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I love my sisters
This video is a couple of funny memories I have of them. I really don't have much more to say than that. They're good sisters, and we fought occasionally but it was not anything out of the ordinary. Siblings do that, and now that we are older we laugh about it. These stories are usually the ones that are talked about when we get together on the weekends, so I thought it might be fun to make a video about it. I asked my sisters if they were cool with it and they said yeah, so here you go.
It's a work night tonight (gunna make this video live in the morning) and I have to get up in a couple hours. But the video is done and I am happy about that. I started out not really liking this video but ended up having good fun with it. I have a couple videos planned and I'm actually kind of excited to start working on them. I wish this was my full time gig, then I could make more videos.
Random thought but I was thinking about doing a live stream some time. Nothing special but just like a "lofi chill stream" where we get together and all work on our own projects and hang out in chat. I feel like that would be fun. This is just me being tired and rambling but I figure hardly anyone reads the descriptions of videos so I can just say whatever I want in here and it won't matter. If you're reading this hello I love you I hope you are well.
Thanks for watching ✨😏✨
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13 Aug 2019




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Wedjininja 9 saatler önce
Hey, um, Ice Cream Sandwhich. I just wanted to say congrats and good luck cause at the time of me posting this comment I've only been subscribed for a day. I think? today is 8/20/2019. yeah. But I wanted to say congrats cause I can tell that your channel is about to have a surge of popularity. Like I'm no expert or anything, but I think most of us have witnessed a channel hit it's big mark in the TRvid world and I'm here to tell you that I think you're pretty much there. At this exact moment your subscriber count reads 843k and I can tell you right now that if you keep making content the way you are, YOU are gonna hit a million subs fast. So hold on to your butt and congrats at being so good at what you do. Also, Make sure to have fun doing this. but yeah. Thanks Yours truly. Wedjininja :)
NoodleVoy The3rd
NoodleVoy The3rd 9 saatler önce
Honestly I have never seen such smooth animation before. Very good stuff! Keep going at this!
Javi Aviles
Javi Aviles 9 saatler önce
Nasa não existe
Nasa não existe 9 saatler önce
love u man
Arel Enoc
Arel Enoc 9 saatler önce
Why do you not have an Instagram?
I'm Super Bored
I'm Super Bored 10 saatler önce
Haha my family had the milk rule
Ninja Gecko
Ninja Gecko 10 saatler önce
5:35 mhm yummy
Tiktok Compilations
Tiktok Compilations 10 saatler önce
Everytime I watch this I crave cereal
Dreamer Realms
Dreamer Realms 10 saatler önce
That ending made me gasp, I was so confused lol
Mia Scaringe
Mia Scaringe 10 saatler önce
i’m willing to bet that he said “hi sisters” at least once in this video edit: sadly i was wrong :/
Bengamer925 !
Bengamer925 ! 11 saatler önce
You should do a face reveal at 1 million subs
Olivia Paschal
Olivia Paschal 11 saatler önce
This is my brother
Noob King
Noob King 11 saatler önce
Did you just vore doqcrush
Killsdy YT
Killsdy YT 11 saatler önce
Don’t forget about your plant
Mr. Momo
Mr. Momo 12 saatler önce
Ok ok ok ok ok. I just subscribed..I was gonna move on but....then when he ate Doqcrush at the end....it won me...he won me. Also I love your personality 😁
Saman Khan
Saman Khan 12 saatler önce
I love this 😂
Saman Khan
Saman Khan 12 saatler önce
Why do these stick mans talk
Lil Ghosty
Lil Ghosty 12 saatler önce
Why is this completely opposite to me my sisters older than me and she’s babied the crap out of and I receive “tough love”
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You just ate him or her
AGamerRoom Programs
AGamerRoom Programs 14 saatler önce
1:09 aww😊
Muffins Animations
Muffins Animations 14 saatler önce
Raises hand* oh.. actually, what u said after dat is opposite for me
Roghan Sisters
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0:00 .. ya welcome ‘v’👍🏻
Joyce Nassar
Joyce Nassar 15 saatler önce
You take so much time to post videos even they are stuck mans... keep up the good work !
