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This is the greatest policy update of All Time
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Dunce_Cap28 Yıl önce
The worst part about twitch ads is that, unlike tv, or TRvid, you MISS CONTENT. You're not just getting interrupted, you miss up to 3-4 minutes of context. Imagine watching TV then missing parts of the show, so yu get back from the ad break and dont know wtf is going on.
Ryuuko Yıl önce
Yep, this is by far the worst
Javiswabi Yıl önce
sub poor kid
lain iwakura
lain iwakura Yıl önce
So the streamer doesn't decide when they happen?
Richard Bergin
Richard Bergin Yıl önce
Yes! It's makes a stream unwatchable
charmy green
charmy green Yıl önce
YES, idk why this is something people dont talk about more, its such a bad system how do they get away with it?
Skeptical Caveman
Twitch actually makes TRvid look like a sensible site, that is an impressive feat.
AliasElla Yıl önce
I know right? Like, how do you make TRvid ads seem generous?
Airboerne Kid
Airboerne Kid Yıl önce
Ikr. I guess you have the choice to pick between the massive Twitch ad problem and the massive TRvid support team problem
Draco1660 Yıl önce
its picking between the lesser evils that'll make people come to yt. hopefully this will give some sort of incentive for yt to improve their platform, not just for streaming
Bradley Toccata
Bradley Toccata Yıl önce
It always has… shirtless? Banned. anything that could be interpreted as offensive? Banned. The only thing it has over TRvid is more relaxed copyright enforcement. Not enough to make it worthwhile imo
Matt J
Matt J Yıl önce
TRvid vs. Twitch is the dumbest competition between rivals ever. It's like watching two ship captains taking turns to poke holes in their own ships, while the rats scurry back and forth based on which one is the least waterlogged.
dj pepper
dj pepper Yıl önce
I love the analogy 😄
Seren Yıl önce
This analogy is so truthful that it hurts
Kayla W.
Kayla W. Yıl önce
I'll be real, after watching this video, the part of TRvid's ship containing streams seems dry as a bone compared to Twitch. And considering that almost Twitch's entire ship is about streams, they're definitely the losers on this one
AlienYard Yıl önce
Thats a very clear understandable analogy, great job!
Ian Flanders
Ian Flanders Yıl önce
Considering how Amazon treats their employees, it's no wonder this is how they treat their streamers.
R Ee
R Ee 8 aylar önce
I’ve never seen a company so dedicated to passive aggressively attacking their own customers, just show such open contempt for the people that make them their money.
ondra mrazek
ondra mrazek Yıl önce
what about nintendo
Generic Name
Generic Name Yıl önce
@ondra mrazek Nintendo is closing down the E-Shop, and have no plans on saving their classic games. I don't even know if they want money anymore
@Generic Name they already know fans are going to buy new things like new releases-and I’m one of them I already signed my soul away to a nostalgic video game company
Cat Yıl önce
@ポケモントレーナーIsaiah 😔 we lost another one
pong Yıl önce
ahem.. youtube
StoneApollyon Yıl önce
This is why i’m a VOD watcher and always have been. Just feels like i’m watching a longer unedited youtube video and with funny chat messages to boot.
ballad Yıl önce
Except VODs are nearly unwatchable unless they're reuploaded on youtube. Enjoy gettting spammed with 3 ads in a row, each of them 20 to 30 seconds long, every ten minutes or so? That's Twitch's VODs in a nutshell.
qeeun Yıl önce
@ballad at least on youtube, there would be a few skippable ad. The new twitch ad is going to be unskippable. Its going to hurt their content creator and their veiwers.
Emily D
Emily D Yıl önce
What's vod
StoneApollyon Yıl önce
@Emily D VOD is short for “Video On Demand” at least that’s what i think. Basically means i’m able to watch a stream that already happened on twitch
helicas Yıl önce
You know you've royally fucked up when TRvid suddenly has more consumer-friendly practices than your platform
AmazingLats Yıl önce
How, youtube is free, very consumer friendly. In 2015 they said youtube doesn't even make profit, It's break-even. They may be profitable today, but they haven't released that information.
Virunas Yıl önce
Only thing left is to fix youtube chat and to readd the dislike counter
Cog Cog
Cog Cog Yıl önce
@AmazingLats you missed the point completely like you ran backwards from the starting line.
Gage Fox
Gage Fox Yıl önce
@AmazingLats yeah, I would think youtube is pretty consumer-friendly. It’s just not very creator-friendly tbh.
Matthew Tang
Matthew Tang Yıl önce
@AmazingLats you are delusional if you think youtube is consumer friendly. have you heard about copyright striking? demonetisation?
kaisa Yıl önce
All TRvid needs to do is make it better to chat and easier to find streamers. That’s literally it!
Harry Mitchell
Harry Mitchell Yıl önce
If only they made a separate “livestream” tab
Chewy Mew
Chewy Mew Yıl önce
@Harry Mitchell They have a TRvid Kids website/app. They should have the same for streaming
Default User
Default User Yıl önce
I'm not super familiar with Twitch. What are the advantages of their chat versus YT"?
