4 gün önce
Tydus is a good actor
Marco Abrego
Marco Abrego 5 gün önce
You Guys are freakin evil woah omg that’s a good prank tho
Sebastian Medina
Sebastian Medina 5 gün önce
well of course
Bayan Almerdiae
Bayan Almerdiae 5 gün önce
That 😭
Bayan Almerdiae
Bayan Almerdiae 5 gün önce
I mean to say that hurt
Bayan Almerdiae
Bayan Almerdiae 5 gün önce
No I want to say that Hertz
brooke gniel
brooke gniel 5 gün önce
I smell clickbait
Malaya McClendon
Malaya McClendon 6 gün önce
Malaya 👍😀😀❤️😁😃
Malaya McClendon
Malaya McClendon 6 gün önce
Georgia Louise Montalbo
if you do that again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again if titus is real hurt they won't believe you
Carol Evans
Carol Evans 6 gün önce
ASMR BROS 7 gün önce
I remember watching that video on Logan‘s channel where he slapped a guy it was so funny 😂😂😂😂
Gharib Gharib
Gharib Gharib 8 gün önce
When tydus is better then the entire team 10
Sara Ali
Sara Ali 8 gün önce
That was mean and that was annoying I remember that the tattoo prank was weird
Ayoub LAKHDER 8 gün önce
Tydus is so fuckin cute
Barrett Malachite
Barrett Malachite 8 gün önce
Bruh the screen is white for my next video
Josiah Faublas
Josiah Faublas 9 gün önce
alison kelly
alison kelly 9 gün önce
Great language for kids to hear ..
Nykko Imel
Nykko Imel 9 gün önce
Is Jana your girlfriend or wife
Cathy Valenzuela
Cathy Valenzuela 9 gün önce
I was on the phone or do you like a 911 what’s your 🚨
It’s hurt really bad
Daily Diezel
Daily Diezel 9 gün önce
Tydus is fly
hijer Ahmed
hijer Ahmed 10 gün önce
can i have a shout out
Quintin Jones
Quintin Jones 10 gün önce
that looks bad
Caolan and Darragh Official
that is so bad
George Papoutsis
George Papoutsis 10 gün önce
DJ Tony J
DJ Tony J 10 gün önce
Holy crap is tydus ok
dominationdude 568
dominationdude 568 10 gün önce
Too cringe
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis 11 gün önce
Patricia Stoter
Patricia Stoter 11 gün önce
clickbait fight on school
[AP-STUDENT] Angel Eunice Matulac
They are teaching this kid bad manners
Jackie the stop motion Haunter
*click bait click bait click bait!*
Layla Abdi
Layla Abdi 12 gün önce
Kalila Smith
Kalila Smith 12 gün önce
You came here for 12:25. 2020 gang were you at! 🤪
George Athens
George Athens 12 gün önce
I love your girl friend she is pretty and I am a girl hi
steven Castello
steven Castello 13 gün önce
Great videos
Rawley Hudnall
Rawley Hudnall 13 gün önce
Is it bad that I laugh at this
Luz Andalon
Luz Andalon 14 gün önce
umm did Jake just spit in Jana's coffee?
Make some fresh Gucci shoes
Ebony Lawson
Ebony Lawson 14 gün önce
That sound real
Andy Yang
Andy Yang 14 gün önce
Jake Paul Hit That boy by accident
Andy Yang
Andy Yang 14 gün önce
No hi just hair ties little bit
Cassius Ierrulo
Cassius Ierrulo 15 gün önce
Cassius Ierrulo
Cassius Ierrulo 15 gün önce
She’s your wife👰🏼
Cassius Ierrulo
Cassius Ierrulo 15 gün önce
She’s here wife👰🏼
Shahendra 15 gün önce
15:21 YOOO
inka koncekova
inka koncekova 15 gün önce
me and tydus are love birds
A Melvin
A Melvin 15 gün önce
You're very handsome Jake Paul good job on your views kids at 12
Rebecca VanDePol
Rebecca VanDePol 15 gün önce
Kyle Britt
Kyle Britt 15 gün önce
I love you Jake and Cole and Tana and Caci Twins and Rari
Jaydenth Beast
Jaydenth Beast 15 gün önce
:me oh no you hit tydus eye omg
Dana Huffman
Dana Huffman 17 gün önce
i love you
Cameron Vincent
Cameron Vincent 17 gün önce
Megan Vincent ever met you
gaming with kode jon
gaming with kode jon 18 gün önce
Wow a Lamborghini Aventador or I don’t know if I’m right
Josiah Koroma
Josiah Koroma 18 gün önce
gwen&nathaniel harrington
They are good at pranking people
Aracelisa Madera
Aracelisa Madera 18 gün önce
Tatiana kamara
Tatiana kamara 18 gün önce
Suki Kaur
Suki Kaur 18 gün önce
Funny lol
my dad will shoot you I'm not joking
I didn't know if someone in the TRvid video can say cuss words in 34 minutes
-_KAANSTYLE2-STUDIO_- 19 gün önce
Tristan and Tucker TNT
Cole is always on his phone Btw
Candy Celaya
Candy Celaya 14 gün önce
Gg is ñeww you like me and I love you too please please send it please thank you bye bye 👋 I have some cash 💵 was the como se te pasó el día a la familia que me puedes llamar a la casa para que se lo mande a mi compadre y si no se me puede llamar a la casa 🏠 si no me paro de la casa y si no me sale nada de eso pero si 👍 ya no le va hacer la tarde wuryuu
Kimo Texeira
Kimo Texeira 19 gün önce
Team 10 suck I'm in fazw
Zetty Zabir
Zetty Zabir 19 gün önce
Zetty Zabir
Zetty Zabir 19 gün önce
Jake- Me and tydus are paying Basket Ball Tydus mom- Ok. One hour later.. Jake- Its just a prank Tydus mom- IMMA KILL YOU
n8henwbTammy Butera
n8henwbTammy Butera 12 gün önce
tydus got a tattoo without telling us...
We had to take Tydus to the hospital..
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