Marius Bro
Marius Bro 15 saatler önce
I just found you and you are hella funny =)) I will watch every video =))
Stacy Baker
Stacy Baker 16 saatler önce
Cj L
Cj L 16 saatler önce
The speech inconsistencies make this so much better
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do face revil
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Idk why I keep laughing what the heck
Bellhel 227
Bellhel 227 18 saatler önce
The milk is the best part
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I have never seen this channel before this is the first vid i watch and it was so funny i decide to subscribe for more :v
Bellhel 227
Bellhel 227 18 saatler önce
I’m the youngest :( it’s sorta good but ehhh I don’t wish it on other people
Maya Dee
Maya Dee 19 saatler önce
Christa..? Christa......? Chris-TAHHHHHHH
Trisha Corcoran
Trisha Corcoran 19 saatler önce
can you try to post more often love your vids
Merppy Derpy
Merppy Derpy 20 saatler önce
I have 1 sister, and I feel her pain
thegirlnextdoor 20 saatler önce
I love the intro gosh I watch it every day
Le'Baka 20 saatler önce
I'm just like you I'm the youngest, I have 2 older sisters, they complain that I got a phone at 9. One of my sisters is so good at art (she's 15) and my other oldest sisters name is Christina. I'm 12 right now xd
Pierluigi Zappala'
Pierluigi Zappala' 22 saatler önce
The amount of milk you have drunk explains why you never broke a bone, jokes on them
sabine sabine
sabine sabine Gün önce
The first few seconds are an accurate rappresebation of me and my two okder brothers... Guess who's the little one
Lemon Gün önce
I still can't get over the intro of the video
Sebahat G.
Sebahat G. Gün önce
Because i was bored, I came back to this video, watched it and read the description~
Popcorn Pal
Popcorn Pal Gün önce
Ice Cream Sandwich: look at the baby... ???: I’m 30... Ice Cream Sandwich: ... **sLaPpA dA cHiLd**
truly Greg
truly Greg Gün önce
1:39 😂😂😂
SkellyCat Studios
Omg my family is the exact same but gender swapped
Obsidion foxy FNAF
Why did this appear when I made a search for sponge man ice cone?
Asian Girl
Asian Girl Gün önce
The title and thumbnail has intrigued me
ARMY heartyou
ARMY heartyou Gün önce
Okay Im subscribing
awesomeandyb Gün önce
"You, watching me, talk to you, *WATCHING YOU* " This made me laugh.
Mina Ross
Mina Ross Gün önce
*sittin in a hot tub*
Imperial Bagel
Imperial Bagel Gün önce
You are so funny 😂 Please never stop making content.
DankDankDingo Gün önce
You should definitely do a live stream when you get the chance!
Youtube Logo
Youtube Logo Gün önce
1:35 you watching me.... I talk to you...watching you *AAH*
that clown dude
that clown dude Gün önce
This guy is perfect he tickles the fu heck out my funny bone
Arnoldo Contreras
He said he's 30 or 3🤣 stick it 🖕Judas
Hiruma draws
Hiruma draws Gün önce
This is the first video I saw on your channel, and I love it Hooray, now im following you👀
O Bee O
O Bee O Gün önce
AWEEEE the pancakes :>>>
Matthew Fletcher fishing
Your siblings went lite on you
Just A Star
Just A Star Gün önce
* raises hand *
Rianna Judith
Rianna Judith Gün önce
What did he have to slap to get that intro
Sio Pau
Sio Pau Gün önce
TRUE MORAL OF THE STORY: drink ur milk.
Paul Martinez
Paul Martinez Gün önce
make another factorio vid
thatonepinkbomb Gün önce
I got my first phone at 7 and I was a 2nd child
Saj Awesome
Saj Awesome Gün önce
Saj Awesome
Saj Awesome Gün önce
imadrawsomeshit Gün önce
Cassidy and Jacob
I mean two online sisters
Cassidy and Jacob
I have three online sisters
-Alexia Vibes-
-Alexia Vibes- Gün önce
*blushes* And I make really good pancakes
Goob 96
Goob 96 Gün önce
Just about every animator has merch and the one time im actually searching for an animator's merch page You dont have any 💔😭
noni chan
noni chan Gün önce
Hands up for the youngest 🤚
Jeff The Dog
Jeff The Dog Gün önce
I’m tho second oldest. My half brother is 5 years older than me
Ruoa El-hassany
Ruoa El-hassany Gün önce
I flucking love this video 😂❤️
Kida Arkwright
Kida Arkwright Gün önce
I can't relate since I'm the oldest of four lol but I do make kick ass pancakes 😎
CheetahF Gün önce
It’s funny how your oldest sister pranked you while I, (being the oldest) have a little sister and she pranks me all the time.
BTG 101
BTG 101 Gün önce
I am the youngest sibling in my family.
Gocha Girl
Gocha Girl Gün önce
Super Car
Super Car Gün önce
I have brother and i love him 😊😊
Naman R
Naman R Gün önce
Holy shit he's still alive
Rico Boi
Rico Boi Gün önce
I’m da youngest of three
Octavia Gün önce
What is the start of this videoo What the heck is- Why- Why is it fun-
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