Harry Mitchell
Harry Mitchell Yıl önce
@Default User emotes and a more consistent chat (Sometimes YT doesn’t show a streamer/other viewers certain messages and has much worse ping issues). But those aren’t dealbreakers for me- I just wish it was easier to search by livestream category on YT
Default User
Default User Yıl önce
@Harry Mitchell Thanks. I've seen a few streams on Twitch, but don't have an account and never used the chat. YT I have done a fair amount of chat on a channels' streams and it seemed okay.
Spaceboi Scapahandre
Etika (rest in peace) was way ahead of his time in his hatred for Twitch
Brandt Yıl önce
Fax Etika (rest in peace) knew all along
Paqcar Yıl önce
Indeed, Etika (rest in peace) was right and we should’ve seen it coming too
DK Squad
DK Squad Yıl önce
Bucket Of Fish
Bucket Of Fish Yıl önce
I miss Etika (rest in peace)
nothin better then an aged comment from
@Bucket Of Fish who etika
Silk Yıl önce
We needed this video. I'm a Twitch partner and was only staying for a potential 70/30 split. This announcement was the opposite of what I wanted to hear so I think it's TRvid time :)
Josue Balderas
Josue Balderas Yıl önce
I think the 70% up to first 100k is fair then down to 50%. It is very similar to to progressive system of taxes where the more money you make the larger percentage gets taken from you. If you don't agree with the change Twitch is making then maybe you shouldn't agree with the progressive tax scheme either. The only change I think is that everyone should be on 70/30 split at first then go to 60/40 after $50k then 50/50 on everything above $100k.
sss Yıl önce
@Josue Balderas K but how does your employer which benefits the employer solely taking 50% relate to taxes which in theory benefits society as a whole?
D.Ghostt Yıl önce
​@sss Facts. Idk how Twitch taking a 50% split AND pushing more ads to further fill the corporation's pockets with more money is in anyway related to our tax systems. Taxes are taken and put into different things to benefit and help society. I agree w/ you 100% @sss, and I definitely disagree w/ you @Josue. The analogy between twitch revenue, and tax in our modern day society doesn't make sense in this situation whatsoever. Twitch is not helping viewer experience in anyway, especially with this ad agenda. Twitch is just being greedy, and it's gonna backfire due to top streamers leaving.
My cat was here
My cat was here Yıl önce
Good luck to you soldier
dr. wolfen who
dr. wolfen who Yıl önce
The fact that this is on number 1 trending shows just how much youtube loves this video
mathphysicsnerd Yıl önce
It's still number 8. Is it really surprising TRvid is going to be fine with promoting criticism of one of the few places that is anything like a rival?
Dankster Paws
Dankster Paws Yıl önce
@mathphysicsnerd I think trending pages are different per country
mathphysicsnerd Yıl önce
@Dankster Paws Even accounting for that, the US is the overwhelmingly largest country for both streamers and users of Twitch. It just makes sense
Dankster Paws
Dankster Paws Yıl önce
@mathphysicsnerd No like I mean, my trending pages right now are 80% my country, even if they dont have that many views. Thats why I never liked the page because it was always just reality shows from my country which I never watch.
mathphysicsnerd Yıl önce
@Dankster Paws Oh of course, Trending was always dogshit, no one I know uses it. My point was just that I don't find it surprising in the slightest TRvid is doing what (likely ineffectual) things it can to keep this video in the spotlight
Rockerguy96 Yıl önce
What YT needs to do in my opinion is: - add a "live now" section on the main page (talking browser currently) where you're shown people who are live and are either people you've subscribed to, or are people streaming similar content to what you watch (YT already has a decent enough algorithm for that) - also they can modify their algorithm to increase discoverability a bit by favoring smaller streamers who are streaming the content the user is interested in (let's say 50% of the recommendations are mid-to-large size streamers and the other 50% are smaller streamers). It would increase discoverability for new people, but also not neglect the larger people - add some kind of indicator when watching someone's videos if that person is live (small banner above the video saying "{user} is currently live! Click here to go to their stream", or an animated button in the video overlay) - improve the overall UI of the streams (could just base it off of Twitch's UI, they can't sue them for having a similar-looking UI as long as it's different enough) Then they can just sit back and watch Twitch die out while their pockets are being filled with all the old revenue Twitch was making + the revenue from new people making it on the platform + the ad revenue from more content being created on the platform. And while YT is far from being perfect in terms of moderating the community, it sure as hell is a lot better than Twitch which is straight-up biased and gives different punishments for the exact same offense to different people, which would just bring them even more interest.
Poochie Collins
Poochie Collins 11 aylar önce
@Rockerguy96 : at least if you look at your "subscriptions" list, any of your subs who are currently streaming are at the top, with a red wavey symbol (I don't know if you use phone, but on PC this is done with just one click of the three lines in the top left).
roxcyn 5 aylar önce
There is a Live Now under your subscription tab but it's hard to get us little guys out unless we hit the algorithm.
Udis Yıl önce
If Charlie starts streaming on TRvid I'll 100% watch it. I barely even touch Twitch nowadays just because of how inconvenient it is to use the platform
ケミィOto Yıl önce
i've stopped watching twitch since 2013 bcos of how laggy their streams get for me on my end so seeing it fall is kinda insane. felt like my 2013 issues were an omen.
