Twitch is Dying

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This is the greatest policy update of All Time
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20 Eyl 2022




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The worst part about twitch ads is that, unlike tv, or TRvid, you MISS CONTENT. You're not just getting interrupted, you miss up to 3-4 minutes of context. Imagine watching TV then missing parts of the show, so yu get back from the ad break and dont know wtf is going on.
Skeptical Caveman
Twitch actually makes TRvid look like a sensible site, that is an impressive feat.
Matt J
TRvid vs. Twitch is the dumbest competition between rivals ever. It's like watching two ship captains taking turns to poke holes in their own ships, while the rats scurry back and forth based on which one is the least waterlogged.
Ian Flanders
Considering how Amazon treats their employees, it's no wonder this is how they treat their streamers.
Spaceboi Scapahandre
Etika (rest in peace) was way ahead of his time in his hatred for Twitch
We needed this video. I'm a Twitch partner and was only staying for a potential 70/30 split. This announcement was the opposite of what I wanted to hear so I think it's TRvid time :)
You know you've royally fucked up when TRvid suddenly has more consumer-friendly practices than your platform
All TRvid needs to do is make it better to chat and easier to find streamers. That’s literally it!
I’ve never seen a company so dedicated to passive aggressively attacking their own customers, just show such open contempt for the people that make them their money.
This is why i’m a VOD watcher and always have been. Just feels like i’m watching a longer unedited youtube video and with funny chat messages to boot.
dr. wolfen who
The fact that this is on number 1 trending shows just how much youtube loves this video
What YT needs to do in my opinion is:
If Charlie starts streaming on TRvid I'll 100% watch it. I barely even touch Twitch nowadays just because of how inconvenient it is to use the platform
It honestly feels like Twitch is trying to punish their streamer base for progressively moving onto YT Live. Like they're taking it personally and letting it ruin their business.
Kevin Hardy
Charlie is out here publicly negotiating with Twitch while dunking on them, I love it lmao. Get that bag Charlie!!
Sanayah Anderson
Can we acknowledge how good Charlie is at making analogies. "a man who came home early from work who found his wife cheating on him, i was devastated". How am I supposed to feel this pain tho.... forever lonely
One thing with youtube that I love is that streams are seamlessly integrated into their video "flow". Missed the beginning of the stream? watch 10 minutes behind if you don't care as much about being live, or, rewatch it as a video later, immediately after the stream is done, since it's just a video now
jsskmsskmsksmsk 12 saatler önce
i would have watched youtube live if they put a low to high livestreams on youtube
Aidan R.
It's interesting to see how hard Twitch is trying to kill all of their business. It's actually insane. Senseless bans, cutting revenue, blatant double standards, it's nuts.
Dylan Clay
This is the perfect opportunity for TRvid to go hard and overhaul their streaming system to catch the twitch exodus
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