Tayya Yıl önce
its hard too, I stopped watched a year ago for mental health reasons and I do miss certain streamers but twitch is not worth my mental health 🤷‍♀️
Bingo Yıl önce
Totally agree with you here, I can't stand the unskippable 2-3 minute ad before I even get to see the stream.
I don't care
I don't care Yıl önce
How is Twitch inconvenient? You can't even browse live channels on TRvid and the chat is beyond awful without using Ludwigs addon.
Kevin Hardy
Kevin Hardy Yıl önce
Charlie is out here publicly negotiating with Twitch while dunking on them, I love it lmao. Get that bag Charlie!!
Can’t Tell You
Can’t Tell You Yıl önce
This is the greatest “I might leave” threat of all time
☆Faith♡︎ Yıl önce
@Can’t Tell You get some piano tutorials and make me some song
josh wolff-martin
@☆Faith♡︎ ?
Chaosentity Yıl önce
It honestly feels like Twitch is trying to punish their streamer base for progressively moving onto YT Live. Like they're taking it personally and letting it ruin their business.
AggroKnight42 Yıl önce
Kind of like how Jeff Bezos took NASA's exclusion of Blue Origin as a business partner personally, by suing them.
Chaosentity 11 aylar önce
@Alex chavez Agreed, though this shit has basically been around since centralized authoraty came about. It's an inevitable snowball the minute someone corrupt comes into power.
weakamna Yıl önce
One thing with youtube that I love is that streams are seamlessly integrated into their video "flow". Missed the beginning of the stream? watch 10 minutes behind if you don't care as much about being live, or, rewatch it as a video later, immediately after the stream is done, since it's just a video now
Nayah The Engineer
Can we acknowledge how good Charlie is at making analogies. "a man who came home early from work who found his wife cheating on him, i was devastated". How am I supposed to feel this pain tho.... forever lonely
Xelia Cannot Draw
You'll find it one day.
KankeyDong Yıl önce
And you're gonna hate it. Or like it. Depends if its your fetish.
Bork Bork Bork
Bork Bork Bork Yıl önce
"Twitch chat is better than TRvid chat" Twitch chat is literally just people spamming the exact same things on cooldown across all Twitch channels and flooding the chat with emotes for 5 minutes every time absolutely anything happens. It's a horrible, miserable experience of hundreds of people trying to get noticed by the streamer while simultaneously being part of some hivemind.
Dre Yıl önce
that depends more on the channel, not all are like that but yeah most are pretty awful. at least the really big ones. twitch chat is better technically and has more features
Theodor Dalene
Theodor Dalene Yıl önce
i agree! i never watvh streams tbh, but every time i asked a question it was burried under emotes; there should be a cooldown sort of
@Theodor Dalene TRvid has a slow mode where you can only comment once per minute. If they could actually display a timer that shows how much time you have left instead of saying "you have to wait X more seconds to comment" and it would post them after a minute passes that would be great.
PantyLunatic Yıl önce
They also have bots. Even on small channels.
Aidan R.
Aidan R. Yıl önce
It's interesting to see how hard Twitch is trying to kill all of their business. It's actually insane. Senseless bans, cutting revenue, blatant double standards, it's nuts.
Hermann Lakehunt 🔥[🤢DREAM]
Aaron Landry
Aaron Landry Yıl önce
Twitch is killing TRvid’s biggest competition, itself
Om Lo
Om Lo Yıl önce
Let them rot, may another rise to take their place.
Lawnmower Yıl önce
Gotta make up for the lost revenue from banning slots I guess🤦‍♀️
Cameraman Yıl önce
It may well be that people are deliberately doing a poor job to lose the business over poor management rather than taking responsibility for other decisions like if they were to just close the website formally. A gradual decline in quality may be a better option to transition their business partners (e.g. the people they run ads for) to their new or alternate service, rather than saying "we don't want to do this and we fucked up will you still do business with us?". That, and also the obvious money grubbing from the ad and sub revenue splits. It looks a lot like a "take the money and run, just let it fall apart and cut those loses" situation.
Dylan Yıl önce
This is the perfect opportunity for TRvid to go hard and overhaul their streaming system to catch the twitch exodus
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan Yıl önce
and for my viewers, who watch long streams regularly.
Elias Pietliä
Elias Pietliä Yıl önce
"With great power comes great pissing, but I'm just not there yet." My favourite quote as of now
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu Yıl önce
This whole sequence of events feels like the twitch version of the mcu time-line where each sequence of events that have barley anything to do with each other but all slide together perfectly to make an extreme climax
SAD1stic Yıl önce
Sun Tzu said that.
littleferrhis Yıl önce
Man its nice to hear that youtube is doing something right for once.
PhantomT5 Yıl önce
We went from "Is TRvid Killing Twitch" to "Twitch is Dying" in a week. Really shows how life hits you fast huh...
The Surrealist
The Surrealist Yıl önce
Next week: Google is dying and is being bought up by Bing.
Cable Yıl önce
TRvid is killing Twitch -> Twitch kills itself -> TRvid rises -> TRvid falls -> Something else rises -> The cycle continues
Tbell Yıl önce
Ослиная рыба
guess banning Gambling was really a bad idea all though i doubt not banning it would have saved them plus all of the other problems it had
🌹itachi🌹 Yıl önce
I’m better than WhiteBoy penguinz LMAO
DoctorWoofle Yıl önce
With changes like this coming to twitch me and a couple other smaller creators are most likely going to use services like restream in order to build our communities while getting the best of both worlds (large community from twitch that we grew, and the monetization of TRvid)
Connorjm17 Yıl önce
If charlie made his own streaming site it would probably be just as popular as twitch if he does it correctly
Fallon Yıl önce
really hope that the change from twitch to other sites (if it does happen) will be smooth as possible. i've got this bad feeling that it's going to be a massive disaster for everybody involved.
xKaydo Yıl önce
The fact that twitch has relatively popular alternatives is enough to tell me it’ll die one day. The 50/50 split thing is just going to ruin the idea of growing as a streamer on twitch. Twitch will just be the extra option on a simultaneous stream for extra revenue while their TRvid stream is where they want everyone to subscribe and mainly donate there too.
BendyJenga 10 aylar önce
My main issues with youtube are community and chat based. Like specifically, I wish youtube had a "live" tab or section that only pulls up currently streaming live channels so you can find active community spaces
shinehop Yıl önce
I'm actually impressed by Twitch because i had never seen this amount of controversy in one site, all at the same time, is like they actually found the perfect formula for their demise in a week or two.
MR II Yıl önce
Nope. That formula belongs to Artisian Builds. Full company demise in less than a week.
Nick Zx
Nick Zx Yıl önce
Not even on Twitter/Reddit
Eter Yıl önce
Twitch is actually giving Twitter a run for its money, drama-wise.
MisterRagnar Yıl önce
WingDing Dmetrius
?? happens all the time especially with internet content companies
Juice Yıl önce
I still wish for Twitch to stay at top. Of course with better terms. If we root for them to go bankrupt it will turn TRvid in a monopoly and that will make that platform inevitably go worse over time too since the initiative to be better than their competitors will be gone.
Whatzit Tooyah
Whatzit Tooyah Yıl önce
yeah, you’re seeing the big picture. either way is a lose-lose.
Colton Phillips
Colton Phillips Yıl önce
Didnt think about that, good point
Visability Yıl önce
Seriously at this point you and Lud should make a podcast and call it "The Critical Wig"
G M P Yıl önce
TRvid's player is far far superior than twitch as well. You can instantly seek back forth in the middle of watching a stream, hit the 'live' button anytime to go back. This seems like a very basic feature and it's mind boggling that the #1 streaming platform doesn't have yet. So in case any content was missed due to ads, you can go back, play at 1.5x or so speed, and then you'll be in sync with live soon.
uNnHkP8mza 10 aylar önce
Twitch's player is straight out of 2009
G M P 10 aylar önce
@uNnHkP8mza Literally lol. They made a service and just stopped improving it. Only focusing on more way to monetise.
Xraxis Xtreme Stream
Considering how hard people rage over their favorite games being nerfed, I expect this to go like Charlie said.
JD1995 Yıl önce
Games don't get nerfed. Things in games get nerfed. Please have proper knowledge
icebiirb 11 aylar önce
gigitrix Yıl önce
10:30 you point out a great thing here - when ads are organically placed they are an absolute win win in terms of the streamer getting paid but viewers trusting and understanding that they aren't missing anything. And for those who are still annoyed by the ad content itself, they can sub. As it is today though you see ads in most twitch contexts and you feel you are completely missing content which is massively disruptive, degrades the quality of a stream and ultimately increases the bounce rate which probably ultimately does more harm than good in terms of the bottom line growth etc
Turtoise Yıl önce
as a viewer, i prefer the TRvid streams since you can pause them, do other stuff, then come back to play it without missing anything! love it
MikoRalphino Yıl önce
but then you arent live anymore
Blue Bean
Blue Bean Yıl önce
​@MikoRalphino I think you can click the red live button to catch up to livestream
Cerius Lawliet
Cerius Lawliet Yıl önce
@MikoRalphino catchup by watching 2 x speed. Till you catchup to missed content 🗿
daniel Yıl önce
Chogun Rua
Chogun Rua Yıl önce
yupp. such a simple thing makes such a huge difference.
Finn S
Finn S Yıl önce
i love you charlie, you always speak ur mind and give it to the platforms honestly
Angel Yıl önce
I personally am kind of glad to hear this. The less people on Twitch there are, the less money gets given to a horrible company like Amazon. It's time that corporations learned that there are consequences to their greed
hunnahills Yıl önce
Thank you for speaking on this ❤ save the creators/viewers!!!!
Tex Yıl önce
The only reason Twitch is still holding onto it is because YT is making little to no moves but why would they if your competitor is destroying itself
Eitan Neugut
Eitan Neugut Yıl önce
Wow there are so many plot twists in this Twitch saga... Can't wait to see how the writers tie this back to the anal beads subplot
VesperDoesStuff Yıl önce
The *what?*
BlindingHornet Yıl önce
Fr this arc in the manga is insane
The writers are being really creative for the 2022# edition of the manga
Martin Zachry
Martin Zachry Yıl önce
RULE BRITANNIA! (fours04) Good bot. Read More
ender mage989
ender mage989 Yıl önce
RULE BRITANNIA! (fours04) smoking that lizzy pack
Kathleen Weagant
Kathleen Weagant Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing this information in a clear and concise way. Now I understand what is going on.
Shiternet Yıl önce
They need to implement a reward system for viewers to watch ads. Maybe a large sum of channel points or something, most streamers tend to ignore the channel point system so it would also incentivize that
alpha76 Yıl önce
This is wild, its also a big problem for smaller streamers if they consider moving to youtube from twitch since on twitch its allot easier to discover new streamers since you can just browse for them but on youtube you cant do that as easily so that makes discovering them on youtube allot harder if they dont have a massive audience, if youtube can fix that though that would be huge.
William Schubert
William Schubert Yıl önce
In regards to the chat experience, I understand that would be a massive thing in a big stream, but in smaller communities, the emotes and general chat experience doesn't really matter. Chatting on TRvid is perfectly fine, emotes are the only real loss.
JD1995 Yıl önce
Not true. I've interacted with many smaller streamers and guess what? They use emotes and people chat in there too. It's not always about the big guys. Use your brain
William Schubert
William Schubert Yıl önce
@JD1995 I'm not staying they never use emotes I'm more saying it's less an integral part of the culture of a smaller chat because there's more direct communication rather than a swathe of spammed emotes. It's nice to have but not hugely necessary. And there's no need for the toxic "use your brain" comment it's just unnecessary and devalues anything you might say.
BoyFromBelgium99 Yıl önce
Twitch are surely digging a hole for themselves. I'm personally interested in beginning to stream myself and now considering to go to TRvid instead, makes it better for me and for my viewers, who watch long streams regularly.
Local Menace
Local Menace Yıl önce
This was a _wild_ pipeline from “possible chess cheater with anal beads” to “Twitch downfall”.
Hermann Lakehunt 🔥[🤢DREAM]
Bluejay Yıl önce
@Hermann Lakehunt 🔥[🤢DREAM] Bruh, literally nobody asked.
Blue Spirit
Blue Spirit Yıl önce
I guess that's what happens when a time traveler moves a chair
Freddie Prado
Freddie Prado Yıl önce
Don’t forget the GTA 6 gets leaked by a 16 year old and is being chased by the FBI arc.
Roachies Yıl önce
Is twitch dead??
Realms of Pixelation
Realms of Pixelation 11 aylar önce
I tried Twitch streaming for a few months early this year. Streamed twice a day on a daily basis. Games from series such as Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Rune Factory, Tales of series, Mana series, etc. In hundreds of hours streaming, I never had more than 3 or 4 viewers. Maybe got 7 followers in 4 months. I used a high quality mic, camera, stream quality and never had any buffering issues. I used custom made backgrounds for each game. Had a schedule for each stream. Didn't matter. The truth is, there are WAY too many people streaming on Twitch. They're all streaming the same game you are. There's just too much oversaturation. Every single person with a cheap mic and an internet connection is streaming something. Discoverability is terrible also. Streaming on Twitch as a newcomer is like throwing another plastic ball into a ball pit. You're swimming in the streams. Punny but true. TRvid is even worse but in a different way. My YT channel actually started gaining traction a few months ago. I had like 10 subs in one day. Suddenly, they were gone. TRvid sent me an email saying they believed the subs "could" be fake, so they removed them all. They even removed some that I had before that even happened. Four of my friends IRL all had their subs removed. Lol. That's how ridiculous it is. Which leads me to believe that YT has their own people on the platform that they want getting all the subs and views. Anyone who might pose even the smallest threat to the big channels gets shit on by the people in charge of the platform. They'll simply remove your subs and even your videos if necessary, so what's the point? I just said screw it and quit uploading. There's no point. They'll just destroy my channel as soon as I start growing. If you're not one of their guys, you're kinda fucked. Some might read this and get pissed or even laugh but it doesn't change the facts.
Uiselmo Yıl önce
I’m not a huge fan of streaming but I am a huge fan of creators getting paid. In no way should the talent who makes money for you should be short handed in the first place.
max / paz :D
max / paz :D Yıl önce
also something i've noticed and liked about youtube is that with the algorithm that youtube already has i've literally gotten some amazing channels that are live recommended, while in twitch the way you grow in the platform is basically entirely dependant on already having a platform somewhere else (like youtube) that actually lets you have more chances of getting those random viewers coming in
svhuwagv2 Yıl önce
I calculated the numberes they gave in the message. It's basically 1000$/54TB transfered (with pessimistic numbers like everyone watching in 1080p). It really comes down to AWS prices, they are so extremely high for egress traffic that Twitch loses money. Had Twitch not gotten involved with Amazon they could have used any other much cheaper hoster, but I guess Amazon requires them to use AWS and the users and creators have to suffer.
YEEtora Yıl önce
Imagine if you're in the middle of listening to your friend talk about important topic they enjoy to being cut off and having to wait 3 minutes to listen to them again as they continue to talk while you're gone, missing out on everything that's happening.
Leah L
Leah L Yıl önce
I was watching a small streamer today, and I noticed the ads were hitting individual viewers at different times. The streamer wanted to wait for the ads to stop, because they had only a few viewers and they were chatting with them. But for like 20 minutes straight a random cluster of viewers would get half a dozen ads, and then when those viewers were back, another portion of the viewers were hit with six 30-second ads. And this kept going for so long. It made it impossible for the streamer to hold a dialogue with their viewers because there were constantly portions of people being pulled from the conversation. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must have been for that streamer getting crippled like that.
Daan De Meijer
Daan De Meijer Yıl önce
I dont use Twitch on the regular but does it seriously have 20-30 minutes ads?
Holy crap, really? That's insane.
Vermillionsweets Yıl önce
Matcho Yıl önce
no way theres 30 minute ads
Abbysmauh Yıl önce
For the ppl here confuse, if you get say 6 ads all of them 2-5min long, how much time that is? A lot right? Yeah, sucks ass.
The Nightmare Tank
I was setting up in my room to stream on Twitch after years of wanting to do it but not being able to do so. Got soundproofing set up, made one or two pictures that I figured I might use as splash cards, was gonna add some more soundproof panels for even better acoustics. And then Twitch pulls this stunt. After all that time waiting and preparing to get into it with all those resources, and then they just turn on a landmine and start jumping up and down on it. Now I have to find somewhere more feasible and lay a new foundation. Thanks a lot, Twitch.
fullkorn 11 aylar önce
Dude, Twitch was so fun in the 2010s. I have watched so many speedruns on there. The whole experience was unlike any other. And now they want me to watch 80 ads on every new stream I click on. Unbelievable.
Vikki Pink
Vikki Pink Yıl önce
No wonder all the big twitch streamers are absolutely losing it. There was obviously a lot of tension festering and I think this plus a few other events has made the platform and all the creators there implode.
Kata Kovács
Kata Kovács 7 aylar önce
It's kind of a guilty pleasure to watch greedy companies collapse because they just take too much. Netflix and Twitch is heading down to that station and i can't wait for them to arrive
SrMegaCabra Yıl önce
I don't think anyone on the platform has managed to hit #1 in any category twice within a 24 hour cycle, Charlie is an absolute legend at this point
You’re wasting your time Here
It benefits TRvid for more people to see this lol
Name Unknow
Name Unknow Yıl önce
The interesting part is that rn its #1 on videogames
Caveman Pretzel
Caveman Pretzel Yıl önce
What was the other vid that got #1?
Reid LeBlanc
Reid LeBlanc Yıl önce
@Caveman Pretzel his "huge twitch drama" one from yesterday
Brandon Coughlin
Brandon Coughlin Yıl önce
pewdiepie used to get #1 for weeks at a time when he was regularly uploading
Michael Glütton
Michael Glütton Yıl önce
Twitch is an awful site but congrats on getting this video to #41 on trending!
Eternity **gigi riri
I don’t get on twitch that much, but seeing how many vids Charlie has done about Twitch in the last couple days makes me think that Twitch employees avoid hearing any criticism and concerns.
JD1995 Yıl önce
What was your first clue?
井雯暄 Yıl önce
this corporate greed is so bewildering. no one in their right mind would think that a 50/50 split even comes close to being fair. how on earth has twitch deluded themselves into believing that anyone would be okay with this?
Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks Yıl önce
It's incredible how effective Twitch is at destroying their own platform. The way it's going, if they tried to nosedive they would probably become the biggest moneymaker owned by Amazon
Ben Nemmers
Ben Nemmers Yıl önce
I for one think this is a great idea. Nothing makes me more satisfied than the 3 separate times I have sat through 14 ads to watch a 240p stream. Right on twitch!
Rinetteable Yıl önce
I agree with others who have said this: Amazon is so greedy they could make Walmart blush. It's not surprising that they're taking more money from creators without giving anything in return.
Yerp Derp
Yerp Derp Yıl önce
i don't know much about finance, I'm wondering if Amazon is trying to pull off something similar to a vulture fund but with Twitch instead of newspaper orgs
Palexite Yıl önce
Funny enough, a Walmart ad banner is appearing on-top of the video title for me. Your not kidding at all, they are actually blushing at twitch rn.
conner thewubbzler
@Palexite Walmart's like "Damn, we're losing our touch, JERRY! Get the choppers ready we're invading a small African village!"
Lalo Sillymanca
Lalo Sillymanca Yıl önce
Well both are owned by the same man
See MY Fortnite YouTube Channel HERE
I respect everyone who were involved in this, Seriously the best piece that I' ve ever seen on TRvid, HATS OFF TO YOU ALL ! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! ☺☺☺
That Guy
That Guy Yıl önce
I would honestly like to see a protest of just moving over to TRvid and to stop streaming on twitch but I know how negatively that would affect some streamers.
Michael Mirza
Michael Mirza Yıl önce
This is heartbreaking to me man. After this video and the CoryxKenshin recent video it makes me feel like being a new TRvidr or a new twitch streamer is pointless. I am getting close to my life goal of buying my first house and I was going to start my content journey. Just doesn’t feel possible with twitch and TRvid not favoring new creators
JD1995 Yıl önce
Did you play this video and not pay attention? TRvid cares more than twitch does at this point. Stream on TRvid and replay this video because clearly you missed something
Joao Israel Souza Ferreira
You could run as many ads in TRvid as you want but the viewers are able to run back what's been streaming anytime, even pausing if they want if someone knocks at your door. So much better. There's really no way twitch is even close to TRvid. An Year ago I you never understand a streamer moving to TRvid. But today I can't stand the fact people still streaming on twitch. Like I said. Imagine you watching a tournament live and you get stuck at a final level with 4 consecutive ads and miss the whole damn final. That's absolutely madness.
Unorganised 11 aylar önce
I feel like the only thing keeping Twitch alive is a few neglected features on TRvid, if TRvid realises this and revamps some of those features such as the live chat on streams then Twitch is doomed imo, especially with the mess that parts of twitch con was in along with all the drama they have been in recently
Jrink Yıl önce
i think the funniest thing about this entire situation is how youtube was going down a bad road with the favoritism and racism stuff, but then twitch decided to 1 up youtube by not only having their staff paid off, but taking money away from creators, allowing someone to get away with getting piped on stream, AND so many big creators being outed as weirdos
kenosabi Yıl önce
EmんEm Yıl önce
@kaz amiri wow such bs
rustle Yıl önce
twitch has shown more obvious favoritism than youtube
Harry Mitchell
Harry Mitchell Yıl önce
If only TRvid would go the extra mile with their chatting and streaming options… they could blow Twitch out of the water
Skatan13th Yıl önce
Glad these issues are coming to light for the masses, can’t go on tiktok and scroll 20 times without seeing something related to twitch
The Kid Flash
The Kid Flash Yıl önce
"With great power comes great pissing" best line of 2022
khajit has tamales
It is absolutely wild how much Twitch has been completely dropping the ball, and I've ONLY been watching Charlie's videos on it
MidnightDragon9 Yıl önce
They really need to think about the content creators before they make any changes like this. I also feel like Twitch is going to pull an "Onlyfans" and revert the changes after they see how much negative feedback they're getting, then they just gonna be like "On second thought, you can have that back".
jAujAl1 Yıl önce
The terrifying thing about all of that, is that as soon as Twitch have successfully killed themselves off the streaming space, the lack of competition will absolutely incentivize TRvid to turn to greedier deals. I can guarantee that TRvid will eventually align to Twitch's 50-50 deal, however time that takes.
sal! Yıl önce
Exactly, TRvid has no more massive competitors. It’s like getting two giants to fight thinking they’ll just match each other’s strength and moves forever, but eventually one giant falls and the last one standing decides to go for the village next.
blaster915 Yıl önce
That's true. Without competition they can be greedy AF
No Wun
No Wun Yıl önce
If anything I’m expecting YT to end up much worse, remember who they’re owned by
IAM_RYAU Yıl önce
Seeing a juggernaut like Doc get away early was honestly one of the biggest blessings in Disguise for him. They're dying anyway
Le Radmuiel
Le Radmuiel Yıl önce
There is no such thing as “too big to fail” looking at you Disney and Twitch.
SMToon Jupiter
SMToon Jupiter Yıl önce
Dude, you do an excellent job with these animations, every effort is worth it and will pay off, God bless you.😎🤝🏻 my daily addiction 😍😂
OneBiasedOpinion Yıl önce
The worst part is that because of their idiotic decisions, Twitch is slowly but surely sending all of their best streamers… to TRvid. Which basically encourages _this_ platform to do whatever the hell _it_ wants to do because now where else are their content creators and audiences going to go if they dislike it here?
JD1995 Yıl önce
General Chris Gaming
I tried twitch for the first time about a month ago. I watch the streamer for like idk 5-10 minutes and got hit by 9 ads. I never noped out of a platform faster in my life.
Bird Yıl önce
My friend once jokingly said Twitch accidentally hired TRvid spy with the goal to destroy all TRvid's competition, but at this point it might be the actual reality
Raquesis?! It's Lachesis!
nah.. there's no Accident; it's just someone on the high tower not understanding what games are about; and trying to figure just how to squeeze us dry. they lose more then they gain with twitch, but it's fucking amazon. they make so much, yet they clearly wanna save a penny then use a dime to save something.
Mallie Maile
Mallie Maile Yıl önce
@Raquesis?! It's Lachesis! you should be oogway or something dude
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper Yıl önce
Kavetion no ur not
MoistWater Yıl önce
@Grim Reaper its a bot
KYB Reaper
KYB Reaper Yıl önce
ok niɡɡer lmfao
UmbralSNPY Yıl önce
My motivation for streaming has been at an all time low and this isnt making it any better.
Ppsooyoung Yıl önce
I’m gonna be honest as someone who doesn’t really watch streams or know how twitch works if creators I watch started streaming on TRvid I’d actually tune in to their lives
Memento Mori
Memento Mori Yıl önce
Honestly these twitch streamers need to just move on to youtube even tho it might not be as great as a streamering service right. you get exactly what you put up with, cause if you stay that just shows that twitch can get away with it which will probably lead to youtube changing there cut also down the line. people need to stop just putting up with these companies and their decisions and vote with their money, support and make them compete again, instead of just hoping it gets better.
Treddox Yıl önce
I am just really craving for one of these companies to go on an Armstrong rant, where they finally admit that they don’t give a crap about any of us, and they’re only doing what they do for money and power.
Zachary Stevens
Zachary Stevens Yıl önce
Another plus about TRvid streaming that I do not see people talk about nearly enough is the ability to rewind the ENTIRE stream. If you join late, you can start at the beginning without live chat like a VOD, but don't have to wait until the end of the stream. You can also rewatch parts without the need for clips, and if you tuned in to just see a certain part, not having to worry about missing it.
Himmel ♡
Himmel ♡ Yıl önce
this is why i wait for vods or wait for streamer archive on twitch :/
TaoScribble Yıl önce
This is the main reason I never bothered with Twitch. I assume the reason for Twitch being the way it is is something along the lines of it being cheaper for them to not hold onto that data, but I literally cannot catch a live stream of the people I care to watch, let alone in full. My work schedule doesn't sync well to ANYTHING. XD Also, last time I bothered with Twitch, the highlights were straight garbage. A literal clusterfuck that I don't know how anyone thought it was a good idea or bothered with it at all.
Cammyy Yıl önce
So trueeeeee
Juan Antonio
Juan Antonio Yıl önce
@TaoScribble And when the stars align and you can watch a stream from the beginning, you get 4 unskipable 30 second ads in a row and u miss the whole context of the stream 💀
ForkMasterDerp Yıl önce
This alone makes TRvid vastly superior to Twitch
Ryan Yıl önce
Simmons: You ever wonder why we’re here? Grif: It's one of life's great mysteries isn't it?
TheNaterGamer Yıl önce
Honestly Twitch is handing TRvid the #1 streaming service title at this point, like they are literally doing everything in their power to make people want to leave. It's crazy
Evan Blake
Evan Blake 10 aylar önce
In this case, I don't think Twitch is being out of touch. I think they're lying through their teeth. Same shit with TRvid.
Tover Yıl önce
well edited, as always. LOVE YOU!!!
JasparJam Yıl önce
I fucking hate Twitch. Keep these vids up Charlie, I want to see more people streaming on TRvid!
Kaiipop Yıl önce
Twitch is just destroying itself at this point
kybos Yıl önce
i agree
YouNited Yıl önce
Love to see it
Thats a good thing
Scum Knight
Scum Knight Yıl önce
It always have with all its corrupt mods and inconsistent rules.
Your Dads Other Family
Who needs monopoly busting when the monopoly busts itself down like Tatiana
Silas Greaves
Silas Greaves Yıl önce
“Why is Charlie so short” _Me nodding my head while eating as though this were an incredibly valid and thought provoking question to ask_
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo Yıl önce
If someone runs an ad mid stream, i will immediately leave.
Endless Nine
Endless Nine Yıl önce
Agreed on pre-roll ads hurting discoverability. i stopped checking out new streamers once they added pre-roll ads because i dont want to sit through ads, find out the stream isnt really for me, and then sit through ads for hte next stream. At least i did at first, now that i have a new super secret method of blocking twitch ads i have a lot more freedom on what channels to check out.
Duncan Donuts
Duncan Donuts Yıl önce
This sucks a lot. We kinda need Twitch to be good. TRvid is great now, but it has also already proven to be a very bad deal when it's the only option.
itshenchman Yıl önce
that fact that they even think 50/50 is fair is beyond me, the streamers are the ones doing the work they just sit back and relax while they have money sinking in to the twitch employees
Adrenaleet Yıl önce
Unfortunately this is not a problem Twitch cant come back from. I wonder if Google had any say in this to be honest. There could be deals going on in the background that are in disguise of bad decision making. The reasons Twitch gave us truly do not make sense, so who will actually be benefiting from this? I say this is something Twitch can come back from because they already know what needs to happen in order to right this wrong, and we all know if they made those changes everyone would be happy again. But before that happens, TRvid is going to see a massive increase in their streamers views. Companies will be wanting to pay TRvid more for their ads as well. When you are too big to fail, you can make these plays. Entire teams of people for both companies have already predicted all of this and its working perfectly in their favor.
Starry Yıl önce
They can't give everyone a 70/30 split, how will they pay their top-notch creator support team? I mean, these boys have to spend literally all day ignoring wrongful unban requests WHILE ALSO spinning a little wheel in the office that gives an completely arbitrary number of days for each ban. We're all in this together, Charlie.
Br0kenbond Yıl önce
Dont forget being weirdly active in bikini streamchats.
DavidJCobb Yıl önce
and they do it all with one hand, too! that kinda talent don't come cheap, y'know
Twisted Fox
Twisted Fox Yıl önce
Twitch loses money hosting the website anyway, it doesn't seem that greedy when you think of it that way. And everyone already knows about google loses millions on youtube.
It's The Quenchiest!
@Twisted Fox yes, that’s… how companies work. Just because they lose money doesn’t mean they don’t make far more than that lol
Chongosaur Yıl önce
@Twisted Fox source ?
wibblytimey Yıl önce
Twitch is ultimately only usable for watching streams when you’re subscribed, and when there’s so much good content out there it becomes difficult to sub to all. Overall I prefer TRvid streams, especially with student priced premium. TRvid has its faults, but I think with some more consideration it could be a great streaming platform. Updates to the chat function and possibly a dedicated streaming tab would improve by miles, and give even better competition. It just goes to show how Amazon’s greed carries over to all of its sub-companies.
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